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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> three years after a tiger at a san francisco zoo attacks, we hear what happened from the
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for the fir time we're hearing about the night of the tiger attack at the san francisco zoo from the victims themselves. the san francisco examiner obtained the audiotapes of the police interview of the two. the interview took place just a few hours after the christmas day attack in 2007. amy hollyfield joins us now with at the tapes and the reaction. >> reporter: the brothers have never spoken becomely about publicly about the incident. there's been speculation whether they taunted the tiger. in the interview the police asked them several times if they did anything to provoke the
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animal. >> had you done anything to the tiger to harass it or scare the tiger? >> no. >> can you think of any reason the tiger would want to attack you or your brother or your friend? >> no. >> reporter: self -- several times one of the boys denied doing anything to provoke the tiger. they say tatiana appeared out of know where, first attacking paul, and then attacking the other boy who was mauled to death. paul got frustrated with the line of questioning from police. >> when you saw the tigers, were you yelling at them? -- >> i was scared. i was wrestling a tiger. have you ever had that happen to you? >> no. no. i can't say i have. >> never been that scared. >> reporter: the attorney for the family says the tapes prove
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the group dieding did nothing w. >> they hadn't lawyered up and spoke the truth. >> reporter: a inspection spokesman for the zoo is up convinced. >> people lie to the police all the time. this is another example of it. there were incidents of taunting of at that time tanya that left one young man dead. >> reporter: the brothers are critical how difficult it was to get help and how long it took police and medical workers to arrive. >> i had to run to the ambulance with my head like this. i was knocking on their windows, help me out. [bleep] took forever. >> he said before the ambulance arrived hethink he would make it. >> i thought i was going to death. every breath was my last breath. >> reporter: in the interview,
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paul expressed disbelief the tiger was able to escape, and later, officials found the enclosure did not meet national standards. the zoo aimroad to pay the brothers a total of $900,000. >> alan: we have some breaking news from san francisco. a police chase ended in a crash at page and laguna street. police spotted a robbery suspect and gave chase. a short pursuit -- after a short pursuit the car crashed into another car. one person in that car was hurt. police arrested the driver and n -- in the suspect's car. they're looking for the passenger who they say escaped from custody earlier this week. san francisco's 32nd 32nd annual milk moss scope -- moscone started off.
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milk and moscone were killed by former supervisor dan white over an argument over his seat on the board of supervisors. >> every year on november 27th november 27th the community gathers to commemorate and to remember what supervisor harvey milk meant to the queer community. he is our king martin luther king. >> alan: this year0s start was -- march was shorter than usual. bar gap hunters -- bargain hunters crowded stores but spent only slightly more than last year. retail spending rose just .3 of a%. the firm says that's still a record for the day. the research company says online
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merchants saw 16% spike on black friday. pay pall reports an increase of 27% in payment volume compared to last year. today the emphasis was on neighborhood businesses in what was called "small business saturday." ". >> reporter: small business owners had high hopes for today. >> small business saturday. >> reporter: the launch of a nationwide effort to get people out of the malls and into their neighborhood shops and restaurants. >> it's going to. he makes people aware they should support their local businesses. >> reporter: consumerrers are expected to spend 4% more than last year. many people are still opting for the big box scors, union scare was packed. downtown martinez, with antique stores and boutiques, was not. >> the expectation was it would catch on. i knew once we saw the weather
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report it would hamper the turnout. >> reporter: martinez is where small businesses worked together. several stores are offering special discounts, but foot traffic was light. >> the rain has put a damper on it. so far, still early. >> reporter: there are shoppers buying into the concept, mostly because of the selection and service. small businesses are promoting unique gifts. >> anyone who has been to fairland loves these. >> reporter: many are offering free gift wrapping. the hope is that the little things might set them apart from major chains and make a difference. >> gifts are probably more unique and less commonplace. you can find more interesting things and hand-made things, that are sold in local shops you might not find at macy's. >> i like to support the businesses around here, and this is our specialty stories. great products.
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>> reporter: for in -- some shoppers go where the price is right. >> big stores have bigger discounts so they're better. >> i don't think it's much more expensive to come here. >> reporter: martinez wants to make he downtown joint effort a tradition. they're hoping small business saturday catches on and becomes a success. at least in the next few years. in martinez, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: you will still need chains or snow tires if you're headed over sierra summit. chains are required on all vehicles except four-wheel drive. the same rules apply over donner summit, except for trucks being held held at apple gate because of a spinout. while planned protest against airport security measures fizzled, one bay area
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native store out. she wore a black bikini under her coat. she passed through the body scanners without incident. she said she wanted to draw attention to something that was making travelers uncomfortable. >> i think travel should be something that is safe and comfortable, if i could do that in a way that made people smile and brought a different spin to it, i was happy to do that. >> alan: now, the news video of could i la tyla has gone viral on the internet. a tense situation is playing out in korea after a new report of artillery fire. man who planned a jaw hawed josh -- jihad at a portland tree-lighting ceremony. cal plays its final game at
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memorial stadium before a big retrofit. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. sky starting to clear out this evening, and that's going to mean colder temperatures tonight. we'll take a look at some accuweather lows expected for the evening and see if [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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>> alan: it's sunday on the south korean island that was attacked last week. there are new reports of are artillery fire. resident were ordered to take cover0s sunday. joint war games involving the united states and south core ar just getting upway on the island. north korea has warned of retaliatory strikes creating a sea of fire if its territory is violated. four south koreans died last week on the island. a fiery plane crash in pakistan killed all eight rourke crew -- russian crew members on board. the cargo plane missed several apartment buildings and crashed into several others that were under construction. the plane is used for ferring humanitarianed a aid do developing countries.
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>> a teenager is in custody accused of trying to set off a bomb at a christmas tree lightning portland, oregon. mohammed mohamud, is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruct at last night's ceremony. the public was never in any danger because undercover fbi agents say they gave him fake explosives in a sting separation. they also told the sole mallly -- somali-born teenager he would be killing children. >> this more morning when i hea, i thought, my gosh. >> we condemn strongly any act of violence, any act that would target innocent people. >> alan: the fbi says mohammed tried to blow up a van twice by using a cell phone that the as gave him. they also say the former oregon state university student believed he was being helped by other jihaddists. willie nelson is back on the road again after a brush with
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the u.s. border patrol. nelson was arrested for marijuana possession at a checkpoint in west texas yesterday. a border patrol officer smelled marijuana on nelson's tour bus 80 miles east of el paso. the search turned up six ounces of pot. authorities say nelson was released after posting a 2500 bond, his spokeswoman had no comment. advocates of the second amendment right to bear arms took their cam pain to -- campaign to a nation's hamburger restaurant. the group were met by supporters of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. the event is part of the national rifle association's program to arm every american. >> educating them about the ability for them to openly carry a fire mayor, unloaded, on their person, for the purpose of self-defense. >> even though people have a
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right to their self-defense, i think that people certainly -- and communities can make sensible gun laws. >> alan: the brady campaign has been successful in get ago bay area chains like california pizza kitchen to adopt a no-guns policy in their stores. the cal bears lost to the huskies today in their final game at memorial stadium before it gets a $321 million facelift. the 87-year-old stadium sits on the hayward fault and needs to be seismic which i retrofitted. two-thirds of the stadium bill we replaced with a steel structure. cal will play at at&t park next season. >> i'm terribly sad to see it go. it has whole lot of memories here. ever since the 70s, it's been back there the whole time. >> alan: when the work is completed, the stadium will look
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pretty much like it does now on the outside, but on the inside, the field will be four feet lower to give people in the front rows a better view. we're not sure if it's storm related by a tree took down powerlines in oakland this evening. it happened on east 25th 25th street near highland avenue. 51 customers lost power but no damage to any of the homes in the area. on to leigh glaser. the storm blew through. >> leigh: we're actually seeing clear sky. we have a shot from the high definition rooftop camera pointing towards the holiday lights, and temperatures are starting to cool awesome -- cool awesome here's a live look at live doppler 7hd. not much happening now. most of the storm clouds moved out. 38 in napa. a pair of 40s. san francisco, 47.
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47 in oakland, redwood city. 41 in livermore as well as los gatos. here's a look at some highlights for you. clearing overnight, going to be a colder night tonight because the clouds have moved out. breezy and cool for sunday, and cold nights will return to the bay area monday night and into tuesday night as well. here's a look at some expected lows tonight. near the freezing mark for santa rosa and nap passion 45 -- napa, 44 degrees, chilly, towards the livermore valley. the cold front brought us rain this morning and it's pushed to the east. you can see the clearing has high pressure starts to build in. so plenty more snipe tomorrow. also bring in some gusty northwest winds so that will keep a little bit of a nip in the airport. if you're traveling, going back home, here's a look at the travel map. los angeles, 62, maybe a
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sprinkle. san diego, 58 degrees, lake tahoe, plenty of sunshine tomorrow, maybe a flurry or two 29 degrees there. here's a look at our highs for sunday with a mixture of sun and clouds and the northwesterly gusty winds, 55 for san jose, half hoop -- half moon bay, 54. san francisco tomorrow, sunshine, 54 degrees. in the north bay, santa rosa, 55. 54 for napa. oakland, breezy. hercules, 57. brent wood, 56. and santa cruz tomorrow, 56 and 56 for hollister. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it will be cold monday morning and tuesday morning, with temperatures inland dipping below the freezing mark, frost expected. a chance of showers wednesday in the north pavement all get wet
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on thursday, lingering showers. >> alan: all get wet on thursday. thank you, leigh. on to shu, and believe it or not, stanford could be in the top five. >> mike: they should be, and my golf game is rained out thursday more importantly. stanford has done their part. now the bcs experts have to find them a bowl game.
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>> mike: stanford won their 11th game of the season. the first in school history. with a win over oregon state. will it put them in a bcs bowl game? they philadelphia this cardinal fan's christmas list. luke -- luck throwing it on the money, a dart.
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7 or cardinals. later in the first, luck going deep. a wide-open doug baldwin. just like that the cardinals up 14-0. stanford's defense bringing it. thomas on the blitz. forces a fumble. one of five oregon state turnovers. that would lead to a cardinal field goal. later. want to do the dougie. 29 yards on the score. luck threw for 309 yards and four touchdowns, in the third, taylor putting the nail in the oregon state coffin. taylor, 115-yards on the ground. stanford makes a statement, 38-0 in the final, ending the year 11-1. >> the best one-loss team in the country. our offense, really hard to stop right now. still reliable, and our defense has made so many strides in the last year.
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>> mike: the final game at old memorial stadium, cal hosting washington before renault vaismghts -- renovation. locker to goodwin. ball is tipped. 80-yard for the scoab, 7-3u-dub. locker was held in check. the strip, jordan scoop and score. 20 yards, 10-7 bears. two seconds left. cal up 13-10. the huskies decide to go for the win. game over, cal finishes the season 5-7 and will not make a bowl game for the first time in eight years. the barn burner in san jose. spartans hosting louisiana tech. first quarter, sparntz down seven but not for long. 67-yard. through for 496 yards and five tds. wouldn't be enough.
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take a brief time-out. the warriors get david lee back in uniform, and what a difference one player can make. we show yooooooooooooooooooooooo
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>> mike: one man does not make a team but the warriors sure missed david lee. they're 1-7 without him. he rejoined the team in milwaukee, and the boys in blue are in the win column. he made his presence felt right out of the box. love for the dunk. 10 points and six rebound. warriors down four in the second. david with the steal. fines curry for the easy layin. second half, flores running.
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off the steal to wright. right back to the dunk. wright was on fire, hitting a warriors record nine 3s for a game-high 30 points. warriors cruise, 104-94. >> conditional hoops, st. mary's facing byu, and fordette with this pileup -- pullup three, the floater, no good. byu holds on for the victory. sharks north of the border in edmonton. second period, game tied at 1. heatley, one-timer from thornton. too much. in the third, pavelski, right through the five hole. sharks defense hold on to win it 4-3 the final. a reminder tomorrow, i sit down on abc-7's show beyond the headlines and we talk about
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concussions and football safety, always talk to a lead are neurosurgeon and representatives from de la salle high school. a very informative show. espn reporting bruise gradkowski will start at quarterback over jason campbell. and number four is an automatic bcs bid and i'm guessing fiesta bowl. >> alan: that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news. thank you for joining us tonight. captioned by closed captioning services inc. ring ring. progresso.
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