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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 28, 2010 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. china is proposing to host a meeting in beijing next month to try to ease escalating tensions between north korea and south korea. chinese offer which has no takers comes as u.s. and south korean war shis have taken up positions in the yellow sea. war games are meant to be a show of force. it's taking place where a north korean barrage killed four people tuesday in one of the worst assaults since the korean war. they say they will be merciless if it gets too close. an attempted rape occurred thursday morning. victim was walking on alma
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street. according to investigators a man pushed her down and pulled down her pants. the victim fought him off and ran toward. el camino real where she found her mother. >> they are looking for a second suspect that escaped from custody last week. they spotted the two in a car on 15 itself and valencia street. after a short pursuit the car crashed into another vehicle. one person was hurt. police arrested the driver in the suspect's car but still looking for the passenger who they say is the main suspect. if you were in the bay area you certainly remember the tiger attack of the san francisco zoo christmas day back in 2007. this weekend we're hearing for the first time from the two surviving victims, the balliwal brothers. they obtained tapes of
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interviews hours of after the incident. investigators asked them several times whether they did anything to provoke the tiger. amy hollyfield reports. >> have you done anything to the tiger to harass it or scare the tiger? >> no. >> did you think it was going to attack you or your brother? >> no. >> several times in the interview, he and his 19-year-old brother say they didn't do anything to provoke the tiger. the tiger appeared out of nowhere, first pounced on paul and then attacked the person that was mauled to debt. paul got frustrated with the line of questioning from police. >> when you saw the tigers were you yelling at them to get their attention. >> i was scared.
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have you ever have that happen to you? >> no, i can't say i have. >> it was like the scariest moment in my life. >> they say the tapes prove they did nothing wrong. >> these tapes were taken when they hand luard up but they soak the truth. >> they don't shed any light on this case. people lie to the police all the time. i think this is another example of it. there were incidents of taunting the tigers that left one man dead. >> in the interview they are critical in how difficult it was to get help and how long it took police and medical workers to arrive. >> i had to get the ambulance like that, knocking on the windows, help me out.
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it took forever. >> he says before the ambulance arrived he didn't think he was going to make it. i thought i was going to die, like my last breath. they say the victims expressed disbelief the tiger was able to get out of the enclosure. they found the structure did not meet national standards. the zoo has settled lawsuits with both families agreeing to pay them $900,000 and undisclosed amount was paid to the family of carlos susa. >> they are remembered two murdered city leaders at harvey milk plaza. they came to remember the city's first openly gay supervisor and the former mayor george moscono. they were killed by dan white after an argument over his seat
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on the board of supervisors. >> every year, the community gathers to commemorate and to remember what supervisor harvey milk to the community, across the country and across the world. harvey milk is our martin luther king. >> this march ended up at milk's old camera shop. >> tomorrow is cyber monday but right now many retailers are trying to figure out how they did on black friday. they spent slightly more than last year. retail spending rose just .3 to $10.7 billion but that is a record for the day. a web research company said they saw a 16% spike. pay pal reports an increase in 27% compared with last year.
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yesterday the emphasis was on neighborhood businesses, the moms and pops in what was called a small business saturday. here is lisa amin gulezian. >> reporter: it's the last of nationwide effort to get people out of the malls and their neighborhood shops and restaurants. >> it is going to help. it makes people aware they should support local businesses. >> retailers made the extra boost even consumer's are expected to spend more than last year, many people are still opting for the big box stores. downtown martinez was not. >> the expectation it would catch on. i knew once we saw the weather report it was going to hamper the turnout. >> this is where small businesses united for this day. they posted signing and several
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stores are offering saturday discounts but foot traffic was very light. >> the rain has put a damper on it. >> there are shoppers buying into the concept mostly because of the selection and service. small businesses are promoting unique gifts. >> many are offering free gift wrapping. the hope is that the little things might set them apart and make a difference. >> gives are more unique and more interesting things. -- gifts are more unique that you not find at macy's. >> these are specialty stores. >> but for some shoppers they go where the price is right. >> big stores have better discounts because they buy bigger, so big stores are better
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>> martinez wants to make this joint eavt tradition they are hoping small business saturday catches on and becomes a success at least in the next few years. is you probably know the protest against airport security measures fizzled. 31-year-old wore a black bikini under her coat on a trip back to sonoma county. she passed through the body scanner without incident. she told "abc 7 news" she wanted to make fun out of something that most people think is uncomfortable. >> if i could do that in a way that made people smile, brought a different thing to it, i was happy to be doing it. >> now the news video of tyler
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has gone viral on the internet. she says she had no idea that her stunt would be so big. >> a plane crash in pakistan leaving no survivors. a fire at an oregon mosque where a suspected bomber worshipped. country music star willie nelson busted
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a fiery plane crash in pakistan this weekend killed all eight russian crew members on board. authorities say yesterday's crash could be much worse. the cargo plane missed several apartment buildings and crashed into several others that was under construction. they were carrying humanitarian aid. >> country singer will any nelson is back on the road after a brush with the border patrol. he was arrested for marijuana possession in west texas yesterday. they smelled marijuana on his biodiesel tour bus 80 miles east of el paso. there was a search that turned up six ounces of pot. he was released after posting a $2500 bond. they had no comment. on the second amendment to
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bare arms, members of a group called carry out flashed their unloaded pistols at the hamburger chain. it's part of the national rifle association to arm every american. they were met by supporters of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. here a bit from both sides. >> the ability for them to carry a firearm o unloaded for purposes of self-defense. >> even though people have a right to their self-defense i think that people certainly and communities can make sensible gun laws. >> the brady campaign has been successful in getting other chains like pete's coffee to adopt a no guns policy in their stores. >> some of the people with the most money are sharing their wealth.
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billionaires warren buffett and bill gates announced their idea, the giving pledge, a promise to give away half of their money. why? they say it's the right thing to do. >> the idea that you should be able to do nothing in this world for the rest of your life and children and grandchildren doesn't seem to be very american. >> buffet has pledged to give away 99% of his money, that is about $50 billion. gates and his wife have the largest foundation in the world with $35 billion in assets. they talked about their wealth and what they plan to do with it on abc's this week. jeff martinez is sitting in for lisa argen this morning and what is our accu-weather forecast. good morning. it's looking a lot better than yesterday. a beautiful morning out there. emeryville cam and high
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definition catching sunshine, beautiful cool conditions, golden gate bridge in the background, if you are heading up to the lake tahoe, rough travel conditions up there. forecast in just a few minutes. >> that wet weather we had has been creating soggy grounds and in some cases, trees are toppling over, there was a downed tree in oakland.nñaaaaaa8
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. time is 9:19. a live look showing you a view of the bay, it is beautiful, dry and a bit on the chilly side, jeff will be along in about 15 sweakdz full accu-weather forecast. in east oakland this morning power is back on. a neighborhood went dark after a tree fell on power lines around 5:30 last night. pg&e says 51 customers lost power for just a short time. no homes were damaged. and here is skref with a look at the forecast. >> much better looking today than yesterday. it was blustery and rainy and had the winds contributed to that tree coming down with the
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rain, as well. this has been an absolute spectacular shot all morning long, mountains picked up half a foot of snow in the past 24 hours and still chain controls in effect and four-wheel drive requirements along i-80 or highway 50. it will be rough going in the morning hours but things should clear up as all the precipitation is out of there. mount vollmer cam, what a beautiful shot. plenty of sunshine and live doppler 7, a quiet right now versus yesterday with all those scattered showers that moved about throughout the day. no rain in the forecast. we'll dry things out and it was quite a cold morning and still is. most areas were in the 30s and 40s. rain ends today, breezy and cool conditions. next storm system into next weekend. how much rain did we get the
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past 24 hours. not bad, about an inch of rain to don sanchez ra fell. down to santa cruz and some had a hit-or-miss showers and some produced pretty good rain amounts. napa a low this morning about 28 degrees bouncing back to 37. 30s and 40s throughout the morning hours, cool today, winds out of the northwest 10-20 miles an hour. high pressure will build in control for really the next two or three days before our next storm system hits on thursday. lake tahoe still rough going. chain controls, four-wheel drive requirements around the lake. highs only in the upper 20s as the skiers enjoy that snow. no major problems along the east coast weather-wise and all the
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airports are reporting on time conditions. a few snow showers in utah out through colorado. sfo and oakland reporting on time conditions. temperatures will be in the 50s. a little breezy and cool side with the end with out of the northwest, 10-20 miles an hour. daly city, the dickens christmas fair, head out there and check it out san francisco will be in the low to mid-50s with plenty of sunshine. it will be nice to get out there. we'll see temperatures in the 50s in the north bay and mid-50s out toward the east. we're looking at about 53 in dublin. 54 in danville and monterey bay, mid-50s. next chance of rain by wednesday and thursday. get out there and shop until you drop. union square was quite packed.
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>> i know the retailers would like you to tell people that. >> enjoy whatever you have planned. let's take a look at the cal bears, they lost to the huskies in the final game a at memorial stadium. it's going to get a $321 million facelift. the stadium sits on the hayward fault and it has to be retrofitted. two-thirds of the stadium will be replaced. during the reason ovations they will play next season's home gains at at&t park. >> i'm terribly sad to see it go. it has a whole lot of memories here. ever since the '70s i've been coming. >> when the work is completed the stadium will look like it does now on the outside but on the inside the field will be
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four feet lower to give people a better view. in sports, we told you how the cal bears did, but stanford has done its part, now it is up to the experts to find them a bowl game. good morning, we'll kick off with college football, stanford won their 11th game of the season with a win over oregon stated. will it put them in a bcs bowl game? stanford's opening drive. that would be called a dart. 7-0. cardinals. here is a 42-yard strike, 14 on 0. stanford's defense bringing it. on the blitz, forces the fumble, one of five oregon state turnovers that would lead to a cardinal field goal.
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watch this, here is baldwin and watch him do the west. 29 yards on the score. he threw for 305 yards and four touchdowns and then in the third. taylor, putting the nail in the coffin, 62-yard sprint. stanford making a statement, 38-0 the final and 11-1. >> they were the best team in the country. it's hard to stop offense and defense is so much better than last year. final game at old memorial stadium. hosting washington, rolling to his right throws deep. marc anthony recovers the ball and he races 80 yards. and cal defense had it in check.
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cameron jordan scoops and scores 10-7 bears. huskies at the 2-yard line, they go for a win and 16-13 the final. finishes the season 5-7 and not make a bowl game for the first time in eight years. >> san jose hosting louisiana tech, first quarter, 7-0 and jordan was delivering a beautiful ball, 67 yards. but it wouldn't be enough and, they win a wild one 45-38. >> one man doesn't make a deem but warriors miss david lee. they are 1-7 without him. and he rejoined them and back in the win column. kevin love goes right by him for the dunk.
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ten points and 6 rebounds. lee with a fast break, gives it to monte who finds him for the easy lay in. second half, warriors, and the reach, gives it right back for the dunk. write was on fire -- wright, 104-94 snapping a five game losing streak. here is one, ten seconds left. cougars go up 2. then takes it coast to coast and he will miss the floater and byu holds on with a victory. >> sharks north of border in edmonton, game tied at one, here is one to thorton, ties it. patric marleau, through the
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hole. sharks will hold on to win it 4-3 a final. >> are a reminder, i sit down with bill romanowski as we talk about concussion and football safety and we talk with a neurosurgeon. that is coming up right here on abc 67. raiders hosting the dolphins. we'll have more highlights at 5:00. >> coming up next at 9:30. tomorrow may be known as cyber monday but retailers say lots of people are looking for deals online. >> a latest on a would be bomber arrested in a f.b.i. sting.
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welcome back everyone. new developments in oregon where somali born teenager is in federal custody on terrorism charges. investigators say a fire in the mosque where the suspect worshipped may be arson. parts of the building have been destroyed. a mosque spokesperson says the suspect occasionally attended there. the teenager was arrested on friday. and authorities say he tried to set off a bomb at a crowded gathering in downtown portland. rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: the tree lighting went off as planned as they were arresting a former oregon state university student who was plotting to bomb the event. he believed he was getting help from others jihadists when he devised the plot to detonate explosives. he did not know he was actually
9:32 am
working with undercover agents who had been following him for months. >> this defendant showed a very serious to commit violent ji halved. >> they parked it where the sloifs would inflict the most damage. would be terrorist thought it was tipped with a bomb but it was a dud. they were unaware of the threat until the next day. >> i was very shocked. this morning when i woke up i heard it -- oh, gosh. >> this reaction from the muslim community. >> we condemn strongly any act of violence, any act that would target innocent people. >> twice mohammad tried to blow up the van cell a phone agents gave him. >> he has been charged with attempted use of weapons of mass destruction. he is set to appear in court on
9:33 am
monday. and again the suspect's mosque was damaged in an attack arson fire this morning. >> in other news, two men got away with minor injuries after their small plane crashed. it was bound for concord when it been went down in a marsh. the cause is being investigated but early reports indicate a possible mechanical failure. two men on board have not been identified. the california highway patrol says the number of bay area d.w.i. arrests is up this holiday weekend. 177 arrested were made compared to 137 for the same period last year. statewide the numbers are also up, there have been 975 d.w.i. arrests this year compared to 904 last year. >> tomorrow is cyber monday but a lot of shoppers skipped the crowds on black friday giving
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online merchants an early boost. they say online shoppers spent 12% more than last year with the average order rising to $190. online shopping made up 8-10% of all holiday spending. santa clara based mcafee release a top online scams. free ipads. they usually end with charges to to your cell phone that charge you ten dollars a week. and you are sent a phony e-mail requesting your money and fake gift card offers that lure you into sharing personal information. now on to an otter attack in south florida. one otter is quite aggressive
9:35 am
and a real danger to locals and their pets. >> it seemed almost friendly at first, but four feet of cuddly became quickly to blood letting. >> he was trying to use the cell phone. >> he was swimming around the water and i thought okay. >> he swam away, but then made a u-turn. >> ran after me. >> it's part of a three mysterious otter attacks in south florida. about a day ago this otter attacked a golden retriever. >> it really has me baffled. >> it was a captive otter that was escaped and released. >> it could be a mother
9:36 am
protecting her cubs but more dangerous, a rabid on the terrify. one of those almost killed a 95-year-old man. >> who has got him? >> it was an otter. >> an otter? >> please hurry. i can't get him off. >> he says the animals are not normally this aggressive, suffering from rabies shots but no vengeance against his attacker. >> if i do, i'll call animal control. >> which the advice of the experts. >> otters gone wild. >> jeff martinez is here with a preview of our accu-weather forecast. >> it's beautiful out there, compared to yesterday with all
9:37 am
the rain, things are clearing out in time for your sunday. gorgeous out there, looking back to the golden gate. we do have problems up around lake tahoe if you are going there or coming back. still chain controls in effect. i'll tell you about that with the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> speaking about the storm that just passed through dropped a lot of snow in the sierra.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. time right now is 9:39. thanks for waking up with us. this is a live look at tahoe from tahoe cam. it's beautiful, looks like a
9:40 am
picture postcard there. could be a moonscape, jeff, i don't know, but it's really pretty. >> in the sierras, they are enjoying skiing conditions in decades. here is how it looked n at heavenly. morning rain turned to snow. skiers and snowboarders, they are packing the sleochgs. all of the major resorts in the lake tahoe area have most the lifts open. up to ten feet of snow has fallen over the last few days. >> so you were telling people they need their chains? >> they saw half a foot to foot of snow. chain controls in effect on 80 and 50. a lot of people are coming home perhaps. by this afternoon, things should get better because the snow has ended. it's looking good, beautiful weather for your sunday. thanks for joining us. check it out, mounts tam and
9:41 am
looking back to the city and sunny conditions. a little breezy. notice the camera shaking a little bit so it's going to be a little breezy to windy and cool, as well. roof cam and high definition showing the bay bridge and water looks not to bad out on the bay. whatever you have going on, looking pretty good compared to yesterday when all that rain, cool temperatures, it was coming down yesterday but right now, clear conditions, no precipitation with our live doppler 7. we do have some cold temperatures, this morning. we had below freezing temperatures in many areas and still in the 30s and 40s. rain ends today and next storm system into next weekend. napa a low of 20 degrees and bouncing back to 37. still cold weather for your sunday morning. half moon bay, at 50 degrees and area of low pressure was a fast mover.
9:42 am
sunny and cool today, northwest winds 10-20 miles an hour. you will still need the coat. clearing conditions all across the west. as i mentioned chains required or four-wheel drive, roads should improve late this morning in the afternoon. upper 20s for high temperatures in lake tahoe today. busiest travel day of the season and look at this. no major airport delays to talk about, including in our area. san francisco looking good. sfo, oakland and san jose, i don't see any major delays, great news. temperatures today will be in the low to mid-50s. all across the area through pacifica. half an inch of rain. most areas picked up a third of an inch to an inch of rain around san rafael. sunset district, 52 degrees. daly city, dickens christmas
9:43 am
fair, 54 degrees and lots of 50s all around the north bay. pretty good rain yesterday, but we'll dry out nicely today. oakland, good morning to you. 56 degrees today and about 55 degrees. plenty of low to mid-50s, out further to the east around antioch and brentwood and monterey bay. 55 degrees today. and santa cruz, picked up three-quarters of an inch of rain yesterday. so we'll dry out nicely today, tomorrow and tuesday looking good. guess what? clouds increase wednesday, into thursday will be our next rain chances perhaps in the next weekend. have a good day. >> today is the day get out and do some things. >> much better than yesterday. a lot of people out there, union square all around the city enjoying it. last week california citrus growers spent three nights
9:44 am
trying to keep their crops from sub-freezing temperatures. how new high-tech machines are saving the fruit and saving growers money. >> central citrus crop survived a frosty night. this is what it looks like. he kept his fruit warm enough using the latest in technology. >> 29.4 degrees. it will idle and start it up. it's a hydraulic clutch. >> thermometers out in the field tells the machine to turn on at 29.4 and turn off when it's 32 degrees.
9:45 am
it cost $33,000. he says he saves money every night it gets coal. >> in fuel costs, i'm saving third to a half. they do that good of a job of monitoring temperatures. >> he has 27 of the high-tech wind machines. they'll pay themselves off in the next three to five years. whatever the cost, it's priceless reassure answer that the most sensitive lemons will survive the winter. >> they are low in sugar and can damage pretty easily. >> with temperatures lower than the night before, hill and the crew spend the night monitoring the machines. it appears everything survived. in fact the cold weather helped their fruit reached hits pit bull. 30-35 degree weather makes for a thicker skin and gives a nice color and actually makes the trees stronger. >> it puts through a tree a semi dormant state. you don't get as much tissue
9:46 am
damage. >> they say they are still concerned that dangerously low temperatures could return before next spring. >> 7 on your side next. will atms and debit cards get will atms and debit cards get pushed aside.
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whistle-blower website wikileaks is now under cyber attack. they planned to make a release later today. if their site goes down there is a back-up plan. "new york times" and several european newspapers will release articles on what the documents contain. that is set for 1:30 this afternoon local time. the u.s. government has warned wikileaks that publishing the documents would be illegal and endanger lives. >> for many of us, it doesn't seem that long ago we started using atms and debit cards. the next step toward a cashless society may be near. big push toward mobile money. michael finney has a. >> look its busy lunch hour at the cafe in palo alto. ingredients are fresh and so is the way some customers choose to
9:50 am
spend their money. >> it's very innovative. >> they tap their mobile homes and the money is debit from their pay pal account. >> this is very easy way. >> this is a start-up based in palo alto. this is all he she needed to get started. >> it's a sticker that goes on your phone. >> they hope to roll the system out nationally in the beginning of next year and could become the first to do so. other players include google, american express and visa. they think this is the next big thing. >> mobile has become the biggest technology in the world. >> convenience and the primary reason to use mobile payments but initial reluctance from
9:51 am
consumers could hold back widespread usage. >> there is worry, concern that, in fact, things -- this is a scam. eventually, people come around and see the benefit. >> we caught up with john morgan from the school of business. >> where it goes i think and how fast it goes is really up in the air. my guess is that the key is going to be security. >> both blue nation and the other company will offer protections with mobile payments that you now enjoy with debit and credit cards. your liability will be no more than $50. >> people should try to make sure that it's tied to a credit card or bank account. if you don't have any other way of tying it to it, be advised
9:52 am
that probably stay away from using your mobile phone to pay. >> the young are expected to be the early users and they are with any new technology. blue nation is used stanford university as a testing ground. they hope to capitalize on the technology and say the system will allow friends to send mobile payments to each other. >> the new payment type that allows cards to send and receive money which is kind of a new thing for us. >> some predict mobile payments will surpass debit card use much quicker. >> we are taking big step towards cashless society. >> and there are several cities around the country and once unveiled you could see instant
9:53 am
coupons on your cell phone based on your mobile payment history. >> there are many things to see and do around the holidays. get a look at just a few of the special events and displays that
9:54 am
9:55 am
someone purchased a lottery ticket in san ramon is $300,000 richer today. they made the grade on daily berdy ticket. winners of the grand prize need to pick three winning horses as well as the final race time. there are a lot of activities going on throughout the bay area
9:56 am
today. >> don sanchez takes a look. >> let it snow. it may not be the real stuff but close enough to it. it's growing daily in the atrium lobby. >> get a load of this. it's 850 pounds of icing alone and 100 percent edible. it took them 160 hours to constructed the framework. this is a painted lady. >> i decided to go after the victorians of the era and put an upper level on it and feel more san francisco. >> down the hill to the western saint francis, largest sugar castle. it looks like a dream.
9:57 am
for a touch of big apple tradition, there are ice rinks where you can skate outside, they are open everyday at the embarcadero or union square. >> everything have done showed us is free. >> that is nice. >> let's get a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> great day to do some ice skating, clear conditions, all the snow has moved out to the east and see sunny skies through wednesday. have a good sunday. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler, have a great sunday everyone. bye-bye. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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