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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  November 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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starred in "airplane" and" the naked gun" passed away, but leslie nielsen wasn't
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on-line whistleblower wikileaks released thousands of sensitive u.s. documents today. they reveal a secret world of back stage diplomacy and candid comments no one thought would come to light. among the revelations, iran obtained 19 advanced missiles from north korea, potentially giving the islamic nation of attacking moscow and cities in western europe. those in south korea have been looking for the collapse of north korea and planned for a unified korea. and the libyan leader khadafi as a liberal man. and now more on the leak of the documents and how the wikileaks founder is defending the released.
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>> the founder of wikileaks says the latest material shows contridiction between the u.s. persona and what it says behind closed doors. wiki leaks is said to have obtained the classified documents from the same specialist accused of steering warlocks between iraq and afghanistan. it is communications between the state department and some 270 embassies and consulates. wikileaks acquired the documents, none of which are top secret, but highly sensitive nonetheless. >> it is deplorable with the pentagon's assessment that the people at wikileaks could have blood on their hands. >> the cables reveal back room deals. in an effort to close guantanamo bay prison, for example, american diplomats told slovenia they needed a prisoner to have a meeting with president obama. and there are fears of iran's growing nuclear program. the foreign minister of the
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united air be rai of emirates that they have nukes. >> and the long-range damage is that it will keep some from tell us from they really think. and they will get mad on a message of what we really think and then it will be in the "new york times" or the washington post. >> most of the leaked material covers the past few years including discussions between american and south korean officials about the prospects for a unified korea. discussions include mountain-based -- mountain view-based google. and they say china may have a cyber intrusion into google's computer systems as a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage. secretary of state hillary clinton and american am ambassadors have notified diplomatic leaders around the world. as for wikileaks, the founder
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has no regrets releasing the information. speaking via video link, he crit -- criticized the u.s. state department. >> it would mean not publishing the abuses by that organization. >> there is more to come. today's released is the first of the planned releases over the next few months. alan? >> thank you very much. actor leslie nielsen died today. >> anybody get the license plate? >> the bumbling detective from the "naked gun" comedies passed away in fort lauderdale, florida. and he played the doctor in the classic "airplane" and his dry stone-faced lines made their way into our everyday banter at school and home and in the workplace. >> can you fly this plane and land it?
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>> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious, and don't call me shirley. >> but nielsen was a dramatic actor in "the forbidden planet." the native of canada died from complications of pneumonia. leslie nielsen was 84 years old. napa police shot and killed a 60-year-old man during a confrontation in front of his home. neighbors identified the dead man as richard coccia. he was de -- de spawn dent all day. they say he was suicidal and they asked to speak to him outside his alta heights home. >> once he exited the residence they encountered the subject who was confrontational that resulted in him being shot one time and being tasered. >> police are not saying if he was armed. neighbors say he he was on disability for several months. he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder in
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bay area psychiatric hospitals. the california highway patrol officers are looking for a red pick up truck in connection with a hit and run accident near martinez this afternoon. the 2002 red chevy silverado struck a teen skateboarding on shell and martinez avenues. the accident happened just after 3:00 p.m. the 18-year-old skateboardy was taken to john muir medical center with moderate injuries. the chp is looking for information from nene who may have seen the accident. south korea's president is taking responsibility tonight for failing to protect his people from last week's deadly north korean attack. he went on korean television to tell the country that the north will face consequences for future aggression. but he did not give details. the island of yeonpyeong has been off limits of a south koreans were killed by north korean artillery fire there. a nuclear power u.s. super
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carrier and south korean destroyer took part in joint military exercises in the yellow sea. north korea is threatening another attack in response to the show of military force. meanwhile, koreans in the bay area are expressing strong feelings about the situation. here is abc7's cecilia vega. >> this is something new. >> reporter: korean immigrants say the only thing they can do is monitor the latest headlines and hope for the best. this oakland accountant was born in north korea and em grated to the south. he has a half sister he hasn't seen in a half century. >> it is an immediate flash back of what i had gone through when i was 10 years old. >> as war games play out in the yellow sea, lee is hoping for diplomacy from china and the u.s. but this former south korean marine says war is not the answer. >> there shouldn't be any war. i have gone through that
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myself, and during the korea war i lost my entire family. >> but at the oaknd la korea united methodist church, many feel differently. >> we will have to spend strong korean region. >> residents have strong words for their native south korean government. many say it has simply not done enough to stop north korea. >> someone said south korea has everything to lose, but north korea has nothing to lose. that doesn't mean that south korea has to be naive or defensive. >> we must stand strong. we have too much to them. >> stand vong even if it means -- stand strong even if it means allout war.
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>> in oakland, cecilia vega, abc7 news. an oakland pros ut coulder is accusing your muslim bakery to save his family from bankruptcy. recently filed documents wanted to keep bailey from prubling -- publishing an expose about his father's rape of children. he wanted to prevent bailey from publicizing the bakery's financial problems. he will stand trial next year for the murders of two other men who the prosecution say were killed to save the crumbling business. the california highway patrol says the number of bay area drunk driving arrests is up this holiday weekend. from wednesday evening through this morning officers made 249 arrests. that's compared to 207 for the seam period last year. -- same period last year. statewide numbers are up as well. but there have been no fatalities on bay area
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roadways so far this weekend. california filed a $60 million lawsuit against a company that offers homeowners help with predatory lending. >> did you pay money to these folks? >> yes, several thousand dollars. >> the victim who lost you thats of dollars and their homes. and why both retailers and shoppers appear ready to take cyber monday seriously, and then this. >> ♪ hol lay lieu yaw >> a new youtube video goes viral with a christmas twist. >> and hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we have clear skies right now and the temperatures are downright cold. some locations are hovering near the freezing mark already. we will see inland frost overnight. nñaaaaaaaaaaaaaahúhúhúhúhúhúgtoñ
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to tonight there is a new twist in the foreclosure crisis. companies are popping up here and around the country promising to help desperate homeowners avoid foreclosure. but abc's david wright reports a lot of customers are losing thousands of dollars and their
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homes. >> carolyn and mike derbin are having a hard time getting over the fact their dream home in sacramento now belongs to someone else. >> everything is so different. >> they are amoung the millions of americans who faced foreclosure when the interest rate charged by their bank suddenly jumped. so when this letter arrived from a company called u.s. loan auditors -- >> they have a loan amount and our name and they know the lender and i think they even have the loan number on here. >> it seemed like a lifeline. >> they sent us a letter saying, we are investigating your lender. we said, great, terrific. lawyers investigating our lender. we can get somebody else to help on the lawsuit jie. they promised what is called a forensic audit of mortgaged documents. >> there are hupdz of cases being filed in state and federal courts. >> call for a free consultation today. >> the company charged the derbins 1% of their loan up front.
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it was $3700, plus $1,000 a month as a retainer. they say the company gave them a report that was worthless. >> what did you get for your money? >> absolutely nothing. we lost our house because of it. >> california's attorney general is suing u.s. loan auditors and the sister company for $60 million including restitution for families like the derbins alleging the defendants provide their clients nothing of value and they put them at even greater danger of losing their homes. we visited the company headquarters where we came across another couple who didn't want to be identified trying to get answers. >> we have been waiting for information and we call and they say on the line that they are temporarily out of service. we try to talk to this guy here and they give us the run around. >> you pay money to these folks? >> yes, several thousand dollars. >> we have seen in the last couple months a number of scams that are of onering these forensic loan audits to try to lure consumers into
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paying them thousands of dollars for services that then for most consumers they never per rel to. >> the company says it looks forward to clearing its name in court. >> is there any doubt in your mind this was fraud? >> no, not at all. they left us hanging in the wind. >> now all they have left of their dream home is the pile of legal documents from their fight to keep it. david wright, abc news, sacramento. the holiday season is off to a bang. the national retail federation is estimating that some 212 million shoppers hit the malls this weekend, that's up from 195 million people last year. and those shoppers spent almost six and a half percent more than last year. other estimates are lower, but it is a strong sign heading into cyber monday. according to "consumer reports," 17% of americans will shop on-line tomorrow, and some of america's biggest retailers are heavily
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promoting discounts through their websites and e-mails. a new youtube video has gone viral. this one has a christmas theme. it was put together by a canadian photography company and posted last week. in the video unsuspecting shoppers get a big surprise during lunch as more than 100 people sing the hall lay -- hallelujah chorus. they had more than 2.8 million views in the past week. and leigh glaser is here and it will be cold this week. >> yes, frosty. inland location temperatures is below the freezing, ma. truckee right now is 0 degrees. and south lake tahoe is 2 degrees. this is a nice shot from our camera looking down toward san francisco there in the background. of course the holiday lights at the embarcadero.
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it is getting cold around here. 33 in santa rosa. san francisco, you are at 46. 40 in oakland. 40 in antioch. 34 right now in livermore. san jose 40 and los gatos right now is 38 degrees. it will be clear. it will be a cold night. as i mentioned, the interior valley areas will see some frost overnight. a little warmer for our monday and tuesday and then things will start to shift as a weather system will bring us the return of showers as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. the expected lows tonight,29 santa rosa and 28 napa, 41 san francisco, 39 for half moon bay. livermore is getting down to 29 degrees. we will hit the freezing mark later overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, antioch as well as concord 32. for the next couple days, folks, it will be higher pressure bringing us a dry and warmer air mass. so a fair weather maker will be in store for us. it will keep these storm clouds to the north.
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so do enjoy. by tuesday the temperatures should rebound nicely, back up into the low 60s in some locations. if you are traveling tomorrow, 35 degrees. a mixture of clouds and sun for tahoe. it is still cool at 51, but clear skies. los angeles 65. san diego, 61. palm springs 63. here are our numbers for tomorrow, more sunshine. the wind, not as strong. the cool or brisk air we had today, we won't have that tomorrow. so 56 for san jose as well as los gatos. 56 for cupertino. the sea breeze will be with us late in the afternoon. the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for your monday afternoon. 54 for san francisco. plenty of sunshine for you. petaluma 54. 56 in calistoga. napa 55. you vallejo 54. 56 degrees for oakland. union city and fremont in the mid50s.
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in the east bay, concord you will climb to 56 degrees. plenty of sunshine in brentwood. livermore, a little frosty start tomorrow morning, and then look for afternoon warm up. 56 degrees. 57 for gilroy. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, enjoy the next couple days because clouds will thicken on wednesday. the chance for showers on wednesday is mainly in the north bay. the rest of us will be okay. a better chance for all of us to see showers thursday and friday. we might even extend that through next saturday and sunday. >> thank you, leigh. on to shu who is not happy with the way the raiders were playing. >> no, i am not, but who cares what i have to say? the raiders hosted the dolphins in another blacked out affair, and it is just as well. the quarterback thing is not working for the raiders.
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good quarterbacks in the nfl, but you can't rotate them because it is hard to get any consistency. the raiders proved that against the dolphins. may as well take dart vader and put him in as quarterback. he takes it from the one-year-old deep in his end zone. all he has to do is make the kicker miss and no problem. 101 yards for a kickoff return. 7-0 raiders. later in the first, and chad hen knee lost one to patrick cob. wide open. miami back on top 10-7. it is too easy. the ford show continued in the eked is. gradkowski to ford and he was a sprinter in college. he had 329 all purpose yards today. 14-13 raiders at the half. the third quarter 1k3 -- and he hits moore. moore gets 57 yards, 20-14 dolphins. the raiders down 23-14 and ford is open, but the timing
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with his receivers is off. one of his two picks and his rating is 63.5. raiders drop their second straight. now 5 and 6 and two back of the chiefs. >> today was ugly. on my part, i can't play like that and i can't turn the ball off. that's on me. i apologize to my team for that. i can't put them in that position. i feel like that's on me, and that's one thing that's hard to swallow. >> we were just out there playing. not much emotion. just going through the motions. that's how the game went along. >> on the college ranks, stanford got good news. they moved up to fourth in the rankings. the top four finish in next week's final poll. stanford is guaranteed a spot. the most likely destination rtz fiesta or the orange bowl. we will take our final timeout. college hoops are on the deck. they are so good aaron rodgers couldn't makakakakakakakakakakak
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tournaments around the nation. cal is in orlando where they scored five points on friday night, and that gets them into today's third place game against boston college. gutierrez pours in the three. he add team high of 12 points. cal goes up five. boss boston clemming -- boston college puts the bears away. he had 12. it was a 68-46 loss. stanford and dupaul with under a minute to go. stanford down a bucket and he buries the two. he had a game high 19. we head to overtime and then the cardinals take over. the strong take and stanford goes on to win. after the game jeremy green collapsed, and he was teaken to a -- taken to a local condition. dehydration the likely culprit. stanford hosting texas. the stanford football team
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showing off the act. first half all stanford. 3 over 19. second half and down low for two of her 22 and she is good. stanford stays unbeaten. all right, turn on the sunday night lights and it is time for plays of the day. the bears and eagles and michael vick threw his first pick in four years. 30 yards on fourth and 9 and he somehow haul itself in between three bears. watch this catch. the eagles lose. how about the chiefs, 13 catches three scores including this toe taper in the back of the end zone as kc beats seattle. stanford football on a roll. number four bcs ranking and he gets his first nfl touchdown leading the vicks to a win. andre johnson and finnigan going at it. helmets fly off and gets the decision. bothy jkted.
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the -- both ejected. when you get tossed, you may as well go across the street. andre johnson watches the one-hand jam. the thunder fall by one. former 49er owner along with roger craig and all semifinalists for this year's hall of fame. >> good luck to them. that con -- concludes another broadcast. i'm alan wopping with -- i'i'i''
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