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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 17, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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beginning to push through the mountains and on to the peninsula. and there is in the seera, snowing now. chains required on major highways and there is a major weather storm coming that way for the weekend. closer to the bay area, the delta we have an urban and small-stream flood as ad advisory in effect until 1:45. flooding of other passes and low lying spots is a possibility with rain. there could be localized flooding with rain coming our way. and there is a wind advisory in effect from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. there is gusts from seven miles per hour. and there is more coming up later. >> and santa cruise mountains experienced a brunt of the storm. and there is a threat of mudslides.
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>> well, i can tell you the rain has been steady here all day. i can confirm what spencer is saying and that is that rain has picked up in about the last hour. dean rose is keeping an eye on the river. the sheriff's department ordered residents in the community to evacuate homes when water reached flood stage. now a series of storms is bringing that fen shall to a front door yet again. >> the river fills, and instead of down the road it goes this way. >> jack shroud doesn't live near a river, but is loading up on sandbags worried his guest house could flood. >> there is about saying five inches in santa cruz. >> valley church is worried about running out of sandbags
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and there is is 400 to get through the weekend. >> that is not enough. there is is 98 we filled 36,000 bags of sand. >> there are plenty of supplies. the manager says the first power outage triggers biggest crowds. >> there is a is a rush of battery autos everyone knows they'll likely take the brunt of the storm and are generally prepared. >> this tends to be a place that it dumps. >> that is why rivers and creeks don't look threatening now there is is a is a back up plan. >> i got off the phone with
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public works department. they do expect localized flooding in this area and there is river gauges to make sure more serious problems don't arise and in oakland they're asking volunteers to maintain a drain. the city is hahning out rain gear to people who keep debris out of their neighborhood drains to help prevent flooding. >> and there is is officials say arriveals are delayed up to two hours because of the weather. oakland international airport is experiencing 30-40 minute delays and in san jose, there is more toupt minute flight information wait times and
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chains or snow tires required now in the sierra. take a look at pictures from highway 89 this afternoon urk see snow there z there is a shot of interstate 80 to show you. road has been cleared and snow is piled on the side of the road. laura anthony live tonight. you can see it's snowing right now. >> that is right. there sf some broken chains and there is is i can tell you it's been snowing all day. light and fluffy but tough for drivers. this control went up earlly.
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and there is several inches of new snow with more on the way. chp and caltrans are committed to keeping roads open as long as drivers do their part. >> there is slow down in the weather f there is snow on the ground 35 miles per hour max. leave a space behind the vehicle in front of you. and wear a seat belt f you're in an accident and have a et seat belt on, you're going survive it these boarders decided to get their fill today. >> i won't stay for the crowd before the weekend. >> we're going to try to head back before weekend. >> thanks to the early season snow, sugar bowl is well ahead
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seer totals. and now, as much as six feet of new snow, the resort is gearing up for a holiday period. >> it's coming and here. we're expecting a bunch of snow. hopefully one to two feet and it's a great kickoff to holiday weekend. >> there is two weeks are critical. there are businesses here and they can represent as much as one third of the revenues. and so this snow can be a mixed blessing. great for skiers but only if folks can get here so en-to-enjoy it. a bart police officer fired in the fatal shooting of oscar grant has gotten her job back. an arbitrator overturned a firing of the woman accused of lying to investigators in this case and mehserle was
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convicted in july of involuntary manslaughter saying during the trial he tried to prove officers conspired to try to exaggerate the situation. >> the arbitrator has seen all eftdz prosecution pointed to as evidence of a conspiracy is found no evidence whatsoever... >> johnson says today's ruling calls part of the prosecutors case into question, it likely will not have an impact on mehserle's conviction. >> a man of a.accused of abducting a st-year-old girl and bring herg so san francisco appeared before a virginia judge today. the 32-year-old jeffrey easley was in court to face charges of child abduction, credit card theft and fraud. the 12-year-old britney smith
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was with him. he's a suspect in the murder of the girl's mother, tina smith. a united air lines flight on the way to chicago wednesday night had to return just after take off ai. bird struck an enbegin, badly damaging it. passengers were put on another jet arriving in chicago just 90 minutes late. >> moving on to national news now. the president says the tax deal he's signed into law today will make a real difference in the lives of american people. and he signed a sweeping legislation flanked by members of each party except for nancy pell easeo. the ceremony came 10 days avenue struck a deal with republican leaders and only hours after the house finally approved it. >> there is a both houses of congress passed a package of tax relief protecting the
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middle class, will grow our economy andy jait to bes for the american people. >> this does remain the controversial bush era tax rates and offers 13 months of extended unemployment benefits. >> extension of benefits will help thousands of californians still out of work. the state edd says november's rate held steady, hasn't changed since july. california added 1600 nonfarm jobs last mochl theoff say says -- governor says he's encouraged. >> and the grinch who stole a toy drive for needy kids. >> and a local unit of military police getting ready to spent the year in afghanistan. >> researchers focus on air
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pollution as a
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a bay area national guard unit is on the way to afghanistan. this 870th company held ceremonies already serving two 18 months tours of duty. the company will spend a year in afghanistan. >> so there is police missions. >> it's -- we can, i know... it's been 10 years straight. but just going to come back. >> this company flies to texas
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tomorrow and due in afghanistan by february. >> a lesbian is suing her employer for refusing to add her wife to her health care plan. the lawsuit was heard today in san francisco. as abc 7 reports this could have a major impact. at issue is whether married same-sex couples work for the federal government are entitled to enroll their houses. karen gallonski has been trying to get her wife on to her medical insurance. they were married in 2008 when same-sex marriages were briefly legal in california. >> we have a son who is seven. i paid premiums and only get to put one mem of the family on. >> the couple's case is now before the u.s. district court in san francisco. the federal government keeps refusing to sign up, though
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it's been ordered to do so. the lawyer for the federal government wasn't authorized to talk to media but said his argument surrounded defense of marriage thakt prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage putting pressure on the president to fulfill his promises to support gay rights. the president has called for the repeal of the defense of marriage act calling it discrime in a tori. the federal judge began the hearing by quoting obama. and his administration says an attorney from washington to california to defend it. >> this is difficult to justify providing unequal health insurance. >> for now she has private insurance. and the 48-year-old puts off doctor visits. >> there are certain thing that's we have to weigh financially whether it would make sense to do.
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>> there is no time line as to when the judge would rule whether he had been waiting a long time for health insurance. >> researchers expect air pollution might increase a child's risk of having autism. the study and doctors focused on kids whose mothers lived within a thousand feet of a freeway when they were born. the kids appeared to face twice the risk of autism as compared to children living farther grer a freeway. >> there are nice data that seem to indicate exposure to air pollution is associated with changes in the brain. >> one researcher points out the study examines how close a family lived to the freeway drks not include samples of the air near the freeway. >> smoking cable delayed hows of bart passengers this morning. and this is during the right
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of rush hour. and triggered delays taking crews thee hours to repair that problem. bart restored service around noon. >> tough times taking their toll on thousands of people in san francisco as well as organizations trying to help them. many stood in the rain for hours to receive a free bag of groceries from glide memorial church. traditionally glide hands out about 6,000 bag buzz this year only to raise money for 5,000. and those who received the help were appreciative. >> i'm glad i'm going tof a meal for me, my kids and my family. >> thank god for glide for us poor people. i lived here 63 years. born and raised. >> there is a lot of people with no home no, food.
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and they god food today and love today. >> this would have not been able to take plaik plais without the help of volunteer autos a grinch struck $5,000 worth of christmas gifts has been stolen from the garage of a home. they've collected toys for 12 years but last weekend forgot to close the garage door. they got home and everything was gone. there is don yaigsz trickling in. >> we have more photos of holiday lights to bring you. these pictures sent to us through you report taken by steve hunter saying it involves 7500 lights. and we to see holiday lights
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in your naibtd. -- neighborhood. and please include the street, and city information so everybody can check them out. >> that is an incredible amount of lights out there. >> and there is rain going get heavier and continue. this is your week coming up. there is a live view here in san francisco. looking across the financial district. you can probably see wet spots in the cram lens there. there is a wider picture of rain off shore preparing to move onshore. there is some right along the coastline. and there is some pushing into the south bay.
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and there is waves of rain coming our way. san francisco had a batch moving out over the bay now. and there is impressive but not as much as it will be a couple days from now. nearly a quarter inch, over three-tenths in st. helena. mill valley over a third of an inch. these numbers are hard to see. you can get the picture. it's been wet. there is our readings now, from oakland south and east, temperatures into 50s now. these are the highlights. heavy rain, gusting winds developing to continue into early tomorrow morning. turning into showers most of saturday. then, more rain comes in on saturday night. so we don't get much of a break tomorrow. there is the light to moderate to locally heavy rain ahead of the frontal system now.
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truly heavy rain is behind a warm front and head of a cold front. and there is a forecast animation at 7:00. rain becoming more wide spread and organized and there is about 178 or so, pushing out around 8:00 we'll get a little bit of a break with trailing showers and there is a wave pushing through out of the daytime hours, next batch of rainfall coming in early monday morning. we don't get much of a break over the next through days from this rainy, stormy period. there is about two to four inches into the north bay. from three quarters to ab inch and a half in the east bay. town two inches over the
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peninsula. and there is where we're going to get quite the soaking. there is snowfall up to 10 inches of rain. that is quite a bit of rainfall. there is a winter storm warning in affect. and there is six to eight feet above 7,000 feet z gusts up to 70 miles per hour and there is high temperatures mid to low 50s and here is the accu-weather forecast. so there is that period of rain. there is rain coming in saturday night into sunday there. is more rain monday. there is another stormy day wednesday.
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>> and didn't see a glimmer of sunshine. >> and coming up next, finney's friday free stuff includes a contribution on the bay.
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>> one of the life long dreams. >> and this is a lucky day. >> there is only something messy z interest tl could be if you're making a molten chocolate chip cookies. check these, you're supposed
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to be over eating. this is safeway select there. is a free box of these. there are two giants once in a box. you can eat it yourself. >> only two? in this box? >> and they are. >> look at that. >> okay. >> someone wants a day. >> yes. there is a $5 value. you can get them free. then have you ever been on those paddle wheel boats up in lake tahoe? have you been on one of those? >> yes. >> and it's cool. there is one right there. you're going to get a free ticket to go on this. it's out of zephyr cove. it's a cruise around tahoe going into the bay. and there is emerald bay. a $39 value. you can't rush. >> yes. >> and relax. >> it's nice. >> i'm wishing you would have baked these for us. >> and let me show you real quick. there is at any time, you can
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log on to abc 7 perfect. >> thank you. >> and you want i. >> do. >> and this
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a napa state hospital administrator makes an appeal for major security upgrade. >> and a designated driver program with a twist. not only a ride home, but someone else drives your car back. >> and president obama helps spread holiday cheer with a group of grade school students outside of washington, d.c.. >> stockings were hung in the chimney with care with hopes st. nicholas soon could wo be there. >> he had a surprise visit to a second grade class he described


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