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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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murder of a popular east palo alto community leader at a mall is expected to make his first court appearance today. police haven't revealed a motive. >> a live look downtown san francisco. notice the flags blowing south to north. another mild morning. scattered light rain. the big stories, the rain, the flooding and the power outages. i'll have an update. >> allow a little extra time as you're taking the bay bridge into san francisco. chp has issued a wind advisory. a complete report coming up. >> and the historic hangar one at moffett field loses millions because of federal funding because of a budget loop in congress. >> it's 5 a.m.. thanks for being with us. a little break in the rain but more expected to come. i'm in for eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze with jenelle wang. topping our list of stories, two dangerous pit bulls that
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ferociously attacked a woman getting in her car last night are on the loose in san jose. police are warning everyone to watch out. terry mcsweeney is live in east san jose at the scene. terry? >> yeah. two gray pitbulls attacked a woman out here on white sand drive about 6:20 last night and if not for the help of a good samaritan, this bad story could have been far worse. take a look at the pictures of the street where it happened. police are saying that a 42-year-old woman was just getting into her car about 6:30 last night when two gray pit bulls came after her and attacked. she was screaming as they bit her and ripped her up. a neighborhood heard those screams and came out. that neighbor threw rocks at the pit bulls and sent them scurrying down white sand towards aborn. the regional medical center is where the woman was taken. i was talking to san jose police this morning and they were saying that the woman was seriously injured. she has major injuries but they are not life-threatening.
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the woman in very bad shape this morning and these two gray pit bulls are still on the loose. animal control is in charge of the case. as far as we know they're going to be picking up the search about 7:00 this morning. i was walking down the street to see if somebody was awake i could talk to to find out more. i heard dogs barking. normally that wouldn't bother me at all but today after what happened, a very eerie feeling. >> i bet. thanks, terry, so much for the update. other news, oakland police are looking for a fourth suspect this morning after they shot and killed one man and arrested two others following a high-speed chase. the suspect's vehicle crashed into a fence in an oakland neighborhood as they tried to flee police. they jumped out of the car to try to get away. police chased one suspect on foot. that man, edwards, was shot and killed on the scene. an assault weapon was found in the area close to where he died. >> two of our officers was following one of the people that
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were inside the vehicle. that person did have a handgun and he was shot. he was pronounced dead on the scene. >> i was told by phone calls that it was my son. >> this is the sixth officer-involved shooting this year. four have been fatal. >> a suspect in a six-month-old murder case will be arraigned today. he's under arrest for gunning down a popular community leader in hillsdale mall but the break-through in this case came from the suspect himself. >> 58-year-old gregory alarms and 54-year-old david lewis had known each other since they were teenagers. why alarms would want to kill lewis has family members baffled. lewis's widow margaret said she never even heard the suspect's name until his arrest over the weekend. >> why? that's what i'm not clear with, is the why of it. why david? why that day? just why. >> san mateo police say alarms
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shot and killed lewis inside a parking garage at hilldale mall june 9th. investigators say alarms followed him to the mall from san mateo medical center where lewis worked as ansaids counselor. at one point alarms approached police with a tip in the case. but an interview with alarms this weekend, investigators noticed inconsistencies and the case took off from there. >> in our discussions with him as a potential -- as potentially having information, we determined that there were things that did not sound right about this. >> lewis was a beloved figure at east palo alto. he dedicated his life to community outreach save time in prison. he founded free at last, a substance abuse program. although they don't have all the answers, the family is thankful an arrest was made. the widow visited her husband's death on saturday.
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>> we went to the cemetery, and god responded sunday morning. >> lillian kim. >> a search for a woman missing in sonoma county has come to an unwanted end. authorities found her body in a minivan submerged near jenner. she was last seen saturday night after leaving a restaurant in the area with friends. the southern california resident was following them in her vehicle when they noticed they couldn't see her headlights behind them anymore. search teams found tire marks leading into the river. they found the van yesterday using an underwater camera. the federal government is launching an investigation into the firing of mark herred. the sec wants to know the circumstances surrounding his fourth resignation months ago. he want to know if he passed information about a 2008 multimillion dollar h. p. acquisition to the woman to later accused him of sexual
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harassment. that led to her dismissal. h. p. is cooperating with the investigation. >> this morning funding to restore moffett field hangar one is in jeopardy after the money was thought to be available. it would have been used to restore the hangar after toxic siding was removed. nasa committed $20 million to the project but was counting on another $8 million from the now congressional dead earmark. >> the repeal on the ban of openly gays in service will be signed tomorrow. "don't ask, don't tell" has loued gays and lesbians to serve but only if they were silent about sexual orientation. pending lawsuits will remain in place for now until the veterans are reinstated. >> the house is expected to pass a bill today that would make our
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food safer to eat. the legislation is aimed at keeping tainted food out of the country. it would give the food and drug administration sweeping new powers to demand recalls. it would require importers to certify the food they're bringing into the country is safe. the center for diseases control and prevention says that food is responsible for 3,000 deaths and as many as 48 million cases of illness annually. >> time now 5:07. just a little bit of sprinkles. that's about it. >> so little, did you have to use the windshield? >> i barely used them at all. >> if you have to do errands, do them right now. we're early risers! >> yeah. do it before work. >> nobody's been up for three and a half, four hours like we have. good morning to you. we're looking at live doppler 7 hd. there was some scattered light
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rain. it was really nice to drive into work without having to worry about white-knuckling it because of slick streets. you will run into it this morning as you see the moist flow from the south moving to the north. ahead of the cold front, look at the left side of your screen. this thing's wound up pretty well. those storms in eureka are dropping lightning right now. as this does move through, i expect isolated thunder and small hail. you get to livermore, 42. upper 40s to near 50 around the bay shore and to the coast. temperatures pretty much the same if not cooler than yesterday. about 7 degrees in livermore. that's really mild for this time of year. low to mid-50s north bay. mid to upper 50s for the rest of us. mostly cloudy, scattered with light rain. 9:00, the breezy conditions that could cause flooding and power outages through tomorrow morning. most likely dry thursday and
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friday and another strong storm for saturday into sunday. megan, do you have a hot spot possibly? >> possibly. if you're ready to leave the house, you should have a pretty smooth commute awaiting you. antioch here and heading on eastbound highway 4, there is a stalled big rig blocking the lane. check out that westbound commute. showing green, speed moving at the limit and drive time from antioch into concord only about 12 minutes. taking mass transit this morning, no problems. everything running on schedule. if you're getting an early start heading out to the sierra, you will need chains on 50 and 88 but right now no chains required on interstate 80 and the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems making your way through the tolls. there is say wind advisory on the bay bridge. drive with caution this morning heading into san francisco. jenelle, kristen. >> time now 5:09. >> still ahead, the settlement that will bring relief with thousands of california homeowners facing foreclosure. >> the fine toyota will pay the
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government for failing to quickly report problems in millions of its vehicles. >> plus how the oprah advance is helping save animals in the bay area.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor welcome back. it's 5:12. toyota has agreed to pay say record $32.4 million in additional fines to settle with the government over the handling of two recalls. the department of transportation says the civil fines will settle investigation into recalls over sticky accelerator pedals and
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rods that could break causing drivers to lose control. this is on top of a $16.4 million fine that toyota has already paid out. the toyota penalties to date add up to $49 million. >> san francisco-based wells fargo bank will rewrite $2 billion on mortgages on the verge of foreclosure. the adjustable raid loans by world savings bank and wachovia bank. wells fargo acquired both banks. under the terms of the mortgages, payments mushroomed to the point many borrowers couldn't afford. as part of the settlement, wells fargo will pay $32 million in restitution to thousands more borrowers who have already lost their homes to foreclosure. >> for social security recipients, soon the check won't be in the mail. the government has decided starting may of next year, new recipients will get their benefit checks electronically three months later than the original proposal. current recipients will have to
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switch to direct deposit or a debit card in march 2013. 80% of the 58 million already get their payments electronically. it helps eliminate lost or stolen checks. >> some of oprah's favorite things are helping two san francisco women in the audience when the show first aired last month. but the bigger prize has come since then. their nonprofit organization has benefited from the so-called oprah effect. carolyn tyler has more. >> oprah, yeah. (laughter) >> thank you, oprah! >> cherry franklin is the founder of muttville, a nonprofit organization that's found homes for hundreds of older harder to adopt dogs. a volunteer nominated franklin as someone oprah should salute and together they wound up on winfrey's show. >> we practiced in a taxi cab over there. what if she says something to you. >> what do you say! >> they did not get to talk
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about muttville because oprah was busy handing out favorite things. but being on the show, the so-called oprah effect, and the p news story about her appearance have paid off big-time. >> we are not only getting so many more applications, at least triple the amount of applications for adoption. and questions about how to start a senior dog rescue which i love that. >> that's wrapped up in the oprah effect and now she has a dog named two lip. >> i saw it on tv and was very excited because i was looking for an adult dog, low maintenance. thanks to oprah i have my new forever friend here. >> being on oprah has turned into a financial bonanza for muttville. >> we were able to take a lot of items that oprah gave to us and put it on a website that does online auctions for nonprofits. we made about $5800. >> that will pay a lot of vet bills to make sure the pooches
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are in top shape. >> diamond earnings. >> diamond earnings. we didn't keep those. ugg boots. >> but they are keeping at least one of the new volkswagens coming their way. it will be pointed with the muttville logo and used to transport the pets. they want the license plate to say thanks, oprah. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> all right. speaking of giving thanks, guess who walls at the top of a lot of people's christmas list this year? themselves. consumers experts say over the last few years a lot of people have cut coworkers, babysitters, teachers and themselves from their list. this year self--gifting is up 4%. that's the biggest jump the retail industry has seen in at least six years. 67% of holiday shoppers are buying for themselves this year. so how much are shoppers spending on themselves?
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the average amount is about $107,000! >> wow! >> maybe some people are spending $107,000 on themselves. for most of us it's $107. >> sorry, didn't get gifts for you. but did you see my new dress on saturday. >> the economy, participating in self-gifting. >> you feel better about yourself. >> it feels really good. >> i'm sorry. next year i'll go back to giving gifts to my coworkers. >> you can give $1. >> dollar tree store. do you like it? >> on friday. >> friday, yeah. >> you're so sweet. the thought that counts, mike. >> we're thinking -- >> i'm thinking what can i buy you for a dollar. (laughter) >> an umbrella with a lot of holes in it. won't do you much good. the swiss cheese of umbrellas.
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5:18 this morning. i think you'll like the commute. scattered light rain but for the most part it's pretty dry this morning as we look at our multilayer of clouds from ballmer peak. temperatures pretty mild. at least for this rainy pattern. the heater hasn't been running as much as it normally would be. saving some money in that respect. 42 livermore, the cool spot. most neighborhoods upper 40s. around the monterey bay and inland, mid to upper 40s. monterey a little cooler, 42. scattered light rain. heavy rain tonight with isolated thunder and hail. that would be the time when we see some flooding and possible power outages. mainly dry wednesday through friday. another pretty potent storm will hit us this weekend. as far as today's temperatures, the coolest in the north bay with low to mid-50s here. the rest of us mid-50s under a partly cloudy sky. mid to upper 50s even as you
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head inland. the strongest of the storms up to our north, down to our south and hugging the coast into the north bay. by 6:00 we'll have seen those waves kind of dissipate as the bulk of the energy is lining up out to our west with the cold front. it moves in right around 9:00, gets real heavy from 9:00 to 1:00. that's when we can see those severe side effects from the storm. lingering moisture hanging around by noon for sure dry. in the afternoon we'll see the clouds open. maybe see a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon. as far as the rainfall totals, they're pretty impressive. quarter to the a half inch this is is going to come down in a smaller window than over the weekend. going to come down more intensely plus it's going to run off because the ground is saturated. when you factor those two things in, that's why i think we'll see flooding and power outages. possible up in the north bay mountains, up to three-quarters around the bay and south bay and
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up to 2 inches in the santa cruz mountains. heading to the sierra, try to get there before the sun sets because a winter storm watch tonight through wednesday afternoon, snow levels much lower with this system which means a lot of the passes will be snow-bound by the evening hours. level 3500 feet. accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow afternoon, thursday and friday mainly dry. temperatures mid to upper 50s. pretty potent storm for the weekend. another half inch to an inch of rain saturday and sunday but looks like monday will be dry. megan, good morning. >> good morning! i think commuters are enjoying those dry roads. no spinouts, no accidents. nice commute waiting you. starting in the south bait -- bay with a live look. light traffic heading to the downtown san jose area. commuting across the san mateo bridge, traffic moving nicely here in both directions. headlights moving eastbound into hayward. our north bay commuters where roads were pretty wet and saw
5:21 am
several spinouts yesterday, today a different story. nice and dry. out towards novato towards the golden gate bridge, you'll find a beautiful ride into san francisco from sausalito. for updates go to and click on the traffic link. jenelle, kristen. >> megan, thank you. it's 5:21. coming up next, a major vote expected today in washington that could affect how you use the internet. >> the man who owns the pay area's most ababababababababababl
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>> the federal communications
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commission believes it has enough votes to pass new rules today that prevent broadband providers for being gatekeepers of internet traffic. that means companies like comcast won't be able to favor their network by controlling their competition also providing internet and online videos. it assure that is internet providers grant equal access to the web. >> fewer smoking than ever before. the public health department says the smoking is down to 13% of the adult population from nearly 23% in 1988. that means nearly 4 million californians are still lighting up. rural californians smoke the most. the report finds about 17% of adults in butte, mursaid. the smoking rate among san francisco county adults is second at 13.5%. l.a. county smoking rate is
5:25 am
10.4%. >> a berkeley man is the first person in the bay area to own a new chevrolet volt. 25-year-old patrick wang picked up his new car yesterday at concord chevrolet. the electric plug-in hybrid has a range of 375 mile per charge. it runs on its batteries 25 to 50 miles before a gas-powered generator kicks in. >> to me the technology that's here, the revolutionary aspect of the car really drew me to it. and i wanted to own something that was going to define possibly the next century of automobiling. >> he'll be able to make his ten mile trip to work and back without using a drop of gas. he paid $42,000 out the door for his new volt. >> a santa clara boy is now the youngest national master in u.s. tech federal history. the nine-year-old earned the title at a tournament in san francisco. do you believe that, nine!
5:26 am
the fourth grader grabbed the record from the former youngest national master by 11 days. >> and so cute. like bay area chess. he's adorable. >> you care to challenge him? >> no way. i'd lose in like 30 seconds. next at 5:30, the critical report that questions the unusual way the project to replace san francisco doyle drive is being paid for. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where the search is on for two pit bulls who vis viciously attacked a woman. >> why the youngest suspect in a case may not be going to trial. >> check out the temperatures across the country. doesn't dallas stick out there? 80 degrees today. mid-30s along the east coast from d.c. to boston. let's go back to chicago. flying through o'hare, they have
5:27 am
two hour 8 minute flight arrival
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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where a woman is hospitalized described with serious major injuries after being attacked by two pit bulls and those dogs still okay the loose this morning. the story in a live report. >> the oakland city council finds out today the legal jeopardy it may be in if the city goes through with a plan to regulate and tax new pot farms. >> this beautiful picture from ballmer peak this morning. the clouds did open just enough to see the lunar eclipse last night but thick enough to bring us scattered light rain this morning. how the rainfall, while it will be less than what we had over the weekend, could cause more
5:30 am
problems this evening. >> both hands on the wheel as you head to san francisco on the bay bridge. chp has issued a wind advisory. all the details coming up. >> the clouds clear way just long enough as mike mentioned for the bay area to enjoy a spectacular total lunar eclipse. it's the first one to coincide with the winter solstice in 372 years. happy first day of winter. >> it is officially. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm jenelle wang in for eric thomas. a woman in the hospital after being viciously attacked by two pit bulls last night. as for the dogs, they're still okay the loose and police hope to find them before they strike again. terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood where the attack happened. terry? >> there's a lot of concern about these two pit bulls being on the loose this morning because last night these two dogs teamed up to attack a woman just getting into her car. take a look at the area where it happened. this is a white side drive and aborn road. and it happened about 6:30 on
5:31 am
white sand drive. this woman was getting into her car. the two gray pit bulls attacked. san jose police say this woman was screaming as they bit her and tore her. the neighborhood responded. the neighbor comes out, starts throwing rocks at the pit bulls and scarce them off. they headed down wide side white sand drive. one neighbor out here this morning was walking molly and told us he had not heard of pitbull attacks. >> i've never seen pit bulls loose. i walk this dog every day, every morning. and there's a couple of chihuahuas that bark at her all the time when we go by but i've never seen any loose pit bulls around here or anything. >> and hopefully he won't. the victim was taken to regional medical center with serious and major injuries but they're also described as not life-threatening. the woman was torn up but she's
5:32 am
expected to survive. they expect to go after these pit bulls in a serious way trying to get these deadly dogs off the street before they attack again. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 5:31. a contra costa county man is scheduled to be arraigned today in the shooting death of a popular east palo alto drug and anti-violence counselor. david lewis was gunned down six months ago in the parking garage of hillsdale mall in san mateo. it wasn't until the last two days that police developed the leads in the case that led to the arrest of the suspect gregory heleft arms. inconsistencies in the story led to his arrest. they had known each other since they were teenagers. they are at a loss explaining the shooting. >> i don't know why. that's what i'm not clear of. is the why of it. why david? why that day? >> police say lewis a former
5:33 am
gang member dead rated his life to community outreach after serving time in prison. he was the founder of free at last, a substance abuse treatment program. >> a news conference later today for details on a high-speed chase that ended with one suspect dead, two under arrest and another two at large. police spotted them and went in pursuit of them. they are suspected in a shooting last week. they crashed the car, jumped out and took off running. one was shot and killed. an assault weapon was found nearby. the search is on for the fourth suspect who is described as armed and dangerous. >> a judge's decision today will determine which of seven defendants in the richmond high school gang rape case will stand trial. yesterday a contra costa county judge indicated the youngest defendant, 16-year-old cody ray smith, would not stand trial in adult court. the contra costa times report the judge ruled that smith's interview is inadmissible
5:34 am
because it was after he invoked his right to remain silent. they questioned the evidence against torres. four other defendants will learn today whether they'll go on trial for the rape, beating and robbery of a 16-year-old girl outside of richmond high school's 2009 homecoming dance. >> today the city council will discuss legal concerns about the new law taxing marijuana farms. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley says the measure could open up city officials to arrest by federal drug agents. city attorney john russo has told council members that law enforcement officials in washington have expressed concerns to him about the cultivation law. >> a state advisory panel is questioning a $488 million financial plan to fund the rebuilding of doyle drive. the roadway, a key artery to the golden gate bridge, is getting a
5:35 am
face lift with a complicated arrangement over a 30-year period. according to the san francisco examiner, they will get 30% of the money with the rest to come later. the analysts office says it has doubts because the agreement puts too much financial risk on the state and raises scheduling issues. >> the moon appeared to turn red during this morning's lunar eclipse. the sun, the earth and the moon aligned allowing the earth's shadow to pass across the face of the moon. the show began about 11:30 last night and lasted until about 2:00 this morning. some parts of the country, the moon appeared blood red during the height of the eclipse just after midnight. the last time it coincided with the winter solstice was more than three centuries ago back december 21st, 1638. >> wow! that's pretty special. >> and we missed it! oh, my goodness. but we can see the video.
5:36 am
>> did you sleep well though? >> i did! >> yeah! mike, let's talk about it. didn't have the pounding rain and howling winds to keep us awake overnight. >> but we will tonight. we got lucky in that respect. it's going to feel like it with that storm coming in. for this morning though just scattered light rain showing up on live doppler 7 hd. don't be surprised if you run into it. may immediate to turn the windshield wipers on one or two times. look at the lightning detection, all the way out a couple hundred miles to the sea. these are heading more to the north than to the east. that's why i think today will be mostly cloudy with scattered light rain from time to time. temperatures when you step out at 8:00 or before then are still going to be pretty much in the low to mid-40s inland, mid to upper 40s the bay and the coast. by noon temperatures jump up into the low to mid-50s, will spike maybe mid to upper 50s and drop back into the mid-50s by
5:37 am
4:00 and you see scattered showers starting to develop he then. the heaviest from 9:00 to 1:00. coming in such a short time frame and such intensity, that's why i think we could see flooding and power outages with this system. once it passes look for a clearing sky wednesday and a little dry thursday and friday but more wet weather for saturday and sunday. megan's here with a new crash. >> a new crash off the san mateo bridge westbound 92 on the connector ramp to northbound 101. several cars involved, one completely engulfed in flames right now. two lanes are blocked on that connectionor ramp. our speeds showing green through the area early enough it's not causing a major backup yesterday. make sure you have chains, you need them on 88 and 50 but right now you do not need chains on interstate 80. at the bay bridge, no problems making your way through the toll
5:38 am
but we have a wind advisory in effect as you make your way over the bay bridge. drive with caution this morning. jenelle, kristen? >> megan, thanks so much. time now 5:38. >> are you traveling for christmas? >> no. i'm going to be here. >> if you are traveling, expect plenty of company. >> and taking christmas decorations to the extreme. a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. it's 5:41. the ferry building lit up for the holidays. it is dry now. maybe tiny sprinkles here and there for you guys commuting to work but you know what, another round of heavy rain with strong winds coming back before the day's over. so we'll talk to mike about that, about our weather on this first day of winter coming up. >> well, in spite of the stormy weather, the travelers on the move this holiday season. the rush on at san francisco international airport. about 123,000 passengers went through sfo monday. nearly 12 million californians are expected to travel in the days leading up to christmas and new year's. that's a 3% increase from last year. the first time since the economic recession took hold in 2008 that the number of people
5:42 am
traveling is going up. >> even during these hard times, some people in the bay area spare no expense decorating for the holidays. some displays in livermore have been bringing out the kid in all of us for decades. here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez. ♪ >> this neighborhood is shining as new technology puts a spin on the classic look. a few miles away, check out sue bird's living room. the christmas village, more than 150 houses and country scenes, it takes her three weeks to set up. she began with animated animals and it grew. every room in her house is decorated. friends rave and so does pg&e probably. her bill? >> i spent $500. one year i think it was $800. i learned not to turn it on so frequently at that point. >> but what the heck. she says this makes her happy. and her husband? >> he teases me about being obsessed and carried away but he
5:43 am
loves it. >> are you obsessed and carried away? >> oh, yes, i would say so. (laughter) >> this is the display to end all displays. deacon turns on the brights with more than 325,000 lights. this is the 28th year he's done this. >> i decided i wanted to do something more far-reaching for people of all faiths or no faiths. and it's been absolutely amazing the response. >> inside there are 44 christmas trees. this one is two stories high. >> there's over 1,000 ornaments on this particular tree. >> out back is a chapel he restored filled with antiques and pieces from old st. michael church. that angel weighs 250 pounds. out front it the proposal bridge, there have been 51 marriage proposals here. 50 have been successful. one didn't take. >> i said i don't do guarantees. he started putting this up september 1st in 100 degree heat. hard to get the spirit then, but just look at it now.
5:44 am
in brightly-lit christmas-decorated livermore, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> the divorce rate one in two? >> yes. very successful numbers there. >> good! coming up, toyota pays out for not speaking up. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> the wild weather continues on this first day of winter. which areas are being hit the hardest. >> plus san francisco takes the first step toward making the streets safer for
5:45 am
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for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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>> another day of rain and mountain snow. low to mid-50s along the coast, the central valley. 50 l.a., san diego and palm springs. watching another storm. the one that pounds us tonight and brings snow levels to 3500 feet tonight, up to 8 inches at lake level. 2 feet at higher elevations. a tough go tonight through wednesday afternoon in the sierra. here's jenelle and kristen with more news. >> it's 5:47. >> taking a look at some of the stories we're following. two pit bulls that attacked a san jose woman are still on the loose this morning. police were called to white sand drive 6:30 after two dark gray pit bulls attacked the
5:48 am
41-year-old woman. she suffered major injuries but her injuries are not life threatening. >> oakland police hold a news conference later today to discuss the fatal shooting of a suspect after a high-speed car chase. one suspect is still at large and two others under arrest. the suspects are connected to a shooting in west oakland last week. >> san mateo police arrested a suspect in a six-month-old murder indicates at hillsdale mall. charges he killed a popular east palo alto community leader. the latest coming up at 6:00. >> today the first day of winter with parts of our state experiencing a fifth straight day of rain. the sierra has fresh snow as the winter storm moves east. mike gives us a tour. >> it's soaking, blowing, and suffocating the nation. >> i've never seen it like this. in years. >> what's being called the storm of the decade is pounding parts east to west. >> high winds toppled the wall
5:49 am
of this sacramento shopping mall. beverly hills is now soaked. 6 inches of rain has fallen since friday. >> whenever the windshield wipers are full blast, i don't like driving. >> southern california, hundreds of homes are evacuated, residents worried about mudslides. the massive storm born in the pacific is marching east. 8 feet of snow in the colorado mountains. >> i'd rather snow. i can't stand the rain. >> in minnesota fans brave bone-chilling conditions to watch the bears vikings game and cape cod a tricky trip on the roads. >> just driving down main street. a couple people tried to turn in front of 'em. bad road conditions, couldn't stop. >> a welcomed white christmas for several parts of the country. but if you just flat out hate this stuff, well, you have a long way to go. today is only the first day of winter. abc news. >> oh!
5:50 am
oh, my goodness! out of control. i hate that. i hate that feeling when you're like trying to get back in control and there's nothing you can do. >> it's happened to me before in tahoe. >> yeah. >> unless i induce it myself. this one's going to lower the snow level. going to freeze. ice problems in the sierra, also. as you guys mentioned, winter, astronomically does start today. san jose, nine hours 35 minutes and 21 seconds of possible sunshine. sun sets 4:53. through the cloud deck, it did open up which was nice. see a little of the lunar eclipse but now the clouds thicker and drop scattered light rain during the morning and afternoon hours. live doppler 7 hd, pretty quiet. better returns over the ocean. that's where the more unstable air is, if you will.
5:51 am
that's where it's going to remain but every once in a while those showers will climb up on shore. that's why we could have scattered light rain this morning and this afternoon. mid to upper 40s most other neighborhoods. 50 mountain view and san jose. around the monterey bay and inland, mid to upper 40s. monterey 42. still the cool spot. mostly cloudy today with scattered light rain. heavy rain tonight, isolated thunder and hail, even gusty wind. mainly dry wednesday through friday and another storm through the weekend. today's temperatures mid to upper 50s until you get to the north bay. slightly cooler with low to mid-50s there. mostly cloudy with those scattered light showers. same thing around the monterey bay with mid to upper 50s inland. tonight you can see left over showers for the morning commute but mainly becoming dry. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s so it will be pretty mild again tonight. the steady rain down to the south. the storms up to our north. numerous lightning strikes now that the storm's around crescent city and eureka this morning.
5:52 am
that's why this next system is colder. snow levels to 3500 feet are possible in lake tahoe. heavy downpours along the cold front. because it comes in at such a fast clip, these downpours last two hours. less rain over the weekend. it's going to come down faster on the saturated soil. run off, create flooding and also with the gusty winds could create the power outages. saw the light rain through the morning hours and into the afternoon hours. by 6:00, starting to watch the rain move close to the sonoma county coast and by 9:00 it's taking over the entire bay. 9:00 to 1:00 in the morning, that's when we expect those problems to develop. by 12:00, completely dry around the bay. by the afternoon, a few pockets of sunshine. rainfall amounts, not as impressive as over the weekend but coming in a shorter time frame. up to three-quarters of an inch around the bay. an inch and a half in the north bay.
5:53 am
accu-weather 7-day forecast, wednesday afternoon, thursday and friday to dry before another system moves in for saturday. especially saturday night into sunday morning. monday's looking dry, also, temperatures in the 50s all seven days of the forecast. have a great day, be careful. >> the backup is growing due to this crash off the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 on the ramp. the car was originally stalled with no lights on and three to four cars proceeded to crash into it. the original car caught on fire. it's completely engulfed in flames right now. the three out of four lanes there are blocked. we have about a half a mile backup. of course, emergency crews on scene. an injury crash southbound 19th avenue before you get on the 280 ramp. you find the two right lanes blocked. an injury crash party trapped in vehicles. going outside, let's get a live look in the north bay. 101 san rafael. no problems heading southbound towards the golden gate bridge.
5:54 am
go to and click on the traffic link for all the latest traffic information. jenelle, kristen. >> megan, thank you so much. time now 5:54. >> there's another holiday headache to worry about and another settlement in the toyota recall case. >> here's bloomberg reporter jane king with this morning's "moneyscope" report. >> you may want to look twice before backing out of a parking space. a claims company says the chance of being in an accident in a shopping center parking lot rises as much as 20% over the christmas holidays. speaking of cars, toyota is paying a combined $32 million settlement to u.s. regulators for recalls involving accelerators and steering problems. this follows a $16 million payment in may. pfizer recalling thousands more bottles of lipitor because of a musty odor. and there's more to be heard from mark herred looking into his outer as ceo of
5:55 am
hewlett-packard. whether herred leaked information. a quiet start to the holiday trading week. little change for the benchmark averages. investors watching the effects of china with help from europe to deal with its debt crisis. a $6 billion offer from google, hiring a executive from amazon. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> and local news, san francisco mayor gavin newsom is creating a task force that will work on short-term and long-term solutions to pedestrian accidents. 22 are fatalities.
5:56 am
seniors and children are most at risk. it will reduce serious and fatal accidents by 25% over the next five years. >> a new report by the f.b.i. shows violent crime is down nationwide. reports of violent crime dropped 6.2% from january to june. violent crime dropped 7.2%. property crime dropped 2.8% nationwide. some experts are surprised to see the rates drop a third straight year in a down economy. it's a common misconception to think the economy alone influences crime rate. >> a huge flash mob forced authorities to evacuate a sacramento mall last night. ♪ >> about 5,000 people showed up for an impromptu evening of christmas carolling but the singing was cut short after the fire marshal ordered the galleria evacuated. following reports, the food near
5:57 am
the food court was creaking because of the huge crowd. most of the carollers heard about the event by cellphone or text. the coral society and orchestra said it wanted to perform the hallelujah chorus as a random act of musical kindness. >> looked cheerful but i'm sure scary for people. >> 5:57. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a burglary ring busted in san mateo county. wait until you hear how far away investigators say they found victims. >> the settlement that will have san francisco-based wells fargo bank rewriting billions of dollars in mortgages for thousands of at-risk homeowners. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where a woman is hospitalized after being attacked by two roaming pit bulls. you're about to hear from a neighbor concerned about
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