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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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brutal killer. >> and here we go again. the rain is back. for how long this time? and what about christmas?
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it's back. the live camera on our roof in downtown san francisco shows another round of rain falling right now scprkts heavy stuff is still to come. >> and this is the sierra. the cal trans camera at 80 and king veil and it doesn't show anymore snowfall yet, but the skiers are thrilled with what they have seen so far. at heavenly mountain resort they had 80 inches so far this season, double this time last year. >> fun for them, but in southern california they have been absolutely pounded. l.a. county sheriff deputies went door-to-door to get people to evacuate. wildfires ravaged the area last year, of course.
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>> leigh glaser is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> it is starting to get a little more active. it will bring us the rain and we are starting to see the heaviest and moderate rain as it gets closer to the coast. you can see toward vallejo and san francisco, the darker shade of green is where the moderate rain is. in the north bay, such wider amounts, but also down toward san jose and in particular milpitas and you can see ruby avenue there to the west of -- to the east of san jose. some moderate rain and we are seeing some head into cupertino and sunnyvale. let me go ahead and show you when the timing will be. we'll get into the 1 a.m., 2 a.m. time frame. that's when the heavy rain will hit the coast and that's when we could possibly see an isolated thunderstorm.
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more on the forecast and a look ahead toward christmas day coming up. >> thank you, leigh. another side affect, sewage spill that shut down four peninsula beaches. the shut downs are until further notice. all of the rain we got over the weekend caused sewers to over flow sending the bacteria into the beach water. oakland police are investigating an unusually violent murder. a bird photographer called police at about 3:30 after finding the body of a partially clothed woman on some rocks off do little -- doolittle drive. the oakland tribune is report she has been shot several times and her throat was slit. the woman appears to be african-american and possibly latino in her late 20s or 30s. a $10,000 award was posted. the young man who police say taunted a rape victim's
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father will not face criminal charges. the judge in the richmond high gang rape case ordered the youngest suspect released from custody today amy hollyfield joins us from the courthouse. >> make that two that have been released. he was released moments ago and he was able to post the bail and he was released. now he still faces charges. not of rape, but penetrating the girl with a foreign object when she was too drunk to resist. but 16-year-old cody smith is completely free. the judge had harsh words for cody smith, saying his conduct can only be described as horrible. according to court testimony smith called the victim's father after the rape and taunted him. but the judge decided there was not enough evidence to hold him. smith's rights may have been violated, but a police
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detective continued to question him after he invoked his right to remain sigh lnt. >> i don't agree with him on everything. as i said, we will evaluate it as to whether we will want to go ahead and file charges. >> the prosecutor called this the most complex case in her 25-year career. she took seven people through this preliminary trial, accusing them of taking a part in the rape of a 16-year-old girl outside the richmond high school homecoming dance last october. when police found the girl, she was in a coma and nearly dead. she was beaten, robbed and sexually assaulted for two hours while others watched. she had a blood alcohol content of .355%. >> the forensic evidence was extremely complicated and the fact that the witnesses were so uncooperative and difficult. >> the other involved torintez. he down graded the charges against him. his attorney said he only had
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consentual contact with him. instead of 26 years, he faces a possibility of eight years. five other defendants could face life in prison if convicted. their preliminary hearing lasted four weeks and the graphic testimony affected the community. it affected leaders like the school board president listened in if lis sons could be learned. >> my main focus is ensuring that we do everything we can to make our cases and campus as safe as possible, and that's what i am committed to doing. >> of the five men who face the most serious charges, three face forcible rape in concert and two charged with rape with foreign objects in concert. all will be tried separately. in hollyfield,-- amy hollyfield. police think they captured two pittbulls who mauled a m would. she what's bitten on the back,
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leg and arm while she tried to fight off these dogs who kept coming. a neighbor used a rock and a brick to scare off the animals. >> i hit and hit and hit. it was down to my hand. >> when i went to my left she was on top of the lady shaking her. i hit him in the head and he let go. >> thank goodness he was there. animal control officers are going door-to-door to find the pittbull's owners. even if one is in custody the other is on the loose tonight. there is a major setback for the city of oakland and their plan to issue permits for four large pot farms. under pressure from the u.s. justice department, they voted to suspend the permit process being reported by the bay citizen. they warned the city council several times that a pot farm
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plant would violate state laws. they are expected to make changes to the ordinance and look at the issue in early february. the oakland city council voted to spend $750,000 for a new a's stadium that may never be built. the money will be used to pay for an environmental study impact. he says he has no interest in staying in oakland though. baseball is looking to moving the team to san jose. the disci -- the city says they will stop the study. in cupertino, the city council listened to hours of testimony from people who oppose a new plant. it is on stevens creek boulevard. lisa amin gulezian is live to explain why there is so much resistance to this. >> there is a lot of resistance, but the meeting is still going on. 53 people spoke and many of them want the city council to draft a resolution opposing
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that expansion and in essence take a stand against lehigh. >> how can you assure to the community it will be a safe emission. we will have emissions reduced at this facility. >> talk of mercury and emissions to the city council chambers. it was an emotional meeting that involved the lehigh cement plant. it is a company that has been a part of the community for 70 years. now it wants to expand and some residents are against it. primarily for environmental reasons. >> emissions are going up and not down. >> the group opposes the plant and wants the city council to draft a resolution formally opposing the expansion. they hope that will have an impact on the santa clara county board of supervisors when they take up the expansion issue next year.
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>> as a city, we are the closest to this plant. why should we expect anyone else to? >> but lehigh insists they have always used the land in question for dumping and no permits or permission from the county is required. >> it is not unusual for people to have concerns where we do operate. and i think for most people, the more they learn, the more comfortable they are having us as a neighbor. >> barbara jones doesn't mind having lehigh as a neighbor. >> they do pay taxes and they provide us with a very essential ingredient to living in the bay area, and that's our concrete. >> they can't do any formal action since no letter or resolution was written up. so based on what they decide tonight they could direct staff to write up a resolution and then vote on that, or they can decide to scrap the whole
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thing altogether. live in cupertino, abc7 news. >> thanks, lisa. coming up, governor schwarzenegger's money-making plan looks to be in some trouble. that's as we continue. >> and dozens of bay area break ins solved with the arrest of two suspects. >> and ahead, honoring the south bay teenagers whose unusual halloween-theme edition cover rehelped catch suspected it bank robbers. that's coming up later on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" 180 mysterious photos in the case of the alleged serial killer known as "the grim sleeper." so who are they and how many victims? and actress michelle williams opens up on her new role and
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to governor schwarzenegger's plan to sell a dozen state office buildings is looking more likely. the seven members of the court recaused themselves from hearing an appeal in the case. that's because the high court is housed in one of the buildings targeted for sale. the governor says selling the state properties would raise $1.2 billion, brut the deal --
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but the deal would fall through unless they can close by year's end. they have recovered a hiewmg stash of stolen goods. now they just have to find out who it belongs to. police arrested beverly aldobashi and her boyfriend who was already in prison for another crime. police got the break when they tracked down a car that had been stolen from a home where the family was away at a funeral. they are still counting the victims. >> we recovered 173 as a part of our investigation. a final number is anybody's guess. >> if you think you are a victim, check pictures of the stolen property on our website, four cupertino residents were honored for their
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honesty. in august these found -- they found $180. it turns out the cash and the -- and $40,000 was stolen from the bank of america a few hours earlier. >> they were asking if there were any sums of money. >> after talking it over they found a sheriff deputy and turned over the money. they were awarded with a check for $200. police later arrested 35-year-old dominic castle and they hope to connect them to the robbery through dna. >> so many stories about people doing the wrong thing. it is nice to hear. let's talk about the weather. another system coming through. >> big changes. leigh glaser is here now with that. >> yeah, we are going to have this one come through, and then we get to draw it out for a few days before another one hits in time for christmas. check out live doppler 7hd. the system right about here and already the enhancement right along the edge.
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it is just out from the edge a little bit there. we are taking it in toward san francisco and in the last 15 minutes, it is getting hit with moderate rain, and it is now moving over toward the richmond and san rafael bridge. they are reporting moderate rain. check out what is now starting to develop just off the coast here. half moon bay all the way up to miles beach with very heavy rain. you can see the trajectory sweeping in. points to the north and east in san bruno and even san mateo. some of the heavy rain will be moving over your neighborhood in the next 20 to 30 minutes. here is a look at what you can expect. the rain tonight, and it could be heavy in some spots. showers will diminish and we will get a couple days before the next storm system will move in on christmas day. here is the actual funnel band. two areas of low pressure and it will split to the north of
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us. this is the leading band that will usher in the showers heavy at times in some locations. here is our animation, and you can see by around 1:00, 2:00, that's when the funnel band gets close to the coast. this is when the rain will start to push in. just in time for the early morning commute, 5:00, 6:00 7:00, that's when it will pass through. we will start to get on the backside of the system. by the way, a high tide at the golden gate. over six feet. as we head through the course of the afternoon, as the front pushes off toward the east, we will eventually see some clearing and even maybe a little sunshine late in the day. that's a good sign things will be improving as the higher pressure is in on thursday and friday. if you are heading up to the seerra, a winter weather advisory. 8 inches of additional new snow overnight, about 5,000 feet, a foot above 7500 feet. definitely carrie the chains as you head up 80 and 50.
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the lows tonight as those waves of moisture continue to move into the mid40s. maybe a 50 or two near oakland, and tomorrow morning the showers will give way to some partial clearing by late in the day. maybe a hint of sunshine. santa rosa 54 and napa is 53 degrees. a little cooler as the cooler air mass sinks south. 55 san francisco and 55 for livermore. and look for mid to upper 50s as we head toward salinas. 58 and 58 for gilroy. finally a couple of days to dry out. that will be thursday and friday, and then the next system will thicken up by friday night. stormy conditions are expected for christmas day. more rain the following day on sunday, and then we will start to dry things out a bit for your monday. these forecast models continue to change so stay tuned. >> who knows what can be on the way. >> thanks, leigh. still ahead, one congressman takes on the
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grateful dead selection at uc santa cruz. >> officials say he is missing the point. stay with us. >> i am currently stationed in afghanistan and i would just like to say hi to my family and my friends and my son back in berkeley, california and the surrounding bay area.
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oklahoma senator tom coburn is going after the grateful dead. they say uc santa cruz should not have received 5* $600,000 federal grant to help fund the grateful dead. they say it was a waste of taxpayer money. but they say coburn is missing the point. the archive showcases a major institution. a santa monica video game
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company has running up $1 billion in sales. activision released call of duty black ops and it is the fastest $1 billion has ever been made in the gaming industry. in this game which can be played on-line, they assume the role of a foot soldier in the cold war. >> things are blowing up, yes. speaking of shootouts snatching victories from the jaws of defeat. it is an over time thriller.
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good evening. right now the warriors will take a win anyway they can get it. as it turned out it was in spectacular fashion. the warrior fans made the trip up i-80. and a nice shake and bake move. dare i say jordan esque?
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they blow the lead and the kings are taking over. warriors make a late charge fueled by, guess who, monta ellis hanging and hitting. two seconds left and they are down by three. have no fear and vladimir is here. we are going to over time. the warriors are down one. david leigh, three-point play. leigh 15 and 12 and then more from ellis. this is just sick. a no lube -- a no look off glass? come on. the warriors pull it out 117-109. the sharks and the oilers. if this was the nfl dan boyle would have drawn a penalty for the check. and it was 26 saves and ryan
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-- and it was 1-0 sharks. the sharks on the power play and it is dan boyle with the power play. and the sharks win it 2-1. mike singletary has gone into double secret probation mode. he won't say who his quarterback will be against the rams, oh my. last week troy smith lead the 9ers to an overtime victory. the guess is alex, don't tell anybody. he is the more accurate passer. both guys might play. the coach will not say. the only real advantage that we could have is to go there and play well. that's all the other stuff, the cat and mouse stuff. that's important for us to prepare well this week and get ready to go. >> stanford took on oklahoma
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state part of the pac-10 series. the cowboys came in with the best record. cowboys up 10 and 1. first half and josh owens says hello still water! he had 21. the cardinals were up six. catch and shoot and cowboys by one. the second half and stanford is down 11. come and get him and it is with authority. this guy can shoot. he had 20 of his 23 in the second half and stanford loses it. to the ladies and the uconn women are looking for their 89th consecutive win. welcome to the maya moore show. she had 41. uconn breaks the record winning their 89th game in a row. they break and they are marched up by john wooden and company. that's an unbelievable record. nobody will ever get close i
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don't think. unless it is the uconn women. >> it is exciting. mike singletary has a future in the cia. >> don't tell anybody, dan. >> "nightline" is up next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for larry beil and leigh glaser. thanks for joining us. >> and a live picture of heavenly. great skiing, but be careful
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