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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 28, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. a deal that sounds too good to be true turns out to be an experience too bad to be ignored. that's why police put out a $10,000 reward for people on craigslist. >> san jose police say they think they now know who sonia sotomayor pitbulls that attacked in front her her home. two dogs still on the lose. >> no fog yet this morning but we do have some rain to talk about and snow in the sierra. good morning. emergency repair work on a pothole has shut down a connector ramp in concord. details coming up. >> it's tuesday morning. i'm jenelle wang in for kristen sze.
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i'm eric thomas. we start with buyer beware but it's taken on a brand new meaning in oakland after a series of robberies. terry, you always had to watch out buying a used car but this is completely different. >> this is going to the extreme. we're talking about six victims here. two of them have been beaten when what's really alarming is the most violent of all the incidents happened this past sunday night, the most severe beating. take a look where this all begins. the common denominator is craigslist where high end vehicles are posted for sale at incredibly low prices. people call the seller but when they made the exchange, there's no vehicle at all and their money is stolen. police say it all started back in april and there was a lull through the summer and it picked up this month. victims from oakland,
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sacramento, stockton, sunday's victim seaver lie beaten. police putting out tips for everybody. one is do not meet in a secluded or residential area. don'ts carry large amounts of cash with you. and if someone or something looks a bit suspicious, keep going, leave. especially if the vehicle you came for is not visible. you might think that's common sense but that's what happened in these six cases there was no vehicle. if you arrive, do not resist. you can always get your money back but you can't get your life back. this man on sunday was severely beaten. truly the price for going up against these people. the information as to the $10,000 reward in this case is on the crime watchers website and you can finded more information on that going to our website and
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clicking on "see it on tv." live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks for the update. just about 6:03 now. san jose animal control officers believe they now own who owns the pitbulls that mauled a woman last night. sauce soon was bitten on her arm and hip as she tried to fight off the dogs. one is captured and under quarantine. the other still hasn't been found. animal control says there is no report of a prior attack but they have talked with the owner in the past about those dogs running loose. they haven't talked to the owner about these recent attacks and won't say why they haven't. >> the battle to ban dance raves at the cow palace in daly city has come to a standstill. an assemblywoman has decided to put her proposed ban legislation on hold after getting heavy criticism about the language of the bill. she cited recent fatal overdoses at these type of parties as the reason for introducing the ban
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proposal. but critics say the language is too broad and would end up halting other parties that haven't had issues. assembly woman says she will take a closer look before deciding whether to continue pushing it. >> one of the most notoriously bumpy and cracked stretches of freeway getting a major overhaul. caltrain will replace and fix an eight mile stretch of 680 in walnut creek and the san ramon valley. that section is driven by some 170,000 motorists a day. the first comprehensive project on that section since the freeway opened back in 1964. the 50 million project will allow it to extend the carpool lane by one mile. >> today hundreds of thousands of people on the east coast are beginning the very long process of digging out from this weekend's blizzard. the massive storm stranded countless travelers not just at the airport but trains, subways and roads as well. now the snow has stopped and a
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cleanup is starting. some parts of the northeast got as much as 30 inches of snow in the last week. one of the clearest signs that things are getting better is the fact that the nation's largest commuter railway, the long island railway is moving, the first time in days. >> the nation's airports are trying to get stranded travelers to their destinations. every major airport in the new york airport was shut near two days. those runways at jfk, laguardia and newark international reopened last night but slow going. >> almost like three storms. we have the snow and heavy winds and when we get to melting at the end of the week we have to go out there and scrape again. >> airline officials are warning travelers even though things are moving again it could still take days to get these passengers home. for up to the minute information
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on flights, take a look at our flight tracker ot just scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see the flight tracker box. >> luckily for us, you don't get 2 or 3 foot rain drifts. we're going to get some precipitation but it won't look anything like that, christine. >> well, it won't be anything like that but close in north bay accounts. first of all live doppler 7 hd this morning, pockets of fog in the east bay valleys and some in south bay locations. but because of our high cloud cover we're obviously seeing less of that than just 24 hours ago. still some light showers now moving from sonoma into napa and getting some heavier rain up over the hills, also crossed into the central valley, sacramento airport as well as some snow in the sierra. but it's very light. flood watches have been posted now. we could see 1 inch an hour once the main storm system moves
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onshore and this means there could be flash flooding in areas, street flooding as well as areas of streams and creeks. so that's a concern over the next 12 through 24 hours. our temperatures today will be in the 40s and low 50s and our accu-weather 7 forecast shows that while we are seeing at least some fair weather develop by thursday, we have another storm stimulate in the week and by new year's day. this rain is causing potholes everywhere. megan's got an update on that. >> yesterday it was santa rosa, today crockett is the victim of another pothole. right now we have a coming skyway on-ramp is closed down for eastbound 80 for emergency repair work on a 12 foot long pothole. they think it will be reopened about 7:30 a.m.. this is a major connection between westbound 4 over to eastbound 80. let's get a look at the south bay commute with a live shot at san jose. this is 280 at the 17
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overcrossing. 101 at the 880 overcrossing looking good northbound out of morgan hill and heading up the peninsula. >> time now 6:08. >> just ahead, the empire strikes back with some saturday night fever. the legendary films, american films that are about to become part of the national archive. >> why a long running court battle over selling california-owned buildings will now be a problem for the next governor. >> the president takes time out to call a football team owner just to talk about one controversial player. thee3q
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>> welcome back, everyone. looking at a live picture at san francisco international airport. no delays at sfo, oakland or san jose. but the residual effect is across the country especially
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after the east coast blizzard shut down the coast in the new york area. we're going to check with meteorologist christine hanson in a bit. >> in the midst of the one of the worst snowstorms of the year, several airlines have now announced they're raising their prices. united, continental, american and delta have added a $20 round trip surcharge for the majority of their domestic routes. this is a fair wachter fair compare which says the increases come after oil prices sored to a $26 month high. those oil prices impact the cost of jet fuel. >> usually the president doesn't call a prosports team owner unless that team wins a championship. but president obama recently made an interesting exception. the president call the owner of the philadelphia eagles to applaud the eagles decision to hire quarterback michael vick. he served 18 months after authorities linked him to a dog fighting ring and then was signed by the eagles when nobody
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else would take him. the president told the team's owner while his previous crimes were deplorable he's paid his debt to society and deserves another chance. he's considered one of the league's top quarterbacks. >> team president work says he plans to ask several people for advice about hiring the next coast and general manager. but he also says he expects to get most advice from his uncle, former owner eddie dabatlo. yesterday he answered questions about mike singletary. he says dabalto will hire a new general manager. he wants to hire a g.m. first and have him hire a new coach. form raider head coach gruden it rumored to be among the candidates. >> a california's hills court held 28 government buildings at
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least until governor schwarzenegger leaves office. the governor backed the sale. it will put the issue in the hands of governor elect jerry brown. schwarzenegger's attorneys appealed the decision but said if it doesn't close by the end of the week, it may not happen at all. >> we have weather going up but as you're talking about the president calling the eagles to praise them about mike vick, he wasn't the only president to call the football team. richard nixon called the redskins and tried to get them to run a play. >> during the super bowl? >> yes, exactly. he said you need to run this play. >> they said thank you, mr. president, and hung up and did not run it. 6:14 now. >> come back to the capitol. >> go back to work. go back to what you're really good at. >> maybe he called the 49ers. >> richard nixon?
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>> might have some good advice for us, who knows. outside from ballmer peak and the east bay hills looking back at the city. we have clouds and light rain now in the north bay but no fog. not like yesterday. yesterday we wouldn't have been able to see the city from the shot. increasing clouds over the area as a result of a storm system that's still sitting offshore. it is moving in our direction. it has produced light rain from novato up to ukiah, now moving across napa, sacramento, into the sierra where we have light snow at this hour at south shore lake tahoe as well as truck y. so it will turn much rainier later this afternoon. heavy rain expected with gusty winds. still wet through early tomorrow and scattered showers and then a very cold system moving in on thursday. right now it's 47. light rain santa rosa. 46 novato. 50 downtown san francisco.
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48 san jose. 45 los gatos, mountain view, los gatos hills, 49. the first moving onshore but the main front offshore. one inch an hour. as a result national weather service issued a flash flood watch tonight through tomorrow for marin, napa, sonoma county meaning we could see urban and small stream flash floods. here's what we expect rainfallwise as this moves in throughout the evening hours and through tomorrow. you can see up to 3, maybe 4 inches in north bay mountains and 1 to 2 inches for the east bay. one and a half inches for the south bay and santa cruz mountains. all of this moving the central coast and moving into the central coast. we expect a couple feet of snow above 7,000 feet. snow level lowering to 5,000 feet, perhaps even lower by
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thursday morning if there's any moisture left in the system. look like rain for today with the north bay and temperatures in the 50s. your accu-weather seven-day forecast calling for the storm system to move out by thursday and drier, cold conditions to develop. another storm system moving in our direction saturday and sunday. i guess people are still in the holiday spirit. pretty quiet out in the roadways, megan. >> definitely still holiday light. if you're getting ready to leave the house, you should have a smoot commute awaiting you. always love reporting that. a live look in walnut creek, the contra costa commute. this is 680 at the north main exit. taillights moving southbound. no delays heading along the san ramon valley. a live look at interstate 80. this is heading right through the berkeley area. headlights are moving westbound. and the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze, 20 minutes. no fog advisory issued for our bay area bridges.
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let's get a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where it's nice holiday light. and heading into san francisco. if you're taking mass transit, everything is operating on schedule and it is a normal weekday schedule today. heading out of town towards the sierra, today is actually a great time to do it. you do not need chains on 80 or 50 this morning but you need them on 88. christine says that's all about to change starting this afternoon and tomorrow you will need those chains so be prepared. for the latest traffic updates go to and click on the traffic link. jenelle? >> time now 6:18. the presents have been unwrapped now droves of people are heading back to the stores to return what they don't want and look for bargains for those things they ask for but didn't get. one of the hottest items, hd-tv's. michael finney sorts out the good from the bad. >> hd-tv's have come down in price. >> we evaulted for picture and
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auto quality. >> viso topped her list with best value for extra picturel quality. the price samsung gets kudos for itself dimmer. better picture quality in low light. >> among lighter televisions, this has great picture quality and full of futures such as internet to make your internet browser easier. >> tested well in the 47 inch category. includes a set up user that walks you through setting up your tv through picture quality. want even bigger? check out this 55 inch television from l. g. it had extra picture quality, great ease of use and high dynamic contrast ratio. >> the larger tv, the more important the qualititivity screen. get a good look at the store before taking it home.
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>> time now 6:19. the bay area's george lucas and movie star john travolta are being honored this morning by the library of congress. the empire strikes back is one of the 25 films selected for preservation in the national film registry. another baby boomer favorite, saturday night fever is also being inducted. in that film tra volt tra using his disco dancing prowess to escape his drab life. malcolm x and let there be light, a film the pentagon banned from public distribution for 35 years because of its frank prediction of psychological trauma monk combat veterans. there are 550 films in the registry. >> are rocket man doing crocodile rocking. the latest on a new baby for elton john. >> they sue over the i-pad. the new lawsuit claims the apple's hottest products are
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>> the suit filed in san jose federal court contends i-phones are encoded with devices that allow advertising track what apps users download. we have not been able to reach apple or a representative of apple for comment. >> at&t is introducing wi-fi access. it will provide its first hot zone along the embarcadero. >> a northern california lawmaker is trying to cut the red tape he claims that helps create the state's budget mess.
6:25 am
a republican from the oraville area is sponse serring there ought not to be a law contest. laws that xausa cease sieves, expensive or just foolish. >> what laws do you know that are annoying or costly or killing your business. whatever it is where we ought to be looking at it. a lot of creative ideas come from the district, not just sacramento. >> the winner there ought not to be a law will have lunch with him and receive a state flag flown at the capital. >> the piano man is now a daddy. sir elton john and his husband welcomed the baby boy on christmas day via a surrogate. zachary jackson john is seven pounds 15 ounces. this is the first child for the
6:26 am
couple that married in 2005. she's a california woman. >> why a man's hand could offer a hint about his risk of cancer. >> plus the conversation with a hell's angel that has san jose police officer facing several charges. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. wanted, using high-end cars to commit so low-down crimes. talking about robberies and beatings. the story after the break. >> and emergency repair work on a pothole shut down a popular
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can you hear it? it's kind of faint, but it's there. home prices are dropping in the nation's largest cities and are expected to fall through next year. the case-shiller index says the worst declines in areas with high numbers of foreclosures. you heard the opening bell so trading is underway. we'll go live to the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> car buyers beware this morning. oakland police are warning about a versus of recent robberies, some of which have turned violent after the victims responded to a car listed for sale on the popular website craigslist. terry mcsweeney is live with more. >> police are especially concerned because the most recent rip-off also was the most severe beating. that was just sunday night. all told six people ripped off and two people beaten. take a look what the common denominator is in all this and
6:31 am
it's craigslist. people go on and see a great deal on a high-end used car and they bring their cash to buy it but there is no car. the crooks take the money and two out of six times they have beaten the would-be buyer. the crimes all happening in oakland. people coming from all over northern california to get in on supposedly these great deals. all lose their money. police have some tips how to avoid such rip-offs. one is don't meet anybody in a secluded area for any transaction. don't carry large amounts of cash. if someone or something seems suspicious for any reason, keep going. there will be another deal some other safer and more secure place. and if you do get robbed, if they do start robbing you, you do not resist, just give them the money and move on. now, this is not the first time that there has been an operation
6:32 am
based on craigslist. it's not craigslist itself. it's people using it to make the rip-offs. two people arrested earlier this year. there was one called a craigslist robber last year. there's a $10,000 reward out put out by crime stoppers. to find out more, go to and click on "see it on tv." >> terry, thank you very much. it's 6:32. this morning san francisco police are searching for suspects in the shooting of a teenager boy in the fillmore district. police say it happened 10:15 last night at the corner of fillmore. the victim got into an argument with four or five other boys and one of them pulled out a gun. investigators say the teen's versus are not believed to be life threaten thanks people are asking people with information to contact them. >> a police officer that shares
6:33 am
charges sharing confidential dmv information with a member of hell's angels. documents show he is under a federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy for supplying criminal and dmv records to william betancourt, a suspected member of the santa cruz chapter of hell's angels. he faces a maximum if he's convicted on those federal charges. >> firefighters still haven't found a cause for a house fire that killed an elderly man in walnut creek. firefighters were called to the house around 2:30 yesterday. the first crews on the scene found the home filled with black smoke. inside they discovered the body of the 90-year-old victim. the neighbor had lived in the neighborhood for years. >> a sea lion found shot on a south sausalito beach will not have to be euthanized. the lion named silent night was
6:34 am
found with pellets lodged in his head. he was evaluated to determine if he could be rehabilitated. the begin shots left the animal blind and while he can't be released into the wild again he does have a good chance of surviving. the center will look for a zoo or aquarium to take in silent night. >> the first snow survey of the first winter season this morning. the snow survey helps determine what the water supply may be for the coming year. the snow is gauged to determine the amount of water it contains. today's survey will be the first of five monthly measurements to help water supply planners estimate how much snow melt will flow into resevoirs in the spring. >> another storm is moving in. let's check in with merely christine hanson. she's in for mike nicco. >> we're just gonna put more water into that frozen resevoir as the storm moves through. light rain showing up on live doppler 7 hd into north bay.
6:35 am
interstate 80 starting to pop up as well. and also some light snow at lake tahoe and some flurries in boot canyon. flood watches, this is how the storm still will be tonight into tomorrow. flash flooding likely with urban and small streams with 2 to 4 inches of rain expected. we have wind advisories in effect for the entire bay area and the monterey. the winds 20 to 30 mph and gusts to 45. this is how it looks in the sierra with winter storm warnings and about 7,000 feet, 2 feet of snow, 5,000 by tomorrow morning and then even colder air that could bring the snow levels lower on thursday morning. right now we're looking for some clearing by new year's eve but more rain new year's day. all this rain has created potholes around the bay area. where's the latest one, megan. >> yesterday it was santa rosa that had a problem with the pothole. today crockett is the victim.
6:36 am
we have a large 12 foot pothole that has shut down the coming skyway on-ramp for eastbound 80 closed for this emergency repair work until 7:30 this morning. this is a major connector over to eastbound 80 in crockett. it is early enough and holiday light that it's not causing any delays for our tuesday morning commute. let's go outside for a live look at the south bay commute in san jose. this is 280 right at the 17 overcrossing. those headlights more northbound. no problems through the downtown san jose area. san jose 101 at the 880 overcrossing. it is nice and light. these headlights are moving northbound heading out of morgan hill and all the way up the peninsula. drive times for your tuesday morning commute. westbound 580 from 205 to 680. look at that, under 20 minutes. rare we see a drive time like that. south bound 102 making your way through san rafael.
6:37 am
yesterday we had fog through the north bay, especially through the san rafael area with low visibility. today not the story. only 8 minutes to make your way southbound 101 from 37 to 580. heading out of antioch towards concord, that's a 13 minute drive time. eric, jenelle. >> now 6:37. >> still ahead, find out what men's hands can tell you about their cancer risk. >> the latest in early trading. this live look at the big board, you see the dow is up almost 12 points. >> the pilot whose video exposed possible security flaws at sfo. what sfo is saying about its accusations. >> beware of the snow and the tools they use to deal with it. this cellphone video that offers a good reminder about some of the hidden dangers in bad weather. llllllllllllllllllllll i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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6:41 am
thursday. but, still, we have another storm system of the head for the firstivity year. we're ending this year the way we've seen it go all december. >> now 6:41. the airline pilot who caused a stir by posting video on what he sees a security flaws at u.s. airports is going public. the long-stand investigation into the pilot after he video he shot at sfo made national headlines. he spoke with george lauren with our abc affiliate, sacramento. >> my name is chris lou and i'm an airline pilot. >> not just an airline pilot. he's the pilot who posted this video on pointing out what he believes is a serious flaw in airport security. >> well, i just found a disparate between what happens upstairs and what happens downtears. upstairs are going through all the metal detectors and the x-ray machines and downstairs
6:42 am
they're swiping a card. >> there's nothing in this video an observant passenger couldn't see on their own. >> i didn't think this was going to get this much traction. this is kind of a little video that i did. and now that it's gone worldwide, i was pretty shocked. >> detraction largely came as a result of the tsa's response to the video when a team of six federal agents and sheriff's deputies showed up on lou's driveway. >> lou chose to go public now to tell federal officials he is ready to continue this discussion face-to-face and then he wants to go back to being a pilot. >> all i'm looking out for is the flying public. i just want to start from point a and go to point b and if the slight is really boring, she's
6:43 am
my mission. >> george warren, abc 7 news. >> sfo is challenging the pilot's claims. an airport spokes man says the door opens to an employee lunch room. it presents false and misleading information on the security program. oakland says in many cases it exceeds federal security requirements. sfo says field employees must first be sponsored by an employer and pass an f.b.i. background check. the pilot whose video started all this will talk more about the controversy on "good morning america" coming up after our newscast. >> apple and san francisco home prices are catching the attention of wall street. >> courtny joins us live with this morning's "moneyscope" report. good morning. >> well, good morning. definitely are. we'll start can tessla motors.
6:44 am
the other thing also hurting the stock, there's this thing called a lockup on stocks. that's a period after a stock is first issued when investors aren't allowed to sell the stock. lock up on christmas day or early inside investors finally got their chance to sell on monday and tuesday so shares of the palo alto-based company, little changed right now. another big bay area stock to keep your eye on this morning. that's apple. the i-phone and i-pad maker facing a lawsuit in san jose. transmit users personal data. the lawsuit says some of the apps are selling data about the user's age, location, gender, advertising networks and seeking
6:45 am
class action status for apple customers. good news on retail sales but bad numbers on housing. retail sales of holiday season jumping 5.5%. best performance since 2005 but that case-shiller home price report that's weighing on stocks right now. the report saying home prices in 20 metro areas fell in october compared to a year ago. san francisco home buyers snatching up slightly compared to a year ago. lower than three years ago. taking a look at the markets, we are seeing the dow slightly lower. dow down 4 points. the s & p slightly hire, nasdaq down two points. silicon valley index, little changed also. that's business news live at the new york stock exchange. bloomberg news. >> courtny, i'm going to guess your husband didn't have to push you over 4 foot snow drifts to get you to work. no, he didn't but i had to fight off a lot of drunk people coming
6:46 am
out of the bars early this morning. >> where else you gonna go! >> yeah, there's only two taxis out there! >> have a great day. that's the start of the "big dig" across the northeast. new england today. there are tons and tons of snow to move and millions of passengers desperate to get where they really wanna be. emily schmidt has the latest. >> the snow is no longer falling but the problems continue to pile up. >> to add to this snowstorm of 2010. >> people from north carolina to maine are digging out from up to 3 feet of snow. south of boston the storm swells the ocean causing flooding and fire. new york city has seen only 5 worse storms since it started keeping record nearly 150 years ago. >> streets would actually be cleared but then when i came out here i realized how bad it was. >> snow fell 2 to 3 inches an hour trapping more than 500 subway passengers.
6:47 am
no, no. no eat, no nothing. >> new york's three major airports reopened last night though it's easier to move tons of snow than passengers stranded nationwide by nearly 7,000 cancelled flights. >> i came from milwaukee to cleveland, and got cancelled after i came here. now -- >> supposed to go out 11:00, now sits still thursday. >> boston's logan airport says it could be friday before every s stranded passenger is rebooked. >> the snow and heavy winds and when we get to melting we have to go out there and scrape again. >> travel is a little better by train though amtrak warns passengers for cancellations between boston and washington today. >> it's 6:47. get a load of this story. watch it careful. if you were to pull a stuck snowplow out of the snow, don't do it this way. >> we've been telling you about
6:48 am
the blizzard in the northeast. take a look at the cellphone camera video. a new york front loader got stuck yesterday on a side street and workers tried to free it using a tow truck. as you can see, the ford explorer there got caught in the middle. >> crunch again. >> after driving the s.u.v. into another vehicle, the front loader ended up lifting off the explorer's rear bumper. see that in just a moment. slowly pulled off. the stuck plow eventually got free. there it goes. no word whether the city will pay for repairing the s.u.v. >>. ♪ like a good neighbor. >> gotta call your tow truck quick. >> you hear the guy with the phone saying what are you doing! >> it's so hard to drive in those conditions, even the professionals have so much trouble. >> it's miserable.
6:49 am
>> and i was waiting until after the winter to get a new car. >> we've got some wet weather moving in our direction. the sunshine was nice yesterday. now we've got the next storm system on the horizon. from ballmer peak and east bay hills, a look back at the city. not too far away from sunrise 7:23 today. there's showers on our live doppler 7 hd moving through the region. we've had a tenth of an inch and santa rosa following the interstate corridor. seeing showers just starting to develop. also still some showers in the sacramento area with snow in the sierra. turning rainy and very windy later with wet weather continuing into tomorrow morning. our temperatures now 50 in san francisco. 47 santa rosa. some pockets of fog mixed in for all of this. this is the leading edge of the storm so some of the main band offshore, enough though flash flood watch has already been
6:50 am
posted for tonight through tomorrow for marin, napa, sonoma counties, urban and small stream flash flooding likely with up to an inch an hour expected. wind advisories also posted for the entire san francisco area and the monterey bay. winds blustery, 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 45. that will continue through tomorrow afternoon noon. we've also got some heavy rain expected, up to 4 inches that you saw in the north bay. meanwhile heavy rain for santa cruz, south bay. the winter storm mornings also posted. we expect a couple feet of snow over the passes and enough cold air we can see the snow lowering by 3,000 feet by thursday morning in the sierra. highs today expected under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy cars. heaviest rain expected just
6:51 am
around commute or just after commute time this after. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. here's our accu-weather 7-day forecast, a wet, windy afternoon, evening. downpours like what we saw on saturday. highs today in the mid-50s at best. overnight lows in the mid-50s and all this turning to showers tomorrow. just the possibility of some cold showers on thursday and then new year's eve dry right now with another storm system for the weekend. the rain creating problems on terms of roadways. let's go over to megan for more on that. >> it's not raining yesterday on those roadways. still holiday light. you should have a smooth commute awaiting you. here's a live look at walnut creek at 680. the north main exit, no problems as these taillights make their way all the way into the san ramon valley. a live look at interstate 80.
6:52 am
headlights move westbound. the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze is about 20 minutes and once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not turned on this morning. holiday light out there. a stalled car near treasure island that's blocking the right lane. taking mass transit, everything is operating on schedule and all systems operating on a normal weekday. towards the mountains, right now a good time to do it. no chains needed on 80 or 50 but you need it on 88. the storm's coming in and that's all about to change. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on the traffic link. eric? >> all right, megan. thank you very much. it's 6:52 now. guys, i know you're going to be checking your hands after this story. here's why. the new study that finds whose men's index finger is longer than the ring finger has a lower
6:53 am
risk of having prostate cancer. they were 33% less likely to come down with prostrate cancer. men under the age of 60, 87 less likely to develop the disease. >> a bay area liner upset with skywest after she claims a sky crew put her instant daughter in danger. the flight attendant told her to take her 11-month-old daughter out of her car safety seat and hold her just before a flight out of aspen. she said the flight crew told her the car seat was not faa approved even though she showed them it had an faa sticker. >> i said my baby is not going to be safe. he said that's it. you're off this plane. he argued it needed to be a forward-facing seat. i explained to him that it was an infant seat and infant seats
6:54 am
face backwards because that's the way they're supposed to be installed. >> saved is their number one priority and apologizes for what they call a misunderstanding. officials say their partner skywest has spoken with that flight attendant. >> here's a story from the criminal genius file. a group of thieves got a tough lesson in preparation. the trio stuck into a sacramento home and got their hands on a very large tv. took it out of the house. one problem, they couldn't get it into their car. it was too big to fit so they left it on the curb drove away empty handed thinking they got away. no. an alert neighbor called police, tracked down the car's owner who happened to be one of the thieves. he's been arrested and the police are still looking for his two accomplices. >> oh, dear. recapping our top stories, oakland police warning about robbers using car sales listings to lure their victims.
6:55 am
>> terry? >> yeah, police are putting up a warning and a reward, 10,000 dollars for information leading to the rest of luring people to oakland with the hopes of getting a great deal on a car only to find there's no car and they lose their money too. on craigslist, people finding high-end vehicles posted for sale at incredibly low prices. they call the seller but there's no vehicle. the money is stolen and two people have been the most severe beating just this past sunday. gentleman came out here looking for a great deal and got nothing but a beating. don't come out to residential areas to do these deals. if anything seems suspicious stay away from it. these things are happened before. earlier this year two people were arrested and others pulling the same kind of stunned and it was operating out of oakland. last year there was a guy named
6:56 am
the craigslist robber. he was caught. that was last year. this time trying to do the same thing, catch the same person and $10,000 offered by oakland p. d. and crime stoppers to find these guys. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you so much. >> checking other top stories. san jose animal control officers think they know how who owns the two pitbulls that mauled a woman last week but they have yet to talk to the person. one of the dogs was captured, the other is still at large. the police talked with the owner in the past about those dogs running loose. >> it's going to be a soggy day. already seeing light rain around the area. most of that in the north bay but that will move through the entire bay area where we do already have flash flood watches in effect. marin, sonoma counties. also wind advisories in effects for winds 45 mph, sustained 20 to to 30 mph and winter storm
6:57 am
watches and warnings in effect. it's going to be a very interesting night and morning. then we'll start to see everything taper off throughout the afternoon tomorrow and then still cold showers on thursday but drier weather for new year's eve. just the possibility of some showers on saturday and sunday. megan? >> emergency repair work on a pothole has shut down the coming sky way on-ramp in crockett to eastbound 80. caltrain hopes to have it reopened about a half hour. a major connection between westbound 4 to eastbound 80 in the crockett area. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights were never turned on this morning. it's holiday light. no fog advisories throughout the bay area on any of our bridges. no problems heading right on into san francisco. >> who knew the whole week was a holiday. (laughter) >> megan, thank you very much. >> thanks for being here. that's it for this edition of the abc 7 morning news. back with a local update at 7:24. >> join us at 11
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