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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 7, 2011 1:05am-2:05am PDT

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more than $50 million can be earned by schools just like yours! buy participating products now, to earn your school's share of more than $50 million! time now for tonight's closing argument. is the obama health care plan
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going to bite the december before it even takes effect? well, if the republicans in the new congress have their way. house speaker john boehner announced he will call a repeal vote next week. democrats, meanwhile, are preparing a full-scale defense of the legislation. tonight, we ask you, which side are you rooting for? tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or the "nightline" page at that is our report for tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word about intuit's amazing gopayment, the fast, simple way for your small business to accept credit cards with your mobile phone so you get paid wherever your business takes you. all you have to do is swipe the card, enter the dollar amount and you quickly get an authorization.
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my uncle frank says gopayment has been a godsend for his new small business. how's it going out there, uncle frank? >> good jim, this stuff is going like hot dogs! >> jimmy: hot cakes. >> hot cakes, right? where'd you get that mug? >> i found it on your desk. >> how much is this chair? >> 80 bucks. >> jimmy: hey, we need that chair for our guests! you can't sell that. >> have a nice day. >> thank you. $5. >> jimmy: hey! that's my shoe! i've been looking for that shoe. >> guillermo, tell jimmy i'm trying to work. please? >> be quiet! we are trying to work. give me that! tv camera for sale. tv camera for sale! anybody? >> dicky: learn more about intuit gopayment at we do the legwork so you can do what you love. intuit. small business, rejoice.
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>> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with chris colfer, music from young the giant and amy adams. [ man ] on your mark... [ whistle blows ] [ squishing ] [ male announcer ] pool filled with caramel.
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kleenex® brand hand towels. a clean, fresh towel every time. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- amy adams. from "glee", chris colfer. and music from young the giant. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, having said that, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, everyone. thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for being here. thank you for watching at home. and you know what? i appreciate that. i won't say we couldn't do it without you, but there wouldn't be much point. so thank you for being here. you know, today in washington, it was a big day in politics. the new republican controlled house of representatives opened the 112th congress. to honor the founding fathers, they decided to start things off by reading the entire constitution allowed. they took turns, the congressmen. and there was a break for lunch and a slave auction, and then they finished. i'm glad they read it, though. i learned a lot. for example, did you know congress has the power to
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exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such district not exceeding ten miles square as may be session of particular states and the acceptance of congress become the seat of government of the united states and exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be for the election of dock yards and other needful buildings? i didn't. they mentioned it wasn't on "the real housewives of atlanta." it took an hour and a half to read that. according to a group that monitors government waste, it cost taxpayers more than $1 million. only politicians could spend money reading. and it was boring, too, on on of that. the constitution is one of the most important documents in the history of the world, but it is very, very boring. it kind of makes you wish you never learned how to read. unless you add the kids from
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"jersey shore." >> the interlined between the seventh and eighth lines of the first page. >> she's totally getting butt naked. >> if such number with a majority of the whole number of e lelectors appointed. >> i was just like, oh, my god. >> new hampshire shall entitled to three. massachusetts, eight. >> bring it on! >> and georgia three. >> jimmy: i think america's ready for a snooki pelosi, i really do. also today -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. while they were -- once they were done reading allowed. the new congress adopted a rule for the first time that permits members to use electronic devices on the floor of the house. so, let the sexting begin. the new rule isn't officially in effect yet but many members moved ahead anyway. you can see here, some texting
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going on. we've got -- one guy is listening -- another guy's got a boom box there. computer. there's one of those -- the important thing is, they're keeping themselves busy. so, what congress may lack in passing legislation, they will more than make up in in passing all 300 levels of angry birds. on tuesday, there were two winners of the $380 million mega-millions lottery drawing. it was the biggest single jackpot -- [ laughter ] they say it was the biggest single jackpot since elin nordegren divorced tiger woods. so far, only one of the two winners has come forward, a real estate agent named jim mccullar. he bought his ticket in a small town in washington. like, what, 7,000 people or something like that. today, the mccullar family appeared at the state capitol
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where they claimed their winnings and took questions from the press. >> and now, we meet the winners. a washington couple just claimed their half of the $380 million mega-millions jackpot. >> well, you know, i feel blessed. i truly do. >> oh, it's a miracle. >> make it rain! make it rain! yeah! >> jimmy: it's a whole family of mr. ts. and imagine how much jewelry they'll have when they actually get the money, it's -- [ applause ] this is pretty funny. on the other side of the fortune coin, our technical director irv happened upon this sign on his way to work. this is -- homeless, need money. donation. please send to p.o. box 241. how lazy is that? even our homeless -- people who don't have a couch won't get off the couch. there's a news channel in taiwan
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that i'm not sure why they care but almost every day they do a computer generated animation of an american news story. yesterday, they directed their powers of cgi at brett favre. brett favre is being sued by a couple of former jets team massage therapists. they claim he sexually harassed them. if this animation is any indication of what actually happened, this guy has a real problem on his hands. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, no wonder he texted pictures of that. it's amazing! if i had one of those i'd want
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everyone to see it, too. i'd lay waste to every urinal in los angeles. lamar odom and khloe kardashian-odom have a new reality show, finally. it's -- can we just get this over with and give the kardashians their own channel already? on the show -- [ applause ] i'm not sure if you're happy or mocking. [ laughter ] cameras will follow them through a typical day to find out why exactly they have a television show. ironically, there are now so many kardashians shows, you actually can't keep up with the kardashians. this is the 12th reality series for their family, not counting coverage of the o.j. simpson trial. future civilizations will think we worshipped them like the egyptians worshipped people with cat heads, you know? let me tell you kids something. i remember a day when there were only two reality shows on the air with the kardashians, and that's all you needed.
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the e channel is running a promo for the new show. here it is. >> if you liked "keeping up with the kardashians," that sex tape, "chris and kim to go k-mart," "kris, kim and chloe confront the kkk" and "csi kardashian," you're going to love "khloe and lamar." followed by "bruce jenner's boob job." only on e. >> jimmy: i'm happy for all of them. this prove s that anyone can mae a sex tape and have an ass filled with two balloons filled with nutella. last night on "celebrity rehab," frankie, who isn't a celebrity at all, she's the mother of keisha cole.
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frankie got into an argument with shelly, who kind of keeps an eye on everyone. shelly wanted her to delete all the numbers on her phone of people who might interfere with her recovery. frankie didn't want to do that. and it led to a disagreement. >> no matter what y'all say and do -- >> i know we know nothing about staying clean. i know. we're absolutely out of our minds. >> don't start that [ bleep ] with me. >> listen, frankie, you think -- >> that's not going to stop me from relapsing if i want to. everybody needs to get this in everybody's head. in rehab, if you don't want to be clean and sober, you're not going to be. i want to be. >> dude, you know what? >> you wrong. you wrong. >> yeah, i'm wrong. because i've been clean for 14 1/2 years -- >> okay, well, i've been clean for 18 days. what's the difference? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she makes a good point. number is a number, you know, both numbers. starbucks announced yesterday that on the company's 40th
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anniversary, they are updating their famous logo of the mermaid. they are actually -- they are keeping the mermaid. this is the new logo they're going with. looks familiar. tonight was the season three premiere of "jersey shore." they taped the season, like, 12 or 13 stds ago, i'm not positive. tonight's show focused mostly on deena. she's a, like, a drunk slutty version of snooki. i never thought i would say this, but deena might be too trashy even for "jersey shore." that's like being too black for the apollo. it doesn't happen often. it was quite an episode. sammi is all, like, we're taking the triple bedroom, vinnie's all, i'm bunking with paulie. the sitch is so like, how am i supposed to smoosh with agree namds with the two of you in the room with me. things are getting interesting. my aunt chippy, who is also loud
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and italian, doesn't like the show. she hates it. every week we make her watch it and give her thoughts, and here she is now, aunt chip pip wipy r review of "jersey shore" season three. >> we have a new girl in the house, see what kind of an [ bleep ] this one is. roll it. >> oh, really? she's totally getting butt named. >> oh, she's totally getting make and i'm standing here watching it. look at the look on his face, this other [ bleep ]. >> saw my na-na. >> oh, my god, my na-na has just committed suicide. your goods. they ain't good. they're good for somebody else, but not for -- the whole world to see. this is [ bleep ]. how do they keep putting this stuff on television? you know, i just -- it's mind
12:22 am
boggling. there are so many talented people out there with so much to give, so much to show you, and you [ bleep ] are watching this crap, so they bring it back again. god help us. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i guess we could use god's help. and on that note, it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> tonight on "world news," in charge, a dramatic day in america, a new congress, a new speaker, with a giant [ bleep ]. >> beautiful bachelorettes have traveled from all over america to [ bleep ] our bachelor here tonight. >> once you learn how to create a business, the good news is, you can do it again and again. >> all right. thank you so much. great [ bleep ]. appreciate it. >> republicans took change rge the house for the first time in four years and officially chose john [ bleep ] as the new
12:23 am
speaker. >> bigger [ bleep ] are always better. >> so, what fun things are you going to do with the money? >> probably [ bleep ] a racehorse. >> will you vote to increase the [ bleep ] [ bleep ]? >> well, i will tell you, conservatives in congress will not support an increase in the [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. ♪ >> this is the most miserable looking dog i've ever seen. i'm going to take him home and [ bleep ] him. >> jimmy: we have a good show tonight. from "glee," chris colfer is here. we have muse trick young the giant. and we'll be right back with ayy adams. [ male announcer ] this is the evo 4g. this is android, which powers the evo.
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the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. >> jimmy: well, thank you for coming back to me. with us tonight a golden globe nominee and star of the show "fwlee glee," chris colfer is
12:28 am
here. then later their self titled debut album, comes out january 25th, or you can download it now, but only if you have a computer of some kind. their tour starts january 18th in boston. young the giant on the bud light stage. next week we have a big week. on the show, cameron diaz will be here, channing tatum, sandra oh, seth rogen, scott foley, mamie gummer, el fanning, the kids from "modern family" and music from the woman bats, a day to remember, fitz and the tantrums and the damned things. that's what we have for you next week. our first guest is a terrific actor, a three-time golden globe nominee and three weeks from now, i'd bet just about anything a three time oscar nominee too. you can see her now alongside mark wahlberg and christian bale in "the fighter." please say hello to amy adams.
12:29 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: nice to see you. how are you? >> really good. >> jimmy: i met your boyfriend or whatever you call him, i mean, it's inappropriate to say boyfriend when you reach a certain age. >> he's my fiance. >> jimmy: yes, yes, and i assume your husband. >> yes, i'm hoping. >> jimmy: met him at a bachelor party. >> i thought you said i did. >> jimmy: maybe you did. i don't know. >> no, you did. >> jimmy: he behaved himself beautifully. >> good. i'm glad. he's a great guy. >> jimmy: didn't touch me at all. congratulations on the golden globe nomination. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: on your -- you guys have a new baby girl, too. >> we did. i have a little baby girl. she's, like, 7 1/2 months old. >> jimmy: which event were you more excited about. >> the birth of my baby or the golden globe nomination?
12:30 am
>> oh, i'm going to go with baby. >> jimmy: really? well, that's the -- [ applause ] what is her name? >> aviana. >> jimmy: is that an italian name? >> it is actually after a town in italy near where i was born, where my dad was stationed. >> jimmy: you were born in italy? oh, wow, i didn't note you were italian. >> yes, i like to call myself italian though i don't think i am, but i really like pizza and wine. >> jimmy: that's all you need, really. your dad was in the army -- >> he was, yes. >> jimmy: and so, did you live all over the place? >> we did. we lived in italy and virginia and colorado. we didn't have it too bad. >> jimmy: how many kids in the family? >> seven of us. >> jimmy: and so they pack up and move you all around the world? >> yeah. and now having one i have a whole new respect for my parents. >> jimmy: having one is, like, multiply that by seven and that's what it's like to have seven. >> i can't even. yeah, i think one is -- i'll start with one, we'll see. >> jimmy: christmas must have been a crazy mad house.
12:31 am
>> it was. it was. my parents always try to have interesting ways of organizing things. so, how they would control the mayhem at christmas, we would be allowed to enter the christmas room -- >> jimmy: you had a christmas room? >> yes. but we would have to enter oldest to youngest. sometimes they would build an obstacle course. you know, the tubes that you crawl through? we would jump on trampolines, it was a lot of fun. and they were pleasure delayers. now it just seems cruel, like -- it's christmas morning. >> jimmy: you turn your kids into hamsters. >> jimmy: exactly. . >> exactly. >> jimmy: so, one at a time -- >> i was the middle. i was always screwed. >> jimmy: and then, you go in one at a time, open gifts? yes, and just see the whole toy land. >> jimmy: would you get anxious while you were waiting? >> oh, yeah. oh, my gosh.
12:32 am
they would lay the gifts out so it was like santa came out and made a display. they probably saved them having to wrap gifts. >> jimmy: i would be screaming at my sister to hurry up. >> no, exactly. they gave us plenty of time to play with our gifts before. >> jimmy: so, a big family, are you, like, how do you, like, do you live in the same area, or -- >> we don't. they are sort of all over. >> jimmy: do you go on facebook or e-mail -- >> i'm actually really bald at it and now that i've had a baby, i realize how bad i am at it. a family member called me the other day and told me my baby is so cute because they saw a picture of her in "people." >> jimmy: that's not the way you want to get the word it. >> it isn't. >> jimmy: the stars are just like us. oh, look. they change diapers, too. change diapers. i have to be careful with my family and the internet. >> jimmy: what are they up to? >> well, they kind of believe
12:33 am
everything they read. >> jimmy: oh, great. >> everything. and they put me on google alert and they are constantly alerted by anything anyone writes about me. >> jimmy: when they mention the word amy adams they find out about it? >> they do. >> jimmy: that's great. >> fun for me, huh? >> jimmy: do any of them acti actively try to contact people and change, correct things or anything? >> they do call me quite upset and i try to comfort them, say, look, i don't know these bloggers, this isn't the truth. i don't have a personal relationship with them, so -- >> jimmy: they don't believe you, your own family trusts the bloggers more than they trust you. >> that tells you how bad i am at staying in touch. >> jimmy: you really should be -- you have to stay on top of those things. >> i do. >> jimmy: and so, okay, you got the big family. you are not all able to get together at christmas. >> no, i keep it really simple. just me and aviana and the fiance. my mom came this year. >> jimmy: that's nice. and did you make her wait in the hall while you set her gifts out, cal through a garbage pail?
12:34 am
>> maybe next year. >> jimmy: you could do that to them. it's only fair. now, this movie is fantastic, really. i thought you did a great job. [ cheers and applause ] it's -- for those who haven't seen it, it's a boxing movie. boxes movies are almost always good. >> it's sexy, boxing. >> jimmy: well, to me, it's not. >> all the sweaty men. >> jimmy: that doesn't get me going. but i can understand. but you did -- you had a little fight scene in the movie, too. >> i did. i fight with -- i fight with all of the sisters. >> jimmy: that's the greatest. when you were fighting with the sisters, it is fantastic. it is very funny and very real, too. >> thank you. it was -- the characters get to throw down like that. i felt like i was doing it at charlene and as -- my characters
12:35 am
are always so pent up. i felt like i was fighting for -- >> jimmy: were you pregnant while you were fighting? >> no, no, but see, that was written on the internet. >> jimmy: that you were -- >> i was pregnant while i but filming "the fighter." i was like, great. >> jimmy: when did you find out? >> i found out -- i found out i was very close -- i got pregnant very close to the wrap. this is getting very personal. >> jimmy: i just want to clear up the blogs so your family doesn't get into a tizzy. you're getting into fights with a baby inside you. that wouldn't be good. also, if you were pregnant at the time, i believe your daughter would be eligible for a golden globe, as well. >> well, maybe i can teller that i was pregnant -- >> jimmy: it would be like the car pool thing, you can sue, it was me and the baby. >> i'll lie to her. >> jimmy: do you get any sleep?
12:36 am
is she -- keep you up all night? >> at this age, she's just starting to sleep through the night. i sing to her a lot. i tried the lullabies. what worked were power ballads, actually. she liked journey. >> jimmy: she likes journey? really? my voice is comedy -- >> jimmy: what do you sing? >> the combo of faithfully into open arms. that got her to calm down. and she likes styx, she liked "sail away." >> jimmy: no "wheel in the sky keeps on turning?" >> i don't know all the words to that. >> jimmy: we have a clip here of the movie, for those who have not yet seen it, and would you like to set it up for us? >> yeah, this is -- i don't really get along with mickey's brother, in the film, dicky, played by christian bale, who is
12:37 am
amazing. and so he comes to try to make amends with me. >> what have you done with your life? >> i like my life. >> what have you ever done with your life? you're a college dropout. just a little bar girl. your life sucks. >> all right. i drink too much. i worked in a lot of bars. i ruined a lot of opportunities but i'm trying to do something better here and so is mickey. >> so am i. and he needs me. you heard him. and i know he needs you. >> jimmy: there you go. that's amy adams in "the fighter." well, congratulations. really a great movie and you're great. great to have you here. amy adams. we'll be right back with chris colfer. [ whistle ] ♪ doggie in my chair is not thrilling me... ♪ ♪ woof, woof [ sniffs ] ♪ boots fit well but they are killing me ♪
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>> jimmy: hi there. still to come, young the giant will be here. our next guest is a talented young man with a singing voice, maybe even more beautiful than mine. he earned a golden globe nomination for best supporting actor for his role on "glee." please welcome chris colfer.
12:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? congratulations to you, too, on your golden globe nomination. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: did you wake up early and, to, like, get the announcement, they come very early in the morning. >> very early. they announce them at 5:00 in the morning. when i got the call, i was not expecting it. i thought someone had died. i was dead asleep. >> jimmy: all right. did you plan -- did you think, i'm not going to get nominat nominated -- >> there is always the one in a million chance that you might because you're on tv but no, i really -- and i have proof because i actually slept and had i had any assumption or expectation i would have been up all night pacing, so -- >> jimmy: but the good news was, you were nominated and nobody was dead. >> no one was dead. it was great. >> jimmy: it's a win-win. >> great morning, yes.
12:43 am
[ applause ] thank you. >> jimmy: the thing about being nominated is, you might actually win it and if you do win it, then you're going to have to make a speech. so, do you -- is it bad luck to prepare a speech or are you preparing something? >> i think so. and it's just a waste of painer if i do, isn't it? and i win? because then i have the note in my pocket and then i have that note in my pocket and have to take it out later. >> jimmy: one year i was at the emmys and i saw it happen, one of the saddest things. i saw somebody go -- >> aw. >> jimmy: so be covert about it, if you can. >> was it one of my cast members? >> jimmy: no, it wasn't. just really be careful. >> i will. >> jimmy: as an actor, well, you still are a kid, but you are a kid, it's the kind of thing that you imagine, it's almost like, you know, i imagine becoming one day a professional whiffle ball player. >> nice. >> jimmy: and hitting a home run
12:44 am
in the whiffle ball world series. did you rehearse your, like, one day maybe i'll win. >> when i was little, award shows were my thing. i had the tv and they could not take it away from me. i have memories of my mom walking in on me in the bathroom giving my acceptance speak with wolverine. >> jimmy: bring him with you. did mom throw him out or is he still in the house? >> actually, he's with me still. i have him. i have a trunk full of my old action figures. >> jimmy: bring the whole trunk. >> the entire x-men cast. >> jimmy: show and tell. where did you grow up? >> clovis, california. >> jimmy: where is that? >> good question. i get that asked at lot. >> jimmy: it's in california, i bet. >> it's in california but it's
12:45 am
not really california. it's a farming community that, the best way i can describe it, because it's a huge ass town but it's very small town mentality. and, actually this morning my dad texted me, i'm not sure if it was true or not but apparently i'm being induct into the clovis hall of fame. >> jimmy: wow. congratulations. [ applause ] did he call you at 5:00 in the morning to let you know? >> no, in the afternoon. >> jimmy: who else is in that hall of fame? >> i think -- just me, i think. it actually -- we were on set the other day and someone asked me, what's clovis known for and i had to say me, like -- and literally one of the crew members looked it up on wikipedia and i was number one listed on the things clovis is known for. >> jimmy: well, congratulations. good to be from a small town. unless there's some -- like brad pitt was born there. i'm not even the biggest star from clovis.
12:46 am
>> i'm sure someone freakishly good looking will come along and surpass me. >> jimmy: "glee" is very popular all around the world. >> i was just in paris. the show is going to be on over there. >> jimmy: is it in english or, when you're singing, do they dub over your voice? >> they try. and it's funny because when -- i get tweets and messages saying, from fans saying, oh, you have to hear the guy that does you in chile, it's hysterical. they get the big guys to do, like, me, and everything is always like ten octaves higher than it really should, them trying to do my voice. so it is always, in france, it's like, oh, you know, je suis homosexual -- >> jimmy: that's how you know you've made it, though. >> when a large european man is pretending to be you. yes. >> jimmy: so when you're in france, people have no idea
12:47 am
what -- they say hey, you're from "glee" but they expect a differences voice. >> the best part in france, when you call the desk, they call you a girl instead of a boy. that's great. >> jimmy: that's a real treat. [ applause ] you know -- so, you guys -- you're doing the show, it's going to be on after the super bowl. >> yes. >> jimmy: is it going to be, like, are you going to have terry bradshaw come in and sing? >> even better, much more scarier, katie couric is coming on. and she's lovely and great. >> jimmy: she's on the super bowl show? >> she is. she's herself. >> jimmy: will she sing? >> she's just doing an interview, but that script -- it's called "the super bowl episode." the first frapparagraph, i don' know how ill was legal for them to do it to humans. singing and dancing very
12:48 am
dangerous. >> jimmy: they say more people are killed by singing and dancing than cancer. >> we can make a difference, we can stop it. the first photograph alone, i was terrified that someone was going to die. and we had two ambulances on call, like, there on set. it's insane. >> jimmy: it's more dangerous than the actual super bowl game. >> i think so. what's the super bowl, i mean, it's -- it will be intense. >> jimmy: it will be. well, your parents must be very excited about this. >> they are thrilled, yes. >> jimmy: do you go and actually stay with them anymore, or, do you -- you are beyond that? >> i do. they kind of have me on borderline contractual obligation for christmas and stuff. i got so sick last week, i was trapped. my mom was in heaven to take care of me. she was like, it's time for your pill now! and i was like, easy, kathy bates. >> jimmy: she probably poisoned
12:49 am
you. >> wouldn't put it past her. >> jimmy: moms like having their babies home. >> they do. i want to be like, why didn't you take care of me like this when i was growing up? but i was usually lying. >> jimmy: you would still be living there in the house. but you should be careful. if you notice that you fall ill next year around the holidays, there may be a conspiracy. >> the cake she sends me -- >> jimmy: don't eat the cake, whatever you do. congratulations. best of luck to you at the golden globes and with the big super bowl show. i hope you survive it. chris colfer, everybody. "glee" back on february 6th after the super bowl on fox. we'll be right back with young the giant.
12:50 am
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>> jimmy: making their first appearance on network television, with the song "my body," from this, their self-title debut album, young the giant! ♪ ♪
12:59 am
♪ stop the train is riding down to the station ♪ ♪ where you lived when we were school kids hey ♪ ♪ the rails are caught now and i am falling down ♪ ♪ a fool's in a spiral round this town of steam my body tells me no ♪ ♪ but i won't quit 'cause i want more 'cause i want more ♪ ♪ my body tells me no but i won't quit 'cause i want more 'cause i want more ♪
1:00 am
♪ stop the train is riding down to the station where i lived ♪ ♪ when i was a cool kid hey is it my fault that ♪ ♪ the fallen embers burn down in a spiral round your crown of thieves ♪ ♪ my body tells me no but i won't quit 'cause i want more 'cause i want more ♪ ♪ my body tells me no but i won't quit 'cause i want more ♪
1:01 am
♪ 'cause i want more and it rides out of town oh ♪ ♪ ♪ oh it's my road it's my road and it's my war ♪ ♪ oh it's my road it's my road and it's my war ♪ ♪ it's my war it's my war ♪ ♪ it's my war his eyes are open his eyes are open ♪ ♪ oh 'cause i want more whoa-oh-oh i want more ♪ ♪ i want more his eyes are open
1:02 am
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1:03 am
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