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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 12, 2011 12:05am-1:05am PST

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time now for tonight's closing argument. the arizona state legislature tonight as passed emergency legislation prohibiting protests within 300 feet of a funeral or burial service. the law was passed to stop
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picketing by the westboro baptist church, which is infamous for protesting soldiers funerals, in which it declares its intention to picket the funeral of the 9-year-old girl killed in the tucson massacre. so, tonight, we ask you, did the legislature make the right move? we've already heard from many of you on facebook and twitter tonight, but please, join the conversation, tell us what you thinkal the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at that's it for us tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. on our show tonight, from the new movie, "the dilemma," dreamy channing tatum. from the new show "off the map," mamie gummer. we have music from a day to remember. and with the weather being what it is, we check in with chief meteorologist candy guitterez. what's the latest candy? >> oh, my gosh. it's a mess out there, jimmy. an unstable low pressure ridge
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is dumping snow everywhere from pittsburgh to burlington to rochester. and a bunch of other places. >> jimmy: show us pittsburgh one more time? because i think i might have missed it. >> pittsburgh. >> jimmy: that's it. hey, it's meteorology, not geography, folks. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes. you. excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom, you get cash back on what you buy everyday. this is yours! thank you! that's 5% cash back in bonus categories every three months. and an unlimited 1% everywhere else. activate your 5% cash back today at, or at your local chase branch.
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>> dicky: and now, pay attention! here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. thanks for watching. you're about to embark on the thrill ride of your lives, i hope you're aware of that. today is a special day, or, i should say, a special date. today is january 11th, 2011. it's 1/11/11, which, is the -- let me tell you something. my calendar was going nuts this morning. it has been a wild day all around. and i hope you enjoyed it, because it won't come around again until, well, in november, it's on november 11th. which is your birthday, uncle
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frank. >> 11/11. this is unbelievable. >> jimmy: 11/11/11. >> 11. yeah. >> jimmy: what do you make of that? you think there's some meaning to that? >> yes. >> jimmy: what do you think it is? >> there's 11 reasons. >> jimmy: too many to list? >> you're right. too many. >> jimmy: and in mexico, by the way, it's uno uno uno day. right guillermo? >> yes, jimmy. >> jimmy: i love being bi lingual. this was a big day on the streets of hollywood today. wild, spontaneous celebrations broke out. and my cousin sal was there to capture the action and reaction. >> hi, what's your name? >> martial. >> where are you from? >> austin, texas. >> do you know what today's date
12:12 am
is? >> today is the 12th? >> no, almost. it's january 11th, 2011. 1/11/11. what do you think of that? ? pretty cool. i didn't realize it was the ones. but cool. cool cool. >> really something else. >> yes, it is. 1/11/11. >> yeah. back to you, jimmy. >> jimmy: you can see -- [ cheers and applause ] i wasn't exaggerating. there's a -- those of you that are vacationing, there's a lot of snow headed to the northeast. new york may get 12 inches, boston 18. there's so much snow in new jersey, someone, i don't know who this was, someone put a carrot in snooki's nose, which is not -- in new york, mayor bloomberg introduced a 15-point plan to get the snow cleared in a timely fashion from the
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streets. 15 seems like too many points to me. i just go with two. snow blower and maybe some salt. but that's me. here in los angeles, we thought we got some snow today, it turned out -- just turned out charlie sheen sneezed. so -- disappointing. especially for the school children. the whole world's been getting crazy weather lately. it even snowed in madrid, which is usually dry and sunny in the winter. our winter is their easter or something? i don't know. but this is from a madrid news channel where a reporter named lydia comon forgot a very important thing while sledding with children in the snow. [ speaking in foreign language ]
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>> jimmy: the camera guy was killed. that's why i only sled wirelessly. she must really have been hanging onto that microphone to tow that guy like that. i don't know if you noticed this, but weather people have changed a lot over the last couple of years. it used to be a weatherman in your local news looked like this. or this. or this. and they look like a cross between a sears catalog model and a high school chemistry teacher. but now, almost all the weather people look like this and this and this. they've turned into women. attractive weather ladies seem to be very popular all of a sudden and we are not above jumping on bandwagons on this show. we believe in giving you, the viewer, what you want to see. so, with that said, here now with the very latest on the storm's freezing the united states tonight are our receptionist and new chief
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meteorologist, candy gutierrez. candy? >> thanks, jimmy. so, a major coastal storm is bearing down in the eastern seaboard at this hour. let's take a look at the weather satellite. a tremendous low pressure of system impacting central new jersey, is all the way up the coastal maine. eastern new england will experience the heaviest accumulations, a possibility of over a foot of snow. then moving west, expect lake effect snow everywhere, from toledo to syracuse. elsewhere in the u.s., a high pressure system will bring pleasant temperatures to phoenix and salt lake city. reno -- >> jimmy: show me where phoenix is again, real quick. >> jimmy: phoenix is over there, all right. >> so, what's in store for the weekend?
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we'll take a look at the five-day forecast later on. back to you, jimmy. >> jimmy: thank you very much, candy. that's candy. [ applause ] someone move phoenix and we're going to find out who did it! yesterday, nasa released some photographs taken by the hubble space telescope of a mysterious green glob they found floating in the far reaches of space. either that, or someone squeezed on the telescope. it could be a giant space booger for all we know. but these are the first actual photos of the blob. it was first detected in 2007 by an amateur dutch astronomer. they named it henni's varwarp. that's got to be gratifying. you get picked on for looking at the stars, guys make fun of you, girls ignore you. then, you look up and you find
12:17 am
this blob and all of a sudden, it's worth it. and you kiss your mom good night and go back to sleep in the base m, you know? and not only are there photographs, there's video of the blob. this is pretty cool. it's -- stars are coming out of this blob. >> oh my god! oh my god! woo! look at that! a full-on giant green mystery blob all across the atmosphere, oh, my god. what does this mean? >> jimmy: i don't know what it means, but -- [ applause ] it could be a promotion for the green hornet. it definitely means something. this is pretty great. this is from youtube. instead of staring through a telescope all day, i stare at youtube all day. this is an unknown gentleman in an unknown location with a failed attempt to streak a
12:18 am
paddle ball game. that's him. and back. [ applause ] imagine the view on the other side of that plexiglass. [ laughter ] the state of california is now in our second week without governor arnold schwarzenegger -- [ applause ] oh, we're happy. i miss him. he's still here, but he's back to being a private citizen. today, tmz posted video of schwarzenegger going to his car. you would think he has security, but he doesn't. the camera guy asked him, there was news today that colin ferrell is going to star in a remake of "total recall." and here's the tape. >> coming out with a new "total recall" man. maybe they can cg you. you can just play yourself, you know?
12:19 am
>> thank you very much. >> we would love to see that, man. make sure that they bring back the lady with the three boobs. >> maybe this time four? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: maybe. [ applause ] let me tell you something. it's that kind of forward thinking that made him our greatest governor ever. no word on whether or not arnold is planning to return to acting, but he is planning to hit the speaking circuit. a lot of politicians do this. his first speaking tour starts later this month. tickets are selling for between $270 and $427. imagine how much they charge if he could actually speak. it's -- [ laughter ] but arnold schwarzenegger is -- has got a lot of charisma. he's coming to talk to you, whether you like it or not. >> hello! i'm arnold schwarzenegger. body builder, actor. governor. and now speaker.
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the arnold schwarzenegger world speech-doing tour is coming to you. come listen to me say words like economic. status quo. hip mott must. february. pronounce yags. bumblebee. and avatar. avatar. and after the speech-making, join me with a pose down, with monster trucks! look at my muscles. the arnold schwarzenegger world speech-doing tour, with stops in vancouver, toronto, pittsburgh, north carolina, phoenix, philadelphia, illinois, detroit and columbus, memphis and baltimore and jacksonville and el pass toe and i'll be back-ramento. head to the chopper. the tour-minator is on the way! bennett! [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: i don't know what bennett has to do with it. four more years, that's all i ask. one for thing, one other politic news item. federal judge in texas has sentenced former house majority leader tom delay to three years in prison for illegally funneling corporate money to republican candidates in that state. delay is the first former "dancing with the stars" contestant to go to prison since, i think, kristi yamaguchi. no, little kim? delay is making the best of it, though, with this new video which i guess was designed to introduce himself to his new, um, community. >> hi, future cell mates. i'm tom delay. former majority leader in the house of representatives. and for the next three years, i'm going to be your buddy. maybe you saw me on trs drs, where i showed off hot moves like this. and this. and especially this. yes, i love money laundering and shaking my money maker.
12:22 am
back and forth. left and right. wiggling my tush. i sure hope we can be friends. i'm tom delay. i'll tumble for you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: well, that's -- that's neighborly. we have a good show tonight. from the new program "off the map," mamie gummer is here. we have music from the band a day to remember. and we'll be right back with channing tatum, so stick around. [ david ] well, i basically started noticing my hair loss
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>> jimmy: well, thank you very much. it's wonderful to be your host tonight. with us this evening, from the new show "off the map," which premieres tomorrow night at 10:00 on abc, mamie gummer is here. then later on, a rock band from florida. this is their newest album, it's called "what separates me from you." a day to remember from the bud light stage. tomorrow night, from the big hit
12:27 am
show "grey's anatomy," sandra oh, the kids from "modern family," rico rodriguez, nolan gould and ariel winter. and music from fitz & the tantrums. and then, on thursday, we're doing a very special show on thursday. michel gondry, the director of the much-anticipated super movie "the green hornet," will direct our show for us. so, he will put his own personal stamp on the show. if you have not seen his work, you should check it out. he's fantastic. our guests will be elle fanning, the damned things, and the green hornet himself, seth rogen. that comes out on friday night. so, check it out. our first guest tonight played a fighter in "fighting." he played john in "dear john," and, i think, g.i. in "g.i. joe." starting friday, he co-stars with vince vaughn and kevin james in the new ron howard movie, "the dilemma." please welcome channing tatum.
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm doing well. you got a -- you have a string around your finger. why is that? >> i like to call it a place holder but my wife likes to call it a reminder. it's my prop master on the movie that i'm doing now lost my wedding ring. >> jimmy: he did? >> she, and yes. it's okay. it's fine. accidents happen. >> jimmy: wow. >> my wife -- >> jimmy: is she in love with you? that's a weird thing to suddenly lose. wait a minute. how did she lose it? >> i don't know. it just sort of happens. i was -- during the first few takes of the morning, forgot to take it off. i don't have a very good memory. i was like, can you hold this for me. she put it halfway on because it's really cold and if she
12:29 am
did -- i better get piece. >> jimmy: and it slipped off and not found. >> not at all. >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. who are you shooting this movie with that's going on? maybe one of them stole it. we can narrow it down. anybody shaky? >> probably a lot of people. there's 18 actors, so, yeah. >> jimmy: well, you should go through the list and make up a list of suspects there. >> justin long. >> jimmy: you got to watch him. you got to watch him. so, your wife was -- was she weird at you? >> weirdly enough, yes. and you have one of the -- she's like -- but it wasn't my fault. and you kind of get angry, it wasn't my fault, stop yelling. >> jimmy: who are your female costars? >> well, my wife. >> jimmy: has she managed to keep hold of her ring? >> yeah. she better. if she doesn't, we're going to be fighting. someone is getting choked if she doesn't. >> jimmy: you -- >> not violent, though. >> jimmy: you are the only
12:30 am
channing i know, or that i've ever met. that's -- we know carol channing. but i -- i don't know -- i think there's an nba player named channing. maybe an nfl player named channing. but channing is a fairly unusual name. >> the only one i've met is actually really, really large and very good looking black man and i felt like -- you're really doing it good, i hope i can keep up the good work as a channing to, like, you know, try to -- >> jimmy: you're the only white channing. you really are. you're the last of a dying breed. >> i'm from alabama, so, you know, it's all -- >> jimmy: are there a lot of channings in alabama? >> i doubt it. >> jimmy: tell me if this is true. i heard that you were, at one time in your life, you were a male stripper. is that correct? >> yes. yes, it is true. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and -- so, where did
12:31 am
you do this? did you go to, like, rooms or? >> florida. shockingly, yeah. >> jimmy: kind of the -- >> they don't have a lot of strip clubs down there. >> jimmy: not too many. what was the name of the place? >> joy. joy nightclub. >> jimmy: was it named -- joy behar owned it? >> how did you know? that's so crazy. >> jimmy: she's got a chain of them down there. and did you have a stripper name? >> nope, just channing. it was pretty lame, actually. everyone else had really cool ones like magic mike and, i don't know -- >> jimmy: that's not cool at all. >> i don't think they would let me say them on tv. >> jimmy: they would have dirty ones. okay. so, you were in this club and you would be there every night? >> yeah, four nights a week. >> jimmy: i also worked at a male strip club not as a stripper obviously -- >> why are you laughing? that's not funny. >> jimmy: i really did. i valet parked outside a --
12:32 am
[ laughter ] i'm not joking. outside a place that, on monday nights was a male strip club. and when the women came out of that place, i mean, i have never been -- felt more like a piece of meat. they go -- they are terrible, aren't they? >> they turn feral, somehow. they grow teeth and name s and, like -- >> jimmy: they are so much worse than men are. because men mostly sit there -- >> i know someone in this audience has been and i guarantee that they went absolutely insane. >> jimmy: yeah, but they're not going to admit it now. >> right there. >> jimmy: she seems like trouble. >> i recognize you. >> jimmy: who is worse? who do you think is worse? the younger or the older women? >> older women by far. >> jimmy: absolutely. >> they don't let go. they hold you and, like, you feel kind of man handled. i don't know.
12:33 am
that put the actor in me. >> jimmy: i would open the car door and crazy things would happen and it was kind of cool for the most part but it could be kind of terrible sometimes. it's the sort of thing, as a guy, you are programmed to not complain about. >> absolutely. but when someone grabs you, says, you remind me so much of my nephew -- you just sort of like -- >> jimmy: well, maybe babysitting is out of the question then. >> just -- give me the dollar. give me the dollar, please give me the dollar. >> jimmy: did you make a lot of money? >> zero. absolutely zero. like, 100 bucks. 100 bucks a night. >> jimmy: really? female strippers make thousands of dollars. >> yes. i debated getting boobs. >> jimmy: wow. so, women are not good tippers on top of that. >> no. and this is a lesson. >> jimmy: you should be ashamed of yourselves. >> tip your male strippers. >> jimmy: that's something else. and do you keep in touch with your coworkers from those days?
12:34 am
>> one of my best friends, we started the very same night. we just got the job -- >> jimmy: magic mike? >> nope. i will entirely embarrass him if i say it, but yes, basically. >> jimmy: so you keep in touch with this guy? >> best friend. we've been through war together, so -- >> jimmy: i guess so. >> we shed blood, in a way. >> jimmy: and your wife, i would assume, knows about this. did she tie any of your other parts up, or just the -- just the ring? >> come on. maried guys know they all tie them up, so it's fine. >> jimmy: you have come quite a long way. well, you're in this movie, ron howard-directed. that's as good as it gets. [ applause ] did you know ron howard at all before this? >> no, he's the man behind the curtain. he's one of the best. and maybe up there with, like, spielberg. he's one of the best directors ever. >> jimmy: sure. did he contact you? >> i got an e-mail that he
12:35 am
wanted to skype. that was weird. i only skype with my wife. i'm like, i wonder what's going to happen? only naughty things happen on skype. it was good. i met him, couldn't have been nicer. and he asked me to put myself on tape. was not a problem. >> jimmy: you auditioned for him on the computer? >> pretty much. technology is crazy now. >> jimmy: that cease somethi's . >> he said, a little less stoned for the character, and i was like, i wasn't even stoned. and it was really weird. whatever. he's reading something that i can't see. >> jimmy: and as far as, you shot the movie, it's over and done with, what do you think you'll remember the most about working with ron howard? >> oh, that's easy. i can probably, honestly say that i am one of the few, if not the only one, ever on the planet, as a male, has been bent over and taken from behind in a very sexual way by ron howard. >> jimmy: congratulations.
12:36 am
[ applause ] wow. was this -- part of the audition process, or this is -- in the movie itself? why does this happen? you've been abused a lot. you really have. >> i'm still in therapy. now, there's a scene in the movie where winona rider has to take me in a way, with a -- >> jimmy: what happened? >> way off the map, you know. but anyways, he has to kind of block it out and he was like, i'd like you to do it a little like this, and i'm like, this is happening, ron's -- ron -- and he's quite gentle with it. >> jimmy: that's nice of him. >> he's really gentle. like he had done it before, and it -- soft hands and, obviously moisturized. it was -- >> jimmy: wow. >> large hands. >> jimmy: and maybe next gone
12:37 am
ss fonzi. you have vince vaughn, kevin james in the movie. what is the dilemma itself? >> it is, what would you do if your best friend's wife or girlfriend, you find out that she is cheating on him? and what do you tell him, how do you tell him, when do you tell him, and i happen to be the bad guy. >> jimmy: you're the guy she's cheating with? >> yes. >> jimmy: and it's kevin james' characters wife. >> yes. >> jimmy: and we have a clip here. do you need to set that up? >> me and winona are doing the deed, and vince is -- >> jimmy: ron cheering you on. >> he's all -- i did not do it. >> jimmy: you did it a little. >> dirty mind, people. >> jimmy: i was just going to prove a point. and that was it. anyways. >> jimmy: ron's eating soup. so -- vince is taking pictures,
12:38 am
and then we get in a fight and he leaves his camera in the patient and now he's come back to get it. >> jimmy: the movie is called "the dilemma." take a look. >> oh, god. >> what's going on? >> come on in the house. >> are you going to shoot me on your porch? are you out of your mind? >> not if you're in the house. i've googled this. do you want to know how it works? yeah? you come inside and i defend myself. now, i'm not going to pump six bullets into you. that would make it look crazy and kind of out of control. no, i'm going to pump three into you. like a calm gun owner would. >> jimmy: there you go. channing tatum, everybody. we'll be right back with mamie gummer. ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ another day ♪ another dollar ♪ daylight comes [ dogs barking ] ♪ i'm on my way ♪ another day ♪ another dollar
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>> jimmy: we're back with channing tatum. still to come, music from a day to remember. our next guest started her acting career at the tender age of 18 months alongside meryl streep and jack nicholson, one of whom is her mother. you can see her now in the new jungle-based medical drama "off the map." it premieres tomorrow night at 10:00 here on abc. please say hello to mamie gummer.
12:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you guys know each other already? you were in a movie together. >> we go way back. >> jimmy: what a wonderful reunion here. which movie did you do together? >> we did a movie called "stop loss." it was actually my first feature film. >> jimmy: well, wait a minute. it wasn't. this was your first feature film. "heart burn" in which you were a little baby. [ applause ] you -- year and a half old, right? and meryl streep liked you so much she made you her real life daughter. >> i know. >> jimmy: that's sweet of her. you don't see that now days with the stars of today. >> exactly the beginning of the end. >> jimmy: i met your parents over the summer and everybody knows your mom's great but your
12:44 am
dad is unbelievably talented sculptor. you know this because you grew up with him. >> yeah, i would totally tend to agree with you. >> jimmy: i was thinking about it today. i was thinking that -- i don't -- do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing to have two, like, super talented parents? >> well, i think if you want to be a pharmacist, it's probably a bad thing, because they -- you know, wouldn't know what to do with that. but if you are -- been inclined to artistic expression, it's quite convenient. >> jimmy: yeah, convenient maybe, but a lot of expectations when your mom is meryl streep. i mean, my mom definitely isn't meryl streep. for instance. >> yeah, but my mom didn't have the kind of, like, you know, she's not weighing me up in the way that perhaps the rest of the world is. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so, they were -- they've
12:45 am
always been -- >> jimmy: it's a big relief that it's working out for you. otherwise, it would be horribly depressing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're living in hawaii now. do you like that? >> i do, i do, actually. i was surprised. i have taken on a much sunnier disposition, i guess, living in hawaii. >> jimmy: i was there over new year's. it takes me awhile to get to that kind of -- everybody is -- people are very relaxed there. >> yeah. by that you mean, i think, slow. >> jimmy: slow, yeah. >> there's a little bit of a lapse, you know, and actually went i went home for a couple of weeks over the holidays and i -- >> jimmy: to new york? >> yeah, i'm sorry, to new york. and my friends and family, i found to be quite frustrated with me, and a little bit impatient with my kind of, like,
12:46 am
zen -- >> jimmy: because you're ah ha wian now. you had the aloha spirit in you. when the cast of "lost" first got to hawaii, i think a lot of them were excited about being there and then after awhile i think some of them probably got a little stir crazy on the island. and a lot of them got arrested, too, so you have to be careful. >> yeah, no, the driving thing is a serious thing. and also, in terms of driving, i've realized that no matter what you do, you can only ever drive in circles. >> jimmy: that's right. >> because it's an island. >> jimmy: otherwise you'll drown. >> the road trip in hawaii, really uneventful. >> jimmy: what is your character in the show? >> i play an infectious disease specialist. >> jimmy: oh that's fun. how do you study, have people sneeze on you? >> she's really smart. >> jimmy: infectious disease specialist in the jungle. what jungle do you guys say
12:47 am
you're in? >> don't worry about it. >> jimmy: oh, it's undetermined? >> it's somewhere in south america. it's a nondescript jungle location. i equate it closest to costa rica, i guess, because we also have a thriving tourist industry, you know, that feeds into a lot of the work that we do. >> jimmy: are there crazed monkeys around the set? that would be a ratings grabber. >> no, there's a ton of anacondas. but no monkeys. >> jimmy: think about that. i would love to play a honkey on the show, if that's -- >> i will take those comments. >> jimmy: mention that to shop day. shop day rimes, who does "grey's anatomy" and "private practice." >> our show creator is jenna vans. and she's taken shop day's example and really created a very exciting, brand new --
12:48 am
>> jimmy: what i'm translating from this is jenna is tired of hearing shop day is in charge of the show? >> no, i really happen to be very found of jenna and i want to support -- >> jimmy: is she in hawaii with you, or in "lost" are they operating -- >> they are words away. it's really strange. they have a very firm hand in everything we do, but it's -- it's quite remote, you know? >> jimmy: you ne, the last time we sent a group of doctors and stuff to the island, they wound up dead, they all woke up and they turned out they were in a church and dead. so you have to be very, very careful. >> i want to -- what? i'm sorry, what? >> jimmy: you didn't watch "lost?" >> no. sorry. >> jimmy: you should take a look through it, because you have to be really careful. >> didn't go so well, huh? >> jimmy: well, ultimately, yeah. some of them went to heaven.
12:49 am
>> well, i'm going to prevail and pull through. >> jimmy: over the infectious diseases. people love them now days, so, this should be -- >> really? >> jimmy: they're really hot right now. they're like justin bieber. someone should come down with bieber fever. that would be hard to solve. then he gets swallowed by an anaconda. >> yeah. i think dry shampoo is the recommended dosage. >> jimmy: you know the stuff, i'm not a doctor. congratulations. hope the show is a very big hit. it's called "off the map." it premieres tomorrow night here on abc at 10:00. mamie gummer, everybody. we'll be right back with a day to remember. ♪ [ male announcer ] debating is part of the american fabric. it is who we are and what makes us great. we debate politics. we debate sports.
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>> jimmy: this is their new album, it's called "what separates me from you." here with the song "all i want," a day to remember. ♪ ♪ i'm always screaming my lungs out till my head starts spinning ♪ ♪ playing my songs is the way i cope with life ♪ ♪ won't keep my voice down know the words i speak are the thoughts i think out loud ♪ ♪ i like to keep things honest i'm a safe bet like your life's staked on it ♪ ♪ for real i'd hate to keep you all wondering ♪
12:59 am
♪ i'm constant like the seasons and i will never be forgotten man ♪ ♪ let's leave no words unspoken and save regrets for the broken ♪ ♪ will you even look back when you think of me ♪ ♪ all i want is a place to call my own to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪ ♪ keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪ ♪ still got something left to prove it tends to keep things movin' ♪ ♪ while everyone around me says my last days are looming overhead but just what the hell do they think they know ♪ ♪ i keep my head above the water while they drown in the undertow ♪ ♪ let's leave no words unspoken and save regrets for the broken ♪ ♪ will you even look back when you think of me ♪
1:00 am
♪ all i want is a place to call my own to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪ ♪ all i want is a place to call my own to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪ ♪ if you take it from me live your life for yourself 'cause when it's all said and done ♪ ♪ you don't need anyone else come on ♪ ♪ ♪ so let's get back to when everything seemed perfect not a worry in the world so tell me was this all worth it ♪ ♪ i get what i want so everyone's always judging me
1:01 am
i'm not afraid of anything and i've got the whole world in front of me ♪ ♪ all i want is a place to call my own to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪ ♪ all i want is a place to call my own to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪ ♪ keep your head down low ♪ keep your head down low ♪ keep your hopes up high and your head down low ♪
1:02 am
1:03 am
1:04 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank channing tatum. i want to thank mamie gummer. i want to pay poll jiz to apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "what separates me from you" is out now. playing us off the air with the song "better off this way," you can see the full performance at, once again, a day to remember. good night! ♪ i wonder if you'll notice if they lock me up and throw away the key ♪


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