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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 31, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. january 31st. this morning, egypt on the edge. protesters stand their ground overnight against tanks and fighter jets. with 50,000 americans trapped in the country, how the u.s. is working to get them out. and believe it or not, the worst winter storm yet. an icy winter whiteout takes aim at 100 million people in the midwest and northeast. just in time for ground hog day. animal house, the woman who was there that landed charlie sheen in rehab. >> i thought maybe it was always like that. >> our exclusive interview.
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and super bowl showdown. not just the steelers and packers. we're talking about the millions of dollars at stake off the field. that's right, we're talking about the ads. and good morning, everyone. we hope everyone had a great weekend but it was a tense one over there in egypt, of course, as opposition groups there are really ramping up for more protests, calling for 1 million people to take to the streets tomorrow to intensify the pressure on president mubarak. all of this unrest, including the economy, as you can match, george, oil prices spiking with fears. >> that's right, right at $90 a barrel right now, if it stays that high, that could mean even higher gas prices here could cost the american economy billions. and there are big concerns for
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president brg and lawmakers right now. will the protests spread to even more countries in the region. and second, how to evacuate, robin, the tens of thousands of americans trying to leave egypt right now. >> right, there are tens of thousands of americans registered with the embassy right there. we don't know how many more. we are team coverage in car row covering the action and the white house. >> let's start with christiane amanpour, the host of "this week." she's been on the ground since saturday. knows the middle east so well after covering the major conference there for two decades. christiane? >> reporter: george, good morning. just to say where we are, you can see it's quite calm there. a major thoroughfare. you can see the mubarak headquarter which is was burned in the early days. and over there, the red building is the egyptian museum and behind there is tahrir,
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liberation square, where people are trying to gather there. this morning, we woke up to find police back on the streets of cairo, especially at some of the city's key intersections. can you explain to me what's happening? after days of allowing protesters to gather in tahrir square, today, the army is putting out more tanks and calling for foot soldiers to get them out. we were speaking to army captains. they're not allowed to go on camera. but their orders are to maintain discipline and seal access to tahrir square. things have changed over the last 24 hours. we were told if we continued to film the military, they would take our cameras. so we played a cat and mouse game, walking into the square, talking to protesters. >> what we want is change. change, change. >> reporter: the change we saw was a much thinner crowd compared to the tens of thousands who packed this place
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yesterday. the military fired shots into the air. we were told that they were warning shots to scare off the looters. the protesters who remain here carry the egyptian flag and sing their national anthem. so what we're seeing now is people moving towards the square. we're going to monitor it and see how many do end up there. state television has said that president mubarak has ordered the prime minister and authorized him to open negotiations with the opposition. again, we're going to monitor and see if that's true and in that case, what it leads to. >> we'll have more in a minute. but first, we get to the airport. >> the u.s. state department is flying americans wanting to get out on chartered planes. this happened hours ago. our lama hasan is in cairo with the latest on the evacuations. good morning, lama. >> reporter: that's right, robin, good morning to you,
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while we were at the airport earlier today, we saw hundreds of americans being evacuated by the u.s. embassy. the first plane is due to arrive in cypress later today, but there are still thousands of american citizens still stranded. for americans scrambling to get out of cairo, this is what they have to go through. roads blocked by armed civilians protecting their homes and blocked by the army. even if you have it, it's difficult to get out. it's everywhere. they're checking on cars and it's really difficult trying to get to the airport. when we finally got to the airport, we weren't allowed to film, but we managed to work under cover and speak to a few families. were you booked on a flight today? >> yes. >> reporter: and have you checked? are you flying? >> well -- >> reporter: tickets to egypt to celebrate the 22-year-old's graduation from college. now, they're desperately trying
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to get home to atlanta. do you think you are going to leave? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the departure boards are not working. there's no food or water. >> we talked about hiring some drivers that we know and buy us food and drive us out. >> reporter: for those who have been holed out for days they're sleeping on the terminal floors or wherever they can. back home, families are just as frustrated, phyllis is anxiously awaiting news from her daughter andrea studying in cairo. >> andrea, i want to make sure you're okay. we'll get you home. it will be all right. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy continues to fly people out on a first come, first served basis, they say they will continue until they get everyone who wants to leave out of the country. robin. >> lama, thank you. so many people travel because of the history there. >> absolutely. they will have to reimburse the u.s. government, by the way, for the cost of those charters. as americans are trying to get
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out of the country, officials in egypt are trying to keep looters out of the historic places. over the weekend, precious artifacts were destroyed. the heads ripped off of two mummies in the museum. order appears to be restored. alex marquardt is there with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. these days it's current unrest that what most people think of egypt, but normally, people think of pyramids and artifacts that comes to mind. the army has moved in to make sure that they don't get destroyed. and they've been joined by protesters. commandos patrolling cairo's famous egyptian museum. they were looking for vandals, broke in friday night, shattering display cases and smashing precious artifacts. >> people came in from the top and they destroyed two bhummys. >> reporter: this wooden statue
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from the time of king tut years ago. the museum is home to 120,000 items, including king tut. he says he's getting calls from people all over egypt who say they will give their lives to protect egypt's antiquities. demonstrators have formed a human chain around the museum, joining the tanks and soldiers already posted in and outside. >> for all the people, to protect the egyptian treasures. >> reporter: several other museums in egypt have been targeted, including the royal museum in alexandria which contains priceless jewels from the mohamed dynasty.
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>> we're going to back to our christiane amanpour, host of "this week." just trying to get a sense from you, christiane. you've been there a couple days now, how has the mood, how has the atmosphere changed since you've been there? has it? >> reporter: well, robin, i think things changed after the pitched battles that you all witnessed on friday. the list have been drawn back. the military is there. the very disciplined military and so far relations with the protesters are good. i perhaps have a high chaos threshold, but i would not describe what's happening here as chaos. people have started to form their own neighborhood watches. they're trying to protect as much as possible. patriotism is coming out, they don't want to see their country looted and put into a state of chaos. they are trying to get freedom, democracy, they want political change. but i wouldn't describe it as chaos. even at the airport.
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there's not bedlam. there are thousands of people waiting to get out. people are nervous, but by and large, it's fairly under control, robin. >> as you say, you do have a different barometer than most of us when it comes to chaos, as george said earlier, you've spent much time in the middle east covering it for two decades or so. in comparison to what you see now and what you have seen in previous protests around the world? >> reporter: well, robin, i know people are looking at what happened in iran back in 1979 and drawing comparisons there. i don't see that comparison there. when there was a bigger head, a leader, ayatollah khomeini, millions of people came out on the streets, day after day, week after week, and it came to a head. this is more popular, more youthfuls more secular. the same as in tunisia. and the comparison, what happened with iran in 2009,
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after the elections, people are wondering whether this outpouring, this unrest now is going to dissipate as it did in iran understand a crackdown or continue to a political revolution. robin. >> we saw you over the weekend talking to mohamed elbaradei. he has really stepped forward. do you think he has the support of the people? could he be the next leader there in egypt, depending on what happens to president mubarak? >> reporter: well, that is what we're looking at very closely. i've known him for many years. he's very well-known to the u.s. he used to be ahead of the watchdog. he's a nobel laureate. but he's the only person who has come back and shown himself publicly and has taken the need, if you like, last night he came to liberation square, and he told people to be patient, that this would take time, but what they had started would not go back. he's obviously calling for
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mubarak to leave but he's also talking about a transition. the muslim brotherhood to be their negotiator if there is any new negotiation with the new government. robin. >> we'll check back later. george? ejiptd, of course is the world's largest arab country which means what happens there is going to affect the rest of the world. let's take a look at the impacts right now. starting with the economy. saw the impact on the market here on friday. as the unrest grew. the dow dropped 166 points. we've seen markets in asia and europe drop overnight as well. the biggest reasons, the impact on the cost of oil, already up $3.70 a barrel. almost $90 a barrel. so that could cost the u.s. economy, as we said earlier, billions, the geopolitical impact as well. i want to get into that. what the u.s. is watching especially closely is the impact on two countries.
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the hot bed of al qaeda right now. there have been protests in the streets against the president there. watching that closely. and, of course, jordan, another u.s. key ally. another ally, israel. there have been major protests there. as the white house is looking at all of this, i want to go to jake tapper who is covering this from the white house. jake, we see the white house over the weekend walking a very fine line here. they want to encourage the protesters. they want to encourage democratic reform without appearing to dictate an outcome on the streets of egypt or abandon an ally? >> reporter: that's exactly right, george. egypt is a key ally. egypt has been integral in the middle east process, spell not egypt but president mubarak. between israel and the palestinians, opposing iran's nuclear program, and also recognizing the new iraqi government. those are things the united states is indebted to president mubarak for. they don't want to leave him out
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there, throw him under the because. at the tame siem, they don't want to be seen as propping up a dictator who is oppressive, unpopular, so they are walking a fine line. the president spent sometime not only being briefed by the national security team but talks to leaders of the israel, saudi arabia, turkey, the uk. and you heard him recalla great his staple. the president saying on sunday that the u.s. supporting an orderly transition to the democracy that represents the aspirations of the people. >> even though they may want mubarak to go eventually, they don't want to say he's got to go. and they want most of all to keep peace in the streets. talk a second about yemen. i was struck earlier this week how much they were concerned about the situation there. >> well, the president of yemen did is not control the country of yemen. and they are worried about an uprising. and the term is contagium that is perhaps inappropriate term.
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the fear of this unrest spreading not just to yemen, jordan, syria, lebanon, all of the countries in the area could be destabilizing for the region and bad for the united states. >> jake tapper, thanks very much. robin? yes, george, the other major story again is the weather. another huge winter storm son the way. and this may be the biggest one yet. it affects 100 million people across the country. barbara pinto is in chicago where they're bracing for their biggest blast of snow this season. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, robin, chicago o'hare, one of the nation's busiest airports is brai bracing for one of the biggest storms in a decade. 18 inches of snow, 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts and blizzard-like whiteouts. here at o'hare they handle 2,200 flights a day. and this storm could have the potential to cripple air travel.
7:16 am
not just here in chicago, but across the nation. the major carrier here, united, and smaller carriers like frontier are already issuing travel waivers. that means people flying. and other airlines are expected to do the same today. here at o'hare, they have 1,000 cots, they're ready. they're hoping not to have to use them. >> all right. thank you so much. now, sam has more on this latest storm. good morning. >> yeah, it's going to be the biggest so far. three quarters of the country covered. we have time to go over the headlines this morning. we will get you everything you need to know before the broadcast is over. those five states with ice storm. indiana, illinois, i think it probably goes through missouri as well, into portionses of kansas and arkansas. we've already got blizzard watches out this morning, we feel that's from milwaukee into gary, indiana. and also chicagoland, you're in
7:17 am
that blizzard watch area. the top snow out of this storm system will be 2 to 3 feet of snow and certainly would be and could be 18 inches in chicago. this is where it will travel. into the northeast. remember, we've got the whole snow and ice situation going into the northeast. a part of this will also be strong to severe storms in 9 southeast. virtually every part of the country, three quarters of the country involved in this over the next three days.
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>> all america's weather in the next half hour. >> thank you, sam. a florida mother arrested friday for a shocking crime will appear in court later today. she said she killed her teenage son and daughter with point blank shots to the head because she was fed up with their back talk. yunji de nies is in tampa with the latest. yunji? >> reporter: good morning, george. police say julie schenecker told
7:19 am
them she shot her children because they were mouthy and rude. family friends tell us this was a model family, and from the outside, everything seemed ideal. j julie schenecker looked nothing like the wife and mother neighbors knew as she walked in shackles. investigators say she confessed to shooting her 13-year-old son beau in the head on the way to soccer practice in the family car. she then went home and shot her 16-year-old daughter kayla in the face as the girl was doing her homework. police found schenecker on her back porch drenched in blood. >> these kids were special children. there's a reason why so many people are affected in our community. they toughed a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: both were star athletes and star students.
7:20 am
this was her last year, giving her presentation to her science class. over the weekend, julie schenecker was treated for an undisclosed medical condition. her own mother was apparently worried enough about her daughter's depression that she called police on friday morning for help. but her call came too late. only analysts say when mothers kill there's a logic behind that act. >> they say, i produced the children. i gave birth to the control. i sort of have a right to control their destiny. >> reporter: and that shaking woman must now come to grips with what's happened. >> you've got shock, trauma and probably very little will to live. >> reporter: julie schenecker's husband is an army intelligence officer who was on assignment in the middle east when all of this happened. he is on his way back. so no word whether he'll be here today for his wife's court
7:21 am
appearance. >> so hard to imagine what he's going through. >> beyond words. let's change gears with the pictures of the morning. we're right in the thick of the 17th annual screen actors guild awards, the s.a.g.s were last night. >> natalie portman took home the best actress award for "black swan." >> a baby bump. >> look at that. >> betty white stole the show. >> i cannot believe this. they had to get the old broad up those stairs and that's not easy. i must say, this is the biggest surprise i've ever had in this business. there wasn't a prayer. you didn't applaud when i turned 40. ooh. >> she is too much. coming up, an inside look at the wild party that landed charlie sheen in the hospital.
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a second man. investigators haven't revealed the relationship between the three people or possible motive for the violence. driving past san francisco's union square is going to get more difficult beginning today when the next phase of the city's central subway project begins. ground breaking on the $1.6 billion project took place nearly a year ago. it will extend metro service from the south of market to chinatown. today construction crews will start relocating underground utilities in the union square and market street areas. the work will involve daily lane closures on stockton and nearby streets. and, frances, it's going to continue for some time. >> till next june. getting into san francisco isn't as bad, backed up to west grand. especially not bad considering there was a stall on the upper deck earlier. what is slow is westbound 580 as you make your way through the altamont pass. that stretch is going to take you 40 minutes from 205 after 680 and north 101 a little slow
7:26 am
near the capital expressway. heavy on north 280 right near highway 17. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. oprah: all new. powerhouse oscar legends sissy spacek, holly hunter, and susan sarandon. then, oscar nominees -- wow! then, oscar nominees -- wow! melissa leo, geoffrey rush,
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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welcome back. beautiful picture from sutro tower. clouds that await you this morning. the fog thickest around novato at three-quarters of a mile and even thicker around livermore, a quarter of a mile. check out these temperatures as you step outside. mainly 30s in our inland areas. upper 30s to low 40 around the bay shore. bay shore. partly cloudy
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. crazy night last week. it landed him in the hospital. and then in rehab. and this morning, we've got a "gma" exclusive with one of the people who was partying with him. that is her right there, kacey jordan who is going to tell the story exclusively. did morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's super bowl week. that week when advertisers are spending millions, the packers and steelers. remember last year, betty white, a big super bowl ad. >> eminem i heard about, too. also, take a look at this mother punishing her child by forcing him to drink hot sauce. >> what happens when you --
7:31 am
>> she's being charged with child abuse. but is it? we have that story coming up. we're going to begin with the inside look of the wild party at charlie sheen's beverly hills estate that landed him in rehab. that put a stop to the sitcom. ashleigh banfield is here with us now. >> hey, george, it's been about three months, talking about that wild incident at the plaza hotel in new york city. and now, exclusive details about a very raucous party inside the home in l.a., of charlie sheen. all happening the night before he was wheeled out on a stretcher. >> i got you a little something. >> oh, gee, you didn't have to. >> there you go. >> reporter: he's tv's million dollar funny man. but there's nothing funny about charlie sheen's latest crisis. he's in detox after cocaine and alcohol-filled party that witnesses say lasted for days. >> i've never seen someone be so
7:32 am
self-destructive. i thought maybe it was almost like a suicide binge. >> reporter: kacey jordan is an adult film actress who said she was offered money to be there. >> i saw charlie there, wearing an all white shirt covered in wine stains. his hair is all messed up. he looks up and he's like, you know -- his eyes were all squinty. >> reporter: jordan says there were four other women at the party, at least two of them porn stars. at 3:00 a.m., sheen asked one of them to produce drugs from the night before. >> he asked, where's the drugs? where's the drugs? she said, we ran out, don't you remember? a guy shows up, she opened up his bag and he just dumps open about, i would say -- five, this big. tennis ball. >> reporter: tennis ball size? >> of cocaine.
7:33 am
>> reporter: on the table? >> on the table. >> reporter: jordan said throughout the night sheen used a pipe and repeatedly smoked chunks of cocaine. >> he was like chiseling it off. put it in there repeatedly. >> reporter: would you say he was hitting his pipe every two minutes? >> two to five minutes he was hitting it. all i hear is light, light, light. >> reporter: at one point, jordan said sheen offered her a deal with several other porn stars and move into a mansion with him. he said his realtor was standing by with the agreement. >> he said, you can have anything you want, you name it, it will be done within an hour. and we're just going to like party, fun. >> reporter: just a constant party? he wanted to set up a house with a constant party. >> yeah, he wants to retire. he wants to have fun.
7:34 am
>> reporter: jordan as claims sheen asked if she could babysit his children at that mansion. >> i think maybe the babysitting portion was important to him so maybe when he was drinking, he didn't have to see his kids see him like that. >> reporter: did you see anything wrong with that? >> yeah, the kids is what bothered me. >> reporter: at the end of the night, jordan said when she asked to be paid her fee. >> he was sitting there, hmm, is 25 good enough. i said, yeah, 25 is good enough. he said we'll make it 30. >> reporter: tmz obtained this copy of the check. sheen's representative released this statement to abc news. charlie is currently seeking the medical attention that he needs and has the full support of his legal team and agent and employers at cbs. it is same that during this time while mr. sheen has sought treatment on his own,
7:35 am
opportunistic women are trying to take advantage. jordan said when she left, sheen was naked in his bed still smoking the pipe, hours before he was rushed to the hospital. >> i was saying good-bye. i was thinking, is this the last time i'm going to see him. i felt like something bad was going to happen. >> we should also note that miss jordan didn't ask for anything to do this interview. she didn't want to be paid for licensing of her photos. she said she never worried about his safety. she plans to file no civil suit, and does say she's happy after what she witnessed. >> babysitting? >> babysitting at a porn mansion. >> ashleigh banfield, thanks very much. >>. police say there are new leads in the disappearance of an 8-year-old oregon boy missing for over seven months. kyron horman was last seen at a science fair in june.
7:36 am
his stepmother was the last reported to see him. now police are searching for evidence that they say could bring closure in the case. neal karlinsky has details. >> reporter: all afternoon, they searched. dozens of them, looking for any sign of a little boy whose disappearance has baffled investigators. >> i think about him all the time. the rule generally is if you can't see through it you have to go through it. >> reporter: this time, investigators are following up on specific investigative leads. leads they've held on to, waiting for better weather. >> if we find a body, remains, that's obviously something we're looking for. >> reporter: kyron's mother desiree young tells katu-tv, i'm excited that today's search will hopefully bring closure to this case. kyron was 7 when he vanished last seen at a school science
7:37 am
fair after being dropped off by his stepmother. she and kyron's father have since split amid speculations that terri was involved. sunday's search ended like all the rest. at a dead end. investigators vow they won't give up until the mystery of what happened to kyron horman is solved. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> as neal said, still such a mystery. it's now 7:37. for other stories developing right now. let's say good morning to juju chang. >> good morning, everyone. police near detroit say they've foiled an attack on one of the nation's largest mosques. they say 63-year-old roger stock ham drove from his home with a car full of explosives. police say he was acting alone. american factories are
7:38 am
bouncing bag. a report out this morning finds the u.s. added manufacturing jobs for the first time in a decade. and we've retained our number one ranking, outproducing china by 40%. and many of us need to cut the salt. that's the message today as the government releases new dietary guideline. if you're 51 or older it recommends cutting back to 1,500 milligrams per day. that's slightly more than half a teaspoon. that goes for african-americans and people with high blood pressure or sky beetsz. for everyone, the recommendation is 2,300 milligrams. imagine looking out your window and seeing a plane sticking out of your neighbor's house. this happened just after takeoff. amazingly no one was killed and the pilot managed to crawl away with a few minor injuries. that's the news. george, robin. >> amazing no one was killed. thank you, juju. time now for the weather. oh, so close. >> definitely, i'm about 20 feet
7:39 am
closer to you. >> i'm liking the new set. >> i do. >> you there go. stand up straight. there you go. >> we need to talk about the storm system, three quarters of the country. three days. this is going to be a mess for a lot of folks. the main drive is the area of low pressure in denver today, 2 to 4 inches of snow. but there's so much more after that, dallas gets snow, oklahoma, minneapolis. blizzard conditions. buffalo gets snow as well. washington, new york and boston will get snow, ice and rain. this is going to be a mess. severe weather in the southeast states. travel is going to be a big problem. here's a total of the snows. chicago could come with 18 inches of snow. and coastal areas will get less snow, we think in new england because there will be that mixing going on. this is a real, real problem.go
7:40 am
>> and here's what's ahead on the "gma" "morning menu." the super bowl commercials for a lot of us are just as much fun as the game. we have a sneak peek for what goes on this year. and hot saucing, can you put hot sauce in your child's mouth as punishment? one mother has been charged with child abuse. and the royal details into the royal wedding. your first peek, a look at where many of the famous guests will be staying right here. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it
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last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. a 30-second spate in this year's super bowl will run you nearly $3 million. but with more than 100 million
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fans expected to tune in, competition for those slots is almost as fierce as the playoffs. john berman is here with a sneak peek. >> good morning, george. what does it take to win the super bowl? horses, monkeys, babies and scantily-clad women, not necessarily in that order. yes, when it comes to the big game next sunday the ad game, advertisers are pulling out all the stops. >> we are not doing. >> reporter: at $3 million a pop for a 30-second spot, the ads better be eye-opening or eye-brow raising. that's clearly the philosophy of go daddy. ♪ >> go daddy girl coming to set. >> everybody is staring. >> reporter: audi is going upscale. volkswagen, mysterious. best buy is going odd, as in odd couple, justin bieber and ozzy osbourne.
7:45 am
and skechers is getting real. or at least reality star, kim kardashian. >> sorry about last night. >> reporter: all of the old favorites will be back. the etrade baby, the budweiser clydesdales. and the career builder kids. chimps. you wonder what babies and chimps have to do with those proeds? not much. they grab your daengs. >> it's still a huge deal to have an ad in the super bowl. 100 million people at one time, combined with all that want to watch the commercial, we find there's really nothing more effective. >> reporter: they do work. we are talking about them already. >> oh, check this out! >> reporter: including the d doritos and pepsi max challenge back this year. five entries to be among the
7:46 am
final six airing next sunday. now lest we forget there's a game in this whole thing, but if you don't care who wins, like me, sadly this year, you should go into overtime. papa johns is offering a free pizza for all who register if the game goes into overtime. coming up, it's called hot saucing. and it's taken this mom seen here in this video for hot saucing.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
"around the watercooler" this morning. first of all, a shoutout to the wonderful crew. glt new "watercooler." >> yeah, the wonderful crew around the weekend spruced things up. thank you very much. we've got a story that everyone is going to be want to see. it was brought to us by our good friends at espn. kevin lowell plays basketball for manhattan college here in new york. to, he's not the best on the team. but he's pretty darn good. well, he's just thrilled to be on the team at all. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: he's 6'11" wears size 16 shoes and masters the game of basketball with one
7:51 am
hand. >> i was born with the umbilical cord around my neck. >> reporter: the circulation to his neck was cut off. but fortunately, it only takes one hand to play basketball. >> it was very difficult for me to get recruited because i have one arm. >> reporter: the head coach of the school like manhattan college, you do it by having kevin start the game. that's what happened yesterday when manhattan beat merritt by a point. >> my senses weren't really what could he do? as opposed to what can he do? >> reporter: kevin has a basketball scholarship. the he can pass and play aggressive defense. >> i'm a little bit of a dirty player. i can stick it under the ribs and stuff. >> reporter: it's what he's missing that makes him an inspiration. what kevin doesn't have in arm, he certainly makes up for in heart. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. >> i love it.
7:52 am
>> thanks again to espn for bringing kevin's story to us. we appreciate it. and now for younger looking skin try this brought to you by olay. you know about cleansing your face. eating right. what else can you do get your skin looking younger? the easy answer can splice you get it now at slash "gm "gma." new olay pro x advanced cleaning system. [ crowd cheering ] it's for saying, "i love us." ♪ i love who we are together, how we've grown, from our nervous conversations to the one we two have become. valentine's day is for taking the time to say i love us. ♪
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7:55 am
♪ ri
7:56 am
>> governor brown presents his state of the state in sacramento. how to tackle the $25 billion deficit is a major focus. the speech will be streamed live on our website a little fog out there this morning. let's talk about where we're gonna go today, mike. >> partly cloudy and mostly sunny conditions this afternoon as the fog lifts. fog thickest in our inland valleys. 60 degrees. pretty close to average. tonight chilly again, mid-30s, low 40 inland.
7:57 am
warmest weather this weekend. >> northbound 13 approaching a 7 car accident blocking the right lane. >> frances, thanks a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ we have william and kate's royal reservations. the high-end hotel where everyone is going to be checking in. also it's the details on who kate's bridesmaids will be. >> and i guess everyone is lining up for that job be. >> i think so. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. we're going to take a close look at the food that's been hailed as the food for babies. there's a new report out that says it could lead to childhood obesity. and you've heard the tiger
8:01 am
mom, of course, talk about tough love. what role has her husband, the father, played in bringing up their children. well, he is going to be here, talking with george live this morning. but, first, there are new developments in egypt. let's go back to christiane amanpour in cairo. they do have breaking news there. good morning, christiane. >> reporter: good morning, robin. state television is right now showing pictures of president hosni mubarak's america's longtime and embattled ally swearing in the new cabinet, the new government. this is what he said he was going to do when he made that speech on friday. that the government had resigned and ordered that he was going to put a new government in place. the question is, of course, what will this mean on the streets. now, we can see that hosni mubarak wants to institute reform. he's appointed a well-known man, omar suleiman. on the streets.
8:02 am
people are gathering again in tahrir square, even though the military presence has increased and they're trying to slow down those protests. robin. >> do you think this is enough, christiane, because the protesters want him out. not just a new government. they want him to not be a part of it. >> reporter: that's exactly right. what we can see that's trying to happen here from mubarak's point of view is some sort of orderly system. he's trying to implement reform, as he said. we're waiting to see if that's enough for the people who are saying that they want complete change, they want freedom, they want democracy. for the region, for the united states, they're calling for an orderly transition. robin. >> all right, christiane, we'll have more from you later. we're going to switch gears. the story about a mother in alaska who attracted national attention after admitting on the dr. phil show that she used hot
8:03 am
sauce for disciplining her son. jessica appeared on the show hoping to get help for her son adopted from russia, but that appearance was flooded by reports to anchorage police. >> this mother said she did this because she was just so frustrate with her kid. she also admitted forcing her son to do jumping jacks to the point of exhaustion as another form of punishment. but is it child abuse? it has police weighing in and hundreds of parents. >> why did you lie to me? what happens when you lie to me? >> i get hot haasauce. >> you get hot sauce. >> reporter: burning hot sauce poured on a 7-year-old's tongue. followed by a freezing cold shower. punishment from his own mother for throwing pencils at school
8:04 am
and lying about it. jessica, his adoptive mother, sent the video. >> we have tried spanking. a lot of different things. >> reporter: now, she may end up being punished. viewers flooded the anchorage police department where her husband is a police officer. she now faces child abuse. >> nothing that jessica lass done is criminal. if you give your child food that has hot sauce on it, maybe they seat mexican food, does that mean it's child abuse. >> reporter: because the boy was adopted from russia, authorities there are investigating, too. one person wrote, this type of situation is going to destroy the child and the family. another said, okay, so what harm actually occurred? none that i see. >> hot sauce is really the new wash out your mouth with soap. >> reporter: the message does have advocates, the actress who
8:05 am
played blair on "facts of life" quote about uses hot sauce in creative connection." she defended her actions on "gma." >> i would rather my child receive a small amount of pain from my hand of love than encounter a lot more pain in life not learning boundaries and consequences. >> jessica is due back in court in march. she's pleaded not guilty. an idaho mother, father and grandmother punished their children with a product called gold cap world's hottest sauce, 35 times hotter than tabasco sauce. >> it's unbelievable. >> andrea canning, thanks very much. let's look at the other top stories. juju chang. >> good morning, everyone. we're turning to the economy now. we have more discouraging news about home prices.
8:06 am
a "wall street journal" found prices dropped in all 28 metropolitan areas. more unsold homes are also sitting on the market. and australia is bracing for another disaster. the region of the country is swamped with historic floods this month is now right in the path of what is expected to be one of the worst storms to ever hit the area. officials are expecting up to 3 feet of rain. and bill gates has a new top priority. today, he's announcing his foundation will spend another $100 million to wipe out polio which still exists in countries. and john berry has died. berry was best known for this film score. ♪ >> deeply cool. he wrote scores for a dozen of james bond movies. the british-born jon barry died
8:07 am
in new york. he was 77 news. good morning to you all of you, juju. tonight we begin on "world news," a week-long series, asking how do we take care of our aging relatives, all of those issues, without buckling under the strain in so many families. the new series is designed to help everyone and it's tonight on "world news." >> that's the news at 8:07. time for the weather with sam champion. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. i'm surprised that it was a little cold out outside this morning. bosses it definitely feels colder than last week. i don't know why. let's get to the boards. one or two things we're talking about. we're concentrating on that powerful system that puts itself together for the country. three quarters of the country for the next three days. severe snow in the south, and ice. minneapolis will go to 4 degrees on wednesday.
8:08 am
kansas city, 9. chicagoland, your temperatures tonight change until thursday. but we have incredible snow. tuesday afternoon, a blizzard watch, into tuesday night and ending on wednesday. >> all of america's weather in the next half hour, george, robin. >> sam, thank you. we're going to turn now to
8:09 am
our royal diary. fresh details about william and kate's upcoming wedding. decisions about where the bride is staying before the day. here's our royal watching katie nicholl with the details. >> reporter: it's shaping up. the details are slowly leaking out. the big news this weekend, harry who is william's best man will be getting back together with chelsea davies. she's moving back to london. both princes are able to get royal romance on their own terms. >> the royal family has learned a lesson from diana. the great legacy that diana has left is that he can marry whoever he wants. >> reporter: while the couple want to make sure diana is part of the wedding, they also want to forge their own way. >> one of the things that william is concerned about that
8:10 am
kate doesn't follow diana. >> reporter: and we're learning more where kate could spend her last night before she takes her vow. with 71 rooms an ideal location just a stone's throw from buckingham palace. this is the royal venue for the bridal party. here is one of the suites where the guests may stay. let's take a look. the hotel is intimate, luxurious and most importantly private. it's a 100-year hold. many of the royal guests stay here in the very bedrooms. and great historical significance as well. the hotel's kitchen was the command center for the chief allied fores during world war i. and winston churchill stayed here in 1919 when his more lived here. it's played host to christopher plumber, sarah ferguson, margaret thatcher and vanessa
8:11 am
redgrave. the queen is said to want to give them time to adjust to married life, but they may evolve to australia or canada after the wedding. >> one of the things about william and kate most of all is the words normal. they like to have a cozy night in. watching tv, putting their feet up. not worrying about attending a ban get. >> reporter: and what about children, diana gave birth to william within a year. >> i would say within a year's time. >> and royal watcher extraordinaire, katie nicholl, joins us live for all the latest on this. of course, katie is also the author of the book "william and harry: behind the palace walls." we saw you, katie, at the goring hotel. what more can you tell us about
8:12 am
it? >> i have a fitting night's stream. discretion is the keyword. you know me, robin, i tried my hardest whether they are definitely staying, how many are coming. and being english, probably the most prestigious and oldest hotel in london, very tight-lipped. i had a dish made for the queen mother which was different. and it's a very, very lovely establishment. >> we always appreciate how you try and get those little tidbits. and you always come through again and again. a little bit more about the wedding party. what more can you tell us what you referred tos the chief bridesmaid and the supporter, that's what we call the best man and made of honor? >> that's right, they have chosen a team of bridesmaids right now.
8:13 am
she's not great at decision making i think she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving them out. but she'd like some younger bridesmaids. and also william's good present, his daughter grace, also william's goddaughter is lined up for the role. eloise is another one. so i think it's a nice combination of young and slightly older leading them and looking after them. i don't think she's going to have as many bridesmaids as diana. and prince harry is going to be in charge of everything. >> yes, including the stag or bachelor party. but we hear that prince william is stepping up a bit and kind of putting the clamps on it a bit, right? >> well, he is, a little bit. i was told just before christmas and new year, harry made a secret trip to a public in london 3 and he liked this venue.
8:14 am
he thought it was perfect. there was an underground entrance. they wouldn't need to be photographed, seen going in and leaving. william, i think he wants something more low-key than that. i think possibly scotland. maybe at a friend's private house. just somewhere where they can't be sighted. so, yes, william is taking the matter into his own hands. might be a good idea. >> i think so. prince harry's date perhaps at the wedding will be -- fill in the blank? >> well, we think it might be chelsy davy. i found out over the weekend, actually, she's coming back to london. she's kept the place open and i think she's coming back. and i think we will see her there in april. they're very much in touch. some of the messages that they've been leaving on each other's facebook is pretty friendly. >> absence makes the heart grow fonder. katie, thanks so much. a lovely day in london there. we'll be talking to you soon.
8:15 am
remember, you at home can be part of the royal wedding. thousands have already viewed and signed the royal wedding guest book online. sending beautiful messages. we have someone who writes, may your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. go to and you can join in. coming up next, the husband the tiger mom speaks out for the first time. he'll talk to george. at risk for heart disease and it could be time to listen to her heart. so she talked to her walgreens pharmacist who gave her a free blood pressure test and showed her how easy it is to do it herself at home. a message mary heard loud and clear. get a free blood pressure test any day in february at most walgreens and take care clinic locations.
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8:19 am
husband, the yale law professor and dad. and author of "death instinct." jed rubenfeld. what's life been like for you all? >> it's been rough. it's been tough. not for me, at times, but for amy, it's been tough. it's sparked a national conversation, an international conversation, really, i do think that's tremendous. >> but seeing death threats, for example, and all this vitriol on the blogs. >> well, we get so many questions, what were we doing? people don't really understand what it's like inside of a family. how can you if you don't know what it's like inside. listen, you have kids, you know what it's like. for me, we were raising our children with traditional american values.
8:20 am
that's what it was like from my point of view. hard work, respect, excellence, belief in yourself. belief that you can accomplish what you set out to if you work at it. to me, those were traditional american values. >> so you were all right with this program? >> yeah, we never agreed completely. every husband and wife, are we going to agree about everything? no. i was on board with 99% of it. 99% of the time, absolutely, i agreed with it. because, as i was saying for me, these were traditional american values, not asian. so, yeah, i was on board with it. >> a lot of people are wondering, we've got a lot of questions on the website what were you doing when you heard your wife called your daughter garbage? >> oh, come on. that story has been so overblown. amy has responded to that so many times, listen, she has said, it's not something she's proud of. i applaud her for honesty.
8:21 am
is there any parent that you know who wouldn't want to have a do-over, one do-over for something they said to their kid that they wished they hadn't. really, i give they are credit for honesty. >> a lot of the portions of the book were dane out. she said it was your story to tell. is there any part that you didn't like? >> oh, no. i can tell you exactly what happened with that. she's writing a story about her relationship with her daughters. she's not writing a story about our marriage. i thought that was great, if they wanted to write that book. i wasn't totally crazy about being a character in somebody else's book. i said, i'd rather be kept in the background. that's what she did. >> meanwhile, you're writing your own book "the death instinct." following on your last, it sold 1 million copies. this is about, i guess, the precursor in some ways to 9/11, something that happened on wall
8:22 am
street back in the 1920s. >> it's a thriller. it's got a great love story. it's like a cross between an indiana jones adventure and a sherlock holmes adventure. but it's based on a real historic event. this is the single biggest unsolved crime in history. i bet your viewers have never heard it. i'm a criminal law professor and i haven't heard of it. suddenly, the united states is hit by the deadliest, most massive terrorist attack ever on american soil. and we're not talking about 9/11. this is 1920. this really happened. over 400 people were killed or injured. and the fbi never prosecuted anybody. never identified anybody. never identified anybody as a perpetrator in my book. it's an adventure book. it offers a story about what might be the hidden truth behind that bombing. >> you also take the title from freud, "the vision of death
8:23 am
instinct." freud would have had a field day with tiger mom, wouldn't he? >> i'm sure he would. but the psychological aspect of it is, why do people do these things? why do they kill? why do they kill strangers? why do they kill politicians? why do they kill on a big stage? we know about these things that relate on contemporary events but freud thought it was maybe something deeper than us. >> the book is called "death instinct." you can read an excerpt on you're doing a really smart thing. the omega 3's in fish oil strengthen your cell walls so they stay flexible. and nature made fish oil is the number one recommended by pharmacists. you really know your fish oil! learn why nature made is the best fish oil for you at nature made.
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hey, it's your right to breathe right! ♪ san francisco police are investigating a shooting at fisherman's wharf that left two people dead. it happened last night about 8:30 inside a souvenir shop. the victims were a man and woman who apparently worked there. paramedics pronounced them dead at the scene. officers detained and questioned a second man. investigators haven't revealed the relationship between the three people or a possible motive for the shooting. san francisco union square is going to get more difficult beginning today when the next phase of the city's central subway project begins. one lane at stockton street will be closed most of the day while construction crews start relocating underground utilities in the union square and market street areas. it could be a little tricky there. what about elsewhere. let's check with frances and get the latest on traffic.
8:28 am
>> a new accident at whipple. slow south 101 out of san mateo. northbound 13 continues to be jammed? oakland because of a much earlier accident that happened about an hour ago. it's still there blocking the right lane heavy aproposing 24. outside not much of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and looking find across the san mateo bridge and golden gate
8:29 am
>> welcome back. still dealing with thick fog in inland valleys where we have 30s and low 40s. low to mid-40s the bay shore and out to the coast. a partly cloudy afternoon, temperatures close to average. mid to upper 50s. you can see the 60s in green.
8:30 am
more fog and inland valleys onight and ♪ >> morning america how are you ♪ good morning, america, on this monday morning, we appreciate you starting your work week with us. as you see those heading off for the j-o-b. >> slowly. trolling to work this morning. >> exactly. can i ask you something? what are you feeding your baby? the food that could be setting your kids up for childhood obesity. >> one doctor says the white rice cereal is leading kids towards obesity. creating a huge debate. that's with juju and dr. richard besser. and also retirement. some people can't afford to retire right now. companies are looking for workers and where to find those jobs. we're just a month away from the big oscar showdown.
8:31 am
the countdown begins this morning. we have a star-studded look at how hollywood feeds the celebrities' appetite. but first, the chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days. you're trapped for 69 days, what do you do? you go to disney world. disney is treating the bhieners to to a complementary six-day vacation. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: after spending two months trapped in a chilean mine, like worldwide heroes just like the super bowl ads -- >> what are you doing next? -- >> reporter: they are going to disney world. the miners arrived here wednesday. leading the pack, super mario seeple vida. the last time we saw him he made his jubilant and nude dash right
8:32 am
there for the ocean, vowing to his son that he'd live life fully. in an exclusive with abc news, mario says i was about to lose my life, now i'm surrounded it. we joined super mario, the miners' foreman for a day at the park. the smiles rejupted to kisses and more. but mario noted that the vacation is now over. four months after the rescue, he's headed back to the mines. mario told me he loves the mines as much as he loves his wife. so i asked his son francisco what he thought. he said, it's okay if he wants to go back, but hopefully it will be a safer mine. it might be. mario is studying to become a mine safety inspector. but on this date, he remains mario the entertain. even with the requisite photo
8:33 am
with mickey. >> what is so wonderful to watch them walk through the park and watch our guests recognize them and come up and ask for their autographs. >> reporter: and this cheer. and we'll probably hear nor cheers for the chilean miner as they become the willing master of the parade. as they're given the key to that castle. a long way from the mine. >> that's going to be a wonderful parade. good at that rescuers are there, too. disney, of course, is the parent company of abc. let's go to sam champion. hey, robin, a shout out to minneapolis this morning. they already have snow on the ground. there will be more. by the way, nobody understands minneapolis like kstp does.
8:34 am
we get all of our information from them. twitter pictures this morning, from north carolina, we've got a beautiful sunrise, this is from the last big digout of central park and more on the way. here is who gets snow, minneapolis, denver, kansas city, detroit, new york, even boston. let me show you who gets ice. i will take you to the new york city area, draw it kind of all the way through around around, basically, oklahoma city, northern texas, all the way getting a layer of ice. this in many locations will be measu measurable ice. this is going to be difficult to drive on. we've got every northern airport and southern airports like atlanta coming in with strong to severe storms with heavy rain. on the west coast today, it's dry but cool. there was heavy rain in the l.a. area over the weekend, that's at least dried
8:35 am
>> all that weather has been brought to you by breathe right. robin, george. thank you, sam. a debate over baby food. stanford pediatrician adam green said that white rice cereal recommended for babies may lead to childhood obesity. juju is going to tell us about his campaign. >> dr. green is a pediatric professor at stanford. he said by examining the way babies eat and how, he says it all starts with the cereal. he said the white rice cereal recommended for decades is the gateway to childhood obesity. >> clueing it up, yea!
8:36 am
good boy. >> reporter: it's the milestone every parent looks forward to. mom and dad whip out the video camphor their baby as first bite of real food. >> what do you think, big guy? >> reporter: for 50 years pediatricians have recommended white rice cereal for a baby's first biting. easily digestible, gluten-free and hypoallergenic. but pediatrician alan green is turning that belief on its head. >> i have serious problems with white rice cereal. one of the things i have become convinced of, white rice cereal can be predisposed to childhood obesity. all it is is processed white flour. >> reporter: dr. green says because white rice cereal is the number one source of solids by far in the baby's first year, he believes it conditions children
8:37 am
to process sugary foods. all of these are for kids. he wants parents to start them on pureed fruits and vegetables. >> the difference between white rice and brown rice is huge. white rice is basically 95% starch. brown rice is minerals, anti-oxidants, all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: dr. green launched the white-out campaign to rid babies of white rice cereal. we asked gerber what they think of dr. green's campaign. they told us they're not aware of any scientific studies that support the theory that white rice cereal contributes to childhood obesity and welcome the opportunity to review any relevant scientific data. we dropped by the early chidehood center.
8:38 am
what have you been told to feed your baby? >> white rice cereal. >> reporter: do you know why? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: why not try whole grains or avocado. >> we haven't decided. >> reporter: not all doctors are convinced, this pediatric nutritionist said blueprinting for kids is just a theory. >> obesity is really about an excess of calories. it's not about a particular food. and the idea of focusing so much on, you know, brown rice cereal versus an enriched rice cereal is taking the thunder away from strategies that would be more appropriate. >> reporter: it's one thing to demonize white rice cereal. parents are out there giving soda and sugar to kids at a very early age. isn't that more damaging? >> i am saying you might as well
8:39 am
putting soda in a bottle. >> reporter: provocative food for thought. >> now, gerber already makes whole grain cereal. it's often sitting right next to the package. they're often at the same price. now, the american academy of pediatrics is neutral on the type of grain but does recommend iron-fortified cereal. dr. green believes that women and infants and childrens would benefit if they came out with that. >> let's bring in rich besser on this. we were talking about this before. you don't buy this? >> i don't. i don't. when eye look at obesity and what's driving it. it's really an issue of overeating. there are thing nas parents do with babies that can help promote that. behavorial feeding, always giving a child a bottle when they cry. not learning the cues of when a child is done and feeding past that. and then the juices, just loading children with bottles of juices. those are the big issues, i
8:40 am
think, in terms of obesity. >> but on white rice in particular. you're not negative on it. are you neutral, or do you think it's a good thing? >> well, i always recommended white rice cereal. i think he makes a great point in switching to brown rice cereal, as long as it's fortified with iron. but those early feeds that you're doing with the child is so much more about the interaction between the parent and the baby than they are about feeding. you want to diversify the diet very quickly in terms of adding in the vegetables. so much is culturally dependent. if you go around the world, you'll find very different things. you won't find cereals at all. >> the important thing is balanced diet, pretty much from the start? >> balanced diet, learning to feed a child when they're hungry, not as a means of affecting behavior. >> thanks very much. coming up, reinventing @@@@@ dinner's ready!
8:41 am
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as you know, the recession did a number on many people's retirement savings. one reason why more than 6 million workers over the age of
8:44 am
65 are staying on the job. for those who have retired and need extra income, today's "america's jobs" highlights employers looking for older workers. tory johnson is here. >> good morning. >> it's refreshing to know there are companies who are actually looking for them. >> that's right. they know the secret that too many employers don't know which is, we hear that older workers are less product eye, less interested. want to slow down. that really is a myth. and two recent studies found that to be the case. one from morton, one from boston college found that actually older workers on average take fewer vacation days than their younger counterparts. and as they reach retirement age, those interested in working become more interested in their work, not less. the savvy employers know that. unfortunately, not enough know that. but the saviest do and those are the places you want to look for work.
8:45 am
>> and these workers are very attractive. >> that's right. >> you have the three "c"s, beginning with consulting. >> consulting. you've spent 20, 30 years building up expertise in an area of work. the first thing you want to do is talk to an employer or current employer, offer that expertise. you have that knowledge. you have offer them at a fraction of your full-time salary. especially if you go part time. if they don't want to buy, look at competitors in your industry. also staffing firms are looking for high-skilled workers. on "gma," you got a database to help you find the right staffing firm. >> and that is so key. next one, consumer. >> for this, it's really about customer service. in the retail industry, cvs and home depot are the ones that get the idea that retirees make phenomenal workers. they're particularly interested
8:46 am
in retirees because they pretty much mirror their customer base. home depot, right now, for the next 90 to 100 days, their busy season, akin to like christmas, they're staffing up. they're looking at retirees. one phenomenal example say man, ed abrams. they hired him when he was 71 years old. now, at the end of february, they're going to salute him because he turned 90. 90. there he is. he works there three days a week. he's a part-timer. they call him fast eddie. he's faster and better at mentoring a lot of the new hires. >> we got a fast eddie around here. >> that's right. >> the one that i was not familiar with that's growing and that is being a caregiver. >> a caregiver. what's interesting about caregiving, companion ship, elderly people who require this kind of service often ask
8:47 am
specifically for a retiree to serve them. they say at that younger people who do this type of work, walk too fast. talk too fast. are not as engaged as somebody who's older. on the "gma" site, we list several places that you can look for this type of work. >> be creative, right in your approach? >> absolutely. absolutely. so many people that we've talked to doing this kind of work have been very creative and have found great opportunities in their retirement years. >> thanks so much. we appreciate that. in these tough times of job seekers to get tory's advice, ask her your questions at coming up next, the countdown to the oscars goes behind the scenes toto ♪
8:48 am
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♪ hooray for hollywood this morning, we're starting our countdown to the oscars. the academy awards are just 27 days away. and we thought we'd begin by
8:50 am
taking a look at the fascinating story of hollywood's gossip. do tell. you're going to see how things have changed just a little bit since 1911. >> are you indicating anyone? >> reporter: in today's hollywood media -- >> here she comes -- >> reporter: -- there are countless outlets it seems, feeding our bottomless appetite for celebrity news. television, magazines, tabloids, blogs, even twitter. oh, but when hollywood was young, there are fewer ways to get movie star gossip. and fan magazines were faithful. this is the very first such magazine published in 1911. >> the greg forepeck -- >> reporter: walter winchle, louetta parsons. >> they the power to ruin someone's career. not only important at that time to the individual it might be
8:51 am
affecting, but also the bottom line to the studios. because the studios were so committed to protecting the stars. >> reporter: hedda's hopper's hollywood of 1960s. >> there's no town like it. >> reporter: the original documents tr preserved at the academy's mark get harris library. with no e-mail in 1940, hopper got breaking news by telegram. including this wedding announcement by bette davis. >> he left behind cards for marilyn monroe, elvis presley and round reagan. today, archer's notes are cataloged in the library, along with the lion'sing with from "the wizard of oz." and a ledger listing greta garbo
8:52 am
from the silent movie. 80,000 scripts. 38,000 posters. 20,000 costume and production design drawings. 10 million photographs. and generations of fan magazines, stuffed with stories that were hardly spoofs. >> they an agreement, at least in the '30s up up until the late 1940s, that the studio publicity department actually approved all the stories that went into the fan magazines. >> reporter: but not call. "confidential," preferring to sweep it under the rug. it was a dawning of today's tabloids. >> they did make tradeoffs to protects bigger stars, they would sort of throw a lesser star to the wolves. the studio worked to perfect the images of their stars don't exist anymore. >> this is the first paparazzi
8:53 am
shot we've ever shot at l.a.x. unbelievabl unbelievable. >> it's not the powerful way it has been in the past. there are so many avenues for it to get out. >> reporter: they're everywhere, 24/7, renegades in the wilds wild west. and abc will be televising the wild west. and abc will be televising the academy awards on february 27th
8:54 am
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how to tackle the statement's $25 billion budget deficit is expected to be the main focus. it begins at 5 p.m. and we'll stream it live at the family of a kidnapped central valley boy held a candle vigil for giuliani and they believe he's still alive. police called off the search over the weekend africannal divers found a car used to abduct the boy but did not find the body of the boy or his suspected kidnapper. let's find out when we might see that sunshine. >> a lot of us are seeing it. others dealing with the fog. see it probably the next couple hours or so. but we'll have clouds during the afternoon also so mid to upper 50s. even a 60 here and there. 7-day forecast, looks like temperatures remain pretty close to average during the afternoon. chilly wednesday and thursday morning and warmer than average the weekend afternoons. frances? >> mike, we're having half an hour delays now on w


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