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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 8, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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they're working while you're sleeping. and of course we're always online at until tomorrow, good night, america. >> dicky: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- vin diesel. >> i'm not the normal guest out here. >> jimmy: donald trump wins, my guess america will look like it did in "back to the future ii." >> dicky: neve campbell. and music from ellie goulding. >> jimmy: if an agreement isn't reached, there's going to be a big government shutdown what we really need is a big government ztzp
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, along with my friend guillermo, getting ready for the show with a nice, close shave with the gillette fusion proglide. i am an expert shaver, and over the last few years, i've tried every new razor there is. three blades, four blades, five blades -- >> that's a lot of blades. >> jimmy: yes, i know. but the proglide is the best, because it has thinner, finer blades for less tug and pull. it turns shaving into gliding. >> yes, it turns shaving into gliding. >> jimmy: it does. feel my neck right there, guillermo. >> wow. it's so smooth. like if silk and velvet make a baby. >> jimmy: yes, if like silk and velvet made a baby. and what would that baby's name
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be? >> debbie! >> jimmy: no. proglide. the gilette fusion proglide. >> that's not a good name for a baby. >> jimmy: no, yeah, right. >> i like debbie. >> jimmy: i like it, too. >> dicky: the gillette fusion proglide turns shaving into gliding and skeptics into believers. take the proglide challenge today. >> jimmy: up next on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live," vin diesel, neve campbell and music from ellie goulding.
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[ boy's voice ] no. well, you're never, ever, ever allowed to use my trash can basketball hoop! big whoop! [ male announcer ] get your own melty, irresistible chicken cordon bleu -- back because you love it. subway. eat fresh. chicken cordon bleu -- back because you love it. that the new focus can it virtually park till you actually see it... park itself. the all-new ford focus with class-exclusive active park assist. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- vin diesel. from "scream 4," neve campbell. and music from ellie goulding. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, look out! here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for being here with us tonight. just sit there, don't say anything. i want to remember you just like this. we have a mystery flu bug going around the office. yesterday a dozen people who work here either came in or called in sick and today there were five more. some of them got sick during the day, i think some of them thought it would be good to get a three-day weekend and they headed home around 3:00. that's a lot of people. last night, i did the show and the moment the show ends i start feeli ing dizzy. i go home and change into my sleeping gown and i went out to the garage and got a bucket and i got some towels, just in case i got sick in the middle of the
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night and i laid them next to my bed right there and then i took a couple of skittles p.m. to help me go to sleep and taste the rainbow at the same time. and then i slept through the night and no problem at all. i wasn't -- i made myself sick thinking -- i imagined i didn't feel well and then i didn't feel well. i wish i could imagine good things, like, oh, my god, i r l really feel like i might be able to speak chinese. i have to lay down. i'm feeling very fluent in mandarin right now. but i can't, so -- i hope i don't infect any of you with my imaginary germs. democrats and republicans in congress are still fighting over the budget. they may be fighting right there right now. if an agreement isn't reached in 24 hours there's going to be a big government shutdown. what we really need is a big government shut up, right? [ applause ] so, the shutdown would mean that all non--essential workers would stop coming to work.
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i'm okay with. why don't we have non-essential workers? people keep saying we need to take these guys and lock them in a room together to force them to work it out. they tried that last night. i think we need to lock them all in the garbage masher from "star wars" and force them. trust me, they would get something worked out. i tell you what, this is why we need a president trump in this country. donald trump was on "the today show" talking about his potential run for president. he said he can't make a final decision until this season of "celebrity apprentice" is over which is maybe the best excuse for postponing your run for the presidency ever. i'm unable to decide whether i can run for president or not until i decide whether la toya jackson or jose canseco will be my new apprentice. i would ease into this. i would run for a lower office first, like president of the hair club for men, but not donald trump. he said he can't run because he has the number one show on nbc,
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which is kind of like having the nicest house in haiti. it's not that impressive. but still he appears to be very serious about turning this country around. >> the world laughs at us. they won't be latching if i'm president. >> jimmy: they won't? [ laughter ] i think they will. donald trump wins, my guess is america will look a lot like it did in "back to the future ii" when biff was in charge. most of trump's platform seems to be based around his disbelief that president obama is an american citizen. you know, for someone who places so much importance on that sort of thing, trump doesn't seem to care about buying american when it comes to wives. and he told meredith vieira that he sent a team of investigators to hawaii to look into this issue. he said the people who are researching this for him cannot
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believe what they're finding. of course they can't believe what they're finding. they're being paid by donald trump to go to hawaii. yes, we found out he's a kenyan and a muslim. and we're going to need suites in hmaui, and jet skis too. here's what the team looks like. you may recognize them from -- better keep that hair out of the ocean, you could choke a dolphin pretty easily. with all that said, trum suspect doing well in the polls. right now, in a national poll, donald is in second place with 17% of people saying they would vote for him. only four points behind mitt romney. among tea partiers, trump is in first place. second place is chuck norris, though, and third place was an ak-47 with an american flag painted on it. donald trump released his first political ad today, which, i think speaks very well to his strengths as a candidate.
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>> donald trump embodies the conservative spirit. >> definitely conservative. >> his mission is to help others. >> and that's what we are here for, to help others. >> donald trump supports art programs in schools. >> part of that paint is mine. you understand me? >> he believes in equality for all. regardless of sexual orientation. >> that's a really gay-ass hat. >> and wants to dramatically lower the unemployment rate. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> donald trump. businessman. entrepreneur. patriot. donald trump for president. paid for by big hair. >> he's the hood ornament on your car of creation. >> jimmy: i agree with that completely. [ applause ] fire members of congress one by one until only a weeping john boehner is left. tonight, on "american idol," which is not actually american, it was born in england. nine contestants were whittled
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down to eight, though the judges liked everyone last night. they are really not judges, they're highly paid compliment givers. last night, not one even slightly critical comment from steven tyler or jennifer lopez and the closest randy got to criticizing somebody is tilting his head and telling the contestants, i'm not jumping up and down this really flies in the face of all the misery simon cowell work sod hard to create on this show. i think one of the reasons steven tiler is not saying anything negative is he doesn't want to hurt his chances of having sex with the contestants. tonight, pia was eliminated. i think she was steven's favorite. he looked like he was going to cry. steven only have two women left on the show, and with that said, here's steven admiring pia for one last time. it's teach tisteven tyler's cre of the night. >> pia -- >> [ applause ] >> steven said there were a million guys in a million bars
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having a million drinks about you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: very horny mathematics. so -- good-bye, pia. see ya, pia. we have some very special guests in our studio audience tonight. two of the finest college basketball players in all the land, from byu, jimmer fredette and kemba walker from the national champion uconn huskies. hello, fellas. >> how are you doing? >> jimmy: so, jimmer and kemba are in l.a. because their finalists for the wooden award, which goes to the best player in college basketball, which is exciting. you want to arm wrestle for it right now? >> ah -- no, i don't think so. >> jimmy: who would win one-on-one between you two? >> that would be a tough one. >> jimmy: are you excited about being here? >> yeah, definitely. >> jimmy: doing any muff stun? >> yeah this is the best thing we've done so far. >> jimmy: oh, no. [ applause ] well, soon you're going to be
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millionaires soon, i mean, is that -- is that what you think about when you go to the atm and try to get $20 out? >> it's possible. >> hopefully, yeah. not yet. >> jimmy: i hope you both win. i hope it's an unheard of sir come stance when you both win it. [ applause ] and by the way, when you guys are on, like, the nba all-star team, remember your old pal jim who briefly talked to you in the audience. [ applause ] >> we will. >> jimmy: meanwhile, in boring sports, the masters has begun. that is golf. do you watch the masters, uncle frank? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you do? >> sure. >> jimmy: who is your favorite golfer? >> ah -- troy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. all right. the masters, mostly appeals to older white men which is why they run a urinary incontinence commercial every ten minutes. cbs is trying to spice things up
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by putting new blood in the broadcast booth and the new guy is very good. >> okay. it's the first day of the masters. what a court. beautiful scenery, birds all around the place chirping. chirp, chirp, chirp. they're golf birds. look at the flag in the middle of the court. i don't know what country that represents or why the ball is going by it. it's a pretty flag. wow. this game is real easy. four, four, three, three. the ones that have circumstanci them, that's for double exposure. there's the shot. into the hole -- whoa! what a shot. and he waved to the ball because he was so happy. everybody did good today and nobody got hurt. what a day! wow. >> jimmy: great job, uncle frank. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: really, really good job. great news for reality tv fans, tonight, the return of "real
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housewives of new york." there are a lot of these shows on tv right now, there's new york, there's atlanta, orange county. and they all start to blend together. so, what we did to make "the real housewives of new york" stand out, we took the audio from the show and combined it with video from the cartoon "the power puff girls." >> you know this gay marriage walk, they asked me to be on the committee and i was already invited to this wedding. they said, can we use your name? i said yes. and alex comes up to me at the church and said, i thought you were going tomorrow. she's socializing at a party that is so above her. >> hello. so, i'm totally confused now. you told me that you knew a week ago that i was coming to the wedding but ramona asked if i was coming. why does it matter? you say one thing and -- said i heard you were coming. i'm happy to see you. it's a beautiful wedding. we both have a mutual friend.
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>> that's all. >> does that straighten it out for you? >> no. >> okay. >> she's a bitch. [ applause ] >> jimmy: never call someone who shoots lasers out of their hands a bitch. one more thing. it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> welcome to "idol." we are live from the center of hollywood and tonight, we have 90 minutes of [ bleep ] for you. steven tyler, ladies and gentlemen. >> a government shutdown is coming friday when the clock strikes midnight, unless they [ bleep ] a [ bleep ]. >> speaking of a conference call with his supporters yesterday, the president said, i'm [ bleep ] up. i don't know about everyone else. >> you know that if you want me to, i will [ bleep ] somebody from this side of the table. >> mike, no movement at all. like those balls are glued to
12:18 am
his [ bleep ]. >> and today, by the way is the 24th annual arts -- what's [ bleep ] behind me? i just happened to notice it. >> it's my turn to [ bleep ] don rickles tonight. >> the raging [ bleep ] [ bleep ] spirit got you back in business, i think. >> back to the middle of the ring no where to go. >> back to grouchland, oscar. >> yeah. we don't want to get [ bleep ] again. [ applause ] >> jimmy: we have a good show for you tonight. neve campbell is here. we have music from ellie goulding. and we'll be right back with vin diesel, so stick around. [ sneezes ] allergies?
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>> jimmy: hi there. thank you for being with us tonight. i appreciate you cancelling whatever plans you had for midnight on a thursday to stay in and watch. tonight on the show -- a woman who has been surviving make-believe murder attempts for 15 years. and it happens again, starting next friday in her new movie "scream 4." neve campbell is with us. and then, making her television debut in the united states, with music from this new album. it debuted at number one in the uk. it's called "lights." ellie goulding is here from the bud light stage. next week on the show, we'll be joined by david arquette, mike birbiglia, emma roberts, morgan spurlock, patrick warburton, tom arnold, alison brie, eva longoria, the latest castoff from "dancing
12:24 am
with the stars." and we'll have music from jenny & johnny, asking alexandria, francis & the lights, and robyn. so please join us next week, too. our first guest tonight, you know from many popular films. "the chronicles of riddick," "xxx," "the pacifier," and, of course, the series known as the "fast and the furious." the most recent installment, of which, "fast five" opens in theaters april 29th. please say hello to the clean-shaven and muscular vin diesel. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm healthy at the moment. things can change. >> jimmy: when you walk out here, you look like a normal guy. i gave you the pat on the shoulder, and i'm like, oh, my god. do you, like, work out or something? >> that's a good question. >> jimmy: how often do you work
12:25 am
out? how much do you have to work out to get like that? >> right now in my life i work out for each specific role, so -- it depends on which role it is. >> jimmy: i see. the don role, i work out before i get to set and then i drink a lot of beers to kind of -- just to get the right character. >> jimmy: even things out? how many kids do you have? >> three. >> jimmy: and you have a really one, right? >> a really one, yeah. >> jimmy: how old? >> 7 1/2 months. >> jimmy: oh that is little. that's cute. so, does he drink with you and work out with you, or? >> he's a beast, we just had my daughter's birthday, the alpha angels birthday. >> jimmy: how old is she? >> 3. >> jimmy: that's cute. >> and auntie michelle rodriguez showed up. >> jimmy: oh, did you have her arrested? >> she looks at my little 7
12:26 am
month old baby, she goes, ahh. she goes, he has riddick eyes. and he really does. >> jimmy: i think we'd all be afraid. how often do you have to shave your head? what's the daily maintenance on that? >> well, i shaved my head for the last, i shave my head every other day -- >> jimmy: every other day? >> there's an art to it. >> jimmy: really? >> sooner or later we all shave our heads. >> >> jimmy: i guess. >> so you're okay. >> jimmy: not for long. like, i have a photograph of you as a child here. >> oh, my god! >> jimmy: you had a lot of hair. >> how could you do that? >> jimmy: a lot of hair. it's like almost you had too much then and you are being punished. >> being punished. >> jimmy: does your son look like that?
12:27 am
that's not red hair. was your hair ronald mcdonald red? i'll take that as a no. >> well, maybe. >> jimmy: are you from a big family yourself? >> i am. >> jimmy: how many kids in your family? >> all together -- >> jimmy: well, that is a big family. >> four of us that were raised, yeah. >> jimmy: you have a twin brother? >> i do have a twin brother. >> jimmy: twin diesel, right? >> he doesn't look anything like me. >> he doesn't? >> jimmy: he looks like paul walker. does he really? >> bloond hair and blue eyes. the strangest thing. >> jimmy: fraternal twins? that's something else. are you sure you're twins? can you read each other's minds? does he feel your pain? >> yes, he does. it's -- i remember we were
12:28 am
playing around in new york city and climbing roof tops and falling and doing all kinds of crazy things and i fell ten feet onto my back trying to scale a building. have you ever tried to scale a building in new york? and my brother screamed at the top of his lungs and i just -- i'm like, i'm okay. >> jimmy: really? >> he was like, ahh! >> jimmy: that's either very compassionate or he's a little bit hysterical, i'm not sure. >> maybe a little bit. >> jimmy: what does he do for a living, your brother? >> he's an editor. have you ever heard of a company called geronimo? he is the one that went to film school. >> jimmy: oh, really. i heard you are shooting a documentary about bouncers.
12:29 am
>> i'm doing a show called "the ropes," an homage to my years of bouncing. but it's set in a contemporary setting. really cool. >> jimmy: using real bouncers in the show? >> real bouncers in the show. incredible actors like aaron comings. you know who that is? >> jimmy: is he working with -- >> it's a girl. no. who is this guy, seriously? you know i'm not the normal guest out here, guys. anything can happen. >> jimmy: yes, of course, erin's the best. >> erin is amazing. she's the star of the show. >> jimmy: oh, she is. is she a bouncer herself? >> a doorwoman. >> jimmy: they don't call them bounce-resses? >> she's a ma, she's the one th lets you in. >> jimmy: i was thinking about this today a lot of bouncers have become famous movie stars. it's not a terrible thing to do. mr. t was a bouncer. >> see. >> jimmy: a lot of the big,
12:30 am
strong guys natch ramally worked as bouncers. >> here's how it goes. when you act in new york, you have to do something to sustain your life, right? and i was never really the waiter type. you follow me? >> jimmy: i see what you're saying. >> so -- >> jimmy: here's your food, bang. >> and because i wasn't so servile in that way, i had to find another gig and i moonlighted at night and i was a bouncer at night. >> jimmy: how does it work? you look at people and are there some people, you just go, i'm not letting him in, for no particular reason? >> you usually don't have the power to decide who is let in. >> jimmy: really? >> it's the door person. and you are just basically protecting their lives. >> jimmy: i see. and did you enjoy getting in situations where there was trouble, i mean, is that something you actually looked forward to? >> that's embarrassing.
12:31 am
i think at the time, i mean, i'm nonvie leapt now, of course. >> jimmy: of course. >> but what happens when yourself bouncing in new york city, you go to work, and you know there's going to be a fight. >> jimmy: every night? >> every night. >> jimmy: wow. >> so, you feel like you want to get the fight over with because you are coming into work with some anxiety, you want to get the first fight of the night over with as fast as possible. >> jimmy: and how do you do that? >> bang! only kidding. >> jimmy: i can't imagine anyone really just choosing to mess with you but i guess people get drunk and do stupid things. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you ever run into somebody that goes, hey, you beat me up in the '90s. how is it going? >> um -- huh.
12:32 am
there's a couple of celebrities that claim that i threw them out. >> jimmy: is that right? >> can you tell us who? erin comings? >> my friend busta rhymes says. >> jimmy: really? i guess it's possible, huh? did he say why? >> no, he didn't. >> jimmy: we should get you on together and try to hash that out. now, you guys shot this movie in rio, which sounds like good times. and it looks like you had good times there, too. even the sand is -- what's going on here, exactly? >> just repositioning. >> jimmy: these are the kind of sand castles that kids built on the beach in rio. is this a contest of some kind
12:33 am
or just something going on? >> no, it's something down at the beach that is famous, they're famous for having these incredible asses created out of sand. >> jimmy: and we have another photograph. this is you and dwayne "the rock" johnson who is steaming your deal and shaved his head, too. >> like i said, we all have to shave our heads sooner or later. >> jimmy: that's not a fight that should happen. i assume you are friendly offcamera -- >> we were very, very friendly. he's a brother. he's one of the things i'm most proud about in this film coming out. >> jimmy: he is? >> he shines like you won't believe. >> jimmy: his head? >> that's a funny shot, by the way. this shot, there was -- i had just done a hannibal meeting the night before, so i kept looking at his nose like i was going to bite it off and i was hoping
12:34 am
that i wouldn't bite his nose off. >> jimmy: i hope you don't bite mine off, either. that would be -- you were hoping that you wouldn't -- >> please, please don't slip into hannibal mode. >> jimmy: we have a clip here from the film, which, i think, do you need to set this up? >> you can. >> jimmy: okay, what happens in this clip is, two bald guys are hanging around -- i think it's the rock is playing an fbi agent or something. >> he is. >> jimmy: and comes to arrest you. >> well, here's the thing. we initially designed the role for a tommy lee jones because it was a marshall, a u.s. marshal-like character. and justin, the director of the film, justin lynn, flew to new york and, you're not going to believe this, but we were talking about the film that -- this was, like, almost a year before we started shooting it, and he, i had a book of facebook
12:35 am
comments, okay, because it was new, i was new to facebook, i was so -- i thought about facebook as this pool of information, finally, i was able to hear back from the audience. >> jimmy: you have, like, a huge facebook following, right? >> yeah. we have a very strong, healthy, intimate facebook page. >> jimmy: 8 million people or something. >> 21 million. >> jimmy: oh, okay. [ applause ] that's a lot. >> but the intimacy of our page is still intact and all the angels from our page know that. anyway. so, i'm in a meeting with justin lynn and i'm showing him these comments, i'm saying, look at these people talking about our franchise. and there was one person that gave -- a girl named jan kelly -- >> jimmy: you remember her name? >> it's insane. jan kelly. she wrote to me, "i would do
12:36 am
anything to see you and dwayne johnson in a movie together." and i read that to justin lynn and our minds started clicking. and we said, wow, let's go younger with the hobbs rule and get a true adversary and bring that into the film. >> jimmy: you let a random facebook user cast this film for you. the power of the internet. >> the power of the internet. >> jimmy: we have a clip and let's see how jan did. "fast five." >> hey. you're under arrest. >> arrest? i don't feel like i'm under arrest. how about you, brian? >> no, not a bit. not even a little bit. >> just give it a minute. it will sink in. >> jimmy: there you go. she did a good job, i think. should get a credit or
12:37 am
something. >> great, great, great job. >> jimmy: great so see you. vin diesel, everyone. "fast five" opens april 29th. we'll be right back with neve campbell.
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. still to come, ellie goulding
12:42 am
will join us. our next guest is a very talented actress whose first name means "snow" and last name means "soup." starting april 15th you can see her being chased by a knife-wielding madman -- once again -- in "scream 4." please say hello to neve campbell. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: you live in another country now, i know. >> i do. i live in london. >> jimmy: how long have you been there? >> almost seven years now. >> jimmy: wow. how come you don't have an accept like madonna? >> i don't think you really take those on as an adult. that was a bit odd, that. >> jimmy: yeah, a little weird. you do pick up the little things. i have a friend who has been living there for a couple of years and he's from the bronx but for some reason he talks like he's now he's a king or something. >> right, i love it. >> jimmy: do you live in a castle there. >> i don't. i wish i did.
12:43 am
>> jimmy: that would be nice. just a regular place? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i was in london, i went to an arsenal soccer game, do you go to the soccer games there? >> yes. i just went to one with matthew fox a couple of months ago because he's in london doing a play right now. >> jimmy: that's right, former cast mate from "party of five." do people do the reservation, you try to not be in groups of five? >> always. always. most of the times when i walk into a restaurant, the host will say, party of five? >> jimmy: really? that's terrible. do you smile and pretend you've never heard it before? >> yeah. you have to be kind about it. >> jimmy: you should have a little card that says, "i've heard that a million times before." maybe get free onion rings out of it. so, you went to a soccer game with matt. do you go regularly? >> no, i don't. i've gone a few times. i used to live in isligton which is right by arsenal stadium.
12:44 am
>> jimmy: that's a great neighborhood. >> it is, except on match days. >> jimmy: i went, and everyone was very, very drunk. and singing in the stadium. >> yes. they do. they sing. the first person i went to, he was really scared and he said, it's very scary. you really have to watch yourself, be careful. i got there and in the stadium, i got there the beginning of the game and half the audience, the fans were, we're the north side, we're the north side. and the other side was, we're the south side, we're the south side. >> jimmy: they have factions -- >> nothing dangerous. >> jimmy: until it starts getting serious. and they do get really drunk. i was kind of nervous because there was a lot of people singing at once and i didn't know -- >> you didn't know the words? >> jimmy: definitely not. i recognized the tunes but the words are, like, children's songs with profanity in them. >> yes. delightful, is the english people. >> jimmy: how old were you when you were on "party of five?"
12:45 am
>> i think i was 20. >> jimmy: you were working at a stage actress before that? >> i was a professional ballet dancer. i started that at 14. >> jimmy: you can become a professional at 14? >> yeah, you can. >> jimmy: what is the end, like, how can you do that for? >> it's like athletes, you know, it's not a long career. for dance -- >> jimmy:like a gymnast or something. >> for a dancer, 35, you're really coming to the end of your career. i'm over the hill now. >> jimmy: were there other kids with you? >> no, i was the only one. i was 15, i was 14 when i auditioned, 15 when i started. the rest of the cast was from 20, 25. >> jimmy: did you mingle with them? >> i did. it was a nice way to have an adolescence. it was good. >> jimmy: what do ballet dancers do? besides not eat? >> we don't eat and we drink. there's a lot of drinking. there was a lot of drinking that happened. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. i did the show 800 times,
12:46 am
because i did it for two years. they did it for 13 years. you get to the point, you know the steps, you know what you're doing. the ballet chorus in our dressing room, we would have margarita nights on wednesday nights and we would get drunk halfway through the show and do the second half drunk and then on -- >> jimmy: really? >> on saturdays we would have wine tasting, which wasn't really tasting. it was guzzling. >> jimmy: i like that. i would go see a drunk ballet. >> it's fun. >> jimmy: did the audience have any idea? >> no. there were times when we would go down, you know, we would take belts on who would fall over first. not very professional. >> jimmy: that sounds like a lot more fun than the ballet we saw in "black skwwan." now, the "scream" movies, it's almost like a college reunion when you get back together with all these people. >> very much so. >> jimmy: and they added new group to be massacred.
12:47 am
>> yep, rory culkin, emma roberts. spicing it up. >> jimmy: and that's the big thing. you know if they really like you, is if you are alive attend of the movie. >> i guess so. luckily i've survived most of them. >> jimmy: wes kraich wcraven wa he says he has a guy that hides and jumps out and scares with the mask on. >> we have a prop guy, j.p. jones, he took it upon himself to try to scare the entire cast at some point during the shooting of the film and he got all of us. >> jimmy: he did you? >> he got me. >> jimmy: you got you this time around? >> he got me this time around. >> jimmy: i thought it was once and, like, a fraternity initiation. >> no. he put the ghost face on and we'd be shooting and i would have to open a door and where the ghost face is not supposed to be and he would jump out. >> jimmy: and nobody punches him? >> i thought about it. >> jimmy: seems like there would be some retaliation from
12:48 am
somebody on the set. >> you would think. he's a good guy, though. >> jimmy: your character, sydney, in the movies, i would never hang around with sydney, i'll be honest with you. >> i wouldn't, either. >> jimmy: very, very bad things to sydney all the time. and it would see that no one in this movie has any common sense whatsoever. >> they still hang out with me. >> jimmy: they don't let the calls go to voicemail, which is the first thing i would do. >> exactly. >> jimmy: number one move for me would be more use of voicemail in it. >> it would be a less interesting film, though. >> jimmy: probably. great to meet you and great to have you on the show. good luck on the movie. neve campbell, everyone. "scream 4" opens next friday, april 15th. we'll be right back with ellie goulding. [ cellphone vibrates ] before you say anything, it was 1995.
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>> jimmy: this is her debut studio album. it's called "lights." here with the song "starry eyed," ellie goulding. ♪
12:59 am
♪ handle bars and then i let go let go for anyone ♪ ♪ take me in and throw out my heart and get a new one ♪ ♪ next thing we're touching you look at me ♪ ♪ it's like you hit me with lightning oh oh ♪ ♪ oh everybody's starry-eyed and everybody glows oh ♪ ♪ everybody's starry-eyed and my body goes whoa oh oh ah ah ♪ ♪ whoa oh oh ah ah whoa oh oh ♪ ♪ so we burst into colors colors and carousels ♪ ♪ fall head first like paper planes in playground games ♪
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>> jimmy: i want to thank vin diesel, neve campbell,lo


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