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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> a lot of pride. >> this dodger fan won't wear any other collar, even in- -- any other color, even even the t fans tell her what they feel. >> i have been told not to wear this but you wear what your rooting for. >> giant fans promised to be on their best behavior come tomorrow's game against the dodgers. just don't expect them to see anything nice. >> giants fans wouldn't take it that for a. >> reporter: that's about as close to a compliment a dodger fan will get outside @pancht -- at at&t park. >> security will be above and beyond a normal dodger game. >> there will be uniformed officers inside and outside the
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park, on foot, even on motorcycles. security at the ballpark is monitoring social networking site is. the head of security has consulted with a behavioral schoolist to analyze crowd. >> zero tolerance. >> there's a percentage of people not interested in the game, and there's no room for that. >> bryan stow is hospitalized and heavily sedated. his family launched a new web site and dodger fans are sing get-well wishes. [laughter] >> the rivalry still goes on. the giants fans promise tomorrow it will all be in good fun. >> at the end of the day, it was a couple quote-unquote bad eggs, a couple people that are truly not dodger fans. >> reporter: the giants-dodgers rivalry is nothing new. what is behind the beved up -- beefed up security is about what
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happened in los angeles, and the giant pride alabama of -- giant pride because of the world seize -- world series win. >> alan: police at stanford university are looking for a man who broke into a graduate student's campus apartment and attacked her. it happened last night on comstock circle. the attacker broke into the woman's bedroom while she slept. he ran away when she woke up and started screaming. in oakland, police are trying to determine what caused a bus to run off the road into an empty school playground this afternoon. nobody was on the bus when it knocked out a tree before landing in a preschool playground at the bay view fellowship church of nazarine.
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ac transit said the driver escaped with minor injuries. a san francisco man has been arrest for trying to high jack -- hijack an amtrak pus -- amtrak bus in redding. the driver escaped and activated a kill switch. police arrested the man northeastern it's not clear whether there were any passengers on the bus at that time. a 52-year-old man who disappeared after his boat capsized off the coast at ocean beach is presumed dead. the coast guard searched for several miles but there was no sign of the man except for a life jacket that washed ashore. he and a friend were taking their tug boat to pacifica when it started taking on water yesterday. a crew rescued the other man clinging to a life raft. he was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.
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>> the final vessel in crescent city harbor has been removed. one of 15 that sank when waves from the tsunami in japan reached the west coast. response workers pulled the boat out thof -- of the water this weekend and have removed 2,000 gallons of petroleum products from ships in the hash beer. >> the newest numbers show a gallon of gas is 19 cents more today that train -- than three weeks ago. san francisco has the highest price at 4.17. and tucson has the lowe is at 3.41. the all-time high of -- excuse me. the group of african leaders reports that libya's moammar
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gadhafi has accepted the roadmap for a cease fire with rebels. three members of the african union met with gadhafi in tripoli after night to -- senate to strikes hit his forces. the white house says president obama is preparing a new plan to reduce the federal deficit by cutting services to seniors and the poor. one of the president's top advisers made the rounds on the sunday morning news shows and says cuts to medicare and medicaid have to be considered. >> you have to go line-by-line. you have to look at detail and make a judgment on each one. in terms of the impact on people and the economy and that's the approach of the president. a careful approach. we can cut spending and reduce the deficit in the short and
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long-term but without jeopardizing our economic growth and without jeopardizing education and innovation. >> alan: president obama will outline his plan in a speech on wednesday. also, the house and senate are on track to pass a 2011 spending deal. the deal averted a government shut down. this week in sacramento, state senate committee will hear bill to further limit places where people can smoke in california. east bay state senator wants to add hotel lobbies. break rooms, and tobacco stores to the list of banned spots. a similar bill passed in 2007 but was vetoed by governor schwarzenegger, cigar smoker. he is opening governor brown will be more receptive. >> the south bay seek community celebrated -- sikh community celebrated with the grand
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opening of a new temple. today's celebration attracted thousands, including governor jerry brown. >> there's a great opportunity of mutual exchange and cooperation and collaboration between sikhs here and in india and between all californians. >> alan: temples kitchen planned to serve 10,000 vegetarian meals to visitors. still to come this evening, tornadoes tear through iowa, and one small town has been absolutely pummeled. its namesake trees destroyed. in texas, some of the worst conditions for fighting wildfires. >> leigh: here in the bay area we have been fortunate and enjoying sunshine. clouds off the coast will be thickening up overnight, leading
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: the home video shows a tornado as it barreled toward the town of napeletop in western
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iowa. the twister damaged halve -- half of the town. the tornado either severe he dammed or destroyed homes. over a dozen people were hurt. the most serious injury was a broken leg. the mayor estimates one-fifth of the town is flat and the century old maple trees are gone. >> trees everywhere in metal and lines, just destroyed. pretty bad. >> alan: the national weather service believes the tornado reached a wid of three-quarters of a mile and winds reached speech -- speed between 135 and 165-miles-an-hour. in texas, a very different problem. firefighters say this is the single worst fire day the state has ever seen. more than 60,000 acres are burning in west texas. flames have destroyed 20 homes
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in fort davis, 200 miles southwest of el paso. firefighters from 25 states are helping out but can't use air tankers to drop water because of wind gusts as high as 50 miles-per-hour. another reminder high fortunate to be in the bay area. another beautiful day. but there's chance of rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. leigh glaser has that. first, a big decision facing kate middleton, her hair still up in the air. >> my hair is fine. seven different players were among the leaderboard, tiger woods among them, but a man named charl proved to be the
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>> alan: in less than three weeks prince william and cate middleton will mary in westminster abby. the best list is final, but there's still a lot to be settled. >> at the wedding, not one, not two, but four of williams'
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ex-girlfriends will be there and a total of two of kate's ex-s, and also guy richie, who will have to leave his girlfriend at home because his invite doesn't have a plus-one. kate's sister will be bring are her handsome boyfriend to the wedding. as the last-minute preparations are taking place, william and kate are set for this last public appearance. >> it's kate middleton's last public appearance before the royal wedding. the next time we see her, she will be stepping into westminster abbey with two billion people watching her. >> no pressure, then. can you national the decisions kate has to make? like what will she wear in her hair. a dilemma every bride goes through. well, most bride. >> a huge selection of tee -- tiaras belonging to the queen.
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>> look at these diamonds, pearlz, and gold. oh to be a princess. so is it going to be great british roses that will adohrn -- adorn kate or a tiara? >> the inside scoop is she will wear a tierra and is toying with the idea of wearing flours instead. >> or maybe she will go down the sarah ferguson route. >> rather extraordinary wedding, carrying flours -- flowers, and when she took the flowers off, she was wearing a tierra underanything. >> alan: leigh and i will not be attending the wedding. >> leigh: wish them the best of luck. a terrific weekend. everyone out and about. all eyes on san san jose.
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lots of sunshine and breezy, too. and clouds just off the coast, and they're expected to move inland over the course of the evening. san jose, 59. we have 56 in san francisco. 59 in san rafael. still holding 60s inland. concord, 60, and antioch, 64. increasing clouds overnight tonight. a chance of maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay for your monday, and then another chance at a -- a better chance, i should say, of us a seeing a few showers on wednesday mode week. here's the clear skies we have right now. you can see the cloud gathering just off the coast, and this is all in association with a very weak cold front. now, most of the energy from this system is going to stay to the energy of -- to the north of us. this this tail end that tags across the bay area, and may be able to wring out a few sprinkles in the north bay
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tomorrow. in fact, here's a look at the timeline. clear at 7:00, and then through the evening, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow morning, the clouds thicken up. and napa, a possibility as the front moves through, few stray showers, and be noon tomorrow, it just kind of falls apart and we should start to see clearing late in the day. so not a big system. make maybe a few sprinkles here and there. you'll notice the clouds picking up and that will translate to warmer temperatures. 43 for napa. santa rosa, 43. and 45 for san jose. temperatures tomorrow, much like today, generally in the mid-to-low 60s. a mixture of sunshine late in the day, and the clouts will be with us tomorrow morning. at the coast, look for temperatures in the mid-up to 50ers. a cool day there.
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the westerly winds, too. 53 for palo alto. san francisco, morning, maybe few sprinkles, and then look for the clearing in the afternoon. in the north bay, 63. clear lake, 60. vallejo, 62. berkeley, 62. oakland, 6 3. interior east bay. mixture of sun and clouds, maybe a sprinkle tomorrow morning, concord, 63. brentwood, 6 4. santa cruz, 63 degrees. we'll warm up a little bit on tuesday as high pressure will rebound, bring us more sunshine, and then another chance, a better chance, i should say, of seeing a few showers wednesday, and then after that, high pressure will build back in and bring us the return to 70s. the next weekend looks terrific as well in hopes. >> alan: let's talk to colin in for shoe. awarded a green jacket at the masters. kole. >> tiger woods made things
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interested but just didn't have up in. he had us thinking masters-but in the end, an up and coming southic -- south african who claimed the title. charl schwartzel proving he can do it. started chipping in on 2. that's an eagle on 3. let's talk tiger. 7 back of mcilroy to start the day. on 7, dead center on the eagle putt. 10-under. one off the lead. moments later, mcilroy would miss the par putt. tiger tied for the lead. from bad to worse for the irishman. on 10e678 that's the backyard of my summer home. nice, huh? tiger finished at 10-under.
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adam scott equaled tigers final round of 67. great up and down on 15 for par. this tee shot on the par-3 16th. once ranked third in the world. he is back. sets up birdie to go to minus 12. behind him, schwartzel on the war path. birdied 15. roles in the birdie putt on 16. a share of the lead. scott's playing partner, jason day, fellow aussie, on 17. that putt ills true. finishes 12-under thanks to back-to-back birdies. schwartzel kept coming. goes with four straight birdies. a 6-under 66, wins by two strokes over day and scott for his first green jacket. >> coming down 15, adam is making birdies, and jason day, and i needed to do something,
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and made really good putts coming in. >> unbelievable. as we reported, the dodgers are in town tomorrow to start a much-anticipated three-game series with the giants. but first things first. bust e posing -- posey excepting his 2010 rookie of the area. sandoval, broken bat sing until the first. freddie sanchez plated. barry zito, solid outing until the sixth. schumacher, deep to left center. two runs score. zito pulled, 5 third -- 5 yirdz 5-1/3. >> we knew there was going to be a lot of hoopla coming into this series.
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just have to do our best to figure out a way to win. i think maybe come down here tomorrow and put together a win. >> a's finishing off a set in minnesota. mccarthy, ugly stuff. goes 7-plus for his first win of the year. oakland just two home runs on the season. they get two today. matsui, first as an athletic. josh willingham, his third long ball of the season. the catalyst for a four-run sixth inning. brandon mccarthy gets the win. 5-3a's. the a's now 4-5 on the season. again, the masters, what a finish. tiger woods, 67 today. got himself back into it. tied for the lead. just didn't have enough. schwartzel just too good. >> alan: so many players could have won it. >> seven players at one point had a share of the lead. it was anyone's game.
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>> one of the most exciting. still ahead, the actor is battling himself at the weekend box office. #t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#t#tt
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>> alan: russell brand proved to be his fiercest competition at the box office. >> i am the easter bunny. >> "hop" was the nation's top movie, taking in 22 million tuesday. his other movie, arthur, was a tis stand second, making 12.5 million. he is snarling the remake of dudley moore's story of a wealthy man
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