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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 16, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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homes for low income families. thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. tonight on "world news," on alert, breaking news with tornado warnings up at this hour. more than a dozen people dead. tonight, the storms on the move from the south all the way up to the nation's capital. nap time. another controller caught asleep on the job. tonight, which airport this time? we learned of swift action taken to keep those controllers awake. record high. it's coming. gas prices move higher just as our correspondent arrives at the gas station. tonight, the attendant dragged away by the driver refusing to pay. trump stumps. donald trump and the tea party today. new partners? one famous republican now calling trump a joke candidate. and the wolf whisperer.
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why are so many wild animals now listening to this man? and good evening. as we come on the air tonight, breaking news. tornado watches and warns up across eight states as it barrels eastward. look at this map tonight the tornadoes touching down, 167 of them now. nearly four dozen twisters in the last couple of hours alone. at least 17 people have now died. hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. in alabama this image tonight, a church reduced to bricks. just look at the watches and warnings, as they barreled across the country. tens of millions have dealt with this tornado theft. ryan owens in the middle of it in prattville, alabama tonight. >> reporter: good evening, david. this small town particularly
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hard hit. three people lived here. they lived in two homes side by side. you see some of the trees behind me. take a look at this. talk about a haunting image. these are the 41 steps that led up to the mobile home. you can see the flowers here untouched. in prattville, alabama, mobile homes weren't obliterated they were launched into the air. how far wow say this travel? three members of the same family died here. the twister demolished the nearby church. today, its pastor is thankful no one was here at 11:00 last night. this man is thankful, too. he hid in his home last night. and the next thing he remembers was waking up in his front yard. >> i thought i was going to die. i really did. i knew it was over then. but the house settled back to the ground.
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and, that's when i got out. >> reporter: next door in mississippi, homes were ripped from their foundations. trees snapped apart. residents just grateful to be alive. >> they told us to take cover. i went in the bathroom and shut the door. the roof fell on my head. so i stayed there. that was over. >> we got two! three! >> reporter: the storm that ripped through the south began wreaking havoc thursday. hundreds of miles to the west in oklahoma. two people were killed in this tiny town of tushka. its only school, wiped away. >> you just -- you just -- you don't know what to think. you know, it's devastating. >> reporter: from there, the storm barreled through arkansas. where it killed seven. tonight, its deadly march continues. this time, up the east coast. that church that was damaged in the town just a couple hundred yards from where i am here will have sunday service tomorrow.
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they will just do it, david in a high school auditorium. >> the prayers needed. ryan owens leading us off tonight. ryan, thanks so much. we're going to turn now to a different danger in the skies. another case of an air traffic controller asleep on the job. caught just today. this time in miami. tonight, we've learned the government is taking action to keep controllers awake. lisa stark is back on the story tonight. she's live at reagan national. lisa? >> reporter: david, this, as you mentioned, this latest incident is in miami. it was at miami center, the controller falling asleep overnight. early this morning. luckily, other controllers on duty. no radio calls missed. it raises alarm bells. this may be the final straw. at this hour, high level negotiations are under way. between the government and the controllers union. they're working out new rules to ban scheduling practices that can cause fatigue. there have now been seven controllers believed to have fallen asleep on the job, on the midnight shift, since the start of the year. including one earlier this week
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in reno, that missed a call from a plane carrying a seriously ill passenger. controllers in a nearby facility tried to help. >> we're going the call them on the phone lines. >> all right. we'll circle some more. we have a pretty sick patient. we may have to land. >> reporter: the pilot ultimately had to land on his own. controllers bounce from morning shifts to afternoons, to night shifts, leaving little time for the body to adjust. a recent study found that for controllers acute fatigue occurs on a daily basis. and fatigue can occur at anytime on any shift. something the head of the union acknowledged this week. >> we have a fatigue issue. we have a high-stress occupation that works around the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, one likely change. more time off between shifts to allow for rest. fatigue experts say the shifts need to be more consistent. >> it would be nice if there was a greater appreciation that our bodies have limits.
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>> reporter: now, any change to scheduling will be put into effect within 72 hours. and the government says this is just the beginning. david? >> lisa stark on the story for us. thanks so much. we're going to turn to the surge in gas prices. climbing higher as our reporter arrived at the pumps today. the prices have increased for 25 straight days, barreling toward a record. here's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: the already sky-high gas prices could reach record-shattering territory as soon as memorial day. >> we're seeing gas prices go up by a penny a day for the last week or so and all stars seem to be aligned to make prices continue to go up. >> reporter: the all-time national average high, $4.11 set back in july 2008. already in peril at this new york city gas station where prices shot up another 10 cents just while our cameras were rolling this morning. this driver, caught by surprise. he was paying one price when he started pumping, a different price when he stopped. >> it went from $3.85 to $3.91,
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right in front of my eyes. >> reporter: looks like memorial day travel will give your wallet a wallop this year. a roundtrip drive in the suv from atlanta to miami that cost $280 last year will run you $95 more this year. san francisco to seattle and back? gas will cost you $500. that's $125 more than a year ago. why so high so early in the year? u.s. stockpiles have dwindled by more than 31 million barrels in just the last eight weeks -- drained by high demand and low production. reserves are at their lowest levels since october 1998. for some, desperation has set now set in. in new jersey, a gas station attendant was dragged through the parking lot and into the street by a driver who pumped but didn't pay. at this new york city filling station, a gallon of regular has reached the price of $4.65 a gallon, david. some analysts say this is not an anomaly.
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they predict prices nationwide to spike another 30 to 40 cents before it's all said and done. >> all right there. jeremy, thanks. now politics this evening. and to the man stealing the thunder from many other republicans. who might challenge president obama. we're talking about donald trump, who hit the stump today in front of crowds of tea partiers. one top republican has had enough. here's david kerley. >> reporter: donald trump gave the tea party faithful what they wanted. >> our current president -- [ crowd booing ] -- they all want me to say, you're fired. >> reporter: the real estate mogul has seen his poll numbers rise to 19%, tied with the leading republican candidate, mike huckabee. the rise started when trump started talking about one thing. the completely discredited claim that the president was not born in the u.s. >> all i want to do is see the guy's birth certificate. >> i don't know if donald trump believe this is stuff. but it's playing well. that should scare the republican party right now. >> reporter: republicans are worried.
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karl rove calls trump a joke candidate. >> but if you start out your campaign and say my number one priority is to get that birth certificate because i don't think he was born in hawaii, i think he was born somewhere in the united states. it doesn't give you the great launching point. first impressions matter. >> david, you're fired. >> reporter: with trump expected to say something about his intentions on the season finale of his "celebrity apprentice" next month, comedians are on the band wagon. >> because nothing says you're serious about running the country like standing shoulder to shoulder with gary busey, hulk hogan. >> reporter: mainstream republicans are calling all this a sideshow. >> donald trump's flirtation with a presidential campaign is all about donald trump. it shows a lack of seriousness. and frankly, a disrespect for the office that he's pretending to want to seek. >> reporter: trump called mr. obama the worst president in the u.s. ever. he went after china. he said the u.s. should take over the oil in iraq. david? >> david kerley reporting in on donald trump tonight.
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david, thanks so much. and as tea party members now mark 100 days, someone else was in wisconsin today. sarah palin. i want to bring in christiane amanpour. this crossed the wires. talking about we didn't elect you to rearrange the debt chairs on a sinking "titanic." tea party faithful applying pressure but on republicans in congress. >> they wanted much more severe cuts in order the keep that government from shutting down, as we saw last week. now this sets them up for another big battle, over the next vote that has to be taken that is, to raise the debt ceiling of the united states. >> i know you'll be sitting down with tea party members to mark the 100 days. and you've got a meeting with secretary geithner. the big question is, can you keep the debt ceiling where it is? timothy geithner says it can't. >> he's saying this cannot be
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brought to the brink the way the previous vote was. wall street is beginning to watch the markets. and also urging the republicans to get along and sign that deal to raise the debt ceiling. >> all right, christiane. thanks so much. again tomorrow morning on "this week," christiane's interviews, treasure secretary tim geithner and members of the tea party. an jon karl asking how they great secretary john boehner. you can find that at news. now to an anniversary today. 50 years ago, the failed attempt to overthrow fidel castro. they were celebrating that today in cuba, 50 years later but is the party for this regime about to end. jim sciutto is in havana. >> reporter: on an anniversary many here see as a fourth of july, cubans celebrated. 24-year-old anna belle told us with a smile -- before quickly
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insists on switching to spanish as a meat of cuban pride. it's no accident that the cuban government is celebrating what many see as the greatest victory over america. the failed invasion at the bay of pigs. at the same time, the government is using all this revolutionary fanfare to kick off a party congress that will bring economic changes, painful and disorienting for many cubans like these. the government's message is clear. if the government can overcome the u.s., it can overcome its worst economic crisis in decades. raise your hand if you have a government job. most people. and so the anniversary of that failed u.s.-backed invasion by a force of cuban exiles is a perfect chance to direct cuban anger again at the u.s. where were you as they came in? i was there on the beach standing next to fidel. fidel was always on the front line facing danger. now fidel and his brother are on
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the front lines of a new battle, for the survival and a system and way of life built on a victory five decades ago. jim sciutto, abc news, havana. our thanks to jim on assignment in cuba. our team reveals the ghost towns the dogs left behind in japan. could there be a royal change? if william and kate's first child is a little girl, what she might face? and the man coaxing the lions. dancing with the wolves. turns out, he speaks their language. your advertising mail campaign is paying off! business is good! it must be if you're doing all that overnight shipping. that must cost a fortune. it sure does. well, if it doesn't have to get there overnight, you can save a lot with priority mail flat rate envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95. that's cool and all... but it ain't my money. i seriously do not care... so, you don't care what anyone says, you want to save this company money!
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[ male announcer ] try gas-x. powerful relief # from pressure and bloating in a fast-acting chewable. gas-x. pressure's off. the meat industry and the government are assuring americans tonight that the meat they buy is safe. new reports show that half of the meat and poultry interested in a new study were tainted by staph back tier kra. that accounts for less than 3% of food borne illness ins in the country. we turn you to the radiation in japan. another earthquake there today and higher levels of radio activity measured in the water off that troubled plant. tonight, make which you are of the disaster from a different angle. the towns and the dogs left behind. bob woodruff is in japan. >> reporter: this is the first glimpse of this town. abandoned more than a month ago. because of radiation.
5:47 pm
now only dogs and cows roam these streets. here in a scene straight out of a science fiction movie, police carefully ventured in for the first time. to search for bodies. >> you can see there is no one here. >> reporter: steve herman and john gliona are the first american reporters to make their way to the front gate of the nuclear reactors. which bleed out dangerous radiation. >> there's the image of the guys in hazmat suits coming up. it's almost like nyet. go away. >> they just gave us the international signal for u-turn. >> reporter: they drove down the silent empty streets. the only things lit up were the traffic lights. >> they said after chernobyl, the birds stopped chirping. at one point, we got out and listened. and, you know, and, you know, there were no birds around. no people around. there's nobody around.
5:48 pm
civilization that's been dese deserted is something we should get on record. >> middle class towns. no one has been there for a month now. maybe not years ore decades again. >> reporter: bob woodruff, abc news, tokyo. >> our thanks to bob. and the two reporters wore radiation monitors the entire time they were reporting there. when we come back, something driving many people crazy at the movies. the reason that i picki was because it's approved by the fda, it was safe, it will block 25% of the fat that you eat and keep it from being absorbed. that's got to be better for ya than something that is absorbed into the system. alli is not only just a pill but it is a total program. it's a way of teaching yourself to eat more healthy. it does force a lifestyle change. [ female announcer ] fda approved alli. learn more at
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a new movie opening next week shines a bright light on something you might have noticed at home or at the movie theater. all of the products they're selling within the movie. who is really the star of this scene in "i-robot?" will smith or the sneaker? >> a thing of beauty. >> reporter: movie makers say product placement can help the script and the bottom line at the same time. now, one filmmaker is asking, it's all gone too far? >> at some point there will be a line and where will it be? >> reporter: you might remember morgan spurlock, who ate nothing but mcdonald's for more than a month. in the hit "supersize me." >> i think i have to go supersize. >> reporter: his new movie, "the greatest movie ever sold."
5:52 pm
that's right, the product placement getting top billing. >> we said, what if we made a movie hat pulled the curtain back on how this all works? >> reporter: what set him off? the tv show "heroes." >> in one of the first episode, hayden panettiere is coming out of school. her dad is like, honey, we wanted to surprise you, i want you to know, we're really proud of you. cut to the camera dollies, the front of the car, as the nissan logo goes across the screen, cuts back to her after the logo goes in the frame. as she goes -- >> oh, my gosh. thank you, daddy, thank you! >> it's like, that really happened just now. >> reporter: product placement is an inside joke on the hit "30 rock." >> if i saw a phone like that on tv, i would be like where is my nearest retailer so i can get one? can we have our money now? >> very subtle. we hope you'll weigh in with your opinion on all of this. click on world news at less than two weeks before the royal wedding, prince william and kate middleton, the public is talking about the
5:53 pm
future children already and their royal future. the government says it's reviewing the ancient line of succession with the eye to making the first born the first in line to the throne. the older son gets the crown even if he has an older sister. up next, the man that wolves are listening to. but first, what diane sawyer has next week. >> there are three words that could hold america back to work. >> made in america. >> made in america. >> by american. >> while many move jobs overseas, these companies and americans kept on working right here. >> we can get it done together. >> so how did they do it? >> all it takes is american know-how. well, they're so innovative, we call them the made in america all-stars. >> you're going to love what's made in america. >> their stories on monday. >> on abc "world news." >> with diane sawyer. world news." dry mouth can be frustrating... and ignoring it can lead to...
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dental or jaw problems, as serious jawbone problems have been reported rarely. also tell your doctor if you develop severe bone, joint, or muscle pain... or any hip, groin, or thigh pain... as unusual thigh bone fractures have been reported rarely. with atelvia, the mornings are all mine.. talk to your doctor about new atelvia. and finally tonight here, we have all marvelsed a linon tamers who take risks with animals born to be wild. tonight, david wright introduces us to a man who went far beyond that. he taugs to them. they all listen. >> reporter: how do you coax a big cat out of a small cage? >> come on, baby.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: try a giant piece of string. or a ball. or even a rustling bag. but these lions don't budge. rescued from the bolivian circus, they've spent their whole lives crammed in a tiny cage. >> most people would imagine you just open the door and they'd want to run free. and that's the last thing they want to do. >> cause that big open space is intimidating? >> absolutely. >> reporter: pat craig is the linons' new landlord. he runs the 320 acre wild animal sanctuary in colorado. >> we have 70 tigers, we have 86 bears. >> reporter: grizzly bears and black bears. wolves too. as well as dozens of big cats. >> this one's a 900-pound siberian tiger. >> reporter: oh, goodness. >> hey, jack. >> reporter: his private, nonprofit humane society may be the only place in america able to accommodate large karn voers
5:58 pm
who would otherwise wise be put to death. the food bills alone are half-a million a year. for those bolivian circus lions, hunks of meat finally do the trick. look at that! these are their first steps out! >> yep, their first steps. >> good girl. >> reporter: slowly, the lions find their counsel. >> that's so wonderful. that's the best part of this. it's why we do what we do. >> reporter: instead of a cage, they now have 20 acres all to themselves. for a lion in winter, a new home on the range. david wright, abc news, at the wild animal sanctuary in keenesburg, colorado. >> that's the broadcast for us tonight. we have the latest on the tornado watches across several states. don't forget "gma" tomorrow first thing in the morning. thanks for watching.
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good night. >> alan: new rules tonight for air traffic controllers asleep in the tower. good evening, the federal aviation administration changed air traffic control work schedules today, saying that controller fatigue is a widespread problem. this after another controller fell asleep on the job. this time in miami. the mass roman joins us from sfo. >> reporter: the faa has confirmed has many as seven air traffic controllers have fallen asleep on the john job, and the passenger


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