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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> alan: another air traffic controller falls asleep at the controls. tonight, the faa admits it has a widespread okay, there we are... um, these days we're all trying to save money, that's why i'm shooting this commercial myself, at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part? check it out. my warm and flaky croissant sandwiches. supreme or sausage. both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks
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okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over. >> alan: it's happened again. another case of an air traffic controller sleeping on the job. caught today in miami, and tonight, the government is taking action to keep controllers awake. tomas roman is in san francisco airport with more on how they plan to do it. >> reporter: the air traffic controller who fell asleep in miami has been suspended. he is the seventh air traffic controller to be found sleeping on the job and also the catalyst causing the faa to revisit scheduling in order to deal with fatigue. there are 4,000 aircraft in the
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skies over the u.s. at any given time. air traffic controllers keep the planes from flying into each other and assuring they land safely. news another flight controller 'twas asleep at the screen concerns these passengers. >> flying is a risk. you can't think that flying is totally safe, but it's a worry exhibit comes down to whether or not they're overworked and getting enough sleep. >> knowing that people are controlling the air are sleeping. >> the faa confirms that seven air traffic controllers have fallen asleep on the john in the past month. paul is the president of the air traffic controllers association. >> a high-stress occupying that works 24 hours, seven days a week. >> today the faa started drawfting schedules. while no incidents have been reported due to sleeping
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controllers, an analyst says because the control rers have managed to safely operate in their difficult schedules for years. >> the working controllers on a night shift and then day shift for three weeks and then swing shift for three weeks. some of that overlaps, it's -- it boils down to sleep deprivation. >> lack of sleep can faith a controller's abilities like alcohol can affect a driver. the leader of the faa said today. >> one major change is where only one overnight flight controller is on duty at a tower, another one will be added as a backup. >> i don't consider them unsafe. pilots are certainly aware of this. they train for this, obviously. >> along with schedule changes, the faa might also consider letting controllers nap during breaks, which is now a firing
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offense. >> on monday, the head of the faa and the air traffic controllers association will be heading to air traffic control centers through the country on what they're calling a call to action. they will he -- be holding meet little at each center to talk about safety and performance. abc-7 news. >> alan: millions of americans have been dealing with tornado threats, and tonight they're on alert from the south all the way to pennsylvania. the latest victim? north carolina. that where a store manage her is being credited with saving the lives of 100 workers by rushing them to the back of the storm this it what it left of the lowe's story in north carolina. the towards have claimed the lives of 21 people. >> sounded like it was right beside the house, and it went right by the house. >> actually started seeing the outside of the clouds with the
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turning and everything on it. >> alan: thousands of people are without electricity because of fallen trees and downed power lines. crews are still cleaning up the devastation, and the death toll is expected to rise. >> back here in the bay area, family and friends remembered a young marine today who was killed two weeks ago in afghanistan. lisa amin gulezian reports from golden gate national cemetery where lance corporal harry lew was laid to rest. >> always get turned back. >> lisa: harry lew was a son, a friend, and a brother to so many. >> he did the same for me. i know a lot of people consider harry as one of our brothers. >> lisa: hundreds remember they santa clara graduate who died in afghanistan on april 3rd while on watch. his death is under investigation. >> it's really sad to be here
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for this reason. >> lisa: lew enlisted a year after graduating from heel. was deployed in december and was supposed to return in july. >> it's my first time dealing with my kind of death with someone i'm close with. it was really hard. i didn't know how to handle it. both her and i still kind of feel like he's going to come home. >> talked about how we're going to vegas together, our group of friends. i still think that's going to happen. >> lisa: friends and families see him every and in everything, in these shirts and this balloon launch in his honor. >> one. two, three! >> lisa: the smiles quickly faded when the 21-year-old arrived at his final resting point, the cemetery. a long line of mourners.
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watched in silence because this meant goodbye. [gunshots] publish >> harry lew is the first santa clara high school graduate to die during a military operation in the mideast. in san san bruno, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: police are still trying to identified a body fount -- found floating in three feet of water. it's up to the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. last week a 52-year-old man went missing after his boat capsized off ocean beach. police have not made a connection so far. a new development testimony in the case of an accused serial killer. '7-year-old joseph nasso was accused over killing women between 1997 -- 1977 and 198 .
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he filled three note books describing how he wanted to torture a woman. he also kept a to-do list of women he wanted to kill, and she was number ten on the list. she moved awayin' 1982 and says they called him crazy joe. he was due back in court in two weeks. skydivers in southern california honored two of their own. they linked arms and legs to form the name of an instructor who was killed during a jump. they released his ashes in the air. he collided with another instructor in march. both men died when their parachutes deflated. the so called ash day happened after two men male skydivers crashed after running together. >> the tokyo electric company
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announced a timeline. reports show high levels of radioactive sea water near the fukushima nuclear power plant. the level of radioactive eye eye dyed speaked to above the legal limit. a 5.9 aftershock struck japan but no reports of damage. >> a special moment in japan town's peace plaza at 5:00 p.m. a 300-foot flag was unfurled and photographed from the sky to raise money and awareness for relief efforts in japan. the organizers hope to inspire other cities to hold "raise the flag at 5:00" events. >> in 1906 the biggest disaster happened in san francisco, and can japan donate ode more money to the final crisis of san san francisco than any other nation.
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>> alan: organizers hope to raise $100,000 for earthquake relief, and also holding a $1,000 a head dinner at benny hannah -- a restaurant. >> a california republican is in hot water after e-mail a picture of president obama. >> at least we know it's my real hair. >> alan: donald trump in his first speech hinting he might run for president. >> gas prices inching higher. we could see a new record by memorial day. >> leigh: this hour we're seeing low clouds and fog mainly near the coast, but pushing inland, also some rain clouds to the north of us. we have showers in the
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: donald trump is stealing the thunder from other republicans hoping to challenge president obama in 2012. >> reporter: donald trump gave the tea party faithful what they wanted. >> our current president -- [booing] -- >> they all want me to say, you're fired. >> reporter: he has seen his pole numbers rise to 19%, tied with mike huckabee. the rise started when trump started talking about one thing, the completely discredited claim that the president was not born in the u.s. >> all i want to do is see this guy's birth certificate.
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>> i don't know if he believes this stuff but it's playing well and that should scare the hell out of the republicn party. >> republicans are worried. karl rove calls him a rogue candidate. >> if you say my number one priority is to get the birth certificate because i think he was born somewhere else, it doesn't give you a great launching point. first impressions matter. >> reporter: with trump expected to say something about his intentions next month, comedians are jumping on the band wagon. >> ing in says you're serious about running the country like standing shoulder-to-shoulder with gary busse and hulk hogan. >> republican's are calling it a side show. >> donald trump's flirtation with a presidential campaign is all about donald trump. shows the lack of seriousness and frankly a disrespect for the office he is pretending to want to seek.
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>> alan: the chairman of the orange county republican party is calling for anth thiks investigation into one of its top officials. the orange county weekly newspaper says it obtained an e-mail with this altered photo of president obama as an ape. the i'm eel was reportedly send by marilyn davenport. davenport claims it was a joke meant to be viewed by a small number of people but the orange county republican party chairman called the pick tire tess speckible and racist. >> the already sky-high gas prices could reach record-shattering territory as soon as memorial day. >> seeing gas guys up bay penny a day in the last week or so, and all stars seem to be aligned to make prices go up. >> alan: the all-time average high for san francisco is 4.62 set back in june of 2008. at it currently 4.25 a gallon and going up daily. a trip from san francisco to seattle and back will cost you
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$500. that's a $125 more than a year ago. the reason? experts say u.s. stock piles have dwindled by more than 31 million-barrels in just the last eight weeks, drained hi high demand and low production. hundreds of volunteers are helping to build homes for needy families in oakland this weekend. the green building event is part of the bay area's annual celebration of earth day. the affordable homes will grow from the foundations to the roof trusses in just four days. the goal is to produce seven three-bedroom homes for low-income families. >> let's talk to leigh glaser. she says the clouds are coming in. >> leigh: we had a terrific day today. those of you inland, temperatures in the upper 70s, and at the coast where the low clouds and the fogs, temperatures in the 50s. from the live shot here from the rooftop camera in downtown san francisco, you can see low
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clouds starting to move over downtown san francisco. and those low clouds, thanks to a pretty strong westerly wind, are going to push further inland. see would look for the collides to be on -- for the clouds to be on the increase. mild in antioch, 65. 61 in concord. 58 in mountain view, and 57 in handsew -- san jose. tomorrow morning, high and mid-level clouds in association with the cold front that will bring the bay area light rain. sunday late, north bay fitz first, and then the showers spread across the entire bay area on monday. look at the clouds starting to move across the bay area. up around the north coast, you can see the frontal boy, also some rain associated with it. even doorway -- doctor -- it is
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draped over the northern half of the state. right here. most of this energy will stay to the north but it's going to be this part of the frontal system that is slowly going to begin to sag towards the south, and we'll look for increasing cloud for sunday, and then the rain should begin in the north bay first, and then spread across the entire bay area. this is 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. if you have outdoor plans you're going to be fine. notices the clouds thickening up. most of the rain is well to the north of santa rosa. this is 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the pay area is dry. through the course of the overnight hours, 4:00, 5:00 a.m., monday morning, the rain will spread from north to south. by 2:00 monday afternoon, much of this will have moved on out of here. so moves in primarily monday morning. lows tonight because of the cloud cover, a little warmer, san francisco, 52. 47 for napa.
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tomorrow morning, mixture of sun and clouds. look for up somer 60s towards san jose, half moon bay, 59. 68 for palo alto. temperature downtown san francisco, few degrees cooler than today in the north bay, late tomorrow afternoon, maybe few sprinkles developing around ukiah. 67 there 68 for novato. 68, napa. east bay, oakland, increasing clouds, 67. interior east bay, temperatures in the 70s. 71 for antioch and concord. the seven-day forecast, bring that light rain in sunday night, throughout the day on monday. monday morning, and monday afternoon should be out of here. a break on tuesday, and then another chance for light showers on wednesday. thursday, friday, and saturday right now look a little bit warmer and more sunshine. some. >> alan: the sharks in the tank, not looking so good.
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>> mike: no. good thing it's a seven game series. it was king high, and the shark had no answer for l.a. gave up too many easy goals and now head to l.a. for game three tuesday.
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hey, my headache's gone. >> mike: the sharks got a wakeup call at home. sharks struggles against the power employ continue. jackson rips the shot. antineimi can't stop it. 1-0 kings. later, another power play. dowdy finds the back of the net. 2 or kings. he wasn't done. in the second from well outside. smoked one past niemi. kings up 3-0. sharks couldn't shovel jason quick. he stone-walls. then thornton is denied. sharks go down 40. game three, tuesday in l.a.
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>> i'm disappointed in our team. when you look at the game, it's hard to find two or three guys that really competed at the level they needed to. >> one of the top players out at home. a lost opportunity. >> got to go out and win a game in l.a., and that's our focus, and we have two days to think about this and be ready for tuesday night game. >> at least the giants are starting to play like world champions. they're looking to face arizona, with barry zito on the hill. buster posey, continuing his hot start. see ya. second jack of the season. in the second, zito to montero. writtens one down the right-field line. game tied at 2. later in the frame. saunders, pops up the bunt.
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barry awkwardly makes the catch but sprains his foot in the process. he heft the stadium on crutches. mota was clutch. struck out four. in the seventh, game tied at 3. freddie sanchez. coming up with a clutch two out-two run single. the giants win their fourth straight 5-3 the final. in oak lean, the a's trying to snap a skid against the tigers. top three, dallas brayden pitching. to the fourth, a's rummer lumber comes alive. tied at one. next batter, matsui, riches a double to right. willingham scores. a's up 2-1. brayden left after five innings with left shoulder stiffness. that could be a problem but the a's win it. nba playoffs are underway without our warriors, but plenty of teams to cheer for.
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dwight howard and his magic disappear against atlanta. disappear against atlanta. and details of a huge night from
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>> mike: the nba playoffs in full swing. the finals right here on abc-7. we have an intriguing matchup between the mavs and the blazers. the fourth quarter. the pretty hook. blazers 77-76. then dirk know nowitzki, spinning. jason kidd, sixth three of the game, mark cuban loving it. the mavs win. magic hosting the hawks. dwight howard went off. the alley-oop. dunk! 46 points, 19 boards, atlanta owned the night.
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josh smith in transition. the one-hand thunder, hawks up 5. hawks take the 1-0 series lead with the victory. >> the 50-yard indoor war is back. the san jose saber cats have arena football's best offense. in tulsa, looking to improve to 4-2. san jose down 14-rbg put the joe montana of arena football, mark griese. then cats up spent -- one. the saber cats complete the comeback with the 42-33 victory. the san jose earthquakes, losers to the new york red bulls. and the sharks lose home ice advantage with the loss. >> alan: that's it for abc-7
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