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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco with a double dose of economic news. good news if you are looking for an entry level job. if you are looking for an investment, well, that's not so good. i'll explain coming up in a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield. live in san mateo with good news. all those talks about caltrain service cuts and closures may not come true after all. that story is coming up. good tuesday morning. weatherwise, we have low clouds, fog and driz to start the day. i promise you, we will see more sunshine and warmer
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weather this afternoon before another system brings us rain tomorrow. >> good morning. we are following a big rig crash in pleasanton. roadwork throughout the bay area. we'll have all the traffic information coming up. it's 5:01 on tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. in the news caltrain may have a plan to keep all the trains rolling a couple weeks after announcing the potential for big cuts to deal with a huge budget deficit. caltrain's board is set to vote on a proposal thursday. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at san mateo with the latest. amy? >> reporter: eric, this one really caught me by surprise. every time i covered this story, authorities talked about drastic cuts with no solution in sight. now suddenly they have a plan to save caltrain. it's great news for riders who were facing the possibility of no weekend service. trains during commute hours only during the week. state enclosure fare increases. it was bad news. now according to the media
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partner, "san jose mercury news" a new plan would save the current service and keep all the stations opened. passengers may have to pay more, but that's it. the money to save caltrain is likely coming from funds usually set aside for construction projects. they plan to have a special meeting this thursday to vote on the plan. expect it to pass, of course. it's such good news. your fares will probably go up 25 cents for a one-way trip. and it will go up $1 a day for the parking, for parking your car. you can expect that to go into effect in july. live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 5:02 now. investors are bracing for a lower open on wall street today. it comes a day after the big bond rating agency standard & poor's warned that america's credit rating is at risk if washington can't compromise on reducing the deficit. that's the bad news. but there is good news if you are looking for a job today.
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abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco with the ying and the yang. terry? >> yeah, start with the ying, i guess you call it. the overseases markets this morning. the hong kong and nikkei indexes both down more than 1%. however, european markets are actually up little bit. maybe they are getting over the shockingly bad news about the american economy that came out yesterday. take a look. standard & poor's rating service saying that america's credit rating may have to be dropped. if they can't get, if we can't get our economic act together. if that rating does slip we are going to all be paying more to finance our national debt. so paying more to get nothing more. that sent the dow down yesterday 140 points. future's trading suggests a flat to slightly down opening today. it's not all bad news. in fact, some good news for people looking for a job. today, national hiring day at mcdonald's.
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mcdonald's says it will be serving up 50000 new jobs nationwide. today is a day you can interview to get one. it could be a career move. >> 75% of the store managers started as crew people. the people in the top management of the corporation also started as crew. no it's not just a hamburger flipping job although it's a great entry way into the job market. >> reporter: 2,000 of those jobs are going to be in northern and central california. if you want one, don't go to the drive-through. go to an mcdonald's between 10:00 and 3:00 today. or maybe better yet just stay home. go online. go to and click on "see it on tv." we have linked you to the mcdonald's application so you can try to get up with of those entry level jobs, which as we just heard could lead to something big. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. 5:04 now.
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san anselmo police are warning parents about man that tried to lure an 11-year-old girl in his car. it happened yesterday afternoon while the girl was walking in 1500 of sir francis drake boulevard. the girl says a man driving a van drove up and offered her a ride. she refused and kept walking and he left. he was described white male in mid-30s to early 40s, short hair with black plastic sunglasses. anyone with information is asked to call san anselmo police. doctors are unterm about the long-term -- uncertain about the long-term prognosis about bryan stow, the giants fan beatp at dodger stadium on opening day. they won't know much more for several days when they try to take him out of a medically-induced coma. he has a severe brain injury from the beating last month. here is what stow's doctor is telling the family. >> there is a significant chance that he will remain in a coma or vegetative state.
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it's too early to say what his full range of recovery will be like. we really need to wait and see. i told the family that there is no reason to lose all optimism at this point. >> the suspect's remain on the loose. there is now $150,000 reward in the case. there is no significant daniel reported from a small earthquake in the bay area. the 3.4 magnitude quake hit before 3:00 p.m. yesterday. the epicenter was about two miles southeast of pacifica along unnamed fault line running parallel to andreas fault. pg&e reports 10,000 pacifica residents lost power, too. power was restored after about an hour. bart briefly stopped train to inspect the tracks but found no problems. 5:06 now. time for mike to take a look at the weather forecast and tell us more about the little mist and drizzle that might annoy you on the way to work this morning. >> that is a good way to put
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it. a nighuisance. warm humid air mass is taking over the neighborhood today. here is a look at the live doppler7 h.d. in the last three hours. you can see it's under the radar so it's low to the ground and hugging the higher elevations more than anything else. going through some of the passes. the caldecott tunnel. those areas, you will find moist this morning. two degrees cooler in antioch. everybody, the same as yesterday. if not one to four degrees warmer. the exception is los gatos, fairfield and santa rosa. same as yesterday. 60 in mountain view right now. on the other end, 52 in half moon bay. up to santa rosa. this afternoon, we'll still be 59 along the coast where we see the thickest fog this morning. the visibility is three-quarters of a mile at half moon bay. mid-to-upper 60s throughout the bay shore. richmond, san rafael vallejo. heading inland, low 70s. around the monterey bay same conditions. even in the afternoon hour with mid-to-upper 60s in most of the bay and salinas.
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low to mid-70s, morgan hill gilroy and hollister. this atch, partly cloudy. temperatures are close to average. then tomorrow, and thursday, with the rain it will be cooler. then we will see a slow warming trend. as sunshine returns and dry weather for weekend. good morning. >> good morning. we're following a big rig crash right now in pleasanton. it's northbound 680 on the ramp to 580. it's blocking, or partially blocking the right leap. not causing delays right now. you can see the green the speeds moving at the limit through the area. early enough and hopefully it will be cleared shortly. let's go outside for a live look in walnut creek at 680. no delays here at the taillights move southbound. but actually make your way to the san ramon valley. heading northbound on 680. you will find couple of leaps blocked for roadwork between san ramon and alamo. until 6:00 this morning. taking a look at the mass transit, off to a nice start. no delays. everything running on schedule. eric? >> megan thank you. 5:08 now. still ahead -- volkswagen takes the ramps
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off the newly redesigned beetle. apple takes a major rival to court. what the ipod maker says the ideas are being ripped off. also, washington turns to silicon valley for help in making government better. next, some of the ideas they've already come up with. and kids, don't try this at home. the 6-year-old that tried to go for a spin in the family van with predictable results. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:12 now. yahoo plans to extent the amount of time it retains users' search records to 18 months from the current 90 days. the sunnyvale based company says it will consider keeping other types of information about users for longer as well. the new policy marks an aboutface for yahoo. in late 2008 the company became the first big internet search engine to commit to anonymousizing user by stripping away identifiable information. that with web searches page views and ad clicks used to personalized web content and target online advertising. another big silicon valley firm apple is suing sam sung electronics claiming that their galaxy line of smart phone and tablet computer copy apple popular ipad and
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iphone. the lawsuit claims the design, the user interface and packaging of the galaxy product "slavishly" copy apple, that is a quote. they are seeking unspecified damages. samsung spokesman says the products are result of their own research and development. two members of congress made a trip to silicon valley to help ideas grow faster and create more jobs. david louie reports some of them are simple and perhaps effective. >> as we depend on cell phone and wi-fi, why don't we see antennas on federal buildings? that's one idea that the high-tech leader shared with the house oversight and government reform committee. the body is trying to pin down how a government can be more efficient. google looked at how much money and time wasted digging trenches over and over when fiber optic cable
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needs to be installed. >> when telecom operator wants to open a road to lay new fiber or infrastructure that the publicize event others could gain access to that same project so you don't have to rip the ground open multiply times. >> microsoft focussed on security for the fast-growing cloud computing sector. cloud computing allows users to store files on the internet so they can be accessed on the go. >> it will make privacy and security transparent to customers. to ensure rigor and procurement of the cloud services requiring the agencies to evaluate providers' security practices. >> a third company rivet software urged congress to standardize how financial data are coded so it is easily access by public. it cited the site where anyone can access disbursal of stimulus funds. that it say they will
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incorporate the idea in future legislation. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news moneyscope. 5:15. president obama is inviting the whole country to take part of a town hall session planned for the bay area tomorrow. it will be on facebook. he is turning to youtube to promote it. >> it will be live streamed and i'll answer questions from folks along the country. i hope you will take a break from either friending or defriending each other to rsvp at >> the president will answer selected questions from facebook headquarters in palo alto. his replies will be posted on the website. the president will also attend two san francisco fundraisers during his bay area visit. one will be tomorrow night. the other will be on thursday morning. the volkswagen bug is getting an extreme makeover. volkswagen is taking raps off the 2012 beetle in what they call a tougher look than the bubble-shaped predecessors. the bug has been a hit with women in recent years. now the company is trying to
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target male drivers. the manual version gets estimated 29 miles per gallon on the highway 22 in city and goes on sale this fall. the flower base that used to be on the dashboard, it's gone. a 6-year-old boy wanted candy. what is a kid to do when he has the craving? well, take the family van, of course, to the store. not unexpectedly, it was an eventful ride for the little boy. he ran over some mailboxes, swerved in to oncoming traffic and hit a vehicle on the road. thank goodness nobody was hurt. >> he popped up out of the door and said can you help me get them apart? he said my mom and dad are going to be really upset. i just want to get a candy bar from the convenience store. at some point, he said to me while taking photographs, "i'm hungry." >> ironically, the pregnant mom was out on the road because she was hungry and
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described it like something out of a movie. one that fortunately had a relatively happy ending. "relative" being the important word there. that kid i'm sure is grounded for the next 15 years. >> yeah. at least until he gets to college. >> at least until he gets to college. >> do you express concern over his hunger and inability the not control it or happiness at his aggressiveness to drive? >> i think the candy bar did not equal the effort to get it. >> probably not. >> so what is going on with our weather? >> man, this little effort to warm things up but it comes at a price. not like a wreck. but there are wet spots throughout that could cause problems. as the warm moist air is moving in. we have a little drizzle and fog to contend with this morning. emeryville to san francisco. low clouds that are hanging around. expect flight arrival delays to s.f.o. we will know about those for 45 minutes or so. take a look at the temperatures. mild this morning. you may notice heater didn't
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run all night and probably won't need it for a day or so. 49 in santa rosa right now. everybody else in the mid-to-upper 50s. san francisco and half moon bay. 52 degrees there. watch out for fog in half moon bay. three-quarters of a mile. mile and three-quarters in santa rosa. mid-to-upper 50s in monterey bay and inland. afternoon sunshine. warmer today. rain is possible tomorrow evening and lingering showers on thursday. dry weekend with some temperatures that will be pretty close to what we are seeing today is. we're up one degree in san francisco to 73. san jose is 4 degrees warmer. five in fremont and oakland. look at concord and santa rosa, eight and nine degrees warmer than yesterday. we will get 13 hours and 20 minutes of sunshine before the sun sets at 7:47. upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay. los gatos, 72 degrees, warm spot. 70 in los altos. upper 50s along the coast until you get to sunset at 60. downtown at south san francisco, low to mid-60s. upper 50s at your beaches.
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but upper 60s to low 70s through the north bay valley. san rafael and saucelito in the mid-60s. we have mid-to-upper 60s throughout the east bay shore. oakland at 68. move to the east bay valley. upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. we'll have low 60s around mont monterey and carmel. low to mid-70s in morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. big game at the coliseum. premium game because the red sox are in town. temperature is 60 dropping to 55 with the first pitch at 7:05 under a partly cloudy sky. tonight, a little cooler than this morning. we have 50s around the bay shore and out to the coast. even in concord. mid-the upper 40s for everybody else. here we are looking at a broken line. weakening stationary front to keep us partly cloudy and warm today. in this low it will move right across the bay area tomorrow night and in to wednesday bring us that rain. here we are at 5:00 wednesday no, rain yet. by 9:00 it starts to move
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in. through the morning rush for thursday is when you see the better chance of rain. so if you think this morning is tough, some of the slick streets out there, probably worse on thursday. what we are going to do as far as friday saturday, and sunday we're going to have the temperatures on the warming side. we'll have monday with showers. here is our own v.w. bug driver megan marlena. >> i like the bubble shape. i don't know about taking it to a masculine version. i have a flower base too. 680 at 580 has been cleared and all lanes open. no delays making it through the area. live look at the san mateo bridge. where we have traffic moving nicely in both directions. headlights move eastbound into hayward. roadwork at hayward, at the 92 880 interchange has been cleared. drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze
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is 20 minutes. heading eastbound on 80, you will find roadwork, lanes are blocked between 4 and the carquinez bridge until 6:00. for latest traffic updates go to our website, click on the traffic link. eric? >> how does mr. megan feel about driving that beetle? >> he's not a fan. >> not a fan she says. 5:21. next, the new concern about the alcohol-based energy drinks. also what they hope to learn from extreme dieters. mention iron man and you probably think of the movie. but next, one man that may claim the title for different reasons.
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good tuesday morning. 5:23. you are looking live at the golden gate bridge. i know it's hard to tell that is the golden gate bridge because of the fog. but yeah, we have scattered fog along with mist and drizzle. or drist and mizzle. and mike will tell you -- [ laughter ] mike will tell you more about that coming up in a couple of minutes. in the news, u.c. san francisco is looking into the possibility that people who consume fewer calories live longer and are healthier. scientists have already found it works in animals. now they want to see if the same is true for people who deprive themselves of food. they're known as extreme dieters. >> if we are like lower species, like worms then this lifestyle with that tiny amount of caloric intake every day will lead to a beautiful, slow aging profile. they will look decades younger.
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>> scientists are still recruiting participants for the study. we have information on how you can sign up on the website a new study suggests combining alcohol and energy drinks ss could be more dangerous than other combinations. they compared two groups, one drank vodka and soda. the other drank vodka and red bull. they found those who had the red bull cocktails didn't realize they were as drunk as they actually were. they say it could lead to overdrinking or driving while impaired. it was in the journal "alcoholism." now under the category of "who knew" and what call the latest danger sport. that combines thrills of extreme outdoor activity with satisfaction of well-pressed shirt. extreme ironing. it has been around since 1997. the latest incident is in london. a man walked on the freeway
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to iron a single white shirt. he seized the moment when the four-lane roadway was closed because of a fire. extreme ironing. president obama tackles immigration reform today. next at 5:30, the republican leader he is trying to get on his side. >> caltrain officials are talking about doom and gloom for the past year. now suddenly, there has been a reversal of fortune. i'm amy hollyfield live in san mateo. i have good news coming up next. also next at 5:30, why it's becoming easier to get into the university of california colleges if you don't live in california. >> check out the temperatures across the country. we start up in the corners. seattle and portland mid-50s. 56 in new york. chicago, 41. just to the south, st. louis at 83. that is a battle of the air mass. you can see the yellow from dallas, all the way up to detroit. that is where severe weather
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is expected today. delays in chicago o'hare international airport. check out the flight tracker at !x!x!x!x!x!xbñbñbñ
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. where caltrain riders are celebrating. all of those service cuts that they were bracing themselves for, probably aren't going to happen now. the story coming up. also in the headlines former california governor schwarzenegger will join business and religious leaders to talk about immigration reform with president obama today. off to a mild and moist morning. watch out for a little drizzle and fog during the morning commute. warmer weather this afternoon. but the system for tomorrow still expected to bring us good rain. i'll give you an update. >> good morning. a smooth ride into san francisco on the bay bridge. we are following roadwork in
5:30 am
contra costa county. we have details coming up. >> san jose city council tackles the issue of medical marijuana clubs again. they are expected to decide where to drastically slash the number of pot clubs in the city. good morning. 5:30. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. topping the news this half hour, possible turn-around at caltrain. with the weeks after the transit agency was talking about closing stations and cutting service it's now set to vote on a plan that could keep everything rolling for another year. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san mateo. of course, the big question is: is this going to cost more? >> reporter: well, eric, it is. what is more valuable to you? time or money. you are not going to take the time to work around the close stations anymore or dealing with the service cuts but yes this will cost you more money. according to the media partner "san jose mercury news" a one-way trip will go up 25 cents.
5:31 am
parking will go up a dollar a day. but the riders were facing the possibility of no weekend service. station closures. and on weekdays only have trains in the commute hours. the agency is facing a $30 million deficit. now they are looking at using money set aside for construction projects to close this deficit. they think this will help get them through the next year or two. until they can secure a dedicated funding source. can you read between the lines there? they are going to look for a tax. but that is down the road. right now, they look like they have solved the immediate problem for now, which is great news for riders on the peninsula who depend on the service. expect the fare hike to go into effect in july. they will have a special meeting thursday to vote on the plan. live in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:31 now. muni drivers are set to vote on whether to give leaders the right to call a strike if the current negotiation
5:32 am
with the city fail. the transportation union that represents the muni 2200 transit operators will begin a seven-day voting process on friday. if approved it would allow union leaders to authorize work stoppage. they are trying to trim the labor package by $26 million. a strike would be disastrous for muni's hundreds of thousands of passengers. >> the san jose city council is expected to take action today on how to limit and license the growing number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. the council tentatively approved zoning for pot clubs a week ago but they could not agree on cutting it from 110 to 10 15 or 30. they could also not decide on the process of selecting which collectives would be allowed to operate. some suggest the city should ban all the clubs altogether. would you like to get into a university of california school?
5:33 am
the solution is relatively easy. move out of the state. even better, move out of the country. acceptance rate for out-of-state students is up 10% this year. abc7's alan wang takes a look. >> i have had a lot of anxiety problem of schools. >> ceasar perez is not even trying to get in to u.c. berkeley based on his friend's experience. >> he tried to get in u.c. berkeley with 4.0 in high school and he didn't get accepted. >> reporter: the u.c. system says it accepted just under 70% of california freshmen for the fall of 2011, that is down more than a percent from last fall and 2% the year before. they are accepting 9% more students out of state because they pay more. $23,000 more annually. >> i feel like u.c. is supposed to be meant for california students. >> it's on the top of, not
5:34 am
at the expense of the california students. >> the spokesman vasquez says the system doesn't have capacity problem. it has funding problem. >> all the international students are paying for california students. >> u.c. agrees saying the fees for the international students are maintaining the salaries. meanwhile, 16,000 california residents are on a waiting list to get into u.c. schools. to put it in perspective, u.c. says it still outpaces most major state school systems. right now, u.c. says 6% of admissions are from out of state. it will cap the out of state at 10%. >> president obama will hold a white house meeting to talk about immigration with bipartisan panel. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger and new york mayor michael bloomberg are among those who will be there. the latino and the immigration activists say mr. obama failed to live up to promises on immigration. illinois congressman who
5:35 am
helped rally hispanic support for the president in 2008 says he is not sure he will be able to back mr. obama in 2012. 393,000 immigrants were deported last year. . wall street is hoping to rebound when it opens this morning and recover from yesterday's surprise drop. asian markets fell in overnight trading. the major stock index in hong kong and tokyo lost 1%. investors there may have shared the "wall street journal" -- share the wall street concern after standard & poor's lowered the outlook. there are jobs offered today. it's mcdonald's one-day hiring day. they are looking to fire 50,000 full-time and part-time positions across the country. 2,000 new crew and management positions being offered throughout northern and central california and
5:36 am
northernness. those interested in applying can get more information by visiting a local mcdonald's. we have information on the mcdonald's hiring event on our website. go to and look under see it on tv. if you are indoors no trouble seeing it. if you are outdoors fog is thick. mike will tell us more. >> it's along the coast, leaking to s.f.o. and santa rosa. so far, the visibilities are greater than one mile. if they get lower than that it could become dangerous. it's due to humid air mass from the ocean. warmer air mass at that. anytime tough warm air overtake a cooler air mass, sometimes, especially at night you can get the drizzle. the mist and fog that will develop. that is what we have. three miles at s.f.o. half moon bay is up to two miles. you were at three quarters earlier. the fog has an ebb and flow to it. you can drive up in the
5:37 am
clouds this morning. if you head to caldecott or dublin grade. at 8:00 this morning, everybody in the 50s. still cloudy. by noon, we will see the break in the clouds and the drizzle. well dry. expect for the higher elevations. it completely washes out. temperatures in the 50s to low 60s by noon. depending how quickly the clouds break in your neighborhood. by 4:00, we have upper 50s to low 60s along the coast to san francisco. heading inland, upper 60s to 70 in antioch. tomorrow's rain will come in after the sun sets. it will hang around through thursday morning. friday, saturday and sunday looks to be dry and warmer. a slight chance of some rain on monday. good morning megan. >> good morning. if you are getting ready to leave the house you should have a smooth commute awaiting you. no major starting spots.
5:38 am
live look in north bay. 101 through the san rafael area. the taillights move southbound. drive time from 37 to 580 a light nine minutes. if you are making your way through contra costa county live look at walnut creek at 680. no problems here as the taillights are southbound to the san ramon valley. northbound 680 from san ramon in to alamo, you will find roadwork until 6:00. in the south bay, no problems through the downtown san jose area along northbound 280. eric? >> all right, megan. thank you. 5:38 now. another air traffic controller is in trouble. this time it's not for sleeping on the job. the story is still ahead. the financial perks that lawmakers get is under fire. the living expenses they may soon have to do without. #
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:41 now. pg&e says the san bruno explosion would have happened even if the company kept updated records. the september 9 blast that killed eight people was due to a rupture on a 30-inch transmission line that had incomplete weld. pg&e's records do not show a weld. documents released yesterday, pg&e says there would not have been additional concern even if anyone had known, because such welds do not have a
5:42 am
record of failing. pg&e could face fines up to $400 million if the state investigators find faulty record-keeping contributed to the san bruno disaster. a push is underway in sacramento to strip state lawmakers of another perk. members of the tea party rallied at the capitol to demand cut in spending, including the $142 a day lawmakers are paid for living expenses. per diem adds $30,000 a year to the salary. >> this is the tax money that people take and gallivant along with it. >> former assemblyman chuck devore says there could be unintended consequences. >> you will get a different type of lawmaker serving. more independently wealthy people, more retired people perhaps younger lawmakers who don't have families. >> the decision whether to roll back per diem is up to the compensation commission. this time air traffic controller is in trouble but not for sleeping on the job.
5:43 am
the controller was caught watching the movie "cleaner" and at one point the microphone was activate and the movie sound track went out to aircrafts, he couldn't hear the aircraft. the controller and manager were suspended. faa suspended eight controllers and supervisors since last month for losing contact with aircraft. in fivecation of the case ss, controller was suspended. britain steps up security as the royal wedding approaches. next terrorist threat that is raising concern. the new park inging parking meter plan. and
5:44 am
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welcome back. look at live doppler7 h.d. quiet across the country or most of the state i should say, as we look at the state forecast. we have mountain rain around tahoe and 48. drizzle in the central
5:47 am
valley that will turn into sunshine with upper 60s around chico and san francisco. 74 in fresno. coolest weather outside the mountains. 85 in palm springs. eric? >> thank you. 5:47 now. look at the stories we're following. caltrain may have a plan to keep stations opened for another year. passengers may have to pay more. it could cost quarter more one way and dollar a day increase in parking fees will be part of the package. they are expected to take action on how to limit the number of dispensaries in the city. they could not agree on a pro proposal to cut the clubs from 110 to 10 15 or 30. president obama has a white house meeting today on immigration with a bipartisan panel that includes former california governor arnold
5:48 am
schwarzenegger. latino and immigration activists say mr. obama has not lived up to promises on the immigration. latest on the stories coming up at 6:00. security is tightening in london with special teams making preparations ahead of the april 29 royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. there is concern that an i.r.a. splinter group may want to gain attention with a violent attack. they are checking areas near westminster abbey and along the parade route where explosives could be hidden. scotland yard says the helicopters with the high definition cameras will focus on rooftop, railway and waterways. we will be making sure that the security is in place. for reassurance of those on the event on the ground. as we get nearer to the event itself they don't want the noise of the helicopter ride over the top. we'll move away. >> the wedding is one of the
5:49 am
most anticipated public event in recent years and will draw collection of royals, the queen, politicians and 50 foreign heads of state. san francisco motorists will soon be able to pay for city parking by phone. the new technology will follow the roll-out thursday of the s.f. park pilot program that will use sensors and spark meters toed a -- park meters to advise where parking is available. it will go online later this year and it will send a text message to motorist telling them with the meter is about to run out. there is a 45-cent charge for every transaction made through the phone. but the weather forecast is still free. no price increase there. >> no no. may tax you a little this morning trying to get to work. we ran into the drizzle. >> different tax. >> slick streets in a few areas. we'll talk to megan in a second about the traffic. look at the low clouds. wassee're above the fray.
5:50 am
high clouds around as the low clouds break in mid-morning to mid-afternoon. beautiful picture. nice job. gentlemen. 49 in santa rosa. even else for the most part in the mid-to-upper 50s. we have the mid-to-upper 50s in monterey bay and inland. jump to highlights. the afternoon highlights, the warmer temperature today. the rain comes in tomorrow evening. 69 in dublin. everybody else 60 to 70 in east bay valley. mid-to-upper 60s throughout the shore. fremont is warmer at 68. south bay, upper 60s to low 70s. 70 in los altos. 66 in san mateo.
5:51 am
head to south san francisco, low to mid-60s for you. mid-60s saucelito san rafael. monterey and carmel lagging behind. rest of the bay in the mid-to-upper 60s. we have 70 to 73 degrees for morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. the red sox are in town to take on the a's. 7:05 is the first pitch. partly cloudy. 60. maybe cool by the end of the game. 55 degrees. less cloud cover tonight. it should be cooler. mild with low 50s around the bay shore. out to half moon bay. mid-to-upper 40s in north bay. we have a dying front on top of us. that is kicking off some of the moisture once it completely washes out. look for sunshine this atch. mixture of clouds and this next storm right here, this rolls across the bay area. on wednesday and brings us the rain.
5:52 am
a timetable. 5:00 wednesday. evening commute should be fine. heading to the latter part of evening. there you go. 9:00, the rain moving in. all the way through the morning commute on thursday. by thursday, mid-day, scattered showers. friday, saturday, sunday. warming trend. dry weather. a slight chance of a shower on monday. >> the earlier problem spots are clearing. you should have a nice commute await you. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on. no delay through the tolls. check on the drive time for tuesday morning. westbound 580. 21 minutes to make your way through the altamont pass from 205 to 680. also heading out of antioch on westbound 4. from lone tree way to 242. 17 minutes there. 24 westbound drive-time from 680 to 580 13 minutes.
5:53 am
taking mass transit no, delays. ace, muni bart caltrain everybody operating on normal weekday schedule. for latest traffic updates and the drive times delivered to the mailbox go to website click on the traffic link under abc7 extras. >> thank you very much. 5:53 now. if you are looking for a job, mcdonald's is trying to hire thousands of people today. here is bloomberg jane king with the moneyscope report. >> good morning. national hiring day at mcdonald's. looking to fill 50,000 openings at restaurants nationwide. hiring full and part-time manager and crew. you can see why they love their job at mcdonald' an alabama law firm is withdraw withdrawing class action lawsuit against taco bell. it alleged what taco chain called seasoned beef had so many other ingredients it doesn't meet nutrition to be
5:54 am
considered beef. watch out for the frozen lemonade at mcdonald's and shake at cold stone creamy and no calorie pepsi shake from kfc. think before you drink. many may be packed with calories. treasurely will try to figure out when it lwill sell stake. it could mean that the taxpayers will lose money. there is a growing ris that can the u.s. government might default on the debt. investors are looking at quarterly result from goldman sachs, intel at the closing bell. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:54 now. the white house has disaster from the tsunami triggered by the earthquake in japan. damage to the harbor alone is estimated at $22 million.
5:55 am
that is in addition to the $4 million damage done to the boats docked there. the white house declaration makes it eligible for the federal repair funds. they are calling for ethics investigation into offensive photo that elected party official sent to members. 74-year-old marilyn davenport sent an e-mail pictures obama's face on body of baby chimp to other members of the committee last friday. yesterday davenport sent an e-mail apologizing and asking for forgiveness. she didn't sign anything as a committee member and she thought she was doing something quietly among folks that found humor in
5:56 am
it. >> it should haven't happened in the first place. it's despicable. it shouldn't have happened. >> despite the sincere apology, they condemn the apology and says she should resign. national animal rights is accusing santa cruz biotechnology has a history of violating the animal welfare act. non-profit provided pictures from the two usda inspection of the government last year and government report that dock meanted malnourished and sick goats. >> in a year's time they racked up more than 11 pages of animal welfare act violations. many deal with inadequate veterinary care, allowed the animals to suffer for extented period of time. public has a right to know what is going on. >> the santa cruz biotechnology did not respond to repeated request
5:57 am
for comment on the usda inspection. >> 5:57 now. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- group of native american protesters in vallejo were told they would be forced to leave their ancestors' burial ground at sunset. why are they keeping vigil this morning? we update the area to keep it from developing sacred ground. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. 2,000 jobs are going to be northern california. that will counteract the bad news that sent wall street to a funk. i have details in a live report.
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