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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. pg&e now says it will never find records on some of its older gas pipelines and testing those older pipes could make matters worse. story coming up in a live report. >> looking at a clear sky this morning. high clouds this afternoon. may never find rain this weekend. some of us will. i'll tell you where and when i think it will fall. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in for frances again. we are hoping for friday light. we have overnight roadwork that needs to be cleaned up. we details coming up. >> thank you. 5:00 a.m. on friday
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morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. warning from pg&e to state regulators this morning. the utility says it will never find some of the gas pipeline safety records the state is demanding. if the regulators keep pushing the issue, there will be expensive consequences. terry mcsweeney is live at the public utility commission offices in san francisco. terry? >> eric, we are talking about the older gas pipeline. pg&e says it is never going to find records on the old gas pipelines. if the p.u.c. insists on testing the old lines, that could weaken the pipes. take a look at what pg&e has found. tons of records. about its pipes. nothing on the older pipes. they ordered the documents when it was discovered records incorrectly describe condition of gas pipeline in san bruno that blew up in september, killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes.
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now look at video from pg&e to show why testing the pipes would be a bad idea. it could weaken the pipes. pg&e says it is planning to test 100 miles of pipes but keep in mind it's an expensive proposition. $100 no $500 per mile and added up to $10 million to $50 million to test all the pipes, test the pipes that it planned on testing and it gets bigger from there. pg&e says if the p.u.c. insists on the testing it will withdrawal the offer to pay $3 million fine and provide other documents come august. next move is up to the p.u.c. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:02. plan to redevelop treasure island moves forward after the san francisco planning commission voted last night to approve the projects environmental impact report. the "san francisco examiner" reports the plan is set to go before two board of supervisor committees next
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month. it would include 8,000 homes and apartments, business district, organic farms, and several parks. critics say treasure island sits between two major earthquake faults. another issue is traffic. one entrance linking treasure island to the bay bridge. homeowners affected by a landslide in san pablo are still trying to hash out a deal with the city. the six homeowners met last night and decided they need more time to review an offer from the city. earlier in week, san pablo officials offered to repaired slide damage homes, as long as the homeowners signed a waiver promising not to sue for damage after repairs. many homeowners say that's unfair. >> if i do a crappy repair on a car for somebody. and then sell that. is the new owner liable for transmission blowing up? >> homeowners say they need time for a lawyer to review the agreement. the city's deadline is next tuesday. police are looking for people behind a string of
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daylight burglaries in san carlos. meantime, residents are urged to keep doors and windows locked. the first happened april 6 on st. francis way. april 11, another computer and jewelry stolen from a home on orange avenue. break-in attempt on park avenue on april 15 blocked by a locked window. police believe the same person or people are behind the crimes. this morning, finding parking in san francisco might be less frustrating for some drivers. yesterday, a new iphone app launched to help city motorists track where parking is available, a well as how much it costs. other features at the s.f. park program will allow drivers to pay meter with their cell phone and receive text messages when the meeter is about to expire. of course, using your cell phone while driving is illegal. >> we've acknowledged that all the world faces the challenge of the mobile technology when you're mobile. we have haven't solved that problem.
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we made it available available. >> apps will be developed for others as well. they are voting to raise fares each year for five years. committee of the golden gate bridge district approved the rate hike yesterday. if approved, fare increase will start in july. will raise $2.6 million for the agency. ferry agencies will rise by a dollar this year and 50 cents for the next four years. the district is facing an $89 million budget deficit. moffett field, dismantling of hangar one begun. they will remove the wall and roof of the old navy airship station until all that is left is the skeletal frame. while nasa hopes to restore the hangar the size of ten football field, preservationists worry that nasa may never get funding to finish it. navy operated moffett until
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1994 is responsible for the $22 million clean-up of toxic waste at the site. 5:06. time for a look at the weather forecast. mike, what you may find interesting is inside the huge hangar, generated its own weather system. look up and see fog up there. or clouds. amazing. >> yeah. doing research online. read about that. interesting to know. thanks, eric. eric is full of good, fun knowledge. here we are. >> i'm glad that is what you finished it with. "good, fun knowledge." thank you. >> thank you. south at 5 miles per hour in concord. east at 3 in hayward. west at 9 miles per hour at sfo. relatively calm and clear. kind of cool. take a look at the temperatures. still holding on to 50 around mountain view and concord, and antioch. everybody else in the 40s. by the afternoon hours, temperatures will warm in the low to mid-60s around the bay shore. down in the south bay. the east bay valleys. north bay. hit the mid-to-upper 60s. even 70 around antioch.
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only 57 in half moon bay. we will see the increase in the high clouds cap temperatures a few degrees shy of average again. 60 in monterey. the mid-60s everywhere else. even getting in the upper 60s around morgan hill and gilroy. watch out for pollen. trees will be high again today. all right. accuweather, accuweather seven-day forecast. a slight chance of scattered rain tomorrow. sunday. maybe sprinkles in the morning. otherwise really dry. slight chance again of rain on monday and wednesday. it look like a dry warmer pattern begins late next week. >> good morning, sue. happy good friday. we have roadwork out there. we like to say, the traffic world, make sure you go for the cone zone. we have san jose, garbage spill in lanes trying to clear that up. southbound 280 past 87. crews are there trying to get it out of your way. livermore, eastbound 580. non-commute direction. we have an accident cleared out of the lanes at north flynn. there might be some minor slowing westbound past the
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scene. and the bay bridge is friday light. no metering lights at this hour. very few cars there to pay tolls headed westbound to san francisco. eric? >> is it a holiday weekend -- it is a holiday weekend. this is good friday. still ahead, job promotion congressman may be in line for in the obama administration. and groundbreaking for a big project on the peninsula and the payoff it will have for the bay area economy. the best little city in the americas. bay area community singled out for economic potential. #ñ#ñ
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, everyone. 5:11 on this friday. former long-time monterey county congressman and current cia director leon panetta is reportedly president obama's choice to be the next secretary of defense. politico says washington insiders believe he is the obvious choice to succeed current defense secretary robert gates who said he plans to retire. but politico says it's unclear whether panetta has been offered the job or would even want it. panetta represented monterey county in congress for 17
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years. he later served as white house chief of staff and budget director for former president bill clinton but became the 19th c.i.a. director two years ago. effort to turn el camino real to transit oriented grand boulevard is getting another boost. ground was broken yesterday on $48 million housing development. the south san francisco project will add 109 units of affordable housing along with new retail space and community garden. >> this project will bring families close to their jobs, recreation facilities. schools. and local businesses. so with anticipation that we look forward to the completion of this project. and look forward to welcoming the new family to the fare city of south san francisco. >> the project has been paid for by the combination of private funding and $14 million in redevelopment dollars. the development is expected to be finished by august of
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next year. here is a number that might surprise you. two out of every three firefighters in san jose retires on disability. now just released city audit says the high number should be questioned. more now from abc7's karina rusk. >> reporter: san jose firefighters don't dispute that a significant number of them leave the job on permanent disability. >> firefighting is a dangerous, strenuous job. over a career of service it takes a toll on your body. >> a 34-page report by the city auditor, though, says the numbers don't add up. that report was presented today to the city council's public safety and finance committee. >> we can't ignore the numbers that we have people who are retiring out at a disability rate far greater than any of the pier cities. >> reporter: audit says 67% of san jose firefighters retire with a service-related disability. 41% of san jose police officers retire on disability. that compares to an average
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of 37% of sworn employees in oakland and 40% figure statewide. the city auditor says the number of workers' compensation claims also raises some questions. >> you learn in the years leading up to their retirement, employees were frequentenly firing multiple workers' comps claims, potentially to increase their chances for a disability retirement. >> firefighters say no one is trying to pad their retirement with injuries. there is no evidence of wrongdoing. >> i completely refute that there is fraud and abuse running rampant. the process is vetted through the process of the physician and reviewed by the retirement board. >> firefighters union is one of the first in line to take a 10% cut in salary and benefits to help balance the city's budget. that may pay dividends as the city addresses what many call disability program in need of reform. >> following the guideline and requirement set in our
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program and so i think that the blame should be not on the individual but rather on the system. that's where we should focus our attention. >> that was abc7's karina rusk reporting. the tech company mozilla is opening an office in san francisco. the non-profit company will move in the hills plaza building on harrison street with 125 paid staff and volunteers. mozilla is the maker of the firefox internet browser. >> refreshing the trend we anticipated with keeping twitter here, with the conversations we're zenga and the other companies and salesforce coming here as well and making their global headquarters here. that is all part of san francisco being and wanting to be the internet capital of the world. that's where we're going. >> the ceo of mozilla says the company's san francisco office will be a key location for bay area software communities to meet and collaborate. prestigious ranking for the city of sunnyvale.
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"financial times" looked at north, central, south america in the report on cities of the future and picked sunnyvale as the top small city with the best economic potential. the "financial times" says the city ranks high in live expectancy, adult literacy, low perception of corruption, internet download speed, unemployment rate and three dozen other categories. internet download speed was a big factor determining the quality of life where you live. there you go. >> ask my kids. does the x-box work better? >> let's move, dad. they have faster internet over there. >> exactly. 5:16. time for a look at the easter weekend forecast. it's a holiday and this is good friday. >> i wish i could say all is clear as far as the rain, but there is still a chance out there. this morning, fog along the coast. some of is it pushing to san francisco. otherwise, it's pretty clear this morning. up to 5:17 almost.
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let's talk about the temperatures. it's cooler this morning. maybe your heater kicked on last night as we dropped to the low 40s, around santa rosa and napa. mid-to-upper 40s everywhere else. concord and antioch. lone two reporting stations holding on to 50 and 52. around monterey bay, we have mid-40s. inland, 39 in gilroy. our highlights increasing clouds. that's about it for today. some scattered light rain tomorrow. sprinkles sunday morning. mostly cloudy in the afternoon. as far as the temperatures today, mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay. speaking of sunnyvale, 66 degrees. low to mid-60s around the peninsula. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast. we'll be near 60 in downtown south san francisco and saucelito. mid-to-upper 60s through the north bay valleys with sonoma at 67. mid-50s along your beaches. low to mid-60s on the east bay shore with san leandro around 63 degrees. as you head to the east bay valley, upper 60s to near 70. lone hold-out, dublin,
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mid-60s. 66. not that far behind. carmel, 58, the cool spot. monterey, 60. mid-60s for santa cruz, watsonville and hollister and 66 degrees. it ought to be a nice night at at&t park. we are going to relive the nlds from last year. braves are in town. 7:15, first pitch. cloudy and cool. 59, and dropping down to 54. all right, tonight, we will see increase in clouds. thicker clouds. pocket of drizzle overnight hours. low to mid-40s. mid-to-upper 40s for the rest of us. this is bullied by the next system. treating up to the pacific north west, near increase in the high clouds in the afternoon hours. this will steer this low toward us. another chunk of energy behind it. this is north of us. we have to keep threat of light rain in the forecast. not today. increase in the clouds.
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by tomorrow morning, some of the light rain developing along the coast. trying to spill in some of the marin county valleys there. you can see how scattered the light rain will be in the afternoon hours. radar returns are impressive sunday morning. computer model is overdoing it. by the afternoon hours, completely gone with sunshine and high clouds. look at how minimal the rainfall amounts will be. less than a tenth of an inch. i've been saying don't cancel plans for this. once we get past the week, breezy on monday. slight chance of shower. next chance is wednesday. warming trend next week. good morning, sue. >> if you're up at this hour, traffic conditions are good. we have a minor accident to report to you now in livermore. this is the eastbound non-commute direction. 580, just past north flinn. out of lanes at this point. mass transit, running on time. so far, so good, this good
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friday. golden gate bridge, southbound from marin county. light traffic. no fog there whatsoever. it's very easy to get on in to san francisco to pay your tolls. macarthur maze moving smoothly so far. no delays behind the bay bridge toll plaza. smooth sailing. the metering lights remain off at the tolls. friday light. we like it that way. before you leave, if you have to get up and get out. click on the bay area traffic for your latest update. eric? >> sue, thank you. 5:20 now. next, coming home. petaluma soldier will finally be laid to rest nearly 70 years after he lost his life in war. also, lieutenant governor gavin newsom big announcement on twitter. of all the animals that need protection, do goldfish qualify? i inininininininininini ♪ oh oh oh
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good morning. 5:23 on the abc7 morning news. there is the music. the band was taking a break. you know how it is. looking live at san francisco international airport. there is activity there, but no report of delays yet. mike will check it for you and see if the clouds or anything will delay flights. we'll fill you in. in the news, remains of a petaluma soldier who died in world war ii will be married with military honors. merryl earl simms died in himalayas in 1943. his plane was giving supplies to japanese forces battling the japanese. they found simms' remains in 2003. dna sample from a relative was used to match them.
5:24 am
nevada start john ensign is turning in his resignation today. he has been under ethics investigation. he says the ongoing probe would put further wear and tear on himself and his family. ensign insists he has done nothing wrong. resignation takes effect may 3. lieutenant governor gavin newsom was one of the first bay area politicians to tap in the power of soldier media when he was mayor of san francisco. now he is working on a book on the topic. he announced his literary effort in a tweet. he says the deal is signed and the ink is dry. no word when the book will be published. tuesday nights were popular at washington state bar because of the goldfish racing. but then, peta started protesting. the owner said his bar only used 10-crept feeder fishes in the races. the fish were eight-foot long plastic gutters and
5:25 am
patrons used squirt guns, squirt bottles or straws to propel contestants to the finish. it turns out some drunken patrons may have impaled some of the fish with cocktail straws, perhaps some swallowed the fish. peta bombarded the bar with 50, to 60, 70 e-mails a day to stop races. now instead of goldfish racing, tuesdays are beer pong night. next at 5:30 -- the vote that begins today that could put san francisco muni workers on a path toward a strike. he sparked a -- coming up at 5:30, you will hear from the man whose facebook page helped bring down the egyptian government. >> check out the high temperatures today. for 58 in seattle. 62 in portland. 90 in phoenix. 74 in st. louis. 49 in chicago. low to mid-6s for boston, new york, d.c. threat of severe weather from dallas, kansas city, st. louis to chicago and detroit. already the flight arrival
5:26 am
delays in chicago. flight departure delays out of baltimore. the flight tracker. anytime you travel, it will let you know if there are any delays.
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i'm amy hollyfield reporting live in san jose, where business and government leaders will get together today to discuss current issues. one side has a lot to say to the other. details coming up. >> also this morning, a plan that will change the view of san francisco bay takes a big step forward. the san francisco planning commission approves a proposal to build high-rises, homes and businesses on treasure islan island. . it's clear and cooler this morning, but patchy fog is developing. watch out for that around the north bay valleys and at
5:29 am
the coast. here as you see in san francisco. we talk about your limited chance of rain. >> i'm sue hall. i'm in for frances. we will look at the traffic in a few minutes. members of congress and privacy groups demand to know apple devices are collecting users every move. good friday morning. it is good friday morning. 5:29. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. if you want to find the bay area top business and political leaders all in one place, you have to go to san jose. it's how the private and public sectors work together. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. familiar names will be there. >> a lot of big names there. there is a big message in san jose. if you want more jobs you need to tell your government to get out of the way.
5:30 am
the silicon leadership group that -- silicon valley leadership group surveyed ceos in silicon valley. more than half said they expected to hire more employees this year. that is the good news. they think they can do even better, the legislator didn't get in their way. three-quarters give the legislature a negative performance rating. this is the worst in eight years of the survey. the cost of government and state budget gridlock are the chief complaint. today, they will gather at the business climate summit to discuss issues like this. governor jerry brown will be here. no doubt he will get an earful. mayors will be here and they will focus on strengthening california economy, budget, and business climate. it should be a lively discussion. live in san jose, amy
5:31 am
hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:30 now. san francisco planning commission voted last night to move forward with treasure island project. the "san francisco examiner" says it's to go before two board of supervisors committee next month. i would include 8,000 homes, apartments, business district, organic farm and parks. they say treasure island sits between two major faults and geologists say it can liquefy in a major quake. >> on top of one of the most dangerous fault in the bay area. we'll build high-rises and the organic garden on top of the toxic soil. who is kidding who? >> there is 120, $130 million geo technical, seismic ability program. we'll raise grades to address the future potential sea level rise. >> another issue facing the project is traffic. there is one exit and one entrance linking treasure island to the bay bridge.
5:32 am
the plan includes the frequent ferry service and dedicated bus lane on the bridge. san francisco muni operators are scheduled to begin voting whether to authorize a strike if negotiation for city transportation officials break down. the transport workers union and the agency has been in contract talks for several weeks. muni operators will vote today through thursday. strike authorization by workers does not mean there will be a walk-out but it allows the union the option to call one. city law does not allow muni operators to strike, but the union says the rule is open to interpretation. pg&e's top executive has finally given in. ceo peter darby announced he is resigning and will step down at the end of the month. critics applaud the move but at the same time, they are voicing outrage over the retirement package. abc7's lilian kim has more. >> reporter: six years after becoming ceo and president of pg&e, peter darby is
5:33 am
stepping down. mark totey says darby's resignation is long overdue. >> a lack of organizational discipline. we feel the company that was not well run. the problem we feel is that because profits were put in front of people, that is where the shortcuts came from. >> the shortcuts are what critics say led to the pipeline explosion in san bruno. since then, sloppy record keeping has come to light. according to a regulatory requirement, the package will total $35 million. >> that is not right.
5:34 am
>> consumer groups plan to urge them to block the retirement package or make sure that the shareholders, not rate-payers will pay for it. jerry hill says he hopes that pg&e board of directors brings in an outsider. >> the culture starts at the top. >> lilian kim, abc7 news. 5:34. in san francisco, ucsf police search for a suspect who sexually assaulted a woman last friday. investigators released a sketch of the suspect. he is described as white, adult male. 5'7". thin to medium build with short brownish-blonde curly hair. he had several piercings on and around his face. detectives say he had a slight speech impediment, due to the lower lip piercing or possible tongue piercing. the assault happened at around 11:00 p.m. on lincoln way at third avenue. this morning, at least two lawmakers are sending
5:35 am
letters to apple ceo steve jobs to find out what the company does if anything with data collected by iphones and ipads that track the owners' movement. privacy watchdogs are demanding answers from apple as to why the handheld mobile devices are secretly collecting location data on users. they say there is no evidence that the cupertino-based company has access to the data. >> it's not tracking. there are laws to prohibit tracking someone through a cell phone without any other kind of court order. >> the security expert says it's easy for an iphone user to turn off the gps tracking function if they want to. >> earlier researchers released report questioning how much privacy a smart phone user surrenders by carrying the device. 5:35.
5:36 am
holiday weekend. easter on sunday. good friday today. chance of rain, but it's slight. >> but it is out there. it needs to be talked about. i would like to say all clear, and nothing will fall from the sky, but that is not the pattern. look at the radar. not much with the radar return but the high clouds are increasing to the north. those will flip over our sky this afternoon. keep temperatures cooler than average. only antioch is warmer compared to yesterday. one degree. we have double digit. napa, ten degrees cooler. livermore. san jose and los gatos. 9 at redwood city. everyone else one to six degrees cooler than yesterday. oakland and san francisco barely changing at that 1 degree cooler. here we are at 8:00 in the morning. with total sunshine. we'll have low to mid-40s in the north bay valley. mid-to-upper 40s around the bay shore. out to the east bay valleys.
5:37 am
by noon, we will see the clouds increase. we'll have the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s in most neighborhood. we could be near 62 in antioch. by 4:00, we have mid-to-upper 50s around half moon bay and san francisco. the clouds will get thicker. low to mid-60s around the bay shore. a slight chance of rain tomorrow. sunday is dry after morning sprinkles. monday and wednesday, slight chance of rain as the storm track is well north. temperatures are closer to average, just not warmer than average next week. sue? >> good morning. we're going to pleasanton. we have first report of an accident. westbound 580 at el charro. the onramp may be blocked with cars getting into it there. metering lights at the junction that is not working. just be forewarned westbound 580. el charro issues going on. roadwork in lanes until 6:00 this morning. north and southbound 680
5:38 am
through san ramon between el costa and sycamore valley road. we have traffic flowing through the macarthur maze. no problems. as you head westbound to san francisco at bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights remain off. it's friday light. we like that. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 5:38 now. his facebook page helped topple egypt's government. still ahead, what a google exec who has become a symbol of change hopes to do in silicon valley. arizona senator john mccain arrives in libya. next, why he is calling libyan rebels his heroes.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:41. the morning, arizona senator john mccain is in the libyan city of benghazi meeting with rebel leaders. he is the highest american official so far to visit the rebel-held east. mccain has been critical of the president's decision to allow nato to enforce the u.n.-ordered no-fly zone. meantime, president obama now approved the use of unmanned drones to attack government ground forces in libya. anti-government rebels complain that the nato airstrikes have been ineffective stopping forces loyal to muammar gaddafi. well, he went from corporate manager to activist. this morning, the man credited sparking the egyptian revolution is here in the bay area. now, wael ghonim is on a new mission.
5:42 am
here is abc7's lisa amin gulezian with a man who became the face of the democracy movement. >> i'm just an egyptian who thought of doing something in a different way. >> reporter: wael ghonim is many things. he is a google exec. an act vist. he is even at the top of "time" magazine's list of 100 most influential people in the world, because of this. the political revolution in egypt that led to the ousting of president hosni mubarak. >> january 25, there were 850,000 people on facebook. who follow wael. >> reporter: this 30-year-old quickly became the symbolic leader of change by organizing the first massive protest in tahrir square through a facebook page. he came to plug and play, start-up incubator to talk about it. >> social media was actually the tool that were educating people on what is going on and how bad the situation is. we never envisioned this
5:43 am
would happen. >> but it did. now it's time to look toward egypt's future. >> while ghonim is here in silicon valley for several days with a specific focus, to rebuild egypt by boosting tourism, creating mentorship program and getting local v.c.s to invest there. >> reality of what egypt will be and needs to change from chaos to empathy. >> he has high-hopes for the visit, meeting with managers at facebook and twitter to discuss ways to build more arabic-friendly tools. in sunnyvale, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. 5:43. retailers gear up to cash in on the easter holiday. we have the bloomberg business report straight ahead. >> gas prices up again. could it be gouging? i'm emily schmidt with what president obama plans to do about it coming up. an expanding supermarket chain and why workers
5:44 am
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all right. welcome back. 5:47. look at live doppler7 h.d. quiet across the entire state. it should pretty way remain that way through the afternoon. few sprinkles are possible around chico and 70. eureka at 53. tahoe 50. with sunshine. 62 in big sur. low to mid-70s throughout the central valley and l.a. and san diego. 82 in palm springs. if you are heading up to the sierra for the weekend, chance of i'd say the lake level rain and mountain snow saturday and sunday. eric? >> mike, thank you very much. 5:47. it's easter weekend. hundreds of thousands of christian pilgrims are in jerusalem today to mark good friday. this is the day that christians commemorate jesus' crucifixion. many retrace the last step leading to the ancient
5:48 am
church revered as the site he was buried and resurrected. . households and businesses across the country trying to figure out how to cope with skyrocketing gas prices. even the president is fighting one cause of the high prices. emily schmidt is in washington with a closer look at the problem and repercussions. >> gas prices at nearly three-year high, commuters are now feeling the number crunch. >> 50-mile plus round trip. over $110 a week. easy. >> the neighwide average is $ -- nationwide average is $3.85 and climbing. >> everybody complains but they know we are not the cause. >> yesterday, the president announced attorney general eric holder will put together a task force to investigate potential price gouging. >> we are going to make sure that nobody is taking advantage of american consumers for their own short-term gain. >> mr. obama says the long-term solution is clean
5:49 am
energy. yesterday, the electric-powered nissan leaf won the world car of the year. that is little help in the short-term. gas station owners say people spending more on gas are buying less of other things. >> they are working to get people to convenience stores. other habits change, too. more interest in motorcycles. bus ridership in palm desert, california, is up 14% in a month. fuel efficient cars are selling fast. >> in february, we sold 18. on this month here, we are on track to sell 40 kia. >> crude oil is up 84 cents in one day. that could translate to 3 cents a gallon more at the next fill-up. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. 5:49 now. let's find out what the weather will be like for the easter weekend. we keep -- safely tell us there is a possibility of rain but you don't expect much. >> that is the key. i've said that all week and
5:50 am
it holds true this morning. good morning. don't change your plan over scattered light rain, okay? coming up on 5:50. you can see the fog trying to develop this morning. keep an eye out for it. it will be isolated. if you do run into it, visibilities could drop quickly. as far as what we're seeing temperature wise, give you an update on that. still concord and antioch, 50 and 52. everybody else in 40s. running cooler this morning. around the monterey bay with the mid-40s. inland to salinas. gilroy at 39. all right, we'll see the increasing high clouds this afternoon. next system drawing near. it will start scattered light rain in to tomorrow's forecast. maybe some drizzle in the overnight hours. sprinkles are possible sunday morning. then sunday afternoon should be mostly cloudy and dry. down in south bay today, we have the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. look at the peninsula, low to mid-60s. palo alto, 67. around the coast, half moon
5:51 am
bay, 67. saucelito around 60 degrees. look at the beaches. mid-50s. inland, mid-to-upper 60s. east shore, low to mid-60s. berkeley, 63 degrees. east bay valley. warm spot, antioch. dublin, 56. monterey and carmel, upper 50s to near 60. rest of the monterey bay and inland will be in upper 60s. the braves are in town. we get a rematch of the nlds. partly cloudy and cool. 59. dropping to 54 at at&t park. tonight, clouds, not as cool. most of us in the mid-to-upper 40s. look at what is happening upstairs. high pressure shoved out of the way. you can see the high clouds on the increase already. that will continue in the afternoon hours with the jetstream drying the next system to us. very weak system. the bulk will head north. watch increase of clouds this afternoon and evening hours. nice outside.
5:52 am
you will see the rain in north bay. scattering rain through the afternoon hour. this is just sprinkles. we will receive less than tenth of an inch of rain out of the two systems over the weekend. look for increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures next week. have a great weekend. sue? >> thank you, mike. we'll take you now to 80. this is going through emeryville. you can see traffic is moving well. as you head into the maze. and bay bridge toll plaza, light this morning. no problems getting to san francisco. hop down to san jose to look at the commute. 280 southbound at 17. no problems from cupertino at all. we have an issue in pleasanton. we'll take you now, this is westbound 580 at el charro. online lanes are blocked. you can see slowing past the scene. public transis it a way to go holiday friday, good
5:53 am
friday. running on time. no problems. before you leave the house, if you are headed out, always a good idea to check click on bay area traffic for the latest updates. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 5:53 now. thoughts of easter on the minds of many moms and dads. but for retailers, the main focus is potential sales, of course. here is callie carlin with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. stock market is closed today in observance of good fridays. investors heading in the long weekend with good spirits. stocks rose. standard & poor's hovered near the bull market high thanks to stronger than expected earnings from apple that bolstered the holiday. easter happens to be one of the biggest time of year for retailers. this year, easter is expected to rake in more than $14 billion. the holiday falling on the latest date since 1943 to give retailers like martha
5:54 am
stewart, macy's, list of time to ramp up discounts and incentives. even build-a-bear is on board to let kids build their own bunny. this is according to the national retail federation. another retailer is jc penney, because you may see the higher prices for the first time in more than 20 years. the next time you head to one of their stores. jeans, dresses, jackets, costing more, as cotton prices hit the highest levels in decades during march. advanced micro devices are among those we watch as trading resumes. the second largest maker of procession sors for personal computer report profit and citing demand for the new chip. on the agenda, fresh data on home sales and quarterly earning if netflix. at the new york stock exchange, this is the bloomberg business report. 5:54 now. four former workers at grocery chain launched a hunger strike in hopes to
5:55 am
get their jobs back. they claim me pueblo laid off employees. the company says they laid off 150 and it was necessary due to economy. coalition of labor and faith group met with management to win some of the jobs back. so far, nothing has come of the talks. now employees say things are getting desperate. >> i have five kids, my wife. seven people. >> still no work? >> no work yet. i haven't found anything. >> a spokeswoman for me pueblo says union organizing effort to blame for the hunger strike, a claim that is denied by the former employees and their supporters. a powerful new fruit-flavored alcoholic drink is drawing ire of number of attorneys general, including camela harris. she and others are asking the brewing company to
5:56 am
discontinue its blast by colt 45. they worry the fruity flavor and using snoop dogg as spokesperson will appear to people under drinking age. it's 12% alcohol and experts say consuming one in less than two hours would qualify as binge drinking. three new studies warn that preg innocent women ex -- pregnant women exposed to pesticides risk having babies with lower i.q. they found above average exposure to pesticide linked to drop of children's i.q. by 7 point by the second grade. they are used on everything from fruit and vegetables to insect and weeds. >> one of my concerns is why we are not in position to identify hazards earlier before we have exposed a couple generations of children. >> experts urge pregnant women to diligently wash
5:57 am
fruit and vegetables and best-case scenario buy only pesticide free organic produce. 5:57 now. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- why security experts say we shouldn't be surprised at all that phi phones secretly -- that iphones secretly track users. plus, the power of perception. stunning social experiment from a bright teenage girl, why she spent months trying to convince her entire school she was pregnant.
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