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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  April 27, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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you are looking at san francisco's new police chief. who was just sworn in by the mayor. >> he is a veteran police officer stationed in the bayview district. he is quoted by cutting homicides in half and amy? >> he received a greeting, you would never know that he was once indicted named in a
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wrongful death lawsuit and once demoted. >> congratulations. >> it was like that all morning, loud rounds of applause for him. when he first walked out on the balcony, he hadn't been introduced yet. long time city hall observers they have never seen that before. never seen this kind of unanimous support for a new police chief here. he seemed a little nervous and choked up as he accepted the new job. >> i look forward working with those seanld and city family and most importantly the community i've always loved to work in over my 30 years. i'm a fourth generation born and raised san franciscan so i'm a local hire. [ laughter ]
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>> and they love this city. >> working for this city, all kinds of assignments, different assignments, more than i had in my 22 years. varied in every respect. >> as i mention he had a rough journey but he has always landed on his feet. as for the wrongful death lawsuit, that was thrown out so was the indictment for obstructing of justice and his promotion was under another chief and he currently very popular bayview district captain and serving captain until today. how nou, she new chief. expect a heavy emphasis on community policing. he says he knows other way to police. a man charged with killing
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four northern california women dropped a bombshell asking to represent himself. he made the request in margin county superior court. he is accused of murdering four women. he wants to review the evidence against him before entering the plea. he says he will issue a ruling later today. police arrested naso earlier this month after finding evidence linked go him to the murders. >> police have made an arrest in last night murder of a san jose man. he with a booked in the santa clara county jail on one count of homicide. he his roommate. a building is this innocent sant rose is reopening this morning after an explosion
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rocked it this morning. an engineer was severely injured. he had a physical indicated piece of equipment used in making integrated circuits. he is in critical condition at u.c. in sacramento. more than a hundred people had to be evacuated after that explosion. u.s. military officials say the nine victims in a bizarre shooting in afghanistan today were all americans. officials say an afghan military pilot turned against his coalition partners after an argument and opened fire at a meeting at kabul's airport. eight american service members and one contractor were killed. gunman also died in the shootout. he was a veteran pilot but taliban claimed he was one of them impersonating an army officer. >> president obama is making changes to his national security team. he is expected to name c.i.a. director leon panetta as the next secretary of defense.
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and david petraeus who is running the war in afghanistan is expected to be moved into the c.i.a.'s chief job. changes will likely take effect in summer that is when the robert gates is stepping down. >> president obama came out today against those that he was not born in the united states. he produced new evidence that his birth in hawaii. he a choice words for his detractors. >> president produced his long form birth certificate and took the so-called birthers to task for dwelling on this issue. he pulled no punches. >> we do not have time for this. we have better stuff to do. >> that coincided with the release of another document. long form birth certificate showing he was born in honolulu,
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exactly the same information the president released three years ago on the standard short form birth certificate. measure obama said what motivated him came a couple weeks ago when he as he talked about budget, education, infrastructure and social security the media did not pay attention. >> during that entire week, the dominant news story wasn't about these huge monitor utility al choices we have to make it was about my birth certificate. >> many people are going to look at it. we'll have many people looking at it and obviously they have to make a decision because it is rather amazing it materializes. >> donald trump a potential contender has been the latest person to hound him for the birth certificate. he requested new document a aches, transcripts from his high school and college report zblashdz how did he get into
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harvard and how did he get into columbia. >> the president was very focused on the issues of day. >> we're not going to be able to solve our problems if we debt disdragged by side shows. >> he knows it won't put the issue for everyone. he will announce in about a month whether he will run for president. an on own retailer signed a deal to officially put its name on the oakland coliseum. janelle wang is at the new coliseum. >> you can call it just the big oms. he is happy with that nickname. they plan to put up signs within 30 days. >> it's official, this morning the oakland alameda coliseum authority signed off on the new name. coliseum. they run a website known for
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bargains and they said today's deal is a great one. >> we were driving around the parking garage and looking where the signage could go, it's big and vast. i cannot wait to get our logo on that. >> it's a six year deal, they will pay $1.2 million the first year with a 3% increase for every year after. 50% of the money will go to the coliseum authority the other half to the raiders, a's are not in the loop because the team already has an agreement in which it receives profits from the advertising signage inside the coliseum. both sides have out in the agreement the authority can terminate the agreement if both the raiders and a's leave oakland. overstock can terminate the agreement if either team leaves. right now both the a's and the raiders have leases to play at the coliseum until 2013. authority has been looking for a
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new corporate sponsor since 2008 when can computer virus software company declined to extend its contract. a councilmember says the wait has been worth it. >> we wait for good news. it's good news. additional resources, additional money for the city and the county. >> overstock has the right to the website odotco so it could change the signage but it hasn't decided yet. >> for the golden state warriors the era is over. n.b.a. franchise that smart will not be retained as head coach. he lasted just one season where he led the warriors to 36-46 record, a ten win improvement but they did not make the
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playoffs. it was likely believed that he was a temporary fix after don nelson was let go just before the start of the season. >> breaking news, sky 7 is over the train tracks in north richmond where officers just arrested three people for stealing copper wiring along the track. you can see the officers down there. this is the union pacific real on goodrich avenue. that attract is supposed to be loaded with copper wire. the three thieves picked the wrong day because the railroad was conducting a special safety train ride to show city officials and community leaders safety along rail lines. drivers trying to beat trains through the crossings when they noticed the thieves trying to steal copper wires. >> and arizona congresswoman that almost died takes a journey
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to witness her astronaut husband launch on the shuttle. >> and apple answers to criticism that their iphones are
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she arrived in cape canaveral about an hour ago. her husband mark kelly is leading the crew on its final mission. on january 8th a gunman shot her in the head and killed six others outside a tucson grocery store. nasa says it expects to attract more than a half million visitors including president obama. >> they are responding to critics that it tracked locations on the iphones. apple is denying that it storing locations on its product but it blames a misunderstanding. a data file is not a log of the phone's location but a list of wi-fi hot spots. apple says a software bug that causes the phone to deep keep the data longer than intended. >> apple's long delayed white
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iphone 4 goes on sale tomorrow in the u.s. the black iphone went on sale on june, they delayed the white iphone. >> sunny weather. >> and take a look outside. we do have a few high clouds. temperatures are already running warmer than yesterday. we've got a brief break from the warming trend before warmer weather this weekend. we have airport delays in the eastern part of the country because of the weather. >> and celebrating the royal couple. you can send well wishes to them even if you can't travel. >> more trunlt for nicolas cage, why we may face a child abuse allegation. clclclclclclclclclcld create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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we are now less than 48
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hours from britain's royal wedding. prince william and kate middleton. members of the royal guard stood at attention and marched to westminster abbey to make everything perfect for friday. both william and kate will be spending family on the final night of singles. >> the suggestion from one of her friends he is really struggling and she has a recurring dream. there she is at westminster abbey but with no wedding dress on. >> if you are not one of lucky ones traveling there, you can sign a guest book at the british consul general's office in san francisco. it will be available. they are located on sansome street. we'll bring you the royal wedding live during a special edition of "good morning america" from 5:00 a.m. to
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7:00 a.m. and we will air a special edition of 20/20 on friday flight. >> they could have the lovely weather and they might. >> it will start to cool back down to where we are. east coast is getting all the weather and over here and over in england, it's rather quiet. beautiful picture of berkeley this morning. and east bay hills and some of the clouds that are roaming above it this morning. we're going to do all all east bay tour of the cameras as we're looking back from the port of oakland. it's a little hazy and getting some stagnant air. high clouds are coming in. you can see them really well on the visible satellite. a little moisture and warm air and strong jetstream that is going to bring us cooler weather
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for tomorrow. and soak up the sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. mid-50s fremont 56 and already 54 in antioch. monterey bay, santa cruz, low to mid-50s. and salinas and gilroy, low 50s and sunny and mild a few degrees warmer than yesterday. it will be windy tomorrow to bring us a brief break and started the warming in its tracks because it comes back and it will be stronger this weekend. down in the south bay, we'll get to 70 in los gatos but everybody else in the upper 50s. 65 in san mateo. along the coast, mid to upper 50s. breezes around 20 miles an hour. freezing at 70 in santa rosa and
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calistoga. down the east by shore mid to upper 60s with castro valley and fremont, 68 the warm spot. and a lot of 70s in the east bay valleys. dublin a little breeze from the dublin grade to keep you around 69 degrees. >> pat in monterey. 58 in carmel and mid to upper 50s in santa cruz, watsonville but low 70s for milroy and hollister. no rain. 55 in eureka and tahoe. cool spot l.a. 86 and palm springs at 92. >> and low to mid 40s in the north bay. mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. but the breezes or the way. an area of low pressure spinning to our north and jet stream to the north. it's cool air mass is going to roll in starting tonight. coolness of it but not until
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tomorrow afternoon once the sun comes up when we start to get the faster winds that will blow in. 20-30 miles an hour and even faster over bodies of water. accu-weather seven-day forecast, drop our temperatures four to six degrees tomorrow. and we'll warm back to today's levels and even warmer this weekend. the federal reserve chairman is holding his first ever news conference, ben bernanke. it's the first time that any chairman in its history and economic growth and where we are headed in the months ahead. some of his comments include the facts that federal reserve officials are more upbeat about prospects of employment but they see higher inflation than the start of the year. also the federal reserve will end the $600 billion bond buying program because the job creation has gotten stronger. bond purchases were intended to
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lower loan rates. investors are looking for clues about when to reverse course and boost interest rates. >> and nicolas cage after an arrest in new orleans, they are investigating actor for child abuse on top of domestic abuse he already faces. it stems from an incident ten days ago in new orleans. he was arguing with his wife. police report says they dropped the five-year-old son who suffered a minor cut on his knee. it also says a very drunk cage was yelling at police.
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coming up at 4:00, looking and feeling 20 years younger. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye.  [ tab pops ]
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