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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 26, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america, and breaking overnight. weather terror. powerful storms pound the heartland. >> oh, wow! >> the funnel is right overhead. >> more than 80 tornadoes in the last 24 hours from texas to ohio and this dramatic face-off. a twister takes out a truck. but the driver escapes unharmed and he joins us live with his amazing story. courtroom showdown. elizabeth smart confronts the man who kept her captive. >> today is the ending of a very long chapter and the beginning of a very beautiful chapter for me. >> what she's doing now to help other victims get their lives back. dollar drain.
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the stunning ways the government is spending your tax money. from the laundry folding robot to shrimp on a treadmill. it's an abc news exclusive. and where were you when oprah signed off? >> you and this show have been the great love of my life. >> was this the biggest tv good-bye ever? good morning, everyone. and that was some good-bye from oprah quiet, lyrical, she called it love letter to her fans. >> it was very understated and appreciated. >> how about the middle of the country, can't seem to catch a break this week. dozens and dozens of tornadoes all over the midwest.
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we'll have the latest on the storms overnight and new satellite images that show the incredible path of destruction in joplin, missouri. >> i can't get over the smile on the face of the man we showed in the open. what he survived is incredible. we'll have more details in the explosive casey anthony murder trial. her former roommates and ex-boyfriend put them on trial. they painted a pretty devastating picture of a woman who was focused on having fun after her daughter disappeared. we'll have the courtroom drama ahead. but let's get to the wild weather roaring to the midwest. sam is back with us. he's in the weather center for us this morning, he'll have the latest. first to matt gutman still in joplin, missouri. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you mentioned that line of storms that came roaring through here producing a whopping 80 tornadoes in just 24 hours. hit missouri again, gutting homes, eastward in kentucky and indiana, it flipped mobile homes, ripped the roof off of
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homes. clearly, there has been no mercy in the midwest from this weather. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: overnight, a massive line of powerful thunderstorms and twisters with nearly 900 reports of severe weather including baseball-size hail around st. louis and winds more than 90 miles per hour in mt. vernon, indiana. heavy rain and hail pounded memphis overnight and in sedalia, missouri, as many as 25 people suffered minor injuries when a tornado hit several businesses and homes. here in joplin, the recovery process from the ef-5 tornado that devastated this city is under way. we've seen the tragedy from the ground. now, a new perspective. from the sky. as if a colossal eraser wiped away a six-mile strip of earth in downtown joplin. here's the city before and again after. before and again after. and for the first time, these new images taken inside st. john's hospital, where almost 400 patients and staff rode out
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the storm. treatment rooms and admittance area gutted. but the shock of this terror has now given way to frustration. hundreds lined up for permits to access their own homes to cordon off destruction zones. >> some genius decided they're only good for two days. we have to repeat the process every two days. >> i feel like a lot of people are burning daylight, sunshine and you just can't get into your home. >> reporter: that rule was cancelled after the outcry but to many, this apocalyptic mess doesn't feel like home anymore. >> i don't know where we're going. my daughter says she's ready to leave, too. i've been to hell and back and i don't want to go back. >> reporter: others feel like they don't have a choice. travis has been here his whole life and he'll stay. >> my grandma lives up there, my aunt and uncle, cousins, all gone. rebuilding is the hardest question. >> reporter: robin and george,
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take a look at these rocks, they've been here in the foundation of this house over 100 years. this is one of the oldest neighborhoods in joplin. the city grew up around this neighborhood. now it's going from one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city to being one of the newest ones in the city. >> there's going to be so much rebuilding. thanks. to sam right now, tracking all this and sam, the stampede of tornadoes may finally be slowing down? >> it is slowing down day by day, george, but 81 is the official count for the last 24 hours and in ten states. a wild night. but remember this started in the week a bit to the west and much stronger. each day as we go with this line to severe storms following it east this line gets a little weaker. it takes so much energy to create monster storm systems that give these big tornadoes, and so now it's weakened quite a bit. still opportunity for tornados in red line from mobile to atlanta, birmingham, nashville, pittsburgh, buffalo, burlington as well. this is staying well west of new york city and washington, d.c. philly, it's well west of there,
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never into the hot zone there. potential for big hail, strong winds to 70 miles per hour and the possibility of tornadoes but they would be smaller tornados if they pop up. we'll go through that in weather in a second. great to you have back. for the second day a series of deadly tornadoes also struck oklahoma. look at this incredible video captured tuesday, violent tornado grabbed hold of a tractor-trailer. tears it apart. we are joined now live by the driver of that truck, jeremiah morrison, survived with no serious injuries. it is so good to see you. we know that you have some scrapes and bruises and broken bone in your arm but how are you this morning? >> i'm just fine, ma'am. a little sore, but pretty good for how it could have been, i guess. >> absolutely. we saw that big smile you had on your face earlier. okay, you're going down i-40. you see the tornado ahead of you. you pull over because you think it's going to jump the interstate. what was going through your mind
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when you saw that it was headed your way? >> well, actually i saw the tornado, it looked like it was going to go across i-40, so i was going to get out of my truck and into a ditch. when i stepped halfway out of truck, i looked up and looked like the tornado went went back up in the clouds, i thought i'm in the clear. some reason i got back in the truck, tried to buckle my seat belt and almost had it buckled when i felt the passenger side of the truck picked up off the ground. i closed my eyes and put my hands over my face and bouncing around in the cab. i'm not sure if i blacked out. i know that i was laying on my back and i jumped up and ran around the truck and went to a vehicle behind me. and i realized my boots were in the cap of the truck. that's pretty much the experience. >> that is quite an experience. you explain it so well. we keep seeing the video. it's like it went right around the cab just about and hit behind you. so when you got out, you must
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have just, like everybody else said what in the world, how did this happen? >> yes, ma'am. the nearest i can figure, looks like the tornado came through, it, the wind knocked my truck and trailer over to the side on the passenger side and then the tornado came and got the trailer and spun it back around to my driver's side and picked the truck back up. when it was -- i believe when it was on the side is when i went through the passenger side glass on the door because i was out on the ground. >> and another part of this amazing story, this was all being aired live on local television. your family is watching, including your dad. recognizes that it's your truck. when were you able to get in touch with them and tell them you were all right? >> it's kind of weird. when this all happened, first thing i did was try to find my cell phone, i had to call my boss. that was my number one call. and told him what was going on.
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later thought i was joking, his wife told him to turn on the news and found out i wasn't joking and they started heading up that way. my dad saw it and tried to call my girlfriend. she was asleep and i -- my phone battery was actually dying, so i was trying to call who i could. first responder showed up really quickly and he was trying to check me out and getting aggravated that i was trying to get on the phone to tell everybody i was okay. he was like, hold on a second. i said my battery is fixes to die. my girlfriend called, i recognized ring tone. i said hold on. i told her i was okay. she spread the word. there were phones all over and then my phone died. >> i know you wanted to get the word out. i'm glad your girlfriend was able to. i heard you say something, that you're blessed and fortunate and you're thinking of those, a truck can be replaced but others are not nearly as fortunate. i know you're thinking of them as we all are. thank you so much. >> yes.
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>> you take care of that limb and yourself. >> all right, ma'am. thank you very much. >> be well. >> what an amazing story. we are going to turn to president obama fresh off his state visit to great britain. he's in france this morning for a summit with world leaders on economic and security issues. afghanistan, the middle east and nato's bombing campaign against libya are high in the agenda. jake tapper is traveling with president and he joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. after three days of largely lighter fare focused on ping pong, princes and pints, president obama comes here to a meeting of the g8 superpowers. the talks will center on ways to help emerging democracies, egypt and tunisia, also on the agenda, lybia, france and the uk, which are deploying attack helicopters to libya pushing the u.s. to send more air assets. >> there may be a false perception that there are a whole bunch of secret
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super-effective air assets that are in a warehouse somewhere that could be pulled out and would somehow immediately solve the situation in libya. that's not the case. >> reporter: it was a festival of honors and offers in the uk. the president hosted queen elizabeth at the u.s. embassy in london last night. while earlier he was given the rare honor of addressing the british parliament at historic westminster hall where he praised the shared democratic values that led to parliament today with members having roots in former british colonies. and -- >> for the grandson of a kenyan who served as a cook in the british army to stand before you as president of the united states. >> reporter: meanwhile, the first lady dished with local high school girls about how she found the right mate. >> a lot of women have the boxes, did he go to the right school? what is his income? it was none of that it was how he felt about his mother. >> reporter: it was almost a bit of oprah at oxford.
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the first lady broke off from the group in london and is flying back to the united states separately. president obama, after this stop in france, heads to warsaw, poland. george? >> okay, jake, thanks. >> a bit of oprah at oxford. like that line. also the man convicted of kidnapping and terrorizing elizabeth smart is headed to prison for life. brian david mitchell was sentenced wednesday for his 2002 crimes. smart was just 14 years old at the time mitchell snatched her from her bedroom and wednesday she bravely confronted her tacker. clayton sandell has the report. >> it was a courtroom showdown, nearly nine years in the making. >> i told brian david mitchell today in court that whether he received his justice on earth or after this earth one day he'll have to be responsible for his actions. >> reporter: he was convicted of kidnapping smart in 2002. for nine months she had to endure daily sexual assaults.
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mitchell forced her to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. he told her she'd be killed if she tried to escape. but inside this courthouse on wednesday it was elizabeth's turn to do the talking. poised and calm the 23-year-old faced mitchell and told him i know that you know what you did was wrong. you did it with full knowledge. i also want you to know that i have a wonderful life now. >> i was happy for the opportunity to say what i felt i needed to say. and i'm thrilled it's over. >> reporter: in a bizarre display, mitchell who mounted an unsuccessful insanity defense sang church hymns the entire time he was in the courtroom. while he heads to life in prison, smart is reclaiming her life, vowing to fight kidnapping and sexual abuse as an advocate for children. >> i would encourage and i would ask parents and everyone everywhere to continue to pray for those children who are still missing.
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to keep an eye out, keep looking for them because miracles can happen and they still do happen today. >> reporter: she will now speak for others. >> today is the ending of a very long chapter and the beginning of a very beautiful chapter for me. >> reporter: knowing she'll never have to speak to brian david mitchell again. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, salt lake city. >> elizabeth is an incredible strong young woman. now to josh elliott with stories developing right now. breaking news? >> rob and george good morning. and to you. the breaking news, one of the world's most wanted fugitives is under arrest. he command the serbian army during the 1990s, he oversaw the slaughter of more than 8,000 men and boys in one massacre alone. serbian tv reports that he was taken into custody today after more than 15 years on the run. the other breaking story
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this morning, the u.s. state department has ordered all nonessential personnel to leave yemen, a key u.s. ally. more than 100 people died in the last four days of political unrest in the country. yemen's leader refused to step down. back in this country, there won't be a voucher system for medicare any time soon. the senate has rejected a controversial republican budget plan, five republicans in fact crossed the aisle to vote no. and do you need a vacation? apparently a whole lot of us do. check this out, americans wasted $67 billion in unused vacation days last year. according to a new survey. average worker got 18 vacation days but only used 14. and george and robin, i think we can agree, some serious bipartisan agreement, that is waste. that is waste of the highest order. >> but like in france, don't they get 37 days of vacation and they take them all? >> they take 40. >> we take all of august off.
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>> empty paris in august. >> thanks. >> we want to show you this picture again. look at this shrimp on a treadmill. i'm sorry -- >> you forget -- i know sam -- >> really, george? >> you're no -- >> shrimp on a treadmill? >> wait -- by the way, george, that's the worst intro i've ever had. take a look at this shrimp on a treadmill. really? really. really, george? george? is this it? is that it? nothing like a big mistake to liven up your thursday. >> let's get to the boards. told you where the storms go today, now let's look how much rain is involved. i loved that moment. that's the most fun in like 25 years of television. watch the headline move east. here is where heavy rain falls, syracuse, pittsburgh, detroit, we're getting more than an inch
7:17 am
of rain and thunder showers. are there storms? yes, could they bring one or two bat elements, hail damage, yes, stay with local abc stations on the eastern seaboard today. look at raleigh, second day in a row of record heat. washington, d.c. gets 90 degrees for the first time this year. new york city at 83. so, big heat on the coastline from the shrimp, that's your weather around the nation. your local forecast is 30 seconds away. ni
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now to that shrimp on a treadmill. our exclusive first look at a new report on how your tax dollars are spent. it's going to be released later today, jon karl got it for us first and brings us what he found. >> reporter: check this out. a laundry-folding robot. don't get too excited. it costs $1.5 million to create and takes 25 minutes to fold a single towel. now, this, this is much more promising. researchers figured out to put
7:19 am
shrimp on a treadmill. and to get more than $500,000 in the process. look at him go! and you may think farmville on facebook is a colossal waste of time. but what if you got a $300,000 grant to study how it helps to build personal relationships? these projects have one thing in common. you paid for them. they're taxpayer-funded grants given by the national science foundation, the subject of a scathing new report by senator tom coburn. >> what it says to me is they have too much money if they spend money on something like that. >> reporter: and then there's agency's arlington, virginia, headquarters, $19 million a year in rent. and they're looking to move into a new building for $26 million a year. and nsf says the move is necessary because its current 20-year lease is almost over. coburn's report also cites jell-o wrestling and nsf project in antarctica, although the nsf
7:20 am
says those contractors not employees. either way, coburn says that the spending is out of control. >> 12 different agencies doing pure research and we're duplicating and not sharing the experience. >> reporter: nsf strongly defends its projects telling us they, quote, have advanced frontiers of science and engineering, improved americans lives and provide foundation for countless new industries and jobs. that's true. one nsf project led to the creation of google. another led to the invention of bar codes. more recently, there is the robot hoedown and rodeo. you got to hand it to the folks who got taxpayer money to do this. now, nsf says the whackiest-sounding experiments can lead to scientific breakthroughs. robin, george? >> we'll see if it does. >> we will. all right, jon. key witness speak out in the explosive trial of casey
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off tasers. the issue came to light after a shooting death of passenger oscar grant by johannes mehserle. mehserle claims he meant to pull his taser but had you lived his handgun instead. let's get an update on bart now. >> close to normal. they are recovering from delays. almost no delays. they had to shut down power after a person fell on the track. alameda harbor bay ferry resumed service and there is new crash at stone valley road. traffic is backed up to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> when we come back, mike will have a look at the bay area forecast.
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welcome back. beautiful picture, lingering clouds hanging around the coast. temperatures still in the low 50s, oakland, fremont and antioch. everybody else in the upper 40s. cooler than average, 58 in half moon bay all the way to 70s east
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>> i saw casey's vehicle, backing into the garage. >> she approached you? >> correct. >> why did she approach you? she said she wanted to borrow a shovel. >> that's casey anthony's neighbor giving damaging testimony in the murder trial that's captivated the country. we'll have the latest on that just ahead as we said good morning, america on this thursday morning. >> prosecution put up a strong case yesterday. former roommate, ex-boyfriend. a picture of a party girl in the days after the disappearance. opera opera's last day yest saying good-bye after 25 years. standing by herself on stage for an hour, one of the biggest tv farewells ever. >> she said i'm not giving away a car, nothing under your sooets
7:31 am
but a real love letter to her viewers. >> it was. take a look at that crash test. actually a sign that small cars may be a lot safer than you think. you know it saves us money. results of a prand new study you need to hear before you hit the road. day two of testimony in the casey anthony murder trial. ashleigh banfield in the courtroom in orlando. good morning. >> reporter: hi, george. the prosecution, according to them she killed her daughter and covered it up but if you believe the defense, casey anthony's daughter tragically died and she covered it up. either way you look at it, people who knew her best were trotted out to say what casey anthony was like in the days after her daughter died. for the first type since being arrested three years ago, casey anthony came face to face with former roommates, colleagues and even her ex. >> anthony lazzaro. >> reporter: eight witnesses described casey's behavior in the days following the death of
7:32 am
her 2-year-old daughter. >> did she ever teller her daughter ras missed? >> no. >> kidnapped? >> no. >> that she worried about her? >> reporter: he all painted a puck tur of a woman unphased by the recent drowning death of her child, that is if her story was true. >> did you ever see her distraught? >> no, sir. >> angry? >> no, sir. >> reporter: they describe a woman hell-bent on having fun. >> she was in a haute body contest. >> reporter: her ex-boyfriend tony lazzaro testified against her. >> did she tell you her child was missing? >> no, sir. >> had been kidnapped? >> no, sir. >> a sexy, smiling photo shows casey in his lap just days after her little girl died and this snapshot from a blockbuster store, the couple arm in arm. the very night her child died. >> was there any change in the defe defendant's demeanor? >> no. >> reporter: the attorney asked eve witness what kind of mother
7:33 am
casey was. >> who you say she was dpad mother? >> yes. >> she was a good mother? >> yes. >> casey's neighbor describing what he saw the day after caylee supposedly drown. his story tough to knock down. >> i saw casey's vehicle backing in the garage. >> she approached you? >> correct. >> why? >> she said she wanted to borrow a shovel. >> reporter: casey said her father disposed of caylee's remain and insists her web of lies was spun by a lifetime sex abuse by george anthony, the same man in these jailhouse tapes. >> i wish i could have been a better dad and better grandpa, you know. >> you've been a great dad and the best grandfather. don't for a second think otherwise. >> reporter: at one point we thought wurp about to hear an alleged family secret that casey shared with george but there was an objection, everything stopped. and we don't know if we'll hear anything else about that. >> we'll get into that with nancy grace, host of the "nancy
7:34 am
grace" on hln and dan abrams. thank you both. nancy, you saw the prosecution strategy on display yesterday. the opening statements, they ask where was casey anthony and yesterday they tried to show exactly where she was in the days after her daughter disappeared. >> they certainly did. and they are going kr chronological chronologically, with with it news number one, george anthony, the last person to see caylee alive. going through friends, lovers, roommates, acquaintances to show her heard partying lifestyle in the days, the hours and weeks after caylee goes missing. in fact, the theory that she was in denial over childhood sexual abuse is in stark contrast to the testimony, because according to the witnesses under oath, she spent the whole next day in bed with her lover. they didn't even leave the room. he played hooky from school and
7:35 am
that's when she says she was in denial over the death of her daughter. it really doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't seem to hang together. dan, you believe, even given that the defense missed an opportunity yesterday. >> this was always going to be a tough period for the defense. was hearing what she was doing in those days after her child was killed or disappeared or whatever the case may be. but if the defense had been the simpler defense, which was simply it was an accident and then she lost it or she was grieving in her own odd -- >> some kind of shock. >> right, right, shocked, bizarre way, that would be a bit easier because you hear the defense making little bits of progress in the fact that she was a good mother. okay. that's helpful. good mother. excellental death. the problem is, good mother and then this notion of sexual abuse and she's been lying about it. it's just a much harder defense. >> and nancy, dan is talking about the testimony of the ex-boyfriend who said before caylee disappeared all
7:36 am
appearances were that casey was a very good mom. during his testimony as well, you got into that objection, when he was asked about some secrets casey may have told him, lawyers stepped in and judge sustained the objection. >> yes. what they were trying to get to is that allegedly top mom tells her live-in lover tony lazzaro that her father, and possibly brother, molested her which doesn't amount to a hill of beans in my book. i don't believe it. but they wanted to get that in. defense wanted to get that in through the back door. they wanted lazzaro to state what tot mom allegedly told him. >> they want to get it in because they want to avoid putting her on the stand? >> exactly. exactly what they want to do they want other people to talk about the alleged child abuse so she doesn't have to take the stand and undercross examination. as to this crazy claim she was
7:37 am
grieving in her own way, fine, put all of the shrinks you want up on the stand saying her waif grieving but any mother on that jury knows when your child is gone even for five nins grocery store you're not entering a hot body contest and laying up in bed having sex with your lover. when your child is missing. >> and look, everyone would agree this is really tough thing for the defense to explain. but you asked that question a moment ago about that objected to question. he still got to ask it. lawyers are supposed to do this but he still got to throw out the question. clearly the jurors understood what the implication was and then the answer is okay, objection sustained. okay. the is jurors got it. >> he's planting -- >> but that's not enough. that's the point is that when you go with this kind of aggressive defense, that is she was selection wally abused but not just sexually abused by that explains why she's lying about
7:38 am
her dead daughter. boy, you're going to need more than just an objected question to here or there, et cetera. >> only a few seconds left, that neighbor testify that came to him and said couple days after caylee disappeared, i need a shovel. >> right. his name was brian burner and here's the interesting part to me and in all of the years he lived next to her, she never borrowed a single thing but in the week caylee goes missing, comes to home when the parents are gone, backs her car into the garage which she never does and goes and borrows a shovel. and that was pretty damning, the only cross-exam, would you consider yourself a nosey neighborer? they're like bringing gladys kravitz into it. >> the last thing you want the neighbor to testify about, borrowing in the contest a case like this. >> a shovel.
7:39 am
a shovel. >> we'll have you back. i'm sure. thank you both very much and time i'll get this right, the esteemed athletic, sam champion. >> mr. stephanopoulos, i'm a big fan. thank you. let's get to the boards, talk about storms around yesterday that are now moving east today. show you some pictures near kansas city. this is near sedalia, missouri. yesterday we were trapped in the airport in kansas city as ten tornadoes moved around the area. we were tweeting the location and in sedalia popped down in the middle of the city, ef-2 we which thy and popped right out. way they were moving yesterday. here is where the line move as cross the east today. this is still possible in the red zone to very severe weather today. stay up with your local abc stations. more clear and cooler. big heat in front. another storm system moves in today into the northwest. one pulls out today, another one moves in tonight. in between the two, some clouds and showers and cool air. look at seattle 58, portland 59. redding as far as south as that
7:40 am
>> all that weather brought to you by big lots. >> thank you. when we come back, won't you don't know about small cars could help save your life. turning the camera on peocig for your kids. should you be watching your nan y's every move?
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to a new study out this morning small, fuel-efficient cars yet you want the great mileage but just how safe are they if you crash? our weekend anchor dan harris took a closer look at why smaller has gotten a whole lot safer. >> reporter: look at this crash test of a hyundai elantra of 2001, it is not pretty. the air bag deploys late. if that dummy were a human there would be enormous strain on his head and neck and probably broken bones in his legs and feet. because of tests like this that we've seen headlines like these -- calling light cars dangerous and less safe. but now look at this new test of the new elantra, much better. air bag goes off on time and while it doesn't look like it would be fun in there the driver in this case probably would have walked away.
7:45 am
the new round of metal-crunching dummy-hurling tests from the insurance institute of highway safety says across the board smaller, fuel-efficient cars are safer. 6 of 13 won the top staf pick award and none earned a poor rating. a huge turnaround from a few years ago. >> we hope this makes a difference to people shopping in the market for smaller cars. >> reporter: right now makers of the smaller cars like the hyundai are pitching better gas mileage in their ads. >> snap out of it, 40 mile per gallon elantra. >> reporter: but pretty soon may be pitching safety, too, if truly safety is your top priority larger cars generally do better. >> you can't negleate the lawye of physics. >> ten of the small and mini car model as warded top safety pick get at least 40 miles per gallon the pie ray.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
♪ in the jungle >> around the watercooler, look at these photos from south african game preserve. photographer put a digital camera on the ground and this li lioness walks up to it. doesn't crunch down too hard. but does pick it up. will start to walk away. having trouble picking it up. walking down the savannah taking perfect pictures of what she's seeing from the younds eye view. >> it's really amazing how the camera stayed intact. >> covered with slobber. >> just like my house. >> that is gorgeous. >> what a vantage point. >> look at that.
7:51 am
>> now we all get -- >> here is what we learned. tastes like chicken. >> sam, you are on fire today. >> sam's reality week, too. coming up. >> oh, gosh. >> it might have been worst than mine. >> actually, might have been. chapped dry skin can make it years for bacteria to get into the cracks in your hands, what can you do after washing to sprept dry, chapped hands? get the answer now on sprept dry, chapped hands? get the answer now on used towel analyzer at and find out what could be on your cloth hand towel. [ ribbits ] upgrade to kleenex hand towels for a clean, fresh towel every time.
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7:56 am
the state public utilities commission are expected to rule on pg&e's proposal to change its rate structure. pg&e wants to charge all residential customers a flat fee of 2.40 a month and increase rates for customer that has use the smallest use of energy. no need to use air-condition
7:57 am
are today. mid-60s and low 70s inland. breezy and slightly warmer for the holiday weekend. >> traffic is heavy 680 through walnut creek down to stone valley road. >> frances. thanks very much. the news continues with "good
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for dawn-to-dark hold. it is important to use the product as directed. fixodent and forget it.
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♪ 24 hours from right now that woman there, lady gaga, will take center stage in central park, blasting off our summer concert series. you know what? there are some people so excited about our big summer concert event, they're in line right now outside central park. you see them there. >> they started at noon yesterday. lined up in central park. >> going to be a great show. >> they do know that and they also know it's sold out.
8:01 am
more than 6,000 tickets went in 12 minutes, that's how quickly they sold out. >> we'll have a lot more than 6,000 people there tomorrow. >> we'll have areas for people -- we say good morning, america. >> "dancing with the stars" yesterday and that smoke coming across the way. getting ready. >> karen is getting ready for emeril. >> hi, karen. >> we'll get to that in a bit. but also the next front in the nanny war. we know about the nanny cams but there are all kinds of new ways to track nannies and babysitters, even on gps, sparked a debate between parents and nannies over how far is too far. elisabeth hasselbeck has that coming up. >> chocolate chip cookies? a group of us had our cookies and kleenex because we were watching the final oprah winfrey
8:02 am
show and it was comfort food. 25 years in the making. >> really, it was. as you said, she called it a love letter to her fans. it was exactly that. she took to the stage in a really quiet, elegant way and she talked about what she learned from all of the people that she's met along the way. after much fanfare and many grand tributes the last show finally arrived. not with a bang but with a reflective hush. >> thank you, america. there are no words to match this moment. >> the queen of daytime tv used the finale to teach what she called her last class. >> i ended up in the world's biggest classroom, and this, my friends, will be our last class from this stage. >> reporter: for the entire hour oprah remained on stage alone, talking directly to her viewers. >> you and this show have been the great love of my life.
8:03 am
>> reporter: throughout the hour, she pondered the great lessons she gleaned from so many years on stage. >> you are responsible for your life. use your life to serve the world. >> reporter: for viewers, the show was a bittersweet good-bye. >> i took away a lot from it. it helped me realize that i'm perfect just the way i am. >> i'm sad about it, because you can rely on oprah being there and now i can't rely on that anymore. >> very sad it's her last show, there is no other show on the airwaves like it. >> reporter: online, so many people filled with gratitude and loss. "such an inspiration to all of us, i will miss her in my living room." oprah left her audience on a high note. in an exclusive interview with wls chicago's cheryl burton she credited maya angelou for saying only time will tell what her impact will have been.
8:04 am
>> your legacy is every woman, man and child that watched the show and had a decision, had a thought about changing something in their life. >> reporter: and that light moment when she said, sorry, all out of ideas. i'm not giving you all cars. the audience did not care. and when it was over, she did not say good-bye, she said, until we meet again. >> her last words were to god be the glory. she talked about that so much more than she had in the 25 years. but it was a beautiful moment. >> it was beautiful. >> did you cry? >> of course i did. >> i did, too. >> we all were. not another show like that on television. >> we will see her again. >> we will. we will. we'll see josh elliott right now upstairs with the morning's news. good morning. and weather once again the big story on the morning. more than 80 tornadoes reported from texas to ohio in the last 24 hours alone. several injuries reported in one
8:05 am
part of indiana. but fortunately, no fatalities reported at this point. the same cannot be said of the ravaged joplin, missouri. look at the satellite pictures, where the death toll has risen to 125. this set of before and after photos, that is joplin high school. i can tell you, picking through that carnage is unreal. sam will have more on today's forecast in just a moment. president obama has arrived in france for the g8 summit, asking foreign leaders to cough up more money to help emerging democracies in egypt and tunisia. and the case against jared loughner on indefinite hold, declared mentally incompetent after tense moments in court. with more, here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: in court a dramatic outburst with jared laugher in yelling "thank you for the freak show." and in an apparent reference to
8:06 am
congresswoman gabrielle giffords loughner blurted, she died in front of me. his alleged delusional obsession still in full effect. marshals rushed him out of the stunned courtroom. within an hour federal judge ruled that loughner is mentally incompetent to stand trial. >> it appears he's deeply psychotic and suffers from a very serious mental illness. >> reporter: judge burns agreed with the assessments of a psychiatrist and psychologist who concluded he hallucinates and is delusional, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. under court order, loughner will undergo treatment for four months to see if his mental health can be improved. there is no guarantee it will. during wednesday's proceedings loughner rocked back and forth in court, so apparently troubled he may never stand trial for a crime there is overwhelming evidence he committed. for "good morning america," pierre thomas, abc news, washington. diane sawyer with a preview of today's "world news."
8:07 am
>> good morning. good to see you again after our time in joplin together. tonight on "world news," we decided to ask oprah's dream team to issue a challenge. what is the one thing they want everyone to do for themselves now? suze orman weighs in on financial health on "world news." a sign of our times, married couples are no longer in the majority. the number of married households in this country dropped from 51% last decade to 48%. it was actually 77% back in the '50s when dinosaurs roamed the earth as one analysts said, i do quote, the days of ozzie and harriet are over. a quick look at the headlines. here is sam champion with the weather. >> hey, josh. good morning. it is gorgeous out here in times square. i see a sign that said "roll tide." where could you possibly be from? >> alabama. >> she looked at me like, are you crazy?
8:08 am
i was kidding. and yours says good morning -- >> idaho. >> oklahoma. >> i got the gators behind me, i know. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. look out the window in chicago. everybody's window in chicago. rain, fog. i know, what a messy morning. it gets better toward the end of the day. a lot of rain swings heavier to the east. pittsburgh, syracuse in detroit, more than an inch of rain, could be two inches. line of storms, weakening, yes, but doesn't mean don't pay attention to them. pay attention to wsb in atlanta at 85 because those storms could kick off any time.
8:09 am
>> grab another cup of coffee, it is thursday and time for the morning menu. settle in, what really happens with the kids where you're not there to protect them? elisabeth hasselbeck looks at the technology. it's nanny cam one or two steps further. my reality week series. you might want to turn your tv set down because i scream really loudly. that's bert by the way, not me. and save money on memorial day. can you save money on memorial day? yes, you can, if you watch "gma." inside tip for "gma" viewers. you better just gather around the tv set. we'll be right back. [ woman ] welcome back jogging stroller.
8:10 am
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♪ when you want some joy, dance to the beat ♪ ♪ and have a good daisy [ female announcer ] enjoy the fresh, 100% natural choice in cottage cheese. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ have a good daisy >> so many parents struggle with what they should do when they don't fully trust the babysitter or nanny. the nanny cam is an option. new tracking technology and internet are creating more ways to keep an eye on what is happening when you're not there. is this spart parenting or is there something wrong with this snooping? elisabeth hasselbeck talking to moms and nannies about this question. >> the question remains, to spy or not to spy? the debate continues among parents and the high tech options for keeping tabs on caregivers from new websites with gps tracking services continue to grow. melanie hamilton returns to work
8:15 am
in a few weeks. now addition to diapers and feedings, the new mom faces daunting task of finding a nanny. >> it stresses me out. what if he falls or what if something happens where he needs to be taken to the hospital? it's awe huge decision. >> reporter: more than a million nannies are professional baby sitters work in family homes in the u.s. but well-publicized of nanies shaking babies, giving them benadryl and striking children have found a growing need to watch nannies' every move. >> information is being shared. websites where you can post information about nanies. >> reporter: she's co-founder of big city moms one of the largest new mom support groups. goldberg says a growing interest among moms to monitor nannies through site likes "i saw your nanny." the blog invites moms, nannies and total strangers to detail the exploits of nannies behaving badly.
8:16 am
inattentive caregavers talking harshly to kids, leaving unattended in grocery stoshgs slapping kids. there are similar nanny reports. many moms call the cyberpostings a way to protect innocent children. but the founder professional nanny institute but worries the site are the big brother spinning out of control. >> i find it disturbing that people can literally destroy somebody's reputation on something that might be just considered a temporary lapse. >> reporter: according to social worker donna, who specialize nz counseling young moms checking out nanny blogs is latest steps parents are tablging to take control of child care. >> technology with cell phones and tweeting and all different avenues i don't think it's slowing down any time soon. >> reporter: she says a growing number of clients are tracking nanny's movements during the day
8:17 am
using gps. >> giving them that sense of know what's going on. >> nanny cam, where are you hiding? >> reporter: add to gps, the hidden cams and there is a dizzying array of options for parents to consider when it comes to monitoring their caregivers. the panel of working moms were split on whether or not to monitor their nannies. >> do you ever think about using a nanny cam? >> i think it's micro managing. >> it's like if you want went to krour office and somebody was micro managing you on every little thing did you you would probably want to leave your job. >> my daughter is taj where she's starting to tell me some things and i don't know if they're true or not. i wish there was a way i could actually have my eyes on what goes on when i'm not there. >> of course i want to know what is going on when i'm not there but if i for a second doubt that she's doing anything that is not in the best interest of my children i think i should just let her go. >> what about parents are actually using websites where
8:18 am
people can post photos, is this your nanny? there is less trust overall in our society? >> a need to control. >> the nannies were divided as to how they felt. >> if you're doing a good job you shouldn't worry by the. >> i don't like it. you have to be on edge and very careful. you can't be yourself. >> one man who is not torn about nanny monitoring, his nanny cam business enables parents and grandparent and friends to watch a nanny from all corners of the globe 24 hours a day. he says 20% of his clients fire their nannies within a day of installing the cameras, owing to a myriad of wrongdoings. >> slapping children, ignoring children. >> reporter: as for melanie, she says she's not sure what she'll do to month it are and nanny she hires. right now she's taking things one step at a time. >> he's my most precious cargo, i want somebody who cares about him, just almost as deeply as i care about him, although i know
8:19 am
that's probably not possible. >> great panel. i confess i'm very torn. you see pictures of nannies abusing kids, you say it makes sense but doesn't feel right. >> and there are so many incredible caregivers out there and in fairness, they're doing a wonderful job. but i think a lot of parents do feel as though 400, to $4,000 they're spending on surveillance is insurance. and whether trust can exist is tough. >> tough question. thank you. >> thanks, george. >> time to weigh in and vote. is this new nanny surveillance technology a violation of privacy? use your app to cast your vote or our website apt come on over. >> i'm on my way. >> time to round out reality series. >> was that you screaming? >> come on. >> george on "pawn stars" and josh "wipe-out" --
8:20 am
i'm trying to let people now it's your challenge. >> my challenge today. i had a lot of high adrenaline situations in my career. particularly here at "gma" but wait until you see this moment with bert the conqueror. a real thrill ride. spent two days with him, loved every minute. but please adjust your volume on your set. i scream loudly. they call him bert the conqueror. bert's reality tv show on travel channel is all about conquering his fears and taking any challenge that comes his way. from racing an ostrich to freefalling in mud to riding a shovel down a snowy slope. >> do i look like a feel right now? >> reporter: fearless, that's not bert. he's got a million fears but never lets a little fear get in the way of i good adventure.
8:21 am
>> here we go. i'm going. >> reporter: could you say on "gma" i fought a few battles with fear myself. i stood on the fire line in a raging wildfire. stuck my hand in a hive of angry bees in the name of science. and even broadcasted while rock climbing in the amazon. just wanted to give you this incredible shot. reality week challenge, conquering two of the most terrifying rides you could ever strap yourself into. i thought i was ready for anything bert could bring on. but bert's about to teach me about pushing my limits. first stop, elitch gardens in denver, colorado. you're going to help us conquer this one? >> yes. >> reporter: this is the terrifying twister ii. a classic wooden roller coaster. it's 4600 feet of rails take you a soaring 100 feet high and plunge you toward the ground at 60 miles an hour. today we're going do this.
8:22 am
twitter ii. this is an all-wood roller coaster. >> classic wood. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> it's wood. i mean, some dude just built that. >> reporter: i wasn't really nervous until now. >> that's the best part. we'll be safe but embrace that nerve, throw your hands up, just go whoa! >> reporter: i never had ridden a roller coaster hands up before. our adventure, fear in two parts. part one, let's go. >> what i love about you you just jump on and go. >> i just jump on and go, no thousand process. >> reporter: all right. let's jump on and go. >> first jump. whoa! [ screaming ] >> we decided to go hands up and mr. core workout was perfect all
8:23 am
of the way. i think he was like this -- i was going -- >> in the tunnel, i'm like tunnel! >> between the two of us we sound like a women's wimbledon match. oh! ah! >> fun riding with you. you're a fun guy to ride with. if you weren't so good-looking it would be a lot better. high five, sam. >> high five. >> they were screaming like little girls. [ screams ] >> after the sugar break, it was time for our next challenge. our destination, the glenwood caverns park in glenwood springs, colorado. if you thought hands up roller coaster riding was scary, forget it. this is extreme fear. a terrifying giant canyon swing launching riders 80 feet over the canyon at 50 miles an hour. you're hanging face down with
8:24 am
petrifying 1300 foot drop. but first, you have to get there and of course bert's afraid of heights. zbet. >> get me away. >> a gone dola ride takes you t the cliff. here is where you fall in love with bert. for someone who is afraid of heights he shows us how to overcome. you go to the worst case scenario. >> i'm a catastrophe thinker. i think of all of the things that could go wrong. you know it's the thing that you never think of that is gonna get ya. this is our adventure number two and this ride, genuinely, at the height -- this ride will scare the pants of you. >> reporter: i did not think it would look this imposing. >> you haven't seen the lookdown yet. >> reporter: are you -- no, no, no, no. no! >> this is -- >> reporter: oh my god this is like a spacecraft.
8:25 am
>> oh, oh. >> oh! >> whoa! >> look down. look down. ah ah, ah! >> how are you doing, are you all right? >> look at him. >> oh! >> i am not looking at that! >> ah, ah, ah! >> oh! oh! >> look. look. >> reporter: oh, no, no. >> ah, ah. >> oh, oh. >> reporter: close your eyes. don't look. i'm not looking, i'm not looking.
8:26 am
your eyes are closed. >> reporter: what i love, i have a death grip on you. i have -- >> as soon as we started. >> reporter: it was really cool. >> oh. sam, that was stupid. >> i will tell you, though, i have made a friend with bert for life. when you share a death experience with someone you love them for the rest of your life. >> he was -- >> we were going down together. one way to conquer fear, we figured this out -- [ laughter ] that's not it. the screaming does help, oxygenating your blood helps. that sugar helps. so, that's why there is so much sugar around these carnival rides. we brought that back to you guys. >> that's scientific? >> no, but worked for me and bert. >> so, robin you had to eat a taco and you had to sell a book.
8:27 am
the bart board is expected to vote to arm every bart police officer with a taser. it will be a cost of $140,000 total. bart officers share 60 tasers. the issue came to light in the shooting of oscar grant. mehserle claimed he meant to pull his taser but pulled out a handgun instead. >> several accidents. check out the big delay southbound 680 in walnut creek, the it remains heavy down to stone valley road because of a crash and south 101 around san rafael, toward lucky is another
8:28 am
accident. bay bridge toll plaza the only reason is light because everybody is sliog through berkeley because of another earlier crash. >> we'll
8:29 am
good morning, we have a fixture of clouds and sunshine. 48 in los gatos and san rafael. low to mid-50s. we're on our way to a warmer day but still shorter than average.
8:30 am
even 70s showing up in the east bay valleys. few scattered ♪ >> the crowd in times square right now but tomorrow, summer concert event -- i lost my voice. go. >> where did it go? >> it was the cotton candy, wasn't it? >> summer concert event you're waiting for. lady gaga in central park. lady gaga. say it over and over again, central park lady gaga. >> there you go, josh. >> you've been sending us your videos, your favorite songs. for angela, gabby and lauren in seattle, that song is "telephone." ♪ there is no one home and you're not gonna reach my
8:31 am
telephone ♪ i'm in the club and sipping that dub and not gonna reach my telephone ♪ ♪ i'm up in the club and sipping that bub and you're not gonna reach my telephone ♪ >> if you got a question for lady gaga send it in to abc news/gma. >> where can you find best dish for memorial day? >> just great. >> we have skirt steak. potato salad. tr strawberry rhubarb help. you all got to get to work. >> also been to work, getting great deals for "gma." that will be coming up in a bit as well. lara, amazing story about weight loss. >> i do. we'll talk to a man who has
8:32 am
changed another man's life and become his best friend in the process and a great show. we'll tell but it and give you good tips. >> all coming up. . sam, give us some weather. >> show you a picture out of washington, d.c., have you been to 90 degrees yet this season in d.c.? no but you will today. that sunshine kicks in. i think the extreatment east coast stays out. like when you get in the storms, when you get into that d.c., philly, new york city area you're clear, even raleigh not so bad today but just a bit west of that, so take it from atlanta and go all of the way up toward western new york city. storms will fire up today and some will be severe. not as strong as past three days but any time you get even a small tornado it can be damaging and so, stay up with local abc stations. cooler behind that. look at duluth at 55 degrees in spokane at 56. there is cool air on the board today down the california coastline. brand new rain system coming in tonight for extreme northwest. phoenix at 98. dallas at 81 degrees. continues to be hot, sunny but keyw
8:33 am
>> we're live in times square but so much more to the show. george? >> we'll get a head start on memorial day weekend with more great deals from torii joh john here to share them. let's go it, some big beach balls. >> these are incredibly fun. word has it from katy perry's camp ordered some of these gigantic balls. they're huge you can tell from the pictures. today through monday, these balls regularly from $6 to $120, $120 is one that is 132 inches, so a really big ball. you'll save 40% exclusively for "gma" viewers using code gma.
8:34 am
>> that is a good one. >> another great beach deal from carter and company. beach bag. >> this canvas beach bag, you go to the beach, picnic, park, the pool and you have so much just junk. towels, food, the kids' toys, clothing everything. you put it all right in here. velcro it closed, you're good to go. pretty cool, right? >> i'll take that home hv. >> exactly. >> today through monday, i love that is made it alabama. i love that. some people from alabama. regularly $69, 50% off just use code gma50. great carryall. the cabana boy not included. you got to carry it yourself. >> great deal, though. here from wallaroo hat company, great to protect you from the sun. >> national skin care awareness month and dermatologists recommend at least a three-inp brim to protect your gorgeous
8:35 am
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8:36 am
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and i am a phoenix. straum. >> if you think "extreme makeover home edition" is emotional brace yourself. this new show follows eight courageous people over a year as they battle obesity led by trainer chris powell. take a look. he's a physical miracle worker, a transformation king. and for the morbidly obese a last chance and best friend. >> i'll push her and push her and push her because i want to see if she's going to fight or run. >> reporter: we first chris powell a few years ago on "20/20" when he helped david submit lose more than 400 pounds. >> i said, well, if you don't give up on mi me i won't give up on you. >> reporter: and now chris has an entire show shepherding the amazing fitness journeys of others, rachel, a first grade teacher who weighs 370 pounds
8:41 am
when she first meets chris. >> guess what? i choose you. >> is this like a joke? >> i flew all of the way across the country to get you. >> this means i have a future. this means that i have a future. i'm so ready for it. >> reporter: the journey is a year long and difficult for everyone involved. chris makes rachel's family walk with weights on so they can see how she feels every day. >> rachel's family is great and they seem so supportive but rachel has somehow gained over 250 pounds in this family. >> reporter: he pushes rachel to the edge, emotionally and physically. >> breathe. get down into it and push. you do everything well. why -- >> reporter: the question rachel will have to answer before her journey is over. >> so inspirational and chris is here to talk about this new
8:42 am
show. and we were talking while the piece was airing and saying that it's not really just about diet, it's not just about xer ice it's getting to the root of the problem and why are people turning to food in the first place? >> yeah. it's all about the mind and most of the individuals that i work with, most of them come from some kind of trauma in the past, whether it was bandabandonment death or abuse and they turn to food to deal with those emotion. what they're dealing with, it's not specific to super-obese it's human. we turn to certain things to cover those emotions if they aren't dealt with. >> each of these people, you're following eight stories, each is at least 200 pounds over their ideal weight. that's a pig obstacle to overcome. >> it is. and the term for these individuals is super-obese, body mass index over 50 or 200 pounds overweight. they have a huge journey.
8:43 am
the process. because it has to be done with integrity. we need the time to do it. and we're seeing stories that really i don't want to give anything away you're making a giant impact on people like rachel. why do you think you were able to get through? >> you negotiation rachel, when i firt met her, she truly desired a change. just didn't know how to go about doing it. and she was still struggling with herself and dealing with those emotions but when it came down to the coachability aspect of working with her she's a prime candidate. and boy, what a change she's made. >> i think every great tv show gives the viewer some take-home so to speak, it's a national epidemic, a lot of people have weight to lose. let's give some tips that are simple, first on diet. >> okay. diet. don't hate me here, very first thing i have everybody do is remove the first, the nasty three things.
8:44 am
sugar, flour and fried foods. >> did you see as you ul eating carmel corn? >> i saw the table outside. >> we're being serious. if you want to make a change, you get rid of sugar flour and fried foods. >> that's hard to do. a lot of times those are foods handiest or most reasonable. >> and now, processed foods are everywhere and sugar in everything. and of course, seems like that you can fry anything these days as well. so but it's so important that we start to remove those three. just do one at a time. that's the most important thing. don't try to overachieve and tackle too many things at once, one at eight time. maybe remove a soda from your lynch time, start the process. >> baby steps. >> baby steps. that's it. number two, when it comes to nutriti nutrition, hydrate, half gallon of water a day. aim for that half gallon. >> excited to see the show. you have so many tips and exercises we can do everywhere. check out "extreme makeover
8:45 am
weight loss edition" this coming monday and tune into "gma" on tuesday and meet rachel and hear more of her amazing story. coming up next, you should probably cover your ears. emeril's recipe for the most delicious memorial day ever. meme
8:46 am
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memorial day weekend, great time for a great cookout. if you don't have a menu planned, no worries because our good friend emeril lagasse is here. >> how are you? >> good. >> kicking off the grilling season. >> you have a new show on the cooking channel. >> tonight. originals. it's awesome. >> congratulations with that. >> we'll stay on the cooking channel. >> get us to work. >> skirt steak, one of my
8:48 am
favorites. you have the marinade, sherry, sherry vinegar, onions, garlic. >> you have the chimichurri. the brazilian -- >> delicious. >> exactly. >> you got the steak on the grill. hold it up. >> i'm holding it. >> don't burn your tie. >> that's great. >> parsley, garlic, shallots. >> cilantro, salt, and what you'll do pulsate and slowly drizzle oil. look at george go. huh, folks, look at that. >> you got warm weather potato salad. i like this, no mayonnaise. what you do, you got dijon, a little vinegar, putting oil, you make it like a little dressing. you're whisking.
8:49 am
you got dessert. >> i got dessert. what do you want me to do? >> why did you have to say that? >> you get dessert. that's our strawberry rhubarb pie. check on josh here. how are you making out? >> i think we're good. some smoke issues. >> once the steak gets grilled i'm waiting for josh to grill it. you want to let it rest. when you're grilling in the summer, rest. take the proteins out of the refrigerator, bring them to room temperature about 20, 30 minutes. that will prevent a lot of sticking. when you take it off the grill, josh! >> we're ready. >> then you -- then you got to let it rest. so, look. look at this, skirt steak. you see how it's going like this go on an angle. against the grain. you go against the grain. just taste that. >> happy to. >> and then -- >> how did i do, george? >> yeah.
8:50 am
really good. >> how are you making out, all right? >> oh, geez! >> she whisked a mean dressing. >> i'm impressed. >> i cook a lot. >> the potatoes. >> let me help you out. i told you she's got great cooking skills. >> did you. emeril totally defended you. >> look at that. all right. so warm weather potato salad. >> look at this, josh! baby! oh, man! looks a little charred, don't you think, george? >> did i take this too far? >> no, came out beautiful, actually.
8:51 am
>> i didn't quite hear that, what? >> my steak came out beautifully. yours is a little charred, don't you think, robin? a little charred. i'm just kidding. you got to go against the grain. robin, look, dip it in this. george made this here. look at this. >> i think i got it. >> here you go. >> you know, we can get all these recipes on online and and new show "the originals". >> on the cooking channels. >> why is it called that? >> we go to restaurants that have vintage, old restaurants that they're trying to tell people they're still doing it right. >> as are you, my friend. we have the rhubarb already?
8:52 am
wow. all right. >> sam. >> chimichurri. >> fingers? >> excellent. >> what's going on down there? z
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
if you don't mind, medium. earlier in the program showing people about that nanny spyware, that neck totechnology, we aske good, or a violation? 20% said it shouldn't be used but 80% said it's fine to have that technology. >> we want to hear from you. follow us on twitter and
8:56 am
facebook. watch "world news" with diane saueri sawyer later today. >> lady gaga tomorrow!
8:57 am
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8:59 am
cyber crooks are focusing on a map with something called master thunder. the virus program apple says they are preparing a system update to fight it. let's check in with mike and today's temperatures. >> still not getting back to average. spring is still eluding us. 60 on's to 70s for the rest of us. scattered showers over the weekend. >> 680 at stone valley has tied up traffic through walnut creek. still heavy from


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