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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  June 15, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tax will go down three-quarters of a percent on july 1st . a new 12 dollar charge dmc will be lower than that. >> that is a big relief. i think that is good news for people who you know, are on a fixed budget. >> there is a price. there is not as much money to go around public schools will not receive more in borrowed money. on line retailers will have to start charging a sales tax and rural areas have to pay for fire protection. >> we are paying it alreadiment we are used to
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paying it. schools will not be paid back the three billion promised and thinks that the budget deadline would not influence their work. >> i want them to check it out. they borrowed it and they need to pay it back. >> it will be interesting to see if governor brown signs the budget plan b. he promised not to sign a budget with gimmicks. a two year old antioch boy suffered severe injuries after falling from this window 20 feet. the screen popped out . the helicopter airlifted the boy to children's hospital. within the past hour oakland police announced a arrest of a
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rapist. he was hiding in the dog house. he had been on the run since authorities released the cell phone video. the 28 yore old recorded the stranger that she found stealing electronics. he sexually assaulted her. he has len convictions. >> all lanes of the san mateo bridge are back open after a fiery crash. around 10:30 this morning, a 26 foot - flat bed truck hit the wall and burst in flames. this video was seen from stephen. the photos were posted on wit twit by joshua gonzalez. fortunately the driver was not hurt and the cause of the accident is still under
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investigation . a suspicious package forced the evacuation of a federal building. it houses the courts and f.b.i. and other offices. weres were told to shelter in place and others evacuated. the officials dermed that the package was harmless. >> they gave up the package but the husband was shot anyway. they are live with us right now. thomas? >> hayward police say it was a senseless shooting that being have ended up the homicide. when asked they handed over the belongings to the robbers and without provivation the husband was shot three times. it happened in len:15 last night. hayward police said they accosted two teenage women. the two men took the woman's valuables after shooting a warning round in the air.
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after the first robbery they would have left the area had the not showed up. >> a man was returning from sfo came downstairs minutes after the first robbery. after giving the robbers what they wanted the unimaginable happened. >> the male was shot anyway. >> the man was hit three times and suffered nonlife threatening wounds. he was taken to the trauma where he is in stable condition. the suspects took off in different directions. the event frightened the nervous residents. i usually get a ride here . >> it is a worry every day, no
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matter if there was a shooting or not. they believe the street unit will find the two masked robbers in the area. the couple was not identified and we haven't been able to contact the family to update the victim's condition. if you have information contact them soon as possible. investigatorings are asking anyone on call them with information of the lewd acts. she was a middle school teacher that was fired. two weeks ago phelps was arrested on child abuse charges after they received a report she had sexual relations with a 14 year old boy. >> she's embarrassed to be in thuation and it is a matter
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that out of respect for the privacy of the people listed in the police report and miss phelps she doesn't want to comment. >> she taught in the a man who told a beaumont woman to eat a watermelon in eye hot tub. prosecutor said he is not a doctor and flunked the medical exams . president family of a missing nursing student wants volunteers to join them in a search on friday and sunday. and police believe she was murdered. they are not giving up hope and plan to meet with the
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police later today. we wanted her to come home. >> and her cell phone was used after she disappeared and they are working on pin pointing where searchers are focusing now. >> barry bonds has asked the federal court to throw out the obstruction of conviction or grant him a new trial. the counts ended in the mistrial in april. charges stem from bonds grand jury testimony. prosecutor said she lied about taking steroids. they haven't decided whether they will charge him on the three other charges. >> time for a first check of
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weather. it is not going to stay that way. temperatures in the mid90s and good news, if you don't like the heat, it will be mild. it is warm inland in some places at least in the evening hours and overnight mild as well. patches of fog on the coast tomorrow morning and breeze yecooler with mainly sunny skis and high temperatures ranging from 62 in the warmest coastal location to 84 in the warmest inland locations. this heat wave is just about over and we'll show you how cool it is going to be in the forecast. up next another mile stobe in congresswoman gabby giffords' recovery. >> and no more chocolate milk.
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>> and the power of perse verance. >> never dreamed that there was a thing like this happening to me. >> 99 year wearing his hard-worn graduation cap since last saturday. >> take a look at the traffic that is bunched up in downtown san francisco. heading north or south it is a mess. heading to the bay bridge is bottled up as of 1:30 or 2:00.
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congresswoman gabby giffords is released from the hospital. she is now heading to her
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husband's home in league city texas where she will continue outpatient therapy. she was shot in the left side of her head in a tucson campaign event and learning how to speak and walk again. >> chocolate milk is off of the menu in los angeles public schools. la public school district banned flavored milk. it is similar to a ban that is in place in berkeley. la is the largest district to take action. they voted to ban the milk from. they criticized the menu. this is one week work more sugar than your soda. put your hand up.
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and appearing on the jimmy kimble. but not all board members are on board. >> i don't understand why we are letting the tv chef dictate the policy. nutrition said forget claims about vitamin and calcyup. tipecal half pint of chocolate milk has 208 calories and 24 grams of sugar and compared to 88 calories and 22 grams in a half point of average cola. kids seem to love it >> it feels like a hershey bar. >> critics say they shouldn't make the decision. >> they don't like apple. feed them apple pie. >> it is flavored milk is off of the table they will choose what is left. >> it is a national trend.
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berkeley, and washington d.c. in banning flavored milk. more tv you watch more health problems. >> every two hours people sit in front of the tv. type two diabetes increases and risk of heart disease up 15 percent. three hours in front of the tvs. in case you wonder it is not programming that kill people. it highlights the danger of a sed endary life style. >> a 90 year old man proved it is never too old to finish what you started. here's the report. >> leo was less than one
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semester away from graduating. the it was $80 a month. >> when a friend offered him a spot he couldn't pass it up. >> it was that is a lot of money. >> 20 years old he tried to drop out. he later learned he was just a few credits short. >> three hour to go. too bad you didn't tell me. i would have waited all night. the spry 99 year old said he's not sure why he wanted to be a teacher but thinks that the fellow graduates could learn a thing or two. that is all they did teach.
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learn how to run the type writer. >> as for what it took for the graduates to reach are you years old. >> good family and good life and everything good worked for me. he didn't expect it to get better. >> and i never dreamed of it happening to me. that is part of the wardrobe. >> it is a power tool. >> and soon he will be tweeting. >> and take the hat off in the eat. it is a heat wave and now it is down right hot.
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it is the camera it could be a little bit of the haze in the air. we have clear skies from the coast to inland areas . showing what conditions are like. these are the high temperatures are so far. it is 94 in livermore and 92 in clover dale. it is still 95 in antiiot. that is a weather term. 66 in san francisco. these are the highlight . breeze schecooler. further cooling will occur on friday and saturday. there will be patchy fog .
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certainly mild overnight . low temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s and low of only 58 in liverr more and 62 in antioch and even on the coast mild and low at 52 in half moon bay. we will have more and starting to feel the cool down. here's the animation starting tomorrow morning. it will not hit 90s tomorrow. and low to mid-80s . cents around the bay . 60s around the bay and coastal locations. it is med to upper cents . on the peninsula .
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palo alto . downtown, 62 in the sun district . range from upper 70s to low 80s in napa and east bay highs will be low cents . inland east bay . 60s and gets cooler friday and saturday. and more 60s on the coast . this is one of the larger. you go over and haven't touched the and at least we have five-days before the next
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blast of warm weather. you will not need it over the weekend. beleaguered broadway production is finally off of the ground. stars came out to support spiderman's official opening. spiderman turn off dark . the cast members have suffered accidents and there were production delays and firing of the original director. there was a kidnap murder platagainst josh stone. two men with a rope and body bag were arrested near her home. she is fine and getting on with life as normal. >> angelina jolie plan to visit syrian refugees in turkey. she got approval to visit
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today. she might arrive on friday. natalee port man welcomes a new baby boy. i am on the red carpet. >> and parts of the nation where people live the longest. >> prince william and his wife announce more details to their trip to california. that's ahead. >> later on at 5:00, ibm helped several families to permanently cut their electricity bills. >> this is a live lookalt the golden gate bridge. traffic backing up in the toll places.
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check outlet the map. you can see the bay area is colored light green. here's how we compared. red and orange splotches represent the lowest life expectancy. that is shorter than the geping world. they attribute it to snoking and obesity. and the longest for men is in fairfax county, virginia . it is an average of 86 years.
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>> britain's prince william and catherine will have a black tie dinner to introduce young britain talent to holly wood film makers. they will attend a polo match and william will play and kate will present the trophy. it will be the princess first trip to the united states. the former porn star. i did not sex anthony weiner. that is next. >> lawmakers that are suing president obama over what happened in libya. >> and a little bit of haze and no marine mayor. we'll have more in the
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accu-weather forecast .
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>> a former porn star said that new york representatives anthony weiner asked her to lie about his e-mails and tweets to her. she said she did not have a sexual relationship with him. ginger lee spoke with reporterrs in manhattan withia
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allred by her side. they exchanged. i did not have sex with anthony weiner. i did not send or receive. any time he took our communication in a sexual direction i did not reciprocate. he asked me to lie. i put out the three sentence communication that he told me to say. >> huma abiodine will play a key role on whether he will resign. >> huma, the wife of beleagued congressman anthony weiner
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arrived back in the middle of the night. he was on the fence on whether to resign. he was waiting for his wife to return before making decision. >> weiner has been out of the public eye since saturday and his office has not revealed details of where he is. he is given a temporary leave of absence. >> he was still front and center on capitol hill yesterday. some members wanted to avoid the topic. >> come to my district and deal in ohio and unemployment and others called for him to step down. >> in my view yes. >> in the they decided against taking action. they focused on gas prices.
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>> we spent the entire time american public being gouged at the pump. >> if it was me i would resign. it is a destruction for the debate for the economy. time warner is classed against a lawsuit. they failed to provide caption for the on line videos on the website. it was filed by a oakland law firm. >> i feel that i will be more informed if a lot of the videos were captioned and i could see the candidate speak and understand what they are
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saying. >> cnn issued a statement saying that it was not served with the lawsuit and so it has no comment. >> lawmakers are suing president obama for taking military action against libya without authorization from congress. lawmakers say they want a judge to suspend information -- actions there. >> none of the lawmakers is from california. >> general david petraeus is in washington to prepare for the next job as sy director. he met with senator deinstein . did -- and shook hands but did not take questions. >> hopefully there will be a
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smooth transition when leon panetta goes to defense. >> leon panetta's nomination will now go to the full senate. >> the pakistan army is denying one of the majors was arrested for giving information to the cia. the new york times said they arrested five pakistani informants including a major who copeped the license plates of cars that went visiting. that encluded the owner of a safe house to keep an eye on bin laden's compound. the aircraft carrier for which osama bin laden was buried at sea arrived in the uss karl vin cent. they docked in the san diego
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naval base. the crew was ordered not to discuss bin laden's burial. >> amtrak is stepping up security after someone tried to derail a train in iowa. they have beenist shoulding the tracks and rigging them to derail a train. the raid on osama bin laden's compound revealed that al-qaida was plotting attacks on the american rail system. >> it served as a stark reminder that the threats are viable and a new twist was added that terrorist are considering derailing the trains. amtrak is focusing on securing the routes in the northeast corridor. >> a massive wildfires in arizona is the largest in that state's history. the fires burned 478,000 acres
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since memorial day weekend. fire officials estimate 20 percent contained and 2700 people have been evacuated from their homes. authorities are questioning people about an abandoned campfire that may have started the blaze. >> it is official. the final word on a project to transform treasure island. >> right now, a look at traffic to the san mateo bridge. earlier today there was a horrific accident where oxygen tanks exploded and caused a huge wall of flames. you can see it is moving nicely now in both direction. >> spencer is here with the traffic forecast. >> it appears no weather related delyes. it is west of the mississippi river and east of the mississippi tis a different story. the thunderstorms and low vis and we have arrival delays up
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to an hour or 45 minutes. >> this is producing the delays up to a half an hour of departures . scattered showers and reporting delays of half an hour to jfk. i will have details coming nupt accu-weather forecast.
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>> bay area home prices took a plunge last night. it was down nine percent from may of 2009 when it was 410,000. the data quick said sale was distressed or foreclosed home pulled down the median. >> san francisco board have had super visors gave approval of the redevelopment of treasure island. it is 140,000 square feet of the commercial space. they are making sure it is not too upscale . >> it affordable housing. it is something our city needs . and really an unprecedented number of units.
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it is infrastructure upgrades. it is expected to take 20 years. roughh day on wall street. an oakland company gave investors something to think about before the market turned. >> boy hood home of one of the biggest names hits the market
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♪ ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more.
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gorgeous view of downtown san francisco. beautiful blue skies out there and warm temperatures. spencer will have an update on the forecast in just a moment. oakland based pandora ringing the opening bell in the stock exchange. seams sored and came back down as the entire market dropped. 15.42 a share. that is a nine percent increase. pandora is a free service and allows them to create these. they have 94 million users.
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>> it was a rough day on wall street. there is more on that and other top business news. >> stock market taking a step back. rising concerns about a group bail out and growing signs that the american economy is slowing down. the world's second biggest builder plan to boost production and a jet liner by 33 percent a month. they have bigger luggage bins . lighting. they are looking at them each work day and johnson and johnson and they are working to focus on other cardiovascular therapies . a big hit with corporate
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customers compared to the 2007 version. they are adopting it faster than the predecessor. >> a stock market and know how and maybe you can find it here. this is warren buffet's childhood home up for sale. he is the third richest man in the world. he spent the home that was built by a sears kit. >> he lived there until age six. >> i am not sure how much investing advise but take a. we'll show you where we come back. looking for deals on drug store make up. >> where you can save up to
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five bucks an item. >> and bay area university closes its doors after running out of funding .
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>> we head toward 5:00. this is the approach to the golden gate bridge. northbound traffic is moving well and starting to slow down if we are heading to the city. it is a crawl at this hour. >> most of us at some point paid a lot for a fancy beauty product. >> i know. i live with it every day. >> larry, when you go to the drug store you expect to get a district price. >> we hope. michael finney is here to say maybe not. case in point. >> buying a new item for your
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make up kit can make or break your budget. >> knowing how to apply make up like a pro is a beauty secret. but knowing where to save a pretty penny doesn't hurt either. shop smart set out to find out where you can save big. they searched for the best pricos lip sticks and gloss and massacra. >> there are different prices on beauty products. take massacre a. cover girl last lash will cost you 5 -- 8.99 but at walmart 6.73 and that is a two dollar savings . only five zero three at target. it is blendable make up. and walmart you pay seven
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dollars saving . savings on lip close too. >> it will cost you 8.70. and nearly a three dollar difference skip the drug stores . we found that cvs and walgreens had the best prices. it was the best followed by walmart and target. apply your make up like the pro. >> as larry nos, scoring is part of the equation. how do you know that. retailers will allow you to return opened make up. hang on to the receipts and look for those when you buy
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something brand new. you might want to get there early and try it. that is the semicrisis when mab rein cancelled the she saved me. not the first time. >> and this is the best view of the lunar eclipse. you couldn't see it from the northern hemisphere. the moon appeared to be disappearing. and they will have another eclipse in six months and we'll be able to see that one here. it is good news, larry. your make up will not melt away tomorrow.
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it is lovely. >> let's take a look at the weather. things are going to coldown considerably in the inland areas. there is a system with a little dip in the jet stream that produces a breezier . it is 10 degrees or more . we have a cooling trend. and take us in the next three days before we warm up again. it is in tahoe . yosemite snow belt is conditioning there . a blood warning remains in affect right through the weekend. it isa mix of high clouds and dropping off 10 degrees or so
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and antioch over 95 . 82 in santa rose a. and down in monterey bay tomorrow. it is scen in santa crews . they will be wrapping it up. and the game time 12:35 p.m. and temperatures ranging from 68 to 72 degrees. it is the first few days of the 7 day period. further cooling and inland highs only 82 degrees . 70s around in the bay . 60 or so on the coast and warming up on sunday, father's day and sunny skis and inland
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highs . cent around the bay and then 90s monday and tuesday in the inland and at 6:15 a.m. . arrival of summer. that is all about translucent powder. >> we are getting a first look at john edwards mug shot. >> he was indicted on six counts . it was released by the freedom of information act. >> there is the second in three meetings as lawmakers are trying to raise the nation's credit limit and work
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out budget cuts. >> vice-president biden was optmistic but the fellow democrats are drawing a hard line here's more from washington. >> it is ending with no signs of a deal and no comments from key members of congress. they hope to draft a agreement by the july 4th recess. he expressed confidence that a deal to cut the deficit over the next 10 or 12 years is within reach. republicans insist that 2.5 is needed to get on board to raise the debt sealing. they are still at a stand off. democrats ruled out any. and fast majoritiy don't
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support changing medicare as we know it. i would be surprised if we get in the tax issue. they voted to and that could indicate that republicans may not be so rigid when it comes to tax increases. >> they said they had made progress but no one is sitting around laughing it up. karen travers abc news washington. that's it for this edition of abc news at four. >> the news continue with dan and cheryl on the news at 5:00. a two year old child in serious continue after falling
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out of a second story window. >> a teacher accused of having sexual relations. >> and california lawmakers do something they haven't done in 20 years, pass a budget on time. >> there is a sad lessona a hot day after a small child is injured. he was air lifted to a hospital in oakland. how is he doing? >> we don't know the status. but he feel out of the window behind me. it was near the highway four bypass and lone tree way. it was serious enough for him to be air lift to children's hospital in oakland. at this time, we don't know his condition and his parents are at the hospital. when police arrived the window
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screen was lying in the driveway suggesting that the child may have pushed against it and fell out. there appears to be a coach and could have given him a way to get up to the windowsill. a week and half ago a four year old boy fell out in toke toke on garden court. he was taken to children's hospital in oakland. i can't tell you how many times when the weather changes and gets hot and a toddler climbs up to it and pushes up against the window screen and falls out and gets seriously injured or killed. there needs to be a locking mechanism. but it happens around the time when the weather changes. reporting live in antioch, back to you guys.


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