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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the oakland schools is suspended this morning following allegations of racial slurs. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. we have both sides of the issue and we'll tell you why this man is no stranger to controversy. good morning to you. look at the difference the clouds we talk about, there they are. look at the bay bridge from emeryville. a little drizzle possible along the coast this morning. temperatures will be warm this afternoon. big cooling trend slated for the weekend. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. overnight roadwork. you can see, maybe not here, but thick fog around the coastal areas. we have details coming up. >> we sure will. it's just about 5:01 on tuesday morning. thank you for being here. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping the news at 5:01, the second suspect arrested in the drive-by shooting death of a 3-year-old boy in oakland has the first court appearance this morning. meantime, the community will say goodbye for the last time to the young victim. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in oakland with the
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story. >> kristen, the man was arrested in las vegas but he has a lengthy rap sheet here in oakland. 22-year-old willie torrence's rap sheet includes robbery and accusation that he choked his ex-girlfriend and threatened to shoot her in the face. his arrest was announced the same day friends and family held a rosary service for the young victim, 3-year-old carlos nava, who was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting last week on international boulevard at 1:00 in the afternoon. police have now made two arrests in the case. they caught the man they believe pulled the trigger last week in pittsburg. >> it was very challenging in the beginning but i got to say that most of the information we received are from sitszs who were distraught and sick to their stomach about what they know happened. >> reporter: the boy's parents are from mexico and they lost their jobs as restaurant workers shortly
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before the shooting. the community rallied around them. the community raised about $20,000 to help them cover funeral expenses. . they told the mexican consulate they think one positive thing has come from this, helping to bring the community together. they are scheduled for a funeral for carlos at 11:00 this morning. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:02 now. the chief of the oakland schools police department is in hot water this morning. he has been suspended with pay for allegedly launching a threatening racial tirade against members of his own command staff. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom. terry, the chief has been quoted as saying it was all a joke, but nobody is laughing. >> reporter: yeah, nobody is laughing this morning. not the chief or the person what allegedly insulted and not the white officer who filed charges in the first place. the incident allegedly happened july 18. sarna and three officers had
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been golfing and drinking at a tournament at sequoyah country club in oakland. a white officer in that car said sarna went in a tirade, using the "n" word repeatedly against a black sergeant who was also in the car, saying a black sergeant should be hung in the town square. attorney for the white officer says days later, sarna approached the black sergeant. >> he acted like a mafia guy and isolated the african-american, told him that thing that happened never happened. and there has been subtle intimidation. >> sarna is a former oakland police department lieutenant who at one time had close ties to governor jerry brown. he resigned a state justice department job after a drunk driving crash. now as oakland school police chief, sarna has been credited with helping start a popular free summer camp where the kids can play in a safe environment. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that sarna is telling investigators he was making an attempt of humor after a day of drinking at the golf course and his track record in the african-american community is a stellar one. his wife is african-american.
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live in the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> all right. terry, thanks a lot. all is calm and back to normal at the san francisco bart stations this morning. that is not at all what it was like in last night's commut commute. [ chanting and yelling ] >> the hacker group anonymous organized what was an expected action. police were forced to close down four bart station for two hours at the height of the rush hour. protest was in retaliation for last week shutdown of the cell phone service by the bart officials made to prevent a similar protest. oakland police say they have taken two men considered armed and dangerous off the streets. officers swarmed a fruitvale neighborhood last night searching for the pair. one of them who police say was armed with an uzi was hiding behind recreation center. the other was found hiding
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in apartment complex next door. the suspects jumped out of the vehicle at fruitvale and 15th as an officer tried to stop the vehicle which had been linked to a carjacking. the highway patrol is asking for the public's help finding hit-and-run driver who killed a jogger in sonoma county. the white ford extented cab pick-up truck struck 63-year-old donald casper in forestville on sunday. the picture shows the truck heading eastbound on river road near the corvelle winery. he died at the scene. he lived in san francisco and helped organize the annual columbus day celebration each year. this morning, east bay narcotics officer and private investigator face new federal charges. norman wells faces ten new counts of selling meth and marip and stealing evidence as well as extortion and false imprisonment. prosecutors say he did this while commanderer of the contra costa narcotics enforcement team. private investigator christopher butler was also indicted on 13 counts. federal authorities say the two men set up phony state
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operations to conduct warrantless searches and steal drugs. they already face local charges. they are held without bail while they await arraignment on federal charges. the santa rosa police are facing questions over controversial images coming out of a festival this past weekend. photos taken at south park day show a police officer talking with kids. one young boy you see holding a fully automatic assault rifle and looking through its sniper scope. another picture shows a boy around 5 grabbing a riot gun off a table. one santa rosa city council member says photos are alarming but the police chief and event argue that the weapons were unloaded. and seeing them helps the community better understand the work of law enforcement. it's now 5:07. a bill that would snuff out smoking more in california is now on governor brown's desk. the state senate passed it yesterday to allow landlords
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to ban smoking on the properties even inside rental units. they say it's all and the secondhand smoke they claim can travel between rental units through opening windows and vendlation systems. state senators say the bill will give families more smoke free options. 5:07. driving this morning, did you notice more clouds than yesterday? >> not on my path in. but along the coast i understand plenty of clouds. >> all right. let's see how long they might linger today. mike? >> they look like they will linger an hour longer and they're more widespread this morning. that will drop the temperatures maybe a degree or two here and there. not big changes. they're slated for the weekend. area of low pressure offshore and having negligible effect on the weather. minimal. that's a better word for 5:08 in the morning. at least easier to open up the mouth and get it out. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast -- temperatures right now that are in the 50s. jump to 90s east bay valley.
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and north bay, same thing. around the bay shore, mid-to-upper 70s. i have a long the coast, downtown san francisco, we have low to mid-60s. wednesday and thursday, slightly warmer. the clouds will be not as thick as this morning. look at the clouds come back friday. especially saturday and sunday. that's when the coolest weather move in. temperatures those days about four to six degrees cooler than the next couple. it looks like quiet weather for several days. we may have quiet news along the commute front. sue has details. >> good news. go to saratoga and the earlier sig-alert has been lifted. the accident cleared out of the lanes westbound highway 9, east of heather heights road. traffic is getting by there just fine. we take an early morning look at the public transit. no problems so far. ace train getting ready to leave stockton. no delays so far for bart. other mass transit on time. want to show you a picture we were talking about the fog. golden gate bridge, very thick on the span.
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you will need wind shield wipers up and over the waldo grade, through the tunnel and span. no slowing, stalls or accidents to report to you as you come to san francisco. kristen, eric? >> sue, thank you. 5:09 now. still ahead -- the document facebook lawyers say could put an end to another ownership claim against mark zuckerberg. america's passion for plastic begins to show some responsibility. >> what do we want? [ inaudible ] when do we want it? now. >> plus, sales tax backlash. while advocates for the poor and elderly want you to cancel your amazon account. >> and the star who is adding her voice to a controversy push to ban shark fin soup.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money, gas prices are falling, oil is rising. prices down 7% to average of $#.60 a gallon, the second weekly decrease in a row. securities and exchange commission is taking a closer look at the calls of last week stock market roller coaster. reuters reports the sec is checking whether standard & poor's followed proper procedures to downgrade the long-term u.s. debt. federal judge apparently relishes over seeing a link between hot dog makers.
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they are accusing each other of false advertising. that's america's money. i'm rob nelson. status update from facebook this morning where a company attorney say they have proof a man's claim of ownership is fraudulent. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is sued by a man that says he, not zuckerberg, owns the company. he said he hired zuckerberg in 2003 to work on the facebook project, but the facebook attorneys say the contract is a fake. and zuckerberg was hired to work on a street mapping data base. hearing is scheduled tomorrow. martinez based petroleum company owes the state $3 million in fine and court costs for violating environmental laws. they were ordered to pay as part of settlement with a civil lawsuit as part of a december lawsuit. they failed to train workers responding to the hazardous spills and failing to
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maintain proper records. golden gate has 25 facilities in hayward, san jose, richmond and other parts of northern california. there is an effort underway to boycott, because of the refusal to follow a new law that requires it to collect state sales taxes. the boycott is spear-headed by the california group that advocate for the poor, sick and elderly. they want californians to stop doing business with amazon until it complies with a new law. >> be fair, to our businesses and services that need revenue and everyone who is playing by the rules. amazon, you can play by the rules too. >> amazon says it doesn't have to collect the taxes since it dropped all ties with affiliates in california. the company is collecting signatures to put a referendum on the ballot to overturn the online sales tax measure. >> actress bo derrick is
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trying to prevent sale of shark fin. she testified yesterday in support of a bill to ban selling, trading or possessing shark fins. she says 85% of the dried shark fin import in the u.s. come through california. >> sharks are being finned for the shark fin soup. the process is very deplorable. they cut off the fins, throw the body back in the sea. to drown or die. >> the state senator says the bill unfairly targets asian communities, some of which use the fins for soup. >> because under this bill, you could have a store sell shark fin wallet. you could have a store in malibu selling shark steak but ban them selling the shark fin soup. >> they have the biggest demand for fins outside of asia. if you do mobile bank
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tong smart phone you could put yourself at risk for identity fraud. calpers tested 100 financial apps and were able to recover payment history. security pins and partial credit card number from 69% of them. some apps stored financial data on the phone, itself, meaning the thieves could recover easily. the best security measure use a password to protect access to your phone. number of americans paying credit cards on time is at a 1-year high. transunion says credit payments 90 days or more past due fell .6 of a percept in the second quarter, lowest rate since 1994. they report slight increase in the average debt that the card users carry in the quarter. i went up $20 to $4,700. >> yeah. all right. we'll pay it off sooner and becoming more responsible. that is my take-aua. >> that is a good take-away. this morning if you are
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dressing the kids for school, some of which started already what is it like? >> pretty much the same. temperatures in the morning are homogenized in the afternoon. that's where we see the micro climate take place. look outside, if you need a jacket, probably won't need it this afternoon in many areas. good morning to you. 5:17. can't believe school is starting for some folks. ours is next week. right around the corner. all right, we're looking at low clouds and drizzle along the coast this morning. expect arrival delays in sfo. once those are announced i'll be sure to let you know here, twitter or facebook. all right, take a look at the temperatures. we're running mainly in the 50s once again. cool spot would be 50. at san rafael. we have a few 60s around antioch and mountain view. around monterey bay and inland, salinas, the clouds keep you in the mid-50s. while it's clear and cooler, 49 in gilroy. all right. sunny this afternoon. away from the coast. near normal. high temperatures.
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through friday. then we have more clouds. that means cooler weather for stronger sea breeze this weekend. for today, compared to average. warmer in livermore, three degrees. san jose, one degree cooler than average. napa, two. san francisco, three. redwood city, four. not bad considering most of the summer we have been from five to ten degrees than average. sunrise up at 6:26. the sun will set at 8:21. clouds, more widespread this morning. trying to make a late surge in south bay and north bay. they do it until 9:00. hanging out at the coast throughout the afternoon hours. a lot less sunshine there. temperatures manage to get in 60s along the coast. 70s, 80s, 90s for the rest of us. start in the south bay. specific cities and temperatures. sunnyvale, milpitas, 80. saratoga at 86 degrees. mid-to-upper 70s along the peninsula. palo alto and redwood city,
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shy at 79. half moon bay at 64 degrees. 61 at daly city. downtown at south san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s. saucelito at 70. you jump to 79 at san rafael. jump in the low to mid-80s the farther north you head. 68 at richmond. 70s throughout the east bay shore. upper 80s to 90 in east bay valley. monterey bay, 66. santa cruz, 73. and mid-80s around gilroy and morgan hill. heading to the coliseum, another nice night for baseball. 7:05 first pitch. mostly clear. 62 dropping to 57. next few days could be warmer away from the coast. cooling trend hits friday. you notice the cooler weather saturday and sunday. sunday will be the coolest day in the forecast. have a great day. sue? >> all right, we'll go to walnut creek now for the southbound and 680 drive. concord to north main. the 24 junction. you will find roadwork up
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and down the 680 corridor, diablo road onramp and stone valley onramp, la vorena off-ramp is closed until 6:00 for construction. look at the travel time. if you are headed through for pardon, 580 to central valley, 205 to 680. not a bad drive. 101 peninsula southbound, toward san mateo. woodside road. five to six minutes. through marin county, 101 looks good from novato. san rafael, eight-minute drive. is the website. for the latest bay area traffic, click on the icon, left of the computer screen. >> thanks a lot. 5:20. >> next, protect your pooch. the crime that appears to be on the ride nationwide. >> the next big test facing a private rocket maker trying to make the mark in space. >> technicality that might cause a hockey player a big nene
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good morning. 5:23 on the abc7 morning news. there you can see some of the low clouds and fog that mike is telling us about. a lot of it is along the coast. when it is going to burn off, he knows. he knows a lot of stuff about the weather. he'll share some of that with you coming up. >> a new report says man's best friend may be at a greater risk for a dog napping. the american kennel club reports 32% increase in dog deaths this year. the data base shows 224 animals were stolen compared to 255 to all of 2010. pit bulls and or large breeds are usually the
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victim. the dogs are almost always sold. thieves think they can get a lot of money for pure bred. but potential owners usually require documentation to verify authenticity of the breed. the private sector will take over where nasa left off when the private rocket maker will make the first test run to the international space station. after the launch, the dragon capsule will spend a week trailing the station before docking it with. nasa is depending on the private companies like space-x to handle the space station run and astronaut rides. until the private program is up to speed, nasa will have to buy space on the russian souyuz capsule. a boy made unbelievable hockey shot, but he may never see the money. he made the shot through the hole barely larger than the puck. got the opportunity after winning the raffle. the problem is thatnate's
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twin brother name was on the tint. he was outside at the time of the drawing so nate took the shot. >> going crazy. everybody when i came to sit back, everybody was crowding me, giving me high-five. >> the prize money is the fate of the insurance carrier. either way, the family says they will always have the memory of the amazing shot. >> you lose $50,000, mr. insurance company, or you lose many times that in public relations. >> that is the question. >> yeah. >> either way, he will have the memory. 5:25. next at 5:30 -- the bay area police chief accused of going on a racially charged tirade. and up next, you will find out why the oakland fire department will be attending the funeral of a murder victim today. >> also next at 5:30, the new questions raised about the missing documents critical of the investigation in the san
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bruno pipeline explosion. there is a look at high temperatures across the country. warmest weather, phoenix and dallas. over 100. we have 80s. temperatures are close to average. even 70s in the extreme of the pacific northwest. and northeast. this just in, philadelphia having flight departure delays but the other major airports are running on time. matter of time before sfo starts having flight arrival delays. when those are announced you can check them out at the flight tracker at
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where one of the city's youngest murder victims will be buried today. even the fire department will be there to say goodbye. also this morning, protesters disrupt the ride home for thousands of bart passengers, in downtown san francisco. the hacker group anonymous leads a roving demonstration
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in retaliation for bart shutdown of cell phone service last week. here is a look underneath the bay bridge there. look for downtown san francisco. notice the clouds. they're back. they may cause a little cooling and flight arrival delays in sfo. i have those details. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center, we have overnight roadwork and thick fog at the coast. other than that, a quiet morning so far. details coming up. >> and violating the cell phone driving law may soon cost you more. a bill headed to the governor's desk with higher fines for talking on the phone while driving. 5:29 on tuesday. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a second suspect in the drive-by shooting that killed a 3-year-old oakland boy will face charges in court for the first time. also, the community will pay the last respects today to the young victim. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in oakland with the story. amy? >> good morning, eric.
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even the fire department will be at the funeral to pay respect to the young boy, indication of how much the murder impacted the community. last night, family and friends held a rosary service for the little boy, 3-year-old carlos nava. his funeral is scheduled today at 11:00. he was caught in the crossfire of the drive-by shooting. carlos was in front of a pizzeria at 1:00 in the afternoon in east oakland when he was shot. police had just announced a major break in the case, they have now arrested a second suspect in the case. when the police chief says tips from the community have been a huge help in this case. carlos' family says support from the residents is really helping them in their grief. >> it was very challenging in the beginning, but i've got to say that most of the information that we received from the citizens who were just distraught and sick to their stomach about what they know happened.
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>> reporter: carlos' parents are from mexico. they just lost their job before the shooting. the neighborhood pitched in to help them. they have thrown a barbecue and car wash, fundraiser over the weekend and raised $20,000 to help them cover the funeral expenses. the funeral is scheduled for 11:00 today in oakland. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. . the police chief of oakland schools is on administrative leave after accusations he made racial slurs against a black officer who worked with him. the incident allegedly happened last month when police chief pete sarna and three staff were drinking and playing in a golf tournament. the racial slurs were allegedly made while officer drove sarna and two of his sergeants from the golf course. >> they were just driving home and he just, sarna turned around and looked at the african-american sergeant and went in a tirade. he called the african-american the "n" bomb several times. told him he had no right to
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live in la marinda because he is african-american. he didn't use that word. >> the white officer whose picture you saw filed the complaint. pete sarna is a former police lieutenant who had close ties to governor brown. as attorney general, he made sarna deputy director of the justice department in 2007 but sarna resigned after being cited for a dui. this morning, bart service is running smoothly after a protest shut down four stations in san francisco during last night's commute. it comes in response to bart shutting down cell service last week. abc7's lilian kim reports. cell phone service at the civic center platform was working this time. but the dozens of protesters continued with their planned protest to speak out against bart. who shut down the cell phone service thursday as part of demonstration. >> when they start to clamp down on people's free speech and people's voice, that's when i get offended and
5:33 am
realize i need to come out and show my support for american free speech, which is the most important. >> the international hacker group anonymous organized the demonstration. which culminated with protesters trying to block the door of one of the bart trains. bart police moved in and pushed them out of the way. officers declared the civic center station closed and ordered everyone out. protesters, though, carried on. they walked down market street in hopes to enter the other station. one protesters went so far as to taunt the public. a woman we talked to said any sympathy she had for them is now gone. >> bart did a slippery slope when they cut off cell phones. any people who were maybes, leaning toward that direction, for sure now, yeah, cut off their cell phone. >> things finally came to an head at the embarcadero station where protesters tried to get past the security gate. dozens of officers emerged and formed a line around the top of the escalator. eventually, the crowd disbursed. by 7:45 p.m., all downtown
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stations were back open. bart, the smokesman didn't have much to -- the spokesman didn't have much to say other than customers are angry and frustrated. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. federal findings just released show pg&e still can't find key documents related to last september deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the national transportation safety board investigators have been hampered by a lack of information on the section of substandard pipe where the blast occurred at a flawed weld. the "san francisco chronicle" report that pg&e relied on faulty or non-existent data to vouch for safety of much of the rest of the milpitas san francisco pipeline. investigators found that pg&e does not know the thickness of the pipe wall for 21 miles, or who manufacturered most of the line or how deeply much of it is buried. >> it could soon cost you more to talk and text while driving and cycling. motorists who talk or text while driving could be fined
5:35 am
$50. that may not sound like much but combine it with penalty and court cost and the violators look at over $300 for first offense. cyclists will be charged $20 for their first offense and $50 for a second time. the santa clara council is expected to approve a proposal to let them protect 49ers stadium funds from the state. the counsel will vote whether to opt in to the state optional redevelopment agency plan. it lets them keep agency and funds if they turn over percentage of property tax revenue in sacramento. santa clara share will be $11 million this year. $2.7 million each year after that. cities which fail to opt in would lose their redevelopment funds. city leaders say holding on to some money is better than losing it all. 5:36 now. time for a check of the weather forecast. we do have fog along the coast today. >> yeah. check in with mike to see how it's affecting the temperatures. >> good morning. temperatures are close to where they were yesterday morning. the area that are a little bit warmer would be the
5:36 am
areas that are seeing cloud cover, as opposed to yesterday's clearness. we have an area of low pressure spinning off the coast. right now, it's not having an effect on weather. we have northerly wind to bring us sunshine in the afternoon hours. keep the temperatures close to average. look at the winds. mainly calm everywhere. we have a west wind at sfo. to help push the fog and the low clouds in the bay area. southwest wind 13 at fairfield. it doesn't look like it was much of a push past the east bay hill, if any and all with a weak wind inland. look at this. the 24-hour temperature change all over the scale. half moon bay sticks out the most. yesterday, no clouds. temperatures in the 40s. today, clouds, you are in the 50s. talk about what is going to happen today. 8:00, you can see the clouds throughout the bay. even late push in the south bay, quick retreat by 8:00 or 9:00. back in the bay. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. by noon, all the way back to the coast. up every 50s to low 60s, half moon bay and san francisco. mid-to-upper 60s.
5:37 am
oakland and san rafael. everybody else in the 70s. until you get to antioch, livermore and morgan hill. 80s for the lunchtime temperatures. by 4:00, the areas in the mid-to-upper 80s. mid-to-upper 70s around the bay shore to south bay. near 80 in santa rosa. only 65 in san francisco. the temperatures are close to average wednesday, thursday, friday. cooling trend saturday and sunday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, everyone. want to show a live shot. east shore freeway. 80 eastbound direction. just north of your screen here. east of your screen i should say. a lumber truck that lost the load at fitzgerald. the lumber is in the roadway. this is the eastbound direction. crews are trying to get that cleared up westbound as you can see bunching heading in the macarthur maze. look at the toll plaza, it's relatively light. very light. no problems here. we have the san mateo bridge, first report of an accident. 92. i'll get to the next report. >> kristen, eric. >> thank you. 5:38. head of the state public
5:38 am
utilities commission goes on overseas junket. still ahead, the traveling companions raising questions about the cozy relationship. the u.s. attorney's office opens an investigation into the group behind the run, ed, run, campaign. next, the conflict of interest questions it wants answered. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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the u.s.'s attorney's office has begun gathering information of the group behind the campaign to draft interim mayor ed lee to run for a full term. the "san francisco chronicle" progress for all behind the ed run ed campaign has been the subject of complaints from aaron peskin and the retired superior court judge. they want investigation in campaign finance issues and the possibility that progress for all was coordinating activities with lee in violation of election law. workers from recology helped to gather signatures to draft lee to run. he will run now. as city administrator, he helped recology secure the garbage contract in 2009. the chairman of the public utilities commission goes on all-expence paid
5:42 am
trip to sweden. this is a situation many say is too cozy. abc7's mark matthews has reaction from a state lawmaker. >> the san bruno disaster that killed eight and destroyed 38 homes brought a lot of things to light. including how the public utilities commission failed to force regulation, 11 months before it happened i interviewed the pcuc chairman about the latest trip accompanied by the utility. >> i had gone a number of times sponsored by the swedish government. >> he calls them fast-finding missions. he often takes his wife and other commissioners along. >> no reason to be apologetic. >> that is how we learn. >> ally of peavey's on the commission says the trip, particularly the swedish trip, is more of a party. >> we have spent a lot of
5:43 am
hours drinking and eating and festing. >> doing it mostly with executive from the utility companies. >> brown says he never went on another one because it did not pass the smell test. this week he did join him on another trip to sweden. brown's companion is the chief of staff. when she went, brown went along and paid his own way. >> jerry hill represents san bruno and says the governor needs to replace mike peavey. >> when you are having dinner, breaking bread with people, having a good time with the same people that the next day you regulate, i don't like that, i don't believe in it and i don't think it should be tolerated. >> from the citizens of san bruno we head from, the trip isn't going down well. >> it's not okay. >> mark matthews, abc7 news. 5:44 now. get ready for tailgate parties at old navy?
5:44 am
the bloomberg business report coming up. >> mixed bag in financial markets overseas. we see influence that it could have on wall street today. >> president obama announces a job plan but it may not be enough for anxious americans. >> more is better but a little bit helps. next, how 15 minutes of exercise can add years to your life.
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welcome back. 5:47. california forecast, all is quiet on the live doppler7 h.d. all will continue to be quiet. look at the heat creeping in from the southeast. fresno is 100. mid-90s for chico and sacramento. 92 into yosemite. comfortable in tahoe. 79. same in san diego. afternoon sunshine and 83 in l.a. eric? >> all right, mike. thank you. 5:47. wall street may see an end to the rebound when the stock market opens for business this morning. dow futures are trading lower after closing more than 200 points higher yesterday. asian markets were mixed in overnight trading. the nikkei index closed a quarter of a percent higher today. the hang seng in hong kong lost the same amount. trading in european markets is lower at this hour. president obama wakes up in iowa this morning, ready to talk about jobs and the economy.
5:48 am
he'll also try to counter republican criticism and the dropping poll numbers. abc's karen travers has more on the president's road trip and what looks like the beginning of campaign 2012. >> today, president obama announce a new initiative for rural areas. the white house says it will spur growth and create jobs in part for $250,000 investment to the small business association. the president is trying to get the groove back. arooufl ratings are sinking and he is taking constant heat from the republican contenders. the white house says the team bus tour is official business. >> i know it's not election season yet -- >> mr. obama certainly looks and sounds like a man fighting for his job. he blasted the entire republican field for refusing to support a deficit deal with tax increases. >> none of them would l take it. think about that. i mean that is just not common sense. >> out on the campaign trail, the republican challengers smelled blood in
5:49 am
the water. >> understanding how the economy works by having working in the real economy is finally essential in the white house. >> he is going to talk about jobs. i think the only job he cares about is the one he's got. >> president obama says his september job plan includes idea that republicans have traditionally supported. with the campaign in full swing, getting that support now may be difficult. karen travers, abc news, washington. 5:49. time for a look at the weather. >> it's great looking. take a look outside and you can see how low the clouds are, hanging around and push in the east bay valley. looking for volmer peak to mount diablo. so far, as we come up on 5:50, sfo has not mentioned flight arrival delays but they usually do in the next ten minutes. stay here and i'll let you know. look at the temperatures. uniform under the cloud deck from the low 50s in san rafael, santa rosa. clouds are last to arrive.
5:50 am
60 in mountain view and antioch. we have had clouds for better part of the night and in the salinas valley. mid-50s there. gilroy, not as many clouds and cooler. 49 degrees. look for sunshine, especially away from the coast this afternoon. the temperatures are close to average. we'll see fluctuations in temperatures and cloud cover the next couple of days before more clouds and stronger sea breeze the brings cooler weather to the weekend forecast. one degree cooler in concord and san jose. spot on in sacramento and san francisco. one to two degrees warmer in fremont and santa rosa. the time the sun sets at 8:01, 13 hours and 31.5 minutes of sunshine. we have warmest weather from 86 in dublin to 92 in brentwood. east bay shore, 70 in berkeley. oakland is 74. 79 in fremont. richmond at 68 degrees. around the south bay, low to mid-80s. san jose in 82. campbell at 84 degrees.
5:51 am
a lot of mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula. we'll get near 80 from redwood city, menlo park southward. at the coast, look at the clouds more stubborn today. low to mid-60s for you. mid-to-upper 60s downtown san francisco. 70 in saucelito. 79 at san rafael. low to mid-80s in north bay valley. low 60s cloudy beaches compared to yesterday. mid-60s carmel, pacific grove. hollister is 82. gilroy and morgan hill, warmer and mid-to-upper 80s with sunshine this afternoon. 7:05 first pitch. mostly clear. temperatures are 62 dropping to 57 as we try to win against the orioles. a tough night last night. we lost in the bottom of the nine to the the braves. wilson had a rough outing against them for the giants. 50-degree temperatures tonight. drizzle is possible along the coast. clouds will be thickest around the bay and north bay. watching several days of the weak low pressure, high pressure. but it's the one down in
5:52 am
southeast of us that will take over and keep the warmer weather around for wednesday, thursday, friday. then the high still slated over the ocean to move in saturday and sunday. stronger sea breeze. we have the cooler weather and more clouds then. have a great day. sue? >> thank you, mike. we have a major problem developing in san mateo. you are looking at the live shot of the san mateo bridge. it looks like the shot is frozen on us now but on the west side, westbound 92 at the ramp to 101. take you to a map. southbound 101, closed. two right lanes there blo blocked by debris. c.h.p. is on the scene and shut down the ramp. westbound 92 to southbound 101. alternate route is get on northbound 101 and turn around to get yourself headed southbound. trying to find out what the debris is. trying to get it out of the lanes right now. another ramp shut down. eastbound 80 at fitzgerald. that onramp is closed. a big lumber spill there in
5:53 am
the lanes. c.h.p. is on the scene. that is eastbound direction, non-commute direction of 80. two major problems we're following now. is the website. you can click on bay area traffic for the updated information before you leave the house. eric, kristen? >> all right, sue, thanks a lot. we'll keep watching the situation. 5:53. >> starbucks ceo is asking the business leaders to boy scott washington until politician -- boycott washington until politicians fix the debt crisis. >> we have the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. starbucks coming out against making political donations. chief executive howard schultz urging others to boycott political donations until they return to deliver disciplined long-term debt plan to the american people. google's plan to merge with motorola mobility helping the stock with a boost. that's amid competition
5:54 am
between droid and apple products. old navy hoping to score as the n.f.l. and college football teams get ready for the season kickoff. retailer is opening 1,000 new in-store shop featuring the license sports gear. "l.a. times" says merchandise from all n.f.l. teams and 70 schools will be represented. they are planning to hold on the tailgate parties, local college bands and cheerleaders. at the new york stock exchange, i'm cali carlin with the bloomberg business repor report. if the internal revenue service says it has $23 million in undelivered refunds. if your paper refund check was returned as undeliverable by the post office, the i.r.s. is waiting for you to call. the agency uses the taxpayers' last known address. officials say many people move without notifying the i.r.s. money is waiting for 16,000 california taxpayers alone. 150 children with chronic illnesses are
5:55 am
arriving in san francisco today for a special week-long vacation. these are kids from other states, canada and israel. they're medically supervised adventure will take them to six flags discovery kingdom, raging waters, alcatraz, oakland a's game, jelly belly factory, circus show and more. the fire department will welcome the children at sfo this afternoon with a water cannon salute. vacation of a lifetime is free and sponsored by non-profit kids of courage. doctors are encouraged by the medical process of the beaten giants fan bryan stow. he is still in serious condition but he is able to follow simple commands. family members say he was recently able to kiss them. last wednesday surgeons replaced a missing skull fragment with a prosthetic without any complications. doctors say there are significant improvements but stress they are cautious about the extent of his recovery because he suffered such severe brain trauma. scientists discovered a
5:56 am
natural preservative to keep food fresh for years. it's produced by bacteria that attacks dangerous bacteria. the university of minnesota researcher say adding it to food like milk, sand witches and wine could extent shelf life for years. but it doesn't prevent fruit and vegetable from rotting. imagine telling your kid, looking at the sell-by date, pick up milk three years from now. not two years, three years. >> that's bisin, b-i-s-i-n, not b-i-s-o-n. >> up next, kids carrying guns. the picture setting off a controversy for the santa rosa police swat team. a controversy, where a chief is suspended for what he said at blackirçkçkçkçkçkçkçk
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. i'm sue hall in the abc7 traffic center. we have an issue in san mateo with the ramp closed, westbound 92 to southbound 101. details coming up. i'm amy hollyfield. live in oakland, where one of the city's youngest murder victims will be buried today. even the fire


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