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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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goodbye. trains once again running on time after massive protest that shut down several bart stations last night. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom with controversy in the oakland schools police department. the chief suspended. investigation underway in alleged racial slurs and a cover-up. the story one minute away. >> remember the clouds we talked about? there they are. we look down on impending sunrise that most of us won't see. talk about the minor fluctuation in the temperatures until a cooling trend this weekend. 6:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. we are following developing news, traffic news. sig-alert on the peninsula that could mean big problems for drivers off the san mateo bridge to get in to silicon valley and others using 101. >> the latest now from sue hall in the traffic center. >> thank you, yes. you are taking a live look at the san mateo bridge, where the westbound side at san mateo, there looks like what the c.h.p. is calling a
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big rig accident on the ramp. this is 92 westbound ramp. it's shut down. there is a debris. we are trying to figure out what is blocking the ramp. the alternate route is to continue to delaware and look on the freeway to eastbound 92. then take the southbound 101. 92 westbound, southbound 101 is shut down. sig-alert in effect. big rig accident there. we'll follow this the rest of the morning. it looks like two hours before they get it open, the first estimate. >> traffic is backed up a bit in the two hours. we'll check back in. the police chief of oakland schools on administrative leave this morning after accusations that he went on a racial tirade. this is a man viewed as being dedicated to the black community. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live in the newsroom.
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>> by all accounts he was doing a good job, but pete sarna is on paid leave. this begins on a golf course. july 18. chief sarna and three of his staff, including an african-american, went to a charity golf tournament at sequoyah country club in oakland. racial slurs began while the four were driving home after the event. white sergeant in the vehicle filed the complaint, that started the investigation. joe o'sullivan is his attorney and tells us what sarna allegedly said in the car. >> he called the african-american the "n" bomb several times. told him he had no right to live in la marinda because he's african-american. he didn't use that word. he should be hung in the town square because he is an african-american and he was the last african-american he would ever hire. >> and he would just as soon kill him. >> sarna was a lieutenant with oakland police when jerry brown hired him to work in justice department but had to resign in 2007
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crashing his vehicle while driving drunk. the "chronicle" is reporting that sarna says he was just trying to be funny after a day of drinking at the golf tournament. he says that his wife is african-american. >> thank you. 6:03. the trains are running and the stations are open for bart following a massive protest last night that shut several down for hours. [ yelling ] >> the hacker group anonymous organized the protest in response to bart's decision to cut cell phone service to prevent a different protest. last night, police were forced to close down four bart station for more than two hours at the height of the evening rush hour. bart didn't cut cell service in last night's protest. last night's protest may have angered several commuters, it was peaceful
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and no one was arrested. >> the second suspect arrested in the drive-by shooting death of a 3-year-old in oakland will appear in court this morning, hours before the little boy loved ones bid him final farewell. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in oakland with more on the newest suspect prior criminal history. >> reporter: he has a wrap -- quite a rap sheet. take a look at the community response to this murder. this is a scene where 3-year-old carlos nava was shot to death. it's covered with balloons and candles. the funeral is today and even the fire department will be there. the family and friends held rosary service last night for 3-year-old carlos. the funeral is scheduled for 11:00 today. he was caught in the cross fire of the drive-by shooting. last week, it was 1:00 in
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the afternoon when he was shot. the police announced a break in case. they say the tips from the community have been a huge help. they say support from the community hemming them as they grieve. >> the father are much more positive experience. the child help to bring the community together. >> his parents are from mexico and they just lost the jobs before the shooting. the neighbors held a barbecue and rundraiser to help cover the funeral expenses. he says they think the outpouring of support show that people are sick to their stomachs over the murder of the boy. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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>> thank you. >> the oakland police say they have taken two men considered armed and dangerous off the street. officers swarmed fruitvale neighborhood looking for the police. one was armed with an uzi and discovered hiding behind the recreation center. and children were inside taking a karate class. the other suspect was hiding in apartment complex next door. they say the suspects jumped out of the vehicle at fruitvale and 15, as an officer tried to stop the vehicle which had been linked to a car jacking. >> photos taken at south parc day show a police officer talking to kids. a boy is holding a fully automatic assault rifle. it shows a boy around 5:00 grabbing riot gun on the table beside the swat commander vehicle.
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one says the photos are alarming. they argue that the weapons were unloaded and seeing them better understand commission and work of law enforcement. time is 6:07. >> check the low clouds and fog and see where they are going. >> and delays at sfo? >> no report from sfo but with the clouds as thick as they are, delays will develop. we'll keep an eye on it. once we get the sun to overturn the atmosphere, we will see sunshine away from the coast. mountain view and antioch, 60 and 61. everybody else is in the mid-to-upper 50s. you can see the clouds thick along the coast. bay and inland, clear. full of sunshine. 66 in san francisco. 72 at oakland. low to mid-#0s.
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near 90 in east bay. we have clouds, 66 in monterey. everybody else, low to mid-70s. inland, more sunshine and warmth. the temperatures in the 80s. a cooling trend for friday and saturday. sue? >> we are getting more information on a developing issue in san mateo, westbound 92. a live look at the san mateo bridge. headed in the foster city direction. when you get to the other side, the ramp southbound 101 is closed. overturned big rig. blocking the ramp. your alternate route is continue 92 westbound to delaware street. under the freeway around to eastbound 92. loop around take southbound 101 exit from there. the sig-alert is in effect. good idea to take dumbarton bridge as alternate if you head in that direction anyway.
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>> thank you. you have been saying possible two hours or many delay cleaning this up. >> just ahead -- protecting your pooch. the crime that appears to be on the ride nationwide. >> why every person is asked to avoid the web biggest retailer intlchlt have you seen the truck? the clue that they hope will track down a hit-and-run driver that killed a prominent san francisco politi @acc
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good morning. 6:13. we have a big traffic situation developing on the peninsula. if you keep taking westbound 92 as we see the taillights doing, eventually they are going to get in san mateo. the southbound 101 ramp there is closed after a big rig collision. it spilled debris on southbound 101 blocking right lanes. what we are talking about is a slowdown around hillsdale on 101. westbound 92 and foster city going to san mateo. another two hours is the estimated reopening time for the westbound 92 to southbound 101 ramp. sue will have another update for us in a few minutes. take a look at the alternate at this point. 6:14 is the time. highway patrol is asking for public's help finding hit-and-run driver who killed a prominent san francisco political figure while he was jogging in sonoma county. this white ford extented cab
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pick-up struck 63-year-old donald casper in forestville on sunday. the picture shows the truck heading eastbound on river road near the corvelle winery. he was a member of the san francisco civil service commission, prominent bay area republican who helped organize the city's annual columbus day celebration every year. >> the latest entry in the crowd of a san francisco mayor race will face off against his rivals for first time at a begait tonight. san francisco public defender confirms to abc7 news he will be at the debate at the ucsf mission bay conference center sponsored by the alliance for jobs and sustainable growth. fired papers to run friday before the deadline. in a few days after interim mayor ed lee who changed his mind about not running. >> there is a new effort underway to get everyone to boycott it requires the retail giant
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to collect state sales taxes. it's spear-headed by the california group that advocate for the poor, sick and elderly. they are calling on all californians to stop doing business at amazon until it complies with the new law. >> be fair to our businesses. to our services that desperately need the re-knew. and to everyone. who is playing by the rule. amazon, you can play by the rules, too. >> amazon says it doesn't have to collect taxes. they are collecting signature to overturn the online sales tax measure. >> we have clouds this morning. it looks different from yesterday morning. >> yeah. >> the clouds may make it slightly cooler in some areas. >> a good observation. the clouds are out there, looking to ing ting to volmer .
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these are the minor fluctuations. how thick will the clouds be. look at the effect for the morning temperatures. still near 60. everybody else in mid-to-upper 50s. monterey bay, see the clouds are, around the bay and salinas. the mid-40s there. clear and 49 around gilroy. sunshine and away from the coast. i hope you like it at the coast. it will be close to average for august 16. minimal changes, that's what we have through friday. today, three degrees warmer. redwood city is four degrees cooler than average. sunrise in ten minutes set
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at 8:01. talk about the clouds. they're thicker and more widespread. we talked about they would be yesterday. pushing in the south bay and east bay hills. by noon, back to the coast. the coast will stay cloudy with pockets of sunshine. the temperatures in the 60s. 70s, 80s and 90s. 81 in santa clara. 84 in campbell. heading to south bay, mountain view low to mid-80s. mid-60s in half moon bay. everybody else in the low 60s. 70 in saucelito. 79 in san rafael. low to mid-80s through north bay. farther north, look at 90s. cloudy and low 60s at the beaches today. everybody else in 70s on the east bay shore.
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dublin, the breeze at 86. everybody else in the low 90s. rest of the bay is more sunshine. inland, we have temperatures in the 80s. the a's are in down. 7:05 first pitch. 62 dropping to 57. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- steady as she goes. a few degrees thursday, and friday. but cooler weather and more clouds and faster breeze saturday and sunday. sue? >> major issue developing ongoing now in san mateo. you can see the warning sign right here. getting to the westbound side of the bridge. there is a sig-alert in effect. debris spilled to 101 southbound. the two right lanes. so you will find major slowing here once you get to the westside of the san mateo bridge. your alternate route,
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continue westbound on 92 to delaware and under the freeway back to eastbound 92. loop around and take southbound 101. minimum of two hours the c.h.p. is saying until it's cleared from the lane. the other alternate route is to take dumbarton bridge. a sig-alert, westbound 92 ramp to southbound shutdown. right lane on 101 is shut down for the next few hours. is the website. you can get this and more by clicking on the bay area traffic for latest update. eric? >> sue, thank you. staying on top of this. give more information as it becomes available. 6:19 now. a new report finds that man's best friend is fast becoming a thief's favorite target. the american kennel club reports 32% increase in dog theft nationwide this year. the group's data base shows 224 animals stolen so far this year compared to 255 for all of 2010. pit bulls and other large
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breeds are the most likely to be taken. pure bred are also targets. the dogs are almost always sold. thieves think they will get money for the pure bred but potential owners usually require documentation verifying authenticity of the breeze. >> coming up, i will followed quickly by i do. the unusual proposal that left a bride little time to pbqç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$ç$$
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good morning. right now we want to give you another update on the sig-alert in san mateo, westbound 92. after you cross the bridge, you go to southbound 101 ramp. that is closed because of a big rig accident that spilled debris on 101 southbound. two right lanes are closed. this mess will take two hours to clean up according to the c.h.p. we're getting another update and will have ways around it shortly. >> canadian man found a way to make sure his bride-to-be didn't have time to change her mind. not only did he pop the question over the weekend, he also surprised her with a fully planned wedding on the same day. >> sean's long time girlfriend colleen natalie said yes. she agreed to get married and then he texted friends and guests saying that the wedding was a go. he spent a year asking her what he wanted on the wedding day and she thought they were eloping in vegas next month. to her surprise, 207 guests
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joined them hours after the proposal. that's a flash wedding. >> right. i do. okay. everybody. 6:25. still ahead at 6:30 -- no more mr. nice guy. a study that could have you being meaner at work. >> pool problem that turned a day at the water park to trip to hospital for two dozen. what officials think could have poisoned them. what newly released documents show of an effort to find a cause for the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> sad day in oakland as the city prepares to bury one of the youngest murder victims. but police say they have made a major break in the case. i'm amy hollyfield, the story coming up. >> good news. all is quiet at the major airports right now. delays develop. we'll have them. you can, too. flight tracker,
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. the opening bell is ripping on wall street. getting word that fitch rating backing the u.s. a.a.a. credit rating saying outlook on the long-term rating is stable. also, the stock futures fell overnight after a new sipes that the global economy appears to be headed for another slowdown. the commerce department saying they broke down on fewer homes in july. new data coming in. we'll go live for the latest on early trading in 15
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minutes. ups and downs there, but it's been stable for the past hour or so with traffic problem. sig-alert on peninsula that could mean big problems for drivers coming off the san mateo bridge to get to silicon valley. >> we'll check in with sue hall for the latest. >> good morning. the hot spot is san mateo. that sig-alert in effect. a live shot westbound. warning drivers that there is a problem. 92 westbound. ramp to southbound remains closed. debris spilled to 101. two right lanes, southbound 101. sig-alert in effect. two more hours. get you around this. we'll take a look at the map for alternate route. you can loop to freeway. or the dumbarton bridge. if you haven't gotten to the
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san mateo bridge that's the best route. sig-alert in effect, ramp from 101 to westbound 92 is shut down in san mateo. eric? >> all right, sue. thank you. >> less than two hours, second suspect will be in court who is accused of being involved in shooting of a 3-year-old boy. the community will pay the last respects to the victim. >> the community responded to the boy's death. check out where he was shot. it's covered with hundreds of stuffed animals and candles and children's book including the little engine that could. the funeral is scheduled today. friends and family held rosary service for the victim. 3-year-old carlos nava was
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shot in crossfire of a drive-by shooting last week on international boulevard at 1:00 in the afternoon. police now made two arrests in the case. they just made a second arrest in las vegas. that man, 22-year-old was driving the car. they caught the man they believed was pulling the trigger last week in pittsburg. >> it was very challenging at the beginning but i got to say that most of the information we received from the citizens who are just distraught, sick to their stomach about what they know happened. >> the boy's parents are from mexico. the community rallied around them. the community raised $20,000 to cover funeral expenses. the family told the mexican consulate they think one positive that has come from this and that it helped pull the community together. live in oakland, amy
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hollyfield, abc7 news. thanks a lot. no disruptions reported at the san francisco bart stations after the protesters disrupted service for hours in retallation for shutting down the cell service last week. >> cell phone service was working but dozens of protesters continued with the planned protest to speak out against bart that shut down the underground cell phone last thursday. >> they will clamp down on the free speech and say that i get offended and i realize i need to show support for the american free speech, the most important. >> the hacker group anonymous organized a demonstration that culminated when protesters tried to block the door of a bart train. the bart police moved in and pushed them out of the way. the officers declared the civic center station closed.
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ordered everyone out. the protesters went on. a woman we talked to said any sympathy she had for them is now gone. >> bart did a slippery slope cutting off the cell phone. anyone leaning toward that direction. for sure now. cut off their cell phone. >> it came to a head when the protesters try to get past the security gate. they formed a line around the top of the escalator. the crowd disbursed. then the downtown stations were open and the smokesman didn't have much to say other than the customers were angry and frustrated. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. 6:35. >> several groups backed away from the group to challenge the cell phone service in a planned protest
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last week. the aclu met with the bart chief of police and said the protest was getting underway. after a meeting the attorney for the group said they had no plan to sign the lawsuit. and never use tactics again. the plan, the s.e.c. said it will investigate bart's action. newly released federal documents show pg&e can't find the key papers related to last september's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. they have been hampered by a lack of information on the substandard pipe, where it occurred at a flawed weld. the "san francisco chronicle" report that pg&e rely on faulty, or non-existent data to vouch for safety of the rest of the pipeline. they found pg&e does not know the thickness of the wall for 25 miles who manufacturered most of the line or how deeply much is
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buried. 20 people, including nine children had to be rushed to the hospital after a chlorine leak and raging waters in sacramento. that is on the grounds of cal expo. it happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. two people complained of the serious breathing problems. they believe the equipment pumps chlorine in the wade pool. they will examine what happened. >> thigh are expected to -- they are expected to approval a proposal to protect funds for the stadium. it will let cities keep agency and funds if they turn over a percentage of the property tax revenue to sacramento. santa clara share is $11 million this year. $2.7 million each year after that. the cities that fail to opt in will lose the redevelopment funds. city leaders say holding on to money is better than losing it all. 6:37 now.
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time for a look at the forecast. we see grayness out there. how long it will be with us? >> right. holding on to it for how long? >> good question. probably until noon. inland valley, 9:00 or 10:00 at the most. a few areas are cooler than yesterday. the temperatures are close to average. good morning. this area of low looks impressive right now, we are going to hold off for a couple of days. that is the low that will bring us cooler weather. until then, the high pressure to south and east will bring us close to for mall. a west wind at sfo. southwest wind at fairfield. on shore breeze now. one reason we are seeing more cloud cover than yesterday. temperatures are all over the scale compared to 24 hours ago. biggest thing is half moon bay is warmer because of clouds. antioch, cooler by 7 degrees. here we are at 8:00. you can see the clouds hanging around the bay. quickly, starting to retreat from the south bay. 50s and 60s for the 8:00 temperature. by noon, clouds are back to
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the coast. to keep you in the 50s. low to mid-60s around san francisco. oakland. 68 in san rafael. 70s for the rest of us. 80 in livermore, antioch, morgan hill. in the same areas, we're in 80s, well in 80s by 4:00. then it's concord and santa rosa. we have a lot of mid-to-upper 70s around the bay shore to south bay. still mid-to-upper 60s around san francisco and oakland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- warmest days, inland are wednesday and thursday. a slight cooling trend on friday. you notice more clouds and more cool weather for saturday and sunday. good morning. do you have an update? >> we do. we are going back to san mateo. the hot spot trouble with sig-alert in effect. ramp southbound 101 is shut down. a live shot of the bridge. no significant slowing here. c.h.p. is saying two hours for southbound 101 ramp is reopened. if you are westbound 92, you can go to delaware. under the freeway to
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eastbound 92. loop around to take the southbound 101 exit. or take the dumbarton bridge. there is debris on southbound 101 as well. it's shut down at least two hours. slowing on the sensors, 40 miles an hour as you approa approach 101. >> target is expanding the electronic trade-in program. that story is ahead. >> live look at the big board. we see now that the dow is off 71 points. >> more is better but even a little bit helps. next, how just 15 minutes of exercise can add years to your life. >> president obama will announce a jobs plan today. but it may not be must have for anxious americans. i'm karen travers with that story coming up. i'm terry mcsweeney live
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in the newsroom. the oakland school police chief is off the job for alleged racial slurs. there is accusation of a cover-up atttttttttttttttttttttt
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a live look at live doppler7 h.d. this is from the desert southwest taking over the neighborhood. we are seeing the warm weather starting to spread in the central valley. we get 100 in fresno.
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mid-90s in sacramento and chico. 79 and sunny in tahoe. >> thank you. a bill to boost the fines for motorists and cyclists who talk and text while driving is on governor brown's desk. the fine for talking and texting would increase by $50. combined with the current penalty and court cost, the first-time violators would pay $300. the legislature gave final approval to the bill yesterday. >> president obama wakes up in iowa this morning. the president is expected to unveil small business initiatives and will try to counter the criticism and his dropping numbers. >> today, president obama will announce an initiative for rural areas and spur growth and create jobs for
6:45 am
$350 million investment through the small business administration. the president is trying to get his groove back. he is taking heat from the presidential con tepiders. the white house says the economy bus tour is official business. but he looks and sounds like a man fighting for his job. >> none of them will take it. think about that. i mean that is just not common sense. >> out on the campaign trail, the republican challenger smelled blood in the water. >> understanding how the economy works, working in the real economy is semiin the white house. >> he is going to talk about job bus the only job he cares sabt the one he's got. >> president obama says the job plan includes ideas that
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republicans traditionmly supported. with the campaign in full swing, getting support may be difficult. karen travers, abc news, washington. 6:46. new global pressure on the u.s. stocks this morning. >> we'll check in now with the bloomberg reporter kali carlin from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning. for perspective, we had the biggest three-day rally since 2009 but that is not continuing this morning. we got a report showing that the europe economic growth asked for decline more than thought. hewlett-packard and boeing on there now. but they say the united states triple-a rating, that we have the rating and it has stocks off the lows. the outlook on the long-term rating for the u.s. credit is stable. i want to mention the silicon valley index is lower now.
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in time for the back-to-school season, target is offering a store credit at 1,500 locations. plus, they are adding the calculators, dvd, ipad, ipod, video games. they are evaluated on site. the service is available online at live at the new york stock exchange, bloom business news. >> thank you. have a great day. i am not going to say thank you because it may come as a surprise, but it appears that mean people earn more money than nice people. that's at the annual academy of management. men that weren't agreeable earned 18% more than mr. nice guy. ruder women earned 5% more than the kinder counterpart. a glass ceiling on temperament. the study looked at 10,000 workers found that men
6:48 am
described as highly agreeable were less likely to get hired in the first place. >> it's not all about money. are you ready over there? >> c'mon, get on it. >> news on 92 rand 101. >> don't mean to be mean but the traffic is nasty heading to the san mateo bridge, westbound 92. we have a sig-alert in effect. southbound 101 ramp. once you get to westbound side of the san mateo bridge, the ramp is closed. big rig accident blocking the ramp. spilled debris on 101. the two right lanes southbound 101 are closed at this hour. take a look at the map to get you alternate route around this. if you are 92 westbound or travelling that direction, you continue to delaware under the freeway to the eastbound 92. loop around and take southbound 101 from there or take dumbarton bridge. a little slowing approaching the scene. but not bad.
6:49 am
no significant slowing westbound. c.h.p. saying at least two hours to get this cleared. they told us that half an hour ago. the abc7 sky7 is on the way there. hope to get you live shots if we can. we have all the latest and click on bay area traffic. mike has the forecast. >> sue, thank you. a look at the clouds hanging around this morning that may shave a few degrees off the highs. close they're you are to the bay and coast. 48 in san rafael. mid-to-upper 50s until mountain view and antioch. monterey bay, inland to salinas. clear and 59 in gilroy. sunshine this afternoon, even if we drop a few degrees we have close to average this afternoon. we have fluctuation in cloud cover.
6:50 am
the cooling sets in with clouds and faster sea breeze this weekend. concord and san jose, one degree cooler. 13 hours and 35-1/2 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 8:01. 86 in dublin. otherwise, upper 80s to low 90s. east bay shore, low to mid-70s until you get to fremont at 79. we have low to mid-80s in the south bay. 82 in san jose. 81 at santa clara. upper 70s to mid-70s on the peninsula today. 64 at half moon bay. that is the warmest spot along the coast. the clouds will be more prevalent today. low 60s for you. mid-to-upper 60s, downtown, south san francisco. 70 in saucelito. 79 in san rafael. low to mid-80s. beaches, low 60s with the cloud cover. monterey, carmel, pacific grove, the clouds and mid-60s. sunshine, santa cruz, watsonville, salinas. low to mid-70s.
6:51 am
hollister, 82. sunny and mid-to-upper 80s. tough day yesterday. both the giants and the a's lost. a's are at home. postly clear. dropping to 57 degrees. the clouds will find them around the bay. out to the coast. even more so in north bay valley. any driz will be at the coast. temperatures in the 50s. the sea breeze comes back and the clouds are thicker and temperatures are six degrees cooler over the weekend. eric and kristen have more news. doctors are encouraged by the medical progress of the beaten giants fan bryan stow. he is still in serious condition but now he can follow simple commands. family members say he was recently able to kiss them. the doctors say they are
6:52 am
significant improvements but stress they are cautious about the extent of his recovery because he suffered severe brain trauma. >> a little exercise can go a long ways. they recommend 2-1/2 hours a week and for most of us that is a big job. buff study in the journal "lancet" suggest even half that time offer benefit. they say every additional 15 minutes will cut risk of dieing from cancer by another 1%. researchers have long known that the physical activity has benefit for the heart. until now, no study broke down exactly how much exercise was necessary. 6:53. time to recap the top stories this morning. the suspect arrested in the driveby shooting that killed a 3-year-old oakland boy
6:53 am
will make a court aperience today. >> community will say goodbye to the victim today. >> it's so sad. look at the scene where the boy was killed. this is covered with stuffed animals, couple hundred candles, children book. they describe people in the community feeling sick to their stomach that this happened. today is the funeral for 3-year-old carlos nava. even the fire department plans to be there. carlos was caught in the crossfire of drive-by shooting last week at international boulevard. police arrested two men. they just caught the second suspect in las vegas. working to get him back to the bay area. they believe they were shooting at the rival gang
6:54 am
members when they shot carlos. >> good morning. controversy in oakland where the public schools police chief is on paid leave. allegation of racial slurs are investigated. it allegedly happened last month when the chief pete sarna and others were levering a golf tournament in oakland. a white officer says that sarna used the "n" word repeatedly against black sergeant in the car and even saying that the black sergeant should be hung in the town square. days later, sarna approached the black sergeant and said the incident never happen. sarna is former police lieutenant and later appointed to justice job by jerry brown but resigned after drunk driving crash. oakland's school police chief he had been credited with among other things popular free summer camp. they are reporting that he told them he was making
6:55 am
attempt at humor after a day of drinking and points out his wife is african-american. live in newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. the time check of weather and -- final check of weather and traffic. start with weather, right? >> here we go. the temperatures with a cool. we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. so far, no flight arrival delays at sfo. in the afternoon hours, the clouds are at the coast. more of them than yesterday. low to mid-60s for you. we have upper 70s to low 80s. low to mid-80s in north bay. the near normal temperatures hang around through friday and cooler over the weekend. >> a live shot, scene in san mateo. 92 westbound. the ramp to 101. you can see a big rig spill with the debris on 101 as
6:56 am
well. the two right lanes are blocked. that ramp is shutdown. the alter mate route are -- alternate route is 92 to delaware. under the freeway to eastbound 92. loop around and take southbound 101 from there or take the dumbarton bridge this morning. sig-alert overturned big rig. live shot from san mateo. slowing southbound 101 approaching the scene heading to san mateo from san bruno. millbrae. there is a scene right there. the big rig smeared its debris all over the lane. >> it looks like it could be scrap metal there. >> they have a big rig in tow. >> we'll follow it throughout "good morning america." we will have the routes around the alternate routes around for you as well. >> that is backed up at this point. we have more at 7:24.
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all the news cut-in and we leave you with a look at the mess in
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good morning, america. war of words on the country's top issue, jobs. the texas governor comes out punching against the president. >> he's going to talk about jobs, but i think the only job he cares about is the one he's


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