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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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attack in san mateo county. >> here is a look at the east bay valley. notice 24 there. and some of clouds hanging around. a beautiful sunrise if you are looking to the east. if you can see it, we have clouds and drizzle around the bay and the coast. warm weather on the way for at least two more days. >> good morning. light traffic at toll plaza. heavy traffic from tracy to livermore area. we'll tell you my in a few minutes. it's wednesday. 6:00. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. this morning, you can add san francisco unified school system to growing list of places it hired by copper thieves this summer. police say they are investigating theft of copper from several schools in the sunset district including one is that has been robbed four times in less than seven days. that's the alice fung u. alternative school. that's where amy hollyfield is live. >> it's dark and foggy. it's very quiet out here on
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12th avenue in the sunset district. the thieves took advantage of the conditions and slipped right in here, four times within a week. and got the goods. now there are a few obstacles out here to overcome. we found a little critter patrolling the area. keeping a close watch on the campus at alice fong yew elementary school. there is a security guard here. that's about it. this is a large campus. it's dark and foggy, so the thief managed to hit the school four times in the last week. san francisco police say it is unusual. and the problem seems to be plaguing the neighborhood. over on ortega, the french school also got hit. across the bay, san leandro lost power to the street lights when the thief went underground and stole 10,000 pounds of copper. police say that operation was not only obviously illegal but also dangerous. the perp could have been electrocuted. the record price in copper
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explains the criminal activity. at one point it got to $4.50 a pound now it's about $4 a pound. san francisco police say they added patrols to this area, with uniformed cops and those in street clothes. so far, they haven't made any arrests. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. caltrans and private company are installing high-tech sensors on the bay bridge to allow the engineers to literally listen for any potential structural flaws that could threaten the drivers' safety. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live on treasure island to show us what is happening. >> overnight, crews were all overthe bay bridge, installing 640 listening devices next to those sometimes troubling eyebars so if there is a crack or a break with the eyebars, caltrans will be notified immediately. now, take a look at some history of this bay bridge. you may remember 2009, labor day. the bridge shut down because after a routine inspection,
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visual inspection, a crack was discovered in an eyebar. the bridge was closed, repaired, reopened. the repair then gave way. the bridge was closed again, repaired and reopened. the 600-plus sensors are going to monitor close to 400 of the eyebars. and listen for a crack. company called mistrass received the $3.4 million contract for the continuous online structural health monitoring system providing 24/7 remote health monitoring. health they call it. there is a system already installed op a bridge in minnesota. there is consideration of the system on the golden gate bridge. overnight it's being installed here on the bay bridge. the company makes a living detecting problems with infrastructure and 150,000 bridges in need of repair in the united states. this is a company whose time may have come. overnight, crews on the bay bridge. they may be finished. we have don't have an update on that. they may have installed 640
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to monitor 400 of the eyebars. if there is a crack, caltrans will know immediately, send out a crew and do whatever is necessary. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. thank you. 6:04 now. teenager stabbed in the parking lot of a downtown san jose mcdonald's is now suing the restaurant's owners. 17-year-old jonathan paridies was attacked in the mcdonald's parking lot walking home from a downtown music event on june 9. attorney for family tells the media partner "mercury news" the lawsuit claims that mcdonald's was partially liable because they failed to have security or adequate staffing at a time when the restaurant knew large crowds would be gathering in the parking lot. total of five teens were stabbed in the june 9 attack. the restaurant owner declined to comment on the suit. sonoma may consider banning pit bulls altogether. the city council woman joanne sanders will introduce the issue before the council to ban pit bulls
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and other aggressive breeds in the city. she said she is motivated by last week's attack in pacifica that killed a pregnant woman. they have a law requiring spaying and neutering of certain breeds, as well as registration and insurance requirements and fines for violations. parents and police in san anselmo are warned to be on the look-out for a man who tried to lure two little girls to the car. police say the ips dent happened yesterday afternoon near the intersection of oak avenue and waverly road. the man pulled up in a white pick-up truck and offered two 9-year-old girls a ride. the girls said no and they walked to a parent's nearby work place. the man described as white, 40 to 50 years of age with a white mustache and beard drove away. this morning, highway 395 is closed as the crews bat a fast-moving wildfire burning near lake tahoe. it's burning 12 miles southeast of gardnerville. at least 1,000 acres burned
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since the blaze began monday. it destroyed two structures and threatening more. so far, no evacuations have been ordered. although, some residents voluntarily left their homes. officials still don't foe when the highway 395 will reopen in that area. >> time for a look at the forecast, especially for the folks who are going back to school. got to get kiddies out the door. what should they wear? >> drizzly for the kiddies. right, mike? >> around the coast and higher elevation. boundary layer, or the marine layer is more moisture-laden than yesterday. we have fog forming in the north bay valleys. santa rosa, down to a mile. watch out for that. it will continue to thicken in the next hour or so. here is this weekend's weather. see the low spinning off the coast to bring in cooler conditions. down here to south and east, you can see still the winds coming up from all that heat in the desert southwest. that will make for a seasonally warm day today. you can see the high-level
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moisture may make for a pretty sky from time to time. if you throw a few whispy high clouds in there along the blue backdrop. 61 in antioch. 62 in mountain view. 60 in san jose. everyone else in mid-to-upper 50s. flight arrival delays announced in the sfo 50 minutes. mid-60s along the coast. upper 60s in san francisco. mid-to-upper 70s through most of the bay shore. low to mid-80s in south bay and north bay valley. near 90 in east bay valley. we start in the monterey bay, mid-60s with clouds and monterey. 77 at sunshine and santa cruz. near 90 in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- more summer warmth for thursday. then a cooling trend moves in for friday, saturday and sunday. good morning, sue. >> good morning. if you are traveling or have people traveling high-5, westbound 580. farther west around the altamont pass. north flynn. a stall blocking the center lane there. you can see the slow traffic
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remaining there. accident at burr. traffic is light at northbound 280 direction. the metering lights are off. kristen, eric? >> thank you very much. 6:08 now. >> just ahead, google gets graded. while one of the bay area hottest tech companies is getting a credit downgrade. >> plus, the work woes. the bay area congressional representatives get an earful at a forum on job creation. >> how about a cup of coffee with your sun block? the new evidence that the morning joe may be offering protection from the afternoon sun.
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good morning. take you high above the clouds on a gorgeous shot for a terrific sunrise for us. underneath the clouds, we're seeing a little more cloudiness and feeling a little more driz this morning. that is a change from the past couple of days. will the temperatures also change? they have been rather nice. we'll talk to mike. creating jobs is the number one campaign issue in the next election. democratic progressives are on a mission gathering stories of struggling americans with the intent of drafting legislation to create jobs. they made a stop in oakland. it was a chance for bay area
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residents to tell some members of congress their stories of unemployment and hardship. oakland's unemployment rate is 16.3%. the hardest hit city west of the mississippi. bay area representatives heard their stories. >> i was laid off in 2009 from my in-home care job. when arnold schwarzenegger was elected to office and i had to get on welfare. >> without health insurance we rarely go to the doctor. >> we want to make corporations pay their fair share. >> all of this input is expected to be used to craft agenda to spur creation on jobs. from here, the speak out tour moves to seattle and pittsburgh. new number show bay area home sales took a hit last month. real estate tracking firm says the sales dropped nearly 14% from june to july with just under 7,000 houses
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and condos changing hands. analysts say decline from june to july is normal though, but the numbers were down more than usual due to uncernty over the economy. it should be noted that home sales were nearly 2% higher last month over july of last year. dataquick says the medium home price in the bay area is $375,000. a lot of people use sun screen to keep from developing skin cancer but cup of coffee might help as well. they found caffeine guard against development of non-melanoma skin cancer. it works blocking enzyme in the skin. each cup says reduce skin cancer by 5%. more than 1 million americans develop skin cancer related to sun exposure every year. i have should be immune by now. >> you're good. you drink it. >> is that what i'm supposed to do?
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coffee bath? who knew. >> i know you are careful about sun screen. >> as you look at the sun tan lines where i had glasses on. thank you. take a look outside to show what is going on. ignore the white lines along the side of my head. >> i didn't want to blow your cover. >> thanks. not as bad now that baseball is over. not out in the sun as much as i used to be. maybe i'm vitamin "d" deficient, who knows. 6:15. good morning. beautiful picture of the clouds cascading along the hill and valley and bringing driz to the morning commute. let's look at the follow around santa rosa. the temperature in the 50s. not too bad as far as temperatures. we have 62 in mountain view. 60 in san jose and antioch. around the monterey bay and
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inland, we have temperatures in the mid-50s. until you get to gilroy where there is clearing and 49 now. sunshine, we see a lot of it and the warm temperatures away from the coast. it will feel like it's supposed to. warm inland tomorrow. cooling trend will roll in friday and through the weekend. you notice most inland because you have the biggest potential to drop. especially in livermore today where you are going to be around 90 degrees. oakland, 74. one degree above average. napa and san jose, close. up with degree below. san francisco, two degree cooler. redwood city is four degrees cooler than average. the sun comes up at 6:27. unless you're above 1,500 feet you won't see it. look at the cloud. to see how quickly they erase to the coast by noon. sticky until you get to santa cruz where you see clearing for you. 60s at the coast. 70s and 80s dominate most neighborhood with 90s confined to the east bay
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valley. down in south bay, we have the near 80 in sunnyvale. milpitas. santa clara. mid-80s to saratoga, campbell and los gatos. high clouds, we will see them from time to time coming in from the south. mid-to-upper 70s for you. we have low to mid-60s on the coast. downtown and south san francisco in the upper 60s. saucelito, 72. vallejo, 79. otherwise, low to mid-80s in the north bay valley. near 60-degree temperatures in your beaches. we stretch from 70 at richmond to 80 in fremont along the east bay shore. upper 80s in danville, pleasanton. low to mid-90s for the rest of the valley. monterey, carmel, pacific grove mid-to-upper 60s. more sunshine and 90 near morgan hill. a's game, 12:35. sunshine. up to 74 with a high sunburn potential there. tomorrow, a lot like today. cooling trend friday,
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saturday and sunday. temperatures are four to six degrees cooler by then. sue? >> we'll go to the central valley. for travellers on i-5 headed westbound 580 to tracy. there is an accident. right at corral hallow. blocking a lane there. once again, westbound 580. further west as you head out of tracy and up and over the altamont pass. we have two separate stalls recorded westbound. one at north flynn and one at grant line. both blocking and slowing heading up and over toward livermore. northbound 280 in san jose. report of accident at bird. obviously, it's not affecting the northbound traffic heading to cupertino. traffic looks good. bay bridge, as we mention the last report. relatively light. the metering lights remain off at this hour. is the website. you can check on the bay area traffic for the latest information. kristen? >> all right, sue. thank you so much. 6:19. >> this morning, stanford quarterback andrew luck is
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gracing the cover of "sports illustrated." the new issue hit news stands today. it features luck with players from nebraska, oklahoma, alabama, and south carolina. "sports illustrated" ranks stanford football number four in preseason rankings. he is again a front-runner for the heisman trophy after returning for his senior season. selling a lot of tickets for them. >> is it. no s.i. jipnx, okay? the country now suing apple over its iphone. >> everybody seems to have that one food they'd do anything to get. still ahead, a food that convinced one man to drive 24 hours straight across x
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standard & poor's downgraded google stock from buy to sell. s&p says google decision to buy motorola mobility is risky. the $12.5 million deal includes pat tent that could help google defend itself against rivals but s&p says it will ultimately hurt google's bottom line. not all analysts agree. >> over the long-term, google has history of increasing the earnings. the stock prices go up if earnings go up. >> google shares fell along
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with the overall market yesterday. slipping more than $18 a share. apple's latest legal problems come from south korea. group of iphone users are suing the cupertino company. they say iphone were storing location in nearby cell phone tower and it can create a rough map for the movement. apple has declined to comment. it's said that some people will travel to the end of the earth for love. how about 1,400 miles for a pizza? david shuler says he can't live without the pizza he grew up eating in massachusetts so when he visits home he carries back an order of pizza pies. he lives in jackson, mississippi, folks. this year he took back 150 pizzas. >> we have people come in for 25, but not 150. >> it's the crust, the way
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they make the crust. it's so tender. the way the sauce on the pizza is different from anything around here. >> as you can imagine it has a special arrangement with the restaurant to vacuum pack and freeze the pies and he drives 24 hours straight to keep them from thawing. you will hear more from him at 7:00 a.m. 35 minutes from now. >> wow! 6:25. still ahead at 6:30. saving a stadium. the millions santa clara county will spend to protect funding for the new 49ers stadium. >> the new law introduced to aim to prevent anything like the jaycee dugard kidnapping from happening again. how the death of a 3-year-old child reigniting debate over one of oakland's most controversial plans to reduce crime. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live on treasure island. look out at the bay bridge, where 600 listening devices are being installed. they're not listening to you. this is potentially great
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news. hope you are listening to me in a couple of minutes. >> a couple of change since we last talked. new york airports running on time. sfo. 50-minute flight arrival delays. flight tracker, the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly.
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but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning on wednesday. trading is underway. stock futures were mixed
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after there were mixed messages. companies in the standard & poor's 500 index are on pace to top profits but economic growth this week around the world. we'll go to the new york stock exchange for early trading in 15 minutes. . right now, this story for you. if all goes as planned, the bay bridge, the actual bridge structure will soon be able to call for help if something breaks. caltrans is installing an acoustic monitoring system to listen for defects and send out a warping. terry mcsweeney is live on treasure island with a look at the new system for an old bridge. >> yeah, the old bridge needs a little help. overnight, crews were on the bridge installing 640 listening devices all around the sometimes troublesome eyebars. next time one of the eyebar cracks or breaks, the crews will know about it right
6:31 am
away. look at the problem that led for the need of the listening program. in 2009, labor day, the bridge shut down because during routine inspection, crew found crack in an "i" beam. the repair was done and then closed again. the sensors will be monitoring close to 400 eyebars listening for a crack. if they hear one, caltrans will send a crew out to do something about it. the company mistrass got the contract, $3.4 million worth. it will provide 24/7 remote health monitoring. they call it health monitoring. the bridge is not so healthy. it's getting old. health some on a bridge in minnesota. the golden gate bridge is considering installing a similar system on the cables. this is a company involved in monitoring the infrastructure. the technique is a technique whose time had come considering that there are 165,000 structurally
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deficient bridges in the united states. the company just setting out monitor i monitoring all the bridges. live on treasure island, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. this morning, several community leaders plan to oppose new call for a citywide curfew and expappas of the oakland -- expansion of the oakland gang injuncti injunction. this comes after the drive-by shooting that killed 3-year-old carlos nava last week. his parents say he plans to use money raised in their son's memory to start a foundation and stop violence across oakland. navas had just moved to the neighborhood. >> translator: he was really playful, he was fun. a 3-year-old kid. >> every homicide in the city is something i think we are running out of excuses, running out of explanations. >> yesterday, councilman de la fuente renewed call for
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implementing a gang injunction that has been approved in fruitvale district. he wants to expand injunction in east and west oakland and is calling for police to impose a citywide curfew. the city leaders gathering to oppose the measures today, say they won't reduce crime in the city. today, a state senator will introduce a bill to change the california law so that prisoners like the convicted sex offender who kidnapped jaycee dugard would have a tougher time getting out on parole. phillip garrido was on parole for rape when he abducted jaycee dugard and held her captive for 18 years. he is serving a life sentence. roseville republican ted gains is introducing a new proposal to allow the state parole board to consider type and severity of offender's crime to decide whether to grant parole. right now they can only consider inmate's behavior while he or she was incarcerated. . this morning, two bart directors call for public
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discussion on a policy on whether the agency should cut off cell phone service at the station. bart kept the phone system on two days ago when demonstrators targeted four downtown san francisco stations in the evening rush hour. >> board directors sweet and radulivich say the black-out was overreaction to last month's anti-bart police protest. which delayed 90 trains. 6:34 is the time. santa clara has take an big step forward to get the new 49ers stadium built. last night, the city council unanimously passed a plan to keep the redevelopment agency going. it preserves $15 million that the city received in property lease revenue if the redevelopment agency is resolved. it locks in the necessary funds for the 49ers stadium project and ensures that the state can't touch it. governor brown and the legislature got rid of the redevelopment agencies in the last budget but allowed cities to opt in the agencies if they paid money
6:35 am
to the state. that is challenged in the state supreme court. >> we will be protecting our affordable housing, library and the stadium project, the huge economic future in santa clara. >> we support private enterprise with public money. public money should be used for the public not for the san francisco 49ers. >> protecting the redevelopment agency won't be cheap. by january, the city would have to pay the state $11.2 million. then $2.5 million every year after that. 6:35. feeling chilly in the studio. >> i don't know about the weather outside. >> you need a nice jacket like this. >> and an extra layer of body fat like this to keep you warm. check in with mike to look at the forecast. >> one of the many behind the secrets battles that goes on for the anchors. cool enough for eric and i or too cold for kristen.
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>> and sue. many of the ladies. >> eric and i won today. >> yes. >> a look at -- as long as you warm you were later in the day. >> we warm it up for the midday show for kristen. cheryl likes it cooler, too. >> tell me about mother nature and outside. >> i'm getting to that. thank you. >> this is the weekend weather. focus attention to the south and east. and that's where the warmer weather and high clouds moving in from the sky this afternoon. that's where they are. originating this morning. winds are calm lower elevation. we have a sea breeze, because you see the clouds rolling in. southwest at 70, fairfield. which means the winds aren't that strong and the sunshine should overcome it. we should see sunshine this afternoon away from the coast. temperatures everywhere, near the state. 70 degrees warmer than yesterday. that is a good building base for warmer weather this afternoon. here you are at #:00. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. clouds everywhere except for the east bay valleys. by noon, back to the coast. 59 in half moon bay.
6:37 am
mid-to-upper 60s, oakland, san rafael. 70s and 80s heading east and south. by 4:00, we have high clouds and sunshine. temperatures near 90 in the east bay valley. a lot of 70s in the play shore. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast in san francisco. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- seasonal warmth tomorrow. schooling trend for friday, saturday and sunday. >> good morning. a couple of earlier stalls. westbound 580 from tracy to livermore up and over the altamont pass. it has things generally slow now. the stalls are cleared out of the lanes. 580 is slow from livermore to pocket. westbound highway 4 is slow from hill crest. a stalled big rig is blocking the lane. take a look at the maze heading toward the bay bridge and to the other destinations. light. no problems here.
6:38 am
bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. traffic back the caltrans parking lot. a look at the bay bridge. >> thanks a lot. 6:38. >> still ahead, the $2.5 billion in military equipment that the inspectors now say may not be safe enough for the troops to use. >> hollywood actor whose bladder now got him tossed off an airline. >> also, here is a look right now at the big board on wall street. you see the dow is up 60 points. we'll get more on the early trading live from the new york stock exchange. in ten minutes or so. >> how few local merchants hope to put a positive spin on your worst parking ticket sales. >> helping your aching head and the broken heart. the popular pain relieve they're can be used to treat emotional aches and pains. someone is stealing copper from san francisco elementary school. i'm amy hollyfield. i just spoke with police and
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6:43. live doppler7 h.d. quiet, high pressure bringing the warm temperatures to central valley and yosemite. mid-90s. 101 at fresno. 110 at palm springs. #76 in big sur. warm around los angeles, 86. sunny in eureka today.
6:43 am
63. eric? >> thank you very much. 6:43 now. >> disturbing new report this morning about the safety of the equipment our military relies on. the defense department inspector general said the army can't be sure that 5 million people of critical battlefield equipment meet necessary standards to protect u.s. troops. the report found that the army tests were incomplete. were conducted with the wrong size plate. or weren't conducted under the required environmental conditions. president obama takes the economic bus tour to illinois today as he focuses on creating jobs. the president is also answering republican criticism about his own job performance. particularly from the newest candidate in the race. abc karen travers has the latest. >> president obama heads to his home state of illinois hoping to leave republican attack behind him. yesterday in iowa, mr. obama and texas governor rick perry played campaign trail cat and mouse.
6:44 am
at one point the bus tour came within seven miles of each other. >> we have competing job tours. >> perry has only been in the race for a few days but he quickly zeroed in on the key issue. >> some of the jobs are going to create? >> as many as i can. >> the shoot from the hip texan kept up the blistering attack against the president. >> one in six job ready americans don't have a job. that's not a recovery, mr. president. that is an economic disaster. >> some comments raised eyebrows, even among republicans. in interview with cnn, president obama said for now he will cut hit some slack. >> they probably realize this isn't like running for president or senator. >> with perry literally breathing down his neck, president obama tried to look past the republican contenders and instead slammed republican in
6:45 am
washington for partisan gridlock. >> refusal of a faction in congress to put the country ahead of party. that has to stop. our economy cannot afford it. >> today president obama will defend his record in the economy. in a town that directly benefitted from the stimulus program. karen travers, abc news. cali carlin joins us live from the new york stock exchange with a look at early trading. >> signs are that the economy is improving. they are out with quarterly result that came in better than they expected. they cut the forecast and blamed the slower spending on pc and consumer technology. the dow, nasdaq, and s&p higher right now. we have green arrows across the board with the dow up 67 points.
6:46 am
the silicon valley index is lower, pressured by two attackers and google. meanwhile, a new product may be on the way from apple. apple's online store has been down for a while this morning. leading to speculation on gizmoto that apple may unveil new products related to the apple tv. watch out for development. we are tracking that story. you know how expensive smart phones are. they're so fragile they seem to break the first time you drop them. amazon hopes to solve that. they say the chief executive to apply as a patent to use air bag that will deploy if the phone is dropped. other ideas are springs or jet propulsion to put phone in position for air bag to deploy properly. live at the new york stock exchange, bloomberg news. >> thanks a lot. 6:47. >> thousands of teachers and
6:47 am
students in joplin, missouri, are headed back to class like in others in the u.s. but this comes three months after the city was hit by the country single deadliest tornado in six decades. that tornado killed 160 people. and destroyed hundreds of buildings including six schools. today some students will turn to rebuild or repaired schools and others will take classes in makeshift classrooms including many in a converted big box store. >> nothing like returning to normal and moving on, going back to school. >> we have calm conditions but it might be damp for folks looking at the picture. >> more drizzle. you can see the clouds rolling through the east bay hills. elove this picture. you can show cascading nature of the clouds. as they roll through. trying to figure out how to take a video of my phone and upload it to youtube. i'm working on it to share the videos we can't necessarily show you all the time on tv.
6:48 am
that is coming soon to switter and facebook and blog account, too. talk about the temperatures. we have 60s around mountain view, san jose, antioch. fog, visibility. a mile in santa rosa. everybody else, mid-to-upper 60s. 49, clearer in gilroy. everybody else in mid-to-upper 50s around monterey bay and inland. warm weather away from the coast. cooler conditions friday, saturday and sunday. fremont and oakland is three degrees warmer. east bay valleys, upper 80s danville, dublin, pleasanton, low to mid-90s elsewhere. we have 70 in richmond. 74 at oakland. 80 in fremont along the east bay shore. 80 in sunnyvale and milpitas.
6:49 am
south bay is warm today. mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula. 66 at half moon bay. san francisco, upper 60s. vallejo, 79. cloudy around monterey. 77 in santa cruz. morgan hill is 90 degrees. a day game over at the coliseum. a high sunburn factor but a gorgeous sunshine filled day from 12:35, 69 degrees to 74 by the time the game ends. tomorrow is the last warm day in the forecast. especially inland. cooling trend will hit us and drop temperatures four to six degrees. have a great day. sue? >> going back to highway 4, which is slow this morning. we had an earlier couple of accidents westbound. those are out of lanes now. a little slow traffic. eastbound, we have issue with a big rig blocking the lanes at loveridge.
6:50 am
apparently it's leaking oil in the left lane. that is the eastbound direction. we're not seeing any significant slowdown there. 580, half hour to 680. as we saw, highway 4, to 242, 20-minute drive westbound. 580 in 238 -- pardon, 238 from 580. four-minute drive. look at san rafael now real fast. southbound 101, bunching up to the civic center. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backing toward the maze. as you can see and hear. for all the information. click on the bay area traffic. >> thanks a lot. san francisco merchants group so fed up with how they believe parking tickets are hurting their business held a contest to find the most infuriating parking ticket story. one contestant had two parking tickets in one week for overstaying a two-hour parking zone. she says she doesn't understand why she got the ticket because she moved her car. the mta told her she didn't
6:51 am
move it far enough. >> you can't move around the corner or across the street. you can't move down the block. you have to be a complete city block away from where you were originally. >> the signs, they don't say that. it just says two-hour parking. >> if we didn't enforce parking spaces we'd see people in the parking spaces all day long. that would mean less traffic for businesses in the area. >> some business owners say the threat of parking tickets makes it really hard to compete with stores that have parking lots. the mta says they have written fewer tickets so far this year than they did at this time last year. many people take pain relievers like lie low no for headaches but -- tylenol for headaches but now they believe it might soothe emotional pain as well. they measured brain activity in people experiencing emotional rejection. they used mris to identify the affected neural pathway. the patients then took acetaminophen, the active ingredient in tylenol and that lessen the brain's
6:52 am
response to pain signals. including emotional pape. they stopped short of recommending tylenol for emotional distress but hope it will improve understanding of how the brain responds to emotional pain. a french actor is accused of horrifying conduct on a commercial flight. fellow passenger on a paris to dublin flight last night said the oscar-nominated actor urinated on the plane. she says he looked drunk and announced he needed to go. theca by crew told him -- cabin crew told him to remain seated for take-off and he allegedly urinated on the ground. crew took him off the flight. spokesperson for the irish airline confirmed the incident happened but wouldn't name the passenger. it is 6:53 now. recapping the top stories this morning, the bay bridge is getting a little smarter and hopefully a little safer. caltrans is installing new high-tech equipment on the bay bridge that will literally listen for any defects. >> abc7's terry mcsweeney is live on treasure island to show us, terry? >> you can compare it to
6:53 am
putting a monitor on a heart patient. that way the doctor knows right away if something is going wrong. that's why crews were on the bay bridge overnight installing 640 listening devices if an eyebar crack or breaks they will know right away. take a look at history out here. labor day weekend. 2009. crews went up to check it out. visual inspection. they found a cracked eyebar. caltrans crews found it and they did the work. they fixed it. it broke again. the bridge was closed both times. this system, ideally is going to remove the need for any of that. it's called acoustic emission sensors. 640 of them going on. they will take care of the problems because the crew will monitor the devices 24/7. something happens, they will know where. they will send crews to it. they will take care of it. now this is only going to be in effect for next few years until the new bay bridge opens. the contract was awarded to a company named masterist.
6:54 am
they are getting $3.8 million to take care of the situation. for another top story, go to amy hollyfield. >> we're not going to amy right now but we'll have more later on today and >> up with school hit twice in seven days. that is rough. final look at traffic and weather. >> trying to get in sfo is rough. 50-minute flight delays. visibility down to a mile in santa rosa. fog is filling the valley there. we have mid-to-upper 50s in most neighborhood. antioch around 60. along with san jose. 62 in mountain view. low clouds. they will hang around until noon. then they will retreat to the coast. stay there for the better part of the afternoon. keeping you in the low to mid-60s. we have 67 in san francisco. 70 in richmond. mid-to-upper 70s oakland, san mateo, palo alto, vallejo. you can see the low 80s from fremont, to south bay.
6:55 am
90 in morgan hill. we start with san rafael. 80. low to mid-80s in napa and santa rosa. low to mid-90s in cloverdale. santa cruz, one of the warm spots along the coast today and sunny. 77 degrees. tonight, the drizzle lining up across the coast and spilling in the higher elevation. temperatures in the 50s and 60s in santa rosa, morgan hill and antioch. the seasonal temperatures hang around one more day and look for thicker, more stubborn clouds friday, saturday and sunday. cooling trend for all of us. good morning, sue. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. continuing problems, highway 4, westbound not so much this morning. a little slowing from railroad to loveridge. but eastbound at loveridge. big bridge blocking the left lane. this is the non-commute direction. not a lot of slowing in the area. but they have to get the crews to get it out of there.
6:56 am
the toll plaza, backed up beyond the overcrossing coming from the maze from 80. look live, southbound 101, heading out of novato to lucas valley road. crowding but no stall or accident. there is fog over the waldo grade hitting the bridge. limited visibility. southbound 680 is moving well leaving concord and headed to downtown walnut creek. north main to 24. 24 westbound is moving well toward the caldecott tunnel. your maze, just one time look, as you head on in to the toll plaza or 580. 880. moving at the limit. no problems there. >> some of the spots look like school is back in session. >> i believe it is. >> sue, thank you very much. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. join us for midday news at 11:00. how long did you say sfo delays are? >> 50 minutes. >> keep it in mind if you are flying. stay tuned to anytime for the latest news, weather and traffic.
6:57 am
>> beautiful picture. bye-bye. a good night's sleep.
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woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] good morning, america. and breaking now. abc news has learned the fbi may be closing nonthe motive in the


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