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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  August 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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selloff on wall street. and warnings that another down day is coming here in america. >> i'm terry mcsweeney, live in oakland. the price of gold going up and so is crime in two oakland neighborhoods. the warnings to women. watch out for the jewelry you are wearing on your body. i'll have a live report. >> santa clara police announce an arrest in a 32-year-old murder case. >> good morning. live look from mount tamalpais. the clouds out there and the winds have flown in. a new air mass will be cooler the next couple of days. i'll talk about that and drizzle. >> good morning. i'm sue hall and we have sig-alert for the westbound caldecott tunnel. i'll tell you what is going on there for the next couple of minutes. >> all of that ahead, 6:01 on friday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the wild ride on wall street sparked a warping for people on main street. the record rise for price of gold is leading to bold strong arm robbery in the
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east bay. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the fruitvale bart station where police have a blunt new warning to women. terry? >> lake merritt as well. men coming up to the women, grabbing the jewelry off their necks and running away. the police say men in the late teens to early 20s, walking up to women. this is not the middle of the night. 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., major commute time. a lot of people around. they grab jewelry off the people's necks and run away. they don't care about it daylight or the clouds. the main commute hours and they don't care. >> they are dissfrakted by the cell phone or devices and they snatch gold chains off their neck and run away. >> i probably won't wear my jewelry.
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leave the jewelry at home. >> police say so far there have been no injuries but they point out as the thieves are more comfortable with the crime and they got away with every one of these so far, there is the tendency for more violence. police want to prevent the crime so they are warning women as we heard the sergeant say there, forget about the electronic devices. don't worry about the phone, don't listen to the music. keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. if you are wearing jewelry around your neck, a sad warning to issue, keep it hidden. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. frm you can expect gold prices to continue to soar today as the traders prepare for what could be another big stock selloff on wall street. abc7's nick smith is live in the newsroom with more on what is behind the drop on the dow. the global fall-out overnight. nick?
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>> the markets plunged again and ill looks like wall street will be in tegtive territory one more time when trading starts in less than 30 minutes. asian markets have fallen in overnight trading. stock exchanges in tokyo and how long congress lost from 2 to 3%. the market in europe are lower at this hour and dow future is down 100 points. this follows wall street 419-point plunge yesterday after more discouraging employment news. jobless claims were up above 400,000 again this week. volatility in the market has investors worried. >> the psyche of the american investor is damaged. no question. >> fear-based decision-making when it comes to investments will always cause you to lose wealth. >> we think the problems will continue to unfold in the next 18 to 24 months. >> get this. there is a bright spot in
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the otherwise bleak economic outlook. mortgage rates have hit the lowest level in 40 years. and oil prices continue to drop. they fell to near $81 a barrel in asia. with the lower gas prices we can expect the lower prices at the pump to follow. live in the newsroom, nick smith, abc7 news. >> thank you. 6:04. the california attorney general office is targeting some law firms and call center operate no, sir wide ranging mortgage crackdown. they duped desperate homeowners in 17 states to paying thousands of dollars to get them out of foreclosure. attorney general kamala harris say 2,500 people were misled and cheated. >> after paying the money, the homeowners then, of course, believe they had the legal representation. would call their lawyer to ask how is my case come along. >> the calls went unreturned. >> authorities raided three law firms in southern
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california. all three have been shut down. their assets frozen. one of the firms has an office in san francisco mission district. no one responded when we went to the door yesterday. >> this morning, san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed a teenager. it happened around 10:00 last night in the 200 block of ray in the visitation valley neighborhood. investigators say an 18-year-old was standing on the street when someone walked up and opened fire. the teen was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds where he was pronounced dead. there is no word on any suspect description. there are reports that the suspect in a two-day standoff with police in marin county died from a self-infli self- self- self- self-inflicted gunshot wound. they discovered he wasn't moving after surveillance camera and they say the
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man's girlfriend originally believed to be in the room with him found in a different room on another floor of the hotel. word op why she never left the hotel in the standoff. thomas was wanted for shoplifting and stabbing a grocery store clerk. this morning, richmond man will make his first court aperience after being arrested with 32-year-old cold case murder. they arrested 61-year-old david dixson for 1979 murder of moncrief who was stabbed up to 30 times at a morlt home dealership at stephens creek boulevard. prosecutors say it appears they were smoking marijuana. new tests apparently connect the dna from the marijuana cigarette to the blood on the clothing. teachers in one contra costa county school district will take a crucial vote to result in a longer day for kids at three schools. elected representatives in the mount diablo teachers union will vote on a deal with the district to lengthen the school day by one hour.
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federal government requires the added time for the district to get $9 million in education reform grants. 6:07 on friday morning. let's see how the weather is today and the weekend. >> slowing things down. we have breezes to con tepid with. right? >> we do. the winds of change are here. they are going to have a significant impact on the weather. the trough in the low, off the coast all throughout the early part of the week. you don't feel it this morning unless the breezes get you. the temperatures are the same. by the afternoon hours is when you notice it. especially along the coast, clouds are stubborn and winds are fastest and the temperatures are mid-to-upper 50s. this area seeing the clouds also in the stronger sea breeze in the afternoon hours.
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we have more sunshine and warmth for the mid-to-upper 70s. south bay. low to mid-80s in the east bay valley. monterey bay, stubborn clouds. 61 in monterey. myth to upper 60s. 75 in hollister. low 80s for gilroy and morgan hill. accuweather seven-day forecast -- tomorrow and then cooler than today. >> caldecott tum, westbound 24. center bore is shut down. there is another step minutes to clear out an accident. sig-alert is in effect. you can see a minor slowing at this point. keep an eye on that. the 101 onramp, capital expressway is closed. you can take it to tully road. this is the san rafael live
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shot. southbound past the civic center. no problems reported there. >> thanks. 6:09. >> hanging up the phone. stubbing announcement from silicon valley giant. >> the big change coming for fast food restaurant. >> use the force, luke. to pay the bill. the country that is ready to accept the star wars coin as legal tender. ah yes. there it is.
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good morning. welcome back. sig-alert in effect. there is an accident that caltrans is trying to clear out. and we will follow this for you, this morning. kristen? >> it, will sue. thanks. staggering announcement from hewlett-packard who says it plans to spin off the computer manufacturering business and stop making smart phones and tablet p.c.s altogether. h.p. is of course the world's biggest maker of p.c.s and printers. the company officials confirm they are in talks with the british software company called awe tony, whose headquarters are in san francisco. to take over the p.c. business. palo alto based h.p. plans to halt production of touch pad tablet five kweeks after the new tablet hit the
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market. h.p. says it's part of the company's plan to transform itself to technology services company. much like ipm has. the bay area is getting another stark sign of impact the struggling economy is having on the real estate market. foreclosure auction for the sunnyvale town center yielded zero bids yesterday. the starting bid was set at $108 million for property that was worth $750 million just a few years ago. the town center was once a thriving mall that over the past decade, series of owners defaulted on their loans. the latest owners trying to stop the foreclosure with hopes of redeveloping the property. it appears there has been a coup at burger king. today the fast food change is ousting the king mascot and no longer focussing marketing on teens. it's emphasizing healthier targets. the rival mcdonald's
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announced a plan to make a kid menu more healthy. they saw the sales drop 6% in the last fiscal quarter. chewbaka, hans solo or the die-hard "star wars" fans out there, don't worry about bringing traveler's check or exchanging money. on abisland of new way they will accept the coins as legal tender. don't worry about a rush of people spending money. they're struck with the colored likenesses of c3p0. and others. it will cost $369 and if you want to buy something it's only worth $2. silver coins will cost $24 and they are worth $1. cheaper to use the force, as we always say. by the way, the island has population of 1300. >> they have to do something to attract people.
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we have things at the golden gate bridge, visitors are beating down our doors to get here. >> they will see this all throughout the weekend. take a look outside to show what is going on. that is beautiful. some people like this. i don't have any adverse words otherwise, you know. drizzle in the morning. we have that. cooler breezes on the way. coolest weather is going to hit today and tomorrow. look at that. we have the flight arrival delays in sfo. 72 minutes. make sure you use the flight tracker at talk about the winds and how fast they're gusting. look to fairfield first, west wind at 33. concord at 30. toward oakland at 16. that's when you know you have the strong sea breeze blowing through the bay area and the thick clouds and cooler weather that comes with it. right now, temperatures are all in the mid-to-upper 50s, except for santa rosa at 52 degrees. at least you don't have to deal with the thick fog like
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yesterday. mid-to-upper 50s around the monterey bay, and inland. highlight, coolest afternoon today and tomorrow. the thicker cloud tonight. more drizzle tomorrow morning. that will lock in the coldest afternoon, tomorrow afternoon before the highs rebound next week. talk about today. especially compared to average. six degrees cooler in livermore and san francisco. we'll come up with 7 degrees short in oakland and san jose. nine to ten degrees cooler than average. napa, redwood city. a beautiful sunrise at 6:28. if you get up above 1,500 feet you will see it. sunset at 7:58. as far as what is happening, the clouds and the surge through the morning hours. east bay valley, south bay, starting 9:00 and 10:00. the first one to start. seeing the clouds erase. north bay will be clearing by noon to 1:00. still, look at the cloud cover. pushing through the gholden gate and heading to berkeley and oakland and richmond. you are in 60s. the rest of lus see sunshine around bay in 70s and 80s
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inland. south bay, one 80. los gatos. everybody else in mid-to-upper 70s. campbell at 77 degrees. on the peninsula, the breezes and the clouds lingering around millbrae and san mateo. in the upper 60s. we have more sunshine. low to mid-70s southward. a brisk day along the coast. mid-60s in downtown and south san francisco. saucelito, 66. mid-to-upper 70s north bay. mid-to-upper 50s at your beaches. east bay shore, richmond is 64. the cool spot. we will hit 70s around union city, fremont, castro valley and hercules. upper 70s through san ramon valley. low to mid-80s through east bay valley. low 80s, gilroy, morgan hill. sunshine and 75 at hollister. the stubborn clouds around the monterey bay with temperatures in the 60s. breezy and cool at the coliseum tonight. the 7:05 first pitch. 61 degrees dropping to 56. the drizzle will be thickest along the coastline tonight.
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tomorrow is cooler than today. slow warming trend sunday. look for a lot of sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday, with the temperatures close if not slightly warmer than average. have a great weekend. sue? >> we are going back to 24. still have a sig-alert in effect. the westbound center bore is closed. although, we're getting reports that that is just about getting ready to be cleared. for now, the sig-alert in effect. center bore is closed. right bore is open. you can use that this morning. just getting word of a bart delay. 10 minutes. richmond and fremont, millbrae direction. due to earlier medical emergency. so bart experiencing a little bit of an issue. no problem with caltrain, mass transit. ace train, ferries on time. no problems there. san jose, southbound 101, the onramp to the capital express way is closed. accident there as well. tully road would be your alternate. once again, be ever you leave the house,
6:20 am will have the latest traffic information for you. click on the bay area traffic. left of your computer screen. >> what started as exhibition basketball game between georgetown university and chinese team turned in a bench-clearing brawl. it was part of a so-called good will tour. not much good will as they exchanged blows. the georgetown coach pulled his playiers off the court with 9:30 left in the game and the fight ended after george township coach pulled his team off the court. huddling in the locker room and asked but did not get police headquarters. both sides made up and you can't find this story at all in the chinese media. >> what is surprise. coming up, give a woop for the mankini. the curious words officially joining the english language.
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if you need context, here is how you use it in a sentence. >> joe, while sporting a mankine retweeted an sext from domestic goddess jane who showed off her jeggy after shedding pounds from a ghastic banding. woot. >> still ahead at 6:30 -- the top cop crimes in on the hacking attack that hit bart. >> what had them running for high ground in the area of japan levelled bay quake in march. global markets fell sharply after bad economic news in the u.s. i'm karen travers with that story coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where they are going for the gold. but they are crooks and that gold is jewelry wrapped around the necks of women. i'll have the warning from the oakland p.d. coming up in a live report. >> two airports reporting delays. our own s.f.o., 72-minute flight arrival delays and getting out of boston.
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delays there also. p
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good friday morning, everyone. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm eric thomas. drating is just getting under -- trading is getting underway on wall street. it appears the dow is getting ready for a lower
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opening. asian and european market lost ground overnight and dow futures traded down all night long. karen travers has more on what is behind the latest dive for the dough and what the market selloff means for millions of workers and their 401(k) program. >> asian markets fell sharply sparked by growing fears of a second recession in the u.s. and spiralling debt crisis in europe. whiplash on wall street continues. the dow plunged 419 points yesterday after more discouraging employment news. new jobless claims up above 400,000 again this week. >> we think that the problems are going to continue to unfold over the next 18 to 24 months. >> the volatility in the market has investors spooked. >> the psyche of the american investor has been danieled. no question about it. >> in the first ten days of august, $23.5 billion were pulled from the 401(k)s. that is the worst hit since october of 2008. where is all that money going? cash holdings are at the highest levels in two years.
6:31 am
the financial advisors continue to caution. don't panic. >> fear based decision-making when it comes to investments will always cause you to lose wealth. >> in atlanta, yesterday, hard proof of the economic hard times. 5,000 people desperate for work lined up for hours in the stifling heat. they hope to score one of the 2,000 jobs offered at job fair. two bright spots, mortgage rate hit the lowest level in history, and oil prices are dropping, which means the lower gas prices. karen travers, abc news, washington. let's get a first look at the early trading right now. the dow dropping as we mentioned, down 107 points. 110 points now. we'll get more on early trading when we check in with bloomberg cali carlin live from the new york stock exchange at 6:45. >> buckle up. likely to be a wild ride. >> the market roller coaster is causing more investors to turn to gold as a safehane.
6:32 am
unfortunately, that is making people wearing gold unsafe. in fact, some women are having gold literally ripped off their necks in oakland. abc7's terry mcsweeney joins us live from the fruitvale bart station. where the police warn women to keep their jewelry out sight. it's that bad. >> yeah, gold at $1800 per ounce, all-time high. it has thieves acting at all-time low. walking up to women, ripping necklaces off of them in broad daylight and running away. in out one or a few but a lot of attacks. this has happened in dozens of times in the past 90 days. police don't have much description despite attracts except for the men, late teens, early 20s. in and around the fruitvale, lake merritt bart station as well. attacks between 4:00 and
6:33 am
8:00 p.m. the height of the commute hours. so far no, injuries but it can change. >> you know that criminals become more comfortable and brazen and more violent. >> it's the first time in a year i wore something. take it off when i get home. >> police want to prevent the crimes, so the word goes out to women, probably heard it before but revisit it again. if you are out and about, don't be distracted by your phone. by the music you're listening to. have an idea of what your surroundings are. it's a far better way to prevent the crimes that you know what is going on, rather than be unsuspecting person. that's who they are looking for. someone not looking around, they can grab a necklace and get away that much easier. take that jewelry that you are so proud of and put it under your clothing. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot.
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6:34. investigators in oakland are trying to determine the cause of a deadly house fire. the fire started at a home on the 8900 block of burr street at 9:00 last night. firefighters managed to get the flames knocked down in 30 minutes. firefighters say one person died in the blaze. but have not released details about another victim or another about that victim. menlo park police investigate fatal shooting that led to highly charged confrontation. it happened about 6:00 last night at el manor avenue and new bridge street. they had to restrain a crowd that gathered at the scene. police say the driver of one car was shot and killed by someone who fired from another vehicle. the victim's car crashed outside a church. police had to hold back members of the victim's family from getting delosse to the crime scene -- getting close to the crime scene. the suspect car is red, older model vehicle with large rims and spoilers. california attorney general harris says the office may now investigate the hacking of the bart
6:35 am
police officers association website. hackers posted the names, addresses and password of 102 bart police officers on wednesday. harris says she is concerned about the privacy and safety of police officers. >> they do very difficult work. they should be, and their families should be protected and we should do everything to make sure they're safe and not exposed to any harm. and theft is something that concerns me. >> the f.b.i. is already investigating the hacking. perpetrators say it was in retaliation for bart's decision to block cell phone service to prevent a protest at the civic center station last week. >> time now is 6:35. in japan, many people nerves are rattled after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck off the country's northeastern coast. it was centered about 185 miles northeast of tokyo, slightly south of where the catastrophic 9.0 quake was centered march 11. tsunami advisory was triggered after the quake
6:36 am
pew lifted a short time later. it hit about 10:30 in the evening our time. so far, to reports of serious damage or injuries. it was the first sizable earthquake in japan in more than a month. nerves must be raw from the march earthquake. 6:36. we are following an accident. sue has the latest information right now. >> mike has the latest information on the weather. >> good friday morning. the cooling trend we talked about all week, it is here. notice it with it being breezy. the thinkinger clouds and widespread drizzle. check out the winds. gusting to 33 miles per hour. 30 in concord. 16 in oakland.
6:37 am
that is when we know we have a strong funneling of winds through the bay. in delta to the central valley. that is a strong sea breeze that will keep the temperatures about three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. you can see how much cooler it is everywhere this morning. the only exception where it was clear yesterday. san rafael and santa rosa. the clouds kept you four and one degree warmer. we have one to six degrees of cooling for the rest of us. starting lower and stubborn clouds. they will be in the bay by noon. north bay, east bay and south bay clear to see the 60s, while the bay in the 50s along the coast bichl the afternoon, hours, we'll have a little cloud cover hanging around oakland, emeryville and berkeley. the bulk of the clouds is half moon bay. 60s throughout the bay and 70s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast is cooler tomorrow. sunday, all the way through tuesday, a nice warming
6:38 am
trend with a lot of sunshine. good morning, sue. how is the caldecott tunnel? >> much better. thank you for asking. caldecott westbound center bore is open. minor delays getting in there but the tunnel is open. i guess a car had flipped. caltrans and crew got it out of there. the center bore is open. traffic slowing approaching the scene. earlier medical emergency is the reason why. no other mass transit delays for you this morning. a couple of south bay issues. 101 southbound at capital expressway, the onramp is blocked. the alternate is tully road onramp. northbound 17 at 85, a stall blocking the right lane there. slowing approaching the scene. >> good news about the caldecott tunnel. 6:39. >> is your smart phone too smart?
6:39 am
coming up, how thieves are using devices to possibly steal your car. >> before we go to break, a live look at the big board. the dow has come back a bit from the opening lows and is down 64 points. >> ahe, the new obama administration immigration policy and why some aren't buying it. >> job cuts from one of the nation biggest bank. >> plus, a royal visitor about to make his way to the golden state.
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6:43 on friday. it's quiet as far as the live doppler7 h.d. across the state. 95 in fresno. big sur will see more clouds with 73 degrees today. heading to the sierra near 80 with sunshine in tahoe. near 90 in yosemite. cloudy morning followed by sunny afternoons, l.a., 70s. low 70s in san diego. >> thanks a lot. obama administration announced a change in policy for thousands of illegal immigrants going through the deportation proceedings. now they may stay in the country. lilian kim? >> anna isn't giving us her last name because she is in the country illegally but says she is a recent graduate of mission high and is cleaning houses to make
6:44 am
money before starting college in the fall. >> we work here and contribute to the country. >> under the policy of homeland security, they will suspend deportation proceeding on young undock meanted immigrants pose nothing threat to public safety or national security. it will not give illegal immigrants path to residency but will let them apply for a work permit. homeland security secretary janet napolitano said the president said on numerous occasions it makes no sense to expend resources on low-priority cases. rick is with the tea party immigration coalition and predicts the new policy will bring in a new flood of illegal immigrants in the country. >> this sends a green light to everybody on this planet if they can get the united states and not be convicted of a crime, they get to stay. >> bay area immigration advocates aren't happy about the new policy either but for different reasons. many are deeply suspicious
6:45 am
of immigration officials who under the obama administration expanded a program that allows them to check fingerprints of anyone arrested. immigration advocates said it led to deportation of immigrants convicted of minor immigrants. >> it should help the standing with the latino voters heading to the 2012 election. >> thousands of bank of america workers may be losing their jobs. the "wall street journal" and "new york times" report b-of-a will slash 3,500 jobs this quarter. the cuts will be across the board and implemented by the end of september. >> they are working on broader restructuring plan to eliminate 10,000 more jobs. >> the stocks falling in the first few minutes of trading today.
6:46 am
>> you can hear how loud things are there. maybe it's indicator of how it's going. >> especially for a friday in august. yesterday we ended down more than 400 points on the dow. today the dow and s&p is lower and the nasdaq is slightly higher. there is talk they could keep the economy from weakening and drag the world down. the dow is off 84 points. the nasdaq is a few points higher. the silicon valley index is lower. it is being drug down by hewlett-packard which is down 20% right now, sharply lower after several announcements. it's investor day and they said that there is an announcement they will get out of the p.c. business a together. they will make acquisition in software business and
6:47 am
focus on the software. h.p. also out with a fiscal fourth quarter and full year earnings that missed the analyst estimates because of a slowdown in consumer p.c. business. meanwhile, apple gearing up for production, trial production of the latest ipad. the ipad 3. sources tell the "wall street journal" that it's ordered component such as the display panels and chips for the device. the newest ipad is expected to launch sometime early next year. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm cali carlin. bloomberg news. >> thank you. scientists at stapford say they made a breakthrough that could protect electrical grids, satellite and radio communications on earth. even astronauts in space. after spending years studying the sun, researchers now believe they can predict sun spots two full days before they appear. the material can wreak havoc
6:48 am
with electronics in orbit and on the ground. researchers say they made the discovery measuring the acoustic activity of storms at the sun's interior. i don't know how they got speakers in there. but somehow they did. that is a big microphone. >> it is a big microphone. >> hey, waiting for the sun? keep waiting this morning. mike? >> wait longer. this afternoon, and that means cooler weather on the way. may have to wait longer tomorrow as the coolest weather on the way tomorrow afternoon. >> but here comes the sun. we'll see it. >> eventually. if you are at 1,500 feet you can see it now. how many of us live that far up? this is what it look like underneath. we're in the bottom of the cool, damp air mass. i look like we're looking up from the bottom of the ocean this morning. that is definitely what we are seeing with the flight arrival delays to sfo. talk about what is going on. as far as the temperatures. 52 in santa rosa. cool spot, rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 50s. monterey bay and inland, with testify same clouds and patchy drizzle and the
6:49 am
temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. coolest afternoon, today and tomorrow. thicker clouds tonight. that will lead to more widespread drizzle and make tomorrow afternoon probably the coolest one in the forecast. highs, they rebound. quickly. next week. back to average if not warmer in a few areas. we will get to that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. first, focus on today. two degrees cooler in fremont and san francisco. the biggest drop in the east bay valley. the sun sets at 7:58. start in east bay valley, where if you are outside the san ramon valley, you in the low to mid-80s. walnut creek to pleasanton, upper 70s. wide range on east bay shore. 66 in oakland. upper 70s in south bay. we may hit 80 in los gatos. san jose in the middle at
6:50 am
76. the breeze will keep millbrae in the upper 60s. low to mid-70s for the peninsula. we have the mid-to-upper 50s. mid-60s downtown south san francisco. saucelito. north bay valley, sunshine, mid-to-upper 70s. beaches in the mid-to-upper 50s with cloud cover. upper 50s to 60. the clouds linger around the monterey bay to salinas. 75 and sunshine in hollister. tonight's game at the coliseum, 7:05 first pitch. cool breeze. it feel like fall banal out there. mid-to-upper 50s tonight. widespread drizzle along the coast. and in the east bay hills. the high pressure taking over. steering all that cooler weather in our neighborhood. today's drop, even tomorrow's drop it will drop us two to four degrees. by sunday, monday, tuesday,
6:51 am
temperatures are on the rebound. more sunshine. ten degrees warmer by tuesday. all right, have a great weekend. sue? >> we are going back to highway 24 westbound caldecott tunnel. good news. center bore has been reopened. earlier accident cleared from the lane. now we are getting reports that just cleared the third accident near the caldecott this morning. this is at fish ranch road. out of the lanes but slow traffic from orinda. bart with 10 to 15 delays. no other mass transit delays for you friday morning. san jose, 101. onramp to the capital expressway is closed due to an accident. trying to clear that out. the alternate is tully road. taking a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on. traffic is backing toward the caltrans parking lot heading westbound to san francisco to pay the tolls. is our all-purpose website.
6:52 am
there is an icon to click on for the latest information. >> thanks a lot. 6:52. a new and different warning against texting and driving. researchers found computer hackers can force cars to unlock their doors and start their engines without a key. because car alarms, gps and other devices have a phone number assigned to them. it allows the car owner to change the settings remotely and let hackers in with a simple text message. but just because it can be done, doesn't mean you should worry much. it's not easy for hackers to find numbers to connect them to specific cars. another british prince is headed stateside. prince harry is coming to take part in intense military training focussing on flying apache helicopters. the spokesman didn't give a date. harry is following in his brother william's path to
6:53 am
the golden state. they are urging california blondes to be on alert. >> nick smith is live in the newsroom with more on what is driving the market. >> up down, up down. wall street is losing ground on the economy and the debt problem. the dow lost 100 points at the outset. now a live look at the big board from the new york stock exchange shows the dow is down. 92 points there. asian market fell in overnight trading. south korea market closed lower, plunging 6%. trading is down in europe where the markets remain open for another two-and-a-half hours. this follows a 419-point plunge in the dow yesterday. even in the market bounces
6:54 am
back today, analysts say these market downturns are all taking the toll on consumer confidence. the economic dark cloud have silver lining. mortgage rate hit lowest level in 40 years and the oil prices continue to drop and that could mean lower prices at the pump. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland at the fruitvale station. with our other top story. good morning. >> good morning. gold is at $1867 an ounce, enough to have the crooks going after gold. wrapped around women's necks. this is especially bad around fruitvale bart station as well as over at the lake merritt station. the oakland police issuing a warning. take a look. this is an outbreak of crime. dozens of cases in the past 90 days. men walking up to women who are distracted, grab a necklace off of them. and run away. this is especially happening between 4 zer and 8:00 p.m.
6:55 am
this is rush hour time. a lot of people around. still not much of a description of the suspect. all the police can come up with is the late teens, early 20s. latino and black males. police are saying that women should hide their jewelry. got a necklace on, put it under clothing. don't let it be scene. keep eyes and ears open. be aware of your surroundings to put an tauped the -- end to the outbreak. time check of weather and trafficch stock markets turbulent. at least the weather is calm. >> temperatures are going down here also but not as far as the stock market. 50s now. flight arrival delays at sfo. the afternoon temperatures are three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. well below average. warm as we get in the east bay valley. low to mid-80s. mid-to-upper 70s for fremont, palo alto and south bay.
6:56 am
the have mid-to-upper 70s. sea breeze and clouds around san francisco, rich monday, oakland and san mateo to keep you in mid-to-upper 60s. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast. tomorrow is a low water mark in the forecast. the afternoon temperatures are coolest. ten degrees warmer next week. sue? >> going back to westbound 24. caldecott tunnel. reminder that the tunnel center bore is reopened now. earlier flipped car has been cleared from the bore. slow traffic remains because we had three separate accidents near the caldecott this morning. bart with 10 to 15-minute delays. the toll plaza westbound to san francisco. more traffic than we like to see on friday morning but not too bad back to caltrans parking lot. metering lights are on. >> sue, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. . thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with local update at 7:24. join us for midday news. we'll follow the markets for you this morning. the dow is down 66 points
6:57 am
now. recovered a little bit but roller coaster ride is probably going to continue. so try to have a grea
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. and breaking now, markets plummeting again over those new fears about a possible recession. thousands line up for jobs in the summer heat and growing pressure for the president as he begins his summer vacation.


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