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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 20, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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phew! [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good. good morning, america. this morning, deadly flooding. at least three people are killed as a pair of fast-moving storms tear through the northeast, sparking flash floods. pittsburgh is inundated. and desperate motorists struggle to escape their submerged cars. home free, t tee men convicted of one of america's most infamous crimes. the ritualistic murders of three cub scouts. these men ararout of prison this morning, but are they really innocent? and if they didn't do it, who did? strange hit. a husband and wife are gunned down in a quiet new jersey neighborhood. she is killed.
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he is wounded. but now police say it was all a hit orchestrated by her husband. and the alleged shooter, this woman. we have the details on this twisted plot. and the big day, when your entire life is filmed, imagine what your wedding day is like. how much will kim kardashian's nuptials cost? who's invited? and what's up with those last-minute cuts to the guest list? good morning, once again. we're live on the weses coast this morning because we have big breaking news. a bombshell out of the country of iran. the two american hikers being held there have now reportedly been sentenced to eight years in prison. this is a huge defeat for their families who have been hoping that these two yng men would be home soon. >> it was huge. just a few weeks ago, there was
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talks that they would be released. obviously, developing stories now seem to be questioning that. we're going to jim sciutto who has been following the story from the beginning. he's joining us on the phone. jim, good morning to you. what do we know is the latest? >> reporter: well, it's state tv that is reporting that shane bauer and josh fattal, already held, for eight years now, five years each four spying allegedly. i've spoken with a western official in tehran directly involved in the case and this official has not beeee officialy of the sentence. it is believed that their lawyer has not been informed yet. that doesn't mean it's not true. it's not being reported, for instance, on the english language state tv. but certainly, the indication is negative. and as you mentioned there have been hopes both here in the u.s. and their families as well as the people working in iran in recent weeks that we might get a
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good headline. >> and there have been stories in the past that prisoners were held in iran where they were sentenced and subsequently released following a sentence. w much of this could be and could be, operative words, political theater? >> reporter: there certainly could be political theater. roxana the american journalist sentenced to spying, she got eight years. that sentence was quickly reduced to a two-year suspended sentence and she was allowed to leave the country immediately. so it is possible. we don't know. there's so much to predict in the court proceedings in iran. but it is possible that they would not serve this full time if the sentence is true. >> and from what reports are stating right now, they've been sentenced for three years in prison for illegal entry into the islamic republic of iran. and then sentenced to five years in prison on charges of espionage for the american agency. all three of them, when sarah
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was with them have denied these charges. you can tell us what their living conditions are like? they have been there for two years now. >> reporter: they're held in tehran's notorious prison that has held political prisosors there for decades. there have been allegegions of torture and murder in that prison. their conditions not as bad as many will face there because iranians certainly very aware that these are two americans and they would expect a very harsh reaction from the american government. that said, in recent weeks, we know that the hikers have gone on a hunger strike to protest their continued contention, and their lack of contact with the families, et cetera. and just having been in touch with their families for years now. the biggest part of their torture, in effect, is just not knowing what's happening next. and to have their hopes raised and then dashed r eed repeatedl. >> this is definitely not the
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news w we wanted to hear. they have 20 days to appeal their conviction. we appreciate your time, jim. we're going to turn to the deadly storms that swept through the northeast. at least three people were killed and one person is missing after flash flooding in pittsburgh. meteorologist paul deanno from our affiliate in seattle komo is here. good morning, bianna. the biggest problems was in western pennsylvania. these storms came in very suddenly. didn't move very much. they brought torrential rains in a short period of time and they wreaked serious havoc. of course the northeast, the storms came in fast and hard, in pittsburgh, inundated neighborhoods, submerging cars. a mother and daughter were killed. an elderly woman is still missing. >> water started coming in my doors that's when i knew i was in trouble. 911 said try to swim, that's when i got out of my car it was
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well over my head. >> reporter: the rain came so quickly. the mighty allegheny river rose nine feet in just a few hours. >> i was standing on the roof to climb out the window. >> the next thing i knew, the water was up to the middle of my door and you just see a red dump truck floating. >> reporter: and in new york and new jersey, the storm left people running for cover and left their cars stranded. >> cars kept coming on the street, jutted right into the water. they can't see it. it's getting dark out. >> there was such a lot of rain in such a short amount of time, we had a river in our backyard. >> reporter: there were a lot of problems in the northeast. it wasn't just there. it was t t midwest as well. we take you to this video of northeastern wisconsin where we also had big problems there. an apparent tornado now confirmed. another likely will be today. went through a mobile home park, a man was trapped inside one of the mobile homes. he lost his life. so a deadly tornado hitting northeastern wisconsin yesterday afternoon. coming up in full weather, we'll talk about who gets the severe threat and perhaps the first hurricane of the atlantic season. that's coming up. ck to you. >> all right, paul. we do have more breaking news. we'll turn to ron claiborne.
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good morning do you, ron. good morning, everyone. that breaking news is out of libya where moammar gadhafi more than 40-year grip on power appears to be slipping. rebels are reportedly advancing on the capital of tripoli from three directions and they y pear to have brought troops out of zawhia just 30 miles out of tripoli. in syria, little evidence that the government is easing its crackdown on the five-month-old uprising in that country. despite a pledge for president bashar assad to stop the violence. forces stopped at least 20 anti-protesters on friday as thousands of people poured into the streets across that country. and the death toll has climbed from last week's stage collapse at the indiana state fair. a 22-year-old college student has died. she's now the sixth person killed by that stage accident also on friday. there will likely be many lawsuits filed on behalf of the victims. and arizona congresswoman
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gabby giffords now knows the full extent of the shooting. rampage that left her severely wounded. an aide says in late july, she was told the names of the six people who died in the attack nearly seven months after it happened. giffords was intentionally kept in the dark until she reached a point in the recovery where she could process that grim news. and finally, sometimes kids can be so impatient, take a look at this 911 call. dan's smiling over there. as a fraptic father to-be andy marsh raced his pregnant wife to a cincinnati hospital. dan, check it out. >> i don't know if i'll be able to make it in time. she's having the baby in the car. >> you need to stop the car. >> the baby is out! >> got a little boy? >> yes. >> congratulations. >> okay. >> that's a heck of a way to come into the world. >> and the mother, father and the baby are doing fine. i think it's the part about you need to stop the car. >> yeah. the timing there. the baby is out. you stop the car. >> and can i just make one
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obobrvation, did you notice, it was the father screaming, not a peep from the mother. resilient, strong woman. all right. >> yeah. >> have to point that out. >> thank you, ron. now, we want to move on to extraordinary developments in one of america's most infamous cases. this is a murder case nearly two decades old. these three men were convicted of killingng three 8-year-old b scouts in a grisly fashion but then a group of rock stars and movie actors came rushing to their defense and this morning, those accused killers are free. but should they be? abc's t.j. winick is here with the details. t.j., good morning to you. good morning. the three's preference for black clothing and heavy metal music was presented to prosecutors back in 1993 as part of an argument that they were were engaged on occult murder. >> reporter: the so-called west memphis three convicted of the gruesome slayings of three cub
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scouts 18 years ago are now free men. >> after 18 years, it's been a living hell. >> reporter: damien echols, jesse misskelley and jason baldwin were all accused of killing the 8-year-old boys left in a ditch to die. it was the case that shocked the nation. >> they had to find somebody innocent. >> reporter: the big break for police came when misskelley confessed to the killings during questioning and implicated echols and baldwin as accomplices. but soon after he recanted and refused to testify claiming his confession was coerced by police. prosecutors proceeded with no physical evidence, no weapon and no motive. >> we're innocent. and we had to prove it the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the notorious case inspired a 1996 hbo documentary "paradise lost, the child murders at robin hood hill." and then a sequel. the tv special caught the attention of several celebrities including johnny depp, eddie
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vedder and natalie maines of the dixie chicks. all would lobby for their release. >> i am also here to show my support for the west memphis 3. >> reporter: in 2007, new evidence cast even more doubt on their guilt. modern dna testing revealed that none of the dna at the crime scene matched the three men. in the end, ththwest memphis three may never actually see their names cleared. the only way thehewalked free yesterday was to plead guilty as part of a plea agreement. >> how do you plead today? >> i am pleading guilty. >> reporter: relying on time served for their relelse. >> at least it's bringing closure to some areas and some aspects. >> the prosecutors said as far as the state is concerned the case is over. but said he would consider compelling new information if it surfaces. the west memphis three said they will continue to fight to get their names cleared. and, dan, now they can do it from the outside.
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>> let's bring into this case with "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. dan, good morning. >> morning. >> if the prosecutors are saying as they have that they believe they got the right guys initially, why did they let them out? >> well, that makes you question whether they still are as firm in that conviction. >> do you feel they have to say that? >> you know, it's hard to believe that prosecutors would let three guys walk out. one of them was on death row a couple weeks ago, if they actually believed that they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they did. it was almost certain there was going to be a new trial here. and they would have then had to go back with witnessss who recanted their testimony. dna evidence which pointed to someone else. i think the prosecutors knew it was going to be a very, very tough road for them if there was a new trial. and as a result, they said, you know what, we don't want to admit we got it wrong. we're not saying we got it wrong, but we also don't want a new trial. >> so what's next? is there any evidence pointing to anybody else? >> yeah, look. there's dna evidence which may point to a relative of one of
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the three boys. a hair found that is consistent with the hair of a stepfather. but, again, the prosecutors are saying we don't think that that's proof. in connection with this case. we still think that we have the right people. and as a result, we're not going to continue investigating. that's the part about it, i think for most people, the hardest to accept, the fact that they're saying, not only in this case, they're going to investigate. >> but it's a recipe for a stalemate for nothing to happen? >> that's right. because these guys have pled guilty. it's almost hard to understand in the sense they're saying, yes, we're guilty, but, no, we didn't do it. >> why did this case become such a big case? what about it made it resonate with so many people including rock stars and movie actors? >> well, look, it's movies. when you make movies, movie stars get interested. i think it was the hbo movies. i think that led a lot more people to follow the case. and they started to question the evidence. you then kick in the dna that comes in 2007, and you have the recipe for what we ultimately
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found here. >> such a fascinating case. dan abrams, always great to have you on. to paul deanno. the severe threat for saturday is not in pittsburghh where it is, portions of indiana and illinois. severe thunderstorms with small hail is possible in those locations. the tropics heating up now, we could have the first hurricane of the season. itits name is harvey, and likel to make landfall in belize today. before moving inland and dissipating. that's not the only thing. in the eastern caribbean, we're watching a tropical wave which may become our next named storm in the next 24 to 48 hours.
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dallas today, 107. houston, 31 days in the triple digits this year. 101 for the high today, dan. >> those numbers are incredible, paul. thank you. have to have you with us this saturday morning. as we said earlier, lock up your daughters, america. prince harry is planning a visit to this country and it's going to be an extended one. and reportedly, he is single again. i hear that from bianna golodryga. abc's miguel marquez is in london with more on the big trip. miguel, good morning. >> good morning to you, dan. all i can say, the southwestern, western united states prepare yourself for the rural invasion part two. >> reporter: first, the duke and
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duchess of cambridge wills and kate came to america. and america swooned. but their trip was done in a flash. now, harry, prince of wales, third in line to the british throne is coming to america and he's going to pull up a chair and stay awhile. >> he will be going to arizona but not for pleasure. this is for work. prince harry, already experienced helicopter pilot, will refine his skills on the apache helicopter doing life flight military training. live fire and tactical exercises. he'll spend at least two months in the arizona and california desert, preparing himself for what he reportedly hopes is the return for the fight in afghanistan. >> you train -- you train for war. it's as simple as that. to know we could be at peace, thth fantastic. but if we're at war, you want to be with your brothers in arms. >> reporter: in 2008, he had to be pulled from the field when it became public he was there. >> hopefully, you've retrained to be an apache helicopter pilot.
7:17 am
he wanted to fly but most imimrtantly, enjoys an anonymity in the air. >> reporter: oh, by the way, ladies, the playboy prince is apparently just that. once again, just one of the boys. >> harry will be going to arizona as a single boy. of course, he is britain's favorite bachelor. >> reporter: for harry, the prince of the party won't have time for extracurricular activities. it will be a lot of flying, a lot of studying, but who knows, maybe, just maybe, he'll find time for a little fun. i think he will have time for fun out there. when will thishappen? his spokesman says this autumn and not saying exactly yet. but in a month or two, prince harry will be another in arizona and california dude. >> ladies, marking the calendars. maybe he'll catch an american lass for his next girlfriend. all right, miguel, thank you. well, from british royalty to reality tv royalty, the big events in hollywood this weekend is kim kardashian's wedding. the reality star is marrying nba star kris humphries in a lavish and star-studded ceremony that
7:18 am
will, of course, all be captured on camera for an upcoming tv abc's meg oliver has all of the details. >> reporter: it's the day reality watchers have waited for. their version of royalty. kim kardashian's and kris humphries' wedding. a multimillion-dollar over-t-t-top extravaganza. with dazzling details. two dresses. four pairs of shoes. 500 guests and a ten-tier cake. "life and style weekly" says kim ll wear two creations. each with a price tag of $25,000. >> her ceremony dress will be a little more conservative and more traditional than the dress she'll end up wearing for the reception. >> reporter: not one but four pairs of glitzy shoes. >> four pairs of christian louboutin shoes. every woman's dream. >> reporter: an amazing guest list, including justin bieber, christina aguilera, the williams sisters, kelly osbourne and kris' new jersey nets' team mates.
7:19 am
but there was some last-minute drama to the list. >> basically, she invited too many people. the space couldn't fit it. the fire marshal came in and said narrow your numbers or the place can't handle it. >> reporter: guests will be treated to a towering cake by hanson. ten layers and decadent frosting. it all takes place at this multimillion-dollar los angeles mansion where kim's ststfather bruce jenner will give her away. an emotional aspect for kim who spoke on the ryan seacrest radio show friday to talk about more than just the glitz and glamour. >> you'll feel, i think, the presence of my dad. you'll feel the love in this room, which is going to be the best part of this whole night. >> reporter: a night that will be reported for e network for a prime time special in october. but no other cameras are allowed. a lavish wedding expected to live up to all the hype of a true kardashian fashion. for "good morning amerera," meg oliver, abc news, new york. >> and rumor has it that she has
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agreed to sell the photos and rights to "people" magazine for a cool 1 million bucks. >> part wedding/part business deal. >> that is true. from the important geopolitical news to the kardashians to an incredibly sweet story involving this young girl. she is a crime buster. she's 12. she broke into a case, a case that the cops couldn't solve. but what happens when she confronted the suspect. this preteen is going to be with us live. plus real moms rate as new as seen on tv products. which ones will pass their tests and which ones won't? can we talk about toilet paper? when it comes to toilet paper, there's no such thing as too soft. as long as it still gets the job done. i know what i like. i like feeling both clean and papmered. why should i compromise? not only is quilted northern ultra plush® the only bath tissue with plush-quilts®. it has three soft layers that work together
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on "gma," this wild story out of suburban new jersey, a husband who has now admitted to hiring a hitwoman to go after his wife. we've got the incriminating text
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messages. plus, our moms to test out the as seen on tv products. do they really work? well, our moms give answers. i think bibina and i agree, the story about the 12-year-old who solved the crime that the cops could not. she even went after the suspects. we'll tell you about her coming up. ut of8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure whahathat is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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7:31 am
i don't think she has one, d d't you, dan? >> oh, yeah. >> we'll tell you how she did something adult detectives plus, her steps from world in "your week in three words." one of the segments we love and we do every saturday morning here. we are going to begin with that bizarre alleged murder plot that left a young motherr dead, gunned down in front of her 3-year-old son. her husband was also shot but now he's under arrest, accused of orchestrating it all. dan is here with it all. >> good morning to you. prosecutors do believe that this massachusetts husband concocted a detailed plan to kill his wife that involved putting himself and putting his young child in crosshairs of a hit woman. 26-year-old kashif parvava is recovering this morning from being shot four times. >> these are the two suspects. >> reporter: but it's the shooting that police now allege he set up himself. an elaborate plot to kill his wife, 27-year-old nashish
7:32 am
noorani. >> within hours of the crime, it was obvious to investigators that this was apparently the alleged handiwork of the victim's husband who did the unthinkable. >> reporter: tuesday night, kashif, his wife and one of their young sons walked through a new jersey neighborhood. that's when prosecutors say parvais allegedly arranged for this woman, 26-year-old antoinette stephen to drive by and shoot the couplele. shots were fired. noorani died instantly. parvais only wounded. parvais first told police the couple had been the target of three men, shouting racial epithets. but then as thehe questioning continued, his story changed. >> it eventually was determined that he was responsible for the planning of the murder of his wife. >> reporter: according to the report, parvais admitted to having contracted miss stephen to kill his wife. and days before parvais and the alleged gunwoman shared these text messages. you hang in there, freedom is just around the wonder. in the hours before the first
7:33 am
shot was fired, this exchange, details a closely scripted plan. i'm driving to the nearest precinct to judge their driving distance. you'll have a ten-minute head start, you'll need to stall for some time along the road, a little away so they're not alert. call me when you can. delete all messages from phone. i won't message from here on. both parvais and stephen are charged with the murder. friends and families report a rocky marriage. just recently, the victim sent a text to her brother saying, he abuses me, i don't want him to scare the kids. if you should find me dead some day, it was kashif, he wants to kill me. >> stephen, the alleged hitwoman is being held now on $5 million bail in massachusetts. she is not fighting extradition to new jersey. >> those texts so cold-blooded and calculated. >> absolutely. that's what prosecutors are going over right now. this information was a
7:34 am
bombshell. >> fortunate the child wasn't injured. dan, we appreciate it. we turn to ron claiborne with the other headlines. >> hi again. >> hello again. >> dan, dan, and dan. good morning, everyone, in the news, they're cleaning up from severe storms in parts of the nortrtast and the midwest. at least three people were killed in pittsburgh when their car was submerged by flash flooding and in wisconsin, one man killed by apparent tornado. investigators in nevada will search for evidence of missing mom susan powell for a second day today. they spent hours in the rugged mountains of eastern nevada friday looking for signs of a woman who disappeared nearly two years ago. and the white pontiac sunfire used as evidence in the case against casey anthony was destrod. her father took the car to a junkyard and had it crushed for scrap metal. and the casey anthony trial may an impact on the upcoming trial of the doctor charged in the death of michael jackson. conrad murray has asked the judge to sequester the jury. concerned about the potential influence of the media and social network. it is time now for -- >> you missed the headlines -- >> i did? >> today's your birthday. america needs to know that this
7:35 am
is ron claiborne's birthday. >> yea! >> happy birthday! >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> do i get a handshake? happy birthday. >> thank you. you got me on that one. >> it is still time for the weather though and meteorologist paul deanno from our seattle affiliate komo. komo. good morning. happy birthday, ron. we're talking about more heat in texas, 107, a new daily record. and houston 31 days in triple digits. your high today, 101 degrees. how about wichita falls? more high temperatures in triple digits this summer than phoenix, arizona. it's not going to be hot but warm in the northwest, 80s for seattle and 90s possible for portland and eugene. storms possible in the upper midwest and calmer weather and fewer thunderstorms in the northeast.
7:36 am
>> and this weather report >> and this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen. dan and bianna? thank you. coming up on "good morning america," this saturday, these moms are tough. they are the mom testers. they're going to take products from infomercials and put them through the paces. we're going to tell if you they got the mom seal of approval or not after this quick brere. plus, cracking the case. what a 12-year-old does that the police can't do. we'll tell you where she learned her sleuthing skills. he learned her sleuthing skills. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top s sfety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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♪ ♪ well, dan's playing with some of these toys, including a water gun. we're going to tell you these, as you've all seen on tv. they're the wonder ads. what do they really do? well, to find out we enlisted mom testers on "gma." last time, we asked moms for more participation and of course, hundreds have responded. >> we've got a whole new group of mom testers trying out the as seen on tv products. and our chief mom tester, one of the products of this thing which i have no idea what this is. >> of course, you know what it is. >> a squirt gun, okay. becky, save me here. tell me about what you got.
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>> well, dan, you may or may not have heard the claims since you can't figure out what that thing is. but you've heard about the plastic disks that help you move furniture easily. and the comfortable chair that fits in your pocket. and then there's glue that you use to lock your throw rugs on to the ground. so we have the "gma" mom testers. >> reporter: they're back, three new moms, all "gma" viewers. and four new as seen on tv products. >> tired of standing around? save on home repairs. >> reporter: that claim to make moms' lives easier. >> and if you think that's impressive -- >> reporter: will these products be mom approved or mom disappointed? our testers from norfolk, virginia, amy martin, mom of two boys and one girl. from kennesaw, georgia, tia ardu with a teenage son and 6-year-old daughter. and from tampa, florida, lisette
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shields, also a mom of three. the first product, industrial strength adhesive. it's called uglu. >> just peel, press and relax. >> it be rubbed, pressed. >> reporter: amy tried it on her scrapbook and around the house. >> and voila, not going anywhere! >> reporter: and lisette found a seasonal use. >> i'm going to try and uglu our christmas tree to the front door. >> reporter: for tia, the uglu worked to hold the rug down. >> it looked like it worked. >> reporter: and to hold up family artwork. >> it's easier than putting nails in the wall. >> reporter: it maybe worked a little too well. >> they work great. >> reporter: our other moms agree and were off to a great start with the first product getting a unanimous "mom approved." >> moving furniture? >> reporter: next up, ez moves. >> the do-it-yourself furniture moving system.
7:42 am
now, that's easy. >> reporter: ez moves helped amy become a one-woman moving machine. but for tia and lisette, it was easier said than done. >> it's a little hard. >> you actually need to have somebody lift the table up. >> reporter: the final rating on ez moves -- one mom approved. two moms disappointed. now, we couldn't test the as seen on tv products without the newest out there invention. the amazing pocket chair. >> it folds up and fits in your pocket. >> reporter: tia's daughter kaitlyn likes using it. the son -- >> that's it. >> reporter: amy also had concerns. >> i just don't see how it can hold. >> reporter: for lisette, the chair fit her family's needs for a quick lift. especially at the baseball game. but for all three moms, the convenience of the pocket chair
7:43 am
wins out. and the pocket chair gets a unanimous "mom approved." finally it is summer, so what better product to test than the big squirt water toy. >> everyone gets totally wet with the supercool, wild, wet, water fun! >> my kids could not wait to try this out. >> reporter: but before the moms could test the big squirt, they have to fill them. >> whoo! oh, no, did it pop? it popped! >> reporter: eventually, the moms got their water guns loaded. >> this is a messy, messy undertaking. >> reporter: and it was the kids' turn to test. >> go! >> reporter: for lisette and tia, the big squirt was a big disappointment. >> it did not shoot the 30 feet that it said it would. and our first product popped. >> i think they liked the pop more than the squirt gun. >> reporter: amy and her boys give it a big thumbs up. >> no problem. filled it up. and it did squirt 30 feet. >> reporter: the final tally,
7:44 am
two moms disappointed. one mom approved. but in this case, it's the kids' opinion that mattered and it's unanimous. >> what y'all think of the water gun? >> awesome. >eporter: big squirt, kid approved. for the products that got a mom disapproved rating we reached out to the manufacturers. first, the makers of big squirt said "our tests have shown that 30 feet is the consistent average. and that's for early breakage." the company says "every package has a no questions asked replacement guarantee." it comes with a small shipping and handling piece. and ez moves people said the ability to get the lifters under the products depends. if it was a heavy piece of furniture on a wood floor, you'd need to tilt it. hey, special thanks to our mom testers. i love this series. >> they were great. and you did great, becky. by the way, i've got one of the squirt things. let's see if this works. >> he's going to squirt you, becky! oh! okay. >> all right.
7:45 am
that pretty much broke the camera. but, becky, thank you very much for doing this. and we'll be right back. >> the inner child in dan. >> that's not too hard to find. the new mascara with a conditioning formula that helps strengthen and plump lashes up to 200%... instantly. for maximum volume... and a killer look. new revlon growluscious plumping mascara. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. new revlon growluscious plumping mascara. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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there as swell on the facebook page. i like the way he says it. coming up, we'll tell you how a young woman got involved with solving a crime that police could not. there she is. we'll talk to her live after the break. break. the break. [female announcer] looks like everybody's at our biggest sale of the year: the petsmart power sale. save up to $10 on all k9 advantix® ii and advantage® ii flea and tick products. at petsmart®. ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ i can run just like the wind
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before we go, we want to intrtroduce you to 12-year-old jessica maple. she was participating in a junior district attorney program
7:55 am
last month, when she found out that her late great grandmother's house in southern gegegia had been robbed. police couldn't solve the crime but jessica did. and she's joining us live from atlanta. jessica, we're so impressed with you. good morning. let me quickly ask you, when you went to your great grandmother's house, what did you see that the cops missed? >> well, at first, the cops thought that somebody broke in because they had a key and they couldn't find any forceable entry. so then my mother and i, we went to the house in south georgia. and i went over by the garage. and by the garage there was a broken glass in the garage door window. and there was a shopping cart. so i thought to myself, they probably got through in the shopping cart and they were probably really, really scared. >> so compared with your evidence, jessica, i'm dieing to know what happened when you called the police, you told them what you found. what did they say when they came over and you showed them the evidence you found?
7:56 am
>> i told them you're obviously missing something. there are fingerprints by the little glass. the broken glass on the garage. and i could see the fingerprints really well because it was a light garage. >> i'm sorry, jessica, i just want to say, then you went to the pawn shop and you found what had been stolen then you confronted the guy who did. very quickly because we have a second or two, what did the guy who did it say when you confronted him? >> at first, he denied that he did it. then i asked him more questions and it finally got out of him. >> wow, jessica, great job. thank you. thank you for everyone for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. good morning, let's check your forezrast this is looking
7:57 am
out toward the golden gate but a little bit of sunshine there. clouds and some sunshine. temperatures are definitely on the cool side for this time of the year. 60 degrees in oakland, 57 degrees in half moon bay. san francisco 56 degrees with the clouds and fog all along the coast. that is going to be the trend as your weather highlights. a little bif drizzle mixed in there. we will start to warm things up by the middle part of next week. big area of low pressure off the coast giving up a strong offshore flow with about 2,000 feet thick that will keep our cool temperatures right with us before the high pressure ridge comes in.
7:58 am
60 es downtown, is on a along the coast with all the clouds and patchy fog. 70s toward the east bay and 80s further inland. for today in san francisco, look for a high of 62 degrees. that is the latest forecast and more weather the next hour. coming up next, tragedy in castro a woman is dead after being struck by a muni bus. remote controlled hacking, what could happen to life
7:59 am
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