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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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morning america." morning america." have a great friday. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning here a live look at the ferry building. winds are starting to dissipate and high wind warning and advisories are gone. i'll show you the winds and what to expect. you still might run into debris with some of the winds, you won't find much traffic now. we made it to friday. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at occupy san francisco. should they stay or go? the city has an answer. demonstrators are divided and pushing and shoving on market street last night. live report. also, the u.s. has handed over full control of camp victory and the baghdad airport to the iraqi
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government. [ inaudible ] 4:30 on this friday may it to the end of the week. winds are starting to die down. not totally out of here yet. let's start by talking about the winds and how they've calmed overnight as we expected. the advisory was let go early. we have impressive gusts around 30 miles per hour in livermore, 31 fairfield, 32 napa. 24 half moon bay, 18 san jose, 5 to 10 around the bay area. 15 novato gust to 31 santa rosa. while they are still impressive in some areas, isolated and not going to last much longer. sunshine and dry weather in a few minutes. our top story, tension is high at the occupy san francisco encampment. police and protesters engaged in a shoving and screaming match last night. terry mcsweeney is live at
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justin herman plaza. the battle over barricades, who is winning? >> reporter: the demonstrators are still here, so i guess they ahead right now. we are not at the end of this game yet. mayor ed lee saying the city's patience just about out as far as leaving these people to continue. yesterday it seems the jig was up as police came down and put up barricades around this site. here's what happened next. protesters took barricades down blocked market street for a while and held their general assembly in the street. barricades were removed by police. demonstrators are divided over whether to accept the city offer of a site at 15th and mission. vacant school over there most want to accept that offer. rules of the camp say all
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action must be by unanimous consent. some don't want to leave this high profile site. >> i think there's absolutely a fringe group in there that they've been disappointed at the diplomacy that has been exercised here and they have been itching for a confrontation. >> one that we are very reticent and hopefully not going to give them. >> reporter: a couple of arrests last night. lots of pushing before protesters returned to camp. officials are negotiating with protesters. again, even if you have a majority you don't have a decision. most of the folks here signed the petition and gave it to lee and say we'll take that place at mission and 15th. some want to stay. the city is saying we are not going to have two different camps. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 4:33. the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le is expected to enter a plea this
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morning. giselle esteban was denied a request to replace her attorney more than a month ago. police arrested her in september. a search team found michelle's bed 10 days later in a rural area. le disappeared in -- may. a federal has cheered former bart police officer johannes mehserle and four other officers in a case alleging they used excessive force. mehserle was overcome with emotion after the verdict. kenneth caruthers said mehserle and others beat and hogtied him. mehserle served two years for involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of unarmed passenger oscar grant in 2009. a south bay man says he was brutally beaten and called a terrorist outside a san jose grocery store. he was leaving this lucky
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store last week when he was attacked by a group of men who broke his jaw and knocked out six teeth. he says his attackers were drunk and belligerent. >> they opened his car door and assaulted him, called him a terrorist. a separate issue true physically assaulted him now possible hate crime. >> victim is hindu. he doesn't want to be identified out of fear of retaliation. police are reviewing surveillance from the store to see if the assault was caught on video. huge symbol of the u.s. war in iraq no longer in american hands. the american military has says it has turned over camp victory to the iraqi government. the base was headquarters for the top u.s. general in the country and other military leaders. iraqi military has moved into part of the installation the government is trying to died what to do with the rest of
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it. bay area national guard unit scheduled to arrive home today. six -- 60 soldiers will be greated by family and friends at 11 this morning. the 297th is the last california guard you night come home from iraq as part of the president's promise to have all-american troops out of the country by year's end. contra costa county firefighters are keeping a close eye on a wind whipped fire they put out last night. with wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour what was initially reported as a 10 acre fire quickly turned into a nearly 200 acre fire. crews from four agencies worked to contain. --. >> wind gave firefighters in contra costa county a terrible time the biggest wind storm caused problems all over the bay area, 30,000 still without
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power in the santa cruz mountains. lilian kim reports. >> reporter: mindy and her daughter jasmine bought candles. they live in scott valley and have been without power. they bought items at safeway the supermarket, like many stores lost electricity but a back-up generator is providing minimal power, perishable foods were moved to a truck in the parking lot. cvs has no generator but still letting in customers, cash-only. employees passing time by tide iing up. >> we all have thrash -- flashlights, we are having fun at the same time doing the little things that you don't get done on a regular basis. cleaning up a lot of stuff. >> reporter: no telling when the power will come back. winds hit the mountains especially hard. toppled trees, blocked roads and damaged homes. redwood smashed through the
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roof of this cabin on cathedral drive. >> greatful there was nobody in the house. a little shock thinking if it came my way that would have been our house. grateful no one was hurt. >> reporter: pg&e says it is working as fast as it can to re-- restore power. >> a lot of us aren't from this area we don't know the hills that well, so i'm from fresno that's why it is hard getting around. >> reporter: pg&e the vast majority of customers in should have power restored by noon today. lilian kim, abc7 news. santa cruz county the biggest problem, 25,000 still without power. more than 1900 south bay residents in the dark more than 300 in the east bay no outages in san francisco pg&e
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reports there are 74,700 customers throughout northern and central california without power not counting southern california also hit hardest. 4:39. this wind is going to die down, it already is, right? >> right, still low lighted in the speed where around 30, 35 miles per hour to get up to the 45 mile an hour threshold we don't have that any more. winds continue to calm during the afternoon. a little cold front here pushed the high pressure away from us the high and low bringing fastest winds to colorado, utah, arizona and new mexico. concord, mountain view and redwood city tour to seven degrees cooler everybody else three to 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa. temperatures mid 40s to upper 50s all over the place at 8:00 this morning the 40s around
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concord, antioch, palo alto, morgan hill, upper 50s fremont, 58° santa rosa. by noon temperatures low to mid 60s high clouds roaming through just about total sunshine by 4:00 hanging around in the low to mid 60s. very quiet forecast after today. we have a cooling trend we can't keep temperatures above average for very long in december by monday temperatures 5 10° cooler, cooler wednesday and thursday still looking dry all seven days. looking great on the roads now. much easier drive since it is not as windy today. live shot of the golden gate bridge only a couple lanes going southbound that will change around 5:00 traffic light out of marin. south bay, no major accidents right now on bay area freeways. this is northbound traffic headlights on 280, highway 17 across your screen.
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mass transit no delays for bart, ace, cal train, muni as well as ac transit. >> nice to see not all those trees down today like yesterday. 4:41. gop presidential candidate herman cain makes a surprising admission about the woman who claims to have had a 13 year extramarital affair with him. also, presidential candidates scrambling for political endorsements. we'll look at how important those endorsements really are.3q septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year, causing a disgusting mess and hours of repair. the powerful formula in rid-x has enzymes to immediately break down waste and bacteria that work continuously to reduce tank build-up.
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guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. those winds that -- dying down still in localized areas. you could get gusting breezes so be alert for that this morning. mike will have more coming up. stunning admission from
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herman cain. he now says his wife did not know about his relationship or friendship i should say, with an atlanta businesswoman who claims they a long affair. cain says his wife was also not aware that he gave money to ginger white. he says he wanted to help a friend in need. that the relationship was not sexual. white's accusation is the first one that caused cain to say he's reassessing his campaign. following a of sexual harassment claims by other -- following a string of sexual harassment claims by other women. iowa caucuses next month. for the candidates political endorsements top their holiday wish list. how much of those endorsements worth? >> reporter: sometimes political candidates pull out the big guns. political and hollywood celebrities create buzz. in an election season do
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endorsements really matter? the general theory is they may not change the -- >> endorsements matter when they seem to confirm or crystal light a trend that is underway in the contest. >> reporter: the best example may be from 2008 when a surging barack obama earned the support of the lion of the democratic party, ted kennedy. >> i'm proud to stand with him here today and offer my help, offer my voice, offer my energy, my commitment, to make barack obama the next president of the united states! >> reporter: the moment was significant. i was a passing of the torch. >> i feel -- it was a passing of the torch. >> i feel change in the air! >> reporter: cemented with the idea that democrats could take a chance on the first term senator and buck the powerful clinton. sometimes endorsements don't go as planned like when gore supported dean in 2002. >> elect howard dean -- in
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2003. >> elect howard dean. >> reporter: dean's campaign collapsed soon after. newt gingrich garnered the new hampshire leader. the leader has only picked a winner in three of the last primaries. iowa's des moines register has been worse. the nation's political climate is anti-washington and anti-establishment. leaving many to belief there isn't a big endorsement that could stake up this race. karen travers, abc7 news. coming up, 96 words that shook us up. top 10 tweets that tell the story of 2011. annual holiday tradition comes to an end. we'll tell you what changed
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here's a look at the high temperatures today. still very chilly from seattle
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in portland in the low to upper 40s through denver 35 no snow today there if you are connecting. 47 st. louis, low to mid 50s boston, new york 57 seattle, atlanta 62. east coast everything quiet through the midwest even to the west coast smallest airports on time too. check out flight tracker 4:49. the labor department is set to release the latest jobs report in 40 minutes from now. economists predicting modest gains not enough to change the unemployment rate. jobless rate standing at 9%. economists forecast employers added 125,000 jobs in november. that would be an improvement over the 80,000 job gains the previous month. analysts say while the economy is growing at a steady pace not enough to prompt employers to hire more aggressively.
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jive software is ready -- the software company plans to sell 12 million shares starting at $8 a share. the company willis on nasdaq as jive. the co-owner of the oakland a's spannedding his hotel ownership. his son has purchased the st. claire in downtown san jose that group owns the fairmont and hilton in san jose no word on the purchase price. >> for the first time in decades the annual holiday parade in san jose has been cancelled. budget deficit prevents them from funding the parade no outside vendors stepped in. in this one year, 90 billion messages have been sent on twitter. [ unintelligible ] the ones that tell the story
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of 2011. >> reporter: it might seem impossible choosing the 10 best stories from more than 250 million tweets a day but they did it at twitter. co-founder gave us a rare look to show us how. >> 140 characters a year, [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: at the top of the top 10 list this one-liner from a man in pakistan. helicopter hovering above at 1 a.m. is a rare event. the world's first clue that osama bin laden had been killed. japanese earthquake and tsunami made the list, cleanup after the london riots and arab spring, welcome back egypt from a global moment to the universe of one life changed.
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homeless new yorker tweeting looking for my daughter after an 11 year search makes his plea on twitter posting her name and photo it only took one day for her to call. then a reunion. tweets he's board during the lock-out he's invited to a game of flag football he shows up. >> technology reminds us of -- >> reporter: sometimes it was as simple as a hungry man with a steak dinner he craved. when he asked morton's to deliver a porter househouse no newark airport his free dinner was there when he landed. the world we live in, in 140 characters or less. >> i love that! >> yeah. we love that too. >> [ unintelligible ]
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>> hard to tweet when you have passed out from shock. >> good point. tweeting now already. taking about the winds and how they are calmer this morning. good news like to start off friday with good news. welcome to december, welcome to probably well above average temperatures i don't think we'll threaten any records definitely another warm, sunny day, locally gusty winds vollmer peak camera bouncing a little as we look to the west emeryville in the foreground, bay bridge back to san francisco. around 30 miles per hour, santa rosa fairfield, livermore, 24 half moon bay, 32 napa, 18 san jose. everybody else less than 10 miles per hour. you can see it is not as wide as it was yesterday. mid to upper 40s loss toes,
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concord, mid to upper 50s fairfield, antioch, mountain view, everybody else low to me 60s. our lows now are warmer than our average highs should be. low to mid 40s, gilroy, salinas, watsonville and 47 monterey. calmer, sunny and warm today clear, much cooler tonight threat of -- sunny weekend but we'll see a cooler trend can't stay with these temperatures so far above average this time in december doesn't happen. mid to uper 60s south bay, mid 60s peninsula low to mid 60s coast downtown south san francisco north bay upper 60s low 70s warm mid 60s along the east bay shore mid to upper 60s into the east bay valleys monterey bay 70 santa cruz mid to upper 60s the rest
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of bay and inland we'll see a lot of sunshine today passing high clouds possible during the morning then total sunshine. 57 eureka, 44 tahoe, 45 reno, 50s around yo stemmy, fresno low to -- yosemite, fresno. palm springs threat of rain and mountain snow over if you are traveling that way all the highways will be fine. 40s tonight around half moon bay san mateo fremont san jose oakland richmond san francisco everybody else in the 30s out they're going to be cool for tomorrow morning. here's a look at high pressure faded as we talked about going to lose its strength cold front takes some energy and that's why our pressure gradient is relaxing why the winds will be calmer and warm this afternoon. that cold front will shush sherr in cooler weather but still -- will you can sherr in cooler weather but still very
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dry. monday temperatures drop 6 to 10° in the 50s thursday getting ready for rain next weekend. peninsula and palo alto full freeway closure right now due to overnight construction. 101 closed in both directions just for another few minutes when it is scheduled to be open at 5:00 between university and embarcadero. you can see sensors traffic flowing well through the area speeds are green moving well on 101 and no wind advisory this morning for the down behalf ton bridge. the ride questioned was awful on 580 out of livermore and altamont pass. now from the pass to 680 only 14 minutes. 680 walnut creek, friday light so far for southbound traffic towards highway 24. you can get the latest information by going to you have seen those --
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[ unintelligible ] california state park officials have officially removed the famous lake from the list of state parks scheduled foreclosure next june due to budget cuts. a foundation has agreed to collect fees to keep the salt lake and limestone rock formations open. the lake is a million-years-old teaming with shrimp and births this is the fourth state park taken off the closure list thanks to public-private partnerships. i remember it was a small puddle, now look at it. >> you are not that old. next, tension on the rise at occupy san francisco, after protesters skirmish with police. a milestone for camp victory in iraq.
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