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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  December 12, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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at one point, using this tune to start a dance party. a crowd of 150 braved chilly december air to listen to speakers and celebrate what they call a warning on the port of oakland. one professor was part of the march is participating again this afternoon saying she's knit for the long haul. >> i don't think this is a fick fix. we've gotten our selfs into a lot of problems financially and representation in government. >> there is an option. you don't have to feel hopeless. you don't have to be complacent when things aren't good enough. >> demonstrators say they leave here will go to the west oakland bart station and join another group of protesters there before marching to the port as a group. they've said the goal is a repeat of the november 2 general strike there. is a large cloud kroud to move
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to make it difficult for police to make arrests. you can see the group started to mobilize a bit. they're clearing this section of 14th street. and we'll head over to the west oakland bart station to give you a report from there. back to you guys. >> thank you. nick. and we want to show you another view from our camera in the crowd this, is at frank ogawa plaza. jonathan bloom is there with marchers and will join them on the way to the port. we'll check in just as soon as things really get moving here. we'll continue to check in throughout the evening newscast. >> and laura anthony is at the port this, morn's protest cleared out within hours, how are they preparing for round two, now? >> it's been quiet here, we're at route 55 and 56 this, is the port shipping company here, you can see this is just a couple sheriff deputy cars out front here, it's been quiet
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here no, trucks going in and out. it's in stark contrast to what officials are saying about the port laigs praigs qgz just fine today. as promised hundreds marched on the port of oakland. disrupting much of the operations. >> this is great and exexcited about it. >> at different points, protesters marched and chanted this circles in front of the gates. and truckers were forced to line up and wait. >> for me, it means this is just a day november pay. and i'm not -- i'm just sitting here wondering what is going to happen. >> their union confirms 150 were sent home because of safety concerns. >> the company asked for about 200 workers to come down today. about three quarters of them
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found demonstrators and police and did not feel it was safe to go in. >> protesters caused disruptions throughout the port area. >> despite evidence of disruption port and city officials insisted impacts were minor despite what appears to be little activity at some gates. >> the port remained operational this is throughout the morning and traffic is now flowing in and or the of th the -- out of the port. >> we'll continue to work hard to keep operations and town businesses going with the minimum disruption we urge demonstrateors to continue to respect the rights of the 99% working and urging them to keep their protests peaceful. >> and again this, is what it looked like now. route 55, 56, you can see there are five truck there's. they've been here throughout the day since morning and it's
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my understanding that there are no long shoremen inside, either, or very few so. trucks can't go to get their loads or unload rigs so it looks like demonstrateor as chiefed their goal of shutting down a good portion of the activity here at the port n oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you, laura. these protests have been taking place from seattle to san diego. and long beach, as many as 400 march ntd rain to the nation's busiest poverty, targeting a dock leased by a shipping company that is partially ob owned by goldman sacks. one arrest was made here. there is a small, vocal group gathering in san diego this morning. about 80 blocked the road leading into the port. four people were arrested there. port officials say their operations were not affected. >> and in portland, prot yefrters -- protesters
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brought semies to make deliveries. police say two people armed with a gun, sword and walky talkies were taken into custody. occupy oakland say the two were not part of the demonstration. taking a look at oakland now where march is about to begin. and jonathan intloom there on the ground and is in the crowd. we'll keep you updated tlaft the -- throughout the newscast. >> dozens of protesters who are facing prosecution could be off the hook if agreeing not to set up camp for the next two years. that is the deal the city of san jose is offering. 25 people were arrested for trespassing during the campout. today, the city attorney sent out compromise notices for occupiers to sign z that includes this prominent protester who climbed a 36-foot wall and then stayed
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there for about a month. >> get back to protests in just a moment. first now man who admitted to killing a san francisco publicist because he was angry his wages were being garnished was sentenced today. the 44-year-old pled guilty to first degree murder charges, admitting killing a woman who he did not even know. holland told police he was angry because his money was being taken for child support and he intended to rape someone the night of the murder, a random person. he expressed remorse for the killing and he'll spend 50 years to life in prison. >> the fire alarms checked before a fire broke out. firefighters used ladders where many residents are elderly. today, the housing authority said the alarms were
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working. >> several oceans received checks today straight from paychecks of inmates. prisoners earn minimum wage. a law requires 20% of the salaries be given to victims of crime. once paying restitution, the excess goes to community organizations. >> it has to be to direct services to crime victims. >> this is about reformation and restoration. it brings in what we used to be. who we are now. >> $38,000 was collected this year. >> time for a first check of the forecast. >> it's not raining at the moment. >> that is true. we had light, spotty sprinkles and showers, you can see now there is very little showing
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up in the way of precipitation. and a couple areas just light, spotty rainfall. not much at all. during evening hours, clouds hanging around, thin ought overnight, will be chilly and we'll see during a clearing trend, temperatures overnight getting colder. a cold start to the day tomorrow, sunny skies into early morning hours. low temperatures dropping into upper 20s. and two clouds around, but mostly sunny. and a pleasantly cool day. upper 50s inland locations. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, the huge project to make one of san jose's largest communities healthier. >> is net flix on verizon's horizon? the buyout chatter. >> and michael finney is taking your questions right now through his facebook and
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twitter pages. we have links for you at abc 7 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo7
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let's go back to continuing coverage of the occupy oakland march this, is video from sky 7. sorry, it's breaking up a little bit. live in oakland hundreds of protesters have just started their march toward the port of oakland now. abc 7 reporter jonathan bloom is in the midst
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of the protesters. what's happening on the ground now? >> they just started marching behind a banner that they've rewritten to say "port closing". marchers are waiting to cross the street waiting for a traffic light here to change. they're planning to march up 14th street, and to the port of oakland. they plan to block the entrance, and keep operations from continuing down there in the port of oakland there. is a large group of people here, hundreds and growing and chanting "whose streets? our streets" marching with a bevy of photographers and reporters. you can see we're in an age of streaming video here, everybody on the other side has a camera, videotaping and tweeting and facebooking. these folks march in a brisk pace towards the port of oakland there.
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is more colorful signs than last time. and this is some nice, colored signs. we understand some are being funded by money from the teamsters union who have a part in organizing the truckers. and these folks have been moving quickly toward the port here down 14th street with police and photographers in tow. >> if you can hear me, what is the police presence like? we don't see a lot of officers in spots shoths we're looking at. >> you know, ts police have actually taken a low profile here, i have seen only a couple dozen officers who have been staying on the sides of the things. trying not to make themselves so present that it appears confrontational. you can see people here are
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protesters. many carrying signs and some carrying a mobile audio rig there. the mees on the side lines in this protest. they at least at the start of the demonstration made sthechls invisible except for the presence of a few uniformed police officers, watching. >> we'll check back with you in just a few minutes. jonathan bloom reporting life checking healthy living news, research suggests that radiation therapy is another potential culprit behind what is dubbed as chemo brain. concentration problems and short term memory loss have been reported for years. some researchers have questioned whether those memory problems are due to treatment or possibly the cancer itself. >> health officials in san jose are doing trail blazing research to identify the types of health problem that's
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affect the city's largest vemz vemz -- vietnamese-american population. >> right. the population has exploded in recent decades. this is why the santa clara board of supervisors requested this study. the vietnamese community is one of the largest outside of vietnam. the local population of nearly 135,000. now, the county has the first report looking at health issues facing those residents. >> this is data-driven. >> this news conference releasing a report highlighted one of the big concerns. cancer, aklting for 32% of the deaths in the community, more than any other ethnic group, higher than 26% for all county residents, lung cancer due to
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smoking is one factor. >> this county overaul there is a low smoking rate among the adult population, vaemz population is 25% in the male. >> cervical cancer is high, and so, too is liver cancer, often linked to hepatitis b. identification early could reduce the death rate. >> we're to do much better screenings and treatments we can lower the rate of liver cancer in our population. >> cancer is just one challenge, groups and professionals say the report gives them direction on where to focus. >> that is raise wearingness even for people who live in the community. >> one out of every four vaemz americans in the county does not have health insurance which is a huge challenge.
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the figures are higher in the african american and latino populations. >> thank you and turning to business news now, intel made a surprising announcement today. a and aol has plans to reorganize. >> there is some late breaking news, am strong saying he's reorganizing the company to combine dial up service was web services. the new services group had been one of four business units to be created under this structure, and says the other divisions will be consist of advertising and huffington post. and the goal is to get consumers with an account to use more of the other
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services. interyet blames flooding in thailand and a shortage of hard drives, sending shock waves through the stock market, contributing to the drop in the nasdaq, but intel seems to have bigger problems as well, lagging businesses in smart phones and tablets. transition into the market has been very slow as pc makers cut their stockpiles. earlier partnering up with google to help break into the market. intel contributing to the market decline today, all major indexes closing lower. news out of europe not helping. ratings agency announcing it's reviewing credit of all european union countries. your bloomberg index is down 1.5% as well, all companies in that index posting rosses.
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and this could be the biggest week for ipos in the u.s. since march. two tech companies are leading the way. there are hopes to raise $3.8 billion and today jive is expected to price shares between 8s skpdz $10. the software set to start trading as early as tomorrow. and is there reports indicating verizon may buy net flix. net flix shares spiked on news of the deal. and he says he believes they're serious about going after net flix and they think that buy easter, someone is going to own net flix that. will be interesting to watch. in san francisco, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. dan? >> no dan today.
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he'll be here at 5:00. >> and spencer is here, though. and it's nice mixed bag of weather ted. >> that is a great way to describe it. there have some spotty rainfall, nuisance rainfall. and check out this view of the western sky for high definition east bay camera. gorgus sunset. taking a look at current temperature readings, it's cool around the bay area, readings into low 50s now or right at 50 degrees. these are the highlights. clearing trend and lots of clouds around. and there is cold neets, sunny days ahead. the dry pattern lasting us into the weekend. satellite showing an upper level low moving into southern california coastal area now. there is a some light scattered showers mainly south, some of the patches of light
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rainfall are trickling throughout the bay area but widening down at the moment z there is cold near nights and milder days into next few days. and there is no rainfall so far this month. it's the driest start on record. and that covering a 120 year span. overnight, will be cold again, lows dropping into upper 0s in napa and there is upper 30s around the bay. and tomorrow's highs mainly mid to upper 50s. 5 palo alto. to our south, same range, mainly upper 50s near monterey bay and inland.
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no 60s likely tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll be in this same range of highs for a few days and there is clouds on thursday, no rain is likely with this system coming through on thursday, could be a sprinkle or two. looks like clouds, dry weather. >> thank you. >> and next chicago police say this couple weekend wedding. >> president obama tells iran give us the drone back. >> efforts to close a loophole in child sex scandals overlook mandatory reporting of coaches. >> and we want to keep you posted on the occupy oaklandland march. live pictures. the martins this, is the 980 overpass in oakland. what started out as 300 to 400 has now grown to several thousand. abc 7's jonathan bloom is in
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the crowd of people and we'll get a live report from him in just minutes. the news at 4:00 continues right after this. [ female announcer ] what's so great about...jcpcash? no exclusions. with jcpcash get 10...15 or... $20 off. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get up to $20 off with no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions. with jcpcash get 10...15 or... $20 off. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get up to $20 off with no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. an iowa couple who just married in chicago are celebrating more than vows. the bride got her stolen
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wedding dress back just hours before the ceremony, here she is in the gown. it was in the trunk of the car and that car was stolen last week. two chick police officers spotted the kia this weekend and pulled it over, arrested the driver looked in the trunk and then, called the groom. >> the first thing was, is there a dress in the trunk? he didn't care about anything else, she was obviously... >> and she was happy and the bride expressed joy and thanks to officers for getting that dress back. >> and there is some video that will make you smile. these two little boirz fashion off and seems like they're a good pairing. both have fancy moves here this,? this is good stuff. neither one makes -- oh, the back kick. that could with devastating.
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no contact was made. >> and good fun. >> yes. and this is one of the most-shared videos in the bay area today. >> still ahead our vic lee uncovers a development shocking even veteran police officers. why a convicted thief could end upkeeping truck loads of evidence from her burglary case. >> and there is an effort to change a law to encourage long shot candidates to stay in the mayoral race until the bitter end. >> and collides are beginning to show a little bit of blu. i'll have the chilling forecast coming up. c
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>> we want to take you back to continuing courage. we're keeping track of the group who are making their way to the port right now. >> they're going to meet up with other protesters coming in from san francisco and everybody is going could converge on the port of oakland. and this is festive if you can
4:31 pm
have such a thing. they're stoping for red lights and i understand there is a marching band there as well. >> there is a marching grand. they're going by me now. the protest is in the thousands. there are a lot of people carrying signs showing solidarity with the long shoremen and asking to defend truckers rights to unionize. and you can see this is sort of the back end of the protest. there is can only be numbed into nows -- thousands now. they started at about eight minutes after 4:00. they're going wind nupt port. we've told you they intend to create enough of a disruption that operations will shut down n cases we've seen an absence
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of police officers. and police have been making sure folks are able to cross safely with all drums and signs but i can't tell you just how few police officers there are compared to the number of people who are here, one can assume there is probably a larger presence toward the entrance of the port of oakland. as far as between city hall and here, krotsing over 980, only probably a dozen protesters numbering into thousands. >> thank you. as mentioned the protesters now are heading to west oakland bart station. there is a group coming in can then join as they head to the port of oakland. that is the 14th and
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adelnlinef you want to follow the video we have that for you at abc 7 a judge ordered to return unclaimed items to the burglar they arrested angering victims and officer as like this afternoon. >> this is a the order saying items not to be returned are claimed by her victims as well as about 100s ndz cash when the police seized about you that means that the most prolific burglar police can recrawl kaul getting back a lot of stuff. paintings, lap tops, tools and more. police recovered eight truck loads and it's the biggest
4:34 pm
case that the police sargeant has ever seen. >> i've spoken to senior inspectors in charge of burglary. nobody has seen this volume of property. >> there are numerous bags that are here. >> the sargeant showed us what is left. all still unclaimed. >> we've given back about lee. there are four to five truck loads left. >> these yimts would be auctioned off money going into city coffers. but in this case police are packing up all of the items to returned to gandi, convicted of the burglary. >> that is the information ways given meaning all storage is going to have to be returned. >> if these are personal items she collects suitcases, rides bikes, loves expensive
4:35 pm
paintings. many with price tags still on. is a baseball fan and has a foot fetish. this makes the sargeant and officer who's worked on this case hopping mad. >> she should have to prove that she has a right to have this property. i believe victims didn't blame claim this property. >> my peshl personal computer, lap top. ipod, small electronics, purses, jewel rye courtney listed all of the things gandi is accused of stealing and she's rushing to look at pictures this week to see if her yimts are still here, mcfadden questions whether this is justice. >> now she's getting out and she's rewarding, profiting from this. it's, i just think ridiculous. >> the judge said through a spokes spern she issued the order after gandi's attorney and police legal officer agreed to the deal.
4:36 pm
and the attorney has not returned our call. she got credit for time served and she's now out. >> and san francisco ethics commission meeting to discuss possible changes to the public financing system. it's been used sometime, but this is the first election in the mayor's race n that crowded field this may have created an unintended consequence. >> public financing designed to limit influence of big money donors but providing taxpayer money if qualifying by raising enough money from contributors. $4.6 million in taxpayer money went to nine of the 11 mayoral candidates. the leading mayoral candidates. only mayor ed lee and public depender turned down cash. if you took money and wanted to drop out, pay back was
4:37 pm
steep. give it back. unintended consequence became zombie candidates. >> this term was thrown around a lot in this case. they would have had to write checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars. nobody dropped out of the financial race because of that hanging over their head. >> we're thinking if we wait until we start dispensing funds until later in the year, early enough that candidates could be still viable. and perhaps race raise the threshold. >> if those changes might make would be candidates have to put in more efforts to get into the face to think about it. another idea is to come up with a escape hatch without
4:38 pm
having to pay back money. the commission will take it up tonight and they hope to have a pran by the time the campaigns begin next year. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead this afternoon, where do we go from here? iraq's prime minister meeting to discuss what is next for u.s.-iraqi relation autos michael finney taking your questions and will answer them for you live.
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sears. >> we want to continue our coverage of the march this, is ground-level footage. our reporter is in the middle of this. marchers are now weaving through oakland. they're on owe adeline between 11th and 12th at this point. you can see sky 7 big banner there that used to say "store closing" now painting over to it make it "port closing". it's a peaceful march so far. and there is not a lot of police presence either. we'll keep you aprized of this and for thofs that want to watch live we're streaming it
4:42 pm
live. >> the president says a withdrawal of nearly all u.s. troops will not end america's presence in the region. and the mr. obama called the end of the war a historic moment, urging americans to remember sacrifices made. >> let us never forget those who gave thus chance. the untold number of iraqis who have given their lives. more than one million american who's have served in iraq. >> they laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. malaki says his country has high aspirations for the relationship between the two nations. the president called for a return of a surveillance drone captured by iran. reports say their experts are in final stages of recovering data from that drone.
4:43 pm
tehran displayed nearly intact drone and called it's capture a victory for iran. u.s. officials say the aircraft was not brought down by iran. and defense secretary says he doubts iranians will return it former assistant coach faces his accusers in court but there are questions about what the prime eye witness saw. [ female announcer ] what's so great about...jcpcash? no exclusions. with jcpcash get 10...15 or... $20 off. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get up to $20 off with no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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$20 off. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save! get up to $20 off with no exclusions. we make christmas affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. jerry sandusky will face his accusers in court today, they're expected to testify about how he aldly molested them. now word a prime witness may have changed his story. >> did assistant coach see jerry sandusky some yomize a boy in 2002? or just hear what he thought was a sex act? according to an article, a friend of the family told the grand jury he spoke with him the night of the alleged incident saying he never saw
4:47 pm
sandusky having sex with the boy it helps sandusky because mcqueary is the only eye witness as we all know. >> if mcqueary didn't witness a sex act that would support paterno who insists mcqueary never told him he saw sandusky having sex with a boy. sandusky admitted to showering with young but denies molesting them. >> these allegations of false. i didn't do those things. >> that will be the big issue during a hearing to determine the evidence evidence. but if mcqueary is deemed inconsistent that, could jop dyes the jais. >> -- case. >> if it's true mcqueary is giving differenting accounts that is a problem,. >> sandusky faces 52 counts of
4:48 pm
sex crimes from 10 alleged victims. eight are expected to testify on tuesday from. new york abc news. >> still to come of course latest on occupy. we'll have that at the top of the hour, and maybe you don't like mondays that much. but things could get worse. more on what's happening right there. >> and maybe you wondered what happened to the clothes you donate. i'm michael finney and am answering your questions straight ahead. >> later at 5:00 the way holiday care packages for troops have fallen victim to the luckies supermarket scams.
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michael finney is here now to answer questions. >> and this is a great time to take clothes you don't need
4:52 pm
and donate them. susan asks where do the clothes in the metal box goes? i don't give to them because i like knowing and believing in the agency i donate to. good catch. this is a controversy going on now. for years and years you'd see big metal boxes set up by organizations like the salvation army or someone like that. private companies started to set them up. when you donated clothes they just took them and made money. it became a scandal. there was a bill passed in sacramento that said if you place one of the bins in a lot you have to identify the organization and whether or not it was a nonprofit. there is just a big article on this in the marin independent journal you can check it out there. bottom line is that if you see one it and doesn't say it's from a known, trusted charity, you can well be giving it to private enterprise. your call.
4:53 pm
next one, megan asks my family is only buying american-made gifts this year for our family gift exchange. what is made here? that is a great question. there are three main places i suggest people go. first all of the local arts and crafts fairs held throughout the bay area. and there is a arts and crafts fair online, etsy. we have friends that make jewel skpri posts them. there is a web site you might want to go to made in many items made in the united states. i've got to tell you it's tough finding made in the usa. someone asked me i want to buy a toaster made in america. can i do that? only thing you can buy was a big-time restaurant toaster. >> wow. >> nothing for home.
4:54 pm
>> well, because any piece comes from outside of the u.s. it can't get the stamp. >> it's like what is made in usa? >> there is a time lapse view today showing some snow blowing through the air, not much snow at the moment. and you'll see light, spotty flurries. high as cording to 48 in yosemite. sunny skies and a few clouds around. there are 50 up north which is dry. 60 in los angeles. here in the bay area we'll have a mainly sunny day and will be cool. highs into upper 50s on the south bay.
4:55 pm
and on the peninsula, mainly sunny skies with highs in 68 and there is low to mid-50s on the coast. downtown san francisco there is a high of 56 tomorrow. up in the north bay 56-58 degrees. and 57 in sonoma. near east bay highs, 55 in berkeley. 56 union city. and inland east bay, 55 in pittsburgh and 57 walnut creek. looking for highs 56 in monterey. and there is inland 59. weather looking nice for tomorrow. >> you heard of black friday and cyber monday, now there is green monday. the term used to refer to the second monday in december.
4:56 pm
ebay coined this name a few years back. and this is when shopping peaks. >> the federal reserve and placing most of the blame for the foreclosure basis -- crisis on flippers concluding real estate investors drove the housing bubble when investors used mortgage credits then defaulted in large numbers after home values dropped. the report notes that in arizona, california, fla and nevada, investors made up nearly half of the purchases in chocolate prices about to increase, experts say there is a short yachblg coco beans. they may have to increase the use of nuts to try to bulk up candy. it's blamed on a growing taste for coco in china as well as
4:57 pm
dark chocolate. >> it's been said everything is big in texas but apparently some things aren't high nuf a driver got her truck stuck under a bridge saying she did not see the height sign. she halted traffic until crews could unload bottled iced tea from the truck. >> take a look. you're driving down the street and there the pavement opens up. one driver had to be pulled to safety. and the car was on top of a gas line. the well brit is a broken water main. >> and thanks for joining us. >> you can keep track of the latest-breaking news on twitter. you can talk about it. >> and tonight prot yefrts
4:58 pm
nearing the port of oakland as we speak. we're live. >> and state efforts underway to prevent sex abuse scandal autos how care packages for troops became caught up in a local debit card scam. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> hundreds of protesters on the march tonight over economic inqee quality. >> once again, demonstrators trying to shut down the port of oakland, leaving within the hour and they're reaching the port as we speak. abc 7 joins us live. >> dan, you can see this is the end of the march here, these are marchers who are holding up signs showing solidarity with a group in
4:59 pm
washington state. also showing solidarity with truckers they say want right to unionize. and we've seen thousands of marchers going by. you can see there is a jubilant situation here. and there are people with speakers attached to them. there is a guy riding on top of what looks like a linen truck. these people are presumably going to end up at the port of oakland. you can see people carrying a lot of signs and he screaming the word "shut it down". the folks here have been little interference for police. we saw a couple dozen of police officers. the only police officer


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