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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  December 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> in the news this saturday morning, bay area police agencies are stepping up dui patrols even though arrests and fatalities are down this year and congress guess a one-day extension to avoid a government shut down but today's senate vote is just is a short term fix. >> it's clear and cold with patchy frost in the north bay. windy in the higher elevations. another sunny day ahead. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. holiday celebrations kick in high gear this weekend but the dui checks are out in force. abc7 reports.
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>> police set up their checkpoint early. by 6:00 p.m. drivers were being asked if they had anything to drink. it's called avoid the 13. that's 13 cities that will have expanded dui patrols. 791 people lost their lives in 2010 for dui related accidents. and with 300 californians having dui's he thought tougher legislation was necessary. he wrote the law. >> january 31st at midnight if you are convicted for your third or more dui's or greater, the judge could take your license away for then years. >> the prior penalty was two or three years and you could get your license back. they believe the new law could be a life safer. >> the safer we make the years, the better. >> this could take 10,000
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drivers repeat offenders off the road. >> as they prepared to take the streets, there was talk about the dui accidents. nearly one-third of all crashes they say are di related. the now law is welcomed by mothers against drunk drivers. >> we think that someone who hasn't learned their lesson in the past one or two should be held account expiable should not be able to drive but unfortunately we are taking one step at a time. >> this program goes through january 2nd. abc7 news. >> a santa rosa man is in critical condition after being hit by an suv while running from police. police say the man was acting suspiciously and when officers tried to question him he took off. police tried to use a taser on the man but he darted into traffic and was struck and again he's in critical condition. there is a dispute this morning over exactly what led to a fatal shooting by a san jose
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police officer thursday night. it began when a man was spotted drinking in public. police chased the man and he ran into a home on inman way. police say he pulled a gun from his waste band and tossed it into a bedroom and another man picked it up and refused orders to drop it. the suspect picked up the weapons and the officer gave him commands to drop the gun e raise the the gun and pointed it at the officers and the officer fired one round in self-defense. but his girlfriend said he gave no warning before police shot and killed him. this is the eighth officer-involved shooting in san jose this year. twice as many as all of last year. a south bay couple is in police custody accused of rent fraud. timothy august and monica are charged with multiple counts of theft by false pretenses and passing bad checks. san jose police say they wind he willed landlords out of tens of
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thousands of dollars in rental income. they rented the homes with no intention of paying rent and stalled the eviction process as long as they could by filing for bankruptcy protection. >> they miss he represented themselves from head to toe. they said they were married, they western. that wasn't important to me but they said many other things like they had good credit, et cetera, and they showed me two falsified credit checks. the couple is suspected of carrying out the fraud on at least six occasions t resulted in a windfall of at least $30,000 in unpaid rent. a big improvement in california's job market. the state's unemployment rate fell to 11.3% in november. that's the lowest it's been since may of twine. ground 11.7% in october. the employment development department said employers added another 6600 jobs last month. still more than 2 million people remain out of work in the state. the national rate is 8.6%.
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president obama has signed an emergency order that will keep the government running just for today while the senate continues to debate a $1 trillion spending plan. the house passed the measure yesterday. the bill is expected to clear the senate sometime today. it clears most domestic agencies and awards the pentagon the smallest budget hike in recent memory. they have also agreed to extend social security payroll cuts and jobless benefits for another two months. >> barry bonds is avoiding prison time after he was sentenced yesterday for obstruction of justice. bonds is placed on 30 days house arrest and two years probation. he is also ordered to 250 hours of community service and pay a $4,000 fine, allful which were suspended while his lawyers appeal his felony conviction. more from abc7s vic lee. >> he lives in a wonderful multimillion-dollar mansion in beverly hills. many defendants would be happy to serve home detention there. >> investigative reporter lance
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williams who wrote a book on the balance -- balco drug scandal is referring to this mansion where he may be unhouse arrest for 30 days. >> barry, how are you feeling going in right now? >> good morning, hora doing? >> pretty good. >> prosecute course believe it's not much of a punishment for the superstar who was also put on probation for two years and ordered to perform 250 hours of community service. but the judge said she was moved by bonds' charity work, almost all of it out of the public eye. this friend couldn't gee more, a friend. brian stow who was boltsly beat opening day last season. he said he's been are generous potassium the father of two who is recovering from a coma. >> he donated, he donated until the kids are done with college. he has a great heart also.
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>> they were also impressed by his clean criminal record. bonds attorney agree. they are appealing his conviction on obstruction of justice. >> at the moment he's branded a felon we think unjustly, and just as we aggressively fought the case at trial, we intend to fight it on appeal and overcome that judgment. >> victor conte, the mastermind of the doping ring, got four months prison time of a pleading guilty to drug related charges. he believes prosecutors unfairly singled out barry bonds. >> bonds could bring them bigger news headlines, that's why he was selected. >> the judge stayed the sentence until the appeals process is completed. the attorney dennis reardon told us that could take a year or more. in the meantime the federal prosecutors had no comment on today's sentencing. vic lee, abc7 news. when we come back, this is it so retailers are going all out today.
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>> row tailers are pulling out all the stops to get shoppers into the stores this last weekend before christmas. usually this is one of the most heavily discounted christmas days of the year but because it false on christmas eve, many retailers are moving their super saturday sales to today. macy's, j. c. penney and sears are holding the blowout sales. now for holiday spirit. in store after store, anonymous good samaritans are paying off the layaway balances of people they have never met.
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one secret santa made a surprise sissity to hayward. >> this guy has no idea his parents just received a huge holiday gift. it all began with a call from k-mart in hayward where the family had close to $700 worth of clothes on layaway. >> they told them it was paid off, the layaway. and i was like what? he said you guys are confused. we have less than a week left and all that stuff and he said no, santa claus paid for it. >> a secret santa who sent abc7 proof of his good deed. >> he call and said he was going to come in and he wanted to pay ten thousand dollars on delinquent kids layaway. we didn't believe him at first and he came in with $10,000 cash and he paid off everybody's lay aways and everybody lay aways that were delinquent and mainly kids and toys. that's what he want the. >> he clear the list. but when you pay off the list the items disappear so a small
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fee remained. >> we can't completely wipe it out. we have to leave it at one penny so when they come to make their payment, there's one penny left. >> it doesn't seem right. >> so strange it was hard to stay calm. >> i started crying. i was for, wow, because right now we have five kids and this was like a blessing. >> a blessing that team shared in. >> i was really happy. i was really excited. i was coming tomorrow to pay anyway but this is better. >> she has two daughters at home and now has some early wrapping to do. as for the secret santa out there. >> i would tell him thank you so much for paying. i real appreciate it. >> thank you. i can't believe they could do it. i didn't think there were people like that anymore around here. >> abc7 news in hayward. >> this church may have trouble feeding everybody come christmas day because they had to dip into their christmas food reserves to
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meet the demand at yesterday's free given away. thousands line up for a free bag of groceries. 6,000 people showed up in hopes of snatching up one of the 5500 bags of food. need was so great some were turn away empty-handed. by the way, you can still contribute to the abc7 share the holiday food drive. call 1-800-870-food or text word "feed" to 877 to contribute ten dollars. are you in the holiday spirit? >> of course. >> fantastic. >> we have the rain and told temperatures and freezing and frost out there. here's a live look from our sutro camera. it remains cold in the valley. fog by the delta but a sunny afternoon today. the rest of the weekend. but the look ahead? i'll let you know. >> did you know it snowed in
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san diego yesterday? >> i didn't any that. >> well, it really didn't but some families near san diego got a chance to play in the snow after snow frosted the mountains in southern california. [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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>> welcome back. the holiday season, the lights take on a different meaning. happy holidays and happy holiday shopping to everybody. you don't usually hear the words san diego and snow? the same sentence but take a look at san diego county, hit with a cold storm that brought snow to the mountains east of the city yesterday. a foot of snow fell as low as 4,000 feet. if you are here in san francisco, you, too, can see some snow this weekend. i don't know that it's in the forecast. but the mayor is hosting a children's snow park in the plaza today from ten to six. it's part of the season of giving canned food drive. i'm sold sunday you can get a picture taken with the mayor. at least that's what the press release said. if it doesn't happen, don't blame me. all right. snow in san diego, not high up but not down in san diego. but we aren't getting that here. >> no. 69 yesterday the napa valley airport. 70 the sonoma airport.
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so it was nice, but really not the season to be that warm. we are looking at still mild temperatures today. not as warm as yesterday. a live look outside. the clear conditions. we will enjoy the sunshine for the next several days with very little change in our forecast unfortunately. so if you are hoping for the rain and the snow in the mountains, at least for the next seven days, and even beyond that, we are looking at dry conditions. 32 in napa. good morning, fair peel. a little bit of fog there with 33 in santa rosa and 46 in san francisco. 36 in los gatos with clear and patchy conditions. sunny and mild again today with temperatures coming down just a little bit tomorrow and through monday. but that's the only change. here's a look at what's left over of that center of low pressure that brought that snow
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to the higher elevations in san diego. so that's to the south of us. and to the north of us a huge ridge. you can see the outline of it right here. and this will continue to dominate our weather in the eastern pacific for the weekend and beyond. so as we take a look at this trough sliding to the east, eats bringing a little bit of wind in the higher elevations north and east bay valleys so some areas are not expecting to be as cold as we were the past several days. but other areas definitely cool. the valleys, napa, santa rosa, and some of the fog getting into the delta. so two mile visibility there this morning. but other than that we aren't looking at any dig disturbances, any big rain makers for the next several days. in terms of temperatures across the state. warming up a little bit as the system slides out to the east in southern california with 69 in los angeles. 59 in sacramento. 60s along the coast and in the
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sierra nevada, boy, warming up. 45 northern sierra. 53 suggesten sierra. so back home today we aren't looking at the upper 60s but still very mild out there. 57 richmond with 61 oakland. yesterday mountain view 65. today a little bit cooler, 61 there. and our inland east bay in the upper 50s. pretty afternoon. low to mid-60s here around isn't crews and salinas. really another mild afternoon. temperatures a little cooler than yesterday but the dry pattern, it continues. yes, we do begin winter next week. that's wednesday night, 9:30. so between now and then the cold nights, the mild averages, and then we are into christmas. our extended outlook, you know, i like to look at 16 days out and the model says maybe a little bit of rain come our way the 29th, 30th maybe. >> when you were doing your forecast, our director is groaning in my area.
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efren add cabin at tahoe to take his kids skiing the first week in january, what do you think? >> well, it could happen. it definitely could happen. because like you said earlier, we were talking. not much to bring us back up with a couple of good storms. >> thanks very much, lisa. in sports bay area team played their hearts out for the state football championships last night. larry has some amazing highlights and he shows us which high school came out on top. >> good morning, everybody. contrasting styles in the division i state high school football championship game last night. bellerman loves to run the ball and santa margarita loves to throw. santa and rudolf in the house. this junior got the cannon. 31 yards and we are tied at 7. to the second quarter. big play, fourth and one. travis mchugh, the senior quarterback, 6'3", 205, and he is gone. 46 yards and we are tied at 14. mchugh rolling out.
5:22 am
and throwing across his body and down the field, 40 yards to connor jock. what a play. the bells tie it. now bells on top 30-21 but the eagles score a touchdown. then a huge mistake and mchugh picked off by matt anderson who takes it back all the way inside the five. a huge swing of momentum. the eagling with 15 points in 60 seconds to lead 46-30. bellerman, 74 yards in 13 plays. the eagles let them score 37-36 bells, but almost two minutes left and isn't margarita goes 80 yards in 90 seconds. up and over the top for the game winner. and he accounted for all six touchdowns. junior was playing in front of
5:23 am
100 friends and family members. justin in the one of them. and he scored of just 14 points. season low, and he is lighting it up. 24 points in this contest. cal jumped out to 12-2 lead and they never looked back. the jumper, 16. and willard was scoreless. and hits the floater off the window. 4 of 17 shooting. cal just too big and too strong. the nice feed using the glass in mid-air. cal, a winner, 77-57. the warriors open a preseason tonight at home against sacramento. new head coach mark jackson said the starting lineup will be the same as last year. that means a backboard of monta he will less and curry, and wright and lee in front. and andre biedrins dress back at center. also the trio of captains, ellis, curry and lee. and a week into practice they seem ready for game action. tonight's contest will mark the
5:24 am
first of six this season against the kings. two in preseason in four in regular season. >> you can get weary are of battling each other at practice. it's about time for us to get tested with some real competition. so it's going to be very interesting to see how far we've come and watching it in live competition. now the game with the kings signifies the return of former warriors coach keith smart, a long time golden state assistant. he spent one season at the helm of the warriors. and he's now assisting assistinn sacramento. he said being smart on the opposing bench will be odd. >> the guys think their smart. last time i was in a game situation he was on the sidelines so it will be weird to see him on the a sidelines. i'll get over and say hi.
5:25 am
and thank him for all the time he's spent making me a better player last year. >> good to see the nba back. that's a wrap on the sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. and next at 35:30, the dramatic testimony in the penn state sex abuse scandal. and is pg&e really taking responsibility for a disaster? and a northern california pot dispensary giving away free
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>> officials are cracking down on drunk drivers even though duis are down. a record number of are set up. 150 over the next seven days. >> the purpose of sobriety checkpoint is not to make dui arrests, it's to deter people which is why we need the media to help us get the word out. that's why they are so visible. it's about education, it's about stopping someone when they have had too much to drink from getting behind the wheel. >> 950 people lost their lives in 2009, but dui-related deaths have been on a decline since 2005. the office of traffic safety credits those check points with the drop in the death rate.
5:29 am
pg&e now says it will pay for damages caused by the deadly pipeline draftner san bruno last year. it's been 15 months since the fire killed 8 and destroyed dozens of homes. yesterday the utility announced it would accept financial liable to for the blame. some call it a public relations stunt. >> lawyers for the company wouldn't talk with reporters. but at a job site just minutes away from where the san bruno pipe blew out, a company spokesman said pg&e is willing to accept financial responsibility for the damage. >> by accepting liable we are accepting financial responsibility to cover the costs of all the claims for the victims. >> a lawyer representing more than 50 of the victims calls the utility's admission a pr stunt. >> what they want to forget about are all of the corporate decisions that were made over 54
5:30 am
years. >> attorney frank points to a dysfunctional culture at pg&e, allowing failures to go on for decades. >> should we use the hydrostatic tests as opposed to paying bonus necessary and each year we know the decision was made you have to keep the executive bonuses going. >> he said the company should be forced to pay for more than just actual damages, they should be punished for decades of disregard. >> i said either i'm going to make it or i'm going to guy. >> this man and his family survived, but their home was destroyed and like his attorney he believes pg&e should pay punitive damages. >> they knew it was bad. fix the problems, don't keep prolonging something. look at this. look what happened. you killed 8 people, you killed a neighborhood that will never be the same again. think about it. >> today the judge called the utility's admission of liability
5:31 am
a major step forward, adding it may not be everest, but it's at least k2. >> the judge and i have a difference of opinion. to me it wasn't k2, it wasn't even the little mound you go over when you leave the courthouse. >> many of the 360 claims are headed for trial. the trial date july 23rd. in san bruno, mark mathis, abc7 news. >> guy rights advocates can begin collecting signatures for a new initiative to appeal the ban on same-sex marriage. secretary of state signed off on the pegs yesterday. while loves based love, honor, cherish has until may to collect the signatures to qualify for the 201 ballot. california voters passed prop 8 in 2008 with 52% of the vote that band guy sex marriage. it's currently under appeal in the ninth circuit court of appeals. a judge in san francisco is now considering a case involving the federal defense of marriage act also known at doma.
5:32 am
same-sex couples marry in seven days are not entitled to a number of other federal benefits other couples are allowed. the obama administration said it would not defend it, but others say they will. >> karen works for the federal government. she was denied health benefits for her wife under the defense of marriage act known as doma. doma prohibits federal recognition of same sex marriages. >> i have to pay for a separate policy that i'm lucky i can even afford to cover my spouse when all of my colleagues when are legally married put their spouses on there the minute they walk in the door. >> the obama administration said doma is unconstitutional and that's what the department of justice argued in court. with that said, galinski's attorneys are asking the court to rule in her favor. >> this case is really about whether karen should be
5:33 am
compensated differently because of the sex of her spouse. >> but here is where the house of representatives and it's by partisan advisor group steps in. the advisory group is comprised of five house members, including speaker john boehner, a republican, and minority leader nancy pelosi, a democrat. that advisory group voted 3-2, along party lines, to defend doma in court and asked that galinski's case be dismissed. in court the attorney for the house advisory group said congress gets to draw the lines of which benefits it wants to give and has done so. in the meantime, even though the justice department argued the law is unconstitutional, it must continue enforcing it until the courts decide otherwise. >> ms. g. linski and others like her will still be denied federal benefits and longs that happens we need to have courts weigh in on the constitutionality of that statute.
5:34 am
>> attorneys said it's likely the case will end up in the u.s. supreme court. abc7 news. a marijuana dispensary near sacramento shut down yesterday but not before an unusual giveaway. free pot to anyone with a doctor's recommendation. george has the story. >> there's no way anyone could be surprised by these pictures. if people line up for discounted electronics the day after thanksgiving, what do you think they will do for free marijuana? even if it's just a gram, about $10.00 worth. >> i was up until five to get here. >> beginning at 10:00 a.m., anyone with a medical marijuana card could come claim their free gram of weed. the funny thing is the first person in line says she came mainly to say good-bye. >> as the workers came in to come in the building i was hugging them and crying because they have become my family. >> the final day of business for magnolia was kind of like a reverse grand opening.
5:35 am
the operators knew they would get a lot of attention and not just from people looking for free pot. this was a well miff planned event to get the word out that dispensaries are under government attack. >> i believe that this is a threat on patients, definitely an assault. and we are actively working on legislation and a voter initiative to turn this whole thing around. >> just so we're clear, magnolia probably sold a lot more pot than it gave away. these were the phone orders coming in. going out of business or maybe just taking a break, the operators say they are actively exploring ways to reopen somewhere else. >> that was george warren reporting. tyson meats is recalling 41,000 pounds of ground meat that may contain e. colily. the meat was sold in california and other states as well in
5:36 am
prepackaged tubes. it was discovered during routine testing. you can find details on our website. ecoli is the most deadly form of bacteria and so far no illnesses have been reported. two more people are ordered to stand trial with the sex abuse scandal at penn state. a man gave graphic details of what he saw. mike mccreary said he my not have used specific words to describe the acts he saw but in the croom where he spoke publicly for the first time he testified he told penn state officials very clearly he saw former coach jerry sandusky molesting a to boy in 2002. after hearing, quote, slapping sounds like skin on skin, he said i looked in the mirror or and shockingly and surprisely saw jerriry this the shower with jerry behind the young boy. he took the information to joe
5:37 am
paterno saying it was way over the line, extremely sexual in nature. mccreary described himself as distraught and paterno told him he did the right thing. former vice president gary schultz said he never knew how serious mccreary's allegations are. they are charged with covering up what they were told. but mccreary said he told them the same thing he told paterno and because schultz oversaw the penn state police department he said in my mind it was like speaking to a district attorney. >> stay the course. >> jair sandusky faces 52 counts of child abuse against ten boys. he has a new lawyer offering a new explanation. >> being in a person with a shower at the age are 12, 14, but people working with troubled youth say there are a lot of people who have to be taught basic life skills of how to put soap on their body. >> in the two administrators the judge ruled there is enough
5:38 am
evidence to put them on trial. jerry sandusky will head to trial separately in about six months. abc news, new york. here we are on super saturday. a lot of people are dashing out for some super discounts. are they going to have nice weather to do it in? >> yeah, the dry pattern continues. we are looking at-bats earns not as warm as yesterday. in emeryville cold condition right now. numbers in the upper 30s. 40s around the bay. any rain in the seven-day? we will see. stay tuned. >> and just as san francisco approves a plan to host america's cup, environmentalists go to court and say i take an omega for my heart. but to be honest, i find the omega choices overwhelming. which one is right for me? then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum, a name i trust. it goes beyond my heart to support my brain and eyes too. and these ultra-concentrated minigels are much smaller than many others.
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it's part of a whole new line of supplements. there's probiotic and fruit & veggie too. new pronutrients from centrum helps make nutrition possible.
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>> welcome back. we are looking at a live picture of the embarcadero. i believe that's more traffic than normal for 5:41 saturday morning. something must be in the air. holiday shopping, perhaps? lisa will have the forecast for us momentarily. california's youngest learners are young the biggest winners in the half billion dollars race to the top competition. the obama administration just named california and 8 other states as the recipients of this year's early learning challenge grant program. the goal of the competition is to get young children ready for kindergarten. california will use its share of the grant money to jump start now education initiatives. here to educate us about the forecast, the ph.d. herself, lisa. >> why am i laughing? >> i don't know. you deserve it all. >> some people get a little nervous, they are tired of this weather. we are looking at a couple changes but nothing big, nothing
5:42 am
that's going to bring us. >> ski resorts crossing their fingers. >> i know. and this is one of many seasons we have been dry through december. bran february could change the pattern but for now we are locked in and we are looking at susro right now where temperatures have dropped to the typical frosty conditions, near freezing in the north bay. some higher elevation wind blowing some fog into the delta. upper 30s as a result with some breezy conditions in antioch and fremont, but also elsewhere eats chilly. redwood city 35, and numbers locker room at freezing in santa rosa. 45 half moon bay. so all around the bay once again typically chilly. we are looking at another sunny day. not as warm today. the down sloping north winds backing off a bit so we will see temperatures seasonable for the next several days. so cooler conditions for tomorrow and monday. upper 50s to around 60. you can pick out the two strong
5:43 am
weather systems across the eastern pacific. this first one is that low, and the second one is a huge ridge of high pressure maintaining our dry and stubbornly dry weather throughout the next several days. look at the ridge, all the way up into canada. every so often we get a weak system that rides over the ridge and settles into the great basin and that picks up the northeasterly flow but that's about it. we will see a couple of those systems in the next couple days. overall the cold nights, the cool to mild days, and we will be looking at next opportunity of rain not in this next seven days. in fact, maybe of a christmas. 53 in yosemite today with mid-40s in the sierra nevada. 60s at our coast. still a little precip around palm springs today, but otherwise we are talking lots of sunny weather all around the state. back home numbers were in the mid-and upper 60s yesterday around the bay so today coming
5:44 am
down a little bit, but still very nice, 62 santa rosa with 61 in oakland. san francisco coming in at about 60. upper 50s from san rafael into the east bay valleys with 63 gilroy and hollister. so pretty nice afternoon out there if you've got some shopping to do. the seven-day outlook calls for temperatures to stay rather seasonable. cool nights. we are talking about winter coming in by the middle of the week. that's wednesday night. then that's our forecast right on through friday, the 23rd, right? >> yeah. >> drip dry. >> and christmas looks dry and then it's the week in there may be a little bit of rain is what the models are looking at. that's what it is. what can you do? >> yeah, what can you do. lisa, thanks very much. >> okay. >> environmentalists have filed an appeal to block the plan for the america cup's yacht race. the city wants to move through
5:45 am
with sweeping changes to the waterfront, just one step away from being finalized. here's jonathan bloom. >> some consider it the most iconic views of san francisco bay, the unobstructed panorama. >> they contemplate a new marina that would have been in front of the bow and arrow. >> it is slated to go in the spot south of the ferry building, would house yachts too big to fit in san francisco's other har bores. in other words, it would let visiting millionaires block the view from a popular walking and jogging trail with their huge boats. >> it called for the marina to stay here long after the america's cup is over, and after a barrage of negative comments, the mayor told the race organizers, this won't work. >> the mayor called me into his office a little while ago and suggested to me that that was really off the table. >> but in this press conference,
5:46 am
organizers appeared with the mayor to announce a compromise. america's cup authority will give up its spot to a spot near the embarcadero in exchange for plans to build it farther south at pier54. eats now an industrialary and currently being used to store floats for the k chinese new year's parade. and there's no time to waste. boat races start in eight months. some have already been asked to relocate and planners have unanimously approved the environmental impact report, including plans for other new cruise terminal. >> i know the port will act quickly to get them turning on this because they can't wait and i can't wait for the news cruise ship terminal to show itself. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> your credit card should pay you. i'm michael finney and i will show you how to make that
5:47 am
happen. coming up on 7 on your side.
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>> golden gate bridge, look like a candy cane to me. maybe i'm getting a slow start to the holiday spirit. but now i'm officially in the holiday spirit. are you giving your credit cards
5:50 am
a workout this holiday season? are you getting points or miles or maybe cash back in michael finney said reward cards are getting more rewarding all the time. the key is finding the best card to fit your lifestyle. when the credit card act of twine went into effect, many in the banking industry said we would see fewer credit card offers, and those still available would be less generous. >> i think that's completely ridiculous. banks make money by lending money to people, right? so, of course, they want to put credit products into people's hands. they just want to get the right products out at the right time in the right way. cards of out there, credit is out there. it's here to stay. >> so how do you cash in? erica sandberg is with credit card we are talking about cards that are high on her list. >> there's a really nice capital one card where you have zero% apr on both balance transfers
5:51 am
and purchases until february, 2013, which is amazing. you have to have great credit to get it. >> for points, she likes the saphi. re card from chase. >> it can translate into $635 by the 5th. that's incredible. >> amazing. >> that's a fabulous bonus. you can get, you know, where you are going, you could get perhaps even up to two airline tickets with that. >> that's beverly herzog and she likes the chase saphire card too. she created the best credit cards in america series and recently ranked the point cards. >> capitol one venture award came in first runner-up and i like that program because it is very generous program. you get two miles per dollars spent and it's very easy. one of those programs that's easy to redeem and to figure out
5:52 am
how to work the rewards. >> beverly said the deals keep coming. >> some people are starting to bounce back. credit scores are starting to come up a little bit. they are reaching out to consumers. they want to give back. >> now a card i think everyone should consider is a southwest airlines card. it's now offering more than $800 worth of flights for new sign-ups. to check all of this out go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> when we come back, a bay area bell ringer sets a new record and keeps on ringing up donations for the needy. how long he plans to go before he finally puts that bell down. [ female announcer ] today is the day...
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make it real. make it different. >> you are looking out toward san francisco. super calm, the water seems calm and the lights are twinkling. now we move over a double dose of holiday cheers. looking out toward san francisco. look at market street. red and green. doesn't get much more seasonal than that. beautiful, beautiful camera work there. take a look at the winning numbers from last night's $135 million megamillions drawing. 2, 4, 26. look at them again, 36, 39, 27. it doesn't matter how many times we show them because nobody got them. nobody got them all. the jackpot estimated at
5:56 am
$152 million for tuesday. that's some serious holiday shopping money. >> there's a new trend this christmas. people are registering for christmas presents the way couples register for weddings. here's the story. the worst christmas present of. >> a yellow ceramic sneaker box. >> a gift i gave to somebody, they regift it had back a few years later. >> the thought of another year of bad presents to make us feel blue. some slippers and more sox, a fruitcake and clogs. when what to our wondering eyes should appear but a new christmas registry trend right here. the latest in lists of our most desired presents would never be missed. >> first we saw people asking for gift cards because they didn't want them to buy something they didn't like and then what we are seeing is people saying, you know what, it's easier if i tell you exactly what i want. >> once reserved for babies and
5:57 am
weddings, now people are making their own list checking them twice. >> use a registry does save you money and time. money you can spend exactly the amount you wanted to spend and team you are not running through every store trying to find the perfect gift that it turns to the they don't even like. >> but could the trend be considered just as selfish at trampling someone on black friday or giving someone a tacky sweater or, worse, regifting. >> i have no idea. a business owners a registry would make it easier. >> and you are getting what you want. >> andrea reporting there. a local salvation army bell ringer has made the record books. once captain butch rang his bell a minute mast nine he broke the 36 hour world record for manual
5:58 am
bell ringing, but that's not good enough for the good captain. he said he's going for an unprecedented 48 hours, which would come at 9:00 this morning. in case you are wondering, his bathroom break comes every four hours. just in case you are wondering. next at six, former slugger barry bonds gets a break from a judge who sentenced him for obstructing justice. and a controversy
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