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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 31, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> good evening, we do beginning with breaking news. dozens of police cruisers chase the car from south of market, through the streets of san francisco with the pursuit ending minutes ago. we have the latest. do we even know how that's started? >> reporter: we're actually learning a few details. as you mentioned, this did start in the south of market area, and we're learning from police that involved two suspects. they tried to rob a woman and then attempted to kidnap her,
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and police then tried to chase them because they apparently tried to run down a police officer. we're in this neighborhood because this chase ended right there. you might notice that car actually has a dent in its bumper. that's where the suspect vehicle crashed into it. let's go ahead to some video we shot of the vehicle. this is the vehicle involved in the chase, green toyota camry. police spotted is quickly, right on the onset of this alleged crime, and chased it through the city. it did crash into this other vehicle, and police tell us there were two people who were in that vehicle and are now in custody. i talked very briefly with the neighbor who tells me that her brother owns the vehicle that he's two people crashed into. >> we just see this car roll to a kind -- hit my brother's car and then the guy jumped out and tried to run up the stairs there, and the police were here like within -- i mean they came around the corner behind him. so, they were here, and theyy.
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ed on him right away. >> reporter: the police officers pounced on two people quickly. i understand from police they're going to be charged with aggravated assault, and assault on an officer, and attempted kidnapping and robbery. so there are two charges involved, and as we have more details, we'll pass them along. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> more gun violence in oakland as a young boy is hot and killed last night on the city's east side. gabrielle martinez, jr. was killed while helping his parents at their taco truck. you talked with family today, lisa? >> they are devastated, as are so many in this community. in fact people have been coming by to this growing memorial all day long. gabrielle montana, -- grab bell
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martinez jersey is the 100th 100th homicide of the year. the signs point to one thing, tragedy has struck oakland again, this time taking the life of five-year-old gabriel martinez, jr. family and friends stand in silence at the corner where last night someone walked up to the los aheath -- d tack -- tag coe truck, ordered, and then started shooting. the little boy was near the back of the truck helping his father, when the shooting started. >> my kid got shot, my kid got shot. he has a gun. he has a gun. someone call the cops. >> but the shooter and his female companion got away. >> everybody wants to know why did he do it? did he shoot straight at the kid? come.
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on. he was helping his dad. >> as a memorial of stuffed animals and candlesows, so does the frustration. he is the third child under the age of six to be murdered in oakland since august. three-year-old carlos nava was killed by a drive-by shooter while riding his toy truck in august. and in december, a 23-month-old died after being shot during a gang-related shootout. >> we're in crisis, and we have to stop when five-year-old babies are getting killed and two-year-old babies and three-year-old babies are getting killed. >> the police are looking for a light-skinned african-american man in his 20s. he is about 6'0", 160 pounds, short hair and glasses. he was with a 20-25-year-old african-american woman with long hair. she is about 5'7" and 130-pounds. back here live now. there's a $25,000 reward offered
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to anyone with information about the shooting. live in oakland. abc-7 news. >> thank you, lisa. the five-year-old is a victim of violence whose life was celebrated today in oakland. community members gathered at st. columbia church for a memorial service for all those who died as a result of violence. each loss is represented by a white cross. >> one woman is dead and a second suffered minor injuries in an attack in a san jose home. police were called to johnson avenue at 11:00 p.m. they say the attack was carried out with a ma -- ma -- machete type weapon. a woman was charged with murder. the motive for the murder and the relationship is under
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investigation. it's san jose's 39th homicide of the year. >> an arsonist or arsonists torched more than 16 cars last night, bringing the total of suspected arsons in los angeles to 44 in the last two days. a joint fire and police task force was created today to find those responsible. they're worried the arsonist will strike again tonight. here's the latest from l.a. >> by daybreak, the effects of last night's rampage were clearly evidence. the burned out carcasses of car after car. >> we want to get these sobs before the hurt somebody. >> this terrifying scene unfolded dozens of times. nearly all of them starting at car fires, which spread to homes and apartment buildings. firefighters scrambling to contain the damage. >> a fire like this cause terror. at it intentionally meant to make people afraid. >> we're in bed. my wife heard popping noises. we heard about the fires, and so
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she ran outside and said, hey, our neighbor's house is on fire. >> the friday fires were concentrated in and around hollywood. the ones today were more widespread, making it seem less likely it's the work of just one person. so far no one has been injured. >> one fire out of control could cost dozens of lives. you're trying to say something. this is not the way to say it. >> this woman showed us her husband's car, completely charred. his christmas gift. >> we can get a new one. we're both safe. that's the most important. >> investigators are trying to determine if the rash of fires are connected, searching through surveillance video for clues. >> i don't have any information at this time. >> for angelinos, new year's eve, traditionally a night of hope and celebration, instead will be one of worry. abc news, los angeles. >> san francisco zoo officials
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have increased security after a male monkey was storm -- stolen from an exhibit on thursday night. security has been doubled at the zoo this weekend in case the thieves try to return. this -- the remaining 17 squirrel month can hes -- monkeys have been locked inside. the curator says they're growing increasely concerned for the health of the mover can i. >> he is an older now, requires special care. he is on special medication for some old now issues. so, yeah, his age is a huge factor. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered for banana's safe rush. >> preparings are well underway for san francisco's big new year's eve fire show. roughly 250,000 people are expected to gather near the ferry building. barricades are going up and traffic will come to a halt.
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the 15-minute show begins right at midnight. producers say there's a new twist to the display right on the waterline. >> will look like little ducks in the water, depending on the current. strobe devices that pulsate in the water. so a little sex in the water. >> the show will be launched from the barge. the fireworks will reach between 300 feet and 1,000 feet in the sky. >> let's take a live look outside from the camera here. you're looking at the embarcadero, the ferry building, and there will be a lot of people out there tonight so if you're just trying to drive through, probably not the best idea. and the odds of getting caught driving under the influence will be way up tonight with new year's on a saturday night there will be even more sobriety checkpoints than usual. dui arrests are up nearly 30% in a massive holiday crackdown that
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began on december 16th. california highway patrol and police task forces will increase their efforts. >> we're encoupling people to stay in san francisco at one of the hotels and don't drive at all, or we encourage you to take public transportation, take a taxi. >> chp officers are out in force across the state in edition hundreds of local police departments setting up dui checkpoints. last year there were more than 195,000 dui arrests and. some bay area public transit agencies are offering free rides to encourage people to keep their cars at home. the santa clara transportation authority will be offering free rides tonight. the exact times of the free rides varies with each transit agency. trips on b.a.r.t. will not be free but they will be running trains until 3:00 a.m.
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check out our web site, >> a record crowd is expected in times square for the big ball drop. that's ahead. also, a look at the celebrations in some of the first nations to celebrate the new year. >> leigh: hi there, planning on viewing the fireworks around the bay area this evening? we'll have a look at the forecast, and if you need to bundle up tonight. also, looking ahead to the first few dives the new year. that's coming up. >> also, ensuring this never happens again. at&t park made some safety changes before
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>> australia was one of the first countries to celebrate the new year, ringing in the start of 2012 just before 5:00 a.m. our time. more than 1's 5 million people gathered to watch a pyrotechnic display. >> onlookers cheered in hong kong's victoria harbor. here in the u.s., we are one of the last countries to celebrate the new year, tens of thousands of people are descending on
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times square in new york. warmer weather is expected to bring out a record crowd. more than a million revelers are expected to watch the ball drop. just din bieber will perform. lady gaga will lead the final countdown. >> everybody i know thinks i'm crazy. probably never do it again, but i know it will be worth it. >> did it. this is what it looked like in past years. and let's take a live look. that's exciting. hopefully they'll have a safe new year, and security will be tight with thousands of people. get a first-hand seat to everything during dick clark's rocking new year's eve. the celebration begins right here at 11:30. >> improvements made at at&t park after a bare claid -- barricade collapsed. >> a flying object delays play
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during the insight bowl. >> new year's day is a "spare
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>> at&t park officials say they replaced a barricade that collapsed during a high school football game this month. today's bowl was the first event to be held at the park since the portion of the barricade came down on december 3rd. that video was seconds after it happened. the railing gaveway. some students went over the edge and fell on players below but there were no serious officials. officials say before the bowl game the barricade was replaced with new ones that are reengineered and reenforced and approved by the fire marshall. colin has the highlights in sports. >> a camera became a hazard during the insight bowl yesterday in arizona. the camera, which provides overhead shots for espn, fell when the wire it was attached to appeared to just snap. with just a few minutes left in the game between oklahoma and iowa. the camera bounced off the field and nearly missed an iowa
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receiver who got tangled in the wires. the camera was dragged off the field, causing a delay of about five minutes. dangerous. >> leigh, how are you? >> leigh: we just have a few mother hours? >> exciting. >> leigh: you guys want to know the forecast for the fireworks. it's like there's so many around the bay area, and i'm going to give you a couple of forecasts and you can gauge where you're going to be. i think it's going to be pretty good out there. a live look. high clouds overhead. temperatures today ranged from 60 degrees at half moon bay. upper 50s in the east bay, and right now you can see for yourself, 56 in napa, 52 in fairfield. 54 in fremont. 60, oakland and redwood city. los gatos, 55 degrees as well. here's a look at some highlights for you. at it going to be colder overnight. a little patchy valley fog. get ready for a warmer day. the first day of 2012. it is a winter "spare the air"
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day tomorrow so no burping, and -- so no burning, and a slight chance of a sprinkle or two, extreme north bay communities as we head into monday. the rest of us will be dry. here's a look at the forecast for some of those fireworks. folks in san francisco are heading to the embarcadero, pier 14. clear skies, 48 degrees as the fireworks go off. alameda, 45 degrees this evening. and discovery kingdom, shooting off the fireworks ex-around 40 degrees, so bundle us and the kids up. so he's a look the lows. the clouds thin out so temperatures will drop. 36, santa rosa. 46 for san francisco. 36 for livermore. 38 for morgan hill. we're actually on the back side of a cold front. you may have noted a little cooler, north to northeasterly winds picking up. they will be with us tonight and tomorrow as high pressure starts to build in.
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so mostly clear, a little colder overnight, and as we head into the rest of the holiday weekend, we'll definitely see a little patchy fog tonight, followed by sunshine, mild afternoons and chilly nights the next couple of days. there's a weak weather system that will brush the extreme north bay communities on monday. that's why i put a chance of a sprinkle on your forecast. highs sunday, 63 degrees. a "spare the air" day. 62, san mateo. san francisco, high clouds and sunshine, 62. in the north bay, as we ring in a new year, temperatures begin to warm up. santa rosa, 65. 65 for calistoga, sonoma, 64. 65 for oakland, 63, castro valley, interior east bay. 62 for brentwood. 63 for concord, danville, 64, and we'll look for 69 degrees tomorrow for watsonville, salinas, almost springlike with 68. there's a slight chance of a
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sprinkle in north bay communities on monday as the front passes to the north. otherwise, mild temperatures the first few days of the new year, and brings us clouds and cooler temperatures next weekend. >> we need some rain. all right, it's time for sports, and colin is in for shu. >> he's our taking break. he likes new year's, i hear. so, shu, enjoy it, man, cal firing on all cylinders against ucla, doing something no bear squad has done in eight years. that's next in -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪
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kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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>> both cal and stanford with 11 wins, both going for a home sweep of the l.a. schools. we beginning with the bears hosting ucla. the bruins knocking down the three for the 13-10 lead. gutierrez, ouch. knee to the thigh. left the game. hit up the treadmill, work it out, he's back.
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cal dominated the second half. justin cobb. look at the sweet reverse. right hand to left hand, 57-45 cal. crabbe had 24 beyond the arc. first sweep of the socal schools in eight years. bears now 12-3. >> this is called a beauty shot. stanford hosting usc. trojans the early lead. josh off the cardinal bench. knocks down the 3. 15-14 stanford. second half now, little man aaron bright, amongst the trees. off the glass. 36-25 cardinal in transition, bright to owens, if at first you don't succeed. you know. this one just went final, 51-43, stanford the winner. the stanford women now 2-0 in pac-12 play, aching -- taking care of ucla. >> men's, st. mary's thumped
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pepperdine, 74-45, and -- >> all right! >> at war memorial, 9-2, the game just underway. >> moving on. it's called the kraft fight hung ger bowl. part 'the pun. ucla starving for some offense. jerri rice. i like this, illinois kicker from the bull pen to mccoffey trove. there's a memory. kevin prince with tunnel vision on the pass. 10-7, illini. 5:00 to go. the big plame of -- big play of the game. illinois started the season 6-0. lost sick straight, end on a high note. 20-14 the final. the pac-12 now 1-4 this season. >> coming into the game, our defense is good, and they're definitely good, so we knew we
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had to score points, but unfortunately, that's what we did, and lost. >> the lone pac-12 win in dramatic fashion front utah. against georgia tech. washington to hill. yellow jackets up seven. utah down 14 in the fourth. come back to tie it. christopher goings to overtime. tied at 24. after a tex field goal, utes third and goal from the april. white into the zoned. game over. 30-27 utah. >> rodgers, younger brother of aaron. 4-14, 26 yards, ask then pulled. despite his performance, vandy, the lead in the fourth. then this happened. ralph abernathy, 90 yards on the kickoff return. more bowl action tonight and we will have highlights of the -- >> i'm excited. i can't wait.
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>> how to celebrate new year's eve if you're ohm five years old? you celebrate early and bring f
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00, from minimum twiej plastic and paper bags. the new laws you need to look out for tomorrow. the u.s. heads to the moon once more. what is behind the probes going into orbit this weekend. some people just couldn't wait until the stroke of midnight to celebrate 2012. really, they couldn't. it was past their bedtime. so just for the little ones, this is both space and science center have a balloon drop. hundreds of balloons dropped at the time it became midnight somewhere in the world, all the balloons are bio bio


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