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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> he says he coaxed the monkey >> he was thirdy, hungry, trembling, but we did a quick physical exam on him and he looks big. >> is it easy to coax a month monkey into a backpack. >> a monkey would be placed into a backpack force forcibly. >> employs police say they look at all options when an
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ongoing -- in an ongoing investigation but no arrest or citations have been announced. zoo staff tell me that unfortunately anyone who wants to see ban unanimous that sam may not be able to for quite some time. they're not going to have him on display. they want to keep an eye on him to make sure he justs well to returning home and hey have to make repairs to his habitate. abc-7 news. >> thank you, sergio. at least he is back. >> there it is. from the ball drop and the big apple to the orange drop in florida. people are ringing in the new year all over the world. right here in the bay area, we're less than handhour from 2012, and john alston is alive on the embarcadero where revelers are out there. how is it looking out there? >> people are streaming in, driving in, trying to find parking spots in stand --
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instead of paying the $40 the lots are charging. it's a party cor very -- con verse. it was a good year for this family who were celebrating with ice skating and fireworks. >> my son is home for the holidays and we wanted family time for new year's. >> we wanted to have a special year, and everything looked pretty in for us. i. >> do something different. >> we wanted to do something different. >> by 9:30 the embarcadero started filling up, waiting for the fireworks show. the police were there in force with a new tool, called sobering tens, parties can spend the night here sobering up instead of getting arrested and going to jail, jive if hey have no medical issues they will by
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monitored by health workers and then once they sober up, they can go home. >> 5,000 devices will be launched from this barge in the bay. new this year will be display right at water level. >> look like little ducky race on the water. depending on the current. there's a little strobe device that just kind of pulsate in the water. fun. >> for a lot of couples, ringing in the new year started with a quiet dinner. >> listening to music for the evening, and going to walk down market street and hopefully catch the tail end of the fireworks. >> well, like last year, the show is expected to run 15 minutes and cost thens -- tens of thousands of dollars and people are expected to run into possible san francisco police dui checkpoints, live on the embarcadero. >> after all the partying, everybody does have to get home. lots of people came into san
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francisco on b.a.r.t. they're likely going home that way as well, and the bay area transit has gone out of its way to make sure you get there safely. b.a.r.t. will run trains until 3:00 in the morning, and caltran, muni, and bpa are offering rides for free. go to our web site, >> people around the world already rang in the new year in london, england, 250,000 people watched the fireworks set off from the london's giant wheel on the south bank. one of the most spectacular fireworks displays was in brazil. peach headed to the beach. and russia kicked off the new year with fireworks in moscow. and don't forget you can catch the countdown to the new year with dick clark's rocking in the year with ryan seacrest. with the new year, comes losts of new laws, duis and booster
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seats. plus, the growing concerns about violence in oakland as mourners play tribute to all the murder victims of 2011. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. no rain today. in fact, accuweather seven-day forecast pinpointing to a dry first of 2012. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. plus looking ahead to what you
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> growing concerns about violence in oakland after another child is shot and killed. five-year-old gabriel martinez, jr. was cield outside his parent's food truck blocks from
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where another little boy was killed earlier this year. here's the story. >> gabrielhart was five years old and was helping his father load sodas into the family's foot truck. witnesses say someone outside fired shots into the vehicle, hitting gabriel in the chest. he saw the boy's father react. >> he had blood on his hand and he's lining, my kid got shot. he has a gun, he has a gun. someone call the cops. >> the gunman is describe as a light complected black man in his 20s, female come papon 5-7, wearing a red jacket. the boy died of his wounds. the third child to die of gun fire since august. carlos nava was killed on august 8th. this gang shootout resulted in the death of a 23-month-old high am lawrence.
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this crowd gathered at the sight of the shooting, leaving toys, teddy bears and candles. the family put the cames in a cross. >> it hurts because i work for this guy one day only, and in his restaurant, really good guy, and this is really sad to know these things are happening in oakland. >> the police chief says his talk with the family was a sad and difficult one. >> i couldn't imagine what they're going through, i have kids myself, and you're not supposed to outlive your kids. >> the yearly memorial at st. columbus catholic church commemorates those lost to violence. this year the count is 110. oakland police issued a $25,000 reward. if you have information log on to for their anonymous tip line. >> in san francisco, two robbery suspects are behind bars are leading police on a wild chase that ended this afternoon in the
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-- when the suspects crashed their car. they were chased from the tenderloin-on to the freeway. the suspects also side swiped a car. >> just ahead, man tries to get change for a million dollar bill. oh, yeah, wait until you hear about that. dozens of new laws going into effect in less than an hour. we'll go over a few of those for you. >> both cal and stanford, thinking, beat l.a. twice, and seth curry back from a one, game absence. the looked good against
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>> some 40,000 new state laws take effect tomorrow in california, self of the new laws involve driving and parking. starting january 1st, drivers cop viced of three or more devise could have their driver's license suspended for ten years, a change to the child passenger safety seat law requires children to ride in a car seat or booster seat until age eight. and start rg tomorrow, evs must be plugged in for refueling when occupying an ev designate it parking space. >> another new law in san jose,
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ban on plastic bags and a restriction on paper. paper bags can be handed out by restaurants and nonprofit organizations. retailers can sell paper bags for ten cents apiece. >> a north carolina man tried to leave a wal-mart store with a whole lot of change but instead he landed in jail. he tried to use a fake one million dollar boil pay for 4 '$6 were the o goods. he was arrested. the largest bill ever made was the $100,000 bill. >> sounds kind of crazy. >> can you imagine if those were floating around out there? >> and one and two -- >> nice visibility out there. outside we go, live look from the high definition sutro cam over the bay, and you can see, no fog out there, so all across the bay year, fireworks shows
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will be speck -- spectacular. high winds in the oakland hills, up to 40 miles-per-hour so the northeasterly winds, higher elevations, low elevations going to be company. going to cool down but the wind is not. already in the 30s. check out napa. offshore winds. right now 50 degrees. quite a contrast there. 54 in san francisco, 46 in antioch, and 45 clear skies, in san jose. we'll go with breezy conditions over the hills. patchy valley fog developing. get ready for a warmer day tomorrow. the first day of 2012. it will be a winter "spare the air" day. so no burning for 24 hours. and just a slight, slight chance we may see a little bit of moisture in the form of sprinkles as far north bay as we head into monday morning. here's a look at lows. once the wind starts to die down, things will cool off
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quickly. 34 for napa. 43-san francisco, 34 for livermore, san jose, 39. we're on the back side of a cold front today. high pressure continuing to build in, and this is going to be the dominating factor for the next four to seven days. sunny and mild conditions. tomorrow we have the tail owned this system that will skirt by the extreme north bay. s night, monday morning, and could possibly wring out a few sprinkles. the rest of us will not see a thing and will remain dry all week long. here's a look at the highs tomorrow. enjoy. a few high clouds. 55, san jose. mild at the coast, half moon bay, 60 degrees. the peninsula, of 5. palo alto, redwood city, san san mateo, afternoon sunshine, 63. even san francisco mid-to-low 60s. 63. in the north bay. enjoy the first day of the new year, with santa rosa, 66. novato, 65.
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63 for vallejo. we may have some fog concerns interior east bay tomorrow. and so temperatures will be somewhat cooler, with 62 for brentwood, 64 for concord. check out the salinas valley. close to 70 degrees tomorrow. you better believe people will be out and about. the seven-day forecast. dry all week long, monday morning, extreme north bay communities, and get ready for dry conditions next weekend. >> this sports report is sponsored by: >> good evening, minus monte ellis who is attending his grandmother's funeral in mississippi, the warriors looked like a fish out of water against philly. seth curry, looked good tonight. shifty handle. scoops, up and off the glass. had 21. second quarter, game tied at 31. the two-handed jam. all downhill from then on. a lot hover this happening.
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curry missing the 3. philly boards. ahead to holliday. left-handed flush, and wright, long three off the mark. holliday to williams, fouls and scores. warriors blown out. fall to-2. cal and stanford going for a home sweep of the l.a. schools this afternoon. we begin with mike montgomery's bears hosting ucla. gutierrez going baseline. dominated the final 20 minutes, cobb, the reverse. 57-45, alan crabbe had 24 from beyond the arc. 85-69 the final. first sweep of the l.a. schools in eight years. eight brighton and stanford hosting usc. trojans grab the early lead. moore, the wing, with the 9-0 run to start the second half for the cardinal. bright among the trees. stanford. 5-7, hanging, hitting,
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four-point game. here's the bright side. seven of his 16 down the stretch. stanford sweep both l.a. schools and improve to 12-2. stanford women, 2-0 in pac-12 play, take care of ucla. cal starts 0-2. war memorial for usf and alma's lions. dons 50, points in the second half. come back, michael williams with two, but ireland, the three-pointer here, makes the game-winning layup in overfinal. lmu withs it in a thriller. st. mary's men hammer pepperdine, and the women use an 8-0 run to beat by new moraga. the comfort kraft fight hunger bowl, starving for some offense. jerry rice, a pat on the butt for his son. i like this, derek dempsey from
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the been been in mccovey cove. kevin prince and that is tunnel vision. looking at his receiver all the way. hawthorne, 39 yards. 10-7 illini. how is that for a hole in the defense. illinois started the season 6-0. lost sick straight end with the win, 20-14 the final. pac-12 now 1-4 in the season,. >> our defense is pretty good and their defense is good. so we knew we had to score some points to try to keep them off of it. but unfortunately -- that's what we did, and lost. >> lone pac-12 win thanks to utah and the sun bowl. utah trailing georgia tech by seven, less than 2:00 to go. fourth and 14. touchdown, game goes to overtime. after a field goal, utah up. white into the end zone. game over, 30-27.
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utah. nice finish. that's your toyota sports report. >> thank you, kalin. we're wringing in the new year toddler style.
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>> some people didn't wait until the stroke of midnight to celebrate 201. -- 2012. they couldn't. it was past their bedtime. it's the balloon drop. the balloons drop when it became midnight in other time zones. thank you for joining us. have a great new year. leaving you with a live look over
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