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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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those charged with the murder that night, bailey and two friends partied at a club. investigators say he met kittels there and offered to drive her home. she told him he lost car keys. >> a good samaritan. a young woman asked for a ride. he offers to do so. he was being set up for a brutal robbery. >> the witness testified he had been drinking with the suspects at the alice griffith projects and says when a car drove up, william jones ordered bailly and his friends to come out and hand over possessions. he said the dude was getting jumped. prosecutor what happened after that? witness, billy shot him three times, once in the ribs once in the leg, once in the head. >> there was and there was tight security. adviseors walked through a
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metal detector. >> more witnesses have received threats and we believe these are credible threats. >> task force investigators say witnesses testify at great risk. >> it's very difficult, very rare, yes. now they're labeled as a snitch putting themselves in danger. >> but prosecutor says witness cooperation can seal convictions. defense lawyers disagree. >> they're very afraid of going to prison for life. they're going say whatever the d.a.wants them to say. >> and police sources tell us that that witness is in a secret relocation program which means he's out of the city, out of the county, perhaps out of the state. he's been granted immunity for testimony. and in his preliminary hearing is expected to end at the end of the week. vic lee abc 7 news. >> vic, thank you. next week officials are expected to make a decision about a jack in the box
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restaurant people living nearby don't want to it stay open. it came to a head when a man was run down after getting into an argument inside of the restaurant. and. >> this jack in the box open christmas day. the owner wants to open every day, all day. but now there is an organized neighborhood campaign and a hearing. for years this jack in the box has been open 24-7. >> and some neighbors in the residential area say this restaurant is a magnet for drunks and trouble makers, especially after bars close at 2:00 a.m. >> we need to close this jack in the box between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. to make sure that the neighbors have a chance, for peace and quiet at night.
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>> david lee started a petition to have restaurant hours restricted and more than 400 people assigned to just two days. there are many pointing to what happened saturday morning when according to police a fight escalated into a hit and run at the gas station down the street. and this fire fighter remains in critical condition. that is when city hall learned restaurant was operating around the clock without a proper permit. critics are seizing the opportunity to try to close it. >> this is surprisingly, the entertainment division has jurisdiction. >> the business is zoned properly. and has the right to do that kind of business at that location. >> a spokesman says he hired a guard, trimming overgrown
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landscaping and installed lighting to ensure the safety of his guests and employees. and the district supervisor says they need to go further. >> and they think it would take more responsibility and neighbors seem more organized. >> so it could be an uphill battle for this jack in the box. an interesting note there are 120 businesses that have the permits around the city from do nut shops to cafes and the kind of permits once had and hopes to have, again. >> thank you. >> and a man ended up in the hospital today after police say he broke into the wrong home and got shot by the retired law man who lives there. neighbors heard shots inside of a unit in green bay. detectives say the 90-year-old
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confronted the intruder and shot him. >> he's very healthy and fit. lifts weights every day. fighter. >> police believe the suspect fired his own gun and wounded the suspect. officers discovered the wounded suspect after he stopped about a mile away in san rafael. both underwent surgery this afternoon. >> and the seemingly never ending effort to find a suspected burglar hiding in thick brush on telegraph hill is now in the 24th hour. the man who says his name is dan ran out of the home and onto the hi. police were investigating a burglary. and they set up a primt ter and scaled back their operation. and a few officers are still on the scene just in case he comes out or needs help. >> we don't want anyone to
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hurt themselves and so if he calls for help he's got the fire department and police department here to help them. >> pell tela graph hill has a drop of about 200 feet. police describe him as a white male. >> law enforcement used a speciallylee equipped van to nab four men accused of possessing pornographic images of children as young as five years old. the mobile unit contains a lab that allows them to go to a suspect home and search computers and hard drives. the sweep began in two homes with arrests of the then. >> my investigators have gone online and actually found suspects trading child porn and down loaded child porn from them, giving us evidence
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we needed to search their home. >> investigators say people who trade child porn typically use programs to illegally down load music and movie autos east palo alto is considering a lawsuit if it doesn't like the direction of facebook's expansion plans. the social media company took over the over sun micro systems building and has plans to accommodate nearly 10,000 people. and why there is so much talk of going court over this. >> facebook lays the ground work, traffic comes up again and again, but not the only issue. neighboring east palo alto wants to make sure interests are not ignored. this new headquarters is a photo op for fans and businesses seem ready to like the expansion plan. >> i think that we need more phone shall for the business. >> this social media giant's
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rapid growth has east palo alto concerned. they're worried about traffic and air quality. the city attorney says a lawsuit is one option. >> when it's listed as potential litigation it's potential that is something we're talking about. not pending. >> and facebook says it's working with neighbors and a spokesperson says we're in close communication with officials and we're confident that we're building a strong relationship. and menlo park says an exhaustive report is part of the process and traffic mitigation is a huge factor. >> there is certain maps they're trying to meet. >> and this company wants 6600 employees and says it was limiting the number of vehicles to 2600 during peak
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commute hours, some residents say the city should not stand in the way of economic growth. >> i think about when they said ikea would not be a good thing. it hasn't affected my and i live on that side. >> and officials say any mention of a lawsuit is premature. >> no one, i can say no, one said that this city is planning on suing anyone. this should be handled in a collaborative fashion. >> the city council is scheduled to meet in closed session tomorrow to talk about all of the possibilities including that of a lawsuit. >> thank you. >> and california lawmakers went back to work today facing several challenges, none as daunting as budget. it's $13 billion in the red. and remember, the state made $1 billion worth of cuts last month. next year's budget which the
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governor will present relies on a $7 billion tax increase that voters will have to improve. >> going to be a failure. i think the voters are going to be less receptive than the republicans were. >> and democrats need voters to approve tax increase because republicans in both assembly and senate will not budge. >> i don't see any dynamics changing in terms of opposition to looking at increased revenue. i do see that i am going to be called upon to do more cuts. >> also showing voters are willing to pass a temporary tax at a higher income tax. >> one california lawmaker headed to sacramento was cited for trying to bring a loaded handgun on to the flight.
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and was detained in southern california this this morning. screeners found a colt.45 in his brief case. he said he's been getting death threats and stashed it in the brief case yesterday when his wife came home so as not to frighten her. >> you hear stories about this and you think what is this person think something what idiot would carry a gun into an airport? and this is just a really regrettable mistake. >> and he is a gun advocate and once sought permission to carry a loaded weapon inside of the state capitol. >> still coming up its demolition day for a bay area jail house. after 32 years on the job keeping a promise made decades ago. >> also tonight the milk and cookies inauguration reflecting our times and
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diversity. >> bureaucrats make a mistake. now they want a team to pay. i'm michael finney and 7 on your side goes to work coming up. ♪
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a construction worker may have broken bones while working at the exploratorium. a worker on a floating barge at pier 15 was cutting concrete when a 10-foot piece fell on him. firefighters had to extra indicate him. and a german man is now facing charges for 37 counts of arson in connection with a rash of fires that terrorized los
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angeles over new year's weekend z now, the 24-year-old is on suicide watch at l.a. county jail. but his legal troubles not just confined to the united states. german prosecutors say is he also under investigation in his homeland for a 2011 house fire. authorities believe he went on a burning rampage because he was angry over his mother's pending deportation. >> after 32 years of service, san francisco's outgoing sheriff made good on a promise today, giving the go ahead to begin tearing down the 78-year-old county jail in san bruno. something he vowed to do years ago. >> i started working in this jail in 1974 and felt conditions were horrible then. and i was able to just -- way past the time. >> and he graduated from law
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school at usf and founded legal aid service for indigent prisoners. he's the only sheriff in california who is a lawyer. he hands the job over to the supervisor on sunday. >> in and ceremonies for ed lee will take place sunday. former mayor brown will be the master of ceremonies. senator feinstein will be swearing in the mayor. and in an array of music and dance performances will follow. and don sanchez has a preview. dancers of the award winning draggon and lion association preparing for sunday's special performance in city hall at the inauguration of mayor ed lee. >> this is the year of the dragon we're going to perform and just bless them, make sure there is a smooth, smooth year for his new office.
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>> the dragon faces are impressive. the heads have become lighter. and it's appropriate they should be part of the ceremony for the first asian american mayor. it's appropriate, too, that dragons involved is just filled with symbolism. a mythical character. >> the best part of the animals together is becoming most powerful. that is what this city is. made up of all of the components, like a dragon. >> a showcase of the diversity. and dancers from seven cultures will perform. >> we're fortunate to have a striving arts community in san francisco. and to be part of that, we've been known as the jewel.
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and so it will be with the mayor's inauguration. the chorus and many others. willie brown will mc. this is in contrast for the first inauguration. this time, it's about celebrating the richness of the city. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> looks like weather is going to cooperate. >> mild, dry weather continues. ry having for gotten how an umbrella works. how about this? can you believe, there is a look at emyeariville. mainly clear skies and there are clouds around. you may have still been mild overnight in spots. mild this afternoon.
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take a look at some of the high temperatures and some records. moffett field, 59 degrees east, most of you record highs for the date. and santa rosa, 72 tie records for this day. warm day around the bay area. and in southern cal there are a few with 91, los angeles international airport 85 and right now here in the bay area, 61 in san francisco. 63 half moon bay. and there are high clouds tonight will be mild again tomorrow, cooling down sharply friday. temperatures rebounding quickly over the weekend. there is high pressure still the dominant feature. no rain is in sight. and there is no storms heading
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into our direction. low temperatures tonight will drop down into 30s in some spots and there is nappa, mid-30s, inland east bay, 38 livermore so chilly in spots and milder closer to the bay and coastline. then, tomorrow, another sunny, and mild day all around the bay area, highs again into mid to upper 60s. we do expect warmth. monterey bay showing how wide spread warmth will be. highs of 68 in salinas, 68, gilroy. 69 in hollister. here is the accu-weather forecast. this is mainly mild. friday, breezy conditions and cooler than weather we've had but no rain, still. temperatures bouncing back into mid-60s over the weekend
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staying into that pattern throughout most of next week. >> thank you, spencer. >> and that is not typical january weather. >> still to come tonight the leaping lizards at uc berkeley. >> what science discovered about these reptiles.
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the city of alameda avoiding closing down an animal shelter today. friends of alameda animal shelter will get $300,000 every year from the city to run the shelter. and the organization will take over general maintenance and all shelter services including housing strays and licensing animals. the city looked at clogsing the shelter to trim the budget. >> the animal shelter stepped up and said no. we're not going to close and raised money and amazing community support. >> and this will awill you the shelter tochl pand services as well as open on weekends. to part time patrol officers will continue to be employed by the city. >> an amazing sight for a group of whale watchers off the coast of orange county. there is a pot of killer
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whales left whale watchers in awe counting 10 of them in dana point. this is a rare treat saying gray whales are known to my great but not orcas. they believe it's part of a transient population usually seen around monterey bay. >> more video to share you with. scientists discovered how lizards leap wout tumbling. they hope to use the findings to make better robots. researchers analyzed slow-motion video of a reptile leaving and found they don't just stretch tout their tail, but they adjust the angle of the tail during the jump to remain upright. watch. they used research to equip a toy car with a tail but adjust during a jump to keep it from nosediving into the ground. this will make robots used for search and rescue more agile in the field.
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>> and watch those lizards all day. at 6:30 it's ton new hampshire. coming up next, mitt romney's victory last night. and one candidate who had decided to call it quits. >> and yahoo selects a new chief executive. his qaul ficks may in the be better than his predecessors were. >> and toxic clean up didn't take. a bay area waterway that is polluted now as before. ♪
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good evening, we'll start with presidential politics for republican candidates, battle shifts now from iowa to the new hampshire primaries. after winning by just eight votes over rick santorum, mitt romney got a boost today with an endorsement from former candidate john mccain. >> new hampshire is a state that will catapult him on to victory in a short period of
6:30 pm
time that. is why i'm here. >> santorum is facing criticism over earmarks requested for pennsylvania projects in congress but he's counting on momentum to carry him through the primary in new hampshire and raised $1 million in 24 hours. >> with your help, and god's grace, wile have another fun night a week from now. god bless you. >> and after his third place showing congressman ron paul targeted rival newt gingrich who is now breaking his vow to run a positive campaign by attacking romney. >> michelle bachmann is urging her party to rally behind whoever gets the republican nomination, withdrew after a disappointing showing. she came in last. getting about 5% of the vote. she did not make an endorsement or reveal her plans but says she will continue to fight.
6:31 pm
>> i'll continue to be a strong voice and stand and fight for the country and american people. >> political analysts say the move could benefit rick perry who could draw support from her pool of voters. >> and i look forward to continuing on the trail and i'm excited. it's going to be fun and all of our friends in new hampshire and south carolina get ready. here we come. >> last night perry sold supporters he'd reassess whether to continue his campaign after winning just 10% of the vote. >> and president obama went to ohio today pushing his recovery plan. >> when congress returns i'm going to urge them to extend the cut throughout 2012 with no draum drama. no delay. do the right thing. it's a no brainer. >> the president called the cut his highest priority. the white house says itn't a campaign stop but ohio is a
6:32 pm
critical swing state. also making several so called recess appointments congress cannot block. the most controversial of the nominees is richard cowardray heading the new financial protection buro consumer groups are praising the nomination saying the bureau has too much power. the president named three people to the national labor relations board. critics calling this illegal and warning that the president is setting a dangerous precedent by ignoring the will of congress. >> yahoo named its fourth ceo in less than four years. he will fill a vacancy created in september. at pay pal, thompson more than
6:33 pm
doubled revenue buzz lacks experience in online advertising. yahoo stock fell 3% after he was named to the job. ebay fell almost 4%. >> and boeing announced a closing of its wichita, kansas plant. tour buses brought employees to a large hangar where the decision was announced. 2160 workers will lose their jobs for reasons he can yesed by employers everywhere. >> there is cost reductions not yielding enough savings to maintain and win to do business. >> we're looking to see whether boeing violated agreement was the department of defense. but there is nothing good from the news today. >> boeing said in november it was looking to close the plant in witch ta. the plant's work force will be warmed out
6:34 pm
to -- work, rather farmed out to three other states including washington. >> the pope accepted a resignation of a catholic bishop from los angeles acknowledging he fathered two children. the boys are now teenagers. the 60-year-old bishop was in charge of 66 parishes in an area stretching from east los angeles to pomona. doors to his pastoral office were locked today. out of respect for the children the archdiocese says it's not releasing the family's identity. >> this is a surprise. i went to open e mail and found the communication from the archdiocese. >> the spokesman for the archdiocese would not agree to an interview bez archbishop gomez in a written statement wrote the archdiocese reached out to the horj and children to provide spiritual care as well as funding to assist with college costs. >> epa is struggling to find
6:35 pm
out why a toxic waterway in richmond is so contaminated. 18 years ago the channel was placed on the epa's list of super fun clean up sites. a plant polluted the water way with a now banned pesticide ddt. millions was spent cleaning it up but the most-recent review shoi shoes fish are becoming toxic. >> now from other sources more ddt is creeping back into the channel. >> there is a significant population of people who fish in the bay. and near the area. and this is a big potential health hazard for them. >> epa received funding to study where it's coming from and to clean it up once again. >> and coming up, a rare asian
6:36 pm
duck is part of the winter migration in north america. how did it get here? >> and veterans volunteering for a mission to unravel some of the mysteries of war. stay with us. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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the biggest increase, 26%. nissan with its best year, ever. shares of kodak fell to a low today following a "wall street journal" report that kodak may file for bankruptcy in the next few weeks. three members of the board of directors resigned in the past two weeks. and disney announced an agreement assuring disney programming will be carried by comcast that will launch a new disney junior channel for preschoolers. >> and bay area veterans are answering the call to help with a massive project and when it is up and running could provide new help for some difficult to treat conditions. >> there were some physical injuries due to explosive autos this marine corps veteran says he was a lucky one, returning with no major injuries. now, eight years later he's volunteering for a different mission.
6:40 pm
>> we're going ask a sample of blood. >> he is donatinging his dna. its goal to assemble one of the largest genetic data bases created. >> it's a minor contribution for my part. >> there are many things we hope to get out of this data base. access for researchers. >> the director of in patient mental health at palo alto va says information gleaned from the data base may help unlock mysteries of the conditions. >> this is fascinating to try to figure out what is going on. >> did you serve outside of the united states? >> yes. >> volunteers provide personal information including details
6:41 pm
of the service and health issues. their samples are sent to boston for processing. the catch yain is called the million veteran program after the number of volunteers researchers are hoping to recruit. >> they're very giving and what is mazing is that they're giving more to this project. giving their dna and giving up time. >> and he believes most will see it as a duty. >> and i think most retained a sense of commitment they had when joining the military. >> researchers expect it will take more than five years. if you or a former member interested in volunteering go to abc 7 and look under see it on tv. >> coming up next there is a bay area teenager collecting social security benefits and
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a bay area woman was barely out of diapers when social security began overpaying her benefits. >> her mother suffered a debilitating injury and now, she's being asked to repay that money. >> this is a really remarkable story. it raises a lot of questions. first... can a child be held responsible for something that is no fault of her own? many, is there a way to appeal? and get out from under that responsibility? >> i love her, she's my mom. >> shauna remembers her mom fondly. she was just 12 when her mother died of heart failure. >> we'd play and we made up a funny game. of like, shadow puppets. >> this summer, she received a notice in the mail billing her $1282 for overpayment made to her by social security between 1995 and 2000.
6:46 pm
>> first i thought it was a joke or something. >> and i didn't understand how it takes over 11 years to figure out they made a mistake. >> now, these things happen z we told you about a similar issue taking place in california department of social services. a lawsuit filed there that would prevent the state from going after children for overpayment. an attorney in that case says the kids are repaid by the federal government during a slightly better position. social security has an appeals process. >> i don't know how to handle that. i don't know who boy talk to or call? and what boy say when that, when i called. >> how would any 19-year-old call. luckily, she knew about me and 7 on your side. she made contact. that is what we went to work on her behalf. turns out she can qualify for
6:47 pm
a a waiver, she needs to show a hardship n this case, that is easy. the 19-year-old is delaying college because she can't afford tuition. just to make ends meet, she is hand crafting and selling toys. she simply can't afford to pay the $1300. >> this is over a full month's rent. we couldn't afford to do that at once. >> on her behalf we made the case for the waiver and social security really helped. guiding her through the appeal pros ses, and granting her the waiver. she does not have to pay. >> and there is a link to more information about the process on our web site. and if you know someone in that situation please refer them to me, we can help. >> thank you. >> and the appearance of a
6:48 pm
wayward and rare duck has bird watchers atwitter tonight. the duck hails from asia. >> this time of the year the rev nuj is -- refuge is home to something like a quarter million duck buzz one duck is getting attention. >> there is a very rare bird here, it's a falcated duck. it got bofted 8:30 in the morning. and by 10:00 the parking lot was full there are people here from all over the place we're getting phone calls left and right. >> it's extremely rare in california. there have been four sightings in history. >> it's called a life bird. when you see them. >> we don't chase every red bird that shows up. if it's a dull brun bird we're not interested but something has beautiful as this duck and
6:49 pm
exceptional as this duck last time one was seen in 2002. >> flying into florida, colorado? just to see this bird. yes. they flew her and come here, see the bird and fly back home the next day. >> this has been just one of the best day of birding ever for me. most of my birding books don't even cover this bird. it's so rare for north america. it's not in there. >> the same way nobody knows how the duck got here, nobody knows when he'll leave. and if they'll ever see a duck like this again. george warren abc 7 news. >> and that is wild. >> yes. >> and let's update the forecast. >> yes. there is a beautiful sky from our east bay hills camera. you can see clouds in the sky. how about this sunset shot? you can see, this afternoon,
6:50 pm
sunset at 5:04 p.m. sheert accu-weather forecast. there is breezier, cooler friday. temperatures rebounding back to the mid-60s again and staying in that range throughout next week. dry and mild are the words from our forecast. >> indeed, thank you. >> and it wasn't long ago 49er fans wanted to run alex smith out of the bay area. >> up next his season of vindication. ♪
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hope you can join me at 9:00, coming up then. >> officers told me they thought santa was driving the car. >> how this car ended up on the roof of a fresno apartment. >> then at 11:00 there is organic milk disappearing from store shelves. what is behind the shortage and higher prices? >> and there is larry beil here new. >> do you remember what you're doing in 1997? >> yes. right here. >> have not hufed since then. i know. and there is tonight, past
6:54 pm
meets present and warriors lost 26 in a roam row back to 97 their last win. david lee back from a one game illness and playing well towards first points of the game. l is a jumper, knocks it down. and tim duncan can still hit the j. there is a from seth curry. and there is a a streak for two of his 21 at the half. curry had 17 at half time. there is a big fundamental. that is warriors leading 53-45. and it can generate a lot of money for schools. big game played this year in october and there is san jose state on september 1.
6:55 pm
usc is in town. and look at the big game. no longer around thanksgiving. it's october 20th at cal. too early. there is cal opening september 1. back to back road games. there is a big game in berkeley. and cal will end their season early. and quarterback alex smith dealt with more criticism than perhaps any player in 49ers history. but smith shrubbed it off and is now taking niners to the playoffs. >> there is a good example with decision making. >> alex smith lived up to its number one draft status. there is only five
6:56 pm
interceptions. and there is only 10 turnovers. >> he's been mentally tough the entire year he has completed 65% of the passes and throwing for 17 touchdowns and he started all 16 games for the second time in his career. >> based on a quarterback can play 16 games for you start playing every now and pretty much the season. this is a man size job and hard to do. >> he's done it without a consistent receiving core. >> he's at a career season with 880 yards and four touchdowns. >> there is play just keeps getting better then making a great catch. turning this into yards after
6:57 pm
the catch. >> it's been fun to watch them use their skill set. hopefully this continues in the playoffs. >> they get a chance to get everybody healthy and rest up. and therefore could be some game at candle stick. >> i'm dan ashley. >> on our facebook page you can join the conversation of why the golden gate bridge was left off the list for the world's most-amazing bridges. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. [ male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid.
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