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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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walked into the courtroom at 1:30 this afternoon, declining to talk about this case nchl october she had been arrested outside of the neiman marcus store, charged with shoplifting leather pants and other clothing worth $2500. prosecutor says she took items into a dressing room, stuffing hem into a shopping bag before leaving the store. investigators say store security was tracking her. a sales woman says she thought she had been there the week before a wokesman said she was going to pay but was distracted by cell phone call autos stepped outside, realized something was wrong. before she had an opportunity to go back to correct her mistake, sek day was there. >> things changed rapid di. the prosecution reduced the charge to a had many. she changed her plea from not
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guilty to no contest. the judge gave her three years probation. a fine of $180 and ordered her to keep a distance of 50 feet from the store. outside, she declined to talk. >> she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, however, it's benign and tab taken care of and addressed with medication. >> prosecutors say the tumor had nothing to do with her decision to change this case to a misdemeanor. >> she's a first time offender with no other criminal record. what she did is unexcuseable this is appropriate to examine,
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exploring all possibilities. >> her spokesman said she does have a brain tumor, but, quote, let me quote him, it did not play a role in her forgetfulness and distraction in accidentally walking out of neemans. and you heard the district attorney say waits not a brain tumor that made his decision to change this into a misdemeanor. >> and ford is turning to silicon valley and said it will open an office and lab in the valley in the spring. and this is significant. >> it s they helped to build better batteries, ford will help to change how cars work.
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this today's car has become a platt form for technology meaning a need for software ask applications. ford will have 15 engineers working in its lab and it's a move exciting dealers who want to see more technologies in vehicles. >> before you had to have a engine and a steering wheel. now, you have to have other technology autos ford is bringing technology to the mass market. and this focus offers touch screen navigation plus ability to do parallel parking by itself. and ford hopes it might lead the way for car that's drive themselves. a few months ago, bill ford indicated he had eyes on
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silicon valley. >> interest there is a point of seeing what the latest and greatest is. >> ford is coming late to the valley. gm opened it's advanced technology lab over five years ago, and bmw in 1998. >> there is content in a vehicle that has risen. electronics is about a third of the value of the vehicle and there is technologies that is pore important. >> it has work benches, empty desks indicate the engineers are out in the feed, forging partnerships and looking for ways to incorporate applications into cars. and ford said it has not indicated where it he will be
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located. >> thank you very much. an fran is hacking city government. a plan to bring the city's aging computer systems up to date. and they'll do that by using the same culture that catapulted facebook to greats. >> we're stuck in practice autos now, the board president and mayor ed lee say it's time san francisco joins the 21 century. >> government 2.0, if you wile smart phones have apps to find out which the next bus is arriving. some say it's easier to find a bus with your phone. the city intents to change that. >> we're going to bring a hack culture to the city of san francisco. it's going to be exciting. >> this culture created the hackathon. 48 sleepless hours to solve a
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problem. >> this allows them to go build an app they invented in a weekend. >> angel investor knows all about the hacking culture that created success stories like facebook. and now will bring the culture to city government. >> there is a peace core for geeks. >> there are hackathons. san francisco already has an app to find parking. soon, taxies and buses will be tied in. >> do they have best information at hand? immediately? can they get wrap around services right away? >> these aren't the ideas ma that make people reach but the kind that helps everyone live letter. >> most of the big innovations
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started from people who were driven by passion. and this is where you find the purest instance that have. >> and a murder victim's mother joined police in pleading to find the killers five years after he was gunned down. the mother of the 20-year-old helped distribute flyers. two men shot him when while he drove away from a nightclub called caliente. witnesses say they confronted him earlier inside of the nightclub. >> and this is going to haunt them. skm i hope i find out that they're apprehended. >> a reward is being offered
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to help capture the killers. >> a san francisco man has been sentence forward molesting at least seven children. he bim a suspect in 2007. a 6-year-old girl told a nurse he was sexual assaulting her. she was a friend of the daughter. investigators discovered lewis sexually abused his 11-year-old step daughter in texas and san francisco years ago. she appeared in a news on frens today. >> we have a case where the individual molested many girls over a long period of time. and is finally being brought to justice. and there are victims that do not need to be there. >> the district attorney is urging parents to watch for change for signs of abuse. one of a relative and a friend were among those lewis abused. a yuck young boy killed by a bullet was laid to rest
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today. he was only five. he was shot a week ago tonight and it is hard to case. >> the 5-year-old's family is struggling with his death. >> i loved the little kid. and... i don't think there is another kid like him. >> many friends are trying to understand what happened. some having to learn a difficult lesson. >> we talk about death as if we're going to miss our parents. not as if we're going miss a student. so as live changes, it's getting younger. >> and with a turn out of 900 people it's clear the death is reaching well beyond the family. >> as funeral is in progress, friends of the father put up a banner, it's a prayer from the
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community to the 5-year-old's family. >> a people yil of banners marks where the 5-year-old was gunned down. he was standing here his naem's truck when someone opened fire and just down the boulevard is where the 3-year-old was murdered in august. a month ago in west oakland in the spray of bullets, a 23-month-old was shot and kied. -- died. so as people come theer pay tribute to a little boy this series of murders makes people angry. >> it is in less than a month, three children under age five were killed. governor brown will be here sending national guard to stop it. >> congress woman barbara lee offered condolences to the family. >> i think changed oakland. i think in this case as if the carlos nava case people have started to come forward and work with the police. >> and police are still hoping
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for information that can lead them to the killer. >> there is a lot more still to come tonight. we're going to show you some of the big waves lashing bay area coastline and plans for the contest at maverick autos weather will be warmer and breezy. where is the rain? we'll see if we can find any coming up. >> and an outdated substandard health care facility. why officials decided to shut it down. >> never too late to rebuild your credit. ahead, the secret that can help consumers get out f f f f f ♪
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the san mateo county health care center wants to shut down its building and the county is facing a drop in funds. abc 7 reports it's a difficult decision meaning patients have to find new homes and nearly 200 people could be laid off. >> this has been a painful decision. >> closing the burlingame long term care center here almost 50 years but dated sh unable to meet nursing accord together county. there are no wheelchair ramps and access is through a ramp owe inside there is a small courtyard that isn't accessible. there are narrow stairways. >> she says rain comes into the building on the west shid and there isn't much personal space. >> if it wasn't for the staff you'd notice that. and the staff is so good. they help you. and everything is fine.
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>> he says they will not close until they've found places to move everyone z they will try to relocate staff. >> it will mean layoffs z we're working hard to inform the staff about the situation. >> but that is unacceptable for california nurses' association representing some of the people. a spokesman told me, quote, it's tragic, we'll be advocating to keep it och. the county leases the building and the grand jury recommended not renewing the lease this, is compound by a 23% cut in reimbursement for nursing care from the state. >> we're not recommending it stay open. >> the board will decide at its february 14th meeting whether or not to terminate the lease. it's scheduled to end in the middle of 2013. that is when this will close or when every last patient is gone. and serving enthusists in half
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moon bay means competition could be called any day now. and wayne freedman reports just not the right time to hold a contest. on the county coast there may have been more shutter clicks today but make no mistake. those waves what are drew people here. >> how far do you think they are? >> half a mile. >> and on this day the bluffs filled with camera toting die hards waiting for moments like this. and there is 24 wave riders geared up for competition. >> this is big enough for sure. but it's just really lumpy. and this is all over. >> today, it may have been as
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good as it will get because local officials plan to close the beach and bluffs on event day. part of the lodges is that there are short memories. this is the wave that injured spectators and nearly washed away the contest for good between this threat and more danger from crumbling bluffs, they must now watch on big screens and management says it alures people here almost as much as their dairy-free clam chowder. >> i would say like 30%. >> meantime therk wait for the competition, coming on short notice. wrong them, brian overfelt hoping for more days. >> he is the official photographer. the guy out there this morning
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when one large wave rendered $6,000 of equipment worthless. error, 50 it now says on the screen. >> we know error 50 stands fo for... >> your camera got wet. >> those cameras were not the first and will not be the last wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and they do look big. >> they do. does that mean there is a storm on the way? >> there is a big storm out to sea. there is great weather. mild weather coming our way for the weekend. i'm in search of the inner rain man. >> keep searching. >> there is a live view looking at downtown oakland on a cleerks and cool day, cooler getting later into evening ours, right now temperatures dropping into 40s in spots. 42 in nappa. and 48 in
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fairfield giving you a clue where they will be later tonight. into 50s in other locations and temperatures continue to fall, slowly. clear skies and chilly overnight. sunny, mild conditions this weekend. the weather remaining dry through next week. there is a large bridge of high pressure this is jet stream flowing way up to the north. this ridge builds in at 11:00 there is a jernt of high pressure settling in and it's clockwise circulation bringing us warmer and breeze year conditions than we saw today that warmth lasts throughout the weekend. and before warmth there is a chill looking for lows around 33 in napa. and there is 37 in concord. so chilly weather around the area tonight.
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tomorrow warming up nicely. breezy conditions in spots. highs bouncing back into mid-60s today. tomorrow, rather unlike today. 66 tomorrow there is 6234 concord and antioch. san jose, 65 and south, looking for highs into mid to upper 60s near monterey bay. there is 67 in gilroy. 66 in hollister, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is no rain on the horizon. breezy, mild on sunday. and we'll see temperatures tapering off on tuesday and cludz moving through becoming cooler, sharply cooler, temperatures dropping down to 60-62 degrees. we won't see a significant change for the remainder of the week. cooler than weekend but no indication of a rain event, as we say, coming our way. >> study now.
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>> coming up next an east bay bank takeover. >> homeowners say they were robbed.
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activists rushed into a wells fargo bank in an attempt to stop a foreclosure. someone facing foreclosure read a letter demanding a loan modification. demonstrators left after employees had the letter.
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>> have you to do something drastic and we tried modification three times. >> in a statement wells fargo said less than 2% of the loans have ended in foreclosure, a similar demonstration in a bank of america ended when representatives sat down with another family to look over their loan. >> environmentalists have bhoked a lawsuit -- file aid lawsuit to block a lake tahoe redevelopment plan. they want to stop a. >> $250 million plaikover of homewood mountain resort. homewood wants to build a four-story hotel, two lodges and retail space. developers say it would be the most environmentally project ever at lake tahoe but the groups claim it would increase air pollution and ruinoff.
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>> authorities believe a fire in oakland was probably arson. a woman there went to her car to grab something. she returned and the vehicle was engulfed in flames. the fire spread to the garage. investigators don't know how it started. both cars are a loss. firefighters responldd and rescued an elderly woman. the inspectors have not determined the cause but most damage occurred down stairs. the woman was hospitalized with smoke inhalation. >> and in melmont crews pulled a car out of a building after a woman lost control trying to park. and was taken to the hospital. the building houses an after school studio. you can see it was damaged but
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no one was inside. >> and when we come back here tonight a look at the national unemployment picture finally showing signs of improvement. and silicon valley is leading recovery. >> also tonight a campaign commercial many believe crosses the line, taking aim at a candidate who adopted two daughters from overseas. >> a new app you can get to help [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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you can have brownies again. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. caramel...pretzel 90 calorie bar. ♪ economy is moving in right direction. we're creating jobs and not going to let up. not until everybody who wants to find a good job can find one. >> the president reacting to the new unemployment numbers showing signs of slow, steady improvement in the job market. and the economy is beginning to rebound. >> and today's report shows six months have been the best stretch in five years. and this puts unemployment rate at 8.5% z it's the lowest figure in almost three years, for all of 2011, the economy
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added 1.6 million job buzz lost 8.7 million during the great recession. so we're seven million behind and there are 13 million people unemployed. and this is signs of a turn around. >> it's clear to see from those numbers you just present there'd is a long way to go to makeup for all of the jobs lost during recession. keep in mind unemployment rate just over 10% in october, 2009. and now, stands at eight and a half percent. economists say silicon valley is leading a national job recovery. >> this big drive is tech. i mean cloud computing and applications. soft bare, internet company autos google has thousands of
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job openings. mostly in sales. facebook expanding its new menlo park campus and out of work skilled professionals are feeling optimistic. >> smart people, innovation, people reinventing them self autos 10 members lan landed jobs last week and says companies are taking notice of her resume. >> i pult in an application and got a call back in an hour. >> meaning it's changed because there are times when nothing happened. you hear nothing. cricket autos the rate has fallen and manufacturing is up, consumer confidence getting stronger, small businesses bouncing back. pemplts say that bodes well for slow, steady economic
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growth which means more jobs. >> if we're in an isolated spot, it's fragile, might not last. national numbers is no, we're on the cutting edge. >> and we'll know more about the state and job outlook later this month when those members come out. abc 7 news. >> and a state compensation insurance fund says it will eliminate nearly 500 jobs. and once areaing carrying half of the worker's comp poll says. the bulk of the job losses will be at state fund pleasanton office. 60 jobs lost in santa rosa.
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36 in san jose. most are office jobs and will be gone by april. >> g.o.p. presidential front runner doesn't seem to be impressed with the improving unemployment numbers and told supporters today the president has failed america when it comes to the economy. and criticized a plan to shrink the size of the u.s. military. >> he announced a program to reduce the capacity of our military. it must be reversed. >> senator obama's plan calls for cutting $487 billion and president says the budget will be the highest nft world, larger than next 10 countries combined. >> fellow republican -- republican john huntsman show twoz girls
6:34 pm
labeling huntsman unamerican and shows a character tour of him and asks whether he's a manchurian candidate. >> i speak chinese, of course i do. someone wants to poke fun at me, that is okay. what i object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters. and suggesting there is some sinister motive there. >> the campaign says it does not know who is behind the ad but calls it distasteful. huntsman, paul are fight are for second place in new hampshire behind mitt romney. >> washington white house proposing giving several workers a small raise next year. and it would be the first pay increase for workers since the president ordered a two year
6:35 pm
president. >> and the obama administration has expanded definition of rape. the fbi defined rape as a sexual attack on a female. the revised definition covers men and women, including cases in which the victim cannot give consent. physical resistance is not required. no laws or prosecutions will be affected but it will change the crime statistics on which preskprengs victims' compensation is based. >> and tonight money matters a complex tax deal could save yahoo $4 billion involving a spinnoff of holdings in asia. and yahoo could end up owning the weather channel and web md. and best buy said it did not have such a happy holiday. december traffic in stores was not as strong as expected
6:36 pm
until right before christmas. store revenues were flat and sales were up 26%. and wall street focused on europe's debt problems than positive news. and the s and p 500 dropped three in end of the week trading, today. >> and still head here tonight we're going to take you on a transpacific whale watching adventure. >> why they're appearing closer than before to shore. stay with us.
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a number of tankers burned after three freight trains
6:39 pm
derailed. officials say one train rear ended nornl, derailing a third train on a track. and two crew members went to the ho. and firefighters battled flames and smoke as they tried to contain the fire, officials say there were no leaks or spills from the tankers. a few houses were evacuated. and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the smoke. a truck driver's rig plunged into a frozen creek today. for some, he lost control of this huge tractor trailer that landed in the water. the driver managed to escape and crawled to safety. and was taken to a hospital, released and they have now finally pulled the truck out of the ice and something similar in kol could. a prius wound up on a frozen pond.
6:40 pm
the diver taken to the hospital and divers were called in. >> and it's peak whale watching season now. there have been several sightings. two whales entered a shallow honolulu harbor and had been trailing for days before following it into the harbor, researchers say the rare activity may have been because the mother was tring to keep an eye on the young whale. another sighting today near washington. a large pod of orcas near seattle. you can see a calf there. check that out. neat z experts say the pop layings have risen since 2006 ask that could explain why there have been many sightings. but they're always spectacular. >> you need to see it free. >> true. >> very cool. >> and tonight michael finney has a credit card for people with bad credit. how it works. stay with us. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is this one of your new year's resolutions? if you're buried in debt there is a little known way to rebuild your credit. >> michael finney here has answer autos this works so it's important. this is the way to go about it. some people might think their credit once down so low they'll never qaul by for a credit card. i'm here to tell you it's not true. there are cards out there available to you and at very good interest rates. >> my credit has been in a dumper for a long time. >> robert fowler looks over his report. the resident says once he got behind in payments he just couldn't catch up. >> it snow balls. you just can't get there unless you can come up with a lump sum he hasn't had a card about five years, one possible solution? a secured card. >> but for those trying to
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rebuild damaged credit it's the best way to get back on your feet. >> the secured cards work this way. you deposit, say, 300s noodz an account that is held as collateral. in exchange for 300s ndz credit. there is a survey and the consumer group likes the one from gold one credit union. >> there is a card with no annual fee z you earn 1% interest on the amount you deposit in a bank account. >> joe also likes capitol one security card. he says you can put $49 and get a limit of $200. he knows not all are created equal of. his experience with some has not been good. >> i don't like them unless you can hook one through a
6:46 pm
bank were you have an account. a. >> there are a couple that wife give you one with no annual fee. it's probably best not to carry a balance and use it for purposes of rebuilding credit. >> joe tells me the cards are a better option than paid yea yeah -- pay day lender that's charge super high rates. no, you can see the full survey by going to abc 7 and clicking on my page. >> going to be helpful for people, thank you. >> sure. >> we want to take just a moment to tell you about a new feature coming next week called waze. >> it is a april helping you find ways to get around in heavy traffic. >> yes. this is how it work autos frank commutes every day. >> this is usually owe minutes
6:47 pm
door to door with little traffic. >> bad day? >> it's been as much as an hour, 10 minute autos coming down on bad days he's been using a free app, waze, telling you where traffic jams are. ask it does this by gathering realtime data from users. >> we have a community of 10 million drivers responsible for helping with us that information. it's driven by the crowd. >> and driver agree to share with fellow users in exchange for a free navigation to get more accurate as people use it it's 100% community. and people know they're contributing to information everybody gets it works on pretty much every newer smart phone, meaning any an droid
6:48 pm
device and 3 g models. >> there is a lot of traffic. >> frank uses it on an iphone so he can keep both hands on the wheel. you should never type while driving. it won't let you. because if parked or a paerngs he showed how to report traffic problems. >> there is moderate traffic and send. >> alerts help others and they help abc 7 news traffic give you accurate reports. >> there is heavy traffic as well. >> city streets have been a chal wrench for reporters. traditional maps rely on underground sensors. so this is being used to report missing information. >> now, the thing i'm excite about is just taking drivers down to street level. >> reports are up to the
6:49 pm
second. >> there it is. there is the truck. >> he can ak nolg he's seen it, too. >> we can give it thumbs up. >> if you join abc 7 news traffic spotters we'll mention you on the air if your report helps us out. >> and you can down load the app and then, be sure to join our traffic spotters group. >> more traffic spotter wez have, more reliable the information will be. >> in palo alto abc 7 news. >> and to become part of the partnership with waze go to abc 7 and you can sign up. >> our weather wizard. >> yes. >> or weather whisperer. >> there is a ways to go. there is high temperatures at
6:50 pm
64. 61, sacramento, and sunny skies. and there is highs 63 in los angeles. bay area there is a lovely day, sunny skies with highs into low to mid-60s. unjanuary-like. lovely weather. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a mild weather lasting throughout monday. cool down, but no rain is likely. just clouds in the sky z cooler. remaining cooler for the remainder of the week. and there is no rain in sight. dry patterns continuing into mid january. >> thank you. >> and stay with us, sports is up next. i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small.
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oakland is picked as a top tourist destination. join me to find out why an influential newspaper says it's a great place to see. then, a gps technology some are calling avoid the ghetto. those stories and more coming up this evening. and there is.
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>> people noticed 31 operated the same way, then, raiders there doing what they're doing. and there is official hiring of reggie mckenzie. and went into management and will lead packers to get started with raiders which is a bonus. raiders used to take forever to hire people. and there is a swift huf and things are changing. it's going to be fascinating to see how hugh jackson interacts and whether they can get on the same page or maybe where you get on the page. niners playing waiting game. they watch wild card weekend. and there is playoff game tomorrow, new orleans hosting lie johns and match ups and
6:55 pm
there is a. >> you remember how the game unfielded? and type of talent you're going up against. and this will be different atmosphere. and there is all nfl games are intense. it's not like you know, contracting it up. you know? >> there is stanford beating cowboys in recruiting. barry sanders junior expected to pick stanford with his dad playing for him. he goes to heritage falls high school in oklahoma city. his dad was a small, electric running back. juniors is a little better and he can fly.
6:56 pm
there is a is they don't watch them, you'll notice. one factor would blend m more and would be under the microscope every day z there is two wig recruits announcing they'll play this fall. and there is peyton is a four star recruit. and there is bill o'brien becoming next head coach at penn state. he was chosen beating out niner offensive.
6:57 pm
the 42-year-old has experience but some players are upset because there are no previous ties to the school. and there is a little whale watching. no politicians, no exceptions. i prefer golf, thank you. and there is a pga season, shot of the day. take a look at this, 25-year-old for eagle. he is three under and still, out on the course. and thank you. >> this is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the news team, thanks for joining us. for joining us. >> and see you again
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a baseball game logger from west islip, new york... a tutor and opera singer from baton rouge, louisiana... and our returning champion-- a software analyst from atlanta, georgia... whose 6-day cash winnings total...


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