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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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from court and slipped away. deputies say it's the busiest areas in the jail. the 57-year-old was arrested out of oakland on burglary charges and has a hist rif burglary charges. >> any time there is someone escaping from jail you're concerned because they've taken measures to get out of custody. you worry they'll take further desperate measures to further their escape. it's a concern. there is no history of violence. and in that record. we don't believe he's armed. again, if someone is willing to go through steps to get out of custody it's a concern for us. >> he is five eight, 180 pounds, last seen wearing his prison issued blue pants and brown shirt. the area they're searching is vast, there is deputies think
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he may be hunkered down but it's getting cold. they're hoping he may give up and come out. we're told this is only the third escape since the jail was built in 1939. >> alan, thank you. in novato, police and fire officials are calling on help to catch a serial arsonist. someone started 56 fires. the most-recent at rush creek open space preserve overnight. abc 7 is on the story. dangerous enough, the rash of fires set in and around novato comes as there is a dry winter. >> the fire weather we're having now is what we'd see during summer time weechl had very little rain this winter,
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there is dry vegetation out there going to ignite. >> unless the 36 hours investigators now believe the same arsonist set 56 small fires. they've either merged or burned out before firefighters arrived. and there is a series that occurred just after 1:00. someone set a dozen small fires in the space preserve. it's not far from the bahia neighborhood where jenny lives. >> very scary. we've never had anything like this happen out here before. and this is a very small, tight knit community. >> first fires occurred saturday night into sunday morning about six miles away. and there is one in a dumpster, another burned near a condo complex its important is that we have numbers of the community call when they see anything sus spishus, weather
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someone walking at 1:30 in the morning we want to be called about that. >> so far no, homes have been damaged and investigators and residents worry. it's only a matter of time. >> there is all of this a few crazies in the world. i'm hoping they got what they needed to do in their system and will not be coming back to this area. >> police and fire have asked for and are receiving help from outside agencies. including the state and they have set up a special tip line for this case. that number is on our web site. that is abc 7 and that is under see it on tv. live in novato abc 7 news. >> and this now appears the death of a berkeley city clerk was an accident. she was found dead by her husband in their home in oakland early saturday morning. their 9-month-old baby asleep in another room. police at first labeled it
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suspicious but say she aparent apparently fell down a staircase, there are no signs of foul play, she'd been the city clerk for three and a half years. >> war between oakland and the city it wants to occupy continues tonight. the battle shifted to the court house, demonstrators were supposed to face a judge. nick smith is live with the story. nick? >> good evening, protestors part of a demonstration saturday had their day in court. >> if you're oppress bid the statement, the movement will stand up jessica is supporting the six people arrested over the weekend for their part in an antipolice demonstration turning violent saturday night. >> there were over 200 police officers and this made it turn into a more volatile situation. >> some had charges reduced to
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a misdemeanor and their supporters immediately called that a victory. >> problem here is that opd needs to stop filing charges that the district attorney cannot pursue. >> police were quick to point out protestor dz not have a permit to demonstrate and one of the people arrested was carrying an explosive device. >> this was about a quarter stick of dynamite. >> protestors marched carrying banners laced with expletives directed at police, at wsh washington street police say things got out of control. and they slashed tires on cars and smashed windows of this starbucks that today remains boarded up. and caught in the middle were small business owner who's want to make their customers feel comfortable enough to
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come in to support them. >> we don't want to be to be afraid that businesses shouldn't be running, still. >> protestors tell me police failed to give an order before making a move. one showed me a bruised leg he said came from a bean bag bullet. we've learned that lawyers from national lawyers guild are representing many protestors. >> and occupy movement is changing the way police operate that. is what officials are saying in a meeting at the university of san francisco. and vic lee has the stri as the attack changed needs of the country and world, new protest tack tacks and modern technology are revolutionizing the way law enforcement deal was civil disobedience. >> during the height of the
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demonstration there was a request for about 750 mutual aid officer autos as a state emergency management official the chief coordinates requests from local law enforcement. and says with money and resources drying up, police departments are increasingly turning to other agencies to back them up. especially now. >> with this demonstration, it's a new phenomenon. day after day. >> many are creating what is called a mobile field do you understand-to-respond to units trained in the same way as counter parts. >> we're talking same terminology. we have the same philosophies. >> police say new technology sets a smart phone revolutionized the way they're taking to streets. >> they're able to mobilize in
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large numbers more quick lism they're able to communicate more effectively. they're also able to spin the situation much better. >> after a pepper spray at uc davis, governor brown asked a agency to review crowd control procedures. we're told post will have a new set of standards shortly. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and fans finding out seats in the new stadium when it gets built will be very expensive. and a lot of long time season ticket holders have a bad case of sticker shock. this is eye popping. >> yes. it s behind me is the preview center. season ticket holders started showing up to find out how much it will cost to hang on to what they already have. meet denise and jenny.
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the fans have been season ticket holders three decades. and pay for aus yim see.s a new stadium means it could cost a fee of $80,000 plus $375,000 a ticket. >> seats are spectacular. and my thoughts were... we're going leave without this. this is like burying someone. >> season ticket holders are getting first crack but it's a pricey proposition. the new stadium holds 68,000. 9,000 of the best seats come with an sbl or stadium builders license fee giving a fan lifetime rights to the seat at a cost of $20,000, $30,000 or $80,000 plus for the price of each ticket in the $300 range. they had an appointment to talk about option autos we just bought a car a week ago. it wasn't like buying a car.
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this is very friendly. they understood. >> there was no pressure. >> no pressure. >> no pressure but more money than most fans can contemplate. some without an appointment were turned away. >> and that is out of my budget now. >> 49ers say the team expects them to sell out. they will release ticket prices this summer. >> i would reserve judgment. there will be a price that fits every fan. >> they say it's tough but they think they settle on fee that's will be close to the action. >> i wish waits free. but we can just continue to pay our tickets. i guess it's a business. it's an expensive business. and they did what they could. >> the fee is so substantial.
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there is a payment option and there is a 10-year financing plan available. 49ers hope to be in the stadium by 2014. >> and financing plan? >> for football tickets. wow. still to come challenges facing the newest supervisor appointed by a moderate mayor. one of the most-liberal districts. >> a promising prevention for virus causing aids. and what makes this one different. >> will this cold front be too weak for rainfall? probably. the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. [ mom ] hey guys.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco mayor ed lee made a major decision since being sworn to a full term yesterday. he appoint aid woman to the seat vacated by ross mercurini. now, the sheriff. >> i do swear. >> the 50-year-old says appointments like this usually don't happen to people like her. she grew up the daughter of latino farm workers in central valley, now san francisco's newest supervisor. and she identifies herself as bisexual will represent district five, one of the most-liberal in the city. >> priorities are clear. we need to focus on jobs and smart economic developments.
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>> both believe it's time to move past what is called old political python hole. >> were you concerned about how progressive she is? >> i didn't put labels on them. >> she co-chaired run, ed, run campaign to persuade him to jump in the race but says other factors influenced this decision. >> to be candid with you i feel a lot like her evolvement was sim tloor mine. >> still, the new supervise jor expected to join the progressive block on the board. >> i think it shows the mayor is true to his word now about wanting to have a city hall that represents our diverse public opinion. >> involved in key land use decisions. a commission or on the earth end believes she'll make a good supervisor.
6:16 pm
>> we voted differently, we were cordial and were very friendly. >> it's possible to you know disagree but to do so in a respectful way. >> she may have to recuse herself on some issues she's already dealt with on the planning commission. >> east bay assembly woman mary hyashi took full responsible for a union square shoplifting incident. she was caught leaving the neiman marcus store with $2500 in merchandise that she had not paid for and her lawyer blames it in part on a brain tumor but in her staim she said, quote, my medical condition may have complicated the situation but i want to make it clear i take full responsibility for my actions.
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>> san francisco is planning a big bash to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. it will center around a two-day festival. a visitor and education sent jer going up on the san francisco side of the bridge to accommodate throngs of tourists. the bridge district will begin offering guided tours starting in may. >> we had given the bridge a gift that lasted beyond that anniversary year there is plenty of celebrations happening but we did focus on improvement of the experience here, at the bridge. >> and what they don't want is a repeat of this. the 50th anniversary. they let 300,000 people walk on the bridge. it flatterned the span. i remember it. >> it worried a lot of people. >> and maybe by memorial day
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we'll get rain? >> i hope so. maybe like labor day. we're laboring and wait for the rain to arrive. enjoying mild weather and this is awfully dry over san francisco under clear skies. skies remain clear and we'll have chilly weather but there is mild weather today. high temperatures rose to 68 degrees in clover dale. and 69 in morgan hill. now, novato. there is a warm up, we're looking at temperatures of 60 degrees in oakland z already in the north bay there is some chilly weather overnight. and on we go. there is mostly clear skies and chilly conditions. there is still a pleasant day. expecting a try, mild pattern
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continuing into the weekend and into perhaps next week. satellite does show an approaching cold front moving into our direction. we're hoping for rain. and there is a front continuing to weaken and will probably diz fiz yil bringing us partly cloudy skies, maybe a sprinkle or two. but no measurableable rain is kpekted. leaving us continuing to fall well below average rainfall levels. 26% of the normal rainfall totals for this point in the season. there is 26% in san jose. and we're approaching bone-dry status. low temperatures tonight dropping into low 30s in parts of the north bay and nappa. mid 30s in some low to mid-30s indland and there is another chilly period but not as cold
6:20 pm
as this morning was. highs cooler than today. partly cloudy skies. there is some low 60s in santa rosa. there is mainly upper 50s for the bay area, and down south highs near the bay into upper 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. it looks like another seven days of dry weather. mainly mild. there is dry patterns continuing into next week. lovely weather. >> it's sad. >> it is sat. because we're getting dangerously dry and if we don't start to get decent rainfall we'll be talking about drought, proops coming up, what promises to be a bounty of beautiful butterfly autos what brought them to the bay area this year. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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is a sem bliman jerry hill designed three bills today designed to improve the safety of gas pipelines in southern california. another would protect whistle
6:24 pm
blowers and a third requiring regulators to consider a safety record when setting natural gas rates. >> this culture of profts needs to chaimpblgt but including safety performance as a basis for share holder profits this will prevent this gamble from happening. >> health legislation is in resfons two pg&e incidents. san bruno explosion that killed eight people and gas line explosion that destroyed a town house in cupertino in august. >> and well, monarch butterflies my great to the california coast every winter but this year, they're near record numbers. naturalists in fremont say they usually see an average of about 400. but nearly 4200 high grated there this winter. most live only a few week buzz each year, one generation lives for six months. my greating across the country to where climate is just
6:25 pm
right. >> these butterflies will not return here but their great, great grandchildren will spend the winter here in our grove. >> it's possible that the population explosion is due to last year's rainfall that cause aid spike in the growth of the mic weed plant. naturalists say the butter flies are an indicator of a healthy environment. a good population is a sign things are going well all across the western u.s.. >> that is good news. check out our web site for viewing opportunities wh. abc 7 news continues we're going to hear from a reporter in new hampshire where mitt romney looks like a sure winner there but there is a battle shaping up. >> long lines in a pot club. one of the oldest in the city. just minutes away from having to close the doors. >> and there is a promising vaccine for preventing hiv. what makes this different from others.
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mitt romney appears to hold a lead going into the new hampshire primary tomorrow. a new poll shows romney with 41%, ron paul, 17%, and john huntsman moved into a tie with rick santorum, for third place. covering the g.o.p. campaign for us tonight from manchester, new hampshire is abc 7's john north. >> rick santorum and ron huntsman like what mitt romney said about firing people. because it gives them another weapon to chip away at romney's lead. in nashua, the former massachusetts governor talked about health insurance company autos it means if you don't like what they do, you can fire them. i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. >> in the audience was the president of a united auto workers local confronting romney and talked with us.
6:30 pm
>> today, in this economy this is so important to have good jobs to talk about firing people is upsetting to hard working people here in new hampshire and member as cross new england. >> the uew supports president obama's reelection and had a contingent outside of romney's speech, however, republicans that want the job see an opportunity for them. >> seems governor romney believes in putting politics first. governor romney enjoys firing people. i enjoy creating jobs. >> and newt gingrich wants to create a job for himself accusing romney of buying companies just to sell them. >> i do draw a distinction between looting a company, leaving behind broken families and neighborhoods and leaving behind a factory that should be there. >> rick santorum is coming off a near tie in iowa. he knows he's way behind in new hampshire.
6:31 pm
>> oh, my goodness. yeah. you know ron paul run here about 17 times. so to do as well as him is... i'm not sure that that is possible. >> ron paul did try to campaign today. there were 50 cameras and 100 reporters. they were forced to flee in their suv. >> president obama has a new chief of staff tonight. and the president announced the daily is stepping down after only a year on the job to return to chicago to spend more time with his family. president obama says daily will be missed. >> i plan to continue to seek advice and counsel on a range of issues in months and years still to come. here in washington, i have every confidence that jack
6:32 pm
will make sure we don't miss a beat. >> blue is a washington veteran serving on capitol hill and state department. >> one of the oldest medical marijuana dispensries is closing in about half an hour. at 7:00 tonight the target of a clack down and abc 7 explains why the cooperative is shutting down. >> patients growers and december pensries throughout the state of california and nationwide need to stop. >> that is the message supporters took to the federal building where the u.s. attorney is located. in november, sent this receipter to a landlord. the landlord is warned of criminal prosecution unless the tenants stopped selling marijuana so on closing day is selling off inventory at a 15%
6:33 pm
discount. customers are angry. michael says he needs pot to off side side affects of aids drug autos why is the federal government saying i can't have this, but i can have a bag full of this, over priced, pharmaceutical drugs? i want both aids drugs and my medical marijuana. >> this is a matter of life or death. >> u.s. attorney haig told abc 7 news quote, my office received many phone calls, letters and e mails from people deeply troubled by the growth of the marijuana industry and inunder the influence on their communities. the u.s. attorney says it's located too close to two schools. a chinese american international school and san francisco friends school. >> this is a forewarning and a
6:34 pm
notice that they better be more skrup lose that very point to co-make it difficult for any dense pensry to move that. is one reason why they say they don't have plans to locate. >> and there are at least a cousin trials focusing on finding an hiv vaccine going on. now there is a new one that is making a new approach, showing some initial success. >> this one is 100% synthetic. the objective is to generate strong t cell responses before the hiv virus can infect healthy cells. this is different in that the virus was developed on a computer, and moved into the lab. >> because you can engineer the sequences using the full
6:35 pm
extent of our genetic engineering we can generate a safer, hopefully more effective, vaccine. >> the company has seen some success in early trials in three cities in the united states. >> and there is a is able to generate highest levels of t cells again rated by any vaccine for hiv in 15 year autos t cells orchestrate immune response w a $25 million grant, the company will deduct more trials. and developing an hiv vaccine has proven harder than researchers thought. >> vaccine, the cure, i mean is that ever going to happen? >> susan is the director of the hiv research section for the health department. >> hiv integrates itself into your own dna.
6:36 pm
so... you don't get rid of it but clinical trials are saying more about the immune response. >> there is a better response so we can start working on developing vaccines to target those response autos this is going to be there. you know? with all of the advances of modern technology and engineering. hopefully we'll get a vaccine. >> and the company says if the trials are successful, a vaccine could be on the market in five years at the earliest. but again, researchers say we've heard projections from other studies, before. >> thank you. >> and coming up a bay area law firm leads a charge against a banker reefin reefing -- leaving farmers high and dry. >> california's newest lotto millionaire. a woman who won twice. and is calling it a miracle.
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a bay area lawyer says the price of food may go up this year because of fraud allegedly committed by former new jersey governor. 38,000 farmers and ranchers filed suit against corzine, and they accuse him of taking out funds from their accounts to makeup money the company lost betting on european debt. their attorney says over $1 billion is missing.
6:40 pm
>> farmers lose all of the money on their grain and cattle. on everything else. don't you think they're going to have to somehow make that up and say we can't lend you anymore money? >> this means accounting firm and neither they, nor corzine responded to requests today. >> a woman spent two months in a coma is celebrating what she calls another miracle. the 30-year-old is california's newest lottery millionaire. she won the big prize over the weekend when she bought 40s ndz tickets in a mountain view liquor store. >> initially i thought i was wrong and thought i've got to be reading this wrong. then, it did hit me... i had thought i have got to caught nif mom and grandma. i don't know what to do.
6:41 pm
i locked car doors and i started bawling, crying so bad. >> tears of joy, i guess, she's no stranger to winning. she won $5,000 right before christmas. leech says she'll use money to pay off medical bills and take her family on a trip. >> and good for her. coming up next hollywood awards season starts this week. >> changes coming soon to the screen you're watching right now. >>. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios.
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rising cost of louer and sugar puts the hosts twinkie in jeopardy "wall street journal" reports they are deep in debt. and intel is planning a massive advertising campaign pushing a thinner, lighter new notebook computer. similar to apple's mac book air. and the dow rose 33 points,
6:45 pm
nasdaq and s and p 500 gain aid couple points, each. and general motors on track to reclaim the title of world's top-selling auto maker. gm expected to report the sale last year followed by volkswagon. >> and some technology news. dish network will launch a new digital tv box that can feed your household that will report prime time line up. and lg plans to sell a new flat panel tv. and you will be able to host twitter message autos television is changing. how we think of our tv sets is chaempking, too. and michael finney has results of the surprising study. >> how we watch tv is changing. now, how we view tv is
6:46 pm
changing, too we're not brand name shoppers anymore. >> andrew is with the high tech gadget web site. >> tvs are similar and a lot have a similar feature. there is all flat screen autos for many, gone are the days of bragging about the brachbd our tv. now, many can't remember the brand. >> do you know the brand name? >> i don't. >> and so do you know the brand name and then, many times, they don't care. >> this does the same thing. >> for now, they see changes down the road. >> smart tvs will get smarter
6:47 pm
with ren recommendation engines and may be watching you. and so... tvs will get smarter. that may be something to watch. >> shopping for price is a good thing. looking at picture and sound quality, plus special features i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> and don't stare at the tv and hope for a rain broadcast. >> that may not help. >> and that might help. >> and let's start and hope for it. and let's enjoy nice weather. there is a great picture. and sunset beautiful shot there. and later beautiful skies this morning. there is dry conditions and mild, temperatures into low 60s. and los angeles is 76 in palm springs tomorrow, mild in southern california. another mild day here tomorrow,
6:48 pm
but not as mild as today, temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow. here is the accu-weather forecast. we can expect several more days of dry, mild weather, high temperatures mainly into low to mid-60s throughout seven day period including weekend. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies tlchl is a weak cold front passing through. looks like it's going to fizzle. most we can hope for will be a sprinkle or two. no measurable rain is likely. >> holiday weekend. looks good throughout martin luther king day. sunny, mild, and same pattern we've seen with last month or so. yes. >> thank you. >> and the movie awards season starts this week with the critics choice awards thursday, then golden globes sunday. and abc 7's don sanchez is headed to hollywood this week for a seat on the aisle. >> six nominees are remarkable in their work. critics choice is... >> critics choice awards,
6:49 pm
first big night of the hollywood awards season. there are good barometer this, year, hugo and the artist each received 11 nominations. and there is a the family adventure "hugo" is a best picture choice. he's been honored with a critics' choice ward. and i'm a fan of "midnight in paris". and there is is leonardo dicaprio up for his portrayal of j edgar. and there is michelle williams has a shot as marilyn monroe. and sean penn is up for an
6:50 pm
award for people who use celebrity to do good. there are 250 of us, and here is the ballot this, is what we're voting for. here it is onlichblt very to fill it out by tuesday evening. the critics choice will be broadcast thursday night on vh 1. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> coming up next a play that launched a dynasty. >> tonight at 30 years lasting impact of the catch. h@cucu
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6:53 pm
in two hours we'll have live coverage of the first votes being cast in the new hampshire primary. join me for that at 9:00. then at 11:00 new ideas in the fight for the american dream. two congress members join the chorus of voices demanding change. that is coming up see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> now, rare larry beil is here with sports. >> yes. yes. 49ers are three and a half point under dogs at home in the playoffs. that game is saturday. the test is monumental. how do you stop the saints
6:54 pm
phonesive machine? brees for three ndz that win over lions saturday. saints on a third record 626 total yards. jim harbaugh asked if he's losing sleep. >> it makes me go to skbed sleep like a baby. wake up every hour, crying. >> everything they do is on time. and that is like clockwork. so... >> this is because you know you might find someone to get there. yeef got to not let you deter you. just keep attacking them, you'll get there. >> and tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the "catch" and legend has it that dwight
6:55 pm
kicked mike shumann out of the huddle. >> this is looking to throw. looking to throw. he throws it in the end zone. touchdown. >> can you believe it's been 30 years? >> no. i can't. you're getting old. this is probably one of the most iconic catches. and i do know people still talk to me about it. old dudes come up, their grandkids this, is the guy that made the catch. it's pretty cool to have something in your career that
6:56 pm
people hold on to. so tightly z still talk to you about 30 years later. >> and that championship i think that 49er first championship meant more than anyone. >> i don't think there is question. the city down a little bit. harvey mic had been assassinated so there was a lot of negativity. the 49ers brought the city out of it. >> tiger woods will play first event of 2012 at pebble beach. that begins on february 9th. pga's first event of the year today on maui. there is a start with a lead. never surrendered a birdie putt onth. and on 18 as well. 23 under for the tournament.
6:57 pm
and there is former reds short stop larkin played from 1986-2004. 198 homers. 12-time all star and world series champ with cincinnati. jack morris second in the walt. and the steroid era will be put to the test next year. bonds, clep yens and sosa are eligible. and alabama leading lsu, 9-0 at the half. >> wow. >> thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> for larry, spencer and all of us here, thanks for watching. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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