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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 15, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a big win for the new york giants had san francisco fans up on their feet tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm alan alan wang. ama dates has the night off. 49er fans got what they wanted. next week's nfc championship game will take place at candlestick park giving the team the home field advantage. lilian kim is live at candlestick park with a look at what is sure to be the hottest ticket in town. lilian? >> alan, 49er fans had so much fun here yesterday they are hoping for the same experience next week. but for most people, getting a ticket is going to cost a lot more. there was no question who 49er
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fans were rooting for. >> giants all the way, yes, absolutely. >> at stake was who would get home field advantage in next week's nfc championship game. for the game to be held at candlestick park, the giants had to beat the favored green bay packers and 9er fans got their wish. >> never discount home field advantage. we have already beat the giants this season. we have a better chance to get to the super bowl. >> home field advantage means he can experience the playoff excitement again. he was at candlestick during saturday's playoff game against the saints. >> yesterday's game was intensity and everybody wearing red. the game was the best game i have ever been to. it will be worth going back to watch one more game. >> tickets go on sale wednesday, but at on-line market places like stub hub tickets are already on sale, and the cheapest seats are going for three times as much as they were for saturday's
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game. at last check, the cheapest tickets for next week's game are about $400, about $5,000 on the high end. >> the stakes are that much higher. you have one more win to go to the super bowl. jo ellen is a stub hub spokesperson. she says if you are picky where you want to sit, get your tickets now. if you want a deal, stick it out jie. if they are willing to wait it out a few days, you can certainly play the market and even wait until game day itself and you can find a more attractive price because the market will settle. >> whatever price fans will end up paying they say it will be money well spent. after all it has been 14 years since the niners have played in the nfc championship. >> you know what, i will have to put in a lot of over time to pay for those tickets, but it will be worth it. >> and the nfc championship is scheduled for next sunday at 3:30 p.m. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. on to the east by where
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there was a touching tribute for a 23-year-old man killed in oakland of the charles butler was shot to death on december 22nd. his final wish was his organs be donated one of the recipients met butler's family for the first time. and thomas roman was there. >> i am in awe, i really am. i am still in shock. >> daniel murphy and his wife came to oakland to meet and thank the family of charles butler, junior. 23-year-old butler was shot near his home on december 22nd. on christmas day murphy received a precious gift, a liver. one of the four organs charles wanted donated upon his death. >> i can go on living and i can watch my grandchildren grow up and i can go on. >> charles butler, senior and charles' mother, the meeting was emotional. >> all we can do is cry and hold each other jie. members of the butler family gathered to meet the murphies and celebrate. murphy has a part of butler,
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junior in him, and today they welcomed him as family. >> they will be our family forever. we are truly connected. >> i felt myself in him in a way. i want to keep in touch with them as much as i possibly can. >> i know that my son won't be back, but he is living on. i am thankful on. >> butler junior was days away from graduating as a merchant sea man when he was shot to death by someone still sought by police. the family is moving on and committed to making charles' organ donation a spring board for others. today the butler family along with their church is organizing and instigating a year long organ donor drive. it is to try to help save more lives. it is a year long donor drive meant to give hope to people like daniel's wife, delia. >> there is a light at the end of the tunnel. i didn't see that before.
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>> in oakland, thomas roman, abc news. in the south bay, the santa clara county district attorney's office is investigating an officer-involvd shooting that left one man dead. the shooting happened last night on karen street. authorities say an officer pulled a driver over on suspicion of driving under the influence. a neighbor says he heard the officer warn the suspect three times. >> and then the third one was i told you to put your hands on top of your head or i'm going to shoot you. not even a second after he said that two bullets rang. >> the driver in the vehicle reached up for a weapon, and that being the revolver prompting the officer to respond. >> the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police believe the shooting was justified. rescue teams will keep searching throughout the night for more than a dozen people unaccounted for after a luxury cruiseliner capsized in the mediterranean. the death toll climbed to 5 after two more bodies were discovered.
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abc's todd ant has the latest. >> on sunday rescuers found three survivors, a man with a broken leg and a south korean couple trapped in their cabin. they found the bodies of two elderly men in the submerged part of the vessel. the black box was recovered and providing vital information about when and where the ship ran aground. it was peril leslie close to shore when it hit a rock opening a huge gash in the hull. underwater pictures detail the destruction. within minutes water started gushing in. amateur video shows the chaos and panic that ensued. initially passengers were told there was an electrical problem, but is but that the situation was under control. passengers scrambled to the deck where they lowered the life boats jie. we had to wait an hour and a half before we could get on to that boat. the boat was sinking. >> people were pushing and it was chaotic.
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>> according to the black box it took an hour for the captain to alert the coast guard. he admits an error in judgment, but denies he was one of the first off the ship. we were the last to leave the ship, he said. the captain has been detained and could face manslaughter and other charges. abc news. >> among the passengers on that cruiseship were several from the sacramento valley including james and maria groth. they were on the ship celebrating their anniversary and maria's birthday. but the couple from the central valley city of houston got off in rome missing the trip to barcelona. it may have save theed the -- saved the couple's lives. >> i was ecstatic i wasn't on the ship when it occurred. looking at the pictures, my state stateroom would be underwater. i met the captain on the second day, and my first impression was he didn't care anything about the ship. >> he says he has been on five cruises before, but he says this one was the worst he has ever been on.
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a fire forced several people from their homes in san rafael this evening. the fire started around 7:00 in a three-story victorian home west of downtown. nobody was hurt. the firefighters tell us the fire was stubborn and they had to rip apart the walls to battle the flames. the house was divided into four different apartments. it appears the fire started on the top floor. and firefighters had to cut through a roof in redwood city to reach a stubborn house fire this evening. it broke out just after 7:00 p.m. in the home on oakdale street. that's about a block from the redwood city san rare dose line. nobody was hurt. crews from san carlos, belmont, menlo park and other parts of san mateo county had to help out with the fire. in san francisco's richmond district, two firefighters were injured when battling a two-uh alarm house fire. they were treated and released for burns. it started after midnight.
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it was finally out by 2:30. coming up, sarah ferguson in trouble again with the -- what the duchess of york did that could land her in a turkish prison. >> and the golden globe goes to -- >> and the hollywood award season is well underway. a look at some of the winners at tonight's golden globes. and at 11:30, a new shake up in the race are to president. a gop contender is expected to pull out of the race tomorrow. >> speaking of tomorrow, i am meteorologist leigh glaser. the winds are spec expected to die down. look for a cool day tomorrow, and then after that at the end of the workweek the rain returns. we will look at that details accu-weather seven-day forecast c
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to several celebrations today marked what would have been they 3rd birthday of dr -- the 83rd birthday of dr. martin luther king, junior. voices of children filled oakland's paramount theater as they paid tribute to the slain civil rights leader. it was called "in the name of love" and it is always held during the mlk holiday. the glide ensemble dedicated the service to the dr. martin luther king, junior. the pastor encouraged young people to carry on dr. king's legacy and mission. >> stand your ground our young folks. always keep going, keep
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moving, keep imparting education and vocation and keep doing things that will lift us up rather than take us down. stop putting each other down and let's lift each other up. >> reverend williams told how dr. king's involvement in the montgomery busboy cot helped catapult the civil rights movement on to the national stage. well, sarah ferguson, the duchess of york, is back in the news. and now she could be facing jail time in a national incident. now, more from london. >> the duchess of york is in trouble again, and sarah ferguson could end up in a turkish prison because of it. this is what caused such a stir, a 2008 british documentary called "duchess and daughters, their see secret mission." fergie went undercover with a hidden camera and her princess daughters to bring to light abuse in turkish orphanages.
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we have hidden the children's faces, but the original show did not. prosecutors in turkey have charged the 52-year-old duchess and a producer with breaking the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy. crimes that could get them 22 years in a turkish jail. >> we just felts the world really needed to know what was going in turkish institutions, and the only way we could do that is to trespass and secretly film. >> hidden cameras have gotten fergie in trouble before. she was caught on tape trying to sell access to her ex-husband, prince andrew. with these new charges the jet setting duchess is reportedly afraid to leave great britain, and with good reason. >> it will be very risky for her to travel outside of the uk, especially in those countrysthat have an extradition treaty with turkey, and that is most of the world. > ferguson may not be free to
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travel again until the charges are settled, and that could take months or years. a former marine could end up facing charges in the murder of four homeless men, and it turns out his own father is homeless himself. this video shows the suspect after anaheim police arrested him on friday. owe campo whose father lost his home said his son came back a changed man after his tour of duty in iraq and struggled to find his way in regular life. a southern california man is being held on bail. police allege fernando poros tried to kill his wife by poisoninger is cereal. she said her rice krispies tasted and smelled funny. she was taken to hospital and police arrested her husband for pouring a cleaning product in her cereal. she has been treated and released. the golden globes award ceremony in beverly hills tonight brought out evening
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gowns, tuxedos and awards for a silent black and white film. the red carpet was a wash with stars and flashing cameras. inside, one award winner made a remark about her role in the -- and the history behind it. >> with regard to domestics in this country now and then, i think dr. king said it best, all labor that up lifts humanity has dignity and importance and i thank you for recognizing that with our film. >> the black and white silent film "the artist" won three awards including best musical and comedy. other winners are george clooney for best actor, michelle williams for best actress and "the descendants" for best drama. leigh glaser is here. we are going to get some rain. >> we are going to get some drama. >> it has been a longtime. >> it has been. we will have a couple more dry days to get through, and then we will definitely see the
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storm open up as the jet streams will open up over the bay area, and it will allow the storm systems to move in and bring us the rain. we really do need it. the winds are still causing problems out there. gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour. you can clearly see that santa rosa is still getting whipped around with northwest winds to 22. sfo was at 10 to 15 at half moon bay. concord gusts to 20 and the winds are starting to die down a bit. the winds are westerly at 6 miles per hour. those shots of areas overnight where the wind will die down, that's where the coldest readings will be this evening. we can get a sense of that. fairfield 35 degrees and it is 34 in napa, but 44 in san francisco where we still have that pretty gusty northwest wind component there. half moon bay is sitting at 47 degrees right now. livermore is sitting at 39. here is a look at our
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highlights. take us through the workweek ahead. decreasing wind and a colder night tonight. tomorrow night by the way, the national weather service just issued a freeze watch because the wind will be still. we will have clear sky, and that will be one of our kollest nights. sunny and breezy tomorrow and rain and wind returns to the bay area as we head into wednesday night and thursday and in through friday as well. so, here is a look at our lows where the wind starts to decrease under the calm conditions and the clear skies. you will really bottom out. santa rosa 27 and 28 for napa. we will keep the low 40s near san francisco. 42 there. 37 for half moon bay. and interior east bay, you will get down to 29 degrees. all righty. we will be dry on monday and tuesday. i went ahead and put the forecast animation up to 7:00 a.m. on wednesday. and boy what a difference you are seeing here. by this time frame we have a series of cold fronts that will spread rain from the
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north bay first and followed by the south bay. and this is 5:00 evening, wednesday evening. we have a secondary system that will move in by thursday morning. check out the heaviest rain mainly north of the golden gate bridge. check out the fridays system. all of the yellows and the oranges are getting down toward the south bay, and all of this will move south by 3:00 on friday. these models will change a little the next few days, but at least it gives uh sense if you have to do planning that wednesday night, thursday and friday the wind will be with us. highs are generally mid to upper 50s with clear skies and sunshine for you. 53 san francisco and san jose 55 and we will go 58 for gilroy and the next seven days , for our holiday tomorrow, sunny, and it will be still a little crisp out there in the 50s. we will look for the rain to start in the north bay first on wednesday and rain and wind for thursday and friday. and there is a chance, shu,
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next weekend we may have showers as well. >> could be a wet nfc championship game. >> well, the road to the super bowl and the nfc goes through san francisco. as eli manning and the giants upset the defending champion packers in green bay. we'll show you how they did it and hear f f
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well, the defending super bowl champion green bay packers were sent packing as the giants end their season at lambeau field. aaron rodgers beat the giants, but he hadn't played in three weeks. eli manning and it bounces off a tackle. see ya. a 66-yard touchdown and 10-3 giants in the first. rogers and the pack hit right back. first play of the second and rogers here and watch this, flipped over the goal line and in. that's worthy of a lambeau lead and game tied at 10. giants take a 13-10 lead into the half, but not so fast. the prayer is answered. 37 yards and 152 yards receiving at the half. 20-10g-men. packers never found their rit them on offense. dash eight dropped passes and four turnovers and the biggest one in the fourth. grant stripped by philips and he gobbles it up and eli waste no's time capitalizing the
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next play. third td pass of the game and this one to manning ham. 39 yards passing to eli. giants win big and they say they are ready for the 49ers next sunday. >> i think it is going to be a great game. they have the number one defense. we played them tough last time. we will have a challenge. >> they are a very, very good football team, very well coached. it is going to be a battle. >> the 49ers host the giants at 3:30 p.m. at the stick. they met seven times in the post season in the last 25 years. niners hold a 4-3 record against the giants. 49er quarterback alex smith had his signature game as a pro yesterday against the saints. he played a complete game. he got the ball to his play makers and even ran for a touchdown. the throw to vernon davis with nine seconds left was a dart and vernon doesn't make that catch. alex is through the ringer and vernon is his biggest fan.
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>> you can imagine the little kid standing there and getting picked on and in grade school and they get rocks thrown at them. it is all types of things. alex is one of those guys who has been there. he has been right there. i mean, i just wish him all of the best. i want to see him successful. i i want to see all good things happen for that guy. he is a warrior. >> all right. we will take a brief timeout before we jump over to the afc where jim harbaugh's brother john and the ravens knockout the texans to advance to the afc title game, and they did it with defense. check it out when we co i'm rige and keeps ca
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the harbaugh super bowl. jim and john, destiny's children as the ravens beat houston today to advance to the afc title game in new england. the brothers harbaugh love defense and ray lewis lead the way. joe flacco with a 10-yard toss to bolden. 17-3 ravens after a quarter with the texans.
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they come right back courtesey of aryan foster. the lead is cuts to 4 at the half. the turnovers killed the texans. yates is picked off and there were three picks. texas had that chance to win it late. yates hail mary and not answered. batted down by reid. they win it 20-13, ravens that is. they said to new england and face the patriots in the afc title game. golden state lost seven of the last eight and they are still looking for their first road win of the season. big man telling them early ben gordon to monroe. monroe had 25 points. warriors getting big production from one of their biggs. he had 24, but the pistons lead at the break. from the fade away, and he had 22 and game tied at 54. he found his range. he had 11 points and 11 boards. warriors up by eight, and they finally finish.
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monty to brandon rush. that's a big fight. 12 off the bench and the warriors win it 99-91. espn is reporting the a's agreed to a one-year deal with former cy young pitcher bar toll colon. the sharks the first major in tennis, the australian open. >> thank you, shu. and coming up, the battle heats up as we countdown to the south carolina primary. and the amazing printer that gives you more than just an image, and why it won't break your bank.
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good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. in tonight's headline, santa clara county prosecutors launched a probe into the shooting death of a drunk driving suspect by a santa clara police officer. the police say the man was reaching for a weapon after being pulled over last night on karen street. a fire broke out on the top story of a large victorian home in san rafael this evening. investigators still don't know what started it. nobody was hurt, but at least four people who lived in the home will need to find a new place to live. and two san francisco firefighters are recovering after being burned while battling a fire in outer richmond -- the outer richmond district. the fire started just after midnight on 42nd avenue at
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balboa street. the injured firefighters have been released from the hospital. we are just six day usa way from the south carolina primary. and tonight we are hearing that jon huntsman will withdraw from the race tomorrow. the campaign officials say he plans to endorse mitt romney, and with the latest numbers showing romney pulling further ahead, his opponents are coming at him from every angle. >> desperate to put a dent in the front-runner, mitt romney's opponent blanketed the air waves. >> romney carries a scarlet letter that we can't have a nominee that takes away the most important issue in the election. >> the social conservative vote, a euge factor in south carolina appears split despite an endorsement of santorum by a conservative group this weekend. romney's opponents are struggling to find something to stick. they recoiled that the from rick perry. >> companies are vulture capitalists. >> but he defended his
11:37 pm
experience. >> they will see the phrase vulture capitalism coming out of your mouth from president obama and the democrats. >> i think if this is a fatal flaw it needs to be you can tad about now -- it needs to be talked about now rather than in september. >> with time running out. >> corporate raiders lead by mitt romney. >> the attack ads are unrelenting. but even newt gingrich laughed about the latest ad for speaking another language. >> he speaks french too. >> mitt romney as governor governed like a massachusetts politician. he is much closer to due caucus and kerry than he is to ronald reagan. >> david curly, abc news, washington. >> the south carolina primary takes place next saturday. well, the legacy of dr. martin luther king, junior was remembered today which would have been his 83 ready birthday. -- 83rd birthday. they heard a deacon read a
11:38 pm
passage from letters from a birmingham jail. they laid wreaths at the memorial for dr. king as his imrand son looked on proudly. the nation will celebrate king's birthday tomorrow with a national holiday. it will mean schedule changes and closures. federal offices and state courts will be closed on monday as well as banks and post offices. bart and muni will operate on a saturday schedule with ac transit on a sunday schedule. parking meters in san francisco will be enforced city wide. the city of atherton is well known as a place where things cost a bit more and now garbage has been added to that list. starting today, monthly rates are going up $7 for 20 gallon containers and $11 for a 32-gallon container and $27 for a 64-gallon bin and $39 for a 96-gallon bin. city council approved the rate hikes last month. delta airlines is making a move at mineta san jose
11:39 pm
international airport. delta is moving from terminal b to the recently renovated terminal a. starting on tuesday morning, delta will be in the north ticket lobby of terminal a. delta says the move will improve passenger activity and provide greater flexibility for growth. >> 3-d print sag fast growing hobby and business for many people. this week saw the arrival of the first ones that can print porcelain and the first home multi colored printer. richard hart on the drive to discover an appliance to make anything. >> but we believe that it will be one of the way it creates objects. in the home, in the office. >> this printer is not printing with ink. it is printing with plastic building a tall vase layer bilayer. a 3-d printer like this cost thousands of dollars more than a year ago. today more than anyone --
11:40 pm
anyone can print a vase or jewelry or dolls without owning a machine. you can have it done on-line. now ordinary consumers around the world are making everything from jewelry to action figures. they will send you a finished model of anything you can design in a computer and up load for roughly $50 to $250 and even help you sell your work on-line. >> we ship the product. >> this week it announced for the first time glazed porcelain models thanks to a new powder ingredient. and you don't need to be an artist. they hired world renouned designers to create models you can customize on-line say with the photo of a friend. you can add your own touch literally because, yes, there is an app for that. if you want to make these in your kitchen, they will sell your own 3-d printer for less than $1700. the new replicator adds dual color so you can print multi
11:41 pm
colored objects for the first time. >> if you have an idea for something and you want to have it really pop with great colors or have it the size of a loaf of bread get a replicator and print it out and make it and go big. >> this entire castle, every piece of fusht and every charkt -- of furniture and every character came out of a replicator printer. and so did this. for the first time it is not rocket science. with the next step in sculpture, richard hart, abc7 news. >> pretty cool ?ie. just ahead, the tiger mome. the author whose book was a lightning rod for parents and an unusual bird that is drawing a lot of attention. >> and hi, everyone. i am leigh glaser. we have clear skies and napa is reporting 34 degrees. a windchill factor though. what it feels like on the skin out there of 29 degrees. so a cold night tonight, chilly tomorrow. and then we will look ahead and tell you when you can expect the rain to move back in.
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she single handedly sparked outcry in parenting debates across the globe with her published memwior "battle him of the tiger mother." amy stopped by 7 live and sat down with copeland and better mu des to talk about her story of clashing cultures between chinese and western eye ideals of parenting. >> the book is a lot of the mistakes. if i had to do it all over again, i would raise my kids the same exact way with some adjustments.
11:45 pm
but there is this list that everything is hurt. nobody has play dates and they should only play the piano and never do the school plays. it is supposed to be a tongue and cheek making fun of this over the top immigrant parents that are really narrow minded. which by the way were my parents. they were really loving. but they had just come from another country. i remember when i asked my mom to have a sleepover. she almost started crying. she said, amy weerks have a bed for you right here. why do you want to go to someone else's house? that was the mentality. >> we were joking my producer and i when the book first came out, and there was this huge backlash, and we looked at each other and say, we must be in the minority. we must be tiger children. this seems so normal because reading the book i saw my up bringing, and it is funny because i used to say i am not going to do a lot of the things my parents did because
11:46 pm
they were incredibly strict. and now as a parent of two young daughters i am like did you play the violin today? i am not spending all of this money and you don't commit to something unless you play the violin every day. >> part of it is probably like, i like where i am right now. obviously pretty good self-esteem scpru in a good stop. -- spot. that's how i felt. i looked bad -- i did the same thing when i was younger, why these crazy rules. in retrospect i thought, my parents had high expectations for me. they always loved me. it is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. i owe everything to them. that's why i try to do the same thing. i also found out that a lot more people actually do parent like me, but for some reason they are not the ones that come out on the internet. >> they are a little scared to say what they do too. >> i don't know. >> is it true that some of the backlash includes death threats? people made death threats against you? >> oh yes.
11:47 pm
i had -- i had some fan mail and i opened it up and they said there is a special place for new hell. people saying, i am going to come and get new chicago. i couldn't understand it. i said, it is just my own story. a friend of mine said -- it has nothing to do with china. if the book was called battle him of the romanian mother, nobody would have cared. it was something like fear and anxiety about parenting and anxiety about china, i don't know. >> and you can watch 7 live weekdays at 3:00 p.m. here on abc7. an owl in canada reached rock star status. it is no ordinary owl. the object of the attention is this -- is this great gray owl in ontario. it is the largest owl on earth. it is almost three feet tall with a wingspan of almost 10 feet. what is unusual is the animal hardly ever goes that far south. as many as 50 carloads of bird
11:48 pm
watchers have lined up during a time to gaze at that big old owl. look at him. let's check in with the forecast. leigh glaser is standing by. >> we are actually picking up a little white snow. 28° in blue canyon. more snow in the sierras as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. it is 33 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds. sacramento is 50 and los angeles and sunshine at 60 degrees. san diego is 60 and palm springs mild at 65 degrees. we get two more dry days. tomorrow look for a cold start and afternoon sunshine. temperatures in the 50s, 54 san rafael. you can see santa rosa, warming to 56. 53 in san francisco tomorrow. 55 in san jose. 56 in livermore. we will look to mid to upper 50s for gilroy. 55 watsonville and santa cruz 54 degrees. now big changes. finally we will get some rain in here. the rain is beginning in the north bay on wednesday.
11:49 pm
we have another system that will bring the entire bay area. the rain could be heavy at times especially on friday. that will be thursday and friday and we will bring in some wind and even some showers expected in through next weekend on saturday and sunday. everyone is concentrating on the big game. the field may be a little damp. >> home field advantage means everything. >> the road to the super bowl goes through candlestick. >> the 49ers and the giants will meet in the nfc title game at the stick. >> and alex smith is one of the biggest reason for the 49ers this season. he talked about alex's journey. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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who would have thought the defending super bowl champions would be sent packing. he has had a couple weeks off and eli manning to nicks. bounces off a tackle and nobody will catch him. 66 yards and 10-3 giants in the first. but rogers and the pack come right back. the first play of the second and he finds john coon. that's worthy of a lambeau leap. the game tied at 10. the giants take the lead and ready to go into the half. not so fast, my friend.
11:53 pm
he comes up with the catch. the g-men up 10. the packers never found a rhythm on offense. the biggest one in the fourth. black burns gobbles it up. and he takes it in the 5 and eli manning wastes no time. he lie is 330 yards passing and giants win it 37-20. they say they are ready for the niners next sunday. >> i think it is going to be a great game. they are the number one defense. we played them tough last time. i definitely think we will give them a challenge. >> they are very physical and very well coached. >> three oocht30 on -- 3:30 at the stick. the niners held a 4-3 edge against the giants. all right, alex smith has had quite a journey as a pro. the game-winning throw with
11:54 pm
nine seconds 4re69. yesterday on -- yesterday was a perfect throw and his signature game. alex has been under the ringer and vernon davis was one of his biggest fans. >> you can imagine being a kid and stand thrg and getting picked on and in grade school. >> they get rocks thrown at them. >> you spit on them. all types of things. alex is one of those guys. he has just been there. he has been right there. i wish him all the best. i want to see him successful. i want to see all good things happen for that guy. he is a warrior. >> locker room love. how about a harbough super bowl? jim and john destined for each other. they advance. harbaughs love the defense and ray lewis lead the way. the ravens come flying out of
11:55 pm
the gates. 17-3 ravens after a quarter and the texans come right back. 132 yards and this touchdown cuts the lead to four at the half. turnovers kill you. it includes the texans and t.j. yates was picked off and he had three picks and texas still had a chance to win it late. 20 seconds left and hail mary. this one is not answered. ed reid knock itself down. theyed head to new england to face the patriots in next sunday's afc title game. >> golden state has lost seven of the last eight. they are still looking are to the first road win of the season. the big man is killing them early. ben gordon to monroe. they get great production to one of their biggs. david had 24, and the pistons lead by four at the break. the warriors close the gap in the third. his fade away and his game was tied at 54. wright found his range.
11:56 pm
he buries the 3. 11 points and 11 boards. warriors up by eight and they finally finish a game. the big spike and 12 off the bench. warriors win it 99-91. the lady bears are in utah again. the bucket and the foul. 15 points and 15 boards. the bears are off and running. bears win it 63-56 and are 4 and 2 in the pac-10. back in the net for the sharks against his former team. they answer with two goals and a 16-second span. five minutes later and he is caught too far out of net. they win it 4-3. let's go down under. the australian open underway he gets going against mueller and blasting it past him.
11:57 pm
he moves on to round two. that was your toyota sports report and the hype begins tomorrow for the giants and 49ers. >> alex smith had a nice incentive built in his contract. >> a $4 million contract for one year signed and $1.5 million incentive clauses and he got $1 million just to get to the playoffs. and i'm sure he has more coming if they get to the super bowl. not bad for a guy on the scrap heap during the lockout and they signed him after the lockout. >> do you think they thought he would make the playoffs? >> i don't think so. >> good night, everyone. thanks for watching.
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