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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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locations. freeze damage to sensitive plants is a strong possibility with cold weather like this, be on the lookout for patches of ice on bridges and overpasses. these are the low temperatures we expect to occur overnight tonight down to 2 to degrees in santa rosa. ta vallejo. 25 fairfield. and we'll see lots of 20s inland and just barely 30 degrees around the bay. so cold weather is spreading aconsiders the bay area and there is more in just a moment. dan? >> thank you. and we'll see you shortly. it's fairly unusual to be reporting a grass fire but one broke out in the hills today racing across about 30 acres before flames reached a roadway. the fire destroyed fences and never got near buildings. no word yet about how this started but this is an area where there has been illegal burning so that may be a starting point. firefighters say the dry conditions remind them of what they normally see only in summer time. >> and devastating fires tore
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through a mobile home park on the anyone anyone sla, destroying two homes, sending a 12-year-old girl to the hospital. the community is in shock. abc 7 is live in redwood city. vic? >> carolyn, tonight, two families lost homes here, everything they had is gone. and now, a third trailer damaged this, one directly behind me. at least aas you can see, it's intact. fortunately, everyone is okay, including that 12-year-old girl, sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the fire began in the mobile home in the middle. the blaze spreed almost immediately to one on the left. the mobile home to the right had only minor damage. first, you'll hear from the sister of one of the mobile homeowners. she lives next door. and next, that owner's 9-year-old daughter. >> people were screaming outside. i'm just looking and i saw oh, my god i'm like sorry.
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you know, it's i.was screaming and everybody was saying get out of the trailer. started screaming and yelling. she can barely breathe. >> i heard noises coming from the house. i thought my neighborhoods were inside. once i went inside of the truck i saw flames coming out. i got worried and i was just scared uk see a huge cloud of smoke for miles on a day with little wind. that helped firefighters contain the blaze. it took almost an hour to bring the fire under control. family members tried to salvage what they could. sadly, there was little left. and some 15 people were displaced and they're being assisted from the red cross. the cause of the fire is apparently accidental. vic lee apc 7 news. >> thank you.
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and firefighters put new technology to work in a suspicious early morning house fire. this is video of the blaze recorded by a helmet cam. you can see crews breaking the door from the garage. two occupants say they woke up to sound of glass breaking. they managed to escape through the back of the house. >> this fire started on the outside of the front porch. there is no ignition sources. >> firefighters started to use cameras about three months ago. the department plans to use footage for training purpose autos facebook is apparently set a target date for going public with stock. according to all things d, a techal block the offering will take place third week of may.
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facebook hopes to raise $10 billion by offering up just 10% of the company. one of the biggest beneficiaries will be the state budget. it could generate capital gains taxes. after google went public stock trades generated enough money in two years to pay salaries of 3,000 state employees. >> officials from 11 arab nations are meeting in silicon valley looking for ideas on how to best build technology in their country. david louie reports from san jose. >> this gleaming center near cairo is an example of ambitious goals arab nations have to be part of the connected world. ministers from 11 countries convene forward a conference at plug and play tech center. mohammed alawi is iraq's minister of communications and on a mission. >> to contact the private companies, those who are looking to invest in the country. to tell them what are the opportunities?
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what challenges they may face and also, our future plan autos the plans may differ, each needs in cases investment capitol. dr. hasananan is chairman of techwati. >> there is quite a bit. and i'm surprised. in egypt six companies were financed this year as compared to zero the year before. and in the case of let's say e commerce for local consummation they're doing well. >> after years of war iraq needs to rebuild and has a five-year plan to connect people to the internet. the ministers are trying to assure potential investors not to worry. >> we're transz yigsing but we're committed to indus zpri to our partners. we're committed to the contracting for investment. >> there is a strong movement
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to foster start ups created by entrepreneurs. the valley can help arab nations by helping them overcome an aversion to failure. >> in the region there is a lot of fear of failure, if you look at what made this great is that it's okay to start again. and there is no stigma associated with this. >> here in the valley delegation of ministers will visit several companies, then going to washington to meet with lawmakers to discuss policies. >> on this holiday to honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king people celebrate fd different ways. for some, it's a day to service and contribute to improving our community. and we're live with the story there. >> well, for many folks this day off was about hard work. as one put it rather than
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going to shopping malls it should be a day of public service. around east bay this martin luther king day was a time to give back to the local communities. and in oakland there were several events. 400 volunteers spent the morning doing maintenance like pulling weeds and clearing debris. it was a work force including members of occupy oakland. groups and local families with children. >> we're helping for martin luther king junior day. like to get outside. and to help the community. >> like every one coming together to help make the gardens better. just everyone, like becoming a really nice, big group of friends. >> and 31st street volunteers planted trees.
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not only brightening a neighborhood but doubling as a science experiment. >> we're planting these trees and showing benefits of water in relation to drought. >> when people are more involved in communities they're safer. there is a concept of service and fighting violence is important for us in this city. >> in richmond volunteers focused on renovating homes. they're from lions clubs ash the east bay. >> one of the great things about this neighborhood is that have you people of a variety of ethnic groups. and they're talking together about how they can make their own neighborhood better. >> cheryl is one of those getting a face lift. she thanks dr. king owe wo approve. >> his heart would leap like, yeah this, is the crea cream -- dream. this is what i see. >> numbers of vom lun tears
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were up this year in many cases-. they had more than 100 volunteers than they did last year, it's an effort that is agreeing. >> and hundreds of people rode the freedom train today to mark the martin luther king holiday they boarded in downtown san jose this morning and once arriving in san francisco, riders became marchers. this is the 28th year the freedom train made the run. they were established for people to memorialize dr. king's 1965 march in alabama. >> and still ahead here tonight on abc 7 news cruise ship heroes. the northern california couple stepping in to help passengers aboard the ship that cap sized in itally. >> in the sierra skiers are eager to see a change in weather. >> should be plenty of snow by weekend. >> new cause to celebrate tonight you've caught 49er
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that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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[ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. forecast for wet weather is welcome news in the sierra. there has been so little snow. approaching storm anticipated among skiers and of course businesses in the area. abc 7 spent the day in freezing temperatures and joins us now live. nick? >> good evening, the problem is that you can see we're alongside immigrant gap. there should be a foot or two of snow. it's clear there is nothing
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here. so this is our hope is that the new storm is going to bring enough people up to the mountains problem is that they say it could be too little, too late. winter in the sierra provides a gorgeous picture. i think there is something wrong with our camera. and this is as this photographer points out there is barely any snow that. is a real problem for business. >> it's down over 50% for just the month of december. >> maria owns a restaurant and here, the camera doesn't lie. >> we hope skiers come up to join us, we've lost, you know our christmas, we've lost a good six to eight weeks of the season. and in snow country it's difficult to recover. >> it's the same story at every stop along interstate 80678 the season has been a
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bust. especially holiday autos just two weeks three weeks of that period. i mean we're like swamped here. and you know, making that... up is going to be impossible the rest of the year. >> and the ski resorts are making best of it using these things, a giant snow blower, there is more snow than they've made this season. >> over 36 million gallons of snow. we have had a good season so far. considering the conditions of what we've been dealt. >> not everyone has been able to play cards right, like this family from san diego. they would have preferred to be here for good snow. >> we had to come at this time. it was preplanned and tickets purchased. you can't change them easily with airlines. >> we ate. and. >> what about you. did you have fun? >> no. >> and there is a silver
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lining saying some parents realized there won't be a lot of issues and they say their numbers are higher than they've within and a reminder, is that you will need to bring chains starting on wednesday do not come without them. >> that would with a mistake. >> 49ers are a win away from the super bowl. and fresh off a game this weekend they're pumped up as giants come to town sunday. and wayne freedman is live tonight. this is good enough. >> this is good stuff, good times and good memories and good partying. and in san francisco this crowd has been gathering. it's a good market for anyone with a ticket to sell as long as they sell fast. >> i will get you four end
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zones for you. $450 apiece. >> at an establishment on vanness avenue it's going to be a long week. so we began a visit to stewart and his name is mr. ticket. >> this is found money. that is what i think. found money. who would ever think saints would lose? >> whatever they are, the win caught plenty of people by surprising including retailers watching shelves empty this weekend. at sports authority in daily city, have you ever seen a resale manager almost cry? >> there is a call, we zront a single niners cap. >> imagine more customers than stuff to sell. we offered ryan patterson money for a shirt he was wearing. you can make money with tickets. >> maybe. >> doesn't matter?
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>> i'm a fan. >> some walked in with four seats to sell receiving triple value. >> this is six tickets. very two more. >> you're going to go? >> good chance i'm going to go. >> and a woman offered to sell $9,000 apiece. >> half a people of the town fantasize reality never sets in this town. >> and such are the simp dwroms of football fever and maybe you thought you were cleared. maybe not. >> i would sell anything niners. >> you deal with them? i go nuts this, is why i should take drugs and drink. but i don't. >> there this may go on a while. you can buy the seats and a lot of places including 49ers beginning on wednesday. and there is craig's list and
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e may. strangest item is parking. $199 for a parking ticket space. >> and that is crazy. >> fans sharing their pride tonight. >> take a look. there is a tiny fan ready to cheer on sunday. >> and and that is pretty cute. >> young at heart as well like this 88-year-old grandfather. >> and to share your freed up load your video and e mail photos. it's an exciting time. and share your excitement with us. >> we're wondering what is
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forecast going to be like for sunday? >> there is swampy field conditions which concerns me. and there is a live view now of dry conditions around the bay area. there is this clear, and chilly night. talk about chilly? how about morning. temperatures lows dropping down. there is a record low for this date tying record low of 20 degrees dropped to 21 in clear lake and napa county there. is a low of 20 in fairfield. there is 22 in livermore, right now down to 40 degrees in nappa. 41, fairfield. so soon, several locations will be into 30s already. and there is a freeze warning in affect for tonight and tomorrow morning. sunny skies and cool tomorrow into afternoon.
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and there is a rainy pattern developing on wednesday night and will be with us throughout the weekend. okay. tonight's lows expecting temperatures dropping to 20 in napa tonight. 22 in jant rosa. 21 in fairfield. 23 livermore, 29 morgan hill. notice just above 30 degrees around the bay. so it's going to be cold area wide. and there is a a stormy wattern breaking through and there are rainy conditions five days in a row. forecast at 10:00 wednesday morning and at which point rain is mainly north and just north z later in the day we'll see rain pushing down, rain spreading to all parts of the bay area, and same thing friday. heavy and then, a little bit of a break saturday. saturday afternoon and there is rain vee developing overnight saturday and sunday.
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finally, snow into the sierra over the weekend. there are sunny skies into low 50s. in most locations around the bay area, milder father south. highs into mid-50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is rain moving in monday night. and heavy at times, there is a break late saturday. rain likely sunday. not talking about down pours throughout the day but we do expect periods of rain maybe some locally heavy down pours meaning sloppy playing condition autos we're looking at warmer temperatures. >> that is true. >> coming up next, a martin luther king day appeal for economic justice. >> and why you may want to change your pass word to a popular online shopping site.
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you can see
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religious leaders commemorating a ceremony for martin luther king junior. hundreds of people attended the service step frtz city's mlk memorial. mayor ed lee told the crowd he owes his career to dr. king. >> i know as a civil rights attorney, as a student of history and as mayor here i would never have had this opportunity without work of dr. martin luther king junior. >> the service ended with a call for attendees to honor
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his legacy. >> and activists use king holidays to highlight economic injustice in america. occupy protests took place nationwide, including san francisco. and this event had special meaning. >> martin luther king junior has a dream all people can enjoy a high quality of life. we believe what this occupy movement has been attempting to do. >> and foreclosures are much worse for black people. i'm under foreclosure, all of us are suffering. >> i want mid daughter to be part of the day of service. and as a day on and we need to get active in the community. >> organizers are calling for an immediate moratorium.
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they'd like to see firms that profited put that money back into communities nationwide. >> and when we come back tonight the northern california couple stepped in when a ship captain didn't. they helped evacuate a cap sized cruise liner. >> this race has deagain rated into an onslaught of attack autos jon huntsman explains why he's bowing out for the republican presidential nomination. >> and a little ship that could coming to the aid of a frozen town in alaska.
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oork the cruise ship traj yesterdayy in it alley is evolving into a potential environmental crisis as well.
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crews are now working on a plan to remove 500,000 gallons of fuel before it begins to leak. today the cruise line's ceo claim blames the captain for running the ship aground. >> the captain decided to change rules and he went into water. >> the captain is in jail tonight facing charges of manslaughter. he is the -- says the wreck was not his fault saying the charts did not show the reef that sunk his ship. >> from what we saw, it was every man for them self autos what would you like to say from the captain this morn something. >> what a coward you are. >> authorities say a total of 29 people are still miss including two americans from minnesota. >> and two of the survivors of from northern california z tonight their family is
6:31 pm
calling for heroes for the way they helped others get off the ship. >> my mom will put others before her. i don't know what happened. if she just stayed on the ship for other people. >> gairld was upset over the weekend when hearing news about his parents. they own a consignment store in placerville. but then he was relieved. they are among the survivors of the cruise ship that ran aground and sank. >> they're like... pretty upset, i guess. and they were just like wanting to assure me they're going to be okay. ways scared. >> they were watching a magic show on the ship. something went wrong. >> there is a huge boom. and this is thought waits an electrical problem. and this went down hill from
6:32 pm
there. >> his sister got a call about the dream cruise ending abruptly and deadly, for some. >> there weren't enough life boats for everyone. they waited until boats came back for a second time. >> and while waiting she refused a life jacket. >> she was giving them away to elderly, and people in wheelchairs. >> the lynches got ashore but hadn't ruled out other options had staying on the ship gotten more dangerous. >> my mom said would have done that if all else failed. >> what? >> slam add shore. >> the lynches hope to get on a flight back home tight night. their son doesn't think this will stop them from going on other cruises. in placerville abc 7 news. >> carnival corporation estimates the disaster could cost the company $95 million just in lost revenue not
6:33 pm
including what it's insh sureance will cover and lawsuits. that is estimated to, by analysts to be up to $1 billion. stock markets in the u.s. closed but shares fell in london by 16% today. the biggest drop in 11 year autos oil prices rose from lowest revel lefts in almost four weeks after a threat from iran, vowing to shut down a route use bid the fifth of the world's oil supply if sanctions are imposed over the nuclear weapon program. iran says it would cause a shock to markets no country could manage. and oil minister says all they have to do is turn valves to makeup for lost production. >> this is to respond to emergencies world wide.
6:34 pm
and to customer demands. that is the focus. our focus is not on stopping for production. >> he doubts iran will be able to shut down the straight because in his words the world would not stand for that. >> and there were five. a field got smaller today. john huntsman announced he is pulling out. >> i believe it's time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat barack obama. >> that is mitt romney. and surprisingly romney was not in the room when huntsman endorsed him. bad blood isn't the only reason for that. >> being branded or embraced by the moderate candidate was
6:35 pm
probably not something he was looking forward to. >> romney did issue a written statement to salute huntsman, thanking him for his friendship and support. >> and police in heelsberg reopened books on a decades-old homicide because of a serial murder trial underway in marin county. a 78-year-old being tried for killings of four women in northern california. two in 19 70s and two in early 90s, while searching for evidence investigators found a hand written list, graphic descriptions of three of the victims along with seven other women. one note mentions heelsburg. police are now comparing his dna with evidence collected in the mufrder from the 1980s. they have not yet given the victim -- they say they don't want to give families false hopes so they've not said which case they've reopened. >> and anxious residents of the city in alaska are able to
6:36 pm
relax a bit. crews should begin piping in fuel. and there is a massive november storm iced it in. and working on the ice has risk autos they're looking for ice and. >> because of the increased cost of having the field transported and then, hike in through the tank farm whether or not it's going to cost more. >> officials were set to begin pumping fuel but work must be beginning in daylight. and this is just a window of opportunity. >> the living culture taking shape along the bay. >> it's designed to blend in with its environment. we'll be back. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown
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then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. what they call a living sculpture is taking place along the water in sausalito. >> willow brampbls and sticks being transneermd a work of art.
6:40 pm
>> willow branches and sticks creating a structure that is grand. resembling an old hut. or a bird nest. the sculpture has an environmental sensibility. >> i like the quality i can pull out of it. and illusion s cast. i had to figure out what birds and beavers knew is that there is a method of janing. they entangle. >> willows that look defiant but succumbing to the breeze. the pieces from a willow tree farm. he says it's important it doesn't like man made. he knows the look he wants but nudging is set in stone. or willow. >> we do a little bit of free drawings. we lay it on the ground. and then from there there is ad libing. trying to figure out what
6:41 pm
looks good. >> and he will make it safe for people to walk in here. >> coming inside unexpected. a sense of discovery. and. >> this is a illusion of freedom and play. and the kind of sense of excitement and architecture. and there is bends and turns and it can feel enlivened. >> the piece was here for several years. and this one lasted long. the grand opening is friday afternoon. at the museum abc 7 news. >> why you need to change your pass word. >> the washington machine
6:42 pm
flood that did $31,000 of damage.
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>> if you use online retailer zappos, your personal information may have been stolen. criminals got names, e mail addresses phone numbers and last four digits of credit card numbers and stole account pass words but zappos says those were encrypted. zappos is asking all customers to reset pass words. >> buying a home can be one of the biggest thrills in lifetime. it can be a huge headache if something break autos one couple had a disaster before they moved into their new home. >> and michael finney stepped in to help out. >> goitsing through just making a place of our own. >> billy and kristin were excited to move into their first home together in this complex. >> something building together that was special and we're
6:46 pm
painting walls and getting furniture. >> they bought this new washer drier from sears. the store sent a crew and the yim was ready to move into the place. until... disaster struck. >> a quarter until midnight there is a phone call saying that we're flooding the unit below us. i thought, we're not there. >> they rushed over and found a puddle under their new washing machine. tiger says water leaked through this wall under the floors, and into the unit below. >> it wasn't -- we hadn't done a load of laundry and it's already flood oogt couple contacted sears and the store replaced the hose on the washer. that stopped the leak. however, their new home was already damaged. they had to pull out a wall, the stove behind it, and the bamboo floor covering the first floor. repairs costing nearly
6:47 pm
$30,000. >> you've got a new place. and you can start moving in except wait, wait. have you to replace the flooring. >> they did move in but it was a tough way to start a new life. here, furnitures pushed to one side. second floor served as living or dining room and tiger says sears won't pay for damages until determining the cause of the leak. >> back and forth with whose fault is it?. >> 10 months passed. tiger says the couple had no money from repair autos we knew we needed to reach out for help. >> we contacted sears. it looked into this case and weaks -- weeks later the couple received a huge belated wedding gift. 29,000s frdz sears. the retailer selling -- telling 7 on your side it cannot discuss what happened here. the spokesperson said the settlement is confidential, therefore, i kt comment on details in this case.
6:48 pm
tiger and kristin didn't hesitate. they hire aid crew right way to put in a new floor and wall. finishing touches almost done. and for this couple, it's not a moment too soon. >> i feel like i can move in. >> now, are for damaged unit below, tiger says the bank own that's condo and stepped up to make repairs. no word on who will foot the bill there f you have a problem let me know about it go. to abc 7 i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> and let's get one last check of the cold forecast. >> and there is very cold is an understatement. and there is freeze warning and temperatures dropping into teens and 20s inland. freeze damage to systems is a possibility. there is weather this cold and there may be patches of ice and overpasses so be on the
6:49 pm
lookout for that. there is a pleasant day and cooler than conditions we saw. and milder in the south, highs into 60s. and low 50s across the board. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be dry and pleasant tomorrow. and rain arrives wednesday night continuing without a break except on saturday throughout the weekend meaning wet conditions for the big game. >> and thanks spencer. >> and dozens of people took advantage of sunny weather to head outside z heed the call to volunteer. and groups spanned out to pull weeds and pickup truck trash. there is a group that worked on a hillside. >> there is members of the community you can clean up.
6:50 pm
>> they contacted us about the trash and all of the weeds that have been growing. we're partnering with the neighborhood for mlk day. >> department of public works sponsored similar events throughout san francisco. nice way to spend the holiday. >> coming up next, savoring saturday victories. >> there is a great win. and there is a the secret to their amazing @ama
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6:53 pm
join me tonight nudging in the medicine cabinet is working. a strain of tuberculosis tuberculosis now resistant to drug autos then at 11:00 listening to tunes on the ipod is great. it's what you can't hear that could cause a serious injury. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and on to sports. there is not much else to talk about. >> what a game that was. >> and everybody is still talking about it. i think everybody is still in shock probably including players over the 49ers game. if you talk with anyone in preseason, let's go back a few months here. to nobody, could have picked 49ers. and they enjoyed victory over
6:54 pm
paints and now, look ahead to new york giants. >> with that catch, 49ers since 1998. this was the signature game driving his team down. >> there is great mental toughness. a way to be focused and loose and in the most-pressure situations. >> there is a career gain with a post season record 180 yards. he wanted the ball. >> i expect myself to make plays and step up. you know? when the team needs help. and this is what i'm here for. >> the defense forced five turn overs starting with a knockout punch on the same first drive. >> i am going to let them get
6:55 pm
into the end zone. and momentum changes. >> the 49ers made a statement saturday with this victory. >> we go out and play with the best. and beat the best. and going have to do-to-do it again. >> and there is a wicked fight that is in our guys. >> and there is a now it's time to get ready for the games against the giants. >> and 49ers on a role, so are the giants. just a month ago a lot of people wanted to fire the head coach. giants had to win just to make playoffs now, here come g men suddenly riding a four-game winning streak. and showing they're hoping to
6:56 pm
relive the season when giants last won the super bowl. >> it's from playing good football. that is when everybody is exciting with the team and there is both sides of the ball. and they're getting stops. and things are clicking and it's a great feeling. >> college football assistant coach is leaving to join the staff at the university of washington. and top recruits committed to cal and are now said to be reevaluating. >> the 2012 a's barely recognizable for fans at this point. two more pitchers traded to require a bat. seth smith from colorado coming to oakland. smith is an outfielder spent
6:57 pm
five seasons with rickies and had power with 15 homers and there are a's 10 pitchers through california both were part time starters. and australian open second seat taking on alex. and does not slow down the forehand. and if you're wondering niners two and a half points favorites over giants. >> wonderful. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here have a great night oo. thank you thanks for watching. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪
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