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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  January 19, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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can i try yours? closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. police investigating a bizarre accident this morning. suv drove into a subway tunnel at church and duboce streets forcing the system to shutdown
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for two hours. amy what has happened to the driver? >> reporter: he's okay. he wasn't hurt. he has been arrested on suspicion of dui. muni officials say it could have been so much worse. see this outbound train? that's where he went in. he could have had ahead on collision with a muni train. employees saw it happening, but they didn't believe it. >> when we did realize what he was doing it was like no it can't be, not this morning. he went in >> reporter: an suv going 40 miles per hour, went into the muni tunnel at church and duboce, before 6 a.m.. employees stopped trains and ran in after it. tyrone julian took pictures of the end result, a crashed suv located two city blocks deep within the portal. julian says the driver appeared to be drunk. >> the only thing he said was that i'm not from here. >> reporter: and you said?
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>> well, we can see. >> reporter: transportation officials had to shutdown the n line in both directions creating a mess for morning commuters. >> they will get it squared away. it is not going to be snappy. one of those days we have to make due. >> reporter: making do wasn't so easy there were s getting a spot on the bus was tough. >> it was backed i couldn't get on the 710 i came to catch the n. that's not running. got to love it, idiot. >> frustrating going to be late to work. >> reporter: muni has had problems with people driving in the tunnel before. crews dealing with this mess shooed a confused driver away they put up signs warning people to stop, obviously, it didn't work this morning. >> in my 22 years i've never seen anyone go into the tunnel like he did and go that far. >> reporter: the suv is still
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in there. they are going to wait until after midnight when service stops to pull it out. right now it is to the side. they have a switch this there that is damaged. trance are going slowly through that area. they say -- trains are going slowly through that area. they are going to be slowly down so prepare for that. they will make the repairs overnight when services shutdown. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will make his first court appearance in a few hours from now on domestic violence charges. yesterday his wife eliana lopez went on a venezuelan radio station discussing the case against mirkarimi. she claims the charges are politically motivated and she is standing by her husband. lopez told a neighbor mirkarimi abused her during an argument on new year's eve. the neighbor took video of a bruise on lopez's arm. mirkarimi says he will fight the charges and will not resign as sheriff.
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>> rain is here. maybe not are, but in the north bay at least >> let's check in with mike now. first live look at the mount tam camera in marin camera, it is . it does look a little damp. >> up 2800 feet definitely wet we are waiting for a lot to fill into the lower elevations. you can see radar returns between i-80 highway 4 and also 24 and heading into the central valley behind me the marin county coast, sonoma county coast latest update you can see impressive radar returns from sea ranch down to bodega bay, santa rosa, that wholer that is the slow southern migration of the storm you can see the back edge of the precipitation getting ready to move through crescent city. it is making its move to the south. it will be here in the afternoon in the north bay rest of us during the evening commute in is the first of two
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storms, a stronger one comes tomorrow. bad weather in the northwest is stranding travelers at sfo and oakland airport. southwest, alaska and united airlines have been forced to cancel flights to and from seattle because of freezing rain and snow. airport officials are monitoring the situation, delays expected throughout the day. >> travelers are advised to check before heading to the airport. republican presidential race down to four after rick perry dropped out today. he made announcement in south carolina two days ahead of the gop primary there. perry ended the race in august and jumped to the top in the poll, a series of poor debate performances and gaffes saw his popularity plummet. perry says he decided to suspend his campaign after concluding there wasn't a viable path forward for him. >> i ran for president because i love america. i love our people. i love our freedom.
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as a matter of fact, this mission is greater than any one man. >> newt gingrich should be basking in the glow after getting perry's endorsement as perry dropped out. also surging numbers for gingrich in south carolina. but it is overshadowed by dark accusations this morning from an ex-wife. she smoke with abc news. katie marzullo -- show spoke with abc news. katie she said newt gingrich asked for what? >> reporter: first time she is talking since 1999 and saying newt asked her for an open marriage. >> i said newt, we've been married a long time. and he said, yes but you want me all to yourself. list doesn't care what i do. -- cal list that doesn't care what i do. >> reporter: newt gingrich's second ex-wife is revealing intimate details from their marriage that don't paint a
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flattering picture of the presidential hopeful. >> he was asking to have an open marriage and i refused. >> he wanted an open marriage? >> yeah, that i accept the fact that he has somebody else in his life. >> and you said? >> no. no. that is not a marriage. >> reporter: newt gingrich responded preemptively this morning on nbc. >> i'm not going to say anything neglect give marianne. >> reporter: his adult daughters from his first marriage echoed that statement and added this: the failure of a marriage is a terrible and emotional experience for everyone involved. our father regrets any pain he mauve caused in the past to people he loves. his daughters question the timing of the interview. noting their dad is gaining ground in south carolina, according to a recent cnn poll and the primary there is just two days away. the full brian ross interview with newt gingrich's second
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ex-wife marianne is scheduled to air tonight on "nightline" at heaven:35, right after -- at 11:35, right after abc7 news at 11. mitt romney declared victory a couple weeks ago, the final vote count now shows that rick santorum finished ahead but he's not being declared the winner either. final tally shows santorum wound up with a 34 vote advantage over romney. republican officials are calling it a split discussion some votes from eight precincts are missing and weren't certified by yesterday's deadline. the state declared romney the unofficial vick for by eight votes. president obama stopped by the -- happeniest place on earth this morning to push for tourism. one of his opponents wasted no time taking a dig at him. the president announced it
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easier for tour -- newt gingrich who just saw a minute ago immediately went on the attack. >> >> the president: we want people visiting not just epcot center but everglades too. the more folks who visit america the more americans we get back to work. >> to close half of the magic kingdom for the purpose of a white house invitation down hall meeting o and phony main street on behalf of a phony president, just strikes me as weird. >> gingrich, campaigning in south carolina where the comments were made. he's going into saturday's republican primary trailing mitt romney by the way, disney owns abc7. greener kaiser. next the equipment change the health care giant is making to help protect environment and people.
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i'm terry mcsweeney live hot topic today is abolition of tuition. radical idea until yesterday when a nonradical and powerful man endorsed it. the story on the way. apple goes its abc's how the giant hopes to reinvent school textbooks.
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of california students and administrators have spent a lot of time disagreeing about tuition costs. they might have found common ground to drop tuition entirely. terry mcsweeney is live with more on this idea. >> reporter: the uc is the system that brought free speech now it may bring you free tuition. however, despite the idea of free tuition, this isn't free, it just delays payments. what may have been a surprise even to planned proponents mark yudof yesterday decided to take a close look at the plan. a group of students proposed that students at all uc campuses pay no tuition. >> charging students when they are making money makes sense. it is surprising this hasn't been pursued, at least in the united states. >> reporter: instead of tuition currently $12,000 per year students would pay 5% of
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their income for the first 20 years after graduation. >> shorten maybe 20 years is a while . >> reporter: for a graduate averaging $50,000 per year it means $50,000 over four decades. if you average $100,000 over that time you pay $100,000. some say it is better than borrowing your way through school. >> you have to take loans and then interest after that so if -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: one student prefers to pay as she goes not >> that way it is like you get the tuition over with rather than like however much and then like however much you make is a surplus. >> reporter: it is in the initial stages a lot of questions still to be answered, including students be allowed to opt-out and should you put
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a cap on how much students have to pay back? terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. staying with education. today apple launched new software in hopes of bringing digital textbooks to your children. displaying books with video and other interactive feature the announcement was made this morning at new york city's guggenheim museum. textbooks are subject to lengthy approval processes by states the idea if schools could skip buying expensive heavy books and use ipads instead. >> our entire education business is based on a unique understanding of teaching, learning and student achievement. we try to bring the same passion and energy that we put into every product we make and new technology into our education business as well. >> more than 3,000 schools around the country are already
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experimenting with ipads in the classroom. major textbook publishers have been making electronic versions of their products for years. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with that rainy forecast. >> rain moving into the north bay now going to move across the rest of our neighborhoods during the afternoon and evening. storm two could be more impressive looks like the game may be a little wet sunday. bay area companies that make the top 100 u.s. companies to work for. cucucucucu
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you can see and san francisco have spent near lay million dollars to make sure power stays on -- nearly a million dollars to make sure power stays on sunday. more than a mile of wire replaced computer software upgraded and faulty switch in the stadium has been fixed in the past month. you may remember two outages halted a monday night game last month. the incident a national embarrassment. we want to see your 9er pride this photo was sent to
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us. check out 16-month-old taylor's shirt. >> that is bigger than him. >> it is. he has big heart that's what it takes. it says 49ers future champs on the shirt. to share your pride upload the video on e-mail the foes -- e-mail the photos. meteorologist mike nicco has been watching game day weather are we going to stay dry, get wet? >> i think we'll get wet. back half of the game is when the system will move in. the best thing is for this first system to slow down a couple hours that would push everything back that's what we'll keep an on eye. good morning looking to the east north -- west-northwest from emeryville thicker clouds starting to take over the north bay and move into san francisco saw a few drops on the san francisco a -- on the sutro tower, sitting in
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the middle of moisture laden clouds. it is moving in quickly moderate shower now with a lot of light rain from bodega bay through the northern parts of sonoma county that's what the radar is showing. as we zoom out showing other returns that have moved across the bay sprinkles possible look at this in the last couple of right through you can see a little more impressiveness on the radar that is the wall of water coming in over the next couple of hours or so that will sink south and bring us all rain by the evening commute. right now upper 40s mid to upper 40s to 52. 51 now in monterey with mid to upper 40s [ unintelligible ] 39 in gilroy. three main parts of this weather forecast, afternoon and evening when our steadiest rain moves in with storm one.
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light rain overnight mild tomorrow when you step outside heavier rain and breezy conditions come tomorrow and the third system comes in sunday evening. heaviest rain through 3:00 steadiest north bay along the coast low to mid 50s there the rest of us mid to upper 50s monterey bay we saw sun earlier now clouds are gathering going to hold temperatures in upper 50s to around 60°. tonight 40s everywhere -- [ unintelligible ] scattered light rain around for your morning commute. still trying to breakthrough the area of high pressure over top of us right now this storm system will spin most energy -- most energy doing that. it will taper as it slides south during the afternoon and evening into the south bay notice yellows go away during the evening as the system rains in the south bay overnight scattered rain as we
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head towards tomorrow noon the rain stars to intensify the strongest rain -- starts to intensify. the strongest rain oranges and reds 8:00 tomorrow through midnight once that passes rain possible saturday morning then isolated showers possible saturday afternoon then it is over about one to three inches north bay, one to two inches north bay after half to an inch south bay. sunday the rain moves in the back half of the game handles around through monday's morning commute then the whole system shifts north and brings dry and warmer weather tuesday and wednesday sierra winter storm warning now it is snowing going to get interesting. take your chains. the nation's largest health care provider will announce a plan time prove the z0  i.v. equipment. kaiser permanente will switch to i.v. solution bags and i.v. tubing that don't contain two chemicals that are known to harm people and the environment. the making of one chemical
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creates dioxin pollution a carcinogen. kaiser says the choice will save i've million dollars a year and will push makers to change because of kaiser's buying power. do you work at google? if so lucky you. number one in the forbes magazine just released top 100 companies to work for list for 2012. other bay area companies net app ranks sixth. in -- there are other local companies honored core the complete list go to
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. from dirty ing to her dancing with the stars victory jennifer grey stops by the studio. then at 4:00, bovine luxury, one dairy farmer says it is worth it to give his cows water beds. teenage moms new report sheds light on the reason many never use contraceptives. from all of us here at abc7 news thanks for joining us. >> we don't have a water bed. lucky bovines who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> take your bed up to mount
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