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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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one said they would march rain or shine, marking the anniversary of roe v. wade and a woman's right to choose, and up the street, an anti-abortion group calling for the repeal of that decision. the walk due demonstrators young and old. >> it's important to show hire part of something larger. >> we've done it three years in a row now. just to show the kids we're a prolife family and to participate with other pro life people. >> the group at that time started at civic center marched peacefully down market street, holding signs and flanked by the sppd. >> the pro life movement is the movement of our generation. >> he escorted ten bus idaho of young people to san francisco for the rally. >> we just want to stand up and
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make a difference. >> there were only a handful of prochoice demonstrators and that may be because they have the court on their side. the group did find one more opportunity to clash. this starbucks had both coffee and spirited debate. >> abortion rights demonstrators were frustrated by the small showing both sides, even though they disagree, peaceful. police say there were no arrests or no displays of violence. >> pro choice supporters gathered at justin herman plaza today, honoring the anniversary of weighed roe v. wade and celebrated the recent passage of legislation. >> a shooting suspect may still be at large after a five-hour standoff in east lockland. authorities have broken the scene down now but earlier this
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afternoon cops surrounded a building, thinking the man they were looking for was inside. it's not clear if they found something. a small fire broke out in the building after the search, but fire officials say they dent know what started it. police say the man they're looking for shot two people in that neighborhood this morning. one of the victims is said to have life-threatening injuries. >> now to the niners. and preparations underway for the nfc championship game. >> the game means big money for not only candlestick park but for local businesses. lisa amin gulezian has that story. >> reporter: at lefty o'doole's, this weekend the beer order and staffing doubled. openers can't afford a repeat of last week, when the bar ran out of beer during the 49ers-saints game. long-time employees are noticing a new trend. >> this time people are making a whole thing of it. instead of just going to the game and going home. they're coming to the city, staying in the city. >> the operative word is city.
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san francisco is getting the economic boost it needs. restaurants and hotels are benefiting from the out of town fans and their money. >> january, a little after the holidays, a little slower, but with these kinds of activities and this kind of event, we're definitely seeing the needle move. >> and sports fans need merchandize. major retailers have reportedly sold out of 49ers jersey and t shirts. now independent vendors are popping up all over town. >> the only place we have one -- been able to buy 49ers paraphernalia. we feel like the whole city is pumped up and having fun on it. >> at mission mini's bakery, the head baker is creating 49ers inspired cupcakes. >> they're chocolate. >> orders for the cup caiks are up 5 to 10%. very they're making hundreds today for pickup tomorrow.
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>> ever since the last game i have noticed people are like, i want red frosting, gold sprinkles. anything that is 49ers has boosted the business. >> the 49ers win the super bowl, those in the travel association say the economic benefit will keep on coming, meaning san francisco will be high on people's radar when it comes to choosing a vacation spot and convention destination. in san francisco, candlestick park, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> the 49ers and the nfl adopted what they're calling extraordinary security measures for sunday's game. several new orleans saints fans complained about poor behavior of some of the niner fans. we're told undercover police officers will be dressed as new york giants fans, giant ticketholders will be given a card how to contact authorities and security cameras will be watching. >> mayor ed lee is questioning whether the sheriff can do his
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job while battling domestic violence charges. he intends to speak with him about possibly stepping aside while the charges are heard in court. so far the sheriff says he will continue at his post. he faces three misdemeanor charges stemming from an alleged new year's argument with his wife. >> a stung victory for news gingrich, declared the winner of the south carolina presidential primary. >> what happened? he was supposed to -- i thought he was going to stay? >> i think he had to go to debate central. >> gingrich and mitt romney spoke at the same restaurant. the former massachusetts governor lost 15 points off this lead since the dewait and lost no time comparing gingrich and president obama. >> president obama has no experience running a business and noer and residence running a state. our party can't be led to victory by someone who also had never run a business and never run a state.
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[applause] >> the next primary is in florida, in ten days, as he did once in south carolina, romney right now is a 21-point lead over gingrich. >> the iowa republican party is confirming that rick santorum is the official winner of the caucuses, mitt romney was believed to be the initial winner,. >> a brush fire that destroyed 29 homes near reno has finally been contained. fire officials surrounded the fire morning. all evacuations have been lifted and u.s. 93 has re-opened. authorities say an elderly man admitted to accidentally starting the fire on thursday when he improbably dumped ashes at his home. >> last night's heavy rains caused big problems for one east bay neighborhood. >> after a dry winter, there's finely snow in the sierra. a live report coming up. >> changes ahead for muni riders that could affect you for the
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new next few years. >> here's the story. a break tonight and then get ready for rain for the game tomorrow. i'll show you the timing of it coming up in just a bit. go
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>> last night's heavy rains left a big mess in a community. residents still have access but power was knocked out to 166 homes in the neighborhood. repair crews are working to fix the road and restore electricity. >> members of the "occupy" movement are in a library on the berkeley campus, making sure the library stays open. while they need a place to study, occupiers also want to make this point. >> this is a public university. and who determines what does or
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doesn't stay open on this campus. fundamentally should not be the decision of a set of administrators or bureaucracies who have joan -- overseen the taking away of public education. >> occupiers say it's not fair the fees are being skyrocketed. tonight the "occupy" mom has left the cathedral hill hotel in san francisco. there were a few security guards at the front of the hotel this morning. that wasn't the case last night when occupiers broke inside the back door and stayed inside two hours, throwing objects at police. two officers were injured and five protesters were arrested. >> construction on the central subway project is forcing two muni buses to change their routes. the stockton lines have been rerouted to sutter street. the changes are effected to be
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in effect for four years. the subway is expected to be open in 2019. >> finally, we're get something snow in the sierra. we'll have a live report. >> the wintry weather slams the nieves. >> a look at what's in storm form for the big game. >> mike: nfc championship. sounds good. well, super bowl sounds better and that's on the line at the stick. somebody has to stick up to the game. the giants will be keying on vernon davis after last week. who might excitement.
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>> good news for skiers, yesterday's storm finally brought snow to the sierra. the director of communications at heavenly is live on the mountain. how many runs are open up there? >> winter is back and we couldn't be more excited. we have 30 runs open right now. we received 20-inches of new snow in the last 24 hours. received 12 inches at north star, and it's really happening augment what we already have on the ground thanks to the fantastic snowmaking system. so, great conditions out here. they're getting even better. we're expecting another foot in
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the next -- on sunday into monday. so conditions are going to be awesome up here. we hope everybody comes out and joins us on the mountain. >> we understand rain was kind of some disappointing news, but how much more snow do you feel like you guys need before all of tahoe is in full swing? >> you know, most resorts need about three to four feet on the ground to cover up the rocks and stumps that might be under some of the trails. so, again, hard to -- the snowmaking systems and what a big differentiator. we can put two or three feet on the ground and then the snow is adding on top of that. >> thanks a lot. up on heavenly tonight. thanks for being with us. >> again, plenty of fresh powered to go around in the sierra. these are pictures from mammoth mountain down south, 17-inches of snow fell overnight. they have gotten at least nine more inches since then so a total of 28 inches over the last
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48 hours. >> a blast of winter also roared through the midwest before making its way into the northeast today. >> here's the story. >> the wolf of winter has shed its sheeps' clothing, winter storm is snarling its way across 1,000 miles, leaving up to nine inches of snow from iowa to indiana. snow morers and elbow grease had trouble keeping up. >> across the street. it's cold and wet and everything is sticking and i don't like it. >> major northeast cities are now in jaws of the cold winter bite. >> have to deal with mother nature. >> tons of salt were put out against tons of snow, but it was mostly no contest. >> brutal. >> gridlock, they should have been driving under a caution flag. freezing rain and ice completed
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the portrait in peril. and hundreds of flights were grounded or delayed. in philadelphia, the city of brotherly love was slowed almost to a still life but not everyone had the winter blues. >> you like the snow? >> yes. >> what do you like about it? >> get to play. >> abc news. >> leigh glaser joins us. look at our forecast. >> leigh: hi, you guys. just taking a look at live doppler 7hd right now. much of the rain has moved on out of the picture. so, yes, get ready for slight drying or brief break this evening, as a little bit of high pressure builds in overnight tonight with the clouds in association with storm two will move in tomorrow morning. currently 48 degrees for santa rosa. novato, 48. 50 in san francisco. los gatos, 47. antioch right now, 50. here is a look at some of hour
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highlights. we're in a brief break tonight. watch out for a little bit of that patchy valley fog developing overnight. increasing rain and wind likely tomorrow, and looks like very heavy rainfall will move in overnight, monday night -- overnight, sunday night, monday morning, and then after that looks like the dry pattern will return and also mild temperatures as we head into the middle part of next week. overnight lows tonight as the cloud start to move in, we'll look for upper 30s in some locations. napa, 39. 46 for san francisco. half moon bay, 39. 39 for antioch as well as livermore, 38, and san jose, 39 degrees. here is a look at the forecast for tomorrow. go ahead and count on it. rain and wind for the game. temperaturewise, 56 to 52 degrees. southerly winds wick pin -- will pick up with gusts as high as
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possibly 25 miles-per-hour. this is a brief break this evening and you can see the secondary cold front, strong area of low pressure, and will thicken our clouds tomorrow morning and bring us rain could be heavy at times throughout the game tomorrow, as well as early monday morning. let's take a look at the timing. you notice the cloud racing in overnight. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. rain starting to move in. 1:00. as you arrive at the stick. that's when the showers start continue crease. and then throughout the course of the game. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, bands and bands of showers move in, some of which could be heavy. 10:00, some starts to thin out tomorrow night, and then the low is going to start to move in check out the 3:00 a.m. monday morning, very heavy rainfall moving across the bay area, right on in through the commute hour monday morning, by monday afternoon all of this will move out and we'll start to dry out.
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while we are getting the rain, it translates to more snow in the sierra. boreal over a foot of snow. expecting an additional foot. one to two feet above the 7,000-foot level. the winter storm watch is in effect sunday night through monday morning. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. prepare for wet. we may see a few breaks. gametime here and there, but really the wind is going to pick up. this front is going to move in, so it's going to be a wet, wet game tomorrow. muddy field. temperatures 50s. mid-to-low 50s. so we have the rain, the wind tomorrow. afternoon clearing on monday. and then after that, sunny and mild conditions, but temperatures moving back into the 60s. but, you know, we won't melt. >> we needed the rain. >> it will be fine. >> the question is, shu, how much will the weather impact the 49ers' game plan. >> it's advantage offense bows -- because they know where they're going.
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once the game starts both teams have to deal with the same elements so it's a tossup. but conference championship games, guys are the toughest to win because this is the game to get you in the super bowl. down the final four. patriots and ravens, giants and 49ers. vernon davis will not repeat his performance fromme -- from last week. the g-men will be doubling him. someone else has to step up, frank gore or michael crabtree. my guess is frank gore. and michael crabtree also has to step up his game. >> it's not normal for me to drop the ball. two or three drops, it haunted me. i couldn't sleevment but at the same time just got to put that behind you. >> the focus has been good this week, and this team's razor
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sharp all week. one of our better, if not best weeks of preparation. >> i think all the guys feel better this week than last week. i think the bye week and the first playoff game, maybe a little more -- and then this week, this week obviously -- [inaudible] >> mike: the giants left new york today. you see them arriving here in san francisco about 5:30 p.m. they're the hottest team in the postseason, winning their last four, including the packers. last week, in green bay. eli manning is driving this explosive, welsh balanced phones gut has a lot of respect for the 49er defense. >> they make 0 lot of big plays on defense, and obviously their offense builds off that in scoring points so from an offensive standpoint we have to understand, we have to be very sound, and everybody's mechanics have to be perfect. >> mike: the 3:30 kickoff and i can't believe the giants didn't
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leave until today, especially with a three-hour time zone difference. >> sharks on the road facing the team that eliminated them last year, that would be vancouver. fourth meeting between the teams. mcgin showing the sharks bent. couture breaks free. takes out luongo. tied at1. couture can score and play goal you. sedin denied. the game is tied at 3. the deflection, and the sharks will drop their second straight, 4-3 the final. >> pac-12 college hoops, stanford at washington. this game all huskies. the great drive and finish. washington up 6. row ton howd 21. now up eight. stanford gets swept by the washington teams, 76-63.
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usf taking on portland after leading by nine. dons up two. the steal puts it back up. led the dons with 15. last chance for portland. down three. but can only manage two. dons win it 72-71. >> australian open. serena williams in the third round. first set, williams with a booming fore hand winner. will yowms -- will yowms won the first set. showing off the powerful return. second set. aarn down 3-1. that sets up match point, and greta misses. >> indiana pacers mascot boomer doing his routine at the high school in indiana. shatters the backboard.
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not many high schools have spares laying around. had to finish the game playing only half court. >> going to be great game tomorrow. >> so, should normally the opposing team gets here a couple days early. >> get used to the field, the time zone. it's unheard of. >> eli mannings health. >> he has a little stomach flu. so both will be fine. nothing gets in the way of the nfc championship. >> just ahead, get ready for chinese new year and ringing in the year of the dragon.
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>> many people are hoping this is the year of the 49ers in the asian culture it's the year of the dragon. >> crowds packed the plaza to shop for gifts. the bazaar is held withmer chants and a little soft shoe. the new year is officially celebrated on monday. >> that looks like fun. that will do it for us.
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