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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> 49er fever is on the rise. >> no doubt fans are. ad up for the game, but there was a call for all fans to be mindful of their behavior. don't get out of hand but have a good time. we're live with how it's going so far. >> reporter: well, no serious problems. maybe some garden variety issues that cop up at games.
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fans got hands on last minute tickets worth several hundred dollars. police out here to prevent scalping, and people sell sg counterfeit gooding and making sure visiting fans are not excessively abused or harassed. [shouting] >> the 49er faithful were fired up on a cold, nasty day outside candlestick. stoked by the prospect that their team has a shot at the super bowl. >> a battle against the weather. we're confident the niners are going to play well, and the weather is certainly not going to stop them. >> shortly after the parking lots opened, the skies opened up. the city crews were on stand by to make sure the lots didn't turn into lakes. when san francisco police patrolled the lot with officers in uniform and dressed as giant
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fans in a sting operation to prevent abusive behavior. >> how has the reception been here? >> i'm a cop. >> we respect them as opponents, but i -- we're here to win. a business trip, we're going 1-0. >> some niner fans were having none of it. >> how many rings you got. >> how many rings? >> four. hold on, hold on. >> let me remind you. we'll be right there, baby. we'll be right there. >> for the most part there was peaceful co-existens. there is a kinder, gentler rivalry between this san francisco couple. dan is a niners fan, his wife is from new york. >> dissed me when i first moved to san francisco, he said it's okay to cheer for the giants. >> i said she could keep her team, even the really we're a niners family. >> no! >> we'll see. they're going to live out here. they're niner fans.
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>> going to be an interesting dinner at their house. police handed out cards to giants fans with information to call police, text them if they were harassed in the crowd. and there's extra cameras here to prevent that problem. all of the officers scheduled have to work, no days off, and some shifted have been extented to handle the post game crowd. >> that harassing can go both ways. local bars opened up early for football fans who wanted to catch the afc championship game first. [cheering] >> yes, then they hung around for the niners game. this is the scene at the final final in san francisco. some people say they have been planted at the bar since 11:00 this morning. >> the big game between the niners and the giants is well underway.
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>> and our nfl veteran and super bowl champ -- i think the wants us to introduce them hat. >> mike: the crowd is rocking. the niners got the ball first. and then alex smith and vernon davis worked their million again. 73-yard touchdown in the first quarter. looked like vernon may have stepped out-of-bounds but not overturned. the giants respond, and eli manning with the touchdown. we'll have updates. >> it has has been the wettest weekend in recent memory in the bay area in san francisco, umbrellas were out as people shopped in union square. not a lot of rain fell but it was miserable without protection. the rain did not appear to effect traffic on these side of the bay bridge today at vehicles whizzed by the cameras with ease. no reports of major accidents or injuries.
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and for the latest on the storm pouring in right now, let's talk to meteorologist leigh glaser. any end to the rain? >> leigh: an area of low pressure is going to move in overnight tonight, and that's when the rain is going to start to pick up, and we're going to see some very, very gusty winds, especially south of the golden gate bridge. the live doppler 7hd very active right now. it has been off and on rain all day long. this is near the stick. you can see this band of rain right here moving in towards the golden gate bridge. san francisco, daly sitting, san bruno, and the stick in the next five to ten minutes. so more rain expected there. some heavy rain right now. just moving to the east as napa heading up towards the fairfield area as well as dixon, and we have some moderate rain, alamo, san ramon, and livermore valley area, and rain pushing into the cust by accept -- santa cruz.
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this is the band of showers that moves in, and in the low back here and that's going to race in tonight to bring us rain, heavy at times. we'll take a look at the timing in a bit. >> thank you. crews in oakland continue to make repairs to a portion of road that gave way after friday night's heavy rain. a chunk of the road collapsed when the ground gave way and crumbled on to the street below. more than 100 neighbors were left without power and water. crews are continuing to work on repairs to one of the water linessed damaged in the collapse. there's no word on when water service will be restored. >> tonight, president obama is describing arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords as an inexpression. she announced her resignation earlier today. giffords says she intends to step down to concentrate on recovering from wounds she suffered in a shooting last january and posted this on her facebook page. thank you for your prayers and giving me time to recovery. i have more work to do on my
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recovery so to do what is best for arizona, will step down from congress this week. she also posed a video and spoke about the shooting. >> i don't remember much from that horrible day. but i will never forget the trust you had in me to be your voice. >> a special election will be held to fill the remainder of her term but she i vowing to return. nancy pelosi responded to the resignation, quote: >> pelosi says giffords is an inspiring symbol of courage to millions of americans. >> san francisco sheriff has a court date tomorrow on charges of domestic violence. he faces three misdemeanor accountants related to an alleged domestic violence incident with his wife on new
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year's. he says he will not resign as sheriff. >> coming up, sweet 16 party in the east bay ends in a hail of bullets. >> just gunshots went off. >> a neighbor describes the moments just before six young people were shot. >> stunned and silent. how the college campus is remembering joe pat male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. it's got tender white meathicken.
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>> six young people, including a 13-year-old boy, are recovering today after being shot at a birthday party in antioch. police say 80 people were at the sweet 16 party when a fight broke out in the garage between two groups. officers say it quickly
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escalated into a shootout. the neighbor says some kids were drinking alcohol and things got out of control. >> it was hostile. kids were acting stupid. running around. like 40-50 kids inside of a garage, and they were partying, and after that it just started getting wild. >> one victim was taken by helicopter to a hospital and had surgery for a leg wound. the other five have less serious wounds. police say the victims range in age from 13 to 21 and no arrests have been made. >> oakland police are searching for a gunman who gave officers the slip during a standoff. police responded to the report of a double shooting. a family argument may have led to the shooting. the suspect barricaded himself inside a commercial building for five hours. when the s.w.a.t. team finally entered he wasn't there. shortly after the barricades came down, fire broke out inside of the building. investigators believe it was caused by flash grenade used by the s.w.a.t. team. >> in east palo alto she search
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is on for two men accused of shooting another man in a bank during an attempted robbery. the two men preached -- approached a 53-year-old man and demandedman. the victim walked away but was shot. >> remembering joe pa teche -- paterno. >> he had a great impact on this campus and the world. >> the college says his legacy will live on. >> are we in for a wet start to the week ahead? leigh glaser will let you know when we come back. excitement.
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>> there's a new alternative to smoking medical more. a british drug company developed a mouth spray developed from raw marijuana. the drug is the world's first pharmaceutical that does not use medical equivalent to marijuana.
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they hope to get fda approval by 2013 for the drug to be used by americans as a treatment for cancer pain. >> long-time penn state coach joe paterno died of lung cancer. he was a famous figure at pennstate for almost half a century but a child sex abuse seasonal lid to his dismissal. he won more football games than any other college support. >> reporter: it seemed appropriate that those who loved joe paterno would come straight here to beaver stadium to say goodbye. >> who he was. what he lived by. tradition. >> the news came quickly that the long-time penn state football coach lost his battle with cancer. his family released a statement saying he died as he lived. he fought hard until the end and stayed positive, thought only of
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others and constantly reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been. his family goes on to say his amibitions were far reaching but he never believed he had to leave his happen valley to achieve them. he was devoted to his family, his university, his players, and his community. emotional penn state alumni agree. >> he represents penn state. he represents who we are. he brings us together. >> on paterno street, the barricades are up to give his family privacy. back at the statue that bears his likeness, this penn state community is praying for his family. >> he is a fighter. a nittany lion, and we love him, and his family. >> paterno's family said from his living legacy, he has 17 grandchildren and five children, two a student-athlete. joe paterno made an incredible impact. abc news. state college, pennsylvania.
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>> republican presidential candidates are in florida tonight campaigning in a political landscape upended by news gingrich's victory last night. gingrich pulled off an upset in south carolina that many experted did not believe possible. today gingrich said he objected to the timing of the release of an interview with an ex-wife on abc news. >> i'm running for president. people can criticize, question, challenge, but the way they did it was almost as the abc were an arm of the romney campaign, deliberately trying to set the stage and rig the game. >> mitt romney promised he would do better in the florida primary and took steps to erase a mistake he admits he made. >> i will release my tax returns for 2010, the last returns completed. i'll do that on tuesday of this week. i'll release tilt an -- at the same time an estimate for 2011. >> the florida primary is next
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tuesday on january 31st. >> it's time to check in with leigh and see how the weather is shaping up. >> leigh: we have a lot to get through before we start to dry up, and that will be monday afternoon. gray sky, the rain coming down across the bay area. right now. let's check in with live doppler 7hd. you can get a sense of what i'm talking about. wave after wave of moisture, continuing to develop off the coast, sweeping in, and folks at the game getting wet as well. you can see some showers moving into ocean beach, golden gate bridge, extending north towards mill valley, fairfax, berkeley right now is wet. all the way down towards san mateo and even san jose right now getting wet. the wind was kind of gusty earlier this morning. starting to calm down a little bit. especially in the north bay with calm wind in santa rosa. half moon by, gusts to 26. oakland, southeast at 20.
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concord, gusts to 2, and gusts out of the southeast at 31 miles-per-hour in san jose, and later this evening the winds will start to pick up as well all across the bay area. we have 40s north of the golden gate bridge. mid-to-low 50s yes. 51 in san francisco. 54 in livermore, and here's a look at the highlights. here's what you can expect. heavy rain and wind will arrive after night, from midnight to 4:00 a.m. that's going to be kind of the window of this heavier weather. we'll look for morning showers tomorrow morning, and then this thing moves out quickly, and tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, it we be dryer, this low off the coast is going to move right over the bay area, staying a little to the south of the golden gate bridge, and we'll continue to intensify our rain overnight, and also some very gusty winds.
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in fact wind advisory up for parts of the bay area for this evening. setting the stage right now, you can see some of the heaviest rain, this is 11:00 tonight. check out the yellow and the orange moving in toward the bay area. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, that's kind of the timing. but the heaviest moisture to move through. after that, and just in time for the monday morning commute, looks lying everything slowly starts to push on towards the south. 11:00, noon, 1:00, 2:00, few rain showers but that's it. so overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, and looks like we'll start to dry things out. storm work up for the sierra. an additional one to two feet above the 7,000-foot level likely. and a wind advisory beginning at 10:00 tonight, into early tomorrow morning. this is from san francisco, points south werd. that's where the low is going to track in the higher elevations there, there's a possibility of
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gusts to 55 miles-per-hour, and that could mean some downed trees and power lines. highs for monday as we start to see the clearing from north to south in the 50s. a little breezy. watsonville, 55. 56 for gilroy, and once the system passes through tonight, get ready for sunny and milder days ahead. we'll have some morning valley fog but that's it. in the 60s by thursday. >> thank you, leigh. >> niners still playing but we have one team headed to the super bowl. >> there was another game today. the ravens and patriots had chance to win but the ravens will be crowing in sorrow, not because of the dropped touchdown pass by
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it's bacon. honey look. [ male announcer ] progresso rich and hearty... 4 new flavors, you can lose yourself in. what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> mike: the 49ers and giants batting in the nfc game as we speak. niners took an early 7-0 lead on a pass by alex smith to davis. alex is 2-7 in the first half. the g-men respond with a drive resulting in a touchdown.
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then they kickedded a field goal the giants lead at the half. >> in the afc we will not have a harbaugh super bowl as the ravens are never more. john harbaugh looking to get to his first super bowl. joe flacco called out bit -- by hit teammates and he delivered. in the third, patriots up. then flacco to smith. breaks a tackle. ravens on top 17, 16. to the fourth. now 20-16 baltimore. patriots, fourth and goal, inside the one. brady catapults over the top and in. patriots back on top. then brady going deep. tipped. great pick by smith. brady, two enter semtions but the ravens would be forced to punt. 27 seconds left. ravens driving for the win. evans drops it. a sure touchdown pass, would have won the game. unbelieve everyone that's okay. they can still send it to
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overtime with this 32-yard field goal. >> 32 yards to tie it. and -- it's wide. it's no good. >> mike: are you kidding me? shanks the gimme. the patriots win 23-20. >> they laid it all out there. i laid it all out there. sometimes it's not just got enough. if you play long enough, you have games where things just didn't go your way. >> came up a little bit short. and 53 win and 53 lose, and i'm proud of the way we did it. didn't quite get it done. >> get a chance to redeem myself. i threw a couple picks a day but the defense stepped up, and it's a great team we played. hopefully we play better in a few weeks. >> patriots going to the super bowl. >> former penn state head coach joe paterno died of lung cancer this morning at the age of 85. the all--time winningest coach
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in history. won two national titles in his 46 years as head coach of the nittany lionses. but the sexual abuse scandal cost him his job. more than 250 of his former players went off to the nfl including matt miller. >> remember joe for what joe did. what joe did positive. and there's so many positive things, you can't even begin to count them. i think that to me is the biggest mark that coach pa teen e turn know has left. >> mike: from downtown under, the australian open. roger federer taming on tommic, the young australian up. federer takes the second set. now searching for the match. completely fools him. roger moves on to this 31st 31st grand slam quarterfinal. >> more from the afc title game at 6:00, and updates from the 49ers and giants. >> a look at 49ers pride cucu
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00, it's going to cost you more if you're going to the post office tomorrow. the rising cost of mailing a letter. >> ringing in the chinese new year, join us at 6:00.
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>> we want to see how your cheering on the 49ers. >> here's some fanatics out there. three-month-old twins who september is this picture. the little ones couldn't wait for the game. >> the fact they're both smiling. and mia may not be much bigger than a football but she is a big niners fan. >> can't get that in her mouth but she can play with it. >> send us your videos to jew report at you can e-mail photos at you report@abc >> the 49ers can win this. they can do this. >> mike: of course they can win it. giants have the ball to start and had to punt. >> that does it for us here at captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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