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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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accepted his own guilt and will testify against other key players in this scandal involving several police agencies. the career cop is also headed to federal prison. >> to go in to an institution facility that houses people that he spent over 20 years putting in the that facilities is very difficult. >> shown here, lombardi pled guilty to nine felony counts related to the larger scandal. the 39-year-old admitted stealing thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, even a pair of sunglasses during the searches. and received and resold large quantities of marijuana and methamphetamine, stolen frefdz lockers and conspired and admitted dealing in zwronl guns. making his admissions in court he named both former c net
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commander and private investigator as co-conspirators and he will likely testify against both men. >> it invites that person to lessen their role to exaggerate the roles of other people. >> michael cardoza doesn't think lom baurdy will necessary hurt this case. >> if he gets on the stand and tells truth i will have no problem but he exaggerates, we'll take him head on. >> and now, lombardi hasn't been formally sentenced yet. on paper he faces mer than 60 years in federal prison that. is unlikely to happen given the plea agreement that should be less than that. his attorney asked a judge to consider sending him to a federal institution in surewood, oregon. the attorney explained he would like that so he can
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learn another trade in federal prison. >> some allegations in the sheriff mirkarimi domestic violence case. the prosecutor now says she has documentation of child neglect and mirkarimi had hoped the judge would allow him to go home but that didn't happen. carolyn? >> more about that allegation in just a moment. but in terms of the stay away order mirkarimi's lawyer told me they knew waits a long shot but ross mirkarimi says he's incred bri disappointed with this decision, the judge has kept that restraining order in place but she told his lawyer she should petition the family court rather than criminal court. >> ross mirkarimi has not seen his 2-year-old son in nearly two weeks. he came to try to change that,
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bitterly disappointed when the judge said no. >> krurning the fact i haven't been tibl see my family, be with my wife or son. this is cruel. >> his newborn asked for supervised visits. his wife appeared again, today at the last hearing she, too, pleaded with a judge to allow her husband back home. a handful of the supporters gathered outside and this is including a former public defender. >> never did i have an order issued where the accused could not go home, especially when a victim or alleged victim is saying i want the forn come home. >> but the prosecutor says she's she has dum taigs of child neglect, producing an
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october e mail from lopez to ivory madison. the same neighbor she contacted about alleged domestic abuse on new year's eve. the prosecutor says in this october e mail lopez says she was worried about theo because someone was not feeding him and leaving him in the karks vomiting. a critic came to the court house shouting for the sheriff to resign. >> i don't see how he can take this time to deal with legal troubles and run the sheriff's office, if he can he's a miracle man. i don't believe is he at all. >> san francisco mayor ed lee indicated an attempt to remove the sheriff depends on the outcome of the trial. >> that is why this time is one that the sheriff has to make a decision on. because... my actions may result from what occurs in trial. >> his lawyer says they'll move to ask a family court judge to reverse the ruling on
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the restraining order. >> and we'll continue to commit to fight this but as i said since moment one, the only way i can is to let this process unfold here in the courts. >> and mirkarimi's attorney says he's undergone three counseling sessions since charges were filed. >> there is breaking news where crews are treating three people whose boat cap sized today. the fire department is performing cpr on one of the victims there is a crew on the way. >> in los angeles california air resources board is considering a proposal that could change what the world frekts a car. >> there is a lot of big words here, one of them is tran for
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maigsal. we're talking about reducing emissions by 75% and getting more gang for your buck at the pump. in this los angeles meeting room members of the air resources board have been deciding what kind of car you, and your children will be soon driving. >> when we did the first green house gas standard, it was warm. >> and now a degree of resignation as a means of fighting climate change, how about field change some manufacturers will have to average 54 miles per gallon with cars meaning electricky and hydrogen powering many of them. >> regulations that result in spots i'm proposing today are suddenly challenging but we think that in principle we're supportive of what is going on here, today. >> this will create a domino affect for how, and what we
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drive. imagine reminiscing about filling up in a gas station plugging in at the office. marin county has six charging stations including two in civic center. bill carney ponts out california led in eem yigs legislation. >> cal is saying we're going to continue to be in a leadership pioneering post you're towards what is good for the economy and the planet. >> and maybe that will be good for the wallet. experts say they will save three times that almost in fuel costs during their time on the road. you may remember california was the first state to ban leaded gasoline and the first state to limit green house emissions. these measures would begin in 2018. by 2025, 15% of the new cars in california would run on electricity or hydrogen, or other non-emitting system
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autos wayne freedman, thank you. wayne. there is a push in alameda county to extend an existing half cent sales tax, paying for mass transit projects. but which would get how much if you have to be decided. and. >> being good evening. the tax has been in place since 2000, everyone i spoke with said money used to improve transportation is a winning plan. >> we feel there is still thing that's get to get worked out he believes plans for a november ballot measure to raise sales tax should not include $400 million for a bart extongs livermore in lieu of local improvements to ac transit. >> our concern is that plan now snot one that voters are
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going to be able to support. >> several other critics were at the meet tok voice concerns to the county transportation committee pressing to find out why, and how money will be spent. >> and. >> i moved to livermore in 63 and saw these great talk autos residents pointed out their dollars have gone to bart for decades but they're noting previous promises have fallen short. they say clear language on how, and where money will be spent is key. they've been down this road many times before and have given it a time. >> i am now bart tax weary. >> mark green is the mayor of union city, chair of the transportation committee and says to delay moving forward is a bad idea. >> people seem to forget there is a legislative window, this year, not next year, not the year after. >> another push is coming from unions believe the money spent
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on improvements will add up to one thing, job autos we support the measure encouraging the steering committee to move forward to the full committee later this afternoon. >> there is saying it's best to spread the money while existing transit systems. >> we need not only for elected officials to agree, but we need the public to agree. >> now, tax dollars have gone to good use in alameda county with new projects slated to begin. the measure would need a two-thirds margin to pass. and voters may get to decide in november. >> and we're encouraged to report that story in a listens meeting last night. the goal is to learn about
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local issues look under abc 7 extras for community page. >> and tonight a war veteran whose bravery earned two medals but cost him a promotion, an oversight corrected after 60 year. >> and the conyou'll conference celebrating sul things apple. a new name for the post-steve jobs era. >> a contractor charges big money but where is the work?h@
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28 years ago apple unveiled the m. c computer.
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as abc 7 reports apple chaempked. and now, that tradition is changing with it. there is hardly snow in the mountains but if you want to see a guy doing double somersaults on a snow board join hoards of people watching him as they shoot video with iphone autos if it weren't for my phone arks built to record things this is how i capture and keep track of my life. >> lauren russo is not alone. the iphone is why most people are here. the snowboarder is there to sell head phones to go with it. this is a nur face of what was mac world. now, the world seems to be iphones and ipods and ipads i world had to be part of the name. >> i wanted a pervasive life style. you're making your doctor's appointment on ipad. everything is going mobile. >> it's anything but empty,
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it's only half of the size it was three years ago. and this is a biggest crowd and organizers say they've taken this geek fest and turned it into a trendy playground. >> this is a change to the way we're apreching putting an event out there. >> the key word is public. >> not just geek autos if you play guitar you might like this music stand. into photography? try this case. there is an app to make it a telephone. i can use that. there is an iphone pace. i can use that. >> would you open a beer with your phone? >> absolutely. >> the show runs through saturday. >> if they're not too hung over. abc 7 news. a man is receiving a
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promotion 60 years after his retirement from the marine corps. why his service is being recognized. >> denny knew at age five he wanted to be a marine, today, 81 he remembers that moment he saw the marine corps color guard marching in a parade. >> it went by and i looked up at my mom. and i said that is what i'm going to be. >> age 19 he put on the uniform, dreaming of a military career, his service was cut short in 1953. he lost his leg in combat rescuing a wounded marine during a fire fight. >> put him on my back in a fireman's carry and started down the hill. and mortar shells blew us up. >> his actions earned him a purple heart. >> he's a hero. and so many ways it's
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impossible to describe them all. >> had he nod knot been injured he would have been promoted to gunnery sargeant. now, a rare honorary promotion will do just that. the ceremony is due in part to his extraordinary service in korea and perhaps more so to his legendary service at home as a volunteer instructor. >> 17 straight years and not getting paid. he's teaching different combat technique autos its my honor to do that. and this took away a lot of the hurt of having to be retired at the age of 23. >> this dedicated marine served three terms and has been married to the same woman 63 years, she'll be by his side when he accepts the promotion saturday. >> i am overwhelmed and... i
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know they're going to ask me to say a few words. i'm going to try to hold it together while i do it. but... it's just exciting. >> this rank, well earned and long overdue. >> and congratulations autos yes. indeed. >> we're seeing a change in weather. cloudy today. >> and there is sandhya patel. >> change in the form of spring like weather. >> we're used to it. >> we're getting used to this. >> it's going to be lovely tomorrow. there is a live picture now from our sutro camera. you can see the fog there. it's going to be with us for morning commute and this is why delays are being reported. if you're picking someone up there, delays up to two hours. not looking good there. there are san jose, horgan
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hill, 67 degrees, 66 in oakland. san francisco, 56 degrees, there is quite a bit of cloud cover. and there is some numbers now into 60s and 60s, it was down to a quarter mile. and there is a look at highlights, we're looking at partly cloudy skies tonight. areas of fog. and cooler on sunday with increasing clouds if you're making plans for weekend, sunday night we're expecting rain. the weak cold front came through mainly into north bay drizzle around an jose and oakland. cloud cover as that front came through. and there is a shift that
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pushes indland we're going to see a change in the wind collections. it's dry and mild friday afternoon we'll go witness again, saturday. and it's going to feel like spring here, we can see more sun. overfight readings into low 40s to low 50s. there is some lingering low clouds. and tomorrow afternoon, short sleeve weather in san jose, napa, 67 in both locations. there is mid-60s can a lovely day in fairfield. and around the monterey bay, we're going with 70 degrees in salinas. warmer than average at this time of the year. 68 degrees in santa cruz. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast n a word, it's mild.
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and this is at least for two days. sunday night, showers lingering into monday morn sog after that, we'll dry out again. >> there is 32-56% of normal. >> and later tonight winter arriving in yosemite. >> and that is what sandhya
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in washington the obama
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administration laid out rules for managing national forest. the government owns 200 million acres of forestland. and the new rules replaced ones challenged by environmentalists and thrown out three years ago. he should allow plans for individual forests just three to four years. >> and a bill protecting dignity of military funerals by keeping protester as way was approve bid the state senate in response to abuse of demonstration business a french religious group claims american war deaths are punishment for the country's tolerance of homosexuality. governor brown said that would probably be ruled unconstitutional. and there is no word on whether this meets his approval. >> and legislation designed to help cancer patients passed a
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key hurdle today. a bill forces companies to cover anticancer pills the same as traditional chemotherapy. some require patients to go to a hospital or pay out of pocket to stay home for treatment. >> these can average up to $10,000 per month in order to take their medication. >> if we continue to put mand yaidz on insurance, people are going to pay for it. >> fda approves three dozen different medications and the bill now goes to the state senate. >> a couple goes hunting for a contractor who failed to deliver on a promise. michael finney steps in to help. >> newt gingrich under fire tonight from a prominent republican predicting an obama landslide if gingrich is the party nominee. >> what a group of doctors is doing to improve care around the world.
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a contractor is under investigation for failing to deliver on a promise. >> they were supposed to install new windows and never got the job started. >> and this couple came to me when a contractor took a lot of money up front and never delivered services but now is being looked at close lie the big pick you're window here. >> olivia's house has the same windows. a problem for her husband, tom, battling cancer. >> he's more sensitive to cold than he used to be. >> the couple hired this company if oakland to put in new double payne windows. and and 50% up front.
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>> as long as i'm going to get windows they'll come in a reasonable time. >> olivia put down $4495 way back in june. however whirkts came time to install windows they did not show up my installer is sick. >> the company cancelled and promised a new day. >> you start asking them. >> she was not on the calendar. >> now, they drove to find this abandoned site. >> we're only there knocking on the door and ringing the bell. >> finally the owner says there is no telling when the couple would get their window. >> and we need to release workers. >> i was mad. >> and warning consumers
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should should be aware this contractor had problems and they should be care ffl they're going to consider he hiring him. >> they show the agency is investigating complaints from five other consumer who's hired and didn't get their window autos folks paid 50% of the price up front its illegal to require a 50% deposit for a job worth more than $500. by law, they may only charge 10% or a thousand dollars, whichever is less. >> there have been a number of cases the contractor admitted to requiring more than 10% or a thousand dollars a down payment and had been warned of this before. >> the owner told 7 on your side woe not provide response for this report. however in an e mail he said i
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am embarrassed about this. that was back in october. >> never got anything. >> we've learned while ramping down this business he was starting a new one, obtaining another state license however, he says he's still responsible to pay old customer autos yes this would co-just being washed away. >> if you get results that is a a lot better than nothing you bet it is. and right now there is excellent news for this family. the windows tells us it's set a check by mail and the board says so far they did refund deposits and now making
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efforts to refund everything. >> and there is questions about mitt romney's financial holdings and they're being revised with a swiss bank account and one official calls it a minor discrepancy. newt gingrich seized on news to paint him as a man of prifr ledge. >> we have to focus at beating barack obama but not with some guy with swiss bank accounts and owns shares of gold man sack autos gingrich came under fire himself from bob dole saying nominating him could trigger an obama landslide. gingrich had a new idea every minute and hardly anyone has endorsed him.
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that speaks for itself. and there are el polls show a dead heat. >> the president spent night reviewing policies laid out in the state of the unit address. today he used a new refueling station as a back drop to promote cleaner energy sources. and says america needs to develop every source of energy available. >> experts believe this could support more than 600,000 jobs by the end of the decade. we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. we've got a lot of it. and. >> and tomorrow the president wraps up his three day tour with a stop in michigan. >> and the obama administration is looking to slow the rate of u.s. defense
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spending and announced the administration wants to reduce ground forces by nearly 100,000s. reducing the army by 70,000 soldiers and marines by 20,000 over five years. >> this plan maintains a significant army and marine force. >> the plan would eliminate older aircraft, slow guying -- buying of next generation fighter planes. republicans quickly rejected this saying reducing the size of the forces to preseptember 11th levels would put the country if grave danger. >> and the family of z.friends of freed american hostage are celebrating now that the worker is safe in a u.s. naval base. now she and her danish colleague are being debriefed undergoing checkups. there is a special team
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tuesday night. and her uncle explains how her father learned she'd been freed. >> she says i feel safe for the first time in 93 days. the men that risked their lives can't say enough. so i appreciate it. >> the agency that she was working for says she's not seriously ill as first reported but that was a story created in hopes of raising their ransom demands. >> and coming up next a local teenager who is playing a prominent role in a million dollar fund raising campaign. >> the new zen room that sets sfo apart from every other airport in the world. stay with us.
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you can see
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the grim year for the building industry. the number of newly built homes sold last month fell more than 2.2% making 2011 the worst year for new home sales on record. wall street got off to a good start today. dow jones reaching its highest point but then, slumped and closed with a loss of 22. catter pillar drove the dow up when reporting a 60% increase in profits. and there is net flix attracting new customers after a price increase.
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>> taco bell introduced a breakfast menu and began serving brand name coffees. >> and have you ever felt stiff after a long flight like you needed a good stretch? how about a little downward dog? and there is a an opportunity to do five to 10 minutes when i have time has been nice. >> physiologists say sitting for hours can cause tension in muscles and this is the first yoga room in any airport in the world. >> and yeah. >> very relaxing. >> yes. >> coming up next what some doctors are doing to improve medical care in developing country autos long wait is finally over. you can take a trip to yos testimony sem ti's badger pass.
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doctors working to send their expert ease world wide. they're training doctors from developing countries where the advanced techniques for common injuries could prove life saving. >> in the front part is a little more tricky. >> dr. richard gosselin is training young surgeons in san francisco general hospital. but has been a force exporting that expertise, teaching doctors from developing countries as well. >> we tailor the course especially for these people to be exposed to procedures and techniques they can do at home. >> he was one of the surgeons responsible for launching the global orthopedics program five years ago. it now trained more than 150 surnlens. we met one of them on a recent trip to seera lee yorngs until recently didn't have a orthopedic surgeon.
6:45 pm
this doctor says the skills are needed. >> it's the only center of its kind in the population of the nation it can be used for fractures. >> this is outfitted with state of the art equipment it's rarely used in the training. and there is a focus foreclosing wounds. >> so there is no fancy stuff. we don't know how to do free flams. we show them basic fundamentals and solid techniques they cannot lie. >> and -- they can apply. >> now, graduates share information among hospitals and countries. >> people from sierra leone talk with people from nigeria. >> it's helpful in that
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knowing what is the latest and the most advanced and to interact with surgeon who's can give them insights about problems here. >> and this surgeon told us aside from learning advanced techniques one of the important things is the art of bed sifd manner. >> and a couple weeks ago we showed you how bear it's been in yosemite. things have changed. today, badger pass ski area opened in the area and beginners, experts, and everyone in between hit slopes for opening day after weeks of waiting for snow to arrive. >> so excited and i was counting days.
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i couldn't wait. and i hit the road. >> the ski area usually opens before christmas but this winter the runs were dry later. >> this is so different. you know? we were ready to go and open december 16th but no snow. >> that finally changed when storms covered the area in more than two feet of snow. and there is now passes and hoping to makeup for revenue lost over the holidays. visitors say n conditions were worth the wait. >> there is a lot of time waiting here. the snow is fast today. >> it's really good. kind of not heart so when you fall it doesn't hurt a lot. >> this is expecting several million people to pass this weekend. and managers say this remains
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a very family friendly place. >> this is our 2277 year, generation after generation have learned to ski here. >> and there is more young skiers getting a chance this season. >> this is about two months to take advantage. >> that is the picture we expected to see this time of the year. snow. >> yes. >> and there is more for use it's going to be nice-looking weather here if you're heading up to yosemite. there is this afternoon, we had a lot of low clouds and fog hanging around. you can see there there is sunny and mild. 77 in los angeles and there is
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a wind advisory in the coastline. palm springs 81 degrees and it's going to be a nice sunny weekend for them. there is temperatures approaching 70 degrees in spots like santa rosa and napa. there is your accu-weather forecast. we'll keep it spring like and then, it changes. cooler sunday and could see rain in the north bay. >> thank you. >> and there is a high school sophomore youngest ever chosen for the hearts in san francisco campaign. and the art piece and five others will be auctioned off to benefit san francisco general hospital and the trauma center. >> to me this means everyone
6:50 pm
is different. and there is similarities. >> eight of the hearts will be unveiled next month and this is raising a bill milin dollars every year. >> tiger is back roaring through opening day at pga season. >> larry beil is next with highlights for us. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then... first pictures of the incident and what the expected gunman said in court today. >> then at 11:00 u.s. figure skating championships return to san jose. opening celebration and the money that it's bringing into the bay area, coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is raiders may be new and improved. >> what is going on? >> call me if you've heard
6:54 pm
this one before. and really is the new head coach of the raiders, i promise. and there is a four year contract, terms unknown. and there is timing is the balance at the senior bowl scouting players. the gm was with them so there is a news conference that is going to have to wait. there is stuff to do. there is a rutgers program that was a doorm yat and turned it into a force on the east coast. and giants from four years ago. and eli manning insists he's an elite quarterback and there is brady's respect. >> he does everything you're
6:55 pm
looking for i've seen what he can do in the fourth quarter of the games. great leader. and there is a lot of respect for him. so do i. >> it's like tennis version of ali frasier. two heavy weights shrugging it out. there is two of the best. nice catch. >> and there is a blasting all after that. and this is 20 feet away from this line. there is nadal, wow. and there is match point. nadal victorious. and he's 18 and nine head to head with fedderer advance together final. also, overseas tiger woods
6:56 pm
teeing off his season debut in the united arab emirates. and here is tiger that birdies this hole. there is rory mcel roy. there is a whole fwh look at this. if you're going to flex you're going to have to have more than that. >> little johnny is in tears after the loss thchl video sent via twitter. it is adorable. >> you thought 49ers will be in the super bowl? maybe next year they'll be in the super bowl. we can still watch the super
6:57 pm
bowl. >> how? >> well, 49ers just won't be in it. we'll watch patriots and giants. >> okay. >> and it will be fun. >> okay. >> all right. i still love you. do you still love me? who has got it better than us?. >> nobody! >> i love this kid. and i think that was adorable. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and oscars coming up in a few weeks. videos, blogs and buzz go to >> thanks for your time. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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