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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 28, 2012 6:06pm-6:30pm PST

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>> in italy, high seas have forced a delay in attempts to pump fuel out of the crippled cruise ship. divers fixed valves but the hoses can't be attached until the weather calms down. cameras caught dishes and clothing and searcher's found another body. the female passenger was not wearing her life jacket. at least 17 people are dead, still unaccounted for and presume dead. >> the same company that owns the ship felt a labor problem last night in san francisco on another cruise ship. 50 restaurant waiters walked off
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the job. they claimed they weren't being paid properly. some were paid in euros and others in dollars. union leaders arrived and ironed out the problem. right now the ship is on its way to hawaii. >> a sweet job in richmond tonight awaiting a couple who like the sea shore, people, free room and board, health benefits and a salary of $100,000 a year. the job is gate keepers at a light house. it has a bed and break fast so you need to know your way around a kitchen and have a commercial boat operator's license. >> free room and board. >> cool. three days to the florida prime summary the attacks continue. what the candidates are saying about each other and a news organization that isn't standing by a new ad on the air waves. >> a beautiful day out there. can we expect more tomorrow? only leigh glaser knows. she is coming up. >> mike: a big day for stanford, the lady cardinal hold off cal.
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and tiger woods back in the lead on a golf tournament. a bunch of stanford highlights are coming up in sports. osh@
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>> only flee days left before the gone primary in florida. >> mitt romney and news gingrich spent the day criticizing president obama and attacking each other. >> here's the details. >> with the hattest florida polls showing him nine points ahead, mitt romney had the air of a front runner, and he pointed most of his attacks at president obama. >> that "state of the union" address was amazing. did you listen so that? he was in florida at disney world a couple weeks ago speaking at fantasyland. i don't think the left. >> the barbs romney through at his rival. gingrich beat back -- >> this last one speaker gingrich didn't do so well because the audience was so
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loud. the one before he said he didn't do well because the audience was too quiet. it's like goldilocks. has to have it just right. >> gingrich isn't going down without a fight. >> we ran a moderate in 1996 and lost. we ran a moderate in 2008 and we lost. the only way to defeat barack obama is to run a solid conservative who can make the case for our values, our beliefs, our programs. >> to counter the red kyle for his call for a colony on the moon. gingrich compared his vision to that of abraham lincoln when can he called for the building of the transcontinental railroad and john f. kennedy called for a man to land on the moon. there is a news -- >> guilty of ethics violations. they charge him over very large
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financial penalty and raised several -- several of them raised questions about his future effectiveness. >> abc asked romney to pull the ad, and tom brokaw said he was uncomfortable with the use of his image. >> it appears an effort to repeal a sales tax to fund transit has fallen short. the transit includes this rail line and a back path. the group needs nearly 15,000 signatures to place a tax repeal on the ballot. 5400 names were turned to the registrar yesterday. that means nearly twice that number fiend to be turned into the ma rein -- marin registrar. >> leigh is here, great day, still short on rain. >> leigh: we're sitting about below 40% of normal for most locations around the bay area. we do need more rain.
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just don't know when we're going to see much of that in the next 10 to 14 days. there are a few little systems that may bring the north bay a chance of maybe a sprinkle or light showers. but really, that's about it. beautiful shot this evening. clear skies from the high definition east bay cam. and check out the satellite radar component. you can get a sense of just how amazing or how the amplitude on this ridge of high pressure. you can see the storms going up and over. we're clear right now and temperatures, with the sun setting, dropping off. 56 in napa. after a high of 70 degrees. can you believe that? the downsloping winds, the actual winds heating you up. 61 in san francisco. oakland, 64. mountain view, 55. 55 in antioch. so, here's a look at our highlights for this evening. clear skies, offshore winds
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start to die down at the surface. higher elevations have to deal with breezy conditions overnight. but the winds dying down inland means cold temperatures in some locations. subtle changes tomorrow. a few high clouds late in the day. slightly cooler tomorrow. and then a slight chance of maybe shower or two maybe just a drop or sprinkle mainly in the north bay, as we head into sunday night, early monday morning. here's a look at your lows for tonight. freezing conditions. santa rosa, napa, low 30s there 40s for san francisco as well as oakland, and we'll even be chilly on the peninsula, palo alto 38, and 38 for san jose. high pressure in control today, bringing us the offshore winds. we warmed up nicely. you can clearly see the cold front here, associated low pressure system. while the high will back off tomorrow, this low will go up and over the ridge and bring us high clouds tomorrow, slightly
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cooler, and overnights night, earl early monday morning, possibly see a drop or two as this moves through. i forecasted the nation at 6:00 tomorrow night. you will notice the high clouds. 4:00 monday morning. the best chance for seek a few sprinkles and then that's out of here and we'll start to dry up. tomorrow you'll notice temperatures may be down one or two degrees, another really nice day with temperatures mid-to-upper 60s in some locations. 63 for san francisco. high clouds will start to move in late in the day. 70 for gilroy and salinas and 67 for santa cruz. the seven-day forecast, slight chance overnight sunday, monday morning, north bay, cool things down. on tuesday, another slight chance on wednesday when theground hog -- the ground hog day is on thursday.
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>> let's talk basketball. >> mike: the stanford women putting their 73-game win streak at maples pavilion on the line, hosting bears. cardinal led. nnemkadi ogwumike -- ogwumike had a big day. and clarenton had 17 points and surpassed 10,000. berkeley has body. she had 19. bears score the final nine points to force overtime. but chiney ogwumike. stanford wins, improving to 18-1, 9-0 in pac-12 play. stanford's lose streak is something this college in maryland would die for. today they defeated wilmington, winning their first game in 395 days. didn't win a game last season,
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today's 66-61 the final, improving to 1-22. they have nod hat winning season in 15 years. >> after a great season with the 49ers, ben aleers got in trouble last night in miami. charged with driving under the influence in miami beach. this is his mug shot. the dade county jail record shows he was booked and held on 1,000 didn't bond. he was drafted in 2011. during his rookie season, had 14 sacks. a franchise record. first in the nfl in sacks among rookies. 49ers are gathering facts and monitoring the ongoing legal matter before the make a statement. >> to college ranks. senior bowl in mobile, alabama. second quarter. russell wilson hits jones on the play action for the touchdown. only catch of the game but makes it count. the north win it 23-13. >> we have your australian open women's champion who is now the
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new number one player in the world, victoria azarenka. playing in her first grand slam final. sharapova showing her experience with the forhand winner, winning the first two games but azarenka woke up and rallied back. she took the first set 6-3. second set, sharapova. the smash. as rein coe answered with the forehand winner. sharapova was on her heels after that. match point now fors azarenka. the 22-year-old wins her first grand slam title in dominating fashion. 6-3, 6-4, over sharapova and is now the top ranked player in the world. >> least tee it up in dubai. tiger woods got $3 million to show up. knocks that down for bird. number 12. tiger needs a bird to move into tie for the lead, and got it. puts him at 9-under. on 18, a birdie here send him into the clubhouse with the
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lead. shoots a 6-under 66. rockhouse birdies the hole. tigers first third-round lead in an official tournament in two years. >> the winter x games, squawk valley, the snowboarder x final, down the stretch. he will get it. america sweeps the event, finishes one, two, three. >> from the snow to the ice. national hockey league weekend. stills competition. couture, the only shark on the team. check out the superman lack with the great hand pass. anaheim's cory perry pulls out the minihockey stick and scores, insert joke here. you can't say these guys aren't having fun. >> cal's rugby team wins.
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>> former national champs last year and many of them -- thanks shu. >> coming up, high-flying feline adventure, what this cat did that got a passenger full of planes on the ground for hours. >> prethicket oscar winner, and exclusive live video from the red carpet
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>> we're taking a live look from sky 7hd near broadway and 24th 24th in oakland. "occupy" protesters are there. from clashes with police and flash bang grenades. we'll have more at 11:00. >> a slight delay and a plane evacuated. it wasn't a bomb scare it it was this guy. ripples the cat. he and his owner were flying, and just as the plane was about to take auction ripples took flight down the aisle, forced his way into the cockpit. officials had to take apart the plane just to get him out. >> actually had to go inside the electronics department on the plane, move a bunch of pieces of the plane. >> that was my fault.
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>> his first trip and his last. he is not flying anymore. >> that graphic we showed you is exactly how it happened. the flight was grounded for more than four hours in toronto but everyone got off good and ripples got off, too. >> all right. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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