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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> reporter: this collection of knives, a hammer, tear gas canister cap and these smoke cannisters are among the items confiscated by one officer. police believe demonstrators were using the smoke cans to set off the indoor sprinkle system. this is youtube video of demonstrators burping the american flag that used to be displayed on the second floor mezzanine. mayor jean kwan showed us most of the damage during the break-in. some damage the mayor was not able to show us was on the 14th floor. she said one tried to damage the room and then force their way out on to the roof. she says her tolerance for violent demonstrators is over. >> they're looking for police brutality. they're constantly provoking the police, like this is how they're trying to make their movement. >> more than ten hours after their arrest, some demonstrators cheered as they were released
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from the city jail. most of the people were taken into cuffed after they rushed the downtown ymca. >> a crowd of people that started rushing into the y because -- seemed like they were going to throw tear gas. >> another person arrested there said he didn't see any vandalism and didn't hear any clear order to disspeakers. >> i would guess they charges would be dropped because it's so bogus. if they gave us an order to disspeakers, an hour before handas a place that was ten blocks away, that was unclear. and you can't really charge is with failing to disperse. >> in oakland, abc-7 news. >> police are preparing for another possible demonstration tonight. we're live with that part of the story. >> reporter: oakland police have officers ready to go in case demonstrations heat up again. this is the scene this afternoon. all was calm but more people are expected to show up at 7:00 p.m. when participants of "occupy"
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oakland plan to hold a general assembly. there's been so far visible but relatively small police presence here. no telling how many officers are on standby. the chief wouldn't give details but say they are prepared for whatever may happen tonight. >> we have sufficient staffing here to address any potential acts of vandalism, potential crime of violence. we're prepared to do that and prepared to make arrests when necessary. in addition to that, a long-term, we'll be seeking civil recommends to keep them away from downtown if this becomes a per sis -- persistent issue. >> the remedies are stay away orderers for protesters who have been arrest multiple times. it's something the police have done in the past and something they're prepared to do again in an effort to keep repeat offenders out of oakland.
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>> zap san leandro police are investigating whether a body found hanged from a structure is the prime suspect in the stabbing death of a 15-year-old girl. police discovered the body of the map at the port of oakland saturday. the alameda county coroner confirm the identity is 19-year-old henry leon. now, that's the same name and age of the man police have been looking for in connection with the murder. henry leon is the father of the 15-year-old girl's nine-month-old baby. police have been searching for him since the murder friday night. >> the 15-year-old oakland boy arrested on suspicion of killing his parents has reportedly admitted to the murder. the boy's mom and dad were found under blankets in a rocked car outside their house on friday night. 55-year-old robert kamin was a psychologist with the a free clinic, sues pan poff was a physician's assistant with the department of public health. the boy is being held at juvenile hall tonight. >> a different kind of rally,
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one for peace and economic justice, was held on hyde street in oakland today. the rally's goal was to take back hyde street from violence. speakers identified themselves as standing with the "occupy" movement on the aim of economic justice, but only in nonviolent ways. >> let us reach our goal and let us reach the mission of our goal, financial equity in policies. but let us not do it that people in oakland people not live in poverty because they don't represent all of oakland. we're a kind people in oakland. >> the rally was held on the site of a shooting death this week on hyde street. speakers added people in oakland must know there's another way to handle differences. >> sacramento police want to know why the driver ignored railroad crossing gates and flashing lights before pulling into the path of an ongoing light rail train. three people died when the train plowed into the suv yesterday afternoon near sacramento city college a few miles south of the
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state capital. the dead include a 21-month-old boy. six train passengers needed to be treated for minor injuries. the driver's son is doubting eye witness whose say his father went around the crossing gates. >> my dad was a 62-year-old man. that's a teenage move. my dad is not a teenager. >> not a daredevil. >> we know it was not like that. i believe in my heart there was a malfunction and they were out here messing with this. >> cameras mounted at the intersection recorded the nissan path finder driving around the crossing gates. investigators plan to scour video from cameras on the train. >> the redevelopment agency will close on wednesday and that means layoff notices for 120 employees. they won't officially leave their jobs until the end of march as part of what the city calls a transition period. the layoffs come after california's supreme court upheld the plan to close nearly
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400 redevelopment agencies. >> budget problems are affecting santa rosa schools. tomorrow night the board of education will hear public comments about the proposed closure of doyle park elementary school. officials say they're proposing the closure because of declining enrollment and failing academic performance. >> just ahead, the fight for florida. mitt romney needs in the polls as the attacks continue, and now newt gingrich has a new tool. ♪ >> what is behind that new rap. plus, a surprise at the movies this weekend. we'll have the details. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. the clouds are starting to move in live doppler 7 hd already starting to pick up a little bit of moisture creeping very closely towards the bay area. check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see if there any showers in the system, and take a look at the warmup expectctctctctctct
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>> the republican presidential field continues to focus on tuesday's primary and delegates with florida. the latest poll shows mitt romney leading newt gingrich. the front runners focused on attacking each other and the main target come november, president obama. >> we have a president who has a lot of excuses and the excuses are over. it's time to produce, and -- [applause] >> the former massachusetts governor campaigned on florida's
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coast today. romney blamed wbc insiders for making the housing crisis word and gingrich tried to paint romney as one of those insiders. >> i think what we're offering is very different. there's a reason the new york and washington establishment is opposed to me. i would genuinely change washington. romney would manage the decay. >> texas congressman ron paul is focusing on nevada. which is a cause rather than a primary. some observers point out it's cheaper and more effective to campaign in a calked state rather than a primary. >> a health scare caused win candidate to take a break in florida. the stars of the tlc show stepped in today for rick santorum who is in philadelphia with his three-year-old daughter, is bleal, who -- isabella what who was admitted to a hospital. she has a genetic condition that's typically fatal.
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>> they're hooting for newt tonight. ♪ >> that's right. the former house speaker may be aiming for a younger crowd with the new "hoot for newt" rap song. it was presented to gingrich today at an appearance in florida. >> coming up, special honor for stanford university and two other bay area colleges. the new list they're on, just ahead. >> a look at your work week ahead. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: let the hype begin. super bowl 46 resident, the pay trots arrive in indiana, and tom brady, hits the podium. we'll hear from our local star coming up in sports. c [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >> a new poll is calling three bay area colleges some of the most beautiful in the nation. stanford university was the highest ranked on the list but the best web site. it came in at 19 and was chosen for its stunning views and
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spanish colony colonial style. sonoma was rated, santa cruz was 40th. the number one school in the nation, the university in south carolina. >> vassar might not be considered beautiful for some unfortunate students. dozens of applicants were mistakenly told they had gotten into the school after they checked the web site for early admissions. 76 students were mistakenly informed they were in when they were actually not accepted. the school says they fixed the mistake and notified the students. >> some serious brain pour at work at berkeley. 400 students gathered to unravel skull busters. >> all about logic, the same kind of proof you do in geometry class. and the card tricks are all about patterns and arithmetic,
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but instead of having the pat terms be addition, they're about some magic answer. >> the festival is named after a former math teacher at cal who is famous for her work in solving a problem which is one of the most important math problems of the 20th century. >> a palo alto police officer has been selected coach of the u.s. olympic badminton team. he will lead the team on to the course in london in july. he competed nationally for years and represented the u.s. in the 92 games. he has one with the palo alto fierce since 2002 and is a trained hostage negotiator. >> ow seem the park officials are considering grass click which i limiting the number of people allowed to climb on half dome. the park released an environmental assessle this past week for options for the future of the half dome trail. some 1200 people use the route daily. now in an effort too create a better balance between public
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access and preservation, the park is considering allowing just 300 people a day at the final climb beginning in 2013. the public has until march 15th to weigh in on the options for the trail. >> a great day to get outside here. leigh glaser is checking up on the forecast. >> leigh: everybody was out today. a terrific day. temperature, a few degrees cooler. upper 60s. a few low 70s. temperatures came down as much as four or five degrees across the bay area. you noticed the clouds starting to increase, thanks to this cold front that arrives here, and as it gets closer, the clouds move over the bay area. we have rain along the north coast, and the live doppler 7hd pecking up the showers. presently hitting eureka. even ukiah in the last 20 minutes. this little cell moves through your town, so a little bit of wet pavement there. check out this. sea ranch picking up a little bit of white sprinkle activity,
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maybe just a light shower there as it moves towards the east. so we're getting very close, and some parts of the bay area, the north bay locations, a chance of a few light showers, maybe some mist and drizzle overnight. temperatures coming down. 60s today was the norm. now we're in the 50s. 57, san francisco, as well as accept rose sacks 60, redwood city. 57 in mountain view and livermore, and we'll continue with cloudy skies overnight. that will keep overnight temperatures warmer than the past several nights and we'll put in chance of showers in the north bay, which cooler day as we head into monday and tuesday and get ready, after that we're back up into the 70s across much of the bay area, above normal temperatures thursday, friday, next weekend as well. here's the timing, 11:00 tonight, cloudy conditions, and then check it out. this band of showers as the front sinks to the south. at 2:00 a.m., you could i use --
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you could ukiah might be getting a few sprinkles, and then this falls apart. so clouds will be with us, and off and on cloudy tomorrow. and the northwesterly winds will move in while onshore wind component and cooler temperatures for us as well. lows tonight due to the cloud cover, bit warmer so mid-up toker 40s around the coast and the bay. upper 30s to near 40-degree friday in the north bay and chance of showers. tomorrow, temperatures will feel cool in comparison to what we head -- had this weekend. half moon bay, 58 tomorrow for san francisco. 62, santa rosa. concord, 63. san jose, 62. and where there was 70s this weekend. watsonville, gilroy. salinas. mid-60s tomorrow. breezy conditions near the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast. cool day on monday. tuesday we start to warm up a bit. on wednesday, look for more
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sunshine. ground hog day on thursday, and check out the 70s, friday, saturday, and sunday. >> thank you, leigh. >> shu is here with a ten is in match -- tennis match for the history books,. >> i started watching at midnight and woke up at 10:00 this morning, djokovic and nadal, the longest grand slam final in professional tennis history. five hours and 53 minutes. a good thing they were sit can early. they needed every ounce of energy. first set, djokovic, runs it down. nadal with the forehand and then the overhead smash right there. djokovic wins the next two. the fourth to a tiebreaker. we're tied at two. fifth set, rafa has djokovic right where he wants him but misses this game me good-gimme back hand. anyone tired?
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djokovic hits it out. there's more to go. finally, djokovic for the match. nadal, doesn't even have the energy to go for the forehand winner, djokovic is down but rips off his shirt like superman. unbelievable match. the joker wins the australian open in five sets. >> rafa, you're one of the best players ever. one of most respected guys on the tour. we made history tonight, and unfortunately there couldn't be two winners tonight. >> rafa didn't seem too happy there. >> the a's brought back the fanfest. the owner thought maybe the fans do care. great chance to rub shoulderled with your favorite players, get autographs, take pictures and get in the mood for baseball. spring training starts in the end of february. it's been tough to be an as fan. they treaded most top line players but the owner claims they still will compete for the title. >> we are not giving up. we're not trying to reduce
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payroll just to put money in our pocket. we aren't getting rid of players to save money. we're getting rid of -- we're moving players so we can sometimes get four players for one. i can see the fans feeling, cahill and so on is not here. but each of those moves are made hopefully to at least equal or better the team. in fact better the team through the plan we have. so i don't know what else to tell you except come to a few games and see how we do. >> that's a ringing endorsement. the patriots and. >> s face off next sunday in super bowl 46 and they showed up today in indianapolis. this is tom brady and bill belichick's fifth super bowl together. brady is looking to join terry bradshaw and joe montana as the only five winners of the super
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bowl. >> very fortunate in my career to be my fifth time, and try to communicate to the younger players how special it is to be here, because you really do never know when you're going to come back. and that's what makes it a fun week. even dealing with you guys for another week is fun for the players. >> mike: tiger woods, in the lead at the final round, his flat stick does him in. a bogey on the tenth, finishes tied for third. meanwhile, 34-year-old english man robert rock, shoots 2-under 70. held off tiger and rory mcilroy to win the tournament. the national hockey league all-star game. datsyuk to gabber rick. and then couture puts it on net. thomas lets the puck go. jerry hugh says thank you very
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much. >> big game hoops, college stanford men underway and more from the patriots at 11:00 and we hear from tom brady's dad, tom series, what it's like to watch his son for the fifth time, playing the super bowl. you know guys watching their kid participate in sports. >> how are you feeling about the patriots getting another superbore championship. >> i think tom afraid -- brady would loaf to join bradshaw and montana but i think giants. >> the movie topping the box office for dwhreeng. >> don't forget, you can get in on all he oscar action at predict the winner, watch exclusive live video from the red carpet and go back stage during the academy awards show which will air on sunday, february 26th, right here
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>> did you hear that? get up. get up! go. go. >> what is that? >> what is it? >> ooh. leeam leeam nissan's "the grey"
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was on top. one for the money was number three, and followed by red tails and man on a ledge. that does it for abc-7 news. >> thanks for joining us. we're on all the time at captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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