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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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it was 30 brin minutes bre called 911. and when police and firefighters arrived, they supported it was too dangerous to try to recover the body apparently the carpenter working next to a 12 foot wall of unstable soil. another car fern was called in to begin removing the dirt. the coroner son the scene. the city's chief building official says it was illegal for the carpenter to be working on that site because last wednesday, the city of milpitas ordered the contractor to stop work because there wasn't admit shoring on the on the work. >> the contract over the weekend. >> have you talk wtd company about that? what is the city's position? >> well, obviously on the stop work order is issued it's illegal to continue with the work and they can be subject
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to a fine. and the penalties. and this is also cal osha on site they need a copy of the stop work notice. >> there is another fire truck going in now. and i asked that city official if police were investigating this as a crime nal case. he would not speculate. police say the chief building inspect jor authorized to talk with reporters for now. >> thank you. >> a woman is in critical condition after being rescued from her burning apartment. firefighters found her not breathing this afternoon inside of the clayton creek apartments. paramedics rushed her to the hospital. an investigation into the cause of the fire is underway. this is the second major fire this month. and the city of walnut creek
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is both a blessing and a curse. several fights over the weekend. and alan wong is live tonight. you just heard from officials about all of this oo. that is right. this has been a growing problem in walnut creek. the mayor, city manager and police chief addressed this explosion of bar fights over the weekend. now, nine people were arrested in a series of outbreaks. first happened in a city parking garage on locust street. two men from bay point, mario and marcus bustamnte arrest forward beating a man in an elevator then at 2:00 a.m. a 15 person brawl broke out in a nearby restaurant. 2:30 another fight between two groups forced police to arrest two people. stit is trying to rush through an ordinance to control the problem bars including patrols and enforcement against bar
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owners. the new regulations we're looking at will allow us to further reduce hours and only where there is provocation or needs to address that situation. >> and walnut creek has become the hub of night life and officials say there are problem bars that are simply overserving its customers. >> where there is alcohol there is going to be problems. and people are getting out of bars and they're drunk. their senses are not all there. >> the restaurants and bars say they're going to meet to try to come up with a solution to regulate themselves. many want to start a black list, anyone caught fighting in their bars will be put on a black list and not allowed back in their establishment. right now, the city says it's drafting ordinance to try to regulate these bars.
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they hope to have it presented to the counsel in february and hope to have it in place by the end of march. reporting live in walnut creek abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and friends are mourning a loss of a man struck near oakland international airport this morning. the victim was one of four people walking on the side of doolittle drive around 6:00 a.m. the charred been impounded during a traffic stop. the 42-year-old man hit from behind by a driver. donnell roberts was driving the car impounded and says his best friend would be alive had police not towed his car and forced them to walk. >> i mean, come on man, it ain't that serious for us to leave us as far as we was. >> they were given the option of having police officers call a cab at their expense to go to their destination. they declined the offer. >> the accident happened nearly two miles from the initial traffic stop. police say they impounded the
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car because the driver had a suspended license, police are investigating the incident. >> a 15-year-old boy is in custody tonight accused of killing his parents. friends, family and co-workers of the couple used some of the same words to describe them. selfless, and caring. vic lee is live with this story. vic? >> people have been coming by the house all day, bringing flowers and paying respects. their trying to understand just what happened the motive behind the murder, we're told the boy had been having some problems adjusting to a new school. he was going through depression, perhaps, and the normal teen-age rebellion thing. but no one ever suspected murder. >> she has been a very important part of the reason i'm alive. >> steven allen was once homeless, addicted to drugs and alcohol until meeting susan. more than a decade ago, she worked for the haight-ashbury
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free clinic. her husband was a skol jismt she worked with homeless he worked with inmates. >> another very caring man. worked in a similar profession, a psychologist in the city jail system. >> friday night, police aested the couple's 15-year-old adopted son for the murders. they'd taken him in as a foster child, adopting him nine years ago. investigators say the boy strangled them and hid bodies in the family car. mark trots heads the housing and urban health clinic. >> those of us who knew susan knew she was struggling with a teen. but nothing unusual. certainly no expression fearing or anything like that. >> and his brother says saw a
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lot of the child when he was young there is a kid killing himself. sort of a suicide. >> the flowers have been growing since friends learned about murders and those helped were distraught. steven allen says he's sober and clean. >> she wanted to see people she treated were taken care of. and that they succeeded. i am here because susan was in my life. >> police say the boy confres fesed to the murders. we're told the district attorney will prosecute him tomorrow as an adult. his arraignment is tomorrow afternoon. >> and oakland city leaders picking up pieces following a violent protests over the
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weekend. many questioning how that advances movement but demonstrators see things differently. laura? >> well to put things into perspective this is the week the city council must decide how to cut $28 million and layoff more than 100 workers in the meantime, there are estimates is that movement cost the city about $5 million and counting. >> and this pro testor says she was in the middle of clash was police saturday night. and she says she was inside city hall when waits vandalized. and an american flag burned. >> when te burned the american flag waits not in a form of we hate america. it's that america is a war zone now. so in order to cleanse it properly to, burn it.
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>> city hall was open, the tension between stit's police force and demonstrateors is at a high. and in oakland, the movement veered away from wall street noorkt halls of the city. and it seems democrat stlaitors are confused about what the mission is now. >> what is the goal? >> i didn't know there is an occupy oakland at this point. >> people aren't necessarily here to occupy more than just to be a part of something larger. >> the interim chief says the challenges occupy presents have been a distraction. and says saturday, hundreds of calls went unanswered. >> our resources are drawn here to deal with a large group of people. >> once a supporter, the mayor says she can no longer stand for what occupy oakland has
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become. >> occupy oakland has got to stop using oakland has a playground. >> this is not a playground. this was a battlefield. >> charles pine is organized one two of campaigns to recall kwan. >> there is no doubt she's made things tough for herself and anyone trying to deal with this situation. but she just keeps saying it's a tough job being mayor. she hasn't come up with a solution. >> both mayor and police chief talked about getting a stay away order applying to demonstrators who have been arrested in oakland. and oak by has another sem asian -- demonstration set for monday. >> and a catastrophe in capitola. what the city is doing to make things right. >> and a delta homeowner lost his house in a fire now, the government won't let him rebuild because of a flood threat. >> it's unlike anything that
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exists in the world today. >> and mobile technology from silicon valley allowing pg&e to sniff out a gas leak. ñññññññú
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. after happened in san bruno attention being focused on new technology that could soon improve ability to dae detective gas leaks. and explaining how this works. >> this is a santa clara company making test equipment for environmental research.
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it discovers instruments could be used to detect methane coming from leaking gas pipes. this is the first of 25 units pg&e will deploy. under the bumper is a pipe that samples air n trunk is a device that analyzes air for methane. results are displayed realtime. >> this is revolutionary. it's unlike anything that exists in the world today. >> pg&e says this is revolutionary because by driving cars it can speed up leak detection. >> we'll be able to have a five-fold increase at probably no additional costs and probably less costs than it takes to do leak survey now over a five-year period of time. >> it makes instrums for
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researchers but discovered leak detection almost by accident. and that is because it's device can distinguish between methane from a landfill and from a gas line. >> so this is during a test, it was able to pinpoint on a map where it detected a gas leak and puts them through drop and shake tests so cal braigs is stable. and pg&e says it can focus on bee pairs. veterans say this is a step forward. >> leak detection has been stagnant for a long time z for 37 years i haven't seen much change. >> neither pg&e will say what it will cost. however, they did say costs
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will not be passed along to consumers. >> and the city of capitola is taking out residents of a mobile home park that flooded last year giving dozens of people six months to get out. there are plans to pay them to leave. >> marion jackson doesn't like moving and neither does her 90-year-old husband, they've lived here 40 years and must be out by the end of july. >> we've been through it so many times. and this is not fair. to be as old as we are and to be pushed. >> the city of capitola says there is no choice, there were heavy rains, a broken storm pipe and flooding twice at the park after debate, they've decided to shut down the cit city-owned property.
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>> it's complex. we decided to take a loan for about $2.3 kblinl in order to fund the removeal of the people from pacific cove. >> under state law, the city will pay pacific cove residents to movement amount will depend on how long they've been living there and if this is their full time home. the city manager says the checks will range from $3,000 to a high of $115,000. there is 41 spaces and there are controversy about how owners will be compensated for fair market value of the homes. >> if they give me a satisfactory offer we'll go with it. if not we're going to have to go to court. >> there are yikts saying the city gave residents a sweetheart deal for decades and shouldn't take out a loan to finalize closure. the mayor says approved process is needed. >> if we put it out there would be more danger. it would probably cost more.
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>> at this stage, in this story, marion jackson is entitled to one thing. the last word. >> so i said my take. i don't wish to say anymore. but i am thoroughly disgusted. >> in capitola, abc 7 news. >> well there is no danger of flooding here any time soon. >> no. no rain to speak oof not for next week or longer. maybe two weeks. and there is clouds now passing through and clouds are clearing. there is a string of mild days and there is where you can see lingering clouds now and there are big breaks as well z here is the look at live doppler 7 that is showing moisture is
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well south so there are dry conditions and we'll see at least partial clearing overnight. there are temperatures into low to mid-50s. 52 in san francisco 56 in concord. are are mostly cloudy skies with continuing breaks in the clouds. areas of fog and a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow z we'll have sunny skies and mild days for the west of the -- rest of the week. and satellite radar image... you can see a couple weak disturbances in our direction. and there will be no rainfall from these disturbances and they are weak. we'll start off at 7:00 this evening. as mentioned clouds continue to develop overnight into tomorrow. throughout tomorrow night into wednesday. then, wednesday morning clearing and that stays with us for several days throughout the weekend. low temperatures tonight will be relatively mild. low to mid-40s and cooler inland valleys and north bay. lows into upper 30s in santa
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rosa and fairfield. there is a low of 39, then, tomorrow, you can expect partly sunny skies into afternoon, high temperatures into south bay into low 60s. and 61 san jose. upper 50s on the peninsula up to 60 in palo alto mid to upper 50s on the coast. in and around san francisco, mid-50s. 55 daily city. north bay highs into low 60s. there is a narrow range there. 62 santa rosa. near east bay highs upper 50s. there is low 60s in salinas and gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. check out these conditions, sunny skies and high temperatures into upper 60s around the bay thursday, friday. saturday and into the weekend. and there is thursday,
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groundhog day and he will see his shadow. >> clear, warm. >> very warm. >> unusual. >> coming up next a government crack down on local pesticide use. >> how it would increase of ♪
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♪ ho, h ho. green giant prosecutors filed a motion to admit video evidence from a neighbor in the domestic violence trial in san francisco sheriff they say mirkarimi isolated his wife and their house after abugsing her on new year's eve and that she escaped to a neighbor's
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home. it's the video that neighbor took of lopez talking about what happened that prosecutors want the jury to see and hear. there is no response yet from mirkarimi's attorney. >> and drastic steps to dweel a neighborhood drug and crime problem. they claim the yorns of the market have operated stores as host businesses for illegal activity. one owner says he's fought to keep troublemakers out of the store. >> there are about 20 people on the corner here every day. >> you don't want it in your store? >> no. >> authorities say these stores were responsible for a
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combined 182 police calls last year alone. the civil suit seeks a court order to close the markets and imposing fines. >> and bay area officials are concerned that a new regulation on pesticide use could trigger an increase in west nile virus this year. the new rule went into affect november 1, banning the routine fogging of mosquito-fighting pesticides near any water way the government declared impaired. eight people died last year and environmentalists praised rules saying there are other ways to fight mosquitoes but local abaitment officials say mosquitoes have risen early this year and there is a late rainy season could create a west nile breeding ground. >> a bay area drug manufacturer tries to win approval for a pill to prevent hiv. >> and also here tonight a house destroyed by fire, now cannot be rebuilt because of a
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flood threat. >> and republican race for president. who has mow meant wrum going into the florida primary. stay with us. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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>> good evening, a bay area drug company is getting ready to get the fda to approve a pill that supposedly prevents people from getting hiv. according to california watch, that worries public health advocates who say there could be severe consequences. >> and once people started taking this pill, concern is that they would stop practicing safe sex. one group has a web site called no magic urging people to oppose the approval by the fda.
6:30 pm
in clinical trials it has been shown to prevent hiv up to 73% of at risk people. los angeles-based aids health care foundation is concerned that those who take it may stop practicing safe sex. that is according to california watch. >> there is a concern is that behaveors might change. >> the gay community is considered one of those high risk groups. >> this community is savvy well. know what we have to do. >> so far, only clinical trials have been conducted and fda has yet to approve the drug. it's meant to be taken every day. and there are two studies among how it would work among high risk user autos if you're
6:31 pm
marketing towards high-risk individuals who might not be willing to use a condom, are they going remember to take the pill? >> the company ta makes the drug says other studies support the use of the drug as part of a comprehensive prevention package in conjunction with condoms. and there is a group for people living with hiv. >> it would be unfortunate if it doesn't move forward because there is a number of people that this actually could benefit. >> and despite the concerns out there, they're expecting to get approval this year. >> imagine going through the pain of watching your home burn down, and the government telling you that you can not rebuild. the federal government won't
6:32 pm
litlett him. george warren reports from sacramento. >> to begin with, the fire probably got bigger than it should have because cuts browned out nearest stations, firefighters took twice as long to get here, now, they're getting burned again by the federal government. because of the risks the basin has been under a building moratorium for three years. and have done a lot of stories on it. >> nearly three months later they still cover the fire damage. the out of town homeowner received a check and hire aid local contractor. >> we're told that we can't reconstruct in this area. we can't fix this house. >> if you think it's ridiculous a owner is willing and able to fix his house but
6:33 pm
can't because of government red tape, you're not alone. we spoke with a city council woman. >> i understand no new construction but do you understand why i'm shocked? >> i am outraged. these are my constituents. they're one disaster from not being able to repair home autos local leaders say all this community leads is for congross acknowledge the steps alreadiway to prevent flooding. and until then, they may be asking why they have insurance. >> and just one full day of campaigning in florida left both mitt roomy -- romney and newt gingrich are in full attack he mode. and latest polls show romney
6:34 pm
with double digit lead there's and a poll found in battle ground states they're tide but against ring gingrich. the president beating him by 14 points. >> i don't think people have realize fd they want to see change you can't just elect the same people to take different chairs. >> a win in the state won't be enough to secure a nomination. >> why would anyone in the establishment think a massachusetts moderate, why would they think he's going to be able to debate barack obama? >> he says he's staying in the race until the convention. >> and leaders in europe today promised to stimulate the european committee kme and create new jobs. they didn't offer up a plan
6:35 pm
but did pledge to speed up the spending of development funds and reduce barriers to doing business. austerity measures haven't worked. several leaders were late because of a strike by transit workers over cuts. >> and the talks in europe did little to stimulate the numbers. there is a burst of hiring drove u.s. incomes up by december. and we put that cash in the bank spending remained flat. >> manny, mo and jack sold out the chain founded 90 years ago, now, 700 locations has been bought by a private firm for $800 million. >> coming up next there is a earthquake that injured more
6:36 pm
than 100 people overnight. >> and the stay with us. more still to come.
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norts peru are assessing damage from a large earthquake there overnight. people fled homes just after midnight when the quake struck. waits centered on the central coast of peru near a city devastated by an earthquake
6:39 pm
four and a half years ago. more than 112 people were injured. none of the injuries are life threatening. >> president obama took part in a lividdo chat put on by google plus. in the event known as the hangout the president took questions most about the economy. a texas woman wanted to know why a foreign worker is allowed to continue when her husband hasn't been able to find a job for three years. >> why does the government continue to issue and extend visas when there are tons of americans just like my husband with no job? >> the h 1 b should be reserved only for those company who's say they cannot find someone in that particular field. i will follow up on this. i'm interested in finding out and maybe we can get information as to why your husband has been having trouble getting placed. >> president told the woman to
6:40 pm
send him her husband's resume. >> several internet companies teamed oup to fight e mail scams known as phishing. when someone tries to trick you into giving your personal information by sending an e mail that looks like it is coming from a legitimate business. a dozen tech firms have combined to design a system for auj then ti indicating those e mails. >> and coming up next a bay area woman puts a doll collection up for bids but gets the silent treatment from the auction house. >> michael finney pulled strings to get the woman her money. stay with us. more still to come. ♪
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those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. it's got tender white meathicken. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. a father's last request to his daughter took longer than
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ekt expected to fulfill. >> he contacted 7 on your side. >> frustrating and michael fin gee here with the story tonight. >> it seems simple. all she wanted to do was fulfill her father's last wish, wrapped around this is a lifetime of memories. >> this is shirley temple. >> ann shows us some of her favorite dolls from her dad's collection. her father continued the collection. >> my mother collected dolls until she died in 1984. dad just bought a collection for her as a present. and that is the nucleus of his collection. >> he died in 2010. his wish was for his children to sell the dolls. >> my task was short. time to clear out dolls and identify ones that were of value z liquid date it. >> she sent 83 dolls to a
6:45 pm
auction house in may, 2010. the agreement is that she would not receive proceeds until all 83 were sold. seven months later she was still waiting. she contacted the auction house. >> i got two responses. we're having these big auctions. and we're preparing dolls we want to take time. >> the calendar page turned well into 2011. and ann found efforts to get updates on the sale frustrating. >> i called in november. i called in december. i called in october. i was not getting returns. i said okay. i have had it. i called 7 on your side. >> and by e mail told us the dolls were of lesser quality and her father's collection spread over several auctions so they won't compete with each other. he said dolls have now been
6:46 pm
sold and she'd be getting a check for 12,000s oodz thank you so must have. just thrilled with results. >> and they deny not keeping her updated on the status of the sale. if you have a consumer issue you'd like me to look into, i'll do my best. >> and let's check the forecast now. >> yes. and the word is nice. >> nice and dry. mild. this is a nice sunset. check this out. there is just gorgeous. there is tomorrow, going to be a nice sunny, dry day across the state. we'll see highs 73 in palm springs tomorrow. 60s down south. 62 in big sur. 66 fresno.
6:47 pm
40s into the sierra. bay area things looking lice nis as well. there is partly sunny skies and some lingering morning fog. high temperatures upper 50s to low 60s, here is the accu-weather forecast. and we have another sunny mild day coming our way. highs into upper 60s, and there is thursday, groundhog day. according to folklore if he sees a shadow, he'll see six more weeks of winter. if this is winter i'll take six more weeks of it. >> thank you. >> and stanford will split a $30 million gift from the founder of cosmopolitan magazine who turns 906789 the gift in honor of her late husband david brown who attended both stanford and columbia school of journalism in new york. money will be shared by two schools to launch a laboratory. the dean of journalism the
6:48 pm
idea to develop technology to have a lasting impact on the media. >> there may be a big divide between urban and rural residents so an ad campaign called real rural is meant to make a connection between the two. the story of this unique bart park. >> an 11-year-old wants to become a pro boxer. a cow girl plays volleyball. trees in real rural ads. this is feeling like we have two who'lly different states near california. my idea is retroin dus rural california people to people in the cities. >> lisa spent a year driving 10,000 miles meeting people. she says they all had one thing in common. >> people who have a real passion for something pe. who are willing to struggle and
6:49 pm
fight for the thing they believe in. >> we share the state and should get to know each other. >> john chris chinson is one of the nonprofits collaborating on real rural. >> the buildings and traffic are iphones and kindels. you look up and you see a window into another california. >> the ad campaign will be on trains throughout march. and then, in the wall there will be an exhibition. >> this hope is that people are able to step back from politics and instead really start to understand rural people and communities on a basic human level. >> there are eight posters on bart. many photos found on the web site. >> and oakland raiders
6:50 pm
introduce their new head coach. >> the kind of team raider nation will see on the field next season. x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!xd
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6:53 pm
join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then charges of conflict of interest. freddie mac accuse fd making multi kbrinl dollar bets and betraying homeowner autos newt gingrich, sued. the rock band wants the candidate to stop using its music at events. those stories and more coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and raiders new coach is here. >> finally. >> it's official this, is the day fans have been waiting for. the new cheechd becomes the seventh new coach in nine years, third new leader in three years. a man promising change. >> dennis allen has never been a head coach but zit that was introduced as the new head
6:54 pm
coach of the raider autos it's a great privilege and an honor for me tobt next head coach chblgts 18th head coach of the raiders. >> coach allen is bright. and extremely intense and focused on one thing. winning. championships. >> and he was the defensive coordinator and won a super bowl ring with the saints. he has 16 years of coaching experience in the college and pro rank and nflz will be the first defensive minded coach to take over since john madden. he does understand tradition of sill skprer black. >> al davis was a big part of developing that tradition and a big part of setting a foundation for what we are. >> he is intense and promises a lot of passion. >> the vision for the future of the oakland raiders is going to be a tough, smart,
6:55 pm
displined, committed football team. >> and he's the youngest head coach in the nfl. >> on offense we're going to be uptempo. we want to be fast and aggressive. you'll hear me use that word a lot. abresiveness. >> there is one goal with sill skprer black. >> our number one priority is we're here to win a championship. >> the coach said all of the right things and with a four-year contract looks like he's getting an opportunity to get this team back to the super bowl. >> the soob super bowl is not the biggest football story in indianapolis this weerk it's second behind the peyton manning saga. there is a peyton watching his brother going to work sunday and he has a super bowl ring on his resume. he beat knew england four
6:56 pm
years ago. and he knows how rare these opportunities can be. >> you realize how precious each season is. and this is not just reminding me of what peyton is going through. you understand when you feel like there is a good team and a good player and have an opportunity that you can win a championship. >> and speaking of opportunities an epic melt down on the pga tour. kyle stanley cruising and what could go wrong? everything. the approach shot, his third lands 10 feet pass the pen. heading towards the pochbltd it's not going to roll through
6:57 pm
will it? now, that was for victory outright. there is three down in the second playoff hole. misses another five footer. and there goes his chance for his first career victory. he's a young guy and will have other opportunities but that? that is a moment. >> that was brutal. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> remember, the oscars are coming up in less than four weeks. for videos and buzz go to abc's exclusive web site >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪
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