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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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disappearance of a bay area girl. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds.
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an east bay man is trapped in a trench for more than three hours tonight. >> sky 7hd was overhead as rescuers pulled him out injured, but alive. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. he was buried up to his neck, but at least he could breathe. >> that's the only reason he could survive trapped for hours in the dirt. rescuers worked for hours to dig him out. it happened in brentwood. alan wang is there live. alan, what a desperate scene. >> yes, a pretty dramatic scene out here tonight. about two hours ago the front yard of this house was buzzing with firefighters. the neighbors gathered three deep just to watch this rescue. it all ended with a cheering crowd and a man happy to be alive.
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after more than three hours of constant digging, rescue crews pulled the man from the collapsed trench that almost became his grave. >> the danger is you have all of the weight of the dirt. the dirt out here is a heavy, muddy clay. it is not real light and fluffy sand. it is pretty heavy dirt. >> firefighters say the 50-year-old man from oakland dug a trench 10 feet deep while working on a residential sewer line. it was about 12 feet long and 30 inches wide, but it doesn't appear he had a shoring device to secure the walls of the trench. around 5:30, the damp earth collapsed around him. he was buried chest high and the temperature outside was dropping. >> the other concern is there will be hypothermia. he has the cold mud around him. we are worried about his core temperature of his body dropping. >> rescue workers started
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digging bucket by bucket while monitoring his vital signs. they used plywood to shore up the trench. all the while a crowd of people gathered to watch the drama unfold. a next door neighbor says the man was working on his friend's sewage line. several residents have had problems in the past. >> i can tell you the trees in front of our houses, we had to cut them down about four years ago because the roots were growing out toward the pipes, under the sidewalk and into our front yards. >> firefighters say he was talking just before he was airlifted to john mayor hospital in walnut creek. his head was below ground level so he was extremely lucky he was able to stay above the dirt and breathe the whole time. a friend of a local contractor who works on the sewage lines out here tells me that osha definitely requires a shoring device when digging a trench this deep. reporting live in brentwood, alan wang, abc news. >> for good reason.
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thanks, alan. a similar story, but different outcome to follow-up on. cal-osha says the builder of the home where a hayward car pen deer died -- carpenter died did not have a permit to dig a deep trench. he died in mill pea dislast saturday. they say it is serious. they have forbidden any building at that site until an investigation into the situation is finished. that could take about six months. the police are looking into a new lead tonight in the 23-year-old kidnapping that drew nationwide attention. a man grabbed 9-year-old makayla joy garrett and forced her into his car and drove off. she hasn't been seen since. and now police are wondering if a death row inmate was involved in that kid p thatting. ab -- kidnapping. leslie brinkly is live at the hayward police department with developments. >> this involves several inmates. a convicted killer, as you said, on death row, is offering potential new leads in the kidnapping of makayla
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garrett over 23 years ago. >> they were a crime team known as the speed freak killers. hertzog hanged himself on january 16th. he wrote a letter to the stockton newspaper saying hertzog was responsible for the abduction of makayla garrett, and he could lead authorities to locations in the central valley where he and hertzog buried numerous bodies. he even noted h re tzog's resemblance to an old drawing of ma ray do's abductor. she was abducted as she road her scooter to this market in november of 1988. makayla's friend witnessed the abduction and helped police develop the composite drawing. she told abc7 news by phone she has now seen the photo of lauren hertzog and noticed the
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similarity. >> it could possibly be the kidnapper. >> hayward police released a statement on wednesday. they emphasized that this was never a cold case. they said that in the last month investigators from the national center for missing and exploited children spent one week with hayward police investigators to review and pry your ties leads that continue to come in. makayla garrett's mother still lives in the east bay, and makayla's brother who was an infant when his sister disappeared said they are watching the new developments closely. >> obviously we hope that it is resolved. as a family my mom is very hopeful that makayla is out there alive somewhere and she will come home one day. >> hayward police say they are currently in contact with the san juaquin sheriff's
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department as they follow-up on some of these potential new leads in the case. reporting live in hayward, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> leslie, thank you. the oakland police department released new video of the saturday night occupy rampage that included trashing city hall. the security camera footage shows in new detail occupy protesters breaking into the building and grabbing an american flag and then the chaos that followed. police describe efforts to prevent demonstrators from occupying a vacant building near city hall as a street battle. it ended with 400 arrests and occupy yes, sirs claiming that authorities -- occupiers claiming that authorities were violating their rights. >> they need to stop repressing free speech and the people of oakland. >> our officers 100% support free speech. what they don't support is people breaking the law. >> according to social media reports, the oakland occupy yes, sirs are planning another day of action on monday. the stomach flu epidemic is forcing a high school to
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can sell classes until monday. 325 saint ig nay shoes college prep students and teachers have been hit by the virus since monday. dozens went home after suddenly becoming ill. custodians are using bleach and steam to disinfect the flu. they say it could be an outbreak of nor row virus. it spreads through the air and by touch and highly contagious. we spoke to one of the students who is recovering. >> i noticed it first at school. there was a kid who was running through our foyer. he couldn't make it to the garbage can before he threw up. >> the public health officials are trying to determine the cause of the outbreak. the school's kitchen and water supply have been tested and ruled out. oakland's police and fire departments have new leaders tonight, and one has made history. teresa reid is one of the first african-american fire chiefs in a large metropolitan city. reid was the assistant chief at the san jose fire department. she also has an understanding
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of what is happening in oakland having lived there for 22 years. and she says it will not be business as usual for the oakland fire department. >> change the mind set of this is how we always did it. change is coming, and we are going to have to look at how we are going to be able to involve that. >> the interim police chief is now the permanent head of the department. that is battling budget cuts, layoffs and protesters. >> there is no other time than the current time for us to demonstrate that we are capable of policing this city in a manner in which the citizens expect them. >> jordan twice served as interim chief and has been with the department for 24 years. the idea that highways could one day charge electric cars as they drive is closer to becoming reality. a stanford university research team has designed a high efficient see charging system and uses the fields to use large electric currents between the metal coils. the long-term goal is to
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develop a highway system that wirelessly charges cars and trucks as they travel down the road. the researchers say what makes this concept exciting is you could potentially drive for an unlimited amount of time without having to stop to plug in and recharge. >> that would be something. well, wall street is friending facebook. the ipo will mint dozens of new millioners. the founder though says it is not about the money. >> and san onofre shutdown. the radiation leak at the southern california nuclear power plant. >> and the war in afghanistan and the fears official word that that -- and the first official word that american involvement will begin to wind down. >> and then late other "nightline." >> i'm bill wear. a five-year-old boy is the center of a tug of war between the american family who adopted him and the illegal immigrant mother who never wanted to let him go. and we find out how to fight a python invasion. that's on "nightline."
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>> closed captioning brought to facebook is changing its status from private to public. after months of rumors the
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company filed plans for an initial public offering today. the filing revealed the company earned $3.7 billion last year and made a profit of $1 billion. more than 82% of that comes from advertising aimed at facebook's 845 million users. facebook hopes to make more than $5 billion which would be the largest ipo ever for an internet company. >> based upon preliminary numbers, this company could trade between 18 and 25 times sales, and basically almost at 50 to 100 times profit which is really a rich evaluation. >> and the ipo will make mark zuckerberg a rich man. he will take ohm $1 in i am as steve jobs did. he owns 21% of the company that means if they raise the expected $100 billion, zuckerberg will earn $28 billion. but money isn't everything to
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zuckerberg. in today's filing he wrote, "we don't build services to make money. we make money to build better services." the state public utilities commission granted pg&e customers the right to opt out of having a smart meter, but you have to pay for the privilege. to cover the cost of the analog meter you have now and for someone to read it, you have to pay a $75 fee plus an extra $10 a month. low income customers would pay less. the smart meters have drawn fire from people who have questioned their accuracy and others concerned about privacy and health. one activist issued a statement saying opting outdoes absolutely nothing to address the problem of being exposed to the continuous pulsing of neighboring smart meters 24/7. the pg and e says the smart radios emit an amount well in the the safety standard. a spokesman says a small amount of radio active gas
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could have escaped from san onofre. they say the leak could be in one of the steam generator tubes that carries water heated by the reactor. officials insist the leak was so small it did not warrant an emergency declaration, but they did so just in case. workers must wait until the unit completely cools down before they can go in to find the potential leak and repair it. if a surprise announcement leon paw net tau expects troops to end their combat role in afghanistan a year ahead of schedule. pineta says the forces will remain in the country another year after that to train local troops. pineta made his remarks while flying to a nato summit. there are currently 99,000 american troops in afghanistan with 22,000 scheduled to return home this year. some health policy researchers at u.s. san fransisco say sugar is so dangerous to our health that the government should tax it and regulate it like alcohol and tobacco.
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in the journal "nature" the group says there should be an age requirement to buy soda. scientists say it alters the metabolism and raises blood pressure and causes damage to the liver that mimics the affect of drinking too much alcohol. alcohol is manufactured from the distill layings of sugar. sweetened food leads to 35 million deaths worldwide from heart disease, diabetes and cancer ?ie. now turning our attention to the forecast. a little rain today, but not a lot. >> let's check in with sand yaw patel. >> it was a wee amount, all right. it was less than a 10th of an inch across the bay area. we did get some showers, and then it was gone. then we saw the sun, at least peeks of it. this is a view from lake merritt as the sun was going down sent to me via twitter. a lot of photos coming in. this one from brentwood. and we will show you one last shot. the sunset from castro
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valley. keep them coming. send them to me on facebook and twitter. the temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. half moon bay has some fog right now. and it is 47 degrees. partly cloudy tonight with some patches of fog. sunny and mild tomorrow. and our dry pattern is going to be with us through the weekend. but by early next week you may need the umbrellas again. overnight readings will be cooler. we are looking at patchy fog forming already. the temperature and the dew . are the same. fairfield will likely see some fog shortly here. tomorrow morning, 38 degrees. 37 in livermore and 40 in fremont. 43 in san mateo. low 40s richmond. the coolest spots will be the valley locations. midto upper 30s in places like santa rosa, napa. you will need a coat or jacket first thing in the morning as you head off to work or you are taking the kids to school. this is a weak front that really only brought a couple inches of snow.
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a little bit of rain in the bay area, enough to dampen your morning commute. the ridge is rebuilding, and it is just forcing the storm track to the north. the jet stream will keep the storm track to the north of us all through the weekend. higher pressure provides us with a nice, sunny day tomorrow. the wind flow will be off show. north, northeasterly wind flow. this will be the case right through the weekend, so we will keep it dry and keep it mild. highs for your thursday in the south bay 64 for santa clara and san jose. cupertino and saratoga. low to mid60s. palo alto 64. right near the coastline here, clear in the afternoon. 58 degrees in pacifica. downtown san fransisco right around where you should be, 61. you get up into the north bay though, and it is warmer than average for this time of year. it is the down sloping wind that will take you up to 67 degrees in ukiah, santa rosa. a beautiful day in san rafael. mid60s there. same thing for oakland in the
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east bay. hayward 62. head inland and we will see temperatures in the mid60s for concord, danville, livermore, monterey bay, 60 in caramel and 65 in morgan hill. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast: groundhog day tomorrow. if the groundhog sees his shadow, punxsutawney phil that is, six more weeks of winter. hopefully wint -- it has been pretty dry. approaching by sunday in the bay. and then carolyn and dan, chance of rain returning by monday night and heading into tuesday. it looks like a decent storm. >> we will take a start of winter. >> at least something. saving a piece of history. family and friends may have rescued a san fransisco saloon. >> and get ready for oscar sunday. you can predict the winner, watch video from the red carpet or go back stage during the show all at oscar .com. f fo
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in an effort to keep the san francisco gold dust lounge from closing they requested the city recognize the bar as a historic landmark. that designation would at the least make it more challenging
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for the landlord to turn the bar into a retail shop as has been proposed. a southern california woman took honda to small claims court and won. heather peters was awarded $10,000 in a false advertising lawsuit. she says her 2006 civic was advertised as getting 50 miles to the gallon, but it was closer to 30. peters previously opted out of a class action lawsuit. that was only offering $200 and a credit card a new car. honda plans to appeal. sports is next. a big day in college football. >> exciting. larry beil is here. >> a lot of new names and new faces coming. did cal just sign their next star quarterback? did stanford get the next barry sanders ? that we know for sure. who is going where on national signing day? sports is next.
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good evening. stanford and cal had classes ranked in the top 20 nationally. stanford might be top five. the cardinals are feeling better about the way things turned out than cal. this was national signing day.
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among the eye-catching names joining stanford, barry sanders. yes, the son of the all pro detroit running back. sanders opted to enroll over stanford over oklahoma state. he is electric with the football and could have an instant impact on the cardinal. like father, like son. cody whit field whose son played for stanford signed up with the cardinals and davidson. peak ranked as the best offensive tackle in the country and the son of todd pete heads to the farm at stanford where they call it one of the best classes in history. cal has been searching for a quarterback since aaron rogers left. zach klein may be the man. he may be the best prospect as quarterback to come out of the bay area in years. klein already on campus, and he is taking classes in berkeley and learning the playbook. cal lost a bunch of recruits after two coaches left for washington. it feels more like a salvage operation than an out right
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victory. line backer nicker son and michael bartman will have the defense. triggs may be the prep receiver on the west coast. most people noted tom brady grew up in the bay area. but another player you will see in the super bowl is julian edelman from the college of san ma stay yow. he was a quarterback in san mateo, and the patriots didn't really need him there. they will use him all over the place. wide receiver and he is a unique combination of speed, strength and smarts. julian edelman happened to be on the field and happy to be there at all times. >> he was strictly the coach's -- one day they said you would be in defensive meetings and that's how it went. you are not going to say no to an opportunity especially around here. >> fiesty also. hopes for a may weather and
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pack yow fight delayed again. floyd may whether will fight on the 5th. pack yow is looking for another opponent and the wait goes on. sad news from the boxing world. angelo dundee passed away. he trained mohamed ali and sugar ray leonard. yell morgan is the -- nigel morgan laced up the skates with a skate with the sharks. he was born in san francisco and left to play junior hockey in canada. he is obviously talented. morgan has this alter ego known as tony plush. here is mr. plush scoring on the shootout today. he has no plans to quit his day job. but morgan did have some fun back out on the ice. >> obviously to be out there to skate with my childhood team and to be out there with the boys is an unbelievable feeling. >> he did a good job and scored on one of the
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breakaways. he has some skill out there. >> tony plush coming at you. that's your toy yow paw sports report. your toyota sports report. >> to do that after not having skated in awhile. if you look closely, the goalie kind of just let go. let him score on the play. >> that was fun. >> that's some name. >> "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. keep track of the latest breaking news on abc news bay area. >> we will be back tomorrow. thank you so much for watching. we appreciate your time. >> have a great night, everyone. ♪
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