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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in court for a personal fight today. he wants to see his son. he didn't have luck in criminal court so today he's going to take the matter to family court. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at the cow palace in daly city. dozens of people are already in line for an event they hope can save them hundreds, maybe $1,000 per month on their mortgage loans. details coming up. good morning i'm mike nicco. check out this live picture from sutro tower. you don't see the fog here up in the north bay visibilities in a minute and talk about how warm it is going to be.
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good morning i'm frances ding drink. rough start during the 4:00 hour with an injury crash on the about: that has been cleared -- on the bay bridge. that has been cleared. good friday morning 5:01 a.m.. there's a lot going on here and around the world we will keep you updated i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. struggling bay area homeowners and first time buyers are expected to show up in droves today at the cow palace that brings together america's largest lenders. terry you see the lines growing? >> reporter: the lines are growing rapidly the event doesn't start until 8:00 this morning. you can see the cars lined up. some are double parking here on geneva, not a good idea. when you have an opportunity to lower your monthly mortgage payment by hundreds of dollars, you do things like that. this event is put on by naca
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from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today through monday thousands are expected each day. they are going to come in and meet with lens all major lenders are going to be out -- with lenders, all major lenders are going to be out here all under contract with naca to give lower interest rates to perhaps 2% for the life of the loan. one man hopes to get here what he could not with his local bank he drove 250 miles to be here. >> i come to fix my problem with my loans. with my home. i'm trying to work to the bank more than a year and they don't want to work . it is a very difficult thing. >> reporter: he is hoping naca can help.
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i've been at these before, they are packed. the lines stretch for hundreds of yards. people waiting to get in and as you watch this event unfold, they announce over a loudspeakerer -- example jerry of sacramento just got his mortgage lowered from $3100 a month to $2200 a month and everybody cheers. everybody is welcome. bring your mortgage documents if you want more information go to click on see it on tv. everybody is welcome. it is from start to finish absolutely free. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:03. developing news along the san mateo county coast. right now the coast guard is searching for a missing boater. officials say a 64-year-old san ramon man left wednesday to go crab fishing. his son says it was supposed to be a day trip but the man never returned. we'll continue to follow this
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story and bring updates. breaking news in egypt right now. officials say gunmen kidnapped two americans and their egyptian guide after stopping a tour bus in the sinai. police set off tear gas and fired bird shots at angry protesters over a deadly soccer riot. new clashes have killed at least three people today. demonstrators are furious the police failed to prevent a soccer riot that killed 74 and injured 1,000 wednesday. egypt has faced deteriorating security and a surge in crime since the uprising that ousted longtime leader hosni mubarak. protesters calling for the country's military council to surrender power. sheriff ross mirkarimi goes back to court in another attempt to get visitation rights to see his son. mirkarimi has been ordered to stay away while he faces domestic abuse and child endangerment charges. amy hollyfield live at the
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hall of justice with the story. >> reporter: he didn't get the answer he want todayed in criminal court. today the sheriff going to seeqy what family court has to say. sheriff ross mirkarimi has not been allowed to go near his wife or son since he was charged with three misdemeanors january 13th. one of those charges is child endangerment. the judge issued a stay away order, based on the charges. mirkarimi did ask a criminal court judge to reconsider but she kept the order in place. ptoday he'soing to try his luck in family court. some legal experts say the move could payoff. >> the goal of the family law court is very different from the goal of the criminal law court. criminal law courts are about punishing crime that has happened in the past. family law courts are more about preserving the family. doing the best interests of the children and seeing if parties can reconcile their differences. >> reporter: mirkarimi has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence battery, child
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endangerment and dissuading a witness. prosecutors accuse him of bruising his wife during an argument on new year's eve in front of the couple's son. in court documents his wife is quoted as saying this has happened once before. they is now standing by him saying no crime was committed. she wants mirkarimi to be able to see the couple's son. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:06. the 49ers haveb=x(x cleared anor hurdle in their effort to build a new stadium in santa clara yesterday nfl own areas proved 200 million dollars in funding for the one billion dollar project. the final financing hurdle the 49ers needed before the team can begin construction later this year on the 60,000 seat stadium. the 9 -- on the -- >> that goes to show the confidence and -- [ unintelligible ]
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opponents of the new stadium say santa clara residents were misled about financing and they are trying to for the issue back to voters. 49ers plan to open this new stadium by 2015. this morning 78-year-old serial killer suspect joseph bess so is due back in court -- joseph naso. last month a judge ordered him to stand trial police arrested naso last april following a search of his home investigators found a list of the prostitutes he's charged with killing during a 20 year span and news clippings about the murders. this weekend the drug enforcement team facing corruption charges will be traveling to los angeles to appear on the dr. phil show. yesterday a magistrate gave norman welsh permission to travel his attorney says he will appear on the talk show for an unpaid appearance to
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reach out to other law enforcement officers who may be unstress. the show will air in two weeks. he faces several charges including reselling drugs seize. the construction company in charge of a -- of a milpitas site where a construction worker was buried alive are facing new charges of misconduct. they did not have a permit to bill the 5800 square foot home where raul zapata was working where he was killed. he died at day morning in a deep trench. city officials said no one should have been working at the site because a stop-work order had been issued three days before the accident. vacaville firefighter discovered items stolen from his own home. the firefighter arrived at a mobile home on sunset drive yesterday and was shocked to find items taken from his home
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last week. including a dirt bike, washer and dryer and lawnmower. he kept his cool and transported the man to the hospital before calling police. the man's housemate is the one police say stole the firefighter's stuff. he has been booked into jail. >> kept his emotions in check and did his job. >> stole his washer and dryer, wow. 5:09. time to checkup on the friday forecast. >> maybe he was laundering money! [ laughing ] >> friday, hey! good morning everybody. that's -- 30s north bay, fairfield into concord, 40s for the rest of us 52 oakland watch out for fog developing around fairfield and santa rosa. as far as what is happening, you can see the storms are just offshore. a few high clouds like yesterday. no rain until this slowly creeps towards us monday night into tuesday.
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enjoy the spring-like temperatures. everybody in the mid to upper 60s wouldn't be surprised if we see more 70s today also through the weekend as this high pressure is not going anywhere it going to be very stubborn and make it feel very warm through monday rain likely monday night into tuesday wednesday and thursday cooler, but dry. over to frances. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge looking good, heading iá1aáuz san francisco, a little further north we have 101 in san rafael, these headlights moving southbound find out of novato and santa rosa, no delays to the golden gate bridge. we head to the south bay and check out 280 and 17 interchange in san jose, headlights are northbound 280 that's highway 17 across your screen. i want to take out to waze traffic maps highway 4 antioch usually the first place we see slowing in the morning.
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you will see the drivers there having no problems. we have a traffic spotter, no slowing through the area. more folks on the road, so far, no trouble. i did have a fewer send me a tweet saying that highway 4 is slow due to the beautiful retaining wall. let me know what you think out there. of course you can get more traffic information download it to your iphone or smartphone and you can send me a tweet. our time is 5:11. satellite launch in iran that is raising concern in the west. what republican presidential candidate mitt romney is now saying about his comments on the poor. major snow storm that is threatening to snarl air travel across the country. hey, you made your own lunch.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. defense secretary panetta says he won't dispute a report that he believes israel may attack iran in attempt to deal a blow to that nation's nuclear program. panetta believes an attack is likely this spring. iran has launched a new satellite. the news agency says it is designed to collect weather data and monitor for natural disasters. iran's space program is raising concern because the
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technology can be used to fire atomic warheads. mitt romney says he misspoke when he said he was not very concerned about the very poor. the front runner the gop race said in a cnn interview he was not very concerned about the very poor because they have an ample safety net. romney says he is focused primarily on helping middle class americans hurt by the the former massachusetts governor and multi-millionaire now says it was an accidental misstatement of a position he has repeated throughout his campaign. and that he got it wrong. roseanne barr is running for the green party's presidential nomination. she says this is no joke. the actress says she is a long time supporter of the party that looks forward to working with people who share her values. she says democrats and republicans are not working in the best interests of the american people. the green party's presidential nominee will be selected at a convention in baltimore in july. nuclear regulatory
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commission says extensive wear has been found on hundreds of tubes that carry radioactive water near san diego. they were found in unit two the disclosure comes to days after a lube leak at the other unit prompted operators to shutdown the reactor. the warn out tubes are less than two years old. it is not clear what is behind the deterioration. denver is expected to get one of the heaviest snow storms in the city's history today and it could affect flights to and from the a area. denver international is a major hub for american airlines and frontier airlines. the airport has cancelled more than 150 flights, more than a foot of snow has already fallen in parts of colorado and forcasters say it may not stop until tomorrow. the storm has prompted a blizzard warning for the northeast forcing school closures we can't even get a little rain around here. >> no, but if you are heading to any of those areas mike you recommend people use the
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flight tracker. >> absolutely. denver up to three feet of snow, 40 mile per hour winds, definitely dangerous going around there but it is open now. good morning. welcome to fry. we are looking at a clear sky -- fog is getting thicker across the north bay, santa rosa visibility down to a quarter mile now. 35 is your temperature. freezing in fairfield 32. mid to upper 30s napa, concord, livermore peninsula from redwood city to mountain view and los gatos. oakland warm spot 50. 39 santa cruz, 31 gilroy, frost there, low to mid 40s salinas, watsonville and monterey. let's talk about sunshine and mild temperatures today if you liked yesterday you will really enjoy today. if you don't have a chance if get out, it will hold through the weekend. cans of rain monday night into tuesday. as far as today temperatures
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in the south bay mid to upper 60s milpitas 65, mid 60s peninsula low to mid 60s along our beaches mid 60s downtown, south san francisco sausalito mid to upper 60s north bay low 60s at your beaches mid 60s east bay shore mid to upper 60s east bay valleys around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s in just -- just plain upper 60s for the inland valleys. tonight quiet, patchy fog possible, temperatures in the 30s in most neighborhoods, 40 fremont, san jose, low to mid 40s, san rafael, richmond, oakland san mateo, upper 40s along the coast into san francisco, above 1,000 feet breezy during the overnight hours the reason why high pressure settling into the great basin getting that offshore flow and check out this omega block high pressure we call it that because it looks like the greek letter everything to the north little systems around the bend and
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head north keeping high clouds but will take that bigger storm monday into tuesday to breakthrough this block and bring us that chance of rain. until it gets here, don't expect much of a different in the forecast at least for today, tomorrow, sunday, most of monday, increase in clouds still mild and then the rain is possible tuesday with temperatures about 10° cooler slight warming trend, drier weather wednesday and thursday. good morning. looking good on bay area freeways here's a live shot of san mateo bridge, hopefully it will stay this way for the rest of friday morning. no problems here westbound or eastbound this is. -80bergly drive time still 18 minutes here's a live shot from the bay bridge toll looking at the incline section where there was morning injury crash everything is gone traffic has been flowing well since 4:40 this morning. i want to take to you the waze traffic maps to show you what
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the ride looks like in solano county commuters on the road some from the traffic spotter team reported a car stopped on theç shoulder westbound 80 near american canyon this was reported -- if you caught us yesterday there he is now, slang in the philippines for american, so basically this person is a good looking american. of course you can get this free traffic app by going to download it to your iphone, smartphone it will help you hopefully, with your commute. the more folks we have that join the better the information will be and more detailed for us as well. it is 5:20. >> the battle over piracy moves to the super bowl. >> impact is significant, it steals u.s. jobs. >> big crackdown on phony football swag ahead of the nfl's biggest game. more getting than giving.
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greedy findings about facebook users. rcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrc
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a live look at denver, colorado you can see the snowfall this morning they may get up to three feet. 40 mile an hour winds mike is telling us. flies already delayed an hour and 49 minutes. this is a hub for american and frontier and there may be lots of cancellations today. you will want to use our flight tracker on check on the status of your flight. >> i wish tahoe could get some of that. fake tickets, fake gear part of a record haul by
5:24 am
authorities in a crackdown on counterfeit from bowl goods. custom and immigration service spent four months tracking down five million dollars in fake merchandise, almost a third more than last year. >> we can't be everywhere, but it is consumer beware. we are out there and we are watching those importing that merchandise. you may get by today, tomorrow but we are going to find you. >> the bogus gear is not found just in stores agents shutdown 307 illegal internet sites that looked legitimate. new study suggests there is a blood test that could help diagnose depression itch the study in journal -- analyzed nine biomarkers could distinguish between patients that do and do not have depression associated with stress response and inflammation, among other things. the tests accurately pinpointed depression in 90%
5:25 am
of previously dogged patients one thing to keep in mind, ridge diagnostics which financed the study also makes the test. it is better to give than receive? not true for typical facebook users. new study shows the average user gets more than they give as in they get more likes, comments and pokes than they give. behind that is a small group of power users who do more than their share of tagging, linking, liking and uploading, 20 to 30% of facebook users fall into the power user category. >> you probably know someone and you don't know they are a power user, but you will find out. >> minutes away from the labor depend's release of the january jobs report and what that could mean for the economy, next. >> reporter: violence in egypt this morning. people rioting in the streets. two americans have been
5:26 am
kidnapped. >> >> free help coming to the cow palace this morning that could save thousands from foreclosure and help others buy their first home. check out temperatures, 30 in denver with all that snow falling. ahead of it, 75 dallas, 57 st. louis, 45 chicago also new york. denver international, one hour 49 mine flight arrival delays, 150 cancelled flights. charlotte flights delayed leaving there. at the bottom. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in is if if where sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in a new courtroom today. fighting for the right to see his son legal experts say if there is a court that will be sympathetic to him this would likely be the one. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom. americans have been kidnapped in egypt as violent protests erupt in the streets people have been killed in a demonstration. good morning i'm mike nicco, live look at downtown, no fog in san francisco, but it is forming in some areas i'll show you visibilities and we'll talk about a warm weekend before rain cools us off. good morning i'm frances ding. friday light traffic right now about -- bay bridge toll no delays. friday sounds good. good morning 5:29 thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we are following news out of egypt three people reported dead this morning in new riots
5:30 am
in egypt. security forces are moving into tahrir square trying to disperse demonstrators who are angry with the way the government handled a deadly protest after a soccer match. katie marzullo is following all this. >> reporter: the video coming in this morning is incredible. i'm going to show you in a second. in egypt in morning, gun men have kidnapped two female american tourists and their egyptian tour guide. the victims were taken from their minivan in the sinai. egyptian officials say the search is on for the women some reports say an helicopter is being used. now to the riots egypt has faced eroding security and a surge in crime since the ousting of hosni mubarak that may be part of why americans are being kidnapped. the 74 people were killed that day and now three people have been killed today in the riots
5:31 am
that is so far you can see what is happening on the streets this is video recorded in the last hour. protesters are throwing things at police and police are firing tear gas from vans as you can see. they are also shooting bird shot at the protesters that is what is being blamed for one of those deaths. protesters are angry the police didn't prevent the violence at the soccer match. bigger picture, they are calling for egypt's ruling military council to surrender how we are. they say the military is mismanaging the transition to democracy. more rallies were planned for today it seems those rallies have given way to violence. we are keeping an eye on this we'll bring updates as they become available. katie marzullo, abc7 news. san francisco sherry ross mirkarimi returns to court today to try -- sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court today to try to win the right to see his son. amy hollyfield is live at the hall of justice with the
5:32 am
latest. >> reporter: sheriff ross mirkarimi has said not being able to see his son has been crushing. today he's going to try and different tactic. he's going to ask the family court to allow him to see his 2-year-old son or at least have supervised visits. the criminal court judge issued a stay away order mirkarimi hasn't been allowed to see his family since he was charged january 13th. he asked the criminal court to lift the stay way or the judge said no. legal experts say mirkarimi might have a better chance in family court where the goal is to preserve the family and see a family reconcile its differences. >> ultimate question for the judge, the family law court judge is, really the best interests of the child. sometimes they do grant supervised visits. that -- if the child is being traumatized by being separated from one parent that is a way
5:33 am
to minimize that damage. >> reporter: mirkarimi has pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanors, prosecutors accuse him of leaving a bruise on his wife's arm during an argument on new year's eve and say it happened in front of their son. one of the charges is child endangerment that will be something for the family court to consider today. all of the evidence from the criminal case can be heard in family court. mirkarimi's wife says, she supports her husband that no crime was committed and she does believe that mirkarimi should be allowed to see their son. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:33. the 49ers have taken another big step in their effort to build a new stadium. yesterday nfl own areas proved 200 million dollars in loan funding for the one billion dollar project. it is the final financing hurdle the 49ers needed before the team can begin construction later this year on the 68,000 seat stadium
5:34 am
next to great america. the 9ers had already secured 850 million dollars from bank loans. >> this is obviously an unprecedented day for the san francisco 49ers. this is a very big vote of confidence from the league. >> if this is such a great deal why did they not find private investors why are they not owning it? this entire scheme has been a pate and switch. >> -- been a pate and switch. >> opponents say residents were misled about financing and they are trying to force the issue back to voters. the 9ers plan to open that new stadium by 2015. a judge has refused to lift a court order barring two occupy oakland protesters from coming within 300 feet of frank ogawa zap. the attorneys say the order indings on their civil rights -- they are among a dozen protesters who were served the court orders following last
5:35 am
saturday night's violent protests outside frank ogawa plaza. the two are accused of salting police officers. four hundred were arrested during the weekend protest. police questioning two suspects in a violent carjacking in fremont. they were taken into custody after an eight hour standoff. the s.w.a.t. team searched the house then surrounded a backyard shed. they stormed it after firing what appear to be smoke bombs. >> we had a -- we heard a loud bang which we thought was tear gas, two hours ago. then they evacuated three hopes on each side of the street also. >> what do you buy in this? >> scary. -- what do you think about this? >> scary. >> carjacked victim was dragged from his car and pete end. police say he's okay. we just got the latest jobs report, better than expected. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.3% in january, it was 8.5. this is the fifth straight
5:36 am
month that the jobless rate has fallen employers added 243,000 jobs last month. we'll have reaction from the new york stock exchange in a few minutes and a live report coming pup in our hour. right now people are lined up in their cars outside the cow palace hoping to be the first to receive help on their mortgages. naca is holding an i vent for those looking to save money -- money on home loaners. event takes place monday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.. the event is free terry mcsweeney will have a live report with more in 30 minutes. for more on the documents you need to bring with you and to register, go to, look under see it on tv. clear and chilly this morning. those temperatures i hear are going to soar. >> where did you hear that from mr. nicco? >> must have been a grounding
5:37 am
who. fog this morning, 3/4 of a mile in fairfield, quarter mile in santa rosa rapidly developing in those two others everybody else pretty much unlimited a breeze above 1,000 feet keeping the atmosphere clean. you can see we have a west wind at 10 at the airport, southeast three hayward calm in san jose eight oakland six in napa there's a slight breeze this morning 30s and 40s with that breeze you can knock off a degree or two. high clouds and sunshine not only at 8:00, beautiful sunrise, also at noon mid 50s to near 60 as we head towards the afternoon, 4:00 specifically, kickoff work a little early you will enjoy mid 60s even low 60s at the coast. seven day forecast this pattern holds through saturday, sunday, monday, monday night into tuesday chance of rain
5:38 am
temperatures drop six to 10 degrees, wednesday, thursday more sun and temperatures close to average let's find out if there's any slow spots with frances dinglasan. slowing westbound 4 antioch now 19 miles per hour lone tree to summersville heaviest a lot of speed pittsburg drive time hillcrest to 242 is 15 minutes. we'll head to other parts of the bay area 101 san rafael looks great. headlights moving southbound down to the go go bridge we'll check out 101 as well -- in the south bay you won't find problems san jose north 101 out of morgan hill gilroy up the peninsula. waze traffic maps 580 through the altamont pass, a few more commuters on the road. some of them are reporting heavy traffic three minutes ago on westbound 580 near
5:39 am
mountain house parkway looking good through the sunol grade. you can get in information and have it available, go to download the free after fix app on your iphone or smartphone it is -- like having free gps with traffic information on your cell phone. 5:39. what washington gives, washington can take back. why two of the a area's largest sympathies may be forced to give back tens of millions in -- in estimate muss funds. crash course for aspiring teachers. the group that wants to to improve oakland schools and how they believe it can be done. hey guys, breakfast!
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the droid razr is now $199.99. exclusively from verizon. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. you're looking live at a picture of denver, colorado a street covered in snow. there's one suv that appears to have maybe veered off the road with all the snow. powerful storm is hitting that area, colorado today forcing the state department of transportation to close lots of freeways there. falling at two inches an hour the snow's clip. we check in with meteorologist mike nicco there's going to be an impact on travelers in other regions. serious storm. 5:42. oakland and san francisco could be forced to returnbp6v se of the federal stimulus money
5:43 am
they received to weatherize the homes of low income residents. california received 186 million dollars to help homeowners install new windows, ceiling fans and other improvements. a state audit shows the two cities may have to give back more than six million dollars because of slow progress. city officials say one of the problems is they decided to focus on insulating apartments and multi-family homes instead of houses where more prep time is needed. in oakland a non-profit group guiding dozens hoping to become the ne@g4s wave of teachers in that city. the group teach tomorrow in oakland is hoping minority teachers can help turn around the district's droppout rate which is 40%. most of the drop-outs are minority boys. many of these aspiring teachers grew up in oakland. >> i was once one of those kids that was misunderstood. and i have, you know, a clear
5:44 am
uno'understanding of what is going on out there and i could help. >> we need to have young men who can see young african-american men who are teaching, leading schools in front of them who are right there engaging them using the taoeufps of strategies they need -- types of strategies they need to keep them in class. >> it going to take a year and a half to get their teaching credentials. where is the best place to look for a ? reaction to the january jobs' report that just came out. bloomberg business report, straight ahead. backlash continues to grow. bay area groups taking back their contributions to the susan g. komen foundation because of a controversial funding decision. comments from pro football's top administrator that dampens rumors of the raiders moving back to
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
here's a look at live doppler time for your california forecast kay sunshine top to bottom coast to mountains it is -- 66 san diego low to mid 60s through the central valley 68 big sur. tahoe for the weekend they will be making snow mother nature not providing any. mid 40s tahoe, low 50s around
5:48 am
yosemite. 5:47. a man in critical condition from burns he suffered in a house fire in pittsburg. the blaze broke outç af(er 6:00 last night. firefighters had it under in 15 minutes. they found the victim badly burned in the house. firefighters did manage to rescue a cat. at last word investigators are trying to determine the cause. more backlash over the decision by the susan g. komen foundation to cut all funding to planned parenthood. the alameda fire department is rerouting its $2800 donation to the breast cancer fund of san francisco instead. all of komen's california affiliates, including san francisco have come out in opposition. komen's ceo nancy brinker defending the decision in a web video. she says komen will no longer give grants to organizations under investigation by congress. critics think the charity is bowing to pressure from
5:49 am
anti-abortion groups. >> scurrilous accusations are profoundly hurtful. >> i went on to the website and made an immediate donation over the last 48 hours they've been able to raise almost as much as susan g. komen has pulled away from them in funding. 22 democratic senators are asking the national komen foundation to reverse its decision among them barbara boxer and dianne feinstein of california. >> raiders fans may be encouraged by this news. commissioner goodell says the league would rather add an expansion team in los angeles than have an existing team move there. he appeared on the sports network last night he said the nfl would likely add two new franchises bringing the total to 34 because an odd number of teams would cause scheduling problems. there has -- >> i'm old enough to remember
5:50 am
pete roussel saying the same thing to the raiders a -- pete rossel saying the same thing to the raiders. let's talk about the weather at home and what is happening in denver. quite a difference spring weather in the 60s to near 70 denver blizzard conditions, people being told to stay home, flight arrival delays nearing two hours cancellations of 150 flights into denver international airport. it has let up a little, 20 to 40 mile per hour winds that are going to blow it around and create mighty drifts. it is going to be dangerous. i-80 is closed eastbound out of the denver they are thinking about closing parts of i-25 which runs north to south through denver. here at home fog mainly up in the north bay downtown san francisco and towards the
5:51 am
berkeley hills all quiet. coolest weather fairfield 32, warmest oakland at 50 most of news the 30s and 40s this morning. around the monterey a and inland we have 31 gilroy, 39 santa cruz everybody else in the low to mid 40s if you liked yesterday, let's do it again mostly sunny and mild this afternoon pattern holds through the weekend. if you have outdoor activities you may want to wear sunscreen. chance of rain monday evening into tuesday detail. today compared to average we are five degrees warmer in redwood city, san francisco, napa, four in san jose, six in oakland livermore eight degrees warmer than average. whether you are going to the wine country in napa or livermore, dress for the mid 60s. 7:12 our sunrise, sunset at 5:35. south bay mid 60s, campbell, cupertino, saratoga 67 mid 60s peninsula low to mid 60s along the coast mid 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito mid to upper 60s north bay
5:52 am
valleys east bay shore mid 60s here mid to upper 60s in the east bay valleys and down around the monterey a mid to upper 60s and mainly upper 60s inland one constant sunshine and high clouds from time to time tonight clear above 1,000 feet a little breezy in the valleys not so much fog may form in the north bay valleys mid to upper 30s inland valleys upper 30s to mid 40s around the a shore high pressure going to sit there in the great basin and steer everything to the north at least through the weekend. then we'll get a storm that will punch through that high pressure on monday night into tuesday when we'll get our chance of rain and high temperatures drop six to 10° tuesday slightly warmer more sun wednesday and thursday. have a great weekend. here's frances with your traffic. good morning. looking great, can't find much trouble on the roads usual slowing antioch.
5:53 am
live shot of i-80 perkly looking great out of fairfield vallejo down to the bay bridge toll where there's no delay despite a very early morning injury crash on the upper deck. mass transit systems look great, no trouble on bart, cal train, ace or muni. muni had problems yesterday afternoon. i want to take out to waze traffic maps commuters on the road turned on this free traffic app we have a few traffic spotters out there one on highway 13, we are hoping he goes along smoothly. another one here line dog. we have quite a few members now on the roads many you can be part of this community by going to download the free flix to your phone. don't for get to join the abc7 traffic spotter community. 5:53.
5:54 am
u.s. stock futures soaring. investors reacting positively to the labor department's january jobs report which came out 15 minutes ago. the unemployment rate dropped for the fifth consecutive month to 8.3%. >> here's jane king. >> iphone 5 may be coming soon. the chinese-language paper reports it will have a glass touch panel the paper sighting an analyst says the iphone 5 will debut at the developers conference in june. just got the numbers from the january jobs report from the labor department. really an eye-popping report. 243,000 jobs according to the labor department, added in the u.s. economy. that was way more than what economists expected. they thought the up in was going to be 140,000. about 100,000 more than what was expected unemployment rate dropped to 8.3%. where is the best place to look for a job? try myrtle beach,
5:55 am
south carolina, utah, arkansas. those cities with phoenix and a bunch of florida, texas, north carolina and ohio cities will have the fastest job growth this year all but three of the nation's 363 metro areas will see job growth this year. [ unintelligible ] gap the surprise gainer after they came out with better span expected earnings forecast. i'm jane king. new information is surfacing about the alleged sex game teacher. the l.a. sheriff's department says 61-year-old mark berndt was the target of a 1994 investigation for attempting
5:56 am
to fondle a 10-year-old girl charges were never filed due to lack of evidence. berndt is now accused of secretly taking lewd photographs of elementary students and feeding them his semen. he faces felony charges of committing lewd acts on more than two dozen children he's being held on 23 million dollars bail. lawmakers greed to help local school districts keep their buses running. all ing an automatic spending cut that took 248 million dollars. it has been hard on rural districts. the money won't be restored but the s will be allowed to make cuts elsewhere -- to keep the buses going. new digital seed signs going up on the golden gate bridge not for -- cars and truck there is to help people who ride their pikes a safe distance from those who -- their books a safe distance from those who walk
5:57 am
. [ unintelligible ] 5:57. coming up,çç predicting war te country that america's defense secretary says might be tacking iran in a matter of months. latest on developing news in egypt. protests have turned deadly again. there's word two americans have been kidnapped. cl
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