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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  February 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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people making aassumptions and calling us up, saying and condemning us for something that hasn't happened. >> we're thrilled. and they reversed it's decision. a key piece is breast health. >> this week the national komen foundation created a fire storm arks noungs it would no longer donate money to planned parenthood because it was the object of a correctional investigation its been a rough few days. >> she says the eastbound local chapter. >> i think our reputation has been damaged. >> and. >> at least one local organization has decided to give its $2800 donation to another nonprofit. >> are you going to change your mind? >> no.
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not this time. it's too little, too. we don't want it to be connected with political afillation or any kind of political issue. >> this foundation dmot put a dollar amount on how much in the way of donations they may have lost from this. so far, saying no major donors have pulled out. they said they realized this isn't going to help in what has been a difficult fund raising year. >> and california's leaders in washington are praising the decision. many signed a letter urging executives to change their mind. >> i commend the foundation for seeing the light on this. and i especially salute women who spoke out on behalf of womens health. they made a difference. women will be healthier. >> and dianne feinstein called
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it a huge win for men and women who made voices heard this week, end of quote. senator boxer said it's a great day when our beliefs that breast cancer can only be wiped out if we work together triumphed. >> and this was an emotional day for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi, trying to get permission to see his son. he asked a judge to give advice taigs rights. he's not seen his wife or their 2-year-old son since being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and child endangerment. charges stemming from new year's eve. the judge would not give mirkarimi access to his family, instead a hearing was set for wednesday and an emotional mirkarimi said continue to fight for his son. >> if you've been forced separated i hope any time i would return back to court i would leave with a more expedited opportunity to be
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reunited with my son. and that is kinld of what i was hoping. i miss my son, terribly. he misses me. >> the pretrial hearing on the domestic violence charges is set for february 22. >> and coast guard cruise crews are searching for a 64-year-old fisherman last seen on wednesday. his cap sized boat was discovered this morning but a search found no sign of wong. the 64-year-old man left pillar point on a fishing trip wednesday, and has not been seen since. the truck and trailer were found in the parking lot. >> and more problems for a contractor. a car pender was buried over the weekend. a spokesperson confirmed that the license for u.s. investments is being suspended. construction company has been at the center of controversy ever since one of the workers
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seen here was buried working in a deep trench on saturday. and officials say he never had a permit to build the home. >> a fairfield woman will not serve any additional jail time for the deaths of her taughters and niece for a house fire. police sentenced her to time served for her conviction on the charges. james spent nearly two years in jail following arrest in april, 2010. she left the kids home alone. authorities say candles were being used because electricity had been cutoff when bills were not paid. a former san francisco crime lab technician now has a trial date. deborah madden, seen here will stand trial june 18th, indicted in december on a charge of stealing cocaine evidence from a lab dwleers ago that.
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triggered closure of the lab and dismissal of hundreds of cases. madden, now retired remains free on $25,000 bail. >> and they weren't occupy protestors but police had to clear out demonstrateor who's occupied a bank of america branch today, 25 people crowded inside of the branch on willow pass road. protestors were demanding a reduction in the principal pell of the loan for a concord resident and others facing foreclosure. the group included alliance of californians as well as other people. the bank did have to shut down for a short time. >> that is go being on, way across the bay, hundreds of homeowners lined up at cow palace for one last chance to try to avoid foreclosure. and we're live at the event. jonathan? >> larry a lot of the homeowners tell us they can't do it on their own. they've tried talking to banks
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and have been turned away. but naca has extra tricks this, morning a lot of the homeowners lined up in predawn hours for a chance to sit down with bank that's denied them a loan modification in the past. when it's said and done, just over half will walk out with a not fied loan. some with reduced payments and interest rates as low as 2%. the question is why does coming here work better than just calling? naca says because in this case you have an objective third party holding banks feet to the fire. >> we have agreements where they have to do it and we do the jobs that wetter than they do and there are people that trust us. so we have a negotiator there, side by side with the borrower to make sure the deal gets done. >> this result is grai. they were able to cut our mortgage
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almost in half. we're happy we can keep our house. >> and clifford brown fell find after his wife lost their job. the loan is with bank of america, with the biggest presence here, about 90 employees travel around with the event and have the best track record. naca only gets paid by the banks if the homeowners managed to make payments three months after the modification. that mean sthaz this event is free and this is going to be going on all weekend here. >> thank you. sounds like a an opportunity. the dream event takes place today through monday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and it's free. for more on documents you'll need and register go to abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> 49er as announcement the team has financing it needs to begin building a stadium.
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the mayor said the city will continue upkeep while 49ers continue to play there. once moving in a few years it will be replaced by housing. the mayor is in talk was 49ers ceo to make sure the team keeps san francisco as part of the name. >> this is a solid comment. this is the san francisco 49ers. so legacy means a lot to them and to us. >> the 49ers hope to move in in santa clara as early as 2014 season. >> time for a look at what looks like a spectacular weekend forecast. >> yes. there is this evening, clear skies today. with a bit of haze around. this evening continuing with clear skies and will be chilly during evening hours and temperatures ranging from about 40, 50 and turning
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chillier overnight. tomorrow morning there is haze around, sunny skies, cold inland. low temperatures down to 30 degrees in some of the inland locations up in the north bai. up to about 45 in milder locations near the coast z tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and mild once again, temperatures from low 60s on the coast to mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. and there is more warmth still to come on sunday. i'll have a look at the forecast. >> and when you think welcome committee, you probably think friendly faces but not this super bowl weekend. >> also, are you the kind of parent who may push your child toward weight gain? researchers show there is a type. >> and michael finney taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages. he'll answer them here, live later, you can contact michael on twitter and on facebook. >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is not a easy
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get away friday commute for folks. really backed up here on the skyway in san francisco. it's tough if you're heading east across the bay bridge. stay with us. the news continues right after this. ♪
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hecking healthy living news if you don't woont a plump child don't push him or her to eat that. is the result of the study, found parents urging their kids to eat more at snack time could end up with chubbier children by age tleechl toddlers are finicky eaters and parents are worried their children aren't eating enough. pemplts say the solution is giving them healthy food and
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give it time. >> sunday is super bowl. if it's close to be bad for your heart if you have heart disease. doctors say emotional stress can lead to cardiovascular disease and the party rituals and there is a recipe for potential heart problem autos awful these things need lead to disturbances. >> and it turns out a close game is associated with cardiac death more than a blowout, affecting more women than men. doctors say enjoy yourself, just don't get carried away. >> skach -- scratching an inch, research feels feels good scratching one part of the body. ankle. most scratch ankle, back or forearm, showing the ankle is the most pleasureable. researchers have no idea why it's itch on the ankle feels
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so q good when scratched. >> business news now. net flix getting ready to release its its first religion nal series. and there is a tram difor a big tech company. >> micron chairman and ceo steve appleton died when a plane crashed. he was in idaho and at the controls. the national transportation safety board says he was making his second try at taking off when the plane banked, rolled and went down. appleton was a sky diver and raced motorcycles. as you can see from this video he was also a fan of all kinds of extreme sports. and survived crash of another plane back in 2004. the president and coo will take charge until a successor
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is named. >> today, it's panna sonic. company doubled it's forecast. panna sonic is the latest japanese company to predict weaker earnings and the president is cutting jobs as he tries to trance form focus on solar panels andy chargeable batteries. >> and there were stocked surged amid a much better than expected jobs report. unemployment now at 8.3%. the best in three years. and your bloomberg index high yes, all members closing up more than 1%. net flix is testing out a strategy pro, dusing original programming to lure customers in. lilly hammer produced by a norwegian company and picked up for net flix. and it's a new mobster program
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about a guy ending up in the witness protection program. the film is set in norway, starring steven from e street and sopranos. it's the first foray into original programming and premiers on monday. and before monday, we've got to talk about sunday, heading to super bowl or know someone who is, watch what you can squeak. volunteers are sitting in an office whose purpose is to monitor visitor tweets and facebook posts, hoping they might come back to the hoosher state. what is the word? 75% of the visitors are pleased with their super bowl experience. and at bloomberg studios back to you. have a great weekend. >> thank you very much.
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and we have breaking news in oakland. sky 7 is live and this is near 65th avenue and this is shut down, officers found the victim blocks away. >> witnesses say 10-15 shots were fired here and shell casings covering part of the street. police closed part of international boulevard and traffic is backed up here near 65th avenue. >> and we'll keep you posted. >> there is a check on this amazing forecast. >> you can take a tv out on sunday and watch the super bowl. >> and this is going to be mild over the weekend. looks like the mildest day. today was lovely as well. and this is a live view right now, looking down onto the
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bay. and you can see haze there. the air is stagnant. and there is some down loping winds and give us cleaner air. there is more clear skies, temperatures into 60s and more locations into upper 50s. and still, mild conditions especially for this time of the year. cold tonight in spots especially inland valleys, patchy fog developing inland as well. mild after the noonz can be expected this weekend. will be cooler next week over all with rain likely on tuesday. rain, yes. imagine that. pockets of fog forming inland and will be chilly to cold overnight lows dropping to 30 in napa. 31 in santa rosa. and pretty chilly inland tonight. here is our satellite radar that is showing systems here,
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high pressure is north and that is where the jet stream is flowing. there is no disturbance throughout the weekend. following time line at 7:00 that center of high pressure is northeast tomorrow, and there is is a nice warm up. high temperatures tomorrow into mid-60s and uniform range of highs. down to our south, near monterey bay, upper 60s to 70 at salinas tomorrow, 68 in watsonville. 69, gilroy. and this is the accu-weather forecast. we're looking high and dry throughout monday. and temperatures dropping rather sharply tuesday, will be cloudy, rain likely. we're not talking about a big storm here, and any rain would be welcome at this point. and there is a dry pattern
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looking like temperatures will be rising next week. and maybe this is the beginning of a trend. a rain storm once a week? maybe? >> and this is entertainment news, rosean barr declared her candidacy for president, really. this does not appear to be a joke it is bizarre but doesn't appear to be a joke. >> whenever dwyane johnson hits the red carpet you know it's going to be action packed. that is how it was last night in the premier of journey 2. i found out about dwyane's special talents. >> he was busy practicing his ukellele. >> i thought if i'm going to go back into the family genre, i want it to feel special.
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>> and roseanne barr embarking on an adventure, wants to be president of the united states. she's getting a start running for the green party nomination on twitter she wrote hope is that america can return to brilliant middle of the road away from these radical extremists on both sides. but hollywood minds are on the oscar race. you can start that experience right now the site features memorable moments. get everything else entertainment at >> and next at 4:00 talk about jumbo shrimp. take a look. scientists say this prawn can answer questions about the ocean. >> later at 4:30 we'll go inside of a building that has been a ghost town for years. now, metrion sorting a new
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look. >> and algo rhythms he claims can predict the winner.
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well, if you like jumbo shrimp there is a discovery in new zealand is jumbo and then some. scientists found these creatures 22,000 feet down, in a trench and here they are.
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they look like huge prawns, 10 times bigger than those previously found. >> why is it that they can get big? because of the environmental conditions of the location? and is it the food environment? lots of questions start spinning around. >> they look like they've made a great prawn cocktail but the giant athopods are not edible, merely food for thought. >> oh, my goodness, i just read them. >> in sweden a rabbit has taken on the job of sheep herder. the funny was a sheep -- let's sheep know who is boss. the farm owner thinks he learned by watching sheep dogs, you can see he goes after it.
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>> and there is star star in england, 18-month-old jamie is a ping pong prodigy. his parents coach the game. and is it a protege? you're one for 10? >> at least he hasn't fallen off the table. >> i like it. i like it. >> and this is great. still ahead, new numbers showing americans going back to work and good news, right? not so much on the campaign trail. >> at the bay bridge, westbound closure just two weeks away. but kmeshlz are coming. caltrans wants to take every opportunity to get the message out. we'll have a live report coming up.
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>> and weather outside is delightful. will it remain that way over the sfwheekd i'll have the accu-weather forecast. ♪
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nasdaq in an 11 year high. >> a drop in unemployment pushed markets higher. the president is jumping on that news and mark matthews is here now. >> the president says it's proof the count story on right track. republicans say it's not enough to cheer about. january job numbers surjd, employers added 243,000 jobs and the rate fell to 8.3%. the lowest since one month after president obama took office. >> today, the president called this report good news. but relationships say it's not enough. >> while we welcome the positive news today, i think that our point is very simple. we can do better. >> the campaign season heats up, you can see the trend is in the right direction. take a look at what happened with ronald reagan, he's
4:31 pm
reelected. on the flip side, bush's father, the trend is up. a first termer, same for jimmy carter, expert on this is henry brady at uc berkeley goldman school of public policy. >> this is excellent. one thing political science knows for sure that if you're going into an election and unemployment is coming down, it's good for you and tough for republican opponents running owe the economy. >> people goring to say look. he's creating jobs. good things are happening. you're telling me koit have been better? prove that to me. >> and we're a long way out from election day. plenty of time for the economy to go south. and it could go to $200 a barrel. >> jobs report comes out and republican presidential candidates were quick to down play the positive numbers.
4:32 pm
mitt romney sat down some n.sparks and said we can do better. and reminded an audience in elco about a prediction the president made. >> this president three years ago yesterday was on the today show and president obama said this. if he couldn't turn the economy around in three years he'd look at a one term proposition. we're here to collect. all right? >> and newt gingrich running second said if only he was less destructive. >> michael -- my goal is to turn the safety net into a trample yeen to allow the floor to rise and be like the rest of us and have a job, and buy a hois. >> i do frequently criticize the current administration. >> in a town by residents only admission is very
4:33 pm
antigovernment, ron paul urged supporters to get out the vote tomorrow. >> next big phase of the bay bridge project is just two weeks away. traffic will stop. caltrans is shutting down and that is where abc 7 is now. there is more on this for us. >> this big closures are on holiday weekends when there is less traffic. caltrans is hoping impact will be less because it's westbound only. so, transportation officials feel the message can't be repeated often enough. the message signs are on. warning motorists the bay bridge will be closed all of president's day weekend. and next week will be coming to you and the closure will be
4:34 pm
from 8:00 friday night to 5:00 a.m. tuesday, the 21. the closure to allow caltrans to build a detour between metering lights and bridge. this shows the detour in, place until the span opens next year. >> just going to shift the westbound traffic approaching the bay bridge a little bit south. just to clear enough room for work to be done on a segment of the new bay bridge. >> right now, there is also a lot of construction activities going on just east of the toll plaza. that work is unrelated to detour or bridge and there is a unglamourus parking upgrade. >> these new buildings are down into terra firma. the old buildings are not safe and they need to be replaced. >> bart and ferries will be running extra service.
4:35 pm
>> getting closer to the february 17th people are planning travel i encourage everybody to and look at alternate routes there is a map. >> there ais a concern, weather there is if it rains it will be postponed. >> and you'll be able to get realtime updates on the closing with the traffic app. we're inviting commuters to become traffic spotter was our team. and you can down load on abc 7 news and you'll find information on just how this tool works. >> and much anticipated make over of the metrion nearing completion. the top floor has been redesigned and we rent it out.
4:36 pm
westfields bought it six years ago. and this idea is embraitsing the area next door. >> we install wi-fi all over the parks. you can get and enjoy the water fall if you'd like. >> the remodel is not complete yet. next week target begins to fix up the second floor and hope to open in the fall. >> coming up what could be a major step in ending the war in afghanistan. the unusual letter could open the door to peace talks. >> violent clashes as tensions escalate over a deadly soccer riot. >> michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live just a little later, you can contact michael on twitter at m finney. >> here is a look and air traffic moving along rather
4:37 pm
nicely. and there is some thunderstorms creating delays earlier, looks like everything has gone goth a green light on now. and we have a beautiful weekend coming our way. i'll have the forecast coming up in just a moment. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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leaders may have sent a letter indicating a willingness to open peace talks. reporting that the unsigned message to the president was sent by hand last july. the ap says in it, saying he needed a show of good faith like releasing prisoners from guantanamo bay and. >> two female tourists have been freed after their kidnappers let them go following hours of negotiations. tourists taken by a tribesman and the gunmen wanted the release of the fellow tribesmen arrested. tensions have spiked sense a riot on wednesday. in response, thousands in cairo clashed with police and demonstrators marched on the
4:41 pm
ministry, met with tear gas and bird shots. they're angry for the failure to prevent a soccer tragedy. and 74 people died in the aftermath of that soccer match. >> oil giant chevron refuses to apologize for environmental damage to the yam skon forests. the company is on the hook for an $18 billion settlement awarded by a court finding chevron liable for pollution. the settlement could be nearly cut in half if the company apologizes. officials have said today is the deadline. chevron says apology would be false admission of responsibility. the oil company has appealed the settlement. >> and turning the table on authorities, the international phone call the group anonymous released online today. >> and coming up, big names and biggest buzz surrounding the super bowl ads. the news at 4:00 continues in
4:42 pm
just a moment.
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maybe you're not that into the super bowl but... >> what? >> you have to love some of the ads. >> this year, advertisers are paying a bunch, $3.5 million for a 30 second spot. you zrobt to wait to see the spots. >> yes. there is some of the affect.
4:45 pm
>> you can watch online, some are very funny and very clever. i'd rather see it on my set at home. your facebook or twitter playing a bigger role because you can watch them and react before the game. and that is not bad when the spot costs $3.5 million. >> i guess i'll be okay. >> manl yu with ferris bueller, 2012 this, is a honda commercial. >> jerry seinfeld trying to be second in line for acura's new sports car. a dog too fat, he can't get outside. so he begins an exercise program. there are 11 ads, spots had elements for success. >> there is humor, surprise
4:46 pm
ending and animals and baby autos there is buzz they're online. >> there is now one in five are seeking out an ad. >> she's one of the founders of ad agency which produced this ad about vampires and lights. and there is facebook people say they go threw tl to react to the game or commercial autos now, it feel iz like if you're not maximizing social media you're leaving serious money on the table. >> koga cola has polar bears and go to facebook or twitter and they'll interact with you. commercials continue to have leg autos are you going to be watching commercials and game is second sfli. >> i'm afraid, that is true.
4:47 pm
yes. it's my job. my kids know to be quiet during commercials. >> and she says there is a bit of a down side. if the company runs after that is good your eyes go off the screen to tweet. and these price that's won't be as effective as you really wanted it to. it's changing. >> yes and i am with you. i want anticipation of seeing it on sunday. >> i'll go along with that too, i agree we're being ignored. >> and thank you. >> and important note here, people watch the parties at bars and police are going to be looking for drivers who had too much to drink. there is a tipsy tow program in effect from 6:00 sunday night until 6:00 monday morning this, is a free service. there will be a ride home if you're not okay to drive.
4:48 pm
and also this information is posted online under see it on tv. >> and winter has arrived in the rockies just ahead. >> and also how last year's earthquake and tsunami in japan are bringing business to silicon valley. >> have you ever wondered when the difference is between use skbi sell by dates? i'm michael finney answering your questions up next. >> and later on abc 7 news at 5:00 a firefighter stumbles upon his property when responding to a house alarm.
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4:52 pm
but this is the first time we've taking a look at this question. twitter user fake red burns wants to know what is the rule of thumb on how long i can keep fresh meat past it's expieration date? if there is a use by date follow that date f it has a sell by date, or no date, here are recommendations i found from the usda. they say... poultry, one two, days, beef, pork, lamb, two to five days, ground meat and poultry again for good measure, one or two days. and from twitter user what is that rex agreement i see commercials for, for getting money out of the house? rex is just one company that is qum a way to invest your n.your house, giving you money. you normally would take out a loan, then pay it back.
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or if you have one of the loans were you don't pay it back or piling up money. they give you cash. from that point on they get to keep a percentage of your house if it goes up in worth. if they give you $100,000 they get to keep 30% of the sale of the house when you do go to sell it. these days it can be complex. make sure you talk to an turn. they can get complex but it's a way to get money out of a house knowing that you're never going owe money on it. >> and carol asks can collection agencies put a lien on your house for credit card debt? no. but yes. let me explain that. a normal credit card they cannot do that. so that is how the nice thing about a credit card is that it's unsecure fd you get laid
4:54 pm
off, something like that, all they can do is bug you. but there are a new group of cards out there that are tied to equity in your home. and it looks like a good rate... most people should stay away from those. you really want to charge a meal knowing they can take your home? >> yikes. >> and let's gelt a last check of the forecast now. >> is it winter? >> no. but yes. this picture is beautiful. there is a yesterday morning but looks like this morning. this afternoon, you may have noticed a haze in the air. there is sunny skies and highs into 70s in palm springs. and there is another lovely
4:55 pm
afternoon in the south bay. sunny skies and temperatures mid to upper 60s. 65 in san jose. and there is 66 in mountain view. low 60s on the coast. and there is sunny skies with a high of 63 tomorrow. and rather uniform highs into north bay tomorrow from 63-66 across that region. 66 as a matter of fact expected high at jant rosa. there is is 65-66 tomorrow. and there is inland east bay, about the same. and milder near monterey bay. upper 60s, most locations 70s. and looking good.
4:56 pm
>> thank you. >> and winter has arrived and could be one of the biggest storms in years two, feet of snow has fallen, and it's coming down. poor visibility have cancelled hundreds of flights. >> thankful that they got me on another flight. >> this is paralyzing the sni sni what happens? >> it messes things up. >> this stretches as far as new mexico, blizzard warnings extending into wyoming and nebraska. >> and internet pranksters anonymous turned tables on authorities enter september aid conference call in los angeles, london and washington investigating the hacker group. there is an excerpt of the call published with the lowo today on you tube. >> what we're going to propose
4:57 pm
is that they get dealt with first. >> just want to express our gratitude for being flexible on this. i know nork appreciates it and fbi as a whole. >> we're headed for help. >> fbi confirms it was intercepted. anonymous is float gloeting about attacking the boston police department's web site. and this is following their attack on tuesday. >> and unusual fallout from earthquake tsunami and nuclear disaster hitting northern japan in march. it's compelled a growing number of venture capitolists to my great to slil convalley. and one attorney says it's the most traffic he's seen in his career. and the reasons vary, experts say uncertainty makes people
4:58 pm
reconsider lives and careers. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news and talk about it on and news at 4:00 -- 5:00 continues right now. >> merchants describe how they're left with little choice but to fight crime themselves. >> i miss my son. he misses me. >> emotions spill out. he leaves court without being atloud see his son. >> local professor with an algorhythm that predicts the super bowl winner with surprising accuracy. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos san francisco's embattled sheriff loses an atomt temt to see his young son, still kept away from his family. >> ross mirkarimi left court
4:59 pm
in tears after being told he has to wait for another family court date. and this is a disappointed ross mirkarimi. he will get another chance wednesday, that is when these hearings are held in family courts. but his attorney said why not? let's give it a try and see if we can get a hearing but the judge said "no". sheriff ross mirkarimi separated from his wife and son three weeks ago after being charged with domestic violence. today, mirkarimi asked the stay away order be modified. >> if you've been forced separated then i would hope any time boy return back to court that i would leave with even a more expedited opportunity to be reunited with my son. it's kind of what i am hoping. >> there is a hearing requesting to be reunited with his family is scheduled next wednesday in


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