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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 5, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning, thanks for joining, i'm carolyn tyler. two bay area women who were abducted by tried men in egypt on friday are free this morning and due to return to the ounce tuesday. abc7's tomas ramon spoke with patty from los gatos said their captures were polite even treating them like family. >> they were on christian program in egypt when the tour bus was stopped by armed bedouins. she told us by phone about their
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ordeal. >> he had a truck and gun but i'm like we got down. but we shouldn't go down because i'm the leader of the group. they want my husband. but my husband is physically challenged. they reassured him in a nice way that -- >> captures wanted to exchange the tourists for some of the fiber who was arrested. >> they were hoping by doing what they did.... >> he says at another stop he spoke about god and family while the bedouins fed them. >> we drove two hours away. and then...
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something to snack on like cheeses and bread. >> reporter: after driving around for six hours. men negotiated with egyptian police who agreed to release the strikes men. the women were released unharmed. >> it depends on how you talk to them. >> reporter: she says she has led christian pilgrim tours in egypt for years. the tourist industry has lost more than $4 billion the last year. they have to provide security so it never happens again. >> cheryl: oakland officials marked relieved after a trouble free occupy oakland demonstration last night. there is a another protest planned tomorrow. last night hundred protestors
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chanting anti-police slogans begin roaming the streets around 8:30. they billed it as militant action. about 50 police in riot group shadowed the group by vans and helicopter as protestors marched through traffic. no trouble and no arrests were made. quite a contrast to last weekend where more than 400 protestors were arrested following violent clashes with police. a rampage of city hall that left the ground floor seriously damaged. >> the occupy movement's website calls for another day of action starting tomorrow morning at 8:30 at alameda superior court. they plan to hold a rally at the plaza and city offices will remain open and they are encouraging businesses to stay open, as well. crews are still trying to figure out embattle what caused
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a major water pipeline to flood a fremont neighborhood this weekend. several families had to be evacuated early saturday morning when a river of mud and water suddenly swept through the warm springs neighborhood, west of interstate 680. >> reporter: streams of water flowing through this neighborhood pushing dirt and other muck along the way. one resident says his wife first noticed the problem. >> my wife heard a pop and thought it was a little unusual. >> reporter: instead it was thousands of gallons of water rushing through his yard. the water from nearby aqueduct. it spruang leak after they finished up work on the line. >> it created enough down the hill that it brought some of the
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sediment down. >> reporter: after the water was shut off residents had to deal with the muddy mess of their flooded neighborhood. >> who is responsible, who is responsible for letting us go back inside or not. >> reporter: his family is one of four evacuated from their homes. according to the fremont fire department, water seeped into those houses. they have since been allowed to return. a total of 15 homes were affected by the flood. state department of water resources says most of the damage was restricted to yards and garages and into the second night of dealing with the water line break, crews continued the cleanup. >> the biggest problem is all the water trapped in the basements. this crew has siphoned out of thousand gallons of water from underneath this home. >> and behind, they continue to repair the damage from the rush of water.
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>> cheryl: an elementary school teacher in redwood city is facing charges of child endangerment and battery this morning. police arrested 44-year-old alexia baldis yesterday after receiving a report of possible physical abuse of students. police are not releasing details but they say the incident happened at the school and involved two four-year-old boys who are students there. >> san jose police have arrested a man they say kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and then rammed their car while trying to keep them from escaping. 38-year-old vincent esparza padilla was arrested yesterday afternoon. police say his ex managed to ep scape and called a friend.
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now to a bit of politics, a decisive win in nevada this weekend has g.o.p. front-runner mitt romney focusing his campaign on president obama. gingrich and ron paul are not conceding anything yet. let's take a look at the scoreboard that matters. 1144 delegates is what is needed to win the republican nomination. mitt romney leads with 97. ron paul 16. most delegate rich states are yet to come. jonathan carl looks ahead to this week's caucus. >> nevada, like florida is romney country. >> this is not the first time you gave me a vote of confidence and this time i got to take it to the white house. >> romney's nevada victory was across the board.
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those that calling conservative. he won among tea partiers and evangelical christians. his victory speech he didn't make a single mention of his republican rival. looking ahead to a race against barack obama. >> mr. president, nevada has had enough of your kind of help. >> not the first time romney has won nevada. he has won the state four years ago. that is why newt gingrich said he was just hoping for a strong second place finish. now, he says he is charging ahead. lashing out at romney. >> pro-abortion, pro-gun control pro-tax increase. he is not going to do very well. >> santorum and ron paul didn't bother to stick around to see the nevada results. santorum came in fourth was in colorado which votes on tuesday taking in romney and gingrich.
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can either of them beat president obama? >> let me assure you, we won't win. >> ron paul was in minnesota which also votes on tuesday tracking one of the largest crowds of the campaign. in a state where he may have his best shot of winning. >> listening to gingrich and santorum last night, neither of them are not ready to drop out and conceding the nomination to romney. gingrich said romney had done reasonably well in a heavily mormon state. it's important to point out that romney's win was so decisive he won among non-mormons, as well. >> so right now the momentum belongs to mitt rophz while the other republican candidates aren't showing much sign of building steam. on abc's this week, ron paul says she less concerned about the numbers and more concerned about offering an alternative to business as usual. >> if they have conviction, most
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of time it's embed today a flawed economic system, a flawed monetary policy and they are only going to change their minds when the emphasis comes from the people. way tonight change the government and i want to change it through the electoral process but i also wanted to change the hearts and meichbdz of people. >> cheryl: he says he sees an intellectual revolution on college campuses that have not shown up yet in presidential politics. >> up next, worldwide condemnation over an attack by syrian forces that killed more than 200 people. >> a propane gas explosion near lake tahoe. it forces the evacuation of more than 3 dozen families.
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>> cheryl: world news, out of the middle east and egypt, masked gunmen blew up part of a gas pipeline. it is 12th such attack in a year. egypt has been in the grip of anti-government violence since wednesday. this morning the commander of a rebel force of syrian soldiers say they have no choice but to fight to free the country. worldwide condemnation is pouring in on the a attack on a city. more than 200 people were killed. anger in the united nations after china and russia voted
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against a resolution calling for syrian president assad to step down. >> for months this council has been held hostage by a couple members. these members stand behind empty arguments and individual interests while delaying and seeking to strip bare any text that would pressure assad to change his action. >> cheryl: russia has been a friend of syria since the soviet days and continues to supply damascus with arms. marine's wife is dead two people injured after an explosion near lake tahoe. 38 families were evacuated after the propane gas explosion damaged seven homes. it happened in the county town of colville at mountain warfare training center. cause of the explosion is still being investigated. luxury ocean liner queen
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elizabeth is on its way to l.a. after making a call to san francisco yesterday. the newest cruise ship is 960 feet long, more than 90,000 tons queen elizabeth is the second largest canard ship every built. she was named after the british monarch and rich decor pays homage to the royal family. it departed last night heading four for los angeles. smooth sailing i would guess. >> yes. the weather continues here locally. we're talking about 60 right now. half moon bay. got 50s in the east bay. here is from mount tam and easterly winds driving those temperatures up this morning. a coolest numbers here in the mid 40s in the north bay but we'll finish out nice and mild. warm today. details are next. >> cheryl: also next, the warriors make a fourth quarter rally in sacramento, could they
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> cheryl: i've feeling when it really rains finally it's going to really rain. >> lisa: we'll get a little shot of rain but not before we reach
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the very warm temperatures today. in the north bay, 70 is not out of the question. 60 at our coast. we do have beautiful shot, lake tahoe where it's 21 at the tahoe valley airport. truck key is at 14. lots of sunshine. next weather system is not going to reach the sierra nevada and it's not going east of san joaquin valley. tons of son sun and nice and mild in san francisco. cooler in san jose at 45. 52 in oakland as well as san francisco with a mild 60 degrees here. east winds have been blowing all night long. this morning we are just above freezing in the north bay. right now, they degrees. 47 by the delta. mid 40s in livermore. it is much warmer than it was yesterday morning at this time. oakland and half moon bay, most areas are a little warmer except for los gatos and this afternoon
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very similar to yesterday, except equally see increase clouds. bulk of the day will be sunny and high clouds. a cooler day tomorrow, due to the cloud cover and mostly cloudy skies and then toward the evening, rain is coming our way way and will last through the commute. there won't be much of it. here we are percent of normal, santa rosa, 52%. deficit over 10.5 inches. we are shy of that. san francisco 43% of normal. we should have 7 more inches. look at san jose, 29% of normal. 6 inches of rain since the season started. high pressure firmly in control. not giving way yet. by the afternoon, higher clouds, going to sneak on in. we are looking for the ridge to finally slide to the east tomorrow. we've got a weather system that is going to split. most of the energy is going to the north. some of it to the south. it's going to be a trough or
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cut-off low that meanders down the coast. even los angeles is going to get rain. problem is it's not going to move very far east. it's going parallel the shoreline and that means the rain for the bay area, dry pattern holds tomorrow but we're not talking about much lane in sacramento and mountains. doesn't look like we're going to see any significant snow. 9:00 tomorrow night, a little bit of rain moving into marin county and snom. look what happens overnight. moderate rain from the north bay santa cruz mountains and then by the late morning hours, it begins to taper off. a few scattered showers in the early afternoon, evening commute looks pretty good. no problems. more 60s and 70s. high pressure holding on for another sunny day with numbers, 5, 10 even warmer than normal than that. we should see numbers upper 50s to about 60. we're at 70 in santa rosa. more 70s for the central coast.
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here is a look ahead. cooler with clouds tomorrow. fewer clouds today. here comes the rain for the morning commute. maybe half to three-quarters of an inch of rain. thursday and friday, there was a discussion they were talking about 60s in the mountains eroding that snow. >> cheryl: then whether you put that chart up there, that really shows you how far behind we are. thank you, lisa. sports, we are now just about six hours away from kickoff of superbowl xlvi. end of year awards were awarded yesterday. here is mike shumann. >> superbowl xlvi hype is officially over. kickoff is set at 3:30 p.m. with the giants and patriots. yesterday, regular season jim harbaugh was named coach of the year.
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no surprise to anyone. he led them to a record and all the way to n.f.c. title game where they lost to the giants. congratulations to coach harbaugh. he would trade it for a spot in the superbowl. >> aaron rodgers won associated press most valuable player award in a landslide. he earned 48 votes to 2. he led the n.f.l. in passing. 45 touchdown passes and six interceptions and 68% completion rate as the packers won the n.f.c. north. alex smith finished second runner-up to matthew stafford as come back player. any time the warriors and
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kings face off a barn burn earned a with northern california rivalry. chatting with his successor mark jackson. he on fire. drains a 3. 18 of his 33 dame in period. 11 after 3. here come the warriors led by nate robinson. put them up by 1. munta on the bench but nate in control with the steal. to brandon with the flush. 15 seconds left. warriors down by 3, robinson to thompson, he buries the three, 16 and we'll go to o.t. where it was all king. 26 for tyree, kings winning it. >> cal looking to rebound for their first loss on wednesday. cal jumped out to the lead. 47% from beyond and 18 at the break.
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crab another 3. he led the scores with 19. cal by 28. bears getting it done from everywhere. to thurman, he finds the bottom of the bucket. 68-47 win over the sun devils. >> stanford minimum and foul points for the cardinals. an alley-oop, he had 10, stanford at the break. from downtown, he had 14. huge steal there. turner up up nate johnson for the flush, wildcats win it. >> it turned ugly in phoenix. sharks down 2-1 in the second. brent burns with the shot. great deflection and 2-2 but dad is loving it. joe thorton to patric marleau
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for the goal. sharks within one but got no closer. and verbatta dumps it in the open net and coyotes get the win 5-3 your final. >> that is the way the ball bounces, i'm mike shumann. we'll see you again at 5:00. >> up next, in some bay area cities i can win an election by gathering second or third place vote. now some san francisco supervisors are having second thoughts about rank choice voting. mobile technology from silicon valley that allows pg&e to sniff out a dangerous gas leak. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours.
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>> cheryl: welcome back everyone. mend it or end it. when it comes to rank choice voting. in san francisco, competing
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ballot proposals are being discussed. one would reform the system. >> my wife tried to explain it to me. one ear and out the other. >> i would have to be physicist to tell you how it works. >> those were san francisco voters in november talking about rank choice voting. it's been in place since 2004 that is time the system was used in a competitor's mayors race that allows them to rank top three choices and does away the need for a runoff election. >> vast majority of voters actually understand how the system works. >> majority of people don't get it. >> supervisor mark ferrel is sponsoring an amendment to repeal rank choice who says disenfranchises voters. >> i think people should spend their time who to vote for, not how to vote. >> under his plan there would be
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a primary election in september and runoff in two candidates in november. supervisor david campos is sponsoring a competing measure. he says saves money and increases voter participation and improve witness education outreach and technology. >> then you'll have the opportunity here in san francisco to have a system that is more user friendly and that could actually allow more than three choices. to allow for those choices in a way that is even simpler in terms of what the ballot looks like. >> the mayor wants to hear more from the public. >> i'm not taking a position we have to eliminate it. >> the mayor did say a lot of voters were confused. if one or both measures pass the board, they would be headed to the june ballot. a fremont man is leading a protest group calling for an end to red light cameras and a
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reduction in fines. today's chronicle reports the vast majority of tickets issued by red light cameras are for rolling turns not going through the intersection. collisions can be reduced by having a longer yellow light. red light cameras generate lots of money every year. california has the highest fine in the nation at $480, oregon drivers pay $280. they tack on state and court fees on the base fine that most states collect. >> a lot of attention is focused on the safety of natural gas after the pipeline disaster in san bruno. new technology could soon approve the ability to detect gas leaks. david louie explains how it works. >> reporter: this is the first of 25 mobile units pg&e will deploy to detect gas leaks.
9:33 am
under the bumper is a stainless steel pipe that detects the air and analyzes the air for methane. results are displayed realtime. >> methane detection equipment is revolutionary. it is unlike anything that exists in the world today. >> reporter: pg&e this is revolutionary just by driving these cars around it can speed up the leak detection process. >> we'll be able to have a five fold increase at probably no additional costs and less costs than it takes to do leak survey now over five-year period of time. >> reporter: they make instruments to detect greenhouse gases but discovered the leak application almost by accident. that is because the device can distinguish from methane coming from a landfill and methane coming from a gas line. >> we're taking this measurement to sub atomic analysis and doing
9:34 am
it in realtime. >> the device known as the surveyor was able to pinpoint on a google map where it detected a gas leak created by a hose with an open valve. units are rugged, puts them through test so calibration is safe on rough roads. by making it more efficient, pg&e says they can focus on repairs. pg&e veterans say this is a significant step forward. >> leak detection and elsewhere in the united states has been stagnant for a long time. for 37 years i haven't seen much change they won't say what they will cost but they did say the costs will not be passed along to consumers. we can stop talking about no rain for a nanosecond anyway. >> mild temperatures and lots of sunshine.
9:35 am
few higher clouds to increase the skies later on today. that will help keep temperatures up tonight. everybody is talking about rain and wind headed our way in the next 30 hours. your forecast is next. >> cheryl: also ahead, local doctor courageous enough to perform a risky surgery and woman given a second chance ?t?t?tñ
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i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip. [ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. nmess. >> cheryl: developing news where a car crashed into a light pole and hit a tree at international boulevard. what makes it unusual. look at this video coming from the scene. you can see the car wound up inside in an apartment building. this was about an hour ago. driver tried to run away but a
9:38 am
witness followed alerts go police who detained the driver. car caught fire. it looks charred there. the apartments had to be evacuated. fortunately no one is seriously injured. >> a crippling housing crisis and high unemployment and state budget woes have six cities on the new list of most miserable places to live. forbes magazine looked at ten factors, crime, weather and at work commute. miami ranked number one as most miserable place to live. detroit came in second. six california cities, sacramento at number five, stockton ranked 11th. merced was 15th. bakersfield and modesto came in. they listed high unemployment and high foreclosure rates in factors. >> good news for one california city.
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san francisco ranked as the best dating city in america. according to website how about they looked at proposed first dates rather than by comparing personal profiles like most dating sites. san francisco singles saw a 20% higher response rate than any other u.s. city. just in time for valentine's day. lisa argen is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> days are getting a little bit longer. >> cheryl: i have not noticed. >> lisa: nice day ahead and notice the clouds increasing toward the afternoon. here is a look from sutro camera tons of son and what a mild start to your sunday. we're talking about numbers anywhere from 10-15 degrees above average. it's 60 already in half moon bay. numbers were only in the 50s overnight due to a moderate east wind. temperatures held up in san francisco but we bottomed out in
9:40 am
santa rosa with 30s right now. 45 in napa as well as fremont. los gatos, a little cooler in those spots. oakland and half moon bay, very mild as well as concord. the chilly conditions, lifting quickly as air mass warms rapidly. enjoy that by the later afternoon and increasing high clouds and cloudy day tomorrow. we'll see some energy along coastal hills, gusty winds and decent amounts of rain. higher elevations, santa cruz mountains and north bay mountains and quickly exists. we're not going to see that much in the east bay. anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of an inch. this is through tuesday night. inch to two inches in the north bay. this rain will come in tomorrow night through tuesday morning commute. santa cruz mountains up to 2 inches but it really fades quickly because the alignment is not favorable to see any of the rain reach far into the east bay
9:41 am
valleys. certainly not into the sacramento, san joaquin valley. no snow in the mountains. higher clouds right now in some parts of the bay. you'll notice late in the day, high pressure still holding strong and keeping the system at bay for another 24-30 hours. tomorrow the ridge slides to the east. this area of low pressure is going to split off from the jetstream. so the trough will send some of the energy into southern california but the coastal hills and some pretty decent wind along the shoreline. if you live in livermore or east bay valleys. not that exciting. we're going to see most of the activity from the north bay starting out at 9:00 tomorrow night. then through the overnight hours you notice by tuesday morning, we've got quite a bit of rain. decent moderate rain and heavy rain in the north bay. south bay, but you saw the totals go favoring the coastal hills, santa cruz mountains, north bay mountains and tapers
9:42 am
off the rain effect not setting up good precip there in livermore valley. in the evening, conditions should dry out and high pressure builds back in. by the end of the workweek, we're going to see warmer numbers. they have been making snow. 43 later in the northern sierra. 70s at our coast. 65 san francisco. should be pat this time of year. mid-60s in livermore. added a couple degrees because we started out so warm. 72 in salinas. tonight not as cool with the high clouds tomorrow. mostly cloudy. rain comes in overnight. rainy tuesday and then we're looking sunny and mild. decent amounts for the coastal hills. >> cheryl: did you get a lot of people asking what is going with the weather this year? >> yes or how do you get to sleep. one of two questions. >> we are early birds.
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>> you were out late last night. >> a lot of us may be surprised to know that heart disease is number one killer of women. symptoms of a heart attack are different are from fo are women than men. some this morning on "beyond the headlines," experts are telling us the causes of heart disease and the sometimes you need watch out for. plus what you can do to keep your heart healthy. >> we usually recommend blood pressure less than 130 and a cholesterol total less than 200. there are different types of cholesterol so it's important to talk to your doctor about which numbers are important to treat. >> cheryl: join cheryl jennings right after our newscast at 10:00 this morning for "beyond the headlines" here on abc7. >> a young bay area woman is making the most of a second chance at life. it comes after an extremely complex surgery at ucsf.
9:44 am
a surgery that seems all the more amazing when you see what she now does for fun. here is carolyn johnson. >> arngelica makes jelly but the enforcer might be a better fit. >> this is one of the things she loves about rugby. >> i like knocking people out of the way. >> her past is extreme disabled sports begin with the diagnosis that could have ended her life. the former gymnast was living in the dorms at ucla when she lost her balance. >> literally in the six months, i fell down the stairs 12 and 15 times. >> this is the level of the tumor. >> doctors confirmed con informed the cause. >> we were shocked to see her mri scan.
9:45 am
her neurological examination was normal but she had a tumor within the center of the spinal cord in the upper segment which control breathing. >> philip weinstein believed he could remove the tumor but the price of saving her life might mean the loss of motor function in her arms or legs. two prominent medical centers declined performing the procedure. >> it's an extremely challenging operation because of the vital structures surrounding the tumor. >> a ten hour operation. the team removed sections of vertebrae from her neck and carefully resecting the tumor. at several points during the procedure he says the neural signals in the spinal cord were interrupted but the team continued. >> after we had completely surrounded the tumor with
9:46 am
dissection that separated it from the spinal cord we felt technically very encouraged that a completed removal could be accomplished. >> surgeons managed to save her life but when she awoke she learned how long the road back would be. >> when i saw my mom, is my arm, hey, i'm okay. i couldn't move my arm. >> months of painful rehabilitation brought her the ability to move standing up with the help of forearm crutches by like the sport she plays, her life was moving faster. and she made a decision, use a wheelchair. the therapist told about the rugby team. >> my mom was cringing i don't blame her. >> the sport she says gives her confidence and outlet for her energy. a fellow player has watched her
9:47 am
develop. >> to come out, kind of like right off the bat instinctly knew things that take years. >> using that wheelchair allowed her to focus on her studies, finishing college and getting into a top flight law school. something she says she couldn't have done if she focused solely on her physical rehabilitation. her new dream is to help others. >> if i wasn't disabled, i really think my life would mostly been about -- obviously i will have a career but it's not just about me anymore. i think that is -- i want to say that the beauty of it all. >> beauty with a good dose of toughness thrown in. >> cheryl: don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> legacy of a mother and father. i'm michael finney, how i was able to i'm in a tricky situation here.
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i'm bidding on a 1979 dukes of hazzard lunchbox, but my auction ends in 15 seconds ! even worse, my buddy's bidding on the same lunchbox. it's airbrushed ! but i've got verizon 4g lte. it's so fast that i can outbid him at the last second. i got it ! yes, i won ! woo hoo ! it's got a thermos ! rely on verizon 4g lte. because only the fastest survive. >> cheryl: a father's last request to his daughter took a bit longer to fulfill than expected. after a full year of trying with nowhere else to turn, he contacted "7 on your side". anne shows us some of her favorite dolls from her dad's collection. father continued the collection to honor the memory of anne's mother. >> my mother collected dolls
9:51 am
until she died in 1984. dad had bought as a present and that is nuke clues of his collection. >> he died in 2010 and wish for children to sell his dolls so they could inherit the proceeds. >> to identify the ones that were of value and liquidate it. >> 83 dolls sent to auction house in may 2010. the agreement was she would not receive proceeds from the sell until all 83 were sold. seven months after putting the dolls up for auction she was still waiting. she contacted the auction house. >> i got two responses, we're having a big auction. we're preparing the dolls. we're going to take the time so the dolls can be properly categorized. >> it turned into 2011 and had
9:52 am
her efforts to get updates on the sale of the dolls. >> i called in november. i called in december. i called in october. i was not getting any return of my calls. i said, okay. i've had it. i called 7 on your side. >> they declined to be interviewed on camera but by e-mail told us anne's dolls were of lesser quality. father's collection was spread out over several auctions. he said all the dolls have now been sold and she would be getting a check for $12,000. >> oh, thank you so much. i'm thrilled with the results. >> the automobiles eer has denied not updating her on the sale. if you have a consumer problem, contact us by going to up next, on the aisle, don sanchez reviews a little movie that has come out of nowhere and
9:53 am
has a good chance of dominating this weekend's box office.
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>> cheryl: in theaters this weekend a little film that came out of nowhere. chronicle is getting a lot buzz thanks in part to viral marketing campaigns like this one that involves flying human radio controlled planes over new york city. don sanchez thinks chronicle will probably dominate the box office. here is the review, on the aisle. ♪ >> they are three high school grads that discover a mysterious hole. they have strange encounter and when they emerge they are changed. they develop superpowers which only get stronger as they go along.
9:56 am
eventually they fly and you can tell they are in harnesses, this is part of blair witch genre but you get used to it. andrew is most sensitive of the three and you know he has issues. his mom is dying, his drunken father is abusive and behavior is disturbing. he is becoming angry on a destructive path. and the dark side. this little film sneaks up on you. writers and producers gave you spence that will keep you on the edge of your seats and it's just 83 minutes long. >> you know, who wouldn't want superpowers for a while. get back the bully and that is
9:57 am
what happens here. it turns dark and violent a testament to the fact that power corrupts. there are fascinating at the consequences and i think teenage boys are going to buy a lot of tickets. it's action horror with a morality lesson. i will give it three-quarters of a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. get ready for sunday, february 26th. log on exclusive site and my superpower is to be invisible. >> you were going to see a movie? >> yeah, not that one but maybe hugo. >> lisa: we are looking nice day today. we have had so many of them. here is another, 70 for santa rosa. 68 in oakland. 65 in san francisco. a few high clouds, 70s down along the central coast. we'll look for more clouds and
9:58 am
cooler conditions on the order of 2-5 degrees tomorrow. quick shot of rain, half an inch quarter of an inch. over an inch and a half along the hills and breezy conditions on tuesday. >> cheryl: maybe too nice to be indoors. i'm not sure. that is going to do it for us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. keep track of the latest breaking news at
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