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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  February 10, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> from all of us here, thanks for watching. welcome to "world news." tonight, that birth control battle. the major shift from the white house today. is the catholic church now happy? and tonight, the bigger picture. where do americans stand on this? travel warning tonight. the u.s. government with a new and chilling warning about the war across our border. telling american travelers you shouldn't stray more than two blocks from your hotel. making the case. our reporter one-on-one with the voters. mitt romney is trying to convince tonight. what they said before. and what they said after they heard him. the singer silenced. what happened to adele's voice? the high-stakes surgery. will she ever sound like this again? ♪ we could have had it all and at the very end tonight, the young man still sleeping on his brother's couch. suddenly a star from here, all the way to china. who is our "person of the week"?
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good evening. on this friday night, that battle over birth control, reaching a flashpoint today. the president shifting course, as the white house tries to calm the backlash from the catholic church and from some americans who said he went too far. the president has said employers, including religious organizations, should provide women who work for them with insurance that covers birth control. those workers from teachers to office workers to the nurses in the hospitals. tonight, the president is trying to take the church out of the mix. as we look at the numbers here, 84% of americans polled, including catholics, support birth control. but when asked if employers, including the church, should be forced to provide it, 49% saying yes. and 46% saying no. a huge debate. and jake tapper was at the white house today as the president tried to calm the storm. jake? >> reporter: president obama said that his administration
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originally wanted to take about this the next year and a half to hammer out a combination for these religious groups. but after the uproar, he realized they did not have that much time. an uproar, he said that was borne from both genuine concern and cynical politics. after two weeks of political ulcers, the president took a step back today from his new rule and announced what the white house called an accommodation. >> we've been mindful that there's another principle at stake here. and that's the principle of religious liberty. as a citizen and as a christian, i cherish this right. >> reporter: the white house seemed taken aback by the new rule. and the firestorm it ignited. under the health insurance policies covered by most employers, had to fully cover birth control. that included religious charities and schools, despite their theological objections to it. passion was seen on both sides at the catholic university in washington, d.c. >> i think that reproductive health care is -- it's necessary. i mean, it's a human right for
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women to be able to have that. >> i don't know of another case in american law where a religious institution or religious individual has been forced to pay for an activity that he or she views as sinful. >> reporter: it seemed an unbridgeable chasm. one the president attempted to solve this way today -- the new rule, health insurance policies of nonprofit religious organizations, do not need to include birth control in their coverage. but the government is mandating that the insurance companies offer those services without charge to the women who want them. >> religious liberty will be protected. and a law that requires free preventive care will not discriminate against women. >> reporter: both the catholic health association and abortion rights groups approved. and the group leading the charge against the rule, catholic bishops, called the announcement a first step in the right direction. but some religious groups remained unhappy, calling the announcement an accounting gimmick. >> religious groups are still
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forced to buy insurance. and the insurance companies that they pay are forced to give contraception to their employees. so, they're still forced to violate their religious beliefs. >> reporter: also left with some concerns, david, the group that has to pay the tab, the health insurance industry. they say that it's actually cheaper in the long run to pay for birth control because pregnancies are so expensive. but there are serious questions about where that initial short-term funding will come from. david? >> our chief white house correspondent, jake tapper, leading us off tonight. jake, thanks so much. we're going to turn, now, to "your voice, your vote" tonight. and the republican front-runner still trying to convince conservatives that he's one of them. that he means what he says. thousands, in fact, gathered to hear mitt romney make his case today. before they went in, it was clear they needed convincing. listen to what jon karl heard beforehand. >> reporter: what do you think of romney? >> what do we think of romney? um -- >> individually, i'm not a fan. >> reporter: mitt romney? >> not a fan. not a fan. >> reporter: two words, mitt
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romney. >> uh, he's all right. >> that was beforehand. then, he took the stage. and so, let's bring jon karl back in now. jon, the governor has struggled to convince conservative voters that he's one of them. >> reporter: that's right, david. this is a tough crowd for romney. they have a long list they expect to hear from presidential candidates. for the most part, romney seemed to deliver. but this is not the first time he's tried to prove his conservative credentials. this is cpac, the annual gathering of the most dedicated conservative activists. the crowd mitt romney is desperately trying to win over. his message to them, i am one of you. >> i fought against long odds in a deep blue state. but i was severely conservative republican governor. >> reporter: severely conservative. so much so, he couldn't stop saying the word. >> conservative. conservatism. conservative. conservative. conservatism. conservative. >> reporter: he uttered the word conservative or conservatism 29
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times in a speech lasting just 26 minutes. while his opponents label him a moderate or even a liberal, romney used this speech to say things conservatives want to hear. >> my presidency will be a pro-life presidency. >> reporter: pro-life. and this -- >> i will fight for an amendment to our constitution that defines marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. >> reporter: traditional marriage. and -- >> i'll ensure that organizations like planned parenthood get no more federal support. >> reporter: planned parenthood. he may have sought their support a decade ago, now he promises to cut them off. there's more. mocking a famous gaffe by barack obama from the last campaign. >> we conservatives aren't just proud to cling to our guns and to our religion. we are also proud to cling to our constitution. >> reporter: guns, religion, the constitution. finally, we get to romney's biggest applause line, by far, today. >> i did some of the very things conservatism is designed for.
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i started new businesses and turned around broken ones. and i'm not ashamed to say that i was successful in doing it. >> reporter: so, did it work? well, for the most part, romney got a polite reception here, even a warm one, even if he didn't really light this crowd on fire. but again, even those who really don't like romney, who i spoke to here, said if he is the one who wins the nomination and running against barack obama, they will vote for him. >> jon karl tonight. jon, thanks so much. and george stephanopoulos will put another republican contender, rick santorum, on the hot seat on "this week," after santorum weighed in on women in combat this week then explaining his words after. join george for that and more, this sunday morning. now, to a new travel warning this evening. the strongest warning yet from the state department about that raging and violent drug war across our border. 10 million americans visit mexico every year. and now this warning not only singles out popular destinations, it warns americans against straying more than two blocks from your hotel. here's our chief investigative
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correspondent, brian ross, now. >> reporter: the new warning is substantially stronger than previous ones. and it comes as hundreds of thousands of americans are about to head to mexico, for the annual winter vacation, and student spring breaks. the state department says americans should defer travel to four entire states and parts of ten others, including the state in which acapulco is located. u.s. officials warn americans going to acapulco and surrounding resort areas to exercise caution and stay within tourist areas. the state department cites the broad daylight-pitched battles between narcotics trafficking groups and the police and military, that have turned into a full-fledged war, creating a sense of lawlessness across the country. >> clearly areas are not safe. many roads are not safe. literally, mexico is out of control. >> reporter: according to the new u.s. warning, 120 americans were killed last year alone in the violence, including a mother
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and two daughters from ft. worth, on christmas eve. and this missionary couple, killed just last week. this obviously doesn't do much for mexico's tourism industry. but the response from the mexican government today was to point out that millions of americans travel there safely every year. and that tourist destinations do not generally see the levels of violence seen elsewhere. that's little comfort, david, for a family thinking of going there on vacation. >> you have much more on this on the blotter at brian, thank you. going overseas, syria has the violence is spreading. for a week, now, the city of homs has been under bombardment by president assad's forces. today, the city of leppo erupted, as well. protesters scrambling when gunfire rang out and two bombs killing 28 people. those grim images and others like it, ratcheting up the pressure on the u.s. to take action. and today, the american ambassador to syria, robert ford himself, forced to evacuate syria, saying this to our christiane amanpour. >> i'm hearing a lot about promises.
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but i'm not seeing any change on the ground. don't fire tanks at apartment buildings. stop shooting peaceful protesters. if it doesn't stop trying to solve this by force, the country will go off a cliff. >> the american ambassador to syria, just today. and fierce clashes in the streets of greece tonight, as workers there launch a nationwide strike against new austerity measures, including plans to cut all wages by more than 20%. police needed teargas to push back protesters throwing firebombs. at least eight officers were injured. winter roaring back after weeks of unseasonably warm weather. the snow just getting under way in chicago. and the snow and cold are moving east. 80 million people in the path this weekend. abc meteorologist ginger zee, live outside our studios here in new york tonight. ginger, good evening. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. and good evening, everyone. the weekend will have a headline. and it will be brrr, for so many. and i have the culprit to show you. it is the jet stream, which has been up to our north.
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stuck in canada, all of that arctic air now plunges south. 10 to 20 degrees below average. freeze watches in place from new orleans to jacksonville, by early sunday morning. >> a huge shift in the jet stream, you were telling me, ginger. so, what does that mean for snow totals? snow that we haven't seen much of. >> reporter: no, we have not, especially in the northeast. here's what's going to happen, that cold front is going to sandwich with the moisture that hugs a low pressure system up the east coast. that's going to start snow overnight into early tomorrow. slick spots, one to two inches for new york city. three to five inches for places like boston. and of course, you have the lake-effect snow pockets in parts of michigan, near cleveland and pittsburgh there, with the two to four. i'll leave you with one last thought tonight, david. anything that does fall, precipitation-wise, is going to stay frozen. and black ice will likely going to be a problem for so many by sunday. >> be aware of that. thanks, ginger. come inside. we'll all be watching ginger tracking the storm first thing tomorrow morning on "good morning america."
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in the meantime, tonight, to a crisis threatening the lives of thousands of american children, facing a deadly cancer. a cancer that can be cured by a drug that tonight is in short supply. hospitals are rationing the drug. some have already run out of it. our chief health editor, dr. richard besser, has been tracking this slow-motion crisis for more than a year now. tonight, the drug shortage affecting the lives of children. >> reporter: this time, it's children. hospitals, tonight, rationing the drug that is curing 9-year-old jacob andrew of leukemia. >> it's very important for my son to have this drug because it saves his life. it's winning the war. >> reporter: jacob was diagnosed nine months ago. 40 years ago, it would have been a death sentence. methotrexate changed that. >> if we lose methotrexate, then we're telling families, we may lose our children. >> reporter: the drug, for the most common form of childhood leukemia, works like magic. close to 90% of children are cured. there is no alternative. >> we're getting reports from
5:43 pm
across the country right now, of hospitals with supplies that may last days to a few weeks. >> reporter: why the shortage? four companies which make the low-profit generic drug, have cited production problems or can't meet demand. and say they will make more when they can. the fda monitors drug shortages. how worried are you about this? is it too late to avert children dying? >> we're extremely worried about this. this is our top priority right now. >> reporter: as for jacob, he needs just two more doses, then he's in the clear. other children may not be so lucky. >> and rich joins us now. you made the point there that many of these pharmaceutical companies don't make a lot of profit on this because it's a generic drug. but you're really concerned about the lives of children hanging in the balance. >> i'm really worried. fda is racing to find sources overseas. they're racing to get manufacturers to increase production. i don't know if they're going to get it done in time. and the hospitals i'm talking to, they tell me they're very worried. so am i. >> i know you've been tipped off on this report. and people should keep the tips coming in. rich, you'll stay on this, thank you.
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>> is still ahead. dramatic pictures, school bus on fire. the star still sleeping on his brother's couch, taking the world by storm. who is our "person of the week"? >> and she's been called the greatest voice of her generation. gambling on cutting edge surge live will adele sound the same? adele, the singer of her generation. we ask tonight, will she sound the same after that sudden we ask tonight, will she sound the same after that sudden surgery? ional pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? we throw out over $500 in food ziploc preevery year.gic. when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). help save more of it with ziploc freezer bags featuring new, improved smartzip.
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♪ the allstate value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the singer, adele, took the world by storm this past year with that unmatchable sound. but 2011 ended with her remarkable voice silenced. tonight, here, the science behind the surgery she underwent to save her voice. and on the eve of the big awards season, will adele sound the same? here's our national correspondent, jim avila now. ♪ finally i can >> reporter: adele, called the voice of her generation. ♪ we could have had it all >> reporter: but this weekend, a remarkable comeback. america's best-selling singer, nearly silenced forever by a
5:47 pm
bleeding vocal cord. a career in jeopardy. she will perform for the first time in five months at the grammys sunday night. the full-voiced brit canceled her recent american tour. not allowed to talk, much less sing. apologizing to fans with a handwritten note. until she came to boston's dr. steven zeitels for microscopic laser surgery. >> adele had indicated that she had been bleeding into her vocal fold. ♪ the hands will be out >> reporter: that is the first time she sang in public since, to air on "60 minutes" sunday, where she described what she went through. >> the laser cut the polyp and then they stitch it back together. >> reporter: this microsurgery uses a fiberoptic camera that delicately scans the vocal cords for damage. besides adele, pop singer john mayer, country star keith urban,
5:48 pm
and rocker steven tyler, have all had the surgery to bring back their voices. these are actually tyler's vocal cords you are watching courtesy of national geographic, who put a camera down his throat as he sang the hit "dream on." >> the microsurgery allows one to remove the mass without disturbing the vocal cords. >> reporter: this remarkable surgery is not just for singers, either. it is used on throat cancer patients. and with radiation, has a 90% cure rate. but for adele, it's a 100% comeback. >> now the vocal cords are vibrating boater it will be a cleaner sound. she's well-healed. i anticipate that she's going to give a wonderful performance. >> reporter: the voice of a generation repaired by surgery from the next. jim avila, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to jim tonight. and when we come back here, the hero bus driver who saved every child on this school bus. what she's now saying about it. it.
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5:52 pm
rough seas delaying the 6 the removal of all that oil. and another major headline tonight for anyone who goes on a cruise. the cruise industry announcing new safety rules for all passengers, effective immediately, all ships must conduct drills before setting sail, requiring passengers to gather at lifeboat stations and review evacuation procedures. that did not happen on that capsized ship, resulting in chaos when it ran aground. 17 people died. and we know that 15 are still missing. talk about incredible grace under pressure. school bus driver lindora richardson was driving students home in charlotte, north carolina, when she smelled smoke. she did not panic. instead, she sprang into action, leading all six children off the bus. watching the bus then went up in flames less than five minutes later. she said that staying calm saved the day, saved the children. she points to them as the heroes. the bus was one of the oldest in the fleet. an electrical malfunction may have been to blame. an investigation is under way. and we salute her tonight. when we come back, the sudden star making headlines from this country all the way to china. we asked, who is our "person of the week"?
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a name that was virtually unknown to most people, even a week ago. now jeremy lin is trending everywhere. the most-searched name on the internet as we came on the air tonight. look at the headline in new york tonight. "may the best man lin." tonight, he's our "person of the week." the headlines, too many to count. "lin your face." "mighty lin." still sleeping on his brother's couch in new york. no home of his own. jeremy lin and his parents could not have imagined this. >> jeremy lin, fires up the crowd. >> reporter: his fans are now all over this country, who have been stunned by his sudden stardom. a fastbreak for this point guard, who for a long time looked like he was going nowhere fast. cut from two nba teams, he went undrafted as he graduated from harvard with a degree in economics. the odds of a turnaround like this, any econ major could tell you, slim to none. but suddenly, he's been credited not winning one game but three games for the knicks. 25 points, then 28 points in the next game, then 23 points. but to really appreciate this, you have need to hear his backstory. the first american-born player
5:57 pm
of chinese descent in the nba. his parents, both 5'7." he's well over six feet. raised in california, his father reportedly telling him as a kid, do your homework after dinner. by 8:30, we'll take you to the ymca. it was always a long shot. but all of that practice, suddenly paying off. dazzling packed arenas and inspiring new songs. ♪ i'm jeremy lin >> reporter: his legion of fans calling this lin-sanity. his reaction? >> i didn't know that you could turn lin into so many things. i wanted to be able to establish myself in the rotation. that's what i felt like i could do. but the reality of the situation was, i was the 12th to 15th guy on the team. >> reporter: his popularity reaching global heights. not since yao ming played in the nba has there been such excitement overseas in china and taiwan. after several injuries plagued the knicks, jeremy got his start. putting up numbers in his first games rivalling the likes of
5:58 pm
kobe bryant and michael jordan. he plays kobe tonight. big company, born from big dreams. >> i've loved basketball since i was young. that's all i really wanted to do. i want to play as long as i could. >> jeremy lin does it again. >> and so, we choose jeremy lin, who, by the way, didn't even have a guaranteed contract until this week. thank you for watching tonight. a reminder, a special edition of "20/20" later tonight. "the sins of the father," chris cuomo reporting. good night. breaking news. a home goes up in flames. a s.w.a.t. team moves n a standoff with several robbery suspects believed to be inside. >> oakland takes a new approach to fighting prostitution, insisting it's the only way to stop what is going on here. >> analysis of a fatal fire shows a broken window played a
5:59 pm
major role in the deaths of two firefighters. >> venturing out into a long dormant volcano that may be overdue for an eruption. >> and it's happening vallejo. sky 7 is over the scene of a burning home now. >> this is a police standoff that has been taking place here, several suspects believed to be inside for the past few hours, both vallejo police and a s.w.a.t. unit are on the scene with fire department. >> we believe the fire began after police fired smoke grenades into the home. you can see from this video that flames and smoke began pushing through walls and windows in this house. >> this appears police have entered but then backed off. and he's with us now. what can you tell us about what you've seen out there? >> a


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