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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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that were fired. and five minutes after that, smoke started to rise from the building. and thick smoke started to billow out. this is now starting to diminish. >> did you see anyone coming out after flames and canisters went into the home? did anyone come out? >> no. didn't see anyone come out of the building. >> did police think there is someone inside? >> yes. they do. so i think they're still treating this as a hostage scene. >> we saw a vehicle pulling up near the house. did vehicle yernt the home? >> i couldn't see that. i still see s.w.a.t. members here and a protective stance. >> and from we can tell, it appears flames are out and the
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house is smoldering but how about from your vantage point? >> looks like smoke dim minute yishd quite a bit. >> derek, thank you vfr. we appreciate this. the home located on castlewood drive just south of spring road. >> we don't know how many suspects might be in that house or what robberies they're wanted for, or whether or not they're armed. we're gathering information on this for you stay tuned for more. looks like as you look live the flames are out and smoke dissipated and the question is who is still signed? why have they not come out? >> and good evening, everyone. in oakland tonight a crack down on what police say is a hooker hotel. >> according to vice cops the city attorney has its way, it will be the first to shut down
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by a court order, we're live now with details on this for us. >> if you walk up to book a room, you get this red warning against prostitution. the owners say that they're trying hard to stop the motel from being a hooker favorite. the city attorney says the yorns aren't trying hard enough. a surveillance system, placards and posters warning everyone reported with entering the property, there are new strategies the attorney started in an ef yrt to stop press stit yugs here. >> there is one person came to this motel and tried to bring a prostitute n they kicked him out. my clients wrote a letter and sent to it his home. >> the attorney says the city is part of the problem. especially when the police department and says year long
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of all times he called police, he says the city is unfairly targeted clients. >> people came here from other countries and trying to run businesses would love the neighborhood to improve so they can rent to truckers and families. and their children. >> prostitution has long been a problem with the city and other entities trying a number of strategies to crack down including a campaign. but neighbors say certain area moatals -- moat yelz are a hornet's nest of hooker activity. >> only business making money off of our misery is a motel. >> he says he sees a parade around the national lodge of all manner of prostitute autos sometimes a fat day. sometimes, a midget day. we have thing that's go on. >> and we have a child day. >> a child day. >> the city attorney says vis cops tracked a teenager here
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to hook up with a john. >> and this suit against the national lodge continues in court next tuesday and on friday air, different suit will start, that is against the economy motel. if the city attorney's office is successful, they plan to shut down three motels for about a year and owners will have to rework their business plan before they can reopen. >> and lessons learned. painful lessons. a report on a tragedy that killed two firefighters. we're live with key findings of the report. >> the fire department's eight months investigation does make 25 recommendations including researching better radio kmumpks but the report concludes firefighters died due to factors beyond anyone's
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control and two men did what they're supposed to that morning last june. >> how much fire have you got? what is the location? >> we're still looking for zero visibility. >> this picture shows the house and fire roughly as it was when firefighters entered. the fire started on the lower level and when a large sliding glass window burst, oxygen suddenly rushed in and caused a flash of heat. catching the mep on the stairwell one floor above in a chimney with temperatures reaching between 550 and 700 degrees. it was not flames, but heat that killed them, they were found unconscious about seven minutes after the window broke. the report found portable radios failed but it's imfobl say if it would have made any difference if the radios hadn't failed.
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>> we believe and there are reports indicate the failure of the window and given the location where they worked about to descend the stairs was the greatest factor that led to their deaths. >> lieutenant perez died the day of the fire. and anthony valerio, two days later. the fire department delivered this report to the men's families this week so they can have a chance to digest information before it was reported in the media. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> investigators found a second body today on a tip from convicted killer that took place in the foot hills east of stockton. the home and property once owned by the family. yesterday, a body found half a mile from that house. tim daily reports. >> this time sheriff
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investigators focused on the form yerp home of the sherma shermantins and once again, a discovery. >> we've uncovered a partial skull as well as bones we believe are human remains. >> he was convicted of killing a 16-year-old chafel wheeler disappearing in 19856789 immediately after today's discovery wheeler's parents in tennessee were given news, paula wheeler told me by phone it's a happy day. yesterday, a skull was found about a half mile northwest of the shermantin property. the remains located near the bottom of a steep incline. sheriff's office called parents to tell them their daughter had been possibly found. today's discovery came on less difficult terrain, heavy equipment was needed to make it happen. >> there are large trees and a lot of poison oak. the ground was fairly soft. and the aid of the they're called human remains dogs, i
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believe that made it possible. >> the hills have been searched 20 times, but after shermantime provided exact locations in maps sent from death row that the families of the victims may have the answers they've been seeking. positive identification comes through the department of justice. the agency says it might take up to a month. the d.o.j.says there is a rush on that assignment. >> and car bobbing in the ocean is back on dry land tonight. the black lexus in the water five hours before being t oo. wed out this afternoon. you can see how it pushed the car around and this company had a tough time removing it. >> this is where we can go backwards. >> and this is up out of the water some more.
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so... >> and is this a key in the ignition? >> yes. >> did that help you? >> once they get it up into the stands. >> no word on why the woman drove into the ocean this morning and she's recovering tonight. >> updating breaking news, vallejo firefighters climbing on to the roof and there they've been pursuing robbery suspects several hours. >> they believe the suspects are inside of the home. and about an hour ago, the house caught fire. and now it looks like he's going into the roof to finish flames fl. >> and as need be. stay with us fr that. still head surveillance cameras to that could help speed up muni bus systems.
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>> i'm spencer christian. after a break this afternoon, showers now on the increase in parts of the bay area, i'll give you a look with the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and there is a local artist whose war memories earned her an award. >> and how a restless winter in the tahoe basin could lead
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the investigation into charges of child abuse in the school that is expanding. eight more employees are now on leave after a teacher was charged with abusing children. abc 7's vic lee reports now from roosevelt high school.
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owe if none of the conduct was child abuse. she denies allegations and looks forward to her day in court. no supervisor told her she was doing anything wrong. >> her lawyer says she's a resuspected teacher. the father of this 5-year-old boy questioned that in this interview tuesday with abc 7 news. oof came behind mim hymn and kicked his chair forward. >> the father spoke to ugs on conditions he and his son remain anonymous. he teaches in a special education preschool class here at roosevelt elementary school. other employees have been placed on leave. >> eight employees were placed on administrative leave to conduct an independent internal investigation. >> the child abuse happened in december and january. >> things like slapping, and
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kicking. shoving. wrist twisting. >> police say there are two victims, this one and another 4-year-old boy. the father gave us these e mails showing a complaint years ago. once for depriving his son of food and water. >> his face was red. he was like about -- looked like he was with about to pass out. we kept on giving him water and milk. >> parents we spoke to were concerned. >> unfortunately our district didn't properly screen and placed someone in their program that should not have been around children. >> she's charged with nine counts of child cruelty and battery f other eight saw abuses and failed to report them, they'd be violated state law and could be charged with misdemeanors punishable by six months in jail. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and san francisco muni is hoping to expand a
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surveillance system for catching drivers slowing down the system. now, 30 muni buses are equipped with cameras to identify drivers in the transit-only lane and hope to put cameras on the fleet by the middle of next year. the buses operate at just eight miles per hour among slowest in the country. officials estimate increase of just one miles per hour could save $76 million a year requiring fewer buses and driver autos a san francisco artist is getting major recognition tonight from a national competition. her work is helping children here. and don sanchez has her story. >> she is sharing her talent and kill with children in the recreation and arts department program. relying on their energy, giving her inspiration. >> i spent time observing their mannerisms and children
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are just fascinating. they're honest and blunt. >> she was their age when her world was torn apart, 7 years old in bosnia. war and now it was sort of heavy. just to be looking at these things. and we kept working with kids there is a different satisfaction. >> so make create activity fun for kids, there is an effort to draw a line between art and life. she says she survived in the war because of her mother. >> when we're in a refugee camp she's like we're going to meet these people, it's a camp. >> after they came to the u.s. she was a star on cal's track team. she earned two bachelor's degrees and one in art. and there are new american paintings chosen more than
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5,000 artists. >> i'm getting more attention and i have people from all over the world. >> they contacted me and said he likes my work and wants a painting for his hospital. >> and and now, fame. >> i can't imagine what life would be if i didn't work this much. i feel opinions are about my experience was people. >> owe in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> great story. >> yes. >> and fabulous wernl is ahead for us this weekend. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. rain around the area. >> there is a mixed bag today, something for everyone. some locally heavy down pour was showers and breaks of sunshine. and now, showers are redeveloping. so it's, whatever you want is out there. just have to find it. interest tl is a live view in emeryville looking west across the bay looks dark and it's
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dark and this shot looks dark as well however nrkts north bay, showers are increasing now. and rather wide spread across three north bay counties in marin. and in some spots, we're getting increases in the measured rainfall so here is a look at 24 hour rainfall totals so far. nearly a tenth of an inch in cloverdale. and over a tenth of an inch in st. helena. just a trace in fairfield. and nothing measurable in redwood city. so most of the rain has been confined to the north bay with the exception of half moon bay. and there is rather mild conditions, temperatures into mid to upper 50s and we'll see
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more light showers, mainly dry conditions will prevail, showers again monday night as another wet weather system heads our way. here is a composite image showing approaching system bringing us a current batch of light, widely scattered showers. we can expect more light showers from this system. and behind it, we had expected earlier and taken a direct one in the bay area. and we'll miss him completely. and following a time line, we'll see overnight tonight and tomorrow, that moves south ward so we'll get a bit of a break meaning dry conditions tomorrow and sunday. with quite a good bit of sunshine on saturday and sunday. this third system approaches us on sunday night, this one will bring us more rainfall. and likely to do that z they'll be out of here by monday. low temperatures tonight will be into the mid to upper 40s so a mild overnight period. cooler in the north bay valleys in napa and santa rosa
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lows into row 40s, and more showers passing through overnight tomorrow, looks like a mainly dry day. there could be morning showers and a good bit of sunshine later in the day. high temperatures on the mild side into the upper 50s to low 60s and a similar range of highs near monterey bay, here is the accu-weather forecast. and by the way tomorrow night will be dry for the chinese new year parade here in san francisco. mainly dry for weekend until that next batch of hours starts to push in on sunday night into early morning. then, tuesday, valentine's day, webs wednesday, slight chance of showers and maybe on both but doesn't look like a wash out. then, drier weather later in the week. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up here, credit card offers probably crowding your mailbox. >> michael finney investigates a glitch that is raising concerns about fraud. ed
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there has been a puppy napping in san francisco. two dogs injured and four puppies are missing. police say the thieves forced their way into a home and stole four three week old pups. the dogs are a mix of doberman and beagle. during the burglary police say two adult dogs were beaten. anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. >> and the hottest thing in
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california now may be the lottery on track to hit a record high $4 billion in sales this year. officials credit the spike to a scratchers game that began in the fall. all 36 million tickets are expected to sell out. 30 million more are on order but one psychologist warns it's not how many people who are playing the game, but it's who is playing. >> when people feel like they have less security they spent more money on lottery tickets. the people with the least amount of opinion are the most likely to increase spending in a bad economy. >> and officials say the games are played by californians across the board. >> and there are navy sailors will hit the high seas in a ship named after gabrielle giffords. it's is among the most versatile and can operate in
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shallower waters. giffords resigned after being critically wounded in an attack that killed six people in tucson. >> a question of religious freedom versus health care rights of women. a birth control compromise for catholic employer autos there is a blitz of credit card offers. ahead, one woman's preapproved card may be in the wrong hands. >> and later tonight assignment 7 how a restless winter could turn into a trouble some summer at lake @@q úep
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>> we want to up indicate you on breaking news we've been following since we first broke the story. >> a standoff with what they believe were robbery suspects turned more dangerous. the house they surrounded went up in flames.
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>> crew heard smoke grenades fired towards the house, you can see what happened. no confirmation yet grenades started the fire f there were suspects inside this is possible they could have started it them self autos crews had to watch the house burn until police were able to get close enough to figure out if it was safe enough to approach. now we're waiting for word on whether there was anyone inside. >> we have more information now at the scene and hope to hear from her live for the latest in just minute autos and moving on, the president is changing one part of his health care law to compromise with the catholic church. >> the u.s. conference of catholic bishops wasn't happy about it. >> one version required employers to provide free contraceptive serieses. -- services. >> in california you know employers are required by
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california law to provide insurance to cover contraceptive services for women. but that is not true in every state. catholic groups have been complaining the affordable health care act threatens religious freedoms. it's a stance presidential candidates seized on its not about contraception but government control lives and it's got to stop. >> the president announced a compromise. >> under the rule women have access to free preventative care including contraceptive services no matter where they work. >> what the president added is a woman's employer is a hospital or charity with a religious objection, the insurance company will step in. >> insurance company, not the hospital or charity will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraception
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care free of charge without co-pays and hassles. >> groups are still forced to buy insurance and the companies that they pay are forced to give contraception to employee autos and there is common sense. >> this is basic essential womens' health care that is important for 98% of catholic women and 99% of women and families in this country. >> today the u.s. conference of catholic bishops called it a first step in the right direction. and catholic women we spoke to support the plan. >> i just don't think anyone who feels that this is morally irresponsibility to hand out contraception should be forced to do so. >> companies will be picking up the tab for coverage.
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several carriers say they are with holding comment. >> thank you, mark. >> and if you noticed more credit card offers in the mailbox you're not alone. >> banks mailed out $5 billion offers and that is double from 120. it's one worry some mix up. >> and and only seems logical the more they mail out more phone shall for mistakes. there was a glitch in one mailer and now, one woman is concerned about potential for identity theft. >> there is one each week and tweets she made sure they go in here. >> this way, thieves can't get a hold of one and trying to
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obtain a credit card in her name. now... if she can't be sure of that. >> just noticed that the address on the application wasn't me. inside it was preprinted with name and address of a stranger. someone named belle. said that woman's name and address would appear on the new card. and now marlene is worried. if she has bell's application, who has hers? >> i have no idea what they did with it. if they're trying to do something with it. >> the application let's customers change address on account which marlene found more scary. >> someone could try to get a credit card sent to them based on my record. >> she sent the original back to the bank, warning of citi
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not to open an account in her name. she didn't hear back and she contacted 7 on your side wesh took this to consumer action, asking is there a reason to worry? >> usually have you to have other pieces of the puzzle in order to commit identity theft with just a preapproved application but for thieves it's not that difficult to obtain pieces of the puzzle. >> so we contacted citi bank declaring it was isolated saying we're committed to protecting client information and take this feed back seriously. we have strong safeguards in place to verify information and have confirmed there are no open accounts for this individual. >> probably nudging is going to happen. but it's disconcerting. >> she's probably right. it probably won't happen. it's possible to stop the flow of unwanted mail to your
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mailbox. it's way simple. log on and i've posted link there's, easy to do. >> they want our business. >> oscar sunday just more than two weeks away now. february 24th -- 26th. you can get started right now at >> you can also down load the oscar app going to give you lividdo from the red carpet and back stage. stay with us. >> would you believe there is a possibility of ab explosion out here? coming up why experts believe that it's more likely than they previously thought. d
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researchers identified a long dormant volcano that may be ready for an eruption, it's in death valley. adorgd one expert conditions are ripe for a violent explosion. rob mcmillen went there to find out. the crater is a destination for people all across the world. people come to bask in the beauty... >> beautiful. >> it's... just more of a lord's handy work too marvel at the size, and to wonder. just what was it like to have been here when this exploded?
6:39 pm
>> you didn't want to be close. >> if it possible there could be another eruption out here? >> well, you never know what is going come next. >> scientists believe this exploded thousands of years ago but evidence shows it possibly blew up 800 years ago and... >> they believe that it's showing signs of live. >> and that doesn't mean it's going to erupt. >> i think expect an eruption is too strong of a word. it has potential to erupt in the future. >> and she says there is no way to predict how soon. >> there is not enough data to give us a forecast for when that might be. most of our young volcanoes have roles about what eruption
6:40 pm
every several hundred years to a couple thousand years. >> they say it probably looked like a mushroom cloud of rocks and dirt. anyone within two miles would have perished and it's possible that actually happened long ago. >> the indians have been in the area for the last 10,000 years and they, or their ancestors so undoubtedly some of their people were in the area whenever the last explosion was. >> imagine what happened on that day or year. or 10 years. of all of the power. it's an incredible thing to dig this ditch only god can do that. >> incredible display of power some believe could happen again. and and by the way the u.s. gee lonl cal survey this week opened california volcano observatory and it's menlo
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park head quarter autos coming up next a live update on the police standoff. a house with robbery suspects inside gutted by fire. >> stay tuned for that. also how a restless winter in the tahoe basin could lead to their troubles this comingx!x!añ
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new information on breaking news air, standoff where a fire broke out in a house that police surrounded. >> and abc 7 is live for us tonight in vallejo. >> and let's show you the scene now. i'm here on castlewood drive. it's quite an active scene here weerk showing you a fire truck. the house caught fire and imploded this evening is just off to the right. let's show you what it looked like at about 5:30 this evening. from sky 7 hd. this is a house we understand where at least one, perhaps several suspects were holed up after committing a robbery not too far from here. police followed them, then after a period of trying to get folks inside to come out using that sort of thing they fired from our photographer here described as 12-15 tear
6:45 pm
gas canisters into this house and that is after the house caught fire x you can see black smoke, firefighters unsure whether it's safe to approach the home. we're told by our photographer that after the canisters were fired, he heard what sounded like a couple of mufled gunshots. and there is no confirmation of that. there is a number of vehicles here there, is a crowd of probably several hundred who have been here tonight trying to figure out what is going on. and we have seen police go up and approach with shields and have scene firefighters on the roof. so this appears they feel like it's safe to approach but we
6:46 pm
don't know the status of the suspects for where they're injured or alive or in the home or whether they're still in the area. >> and there is a possibility they could have gotten out. any other standin standing -- understanding of whether the fire was started by smoke grenades? >> no. we don't have confirmation of that. we saw the canisters being fired into the house then thick black smoke and flames, no word of why the police were here at this point. just reports of this somehow began with a robbery. >> more complete information coming up. thank you. >> and moving on, this year's
6:47 pm
weird winter weather is created an infusion for lake tahoe bears. their natural behavior is tied to the seasons so warm, dry weather is bad news for bears and tonight why that may be bad news for people, too. >> let's go. >> when ann takes a winter walk she does not expect to see bears. they should be hibernating but this year, things are out of whack. >> we have some that went to bed and got back up. >> and there is a network of 200 volunteers helping people, and bears share the tahoe basin peacefully. this video of bears out and about, they should be tucked in dens. the weather swings follow a summer one of the best ever for the bears. that is best as in few confrontations with people. ann credits natural snow.
6:48 pm
>> is like someone flipped a switch ask the quietest summer. >> during a bad summer, the bear league gets 150 calls per day from people reporting bears looking for food near homes and businesses. >> i think something happened. we went looking for bears. they put weight on and coats were gorgeous. they behaved and prefered to eat natural forage when it's available. >> if we don't get more snow this summer could be rough for bear autos there won't be any food and they'll be trying to get into our refridge yaitors. >> bears are smart and determined, raiding bird feeders, breaking through windows, doors and causing serious property damage but not likely to hurt a person.
6:49 pm
>> people think they're dangerous. they're not. no one has been killed by a black bear in california or nevada. ever. >> plenty of bears have been killed by wildlife official who's determined they're a nuisance. the bear league worked to prevent that by teaching people how to handle garbage properly and bear proof homes. and they scare them by shooting gun that's make noise but don't kill. and ann believes you can get a bear to change habits but is worried a dry winter will make it hard for them to stay out of trouble. >> we consider these our animal that's we're responsible for and appreciate and want them alive. >> this warm weather could deal ray mother wears giving birth that. is dangerous because cubs come out in summer, it's the time
6:50 pm
tourists and traffic picks up again. >> and we're seeing this unusual weather. there and there are scattered showers and locally heavy showers. afternoon hours, sunshine, showers coming back but looks loik a dry weekend tomorrow and sunday. daytime weather, nice, mild and dry. then, there is a slight chance of showers on tuesday, and webs, then, dry weather thursday and friday. continuing with a less than typical winter day. >> forget tiger a golden bear is on the prowl. >> coming up next in sports cal alum leading the way at at
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join me tonight on cable channel 13, coming up, a strong warning about traveling to mechl. >> then at 11:00 dan has a story, japanese earthquake and tsunami is floating towards our beaches now. >> and we'll see you tonight but now on to owe sports, and pebble. >> and the wernl changed but
6:54 pm
charlie remains on top after two rounds of pebble beach. >> here is that guy that is ticklish. >> you're a mess. >> and bill murray wreaking havoc on the giants president in the rough here, and i and the teammate tide for 5th in the pro am just looked out there. tiger woods playing partner today, tiger birdies a first hole but not pleased with his putting and four bird yeses, two bogeys and birdie on seven here and there is 66 off the lead dropped a stroke back today, phil michaelton through the fog and up the leader board, and yesterday, the leader johnson at spy glass finishes the day even farther and charlie wi on four. the first tour victory three under 69 he's got after 36
6:55 pm
holes, johnson, three back. and vee jay, tie forward third. tiger six back in 17th place. and there is a win at pebble in 2006 catta pulted his career and there is back for the first time. >> wind in front of the home crowd. >> i didn't care where it came from, as long as i got it and was able to build. so far it here is sweet. >> unfortunately, he wasn't able to build on the 2006 win. a year later a top 25 world ranking his career took a turn. >> i was at the byron nelson in 2007. i took a swing out of the rough and broke a bone in my hand with one swing and ended
6:56 pm
up playing the year with a broken bone. it's taken painkillers and toughing it out. by the time they figured it out doctors now think it's too late and the appearances on the tour dwindled in years and no events played in 2010 or 11. >> in the back of my mind i thought i had a chance to come back. parts of me during certain instances and time. >> and david knows how it's going to have to stop. he's one of many pulling for aaron. and. >> you know he's a good player. and i think he's feeling okay now. so... it's going to move forward. >> it's a long, quick fault faul from the top and a hard climb back up. i've got a lot of work to do and this is just one more
6:57 pm
round and step towards that. >> and three under after two rounds, forget giants, new york now belongs to jeremy lind. and and i know who he s i don't know what is going on too much. >> and kobe, here is a wake up call. lynn sanity resumes in the garden. look at this, and this is palo alto, baby. 18 in the first half. and nick is leading fifth and lynn with 22 points. >> it's great. >> awesome. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> we'll see you later at 9:00 and 11:00. [ mom ] hey guys.
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