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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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don't want to live without her. police arrived and hernandez slashed his throat with a knife, then stabbed himself in the chest. he was treated for wounds and taken to a psychiatric hospital. then, surngsd hernandez was released when staff should have turned him over to police. >> they'd been looking for him, checking his old haunts with no success, until now. the officer who spotted hernandez driving said he tried to apparently disguise himself but the officer saw the bandages which covered his neck and that was a dead give way. we don't know how the hospital managed to make this mistake. and who is the hospital refused to talk to us, citing so called hipa law, protecting patient confidentiality,
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preventing them, they say, from talking about this case. but the good news is that police have arrested hernandez, he's now here at the police station, booked and jailed. that is the latest from hayward. >> thank you very much. >> another late development tonight. the coach who mentored tom brady has died. he built his reputation has a quarterback guru. he was tutoredding the future pro while he was just 12 years old. he suffered aheart tack today, on his 66-year-old birthday. >> a stanford university think tank says unfunded public pensions at the local level are out of control. one city is grappling with that issue. >> right. authors of the study say all
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2000 of the plans they looked at are under funded and in trouble and say it's just a matter of how much trouble. >> the research is sounding an alarm. just releasing a study on the pension problem. >> this is without question the biggest -- financial challenge in california. >> the study investigated the top 24 pensions across california, concluding spending on public employee pensions has grown 11% per year since 1999 making retirement benefits the fastest growing costs to hokeal government. the study finds plans face $135 billion in unfunded liabilities. >> instead of earning money and then, awarding it, you award it, then, you earn it in the public sector side z what
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happens if you don't earn it? you go to taxpayers and you say you've got to pay. >> and he says local governments are having to cut just to keep up with growing obligations. the study highlights pensions ranging from a low of just over $24,000 a year to a high in los angeles county of $46,000. retired public safety employees get more, average benefits from a low of 48,000s ndz fresno county to a high of 90,000s ndz san jose. and steven levy says many plans were based on unrealistic assumptions. >> because there was a recession skpin vestment losses cities have to put more in the pot just to meet current obligations because invest manies didn't make a high rate of return. like people's 401(k) didn't do
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well. >> improving stock market will have a positive impact on the funds but nation says not enough. >> right now you still have people saying there is not a problem. and by any interpretation, even the best scenarios possible there is a big problem. >> and this is sparking debate up and down the state. many local governments are wanting groups to pitch in more in the short term and long term looking to rage the -- raise the retirement age and reduce benefits to new employee autos thank you. >> hundreds of people turned up today to weigh in on a plan to build a huge church in their neighborhood located just outside walnut creek. battle has been going on for years, now coming to a head. laura? >> for 35 years this
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congregation co-existed with neighbors without a problem, and the efforts to replace this building with one larger than hearst castle has some very upset. >> there is a problem here, a big mess of problems here. >> one by one, residents stood up to voice concern about a plan to build a new 66,000 sampb wary near them. >> i have nothing to do with religion. has to do with bad land use, everything is going in their direction. what about people who live there. >> what about those who say it's just too big for the snibd if you compare to it the size of what we've seen it smaller than an adjacent building. >> the 350 member church purchased the current building in 19746789 rooted in india. they reoriented was founded in walnut creek in 1952. it aims to work in harmony
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with other religions with love and service to others as core principles. in the fall, the planning commission approved a new sank ware yes for the church. two thirds of the new 66,000 foot building would be underground, exposed 20,000 square feet shrouded in 168 trees and gardens. some still have concerns. >> it's a wrong location, wrong design. and this is going to ruin our little neighborhood. >> garden will be open and can only be a beautiful addition to the neighborhood. >> opponents of the sanctuary have appealed earlier approvals to the board of supervisors. >> that is what we're going to be looking closely at. parking issue asks size issues. and try to balance all that have and making the right decision. >> the board is acting as appeals board in this
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situation, their decision expected next month if supervisors stand behind prot jekt, opponents might then have to file a lawsuit to block it. in walnut creek abc 7 news. >> stockton record received a letter from a murderer on death row saying there are five sites where members are buried. the bounty hunter spoke with shermantine. he drew a map showing two wells, a ranch but the sheriff dug into another well on the same property last week. >> we're doing the best we can with what we've got. which is more than what the sheriff is doing. he's just kind of like, playing pin the tail on the donkey running around trying to do things without full benefit of shermantine being under guard telling us where to go.
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>> shermantine claims real reveal the sites once padilla pays him $33,000 he's been promised. >> backers of the california ban on same-sex marriage are holding off on going to the u.s. supreme court. and today asked the court to reveal a split decision that. ruling overturned prop 8 saying it violates civil rights of gays and lesbians, supporters could have gone to the supreme court but they say their confidence the ninth circuit will appoint a larger panel of judges. >> and bay area gas prices went up another penny overnight. triple a reports average price in san francisco is now $4:08 per gallon. and so where can you find gas that is affordable? is there any luck? >> no. the short answer, no. it's maybe if you consider
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something below $4 a goal onto be cheap, then, it can be found. it's very easy, however to, find expensive gas. a gallon of regular is $4.23 today at this 76 station on first and harrison. >> this is an abomination. >> meaning chris will shell out $80 to fill the pick up for his construction business. >> how does it affect your business? does it?. >> yes. costs our customers more money. >> after years and years of enduring ups and downs, well, mostly ups of gas prices, many people now have their lower priced favorites. like hairy chan living in oakland but buys gas in hayward. today, $3.93 is a bargain. >> i come here all of the time. nowhere is cheaper. >> chevron says california prices are higher because we have cleanest-burning zpul highest taxes. and the recent jump is thanks to nervous traders worried
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about tensions over the nuclear program. >> there is no easy answer to this. if there is a quick fix we would have implemented it. the trunl is that there are market forces determining how much crude oil and gasoline costs. >> in 1999 when $1.83 seemed outrageous, lawmakers asked why the bay area pays more for gas than other parts of the state. former senator john burton says he never got a good answer. >> oil companies are now and always have been big thieves. >> it may be the only place you can truly find cheap gas now is in your memory. >> 25 cents a gallon. 1970. >> we did checking around and the winner is... the costco in concord, have you to be a member at $3.69 a gallon.
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cost could in sunnyvale looks like cheapest in the south bay at $3.83. from san francisco, north, the 76 station in mill valley is at $3.87 fchl you're interested in trying to track down best deals in the area, you can find a link on our web site. abc 7 and you can click on see it on tv. >> well, still coming up a neighborhood defiled by graffiti. >> we have 293 buildings on the national registry of historic places, look what's happening. >> tonight abc 7 news i team jumps into action. >> there is a big back up at the bay bridge this morning. it's taking the blame for this one. >> should the state of california regulate the price of health insurance?
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i'm michael finney. coming up, that question is being put to use.
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>> graffiti has been a big problem in one neighborhood. >> one man turned to the i team to help wipe ut out. his story is part of you fix it week. >> we're taking your complaints to the people who can get results and i team dan noyes is here now with the story. >> there is a man living on the edge of the tender loin district says san francisco is soft on graffiti and had enough. he's been calling and complaining for years. when his calls were ignored sh he called us. >> this neighborhood sit on the edge of the tender loin.
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it can be rough but it's home and filled with beauty you may not see. >> interest there is 293 buildings and look what's happening. >> what's happening is graffiti. a lot of it this is what we have to live with. >> garcia says it's become a international destination spot for graffiti vandals. here they throw a sponge around the block up high where owners can't reach it that is more than anyone should have to put up w there needs to be a responsible by the city to control this. >> clean up is a hardship for struggling businesses. scotty runs a rental in this area. and he can be out of business soon. the company vans are easy targ writs for tagger autos you haul threatens to take our business away from us if we
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can't keep up with graffiti problem on our neighborhood. >> one solution is a mural project. paid for by san francisco department of public works. and implemented by arts commission. the theory one street artist respects another and won't deface the mural. >> so far out of the 30 we have, i've only heard of five being tagged. so it's a very low rate of tagging. once it's up, people generally respect the mural. >> the arts commission will reveal if it's working. garcia says it isn't this, painting started as a city project mural but the owner liked it, and paid the artist thousands to cover her store. hoping taggers would stay way. they didn't. garcia says he doesn't want murals he wants enforce oomt they need to step up and protect this district and stop this nonsense thrk is not art. not close. >> now, enforce smt what he'll
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get. after contacting san francisco police department, we heard from officer marty, the graffiti abaitment officer and he's taking robert's complaints serious lie this is not a victim of crime. i feel for him. i understand its a quality of life issue and he's right. >> herera is the only officer on the graffiti beat but says he volunteered last summer and thinks he can make a difference. >> and i would welcome a conversation with him so we can try to solve the problem. >> if they keep an open line with police, we're willing to come in and make arrests and investigate and follow through. but we need victims who are willing to come forward. >> this case that won't be a problem. garcia has just been waiting for a chance. >> our number one industry is tourism. people come here and marvel at all of the beautiful brick buildings and what happens?
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they're being painted out. >> we'll be watching to see if they get a grip on the gra feety. they make 170 arrests per year for it. and we called to find out how many end in convictions they were unable to give us a number. tomorrow night one engineer is looking out for other drivers and warning about a danger from above. that is tomorrow at 6:00. dan? carol? >> thank you very much. >> and we have breaking news out of contra costa county. a water main has burst on lafayette, in la faye fai yet, rather and glennside drive. >> that is what you're looking at here, it's not clear what caused the break but crews are trying to cap it. >> they're using sandbags and fire crews are there providing support as well. >> and on to weather. warm today, warmer, soon. >> this is remarkable. >> towards weekend we'll have
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a sharp dip and no rain is in sight. l is a beautiful live picture for you. looking at the western sky, which is a glow which w.shades of rust and cognac. sunset $5.55 this afternoon. and there is a just how warm it was today. is of the highs from today, 71 in clover dale and clear lake. 70 santa rosa. 70 in fairfield and numerous mid to upper 60s around the bay area this, was a warm day z will be getting warmer still over next couple days. mild now and still 63 degrees in redwood city and concord, antioch, 64 in livermore, 68 degrees in san rafael. highlights, we'll see fog tonight, could be local and dense, sunny, warmer thursday and wednesday. breeze gee cooler by weekend we'll have warmth coming our
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way. satellite shows a huge expansive ridge of high pressure that is a dominant feature today and next couple days before getting change. forecast animation at 7:00 tonight we'll see clouds not only low clouds and fog along the coast and spreading inland a little bit overnight, and there is a jernt of high pressure north and bringing us an after shore flow of warm air bringing it to 80 degrees thursday. overnight tonight, mild. there is 41 in nappa. most roks lows into mid to upper 40s and there will be fog near coast and spreading across the bay and into dense as well. by of the noon tomorrow, sunny skies and high temperatures into mid to upper 70s in some inland locations highs of 76
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in santa rosa and nappa. there is 74 in san jose. 67 here in san francisco. and a little bit warmer in spots south. gilroy there is a high of 77 tomorrow, 76 hollister. and a pleasantly cool 66 in monterey. here is the accu-weather forecast. on thursday... highs will be into upper 70s to near 80. inland upper 60s to almost 70s on the coast. a sharp cool down over the weekend. breezier and more clouds around. but still no, rainfall. >> thank you. >> coming up a bay area ceo who is bullish on the economy. >> tonight he's betting the company payroll on it. stay with us. the news continues right after this. ee
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animal rights activists are furious over a photo showing california fish and game commissioner smiling with a dead mountain lion. groups say this picture of dan richards holding a mountain lion he shot and killed in idaho shows the man's disregard for animals. >> nobody is surprised they'd be revolted at the image of our top fish and game commissioner trophy hunting and taking a mountain lion with a smile on his face. >> legal hunting activity of mountain lions has no bearing on his ability to act as a faish and game commissioner its been illegal to hunt mountain lions in california 30 years, several animal
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rights organizations want richards to resign. he would not comment for the report. >> caltrans is offering an explanation for a big mess at the bay bridge this morning. not blaming it on lane changes made over the weekend. back up heading into san francisco stretched well into mcarthur maze, traffic did pick up once drivers got behind lights. caltrans says there was a perfect storm of problems. >> we see high volume along the holiday and had a thaw in one lane and a ladder. then later in the morning we had an electric issue with metering lights causing them to cycle slower. >> and not all sensors operate on the same system. some pull through the metering lights and others were at a stand still. workers had to operate lights with problem metering system was fixed. >> at 6:30 tonight an exclusive. going take you into a factory where your ipad was made. david louie offers a unique
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perspective there. >> and also, high-priced campaign strategy mitt romney is using to knock down opponents. we'll show you the money. >> and is it a giant smart phone? or a tiny tablet? it left experts at a loss for words.
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you can see
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good evening, once again, apple has given abc news access to its contractor assembly lines in china that is the result of mounting criticism conditions there. over the years david louie visited several factories in china he's here with inside perspective. >> americans would scoff at a 60 hour worker at $1.78 per hour, and workers are fed and get a dorm room.
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but pressure is building on both sides that conditions could be better. >> we first went six and a half years ago. criticism mounting then, that conditions were hash skpsh pay was low. tens of thousands flocked to escape poverty and make money. here is what a toy factory worker told us. >> working in this job, you can have enough money, it's okay but not to be very, very rich. >> fast forward to today. and bill weir found little changes. lots of representative work and long hours. >> through american iz you can't imagine why someone would do that. from their eyes this is a period where they're going away from the family and they're going to work as hard as they can, send money home and get back home as soon as they can. >> workers polled say they were mostly happy but wanted higher pay.
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apple gave access at the same time the fair labor association began doing an audit. the executive director of the international forum on globalization believes this scrutiny they are getting may produce change at same time workers are becoming. >> there is a growing political pressure people who want better working conditions. not just better wages but be treated more safely. >> another san francisco watch dog group, chinese progressive association also sees building pressure from consumer autos there has been a deeper consciousness in the country in the u.s also... in china and i think that workers understand rights in a better way. >> couple holds its meeting in cupertino giving abc news access it could soften criticism. and the workers also assemble
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electronics for hp, dell and microsoft. >> thank you very much. great insight having been to china many, many times, night line looks. >> tonight stocks missed a mark. dow jones crossed 13,000 twice today, but only for a few minutes. concern helped the dow gain 15 points. few tours rose more than $105 a barrel. comcast launched a new video service and it's free if you have both zxfinity cable and net flix isn't giving up, the rental service has rights to stream artists and other films made by the company. net flix is now channels like
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hbo. >> jam ba juice is shifting the company away from frosty drinks. the fast juice giant famous for fruit smoothie as announced it acquired talbot teas. and says it's also aggressively adding more high end products at stores and the ceo is bullish on the economy. >> we've committed to adding 2500 jobs across the summer time for us, which speaks to both the unit growth and momentum of the business. >> those jobs are part of the president's jobs plus initiative. asking companies to hire low income youth during the summer, also adding about 50 new stores this year. >> politics, one week to go before a critical primary in michigan. tonight there are interesting
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numbers in the all-important money race no, wash cash, not much of a campaign. >> latest numbers putting new light in the romney campaign. there is one proving elusive. mitt romney is locked in a heated battle with rick santorum. >> voting without getting reducks in spending. >> romney is not pounding on the stump. latest figures show he's outspending his rival by a huge barg yichbl $18 million. nearly three times over the same period. >> breaking down, you can see most went for television and radio advertising. >> and in order to bring newt gingrich down, he's had to spend a lot of money. >> he says romney's strategy is to spend now, knock out potential rivals. >> he can't hope for it to be
6:35 pm
a love fest or expect enthusiasm in 2008. that is not going to be his candidacy. it's going to be a begrudging admitting he's the only alternative left standing. >> but a look at the super pack numbers shows it might be a longer primary campaign. yes, his super pack raised $6 million but newt gingrich's raised $11 million. and he says he's staying in until the end. and if rick santorum can upset michigan's favorite son, a lot could change. >> the great opportunity we have to make a huge positive impact. >> on the democratic side the president raised just under $12 million in january. it's a little over $29 million. his own total just about a third of what he raised in january four years ago.
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that is important to remember that four years ago, senator obama was locked in an expensive watt battle and needed a lot of money. he was spending a lot of money this, time around, pretty much banking it for now. >> thank you. mark matthews reporting. >> just haerkd the new smart phone that could pass for a tab blet computer, which is it?. >> looking on the activity take plaigs now in the french quarter of new orleans. mardi gras in full swing tonight. ee
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when smart phones first came on the market people expected them to get smaller, many have grown bigger. >> tonight jonathan bloom has one so big, people aren't sure what to call it. >> this is big. >> huge. >> i don't know if my pockets are big enough so is that a phone? is that a tabloid? >> that is what samsung wants to you ask. it is left analysts grasping for words. >> a hybrid phone, tablet. >> whether a big phone or a tiny tablet there is nothing tiny about marketing efforts, samsung stationed cartoonists to paint portrait of passers by using the pressure-sensitive pen. >> can you turn a little bit that way? very good. >> the galaxy knows it's not
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the first to have a five inch screen skb a pen. apple made one called newton such a failure it almost ran them out of business. but this was before wireless internet. so... the world ready to try it again? >> this is so one decade ago but this is a better experience. you can still type with fingers. there is a touch screen. >> c net was impressed with that screen. not bad for watching movies. she's taking notes with the pen. >> this is awkward to hold in the hands. depends how big your hands oor the note could find a a pair of bigger hands. >> i bart every day. it is a perfect bart buddy. >> or hands of an artist. >> i see something i want to sketch. i pull it out. >> it can turn into a tee shirt. try doing that with paper, if hands and pockets are big enough make sure your wallet is, too. it is selling for
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$300 at at and t. >> get your jonathan bloom tee shirts. >> cool. >> and michael finney is coming up next. >> there is a campaign to drive down health insurance rates. >> this consumers need new powers. >> i think this is going to harm patients. >> nonsense, bologna. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ denny's new sizzlin' skillets are here for a limited time.
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so strike while the iron's hot. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. on the way tonight in california is an effort to qualify a ballot initiative to regulate insurance rates. >> shaping up for a huge battle. now, the story. >> it's this becomes law california would join 35 other states, regulating preem yumz charged for health insurance. this would only regulate individual and small group poll says. still, an estimated four million californians would be covered and emotions tonight are running high. >> and there is a $5,000
6:45 pm
deductible and her insurance costs still sting. >> that year, 2005, i was paying $191 per month. new rate increase this year in march? $661 athat is up 346% increase. in my rates since 2005. >> that is why she's signing this petition regulating costs of individual and small group health care policies in california. marty says it isn't just about money, it's also about family. >> my husband is 78 years old and been working since he was nine. and the reason he is still working now is to help me pay for my health insurance. and my health care. >> your eyes are tearing up. >> yes. it's not fair. >> the petition is being shepherded by consumer watch dog. the group passed prop 103, initiative regulating car
6:46 pm
insurance rates. >> four insurance companies control 71% of the market there. is no competition. consumers need new powers what this does is give the insurance commissioner the power to say no to unnecessary rate hikes. >> i'm a doctor not an interest group. i think this is going harm patients. >> president he elect of the california medical association dr. paul finney, no relation is concerned patients could end up with less care if this gets on the ballot and passes. >> what i see happening is creation of a huge bureaucracy in which case rate increases would generate public hearings and red tape all of which would be paid for by the health industry. pulling money out of health care and again, into the hands of the consumer attorneys who would be managing this work.
6:47 pm
nonsense. baloney. >> senator feinstein was the first person to sign the petition. she says the problem is not with consumer attorneys but with escalating rate increases for individuals and small groups. >> i am very passionate about it. this is not a new thing with me. and seeing these big companies raise premium rates maybe twice a year even sometimes more, and is there no transparency z there is nothing can be done about it. they make record profits. >> an interesting aside to this, can kon assumer watch dog is attempting to get 505,000 signatures needed to get it on the ballot without gatherers. they're asking consumers to go online, print and sign and send it in. i posted links on abc 7 to california medical association, consumer watch dog and insurance
6:48 pm
commissioner. >> what about the industry? what are they saying about this? >> i asked them for a response, they referred me to doctors. so at this point we haven't heard from them. >> interesting. >> maybe we will. >> thank you. >> and let's update the forecast. >> spencer christian is here with that for us. >> there is a time lapse view. there is fog and sunny skies, but it's back. and there is a fog returning and flowing through the golden gate and across the bay. tonight we'll look at mainly sunny skies, and the rest of the face is going to be dry and mild. highs up to 82 degrees in los angeles and it's going to be mild here in the bay area as well. high temperatures climbing into the mid and mid to upper 70s tomorrow. there is 76 in livermore and antioch and going to get
6:49 pm
warmer later in the week. here is the accu-weather forecast. thursday, highs into upper 70s to near 80s, and there is over the weekend cooling down sharply. breezy and cooler, still no rain in sight this, dry pattern continues, unusual february and an unusual winter but feel goods. >> pushing. >> and that is amazing. >> and it's party time. >> oh,y thousands of revelers jammed into the frempbl quarter tonight to celebrate. >> one last hurrah before lent gets underway tomorrow, police have not recorded major problems. >> the celebration lastsed all day long. this parade kicked off at 8:00 this morning. the fat tuesday tradition dates back to 1682 in new orleans. >> i've never been to mardi gras. maybe one day. >> and this time of the night in new orleans... >> oh.
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>> and oscar sunday is just ash the corner. sunday red carpet arrivals getting underway at 1:30. and there is live coverage of the after parties and jimmy kimmel live. >> be sure to down load the oscar app for live sunday video from the red carpet and back stage. you can join the conversation on twitter by using hash tag oscars sf. >> at our web site you'll find a lot of oscar history. fashion, photo gallery and fascinating facts that perhaps you did not know. >> and coming up next, the ora cell racing team gears up for next cup. >> find out why this one will be more challenging than ever. stay with us. more still to come. os
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join me tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13. coming up then a health concern different from men and harder to detect. new heart attack warning signs for women. >> then at 11:00 shocked by police. officers say he had a gun but the mother has another side to
6:54 pm
this fast-developing story. >> and now, on to sports and there sharks have a long road trip head of them. >> one seems like it will never end. there is a group possible to be in first place. sharks continued their never-ending road trip and got spanked in columbus. and there is the opening period here. jeff carter risk on the power play. there is rick nash with a snap shot. emmy pulled less than 16 minutes into the game. sharks trying to rally against columbia. they're the west team in the west. puck goes in here off joe thornton and the goal does count. there is san jose getting no closer. there is now a season high of four games and the road trip discontinue. tim lincecum
6:55 pm
planned -- skipped a session today and giants say not a big deal, nothing to worry b and injuries were a huge deal last year, brian wilson revealed he was hurt all of last season with hip and elbow problems. and. >> this is never a stint where everybody stayed healthy at the same time w that, i think everybody is hungry to stay healthy z play ball. and win games. >> the 15 month as way, the reigning champ is in overdrive now for the 34th cup. there is a look at the top secret facilities. >> today we've got a sneak peek of the racing home base at pier 806789 the team is here to practice on the smaller version of the final product.
6:56 pm
and i asked jimmy fiddle what are the biggest challenges on the sfwhai. >> everything. tide, wind. it's not always apparent which direction to go. you know? which is the favorable way to go. there is boats, more physical than ever brchl just challenging. >> the actual america's cup will be 72 feet long with a 223 foot mast. over 20 stories. these boats capable going three times the speed of the wind. >> you're going have to hold on. >> and this technician raised in marin county learning to sail on the bay. >> we hope to have, you know an advantage from, you know my experience here on the bay. but honestly, other teams will figure it out.
6:57 pm
and they'll get a hang of it. >> the course will be between golden gate bridge and this theater we know as san francisco bay. >> and san francisco is the perfect arena for this. so... is going to be increedible. >> pier 27 will be the place to be with the america's cup. >> building a rocket ship. >> yes. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and perfect all of us here at abc 7 have a great night. >> we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the... here are today's contestants. she teaches at a bronx school that's been ranked the most outstanding in the five boroughs. from new york, new york, let's greet... this sixth and seventh grade teacher is in his first year of teaching at a school that's two years old. from kansas city, missouri, this is... and she taught english to europeans. now she teaches german to americans.


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