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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 23, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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of the canyon. the fire burned from 10-12 acres and so far burning about 35 acres. it's starting from a controlled burn that went out of control. heavy winds fueled flames, helicopter drops were made and then, the fire crusted down the ridge burning into wind that slowed the blaze down, three homes were threatened for a brief time. units were brought n there are some wineries here but we're told they were never threatened. there is a lot of shrubry and dry vegetation in the hills, there is no marine layer to speak of. still, as i said there is a lot of wind. things looking good. i spoke to napa county fire marshal a little while ago we're hoping for is that when the sun goes down, winds die down as well. and we'll be able to get better handle on it throughout
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the evening. we're prepared for tomorrow for another contingent of crews to do active activity wrk. hopefully have it buttoned by afternoon. >> let's go to sky 7 for a look, a lot of water drops today. and this black smoke billowing out again because wind whipped up. remember, this is a rural area and there is a lot of vineyards that does help firefighters. etc. sort of creating a fire break like a highway works stopping the fire from encroaching. and there are a lot of big, expensive homes here, so that is why firefighters, protection units are here guarding homes, so far, again no, homes have burned and this wind is, of course of concern. let's hope for a marine layer today, and fog tonight. i don't think that that is going to happen but maybe winds will die down. vic lee abc 7 news.
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>> and there is fog welcome. thank you. >> let's go back out live again now. this fire grown to 35 acres and is unusual for member. it's been dry, and so this fire spread throughout the afternoon. >> as you saw a moment ago there is a home right there we've been told that three homes are threatened and crews are all over this protecting those homes that could be in jep dismt but still burning and open hoping to get control of this. >> moving on. a 78-year-old man found dead in his home in oakland hails hills, tonight police are trying to figure out how he was killed. the man lived just above montclair district. abc 7 is live with the story tonight. laura? >> hi, dan. oakland major crimes unit has been near now 11 hours pro, sesing any evidence they can find signed of the home where joseph robertson was found this morning.
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his family told us they can't believe anyone would target him. >> for god's sake, he was a very gentle soul. if anyone knows anything, please come forward. >> his nephew says the 78-year-old spent most of his life in the home where he was found dead early this morning. >> he was gentle. he was peaceful. he was nice. he wouldn't hurt a bird. so... i can't say anything except if it was foul play, he didn't deserve it according to police he was found by friends that came to check on him this morning. his body had been inside of the home several days. >> right now we have a major crimes unit investigators who are here and are looking into the death. >> it's alarming. >> neighbors on the secluded street were shocked the man who lived alone with help from part time care givers and
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family was apparently killed. >> i hope it's not a random incident and that we have to fear here, there have been many break ins. >> are you going to do anything differently? >> yes. burglar alarm on all the time. >> a neighbor says he appeared to have a series of helpers and construction workers off and on at his home. >> we never knew them, i heard things about them. and wasn't sure they're getting free rent. they lived there but they did old beat up trucks and ladder autos robertson's family believes the man who loved to spend every sunday in the sessions creamery had no enemies. >> anyone you can think of that would want to hurt him? >> no. nobody. nobody. >> and again, evidence technicians still here on the scene. they're releasing very few details, police not including the cause of death, police do say they have had several calls in this neighborhood and
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there is more along the lines of burglaries and break ins and nothing like this. >> and this has been a violent week in oakland. police are now investigating five shootings in a 12 hour period. this morning a berkeley high student riding his bike was shot and wounded by a gunman. police say both the victim and gunmen were armed and exchanged gunfire in west oakland. and two miles away a man found inside of the car which crashed near 32. police say they're spread thin right now. >> it has been busy. you know? we're doing the best we can with what we've got. our goal is solving every case that we get. >> security heightened following the shooting. police say the shootings do not appear to be connected. >> a child pornography task
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force is serving warrants in the north bay. three people have been arrested. sky 7 over the scene when the task force raided a house on penny royal lane. police say a man who lives there had illegal images of young children on thoiz computer. >> this is not girls gone wild this, is children, down to from infants up to maybe eight, 9, 10. >> among those arrested was a 16-year-old boy investigators say like others used file sharing to pick images off the internet. 20 people in the bay area have been arrested on child pornography charge autos apple at the jernt of the movement to improve working conditions in factories in china but that issue never came up in today's meeting in cupertino. abc 7's david louie has the story. >> the issue of working conditions in china is resonating. joining a protestor, couper teen yoz dent thinks share
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holders are the key to making change. >> i think that they need to apply pressure and they need to stop looking for more and more, i guess growth and money. >> this week, abc news night line took americans inside of a factory in china ipads and iphones are made. the factory is operated by fox con, a contractor to apple and other company autos when you're the biggest corporation in the world it's true other companies have manufacturing in china that is the justification you'll hear but you know, be the he'd yes, right? do the right thing. >> cameras aren't allowed inside of the meeting. after a business meeting that lasted 30 minutes six people got to ask question autos long line of people to talk and i thought that would be a big issue. it wasn't. >> donna was surprised china didn't come up, understanding why pressure is building. >> it isn't only apple. it's all electronics and apple
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is one they think can make changes. >> apple's ceo agrees, here is what he said this week. >> our customers expect us to lead and we'll continue to do so. >> workers say they get paid $1.78 an hour. cook beam noted when he noted the increase was more growth than hp, htc, google and rim combined. >> looked like management team is in excellent shape and looks like they'll do well for the next several years at least. >> still head tonight you fix it week. >> you called and we came to your neighborhood. >> this is a neighborhood where police have been unable to keep thieves from breaking
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into koorz there are a lot of sick people that think this is a joke. it's not. >> the healing begins in a church, vandals left messages of hate. clean up is now underway. >> commemorative bricks supposed to last a lifetime on the golden gate bridge are ripped out. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. >> cooler weather is on the way.
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you can see a teenager cited for drive wougt a license after he slammed his buick into this home today. rup touring a gas line and
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forcing evacuation of everybody nearby. emergency crews had to seal off the area around monterey and florida streets while crews worked to shut off the gas. the 18-year-old driver was the only person injured. >> a woman investigators say tried to walk between two stopped muni cars is in the hospital, ended up getting trapped on 2nd and irving, muni cars started moving again, crews had to lift the car and a spokesperson says she only has scratches on her arms and legs. service through that area has been disrupted and buses have been set up to accommodate rider autos clean up is now underway on the catholic church vandalized on ash wednesday. the priest delayed clean up so the community could contemplate the hate crime anding forriveness but is a decision not everyone agree was. crews went to work, they were cleaning holliest of statues and erasing ugliest of messages.
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there was grace for the people responsible. >> as a priest i offering for givess -- ing forriveness and compassion. >> parishioners first noticed wednesday morning. ash wednesday, police consider it a hate crime. there is outrage throughout the community. >> we have a lot of sick people out there. they think this is a big joke. it's not. >> for many, the blessing of a new cross to replace the one torn from the ground and split offered hope. >> seeing the december sek consideration took a piece out of me. and so... those thoughts will heal. >> he did allow graffiti to stay up more than a day. he wanted parishioners to face the hurt and contemplate forgiveness. >> i give him credits yit and
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it's a lesson people have to nochl you don't do it in hai. you do it for love. >> leaders other churches say they disagree. and would have worked quickly to remove it. >> we needed to take care of it and cover it up not to give anyone who did it that hey, we got free publicity type thing. >> the vandals may not have expected for so many to rise above the message of hate. >> the good is that it brought us closer as a community. so there is more solidarity. >> it's appropriate good triumphed over evil. >> and it is you fix it week and we're back in san jose. >> our i team heard from business owners saying they're under siege from thieves so they turned to dan noyes for help. he's here now several auto shop owners tell us that
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thieves know they're an easy target and are descending on them at night. they can't get police to pay attention. that is where we come in. >> this is going through every car, checking it out. you know? if they're open or not. >> this surveillance video shows a common night time occurrence on win feemd boulevard. thieves working the lots. in the morning aftermath. broken windows and stripped dash board. >> you come in and see there is no stereo in it. no steering wheel no, air bag. >> franklin is one of the many shop owners in this come skplechl says night time raids could put them out of business. they've lost thousands in tools and equipment. and worse, thieves are vandalizing customer cars left overnight for repair. >> we have a car that was parked on this spot. that got hit and broken window. >> the shop owner says it's a huge liability. >> they take insurance cards
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and registrations out of the cars. i don't know what they're doing with that. >> a body shop owner shows how people break through the fence. he doesn't want to go on camera. during the interview he sees someone climbing the fence and off running. his employee takes off, too. turns out to be two teens looking for a spot to hang out this time but shows how everybody is on edge here. >> we expect police to do something about it. and if it keeps happening we probably start two guys just staying overnight here. >> owners say they're filing reports but san jose police aren't patrolling enough and upset with a decision to stop responding to alarms unless someone calls in and verifies a crime. >> these are situations where the police department have
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changed their policing delivery model because of cuts. >> the spokesman for san jose police say they've lost 300 officers in the last few years. >> we know the community is suffering. it's something we take personally. >> but things are changing after we called the san jose pd and district city council woman, the police added more patrols. >> and they have been patrolling areas closely. >> so now they'll have a fighting chance. >> finally we're glad we have attention from channel 7. and they respond. they can give our voice to the city of san jose. >> shop owners say they're paying to fix the cars out of pocket. police tell us they want to meet with shop owners to figure out how to move forward. tomorrow, we wrap up you fix it week. a man asked the i team to take on caltrans over a hazard in his neighborhood. that is tomorrow at 6:00.
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>> that ought to be interesting. >> you got it thank you very much. >> right now, we've enjoyed another beautiful day out there. >> and weekend is almost upon us, you're watching conditions on fire line autos true. winds have comed -- calmed oun a dit bit. winds could be gusty but official reading is only nine miles per hour. and there is temperatures, 67 degrees. there is a view of the western sky right now. sunset about 20 minutes ago. clear skies and warm conditions again, today, second day of record warmth in the bay area. there is 80 degrees two days in a row. oakland tied it's record for the date and numerous upper 70s around the 70s.
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right now, readings at 70 degrees in oakland and fremont. low 70s in redwood city. 60 degrees here in san francisco. winds are getting calmer, strongest winds now is up to 16 miles per hour. so they're getting calmer and conditions are settling down. so into higher elevations you can see there are strong gusts up at knoxville creek. 42 miles per hour gusts. there is 32 over oakland hills. these are the highlights, oerks let me remind you first there is a wind advisory in effect that is until 10:00 tonight in effect all day. winds out of the north, northeast and gusting at times over the bay area hill tops. on we go, we had this dry flow
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giving us clear skies. we had no clouds or fog around. starting at 7:00 this evening, that center of high pressure moves inland tomorrow, and followed by a cold front to move through. that brings us clouds and sharply cooler conditions for the weekend. there is a cooler weather that lasts into next week. overnight not very cool. there is lows dropping into low 40s other locations lows into upper 40s to near 50 degrees and tomorrow, last day of 70 degree readings for a whi. highs into low 70s in some of the inland locations we'll see 60s around the bay. and similar readings found near monterey bay. upper 6 owes near the bay. sheert accu-weather forecast. sharply cooler over the weekend. breezy as well. by next week, highs will be into upper. >>s to about 60.
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there is a slight chance of rain wednesday. but not looking like a significant system. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up next, the pet petitions delivered to the governor's office today. >> they're asking for three days of mersy.
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owners of gold dust lounge filed a lawsuit claiming
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they're being illegally evicted. their attorneys say they were tricked into signing a lease, previous leases gave them 180 days notice and promised they would not be forced out unless the building was being torn down. an attorney says the owner took advantage of them because they're elderly. >> and you can't mislead people. you can't put a document in front of them and say here, sign this. it's the same as you signed before. especially here in california where we have laws that protect people over a certain age. these gentlemen are now in their 80s. >> the buildings owners say the gold dust did know about the clause and issued a statement saying a lawsuit is straight out of the twilight zone. >> and governor brown is on the verge of cutting funding to animal sqlerlts but 50,000 signatures could change his mind. and there is a petition taken
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today asked the governor to not repeel pro visions requiring shelters to keep animals for six days instead of three providing care as well. >> this is heart breaking. and they're not extraordinary. >> this governor saying they can decide if they want to decide for the three days. they prefer state funding. >> when we come back tonight, new information of a rare february fire in the napa valley. firefighters continue to battle hot spots. >> coast guard break was tradition. we're live tonight with his appeal for a major upgrade. >> and a walkway at golden gate bridge gets torn up sh tonight say a promise has been trampled. it
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we want to update you now on breaking news, we were the first to bring thu afternoon. >> sky 7 is live over a wide fire burning out of control. this is north of the silver raddo country club. >> so far it's still considered to be threatening three homes, but crews tell us they're confident they have enough to protect them. >> and our vic lee is out at the scene just smoke with cal fire and how it started. they say a vineyard was burning grape leaves when the wind picked up and blew the controlled burn out of control. >> the fire is now 50% contained and they hope to make more headway tonight. no one has been hurt no. homes damaged. >> the coast guard took a page from the president's play book
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today to raise the need for funding. he broke with a longstanding tradition why yes. he gave the state of the coast guard address from outside of the washington, d.c. beltway. from way outside. over there on coast guard island. >> attention on deck. >> he came here to talk to the men and women, and also brought a message to the american taxpayer. >> much of the current fleet is beyond 40 years old, costly to repair. and in need of replacement he stood with three of the newest cutters in the fleet behind it. >> do you smell that? it's new coast guard cutter smell.
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and we don't get that often he says he asked for $1.5 billion to continue funding and these cutters enable us to stop pure cocaine before they reach our shores and to protect the fish stock autos and congress must approve the budget for the ships and cuts will have to be made. and i asked about the cuts. >> any ni scaling back going to happen in the bay area? >> i don't see anything happening in the bay area in terms of scaling back. right now we're resourced pretty good here he says the coast guard will increase the presence on the way. after that, up to congress, some have complained the budget is only about 60% of what is needed. ted, they wasn't about to bite
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the hand. >> there is brought recognition for the coast guard. >> he went on to say he knows cuts are probably likely when congress takes up the budget. after the terrorist attacks, coast guard service moved from transportation department into department of homeland security and national security still where congress and some members are reluctant to make cuts. >> and golden gate bridge about to turn 75. visitor area is expanding. >> but that means tearing down bricks and owners are upset they've lost a piece of the landmark. >> thousands of visitors have bought a brick to add to that walkway thinking their mark would last generations. they found permanent doesn't mean forever. and there is some new hope for
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old bricks. they thought the bricks would lie forever at foot of the golden gate bridge. bulldozers are ripping them out it wasn't anger it was shock. >> donna's son and her family bought two of the 7500 bricks sold 25 years ago when the famous span was celebrating it's 50th birthday. buyers inscribed bricks with names and messages to loved ones, here you can see the bricks were laid into a garden walkway in 1988. >> joining your names are now part of where everybody goes on the golden gate bridge. >> it had special meaning for don yachl the bridge celebrating its 50th anniversary, so were her parents. two bricks were the perfect gift. >> dad didn't stop talking bit for years. >> her parents watched the bridge being built now relish their small place at the celebrated landmark. >> everybody looked forward to going out and seeing those
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bricks. >> they never expected this. bulldozers tore out bricks as part of a project to rebuild the visitor garden in honor of the upcoming 75th anniversary. >> we've probably heard from two dozen folks that are upset. >> the spokesperson says the bridge district had no choice but to rip out the walkway because did it not meet standards for american was disabilities. >> to see, you can't see but goits down hill. >> she says workers tried to save the bricks but they crumbled. still, it came without warning. by the time donna arrived to the site her bricks were gone. leaving only dusty remnants behind a fence. >> i wish they could have given us sometime to maybe go out there. >> i want people to know it wasn't uncaring gesture we recognize that people would be upset.
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>> they acknowledged they thought they'd have a permanent place. >> forever, my kids, they'd be able to show their off spring this is your missy and papa oolt certificate says it, too. congratulations your name is permanently placed at golden gate bridge. >> all i can say is that i'm sorry for folk that's thought that. >> she points to this tiny print saying no specific warranty on prerm nans is made by installer or district, however, here is where things look up. 7 on your side inquired about the bricks turns out they will be preserved. >> every brick that was in the walkway will be represented on the new wall. >> here is the sketch. a large wall at the foot of the bridge bearing the inscriptions of every brick that once lay there'd. >> so they were there for
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people to touch and see. that part of it i'm going really miss. >> the district also took close up photos of every brick, and they're now available free to owners. what is cool is that a google earth image is going up. you'll be able to zoom in on your specific bricks. we're told that is forever, and at least as long as we have computers. now if you'd like to get your brick photo i posted a link. just go to abc 7 z click under 7 on your side. i'm not going say forever. i'm not checking back in 25 qleer autos they seem secure. >> yes. yes. i love the idea you can zoom in. nice, nice. >> they were once labeled enemy aliens. tonight getting the highest civilian honor. >> a tribute to veterans helping men in world war ii.
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in 1942 they were labeled enemy aliens but tonight japanese american men who served this country during world war ii are being celebrated for winning the congressional gold medal. abc 7 has their story. >> byron honda born in walnut grove in sacramento county n 1940 married susako, born in san jose. but in 1942 his dreams of becoming a doctor were put on
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hold. he, his wife and baby were sent to an internment camp, among 120,000 west coast japanese americans interned after attacks on pearl hairor with you a year later he camped in boulder, colorado and military intelligence service. teaching japanese language. >> my job was to teach navy intelligence officers. >> his eldest son, mike heen sear in this hat is south bay congressman mike honda. today his 95-year-old mom will accept the congressional gold medal on her late husband's behalf. >> for dad. yeah. >> i hope she's there. look at this. >> she says she's surprised and proud as he would be if he were here today. >> and if he's here, boy. come on, dance!
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he's a very happy guy. >> he says he tears lessons still have not been burned. >> citizens are not citizens. this is universal. >> so many of the veterans could not make to it washington, d.c. for the ceremony that in addition six events up ask down the west coast have been planned to make the presentation. >> coming up next, abc 7's wayne freedman visits a film program. >> one that
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tonight money matters a turn around plan from sears, they said they'd close 100 stores now they plan to sell 11 properties and spin to smaller chairs. sears reported a $2.5 billion loss last quarter, safeway says sales were up but so were excesses.
6:45 pm
rising prigss drove profits down 6%. t-mobile is hoping to restrakt -- attract iphone customers saying it will revamp it's wireless data to make it compatible with iphones. s and p 500 added five. >> when oscars air this sunday, san francisco bay area swril more than a passing interest. a local university has an impressive track record tr. this is a program with a lot at stake. al yi son was nice enough to take time to speak with a reporter today ychl not? she isn't famous yet. >> when you leave here... >> ah. that is the scary part. >> she's a student at san
6:46 pm
francisco state university. it's most notable grad took time to speak with us via skip. >> one of the thing that's san francisco state did for me is that it enkurjd us the spirit of experimentation. >> if you don't know him, you foe his work. he's oscar nominated for sound editing and a two time winner already. just today the class looked at his work in "lord of the rings". >> this is a textbook example. >> and asum ni have been nominated 13 years in a row now. surprised? they aren't here. >> we've been top 10 for decades. >> dr. bernardy believes they succeed because the program is less commercial. >> we don't try to teach students to be hollywood film maker buzz how to express themselves in film. and in media.
6:47 pm
>> you can tell people i did every part. >> all that at a state university suffering from budget cuts. >> would be nice if this state of california would recognize the csu system is doing a public service. >> they get recognition from academy and maybe sunday they can celebrate the newest skype man. >> if you win? >> i'm going throw a party. and we ask for a donation. >> that sounds like how it will happen. if you want to see an oscar yourself, walt disney family museum has a wall full of the statues, 26 and this is the largest collection outside of hollywood. and there is a oscar, there, you can see it with seven miniature statues.
6:48 pm
disney museum not affiliated with walt disney company. >> pretty neat. >> yes. >> with oscar sunday just around the corner you want to visit and you can find everything you need to know to throw a viewing party at your house. >> and you can join the conversation on twitter. >> there red carpet arrivals again at 1:30, awards begin at 5:00. follow bid after parties. and then jimmy kimmel live. >> let's get a last check of the forecast. >> there is a time lapse view this afternoon from our camera. you can see the smoke from the fire that continues to burn. it was visible from long distances and hopefully weather conditions will be continuing to improve.
6:49 pm
so firefighting will be successful, tomorrow, we'll see sunny skies, mild conditions and warm down in southern california. highs 76 in los angeles and we'll have one more mild day here in the bay area before things cool down a bit. highs tomorrow into low 70s upper 60s around the bay. sheert accu-weather forecast. there is a cold front sweeping through into saturday. that will bring us breezy, cooler conditions over the weekend. and so cooler than the week we've had this week. >> thanks spencer very much. >> baseball season isn't far off. >> hi, shu. >> hey, guys. veteran players reported for the first full squad work out. i sat down with buster posey. we'll share it with you coming up in sports. ñsñsñsñsñsñsñxñxñx-
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tonight at 9:00 coming up then one of the famous organs in the united states. >> and on abc 7 on the scene of the wildfire. we'll have the latest on the battle to put it out coming up
6:53 pm
at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and it feels like spring, why not spring train something. >> perfect. it feels like it could be happening here. >> and this is no problems after the minor back issue this week. and reporting for duty is mike shumann joining us wlif a story. shu? >> there is no question and they got their workouts in and most got out of here before pitchers and catchers finished. and the talk of the down has been buster posey. i sat down with him and asked how his progress has been going. >> this is so great, pleased with how everything is going. did some throws today and so i'm really happy with the way it's going.
6:54 pm
>> this feels good. you know? i worked on a few different things. just little stuff trying to get better. >> with it going through your mind i might not play baseball again? >> i didn't have that train of thought. 50 years ago it might have been more realistic. big thing is keeping a positive attitude knowing there are going to be bump as long the way. you're just going to have to go with it. >> have you seen an player get injured that affected many different people. >> this i think i appreciate it now more after being out of the game last year. >> there is much appreciated. >> you don't realize what you've got until its gone. >> i felt like i respected this game. and this game doesn't owe you
6:55 pm
anything. maybe some stuff that i didn't enjoy much before i'm not going take that for granted and just have fun with it as i can. >> we'll find out tomorrow how he feels on that. he said his wife and new twins a boy and girl, helped him get through this. and after all, family is what matter autos thank you. we'll see you tomorrow at a's camp. and scheduled arriveal of manny ramez. mvp ryan brawn won his appeal and his suspension has been overturned this, is the first time player challenge aid drug-related suspension in baseball. and there is he argued his sample had been mishandled. marquis match up and a test
6:56 pm
for jeremy lin. lebron meets a world wide sensation, hello there. and there is jeremy just one of 10. loses it here, this would be the definition of... with authority! and that is twain wade with 22 points and miami cruises 102-88. to the ice, ron wilson and his maple leafs hosting sharks there is a mind pass, and 10 minutes later it's marlo, again. sharks in much-needed win. snapping a four-game skid. and there is tiger woods needed this birdie putt. loses ground like most today, tiger pushed it right.
6:57 pm
tiger out in round two. and there is jim harbaugh, student manager for the hooshers basketball team, he's good at it. he performed add mirror bli. his sister is married to indiana head coach. there is a family connection there, it's what it is all about. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news from all of us here have a great night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. the word is swapportunity. can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake
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