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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> there are always protests here at the capitol but don't always get out of hand. some groups were on stage here today. and one group called south afteric -- south africa project are trying to call attention to what they say is white againo yid. and then, things got crazy. and after the protests they escorted the men nearby. and members from occupy followed them wearing hoods and masks. it got chaotic quickly. the clash resulted in two law enforcement officers injured skpat least two occupy member as rested. >> someone threw a bottle and
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i guess they thought wait was provocative. we don't want violence. so then, after that it was just chaos. they were chasing us down the street. and several people were tackled. >> the two officers heard include a sacramento city policeman jump bid a member and a chp officer who was struck by some sort of sobt. back here live you can see the streets are blocked off by police that sort out what is going on and what else they need to do. violence was stemmed after a large contingent arrived at the scene. >> thank you. a victory for prosecutors in the domestic violence case against ross mirkarimi. a judge will allow them to show a disputed piece
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evidence. it's a video of his wife crying and showing a bruise on her arm. there are images from the tape that the couple's neighbor recorded. his attorney argued the conversation happened a day after and was not spontaneous. but the judge rule there'd was no evidence the conversation was staged in any way. our legal analyst says it puts the denens a difficult spot. >> we're assuming miss lopez is not going to testify. that means that if anyone is going to explain why that tape doesn't mean domestic violence it's going to have to be ross mirkarimi. >> the judge is still considering whether to allow testimony. >> a lot of senior citizens relying on a walnut creek fwhampk failed. now are wondering if, and when they'll get the money. the federal agency that
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ensures bank deposits shut down home savings of america over the weekend. >> well, usually when the feds shut down a bank they can find another bank to buy it before what happens here it happened over the weekend. in this case, there were no buyers for the bank like many homeowners left upside down by the mortgage banking crisis, so, too, was home savings of america. >> yes. our money is here now oo. karen and her mother put their combined savings into home savings of america. a bank that suddenly out of business. >> we just open accounts here about a month ago, everything including a living trust. everything. >> i noticed the bank was shut. i knew something is going on. the fact it just closed was startling to me. >> one by one, they show us
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the front door. an fdic representative there to greet them. fdic insured the amount in an unlimit add kt. accounts paying interest insured up to $250,000 per account holler. >> ininsured would be one individual who would have more than the limit just in their name. they'd have 300,000s ndz a cd just in their name. 50,000s wodz not be immediately sending you a check for. >> so the checks in the mail foremost of the customers but those who need cash right way are trying to use atm cards are out of luck. >> ways mad, i only have so in the wallet. everything is closed. >> this is carol, who didn't have money in the bank. but she did have her paintings on display inside.
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now, she put them in the trunk. >> the lady with art work was affected?. >> yi. trickle down. >> and now we're told fdic failed out the check today. those with accounts here will be likely the most affect fwhid. direct deposit, social security payments and auto pait and anything done on the internet will be disrupted. and paper checks written will likely bounce. >> laura, thank you. >> and if it happens to you, what do you do? michael finney has important information on on this. >> fdic laz insured deposits and paid 2200 times with a down economy, sparking many recent examples on this. the staff has this down to a science. we've been down this road
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before. the 2008 when indy mac went under, the fdic issued reasurrance autos if you have insure add kts have you nothing to worry about. you don't have to suffer any convenience fchl you want to withdraw money, you can do that at any time. >> there was an old fashioned run on the bank. angry customers showing up to get money. >> i wanted to withdraw all of the money. i've got a cd and approximately $100,000 in here. >> every customer who wanted out was paid this, time in walnut creek fdic insurance is more generous. $250,000 per individual account. and up to $3 million can be insured. difference with home savings is that this time, there are no investors willing to take
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over the bank. the branches have been closed and checks, in the mail. they started going out on friday. checks for cds started to go out today. mailed from texas, fdic told me the checks should northbound hands this week. now, posting a calculator that will explain how much money you have in that bank. if you have other questions let me know bit. >> that is a frightening feeling. >> thank you. >> and let's go back now, this is several families and we are at the scene. karina? >> right. we're actually in city hall in san jose. the fire started and you can see that there is smoke in downtown san jose. there are 200 east dana right
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now this, apartment fire was burning. smoke is still very heavy. we had flames that were shooting through the roof. three units of the complex are damaged and destroyed. up to 20-25 people, displaced. red cross going to be offering assistance because of the magnitude of the fire. and we have several fire departments on scene here from mountain view fire, we have santa clara fire engines here as well as sunnyvale fire. and there is several families displaced at this point. not only has the apartment complex been affected but also, there is a mother rushing from
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a preschool. there is heavy smoke in the area, you can smell it. those mothers wanting to get young children away from their young children. there are a lot of units on the scene here. >> thank you. an oakland middle school went on lock down during a shootout with a suspected burglar at 17th avenue and east 21st street. there is nick smith live tonight. >> we're at the scene of the shootout from this morning. the home -- this is the man police say is responsible for a manhunt that started before 11:00 a.m. >> police officer as long with other agencies responded to this very, very quickly. >> and this apartment complex on the 1600 block became ground zero for an active
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search for law enforcement agents. >> after the suspect shot at officers, the suspect began moving on foot through the neighborhoods it was put in place and lasted more than three hours. and to send residents from their home autos how would you like seven, eight guns drawn on you? >> this woman came face-to-face with a man. >> i kept hearing you in the white shirt come out we have it surrounded and come out wex know this. he was tire asked just like... huh! >> this started just before 11:00 a.m. responded to a burglary in progress. and the responding officers exchanged gunfire. and it caused a lock down.
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because of the increase in police activity opd were unable to respond to the calls that were not an emergency but search for weapons continue continue autos at the time the suspect was arrested did he not have firearms on him. >> and investigators still looking for weapons suspect may have used and also looking for additional suspects that may have been involved in this crime. once again, we're live at the scene of where the shootout happened this morning and the home that had been burglarized. >> nick, thank you very much. governor brown proposed budget redependz on the success of facebook's initial public offering. tax revenues are $6.5 billion below estimates used to come up with a plan. but the analyst office says without anticipated revenues from facebook ipo it would be
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$8.5 billion lower saying it could increase state revenues by half a billion dollars this year and $1.5 kbrinl the next. california faces a deficit of $9 bill critical condition. >> gas prices continue to rise. and interest there is a 20th day of rising prices at the push. national average is now $3.69. that is regular, investors worried tension was iran can lead to a decline, in california prices passed the $4 park. triple a says it's now $4.29 that is up a quarter, in the bay area, drivers from oakland paying $4.27. and san francisco is higher,
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4.34s oodz coming up, role money plays whit comes to people breaking the law. >> and where california drivers were caught off guard the shutting down a stretch of highway. >> several feet of snow expect ntd sierra nevada. when will get rain here in the bay area. details coming up. >> thank you. the marriage proposal that made headlines in san francisco news stands today. news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> check this out. a good look at the newspaper stands in front of san francisco city hall spelled out this morning would you marry me now? there is one problem of the
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proposal. the department of public works says it's illegal so it was removed. >> and nice try. >> yes. >> california is investing $3.2 million in green job training and there is a program preparing students for careers in clean technology and renewable energy. state education superintendent announced the plan today at a. >> i school in sacramento. >> and this is an exciting time for bird watchers in san jose. the mama peregrine falcon laid her first egg of the season. people love watching this, the bird research group that
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monitors the falcons expects a second egg to drop tonight ask two more by friday. she's expected to be guarding her nest for 33 days until the falcon babies crack open. and that if the weather cooperates you may be able to see the international space station when it passes over the bay area this week. and the station going to look like a bright star passing overhead. two crew members talked about the experience and 220 miles above the earth. >> there is is on the fronteer and this is like explorations of sent riz past. >> nasa tells us there are free apps that can help you track where that is. >> and there is no word when
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traffic will be moving on interstate 5 there is snow turning into a slushy mess and it's shut down now. chp says it's shut down until further notice. not sure when that area will be open. same story in the sierra. chains are required and there is where you can see people chaining up on 50 towards south lake tahoe. better late than ever never, right? >> there is seers going yes. finally. >> i know. everybody is talking about it. people are saying check these photos out. there is a live picture from the sierra. this is from our ski resort, you can see snow on the ground this is light snow there is
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several feet of snow with next storm coming in when all is said and done. there is a winter storm warning going up. there is a live picture from the bay area, there is towards interstate 806789 you can see a build up there. and there is most moisture we're seeing here is due to build ups. we haven't had reports of rainfall. and most are over the higher terrain. snowing and you can see here there is about time and snowfall hasn't been as heavy. there is chains required now on state route 88 and 4. heading up there, carry your chains, and wait until tomorrow, you'll have an
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opportunity to go there. there is numbers into 40s and 50s. there are highs into 50s. there is wind and this felt chilly in areas there is 28 now in half moon bay. it's breezy out there. there is is cloudy and rainy weather expect forward wednesday. so by morning 28 in napa. 29 in santa rosa. there is bone-chilling cold in areas. there is you can see a cold night is ahaechld you'll need a heavy coat. this is missing us entirely other than bringing us the chill and giving us build ups here. there is a clearing and cold.
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we'll see rain moving in here by tomorrow evening. there is a continuing through thursday. you'll see here in moment. there is rain beginning to approach and starts to spread. there is heavy rain skpuk see around jant cruz mountains heavy rainfall there. and could see mixed precipitation above 4,000 feet. so don't are surprised heading into thursday morning if you do see something. there is up to an inch and a half santa cruz mountains. there is less into thursday.
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10:00 p.m. continuing into 10:00 p.m. wednesday there is one to three feet of snow expected and there could be delayed heading there. there is upper 50 tz upper 50s so partly clouz and mid to upper 50s, temperatures on the cool side for tuesday. rain arriving tomorrow night. wet for wednesday. showers continuing into thursday. you can see there are 50s for highs next three days then, it's a warming trend beginning on friday. mild weekend with 70s showing up by sunday and monday there is winter coming back in. and this time with a vengeance. >> time for spring. >> yes. >> and it's pay back time. local hardware store paying thousands of dollars. >> for something that one employee was doing. stay with us.
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a san francisco hardware city for thousands of dollars on a plan and saying only unemployee has been implicated in this case. the store pleads guilty to grand theft. ordered to pay 51,000s ndz restitution and fines. and it follows a case in which several public utilities commission commissioners were buying pefrl item was city funds. the employee would allegedly falsify invoices to justify charges. >> there may be a link between a person's bank account and bad behavior, uc berkeley researchers found people in upper middle class more prone to lie and cheat when gambling and negotiating and more
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likely to cut people off when drivinging saying the predictor is someone's attitude about greed fchl it's beneficial, they are likely to take part in unethical behavior.
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you can see
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breaking news this is a 280 north in cupertino. an overturned tanker truck. there are reports there is fuel on the highway. you we're following closely and will update you at 6:00. san francisco scales back plans for america's cup yacht race. tonight a venue cut of the picture and a sex offender caught violating parole. the unintended result of state prison cut backs. that is coming up at 6:00. >> thank you and that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jenning autos from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> have a good evening.


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